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  1. anyone who knows me will lol at the fact that someone like me listens to ariana grande. while i consider her new music shit, i began as a fan of hers in about 2013 when she first started making music. i have witnessed her go from being a somewhat popular singer to the most popular popstar in the entire world. and it has not been pretty.
  3. first, before i begin, [here is a video which i believe is a good demonstration of her talent]( so, she is not inherently a bad singer and i think her voice is pretty damn good. surely we can all agree on that.
  5. now, observe these pictures of the change she has gone through, physically, from when she was 16~ to how she looks now. no, these changes are not the result of puberty.
  7. 1.  [case 1](
  9. 2. [case 2](
  11. 3. [case 3](
  13. as you can see, she is turning herself black. effectively. on top of enormous amounts of insecurity, she is trying to be someone she isn't. case in point:
  15. watch it for like 10 seconds
  17. then watch:
  19. this is just more proof she is trying to be someone that she is not, and we all know who that is.
  21. now, what about her music itself? consistent themes before her sudden spike in popularity a couple years ago include: loving yourself, being happy with what you have, boy drama (yknow, being a teenage girl), and overall more elements of modesty.
  23. as mentioned, in the past two years she has had a *huge* spike in popularity. let's look at one of her biggest hits recently:
  27. in this, she is not even singing in some parts. she is *rapping*, and she is rapping about money and materialistic things. she says frequently that money is the key to happiness. but, what is more than that... lots of her fans, including myself, agree that in the past couple years she seems like she is depressed. you can tell she isn't in control of her content anymore. you can tell she isn't happy with who she has become. in fact, she is even taking classes to try to reverse her black accent.
  29. ##**TLDR:**
  31. to conclude this post, i will say it very simply: the more degenerate her songs have become, the more she has become famous. she is successfully making herself blacker and blacker, and it's damaging to the public. being the #1 popstar, *tons* of girls wish to emulate her. while i have never been to one of her concerts (and i no longer plan to), i have seen plenty of pictures of 13 year old girls wearing microskirts, short shorts, and other scanty clothing. ariana is obviously depressed from being forced by jew executives to be someone that she is not.
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