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  1. >What is this shit?
  2. A standalone game set in IV's universe.
  4. >Is this a direct sequel or not?
  5. It looks like it's set straight after the neutral alignment lock, so Walter and Jonathan have merged with Merkabah and Lucifer, while Flynn and Isabeau are chimping out with Masakado's sword, we don't know if he's still a rock at this point.
  7. >When is it coming out?
  8. The game is out in Japan.
  9. The game is also coming out this summer as SMT IV: Apocalypse in NA.
  10. If you're from Europe, you should consider suicide.
  12. >Should I finish SMT IV first?
  13. Yes you dumb fuck, you already own the game and IV's characters are returning.  There's also bonuses available for finishing IV, repeat playthroughs and clearing the routes.
  22. Here's the famitsu interview translated.
  24. [SCREENS]
  26. Box art
  27. Judging by its size, Atlus may be doing another physical release with an artbook and CD like IV had.
  29. [MUSIC]
  35. OST!phMRASLJ!7MahW79Rrgyqj1GndTH1_2WfC5oU8JDaBhOwEEtJa-Q
  36. IV's!e0ZjRK4C!Q0BO8AKLohep2KonhvLzQPUR-GXtIpde3yQnDiaBb_8
  38. Praise be to based Kozuka.
  40. [TRAILERS]
  42. Nintendo Direct information
  44. [STREAMS]
  46. Medusa boss fight
  49. The gameplay shown in the second stream is here, involving exploration of a cave and a boss fight against Sukuna-Hikona (the not-Flynn owlguy).  Fusion and companions are also shown, along with some gimmick with Navarre to break down walls.
  52. Gameplay from another stream.  Involves Nanashi running around what looks like Naraku.  Shows Toki as a partner and some horde battles.
  56. 4GamerMovie stream, only 11 minutes long.
  60. A4 Clear File – Animate Online Shop
  61. Original Nintendo 3DS Theme – Amazon Japan
  62. Acrylic Diorama Stand – AmiAmi
  63. Large Fabric Posters (A1-sized) – Imagine WEB Shop
  64. Famitsu DX Pack – ebten
  65. Microfiber Towel – Gamers
  66. Original eraser – FINAL version – GEO Hyper Media Shop
  67. 3-set Large Size Bromide (Photographic Portrait) – Girl’s Game Shop
  68. Microfiber Cloth (20cm x 20cm) – Takarajima Game
  69. TSUTAYA Limited Original Equipment DLC – TSUTAYA Online
  70. Microfiber Cloth – Neowing
  71. IC Card Stickers –
  72. Lawson Limited Original Equipment DLC – Lawson Online Shop
  73. B2 Tapestry – WonderGOO
  75. The costumes and theme will be purchasable separately, like with IV.
  81. Tokyo Sabbath campaign, lets you summon a demon to your location to attack a demonic horde (in Okinawa for us filthy gaijin).
  85.  If you have a save data file for Shin Megami Tensei IV, you can get various bonuses in Shin Megami Tensei IV Final. Some of them even depends on the number of times you beat the game, or which routes you picked:
  87. Hero’s Piercings X 1 (Equipment)
  88. Gold Death Mask X 2 (you can sell them to earn some money)
  89. Magic Tome (Thick) (gives you XP): you get a tome for each time you beat Shin Megami Tensei IV. For example, if you beat it three times (to get the three routes), you will get three Magic Tomes.
  90. Exclusive background for your DDS Card (that you can share with other players via StreetPass)
  91. Exclusive Title for your DDS Card. The title you get depends on the route you completed in Shin Megami Tensei IV
  92. More bonuses:
  97. Following the details on Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final’s story and characters that we reported, this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine also features an interview with the game’s producer Kazuyuki Yamai, who shares additional details. [Thanks, Hachima.]
  98. During the interview, Famitsu asks about how the plans started for Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final.
  99. “We were wondering if there was anything we could do that’s characteristic of Maniax [makers of the enhanced version of Nocturne with Dante, and also Shin Megami Tensei IV] and as we investigated on what could be done, we realized that we just wanted to make a completely new title, and the development started there,” says Yamai.
  100. “’Let’s use this occasion to make everything clear’—those are the thoughts that went into this title, and that’s why we put ‘Final’ in it.”
  101. Yamai then goes on to explain the game’s two major points. One is what he says is the necessary “reality” that shows mankind at their limited state. The other is that since it’ll be a simple RPG [as far as gameplay goes] they want to have the players step into its ambiguously told story. To put it simply, the theme will be about “should I bond with, or kill them all?”
  102. Famitsu asks about the appearance of Navarre in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final.
  103. “We wanted to see  him in again, and we expect that he’ll be able to expand on the drama, so we decided to have him make a reappearance,” responds Yamai.
  104. “We’ve looked through plenty of fan feedback from Shin Megami Tensei IV, and implemented all the improvements possible. Everything from key input to conversing with demons has been either revamped or improved,” continues Yamai.”
  105. He concludes, “we’ve been focusing on every nook and cranny to work on our goal of making it the number one RPG for the 3DS. And the game will also have content that will make it enjoyable without any problems for even those that have yet to play Shin Megami Tensei IV.”
  110.  The stage is set in Tokyo of the year 203X.
  111. In order to avoid destruction from the war against the gods that suddenly broke out 25 years prior, thick bedrock was made to cover the sky, which also prevented any contact with those outside.
  112. It wasn’t long until the battle ended, and the people of Tokyo began to fight and murder others for the little amount of supplies and resources that remained, as they’ve become ruled over by the angels and demons that stood atop the food chain.
  113. Protagonist (CV: Hiro Shimono): has been spending his days as an apprentice of an organization called the Outlaw Hunters. While out on a mission, he takes a surprise attack from a demon, and dies.
  114. Mysterious Demon (CV: Shuichi Ikeda): after the death of the protagonist, this mysterious demons finds him wandering the underworld and forms a contract with him, giving him a new life and the ability to summon demons.
  115. Asahi (CV: Seike Tomoko): a 15-year-old girl and childhood friend of the protagonist. She’s also part of the Outlaw Hunters organization.
  116. Navarre (CV: Shintaro Oohata): the same Navarre from Shin Megami Tensei IV. After losing his life for something petty, Navarre wasn’t able to properly find peace in the afterlife, and that’s when he meets the protagonist. He currently has the form of a green body.
  117. Masayuki Doi is the character designer of the game, and you’ll see the likes of Merkabah, Lucifer, and others, including Medusa from the previous game, in their refined forms.
  118. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final will release in Japan in February 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. The game is currently 90% complete.
  122. The protagonist (voiced by Hiro Shimono) has been spending his days as an apprentice of an organization called the Outlaw Hunters. He takes a surprise attack from a demon while out on a mission, then dies.
  123. After his death, the protagonist wanders around the kingdom of Hades, and it’s where he encounters the Majin (Demon God) known as “Daguza” (? guy). The young man reluctantly comes to an agreement with Daguza, who had plans of his own.
  124. “From this day forward, you will be my ‘God Killer.’ Together, we will kill all gods.”
  125. Daguza then provides the young man with a new life, and the “demon summoning” ability, that lets him call out demons to his aid. The young man goes back to reality with his newfound power that is more than enough to make it through the fights at the Demon Capital, Tokyo, alongside Daguza, who resides inside the protagonist’s smartphone, as he begins to monitor the young man…
  126. During this time, the “Final War” between the Archangel Merkabah and the Demon King Lucifer was nearing its end; however, a group of gods called the “Association of Gods” have descended.
  127. Led by  Krishna, with the objective of “relieving all humans,” the group begins to demand mankind to relinquish their souls.
  131. Flynn (CV: Yuki Kaji)
  132. The hero from Shin Megami Tensei IV. He is revered as a messiah after overthrowing angels and demons.
  133. Jonathan (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya)
  134. Aiming for a world cleansed of impurities, he has devoted himself to Merkabah.
  135. Walter (CV: Katsuyuki Konishi)
  136. Originally a human being, he has been reborn as Lucifer. Occasionally, he returns to his human form, retaining his previous memories.
  137. Isabeau (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro)
  138. She returns as a partner of the Shin Megami Tensei IV Final protagonist, with the goal of saving Flynn who has fallen into the hands of the “Polytheistic Gods Union” coalition.
  139. Polytheistic Gods Union
  140. Miroku (The Japanese God of Happiness) (CV: Michiko Kaiden)
  141. Odin (CV: Atsushi Miyauchi)
  142. A coalition of several deities to act together in the war of polytheism vs. monotheism in Tokyo. Lead by Krishna.
  143. Shin Megami Tensei IV Save Data
  144. Additionally, it has been confirmed that save data from the first Shin Megami Tensei IV will transfer over to Final to grant the player with new items and equipment.
  146. Shin Megami Tensei IV Final is slated to release for the Nintendo 3DS on February 10, 2016 in Japan.
  154. [LEAKS]
  155. Obviously these links contain potential spoilers.  If you post about stuff from here in the general please be sure to use spoiler tags.  That said, don't come crying if you spoil yourself from this pastebin; it's your own damn fault, you fucking moron.  Courtesy of a bunch of different leakers.
  156. Last video covers very little, split one covers much more!hJUHmAJJ!XEyl83vo6jSLbzvd8K0buA
  157. Images are sourced from here
  158. Alternative compilation, might not be quite up to date
  159. More Peace spoilers
  160. Anarchy/Deicide route
  161. Compendium
  162. Eirikr's playthrough
  163. Late game footage (Peace route)
  164. Chaos end
  165. Law end
  167. Demon sprites!pAEnDACT!tSapHlsKCouoQ3-b0Vg8N7HdIITAWiyr9eLSds_wDQY
  168. Character portraits!JFNhWKqZ!VsDF7Tc7pPX4Lz-2aQH9X9pqTcxpgx9WLfWgKQ7hZx4
  169. DLC assets!scNUFBba!YvpC2QurmOnKRy7a9IZ7ulnt8UYe_7huTGr6b3-W_yU
  171. [CIA]
  172. Uh, you don't get to bring friends.
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