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CS273 Alpha tidychat

Silverlining33 Jul 21st, 2017 623 Never
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  2. CS273 Alpha tidychat July 21st, 2017 Live chat
  3. Rick Greene​MRCATI = Mr. Cat Eye
  4. Your Brother​I was there last summer and fall @Jason Goodman
  5. Jeannette Fridley​Scrunchsky
  6. M C​Jason is creepy AF
  7. Tim Martin​you just blew my speakers
  8. rockribbed rushy​Scrunchuska
  9. Roberto Sanchez​Lol wtf
  10. darren alevi​Anyone think Danney Williams and bill scrunchy Clinton will be reunted
  11. Was Eye​Wat's the 23 op Tweedles?
  12. Mimi Miller​russia has single payer and organic food .. got black screen going to refresh ❤
  13. SnowBlind​Can you talk in detail on weapons going to Muslim compounds?
  14. Eric Surratt​Yes they did
  15. Loving Spirit​awake now
  16. janet alvarez​Back
  17. Paul Scott​ok what scunchie thingo????????????
  18. Farmer Jones​@GEORGE FALSTAFF! Lol 👍
  19. Jennifer Madison​maybe Putin is watching ? 🙋
  20. R H​These are the not the scrunchies you are looking for ..
  21. Your Brother​Ahhhhhhh
  22. sadiejosiemom​Thanks for the anuerism - lol
  23. A M Setag​dont wanna hear that
  24. Rick Greene​Mr. Cat Eye
  25. Kevin Ferguson​Cat eye
  26. chicky rogue​heyall
  27. Tonia Rayfield​Haha- the word for scrunchie in Russia is scrunchie! Lol
  28. Your Brother​You are scrunching my ears 👂
  29. haremesc​Joseph Rago, a 34-year-old Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial writer for The Wall Street Journal, was found dead at his home on Thursday evening.
  30. Stephen Tice​caterwalli
  31. mds1818​let's get Scott Bennett on
  32. Dire Straights​holy moly
  33. Matthew Miller​Mr. Cato is a strange cat
  34. Gramp Torino​Mr Cati always make me think of Jimi Hendrix "If 6 was 9"
  35. Cyrus Mistorius​Happy Friday CSTT!
  36. Jennifer Madison​what time is it in Russia
  37. darren alevi​CNN: putin and Trump share a scrunchy
  38. TXMom of2​George also said that Trump would be impeached last week.
  40. Tonia Rayfield​Ugh
  41. Jeannette Fridley​BINGO
  42. Loving Spirit​Ha George laughs at death
  43. Linda Copping​WHO IS that guy
  44. Jennifer Madison​Hey Cyrus 🙋
  45. Imo​Cool video effects
  46. Just me 06​GEORGE, address Jeff Session's asset forfeiture letter PLEASE
  47. Dan Halen​Is this Coast to Coast?
  48. Marylynn Caldwell​he's always predicting dates and things never happen
  49. Mike Townsend​God will protect you Geogre
  50. Arden Reciprocity​I prefer Daily Crow for his GLITCH in the Matrix
  51. pingmurder​seriously?
  52. Cyrus Mistorius​Mr Cati - his code - I can't even fathom it
  53. Joeys Cleaning Lady​hi
  54. Your Brother​@Jennifer Madison it is beer 🍻 thirty
  55. Kim Rafelson​Make America Scrunchie Again
  56. phi 0318​It's called subjective numerology
  57. Denise Krueger​PRONOUNCED CAT EYE
  58. dnafreq​mr cati has a 23 fascination...
  59. Amalia G​Superstitions...
  60. Foe Hammer​what?i can hear
  61. Dire Straights​Scruncheels
  62. Amy James​what is scrunchie
  64. pingmurder​I have a prediction - Mr Cati will be wrong
  65. Was Eye​Rewrite the script Tweedles
  66. Cherilyn Monroe​Only 14 min in, cool.
  67. Jennifer Madison​your brother 👍
  68. Arden Reciprocity​Daily Crow Better
  69. Joeys Cleaning Lady​what the hell is this
  70. SurfinServer​Русские делают это лучше
  71. TXMom of2​Hey Joeys Cleaning Lady!
  72. Cyrus Mistorius​he's amusing to watch for 5 minutes - that's it other than that he's nice but it's obfuscation
  73. Ginger3855​Sara A. Carter‏Verified account @SaraCarterDC 3m3 minutes agoMore #unmasking Appears more Intel folks r leaking: Sessions discussed Trump campaign-w/ Russian Ambassador
  74. Investigate Racine​Watch out for August 21st, 2017
  75. Mike Townsend​If God be with you who can stand against you
  76. Your Brother​Average wage in Russia is $200/month @Jason Goodman
  77. darren alevi​FAT TONY RODHAM CLINTON
  78. Dire Straights​@Cyrus... nooo...
  79. Your Brother​Tony Rodham! @Jason Goodman Georgia the country is where they run drugs to Ukraine and Europe
  80. Mike Townsend​Putin is working to jail Hillary and her crew
  81. Vicki Kennedy​those bastards
  82. Reda 2448​George is a Libra
  83. Andrea DiSanto​RHODES IS WIJNANT's father in law
  84. janet alvarez​Jason reminds me of a Scorpio
  85. Jennifer Madison​Cyrus not really 🤔 hmpf i am an aries
  86. Joe Moss​In Park Ridge, IL
  87. Vicki Kennedy​I hope so Mike
  88. Loving Spirit​Also an Aries...we are firey
  89. Andrea DiSanto​ASEVILLE . NC STATE
  90. chicky rogue​oo they are polar opposites does kinda make perfect sense
  91. Robin Savage​Hillary wears scrunchies, there was an email where she is called scrunchie, it's funny
  92. Kathy Randall​Moeller is attempting to nullify all our votes. Please don't let the bad guys win
  93. Dire Straights​@All Any Sagittarius here?
  94. Vicki Kennedy​Aquarius here
  95. Andrea DiSanto​I CAN TALK..
  96. jenna peter​Trudeau sold Canada's gold as soon as he was in office
  97. larry fox​skrənCHē
  98. Susanne Jones​me
  99. Johnna Beuerlein​I spent 7 yrs going to Haiti medical missions while Clinton still thr resources
  100. BAT GIRL​Ying and Yang
  101. R H​???
  102. Charlotte Grove​Capricorn here
  103. Dire Straights​Sagittarius here
  104. Char Beltran​Tony Rodham is fat
  105. Denise Krueger​STAY OUT OF FL
  106. Mike Townsend​Good we are broadcasting in Russia
  107. Amalia G​Capricorn here
  108. AllyouHaveIsNow1​/\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\
  109. Paul Marcroft​Chester Bennington Podesta Connection?
  110. SnowBlind​12/12
  111. chicky rogue​aries hot headed act and speak to quickly
  112. heidi moulton​Me
  113. Σελήνη-Celini​Capricorn
  114. TXMom of2​Why did Spicey resign today???
  115. sadiejosiemom​@Dire Straights I'm a Sag
  116. Andrew Interrupted​Let George speak, Jason.
  117. Ginger3855​Johnna Beuerlein and you lived to tell it
  118. Andrea DiSanto​JASON, I'LL SEND MORE
  119. Dire Straights​@Krilyeger Why?
  120. TXMom of2​I love me some Spicey
  121. sweep 2
  122. Live chat
  123. Tom Finley​Albert Pike was a freemason.
  124. TXMom of2​Guccifer was rumored to be a leak to MSM
  125. MAGA5X TRUMP​how can we convey info to you guys
  126. Lo K​TXMom of 2 interference with transmissions to slow it down
  127. Your Brother​@Love GOOD really! that incident is a hoax
  128. Terry Ambrose​JASON >>>MOONOFALBAMA has a piece on the silkair story
  129. Robin Mead​A whole other level of pimp
  130. Cherilyn Monroe​Trish looks great!
  131. pingmurder​iPhone app - architecture of radio can be used to map out wireless transmitters around you
  132. Charlotte Grove​Listed on the video to donate
  133. Jeannette Fridley​How is her computer
  135. Reda 2448​Pulitzer Prize winning WSJ writer found dead in apartment | New York Post
  136. George Rogers​he said come here sit on my lap i WILL teach you how to fly
  139. Rehab Willie​it's McCabe using Vault7 tools
  140. Cyndi Holcomb​an appointment called sideline can change your ping and position
  141. jenna peter​Hair looks good!
  142. TXMom of2​What is the point of dirt boxing then, just to slow it down?
  143. Dire Straights​Nooooooooo!!!
  144. Vicki Kennedy​My cam came on yesteday on my iMac pro never have had that problem
  145. Weetbix kid​he get distracted
  146. Alyssa Kay​George blushed lol
  147. Ben Quinney​Sounds dirty
  148. Margot Main​Gucifer 3.0 😂😂
  149. Melissa H​gah! the 5p start time sucks for the west coast.
  150. Crystal Scurr​Aloha @BAT GIRL and @Donna Summers
  151. Dan Halen​TXMom of2 its when an org inserts a fake cell tower close to you so your network path is through their device...then they have fun with you
  152. edward moreno​We are all being compromised right now.
  153. Kim Rafelson​stingray
  154. pete sagate​its trumps bank in russia
  155. Franz Glaus​They're doing some kind of Faraday Zone around the Molesta
  156. Gramp Torino​My Brick Masonry is infiltrated with cement and sweat
  157. MAGA5X TRUMP​GEORGE JASON, google the temple on epsteins island
  158. darren alevi​George - did trish go to those places in boston you wanted her to check out ?
  159. BAT GIRL​Joeys cleaning lady out at jobs for the weekend?
  160. Joeys Cleaning Lady​Podesta Group reps a scam non profit that sends kids to china to learn manadarin
  161. ben goodman​Every town that has a bank has a lodge
  162. Linda Copping​all three of you are wearing black again, who died?
  163. TXMom of2​Oh thanks Dan Halen!
  164. Johnna Beuerlein​I had that happen n DC
  165. Judy Anderson​SPICER???
  166. Robin Savage​@Alyssa Kay I caught that blush too hahaha
  167. paradise pete73​Jason..the water protectors in North Dakota..went throught the same thing at Standing Rock..same process..of signal interference
  168. Love GOOD​News of police chief on RT
  169. Rehab Willie​everyone viewing is now on a watch list
  170. Dire Straights​Trish what sign r u ? Some were sharing earlier, if you'd like to divulge..
  171. Brand Account​all the best web services are located in Romania now and Eastern Europe
  172. Silvia Claros​jason be crushing on #LaLatina
  173. Your Brother​Abkhazia is beautiful. The Caucuses are beautiful at the black sea 🌊
  174. Not Sure​stingray box J
  175. artnyoga yoganart​Don't go ballastic on signal strength like going off on the file size with Defango
  176. BAT GIRL​Oh..hey Joey!
  177. LoriHammink Peterson​Talk about the Russian bank location in NY
  178. Joeys Cleaning Lady​@BAT GIRL spending the weekend at my beach house
  179. Annie Klas Marsden​One of my YouTube ch subscriptions went nuts today showing multiple same uploads in foreign languages
  180. Mimi Miller​dang dang dang
  181. TXMom of2​Suicide or arkancide?
  182. Franz Glaus​WSJ reporter must have known too much, huh?
  183. Tom Finley​Google Albert Pike freemason.
  184. Timothy Sullivan​Had to replace my phone today. Wouldn't make a decent, audible cnxn
  185. surfmonster2323​@jason. Did You see fox reported on port security and radioactive containers?
  186. Eric Surratt​all it is is an adult fraternity. no different than a college fraternity. it is the oldest fraternity in the world. 99% of the fraternity people are their for fellowship and charity
  187. justthinkin1000​Ahhhh, get ready...the shenanigans of youtube
  188. Was Eye​G-man typhonian magi massacre
  189. Dan Halen​np (except the non-stop-buffering) lmfao
  190. Mike Fletcher​It has nothing to do with you guys. It is security for Podesta and will help stop surveillance.
  191. BAT GIRL​Nice!! Enjoy it😁
  192. Silvia Claros​YUP WSJ TODAY
  193. phi 0318​When Jason was hitting on Trish
  194. paradise pete73​and it was Stingray..
  195. Brand Gardner​WHAT WSJ REP ?
  196. George Rogers​Vault 7 in your life
  197. Your Brother​@LoriHammink Peterson There is a Sberbank in NY???
  198. Joseph Abbenda​Talk about EATALY and stony Podesta
  199. surfmonster2323​@george Did You see fox reported on port security and radioactive containers?
  200. Dire Straights​@Rehab I'm honored to be on a list..lol
  201. pete sagate​@FlyGlobalGirl NICE PIZZA
  202. jenna peter​Do they need a tower, or will stingray work?
  203. pingmurder​Architecture of Radio - you can map out wireless signals around you
  204. Rebecca Makara​Wall Street reporter yesterday
  205. surfmonster2323​@george. Did You see fox reported on port security and radioactive containers?
  206. Ginger3855​oseph Rago, 34, was discovered by authorities at around 7:40 p.m. in his home in Manhattan after he failed to show up for work earlier in the day, according to police.
  207. LoriHammink Peterson​Yes Your Brother
  208. pingmurder​spot dirtbox/ stingray transmistters
  209. Mette Lisberg Photography​Joseph Rago, a 34-year-old Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial writer for The Wall Street Journal, was found dead at his home on Thursday
  210. Brand Gardner​HES A NUT CASE PSYOPS GUY
  211. Dan Halen​brute force login attempt to your account prbly Jason
  212. Lily Canna​I saw somewhere today that Julian Assange is to release a Vault 8?
  213. darren alevi​pat put a hex on george 😞
  214. janet alvarez​Husband worked for brown and root
  215. LoriHammink Peterson​Near the Fisk Building
  216. Lo K​Hell, I'm on so many lists, what's one more? LOL
  217. Amalia G​George bring us back to story leads pls
  218. Love GOOD​@Mayor Hodges on Twitter
  219. Peacock​search the IP!!!!!
  221. Mike Fletcher​You could freq his area and find his VPN and maybe find a way in.
  222. Reda 2448​34 yrs old Thursday
  223. jenna peter​Police use stingray for cell phones.
  224. paradise pete73​do a Ping"
  225. Margot Main​scrunchies - need to hop to check the senate subpoena ... see you
  226. Paul Scott​GPS INFUSION wont testify because they believe it will be used to throw COLD WATER on trump collision ...
  227. Cherilyn Monroe​hee
  228. BAT GIRL​Name of WSJ REPORTER found dead?
  229. Sharon Andrews​Who did you give the found Dollar to? :)
  230. Matt Dodaro​people die all the time please be careful !!!!!!
  231. Kevin Ferguson​New update from Apple for IOS.
  232. justthinkin1000​Jason, yes
  233. Reda 2448​Joseph Rago
  234. chicky rogue​trolling ignore them
  235. Judy Anderson​WILLIAM mcPHERSON
  236. LoriHammink Peterson​The gal you told to call in maybe?
  237. Denise Krueger​Eweeee
  238. Quaerite Vera​Put the IP address in google
  239. Antihero & Co.​South Korea
  240. Donna Summers​how do you do that?
  242. John Wolf​It Don Jr.
  243. greg kyle​Get iy on...,
  244. Was Eye​Don't Do It - I'll Do It!
  245. TXMom of2​Russia Russia Russia
  246. Brand Gardner​JOSEPH RAGO?
  247. pingmurder​Korean IP @Jason Goodman
  248. darren alevi​RDS is trying to hack you Jason
  249. Alyssa Kay​korea
  250. Loving Spirit​its john podesta
  251. pete sagate​Joseph Rago, Wall Street Journal Editorial Writer, Dies at 34
  252. Joeys Cleaning Lady​Korea
  253. Kathy Randall​I think my router is compromised
  255. Your Brother​Sundays and Mondays are good days to buy Bitcoin. Thursdays to sell. @Jason Goodman
  256. Ginger3855​harvard
  257. Terry Ambrose​GEORGE check out " Murder, Spies And Weapons - Three Fascinating 'Deep State' Stories "
  258. DCPlasmaRacing​very slowly
  259. Silvia Claros​WSJ JOSEPH RAGO AGE 34 DEAD
  260. Ben Quinney​Logic bomb
  261. Judy Anderson​WILLIAM MCPHERSON
  262. Franz Glaus​I've made my bones with the illuminati slayers over 35 years.
  263. A M Setag​Its the CIA acting like RUSSIA
  264. pingmurder​irt: IRT-KRNIC-KRaddress:  Seoul Songpa-gu Jungdae-ro 135e-mail: hostmaster@nic.or.krabuse-mailbox: hostmaster@nic.or.kr
  265. Charles Heald​Awans
  266. flusterate​"I hope it's Russia at least for the excitement of it all" _ GW
  267. surfmonster2323​@jason. Did You see fox reported on port security and radioactive containers?
  268. Alyssa Kay​IP IS KOREAN! WINK** @Jason Goodman
  269. Dire Straights​@SurfMonster when was that??? Radioactive containers at PORT???
  270. R H​He is the patsy cutout. Crazy guy did it not us....
  271. Pippi Elvesse Bernstein​Geo hopes it's Russia going James Bond
  272. Love GOOD​Maga5X Egyptian Satanic Ritual Temple?
  273. Reda 2448​@Georwebb Joseph Rago died Thursday
  274. Charles Heald​AWANS
  275. BAT GIRL​Thanks @Silvia
  276. darren alevi​its RDS
  277. Denise Krueger​Trisha needs to smack Jason.
  278. carle shawn​Don't worry George. They won't mess with u until after the impeachment. Then you're doomed!
  279. Jeannette Fridley​Where is SKPPY?
  280. Michael Rea​George is hilarious....I didn't say to bomb that IP...
  281. Peacock​They must have just had dinner, they look tired
  282. Anita Caroline Davis or Pye​hi room
  283. Cherilyn Monroe​long list with deep dirt
  284. Not Sure​chnge password J, make it long and strong
  285. cocobuff67​why is john podesta in Reno
  286. Daggett Beaver​@Jason Goodman ? Correct ?
  287. Weetbix kid​chinese ip people
  288. TXMom of2​Our router was comprised because the router company no longer supported the software BS so you have to buy a new one
  289. Franz Glaus​The Internet has completely censored the hashtag #wheresskippy
  290. pete sagate​Global Girl‏ @FlyGlobalGirl Jun 26More I'm going to need a #diet by the time this #class is over... #pizza
  291. Your Brother​JFK distracted
  292. Peoples Voice​If John Podesta wrote a book would it be A. Morals of a dirty dog or B. Morals of a dirty rat
  293. Weetbix kid​or Australian
  294. Deep South​South Korea?
  295. Silvia Claros​WSJ JOSEPH RAGO 34 DEAD
  296. carle shawn​Jk! 😉
  297. Kathy Randall​Jason used fingerprint
  298. Jeannette Fridley​Karma for Skippy
  299. Paul Scott​ip addrees is NTH KOREA
  300. Daggett Beaver​Yes south korean ip
  301. Antihero & Co.​South Korea...Seoul
  302. Reda 2448​Pulitzer Prize winning WSJ writer found dead in apartment | New York Post Joseph Rago.
  303. Bret Hirsch​@Jason Goodman Seems to track back to South Korea
  304. Mike Fletcher​IP South Korea
  305. BAT GIRL​Thanks Silvia
  306. Mother_of_3​joseph rago wsj reporter dead
  307. TXMom of2​Kim Jung Un
  308. Andrea DiSanto​Jason,
  309. Brand Account​😚
  310. PolitiKellyRite​Twitter censored #BrianPodesta
  311. Dire Straights​@Jeanette 10 Fold
  313. Mette Lisberg Photography​Joseph Rago, a 34-year-old Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial writer for The Wall Street Journal, was found dead at his home on Thursday
  314. darren alevi​peoples voice - morals of a dirty scunchy
  315. Franz Glaus​Scaramucci in press conference today: "Trump has really good karma."
  316. Denise Krueger​Use robin as a shield for george
  317. Brand Gardner​RAGO
  318. TXMom of2​Joseph Rago
  319. Kathy Randall​Joseph Rago
  320. Mother_of_3​Joseph Rago wsj reporter
  321. Silvia Claros​joseph rago
  322. Tombquest​isn't Russia known for FAKE diamonds?
  323. LoriHammink Peterson​Tony Podesta remodeled DC home to accommodate fine art....expensive investment
  324. Charlyn A​could they be being setup?
  325. chicky rogue​rago someone said
  326. cocobuff67​Joseph rago
  327. Elizabeth Burke​@Joeys Cleaning Lady You nailed Korea
  328. Johnna Beuerlein​Joesph rago
  329. pingmurder​SK Broadband Co Ltd
  330. Brand Gardner​JOSEPH RAGO
  331. Judy Anderson​WILLIAM MCPHERSON
  332. Silvia Claros​JOSEPH RAGO 34
  333. Jennifer Madison​don't we have russians on here ??
  334. Chrissy Francis8​Joseph Rago
  335. SurfinServer​seoul
  336. N B​#1144
  337. Paul Scott​SORRY...sth korea
  338. darren alevi​Rago
  339. TXMom of2​Kim Jung Un is watching you
  341. Weetbix kid​its chinese
  342. chicky rogue​young
  343. Dan Halen​"SK Broadband Co Ltd"
  344. Melissa H​Having missed the first 40 mins, is it worth the time to watch later?
  345. Your Brother​💉💎
  346. etexsly​joseph rago
  347. Susanne Jones​Joseph Rago
  348. Jaded Optomist​Isn't Hillary's brother involved in diamonds too? connection?
  349. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​I am surprised there is not a lot more people from Europe sharing information on the Croudsource
  350. A M Setag​JOSEPH RAGO
  351. Reda 2448​Joseph Rago
  352. Joe Moss​Never heard of him
  353. Daggett Beaver​Continent: Asia (AS)Country: Korea, Republic of IP Location Find In Korea, Republic of (KR)Capital: SeoulState: Seoul-t'ukpyolsiCity Location: Seoul
  354. flusterate​the DNC is out of $ but Podesta is buying blood diamonds...
  355. Charlotte Grove​Canadian webmaster of the dark web found hanged in his cell overseas
  356. Anna Pussy​🌷 💏
  357. Elizabeth Burke​just said he was found dead
  358. darren alevi​kitty kim
  359. kalitor mensa​It could be from a telnet account
  360. Anita Caroline Davis or Pye​linknpark guy died by suicide latest news
  361. Cyndi Holcomb​Joseph Rago age 34
  362. Marcelino Rivera​Sappenin y'all.
  363. pingmurder​IP isn't as easy, what they obfuscate is language in the code
  364. chicky rogue​carlyle group is south korea
  365. TXMom of2​Never heard of Rago either
  366. Johnna Beuerlein​34 yr old Joseph rago
  367. just surfin​Cause of death being determined
  368. Joe Moss​Hillary Bro has the gold mines
  369. Golden Apple​Confirmed its South Korean, but most likely a proxy
  370. Mike Townsend​S Korea
  371. Joeys Cleaning Lady​it from a TOR onion server
  372. Joe Moss​in Haiti I think
  373. sweep 4?
  374. Live chat
  375. carle shawn​Lego mosque
  376. Dan Halen​Funny how this is the only YT live stream I have to keep hitting refresh on, HUH? 😃 😉
  377. Jilli Sizzle​I hope Sessions leaves soon and the Deputy AG
  378. Sean Oliver​shoot back at SCIU and others
  379. SurfinServer​I saw that before
  380. Dire Straights​looks Egyptian
  381. jen mccoy​Does seem fake
  382. WhatsItAllAboutAlphi​Looks like a burger place.
  383. PolitiKellyRite​It's on GOOGLE MAPS
  384. Janet F​Hey there @phi !
  385. Judy Anderson​Diversion
  387. Scrunchinator​it looks egyptian
  388. Jeremy Voissem​Agree... It does look fake
  389. TXMom of2​Looks like water coming from his pee pee
  390. Joe Moss​It looks like it was made for pictures
  391. Lo K​I agree not real
  392. jenna peter​Catherine Offit Fitts said we need our stolen 40 trillion stolen cash back, video on YT
  393. Arden Reciprocity​Legos..LOL
  394. bigfish trebillion​Always making excuses for pedos george
  395. cherylpass​That's a mock up.
  396. surfmonster2323​Too small
  397. Brand Gardner​I AGREE WITH GW
  398. Anita Caroline Davis or Pye​i saw mask n charity shop
  399. Linda Hull​the hard partis getting new appointees past Congress
  400. Jeannette Fridley​GOODYE
  401. Lauren Johnson​Not fake. You can see it on Google Earth.
  402. Joe Moss​Too colorful
  404. Sean Oliver​its an out house
  405. Susan Riebold​we are builders I agree with George
  406. Mamasabe1 W​Masonic 😂
  407. Dire Straights​zoom in again
  408. Scrunchinator​Moloch's house
  409. DAY TIME​refugee programs are surfing the refugees as a standing army it's treason
  411. dennis k​Scareamochi? is an ass kisser, he thinks all his thoughts are deep thoughts, don't rust him.
  412. heidi moulton​It's not architecturally proportional.
  413. Laura40AA​Maybe it's just ugly
  414. bootwhip​Temple of some sort
  415. PolitiKellyRite​Moloch!!
  416. Arden Reciprocity​Tabula toy shop
  417. Franz Glaus​Masonic for sure, the fake is for a reason.
  418. Freempg​Tacky construction
  419. Chrissy Francis8​If we invade N.K., Kim will murder all of his "encampment" prisoners, it'll be an instant genocide
  420. Quaerite Vera​Looks like an architect rendering
  421. Dire Straights​it's a Cabana that's all
  422. Susan Riebold​its fake look at the fake open windows diversion
  423. Jeremy Voissem​It looks like an elevator entrance....
  424. Margot Main​that chair is fake that's for sure
  425. BAT GIRL​Bat House...
  427. DAY TIME​lol dang spellchecker
  428. Organic Patriot​George is RIGHT.  It's fake.
  429. Jason Chan​Trump dealing with mobsters in his real estate developments is like training wheels for the Big Leagure deep state, CIA, clintons, podestas, etc
  430. Cherilyn Monroe​the character sitting is out of proportion
  431. Franz Glaus​A bogey yep
  432. Donna Summers​it does look fake . . .it looks like the software that people use to stage a house
  433. Denise Krueger​I was talking about square dancing. Bet tris and Jason don't know was SD is.
  434. shining whitelight​outta be on the Vegas strip!!!
  435. Hoosier Daddy​Looks like a Lego construct
  436. Jennifer Madison​GPS Fusion guy Glenn Simpson bailed out of next weeks Judiciary committee meeting! 🙄 no surprise
  437. Mamasabe1 W​Stripes with golden dome
  438. PolitiKellyRite​It's from GOOGLE
  439. Mary de Angel​It shows up on google earth
  440. Joe Moss​Not fake as in it's not real. It's real but a mock up like a studio prop
  441. Susan Riebold​Diversion I agree with george
  442. Franz Glaus​Rabbit holes
  443. Lauren Johnson​Look on Google Earth and you will find it.
  444. Dan Halen​lol
  445. Alyssa Kay​Google earth looks digital when you zoom in that much too @Jason Goodman
  446. Scrunchinator​It's Baal's and Moloch's lair
  447. Dire Straights​It's A CABANA no?
  448. Quaerite Vera​Yes, like when Architects do the same thing
  449. bigfish trebillion​delusional seriously
  450. R H​Everybody Fung Shade Tonight ...
  451. Staff Member​Mooch has people that make clip reels of YouTube streams of interest... It's just surface mapping.
  452. Ron Sisler​Where is that suppose to be?
  453. Joe Moss​It could be a mock up
  454. Denise Krueger​Irene
  455. A M Setag​LOOKS LIKE LEGOS .... Jason
  456. darren alevi​Kim will destroy south korea he has many sleeper agents in the south
  457. PolitiKellyRite​Look it up on GOOGLE YOURSELVES
  458. Linda Copping​diversion ... they always are slight of hand doing their tricks
  459. Donna Summers​red, white, blue and gold
  460. Pam Alderete​Good call George!
  462. shining whitelight​cgi
  463. Calamity Jane​There are live pictures from people in boats. It's real
  464. phi 0318​Hey @Janet. You make the stream much better!!
  465. Karen Omodt​Could be a bath house
  466. Hoosier Daddy​Feng Shui
  467. Terry Ambrose​That pic came out early in the pizzagate
  468. Joe Moss​yes, it does look like lego land
  469. Cherilyn Monroe​i see the renderings
  470. Franz Glaus​They like to ridicule truthers
  471. jenna peter​lol
  472. Freempg​Perfectly reasonable to have a mosque for Saudi guests
  473. Mamasabe1 W​Why have it at all?
  474. Was Eye​Like this show?
  475. Donna Summers​yep
  476. Organic Patriot​George is RIGHT. IT IS FAKE>
  477. Michael Brown​mosque?
  478. flusterate​that dentist chair in his bathroom so strange
  479. Calamity Jane​It's real
  480. Bret Simons​those benches are huge
  481. Linda Copping​George is right !!!!!!!!!!!!
  482. MAGA 12​Isn't this on google earth?????
  483. Arden Reciprocity​AutoCAD...too funny 101
  484. Dan Halen​its easier to just CGI it up and then have us talk about it now when it never existed. Good times.
  485. ratlines investigation​SO PROUD OF GEORGE, JASON AND TRISH.
  486. Franz Glaus​Fake, Jason
  487. Brand Gardner​FAKE BABYLON
  488. Dire Straights​Everybody Fungsway Tonight
  489. Amalia G​@ ratlines yes, Ethical foundations are non negotiable
  490. Lauren Johnson​It's real.
  491. Michael Brown​hi guys!
  492. Franz Glaus​Not a person
  493. Jeannette Fridley​LOOKS LIKE A DOLL HOUSE
  494. just surfin​i agree it looks like it is made of LEGOS
  495. Brand Gardner​A FAUN
  496. MAGA 12​STATUE
  497. darren alevi​lol
  498. Freempg​Jason, zoom in on the stature again
  499. firemanjohn628​Keith Richards?
  500. Kim Rafelson​google earth it
  501. Mike Townsend​Netflix show "The Keepers" Crowd Source documentary that will show why George love the Grand moms
  502. phi 0318​Statue
  503. Calamity Jane​People have taken pics from boats!!
  504. Donna Summers​George is right
  505. Alyssa Kay​looks like a man kneeling over a girl
  506. VLeigh_111​looks weird!!
  508. Bret Simons​greek myth statue
  509. Quaerite Vera​A guy peeing
  510. justthinkin1000​The "dentist chair" is was found in Epstein's house in Florida
  511. Cherilyn Monroe​a rendering
  512. Love GOOD​It's half a person
  513. Linda Copping​its a statue of a person
  514. Mamasabe1 W​Zen meets Muslim
  515. Amalia G​Moloch temple
  516. cherylpass​George is right...fake!
  517. Graham 95​is it on aerial view of google earth?
  518. MAGA 12​GOOGLE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!
  519. Mary de Angel​LOOK ON GOOGLE EARTH
  520. kshav62​Mermaid statue?
  521. phi 0318​It's real
  522. Brand Gardner​A SATYR
  523. TXMom of2​It is a statute looking at his pee pee
  524. Quaerite Vera​Peepee guy
  525. cocobuff67​looks like a fake trump sitting there
  526. Doug Atherton​ITS A STATUE
  527. Loving Spirit​Looks fake to me
  528. Mark Skog​Go to Google Earth!
  529. Michael Brown​another friggin busy day....moving to the next house this weekend
  530. just surfin​MAYBE A LIFESIZE LEGO HOWZ
  531. Chrissy Francis8​None of Trump's ppl required subpoenas 4 Hearing, Simpson wou
  532. Dire Straights​It's childlike for certain probably for kids
  533. surfmonster2323​It's way too small
  534. Jeremy Voissem​Elevator entrance
  535. Your Brother​CadKey 5.0
  536. DAY TIME​gargoyle using with himself
  537. Lauren Johnson​Google Earth.
  538. jenna peter​All grey too, not real
  539. Weofthe People​@JASONGOODMAN Pan
  540. Linda Copping​its a DIVERSION George is RIGHT
  541. Freempg​looka like a Podesta piece of art
  542. Gia Marie​Looks fake like in a video game.
  543. Jason Chan​Was that OJ
  544. Chrissy Francis8​Wou
  545. Sean Oliver​its not important
  546. Elaine​Not fake, it's a rendering into a real photo. Could be an architect's rendering over existing condition to illustrate proposed design.
  547. Calamity Jane​It is not fake
  548. LoriHammink Peterson​No shadows on the palm trees to the left
  549. Brand Gardner​IS JUST GIRLS??
  550. Ben Quinney​Pan
  551. darren alevi​it does look fake
  552. Anne​lol @dire
  553. Daggett Beaver​@Jason Goodman I have a lot more pictures can I email it to you ?
  554. JoAnn1520​look up Zorro Ranch in New Mexico
  555. PolitiKellyRite​Why did they fake it there then???
  556. Joe Moss​It's meant to be seen only
  557. justthinkin1000​It was recorded on video of police while investigating his house
  558. Jennifer Madison​GW agree
  559. Susanne Jones​fae
  560. Mary de Angel​Statues
  561. Organic Patriot​IT IS FAKE. GEORGE IS RIGHT..
  562. Hoosier Daddy​Murdoch
  563. robin whelan​Gislaine Gislaine Gislaine
  564. Jaded Optomist​some of the palm trees are blowing in the wind and some arent
  566. fred sobel​Ghislaine
  567. Gail Hapke​Ghislaine
  568. Bill Meehan​shadows in different directions
  569. Denise Krueger​I thought so too george
  570. Bubba Chris​Looks like a dude whacking off
  571. MAGA 12​Anyone have the google earth coordinates handy
  572. Kim Rafelson​can anyone google earth that location?
  573. Robin Mead​No, it's fake, I've rendered better.
  574. Bret Simons​gislaine
  575. Andrea DiSanto​JASON, JUST SENT # with a few more pics
  576. Arden Reciprocity​TABULA TOY SHOP
  577. Brand Gardner​MAXWELL'S FATHER MI6
  578. Karen Omodt​It's a pee pee guy statue
  579. TheReady500​HAHA
  581. Your Brother​Fake photo
  582. BAT GIRL​Where are we goung witg all tgus?
  583. Susanne Jones​fake*
  584. Grace Shell​seems so @Doug Assange used hash #Vault8 today
  585. Mike Cox​The building is a Luciferian temple.
  586. cherylpass​Right Elaine. I just meant it is not a real building. Rendering or mock up
  587. MAGA 12​@Bubba Chris I though the same exact thing
  588. ratlines investigation​WHAT PICTURES DAGGETT?
  589. Freempg​She's a freak
  590. robin whelan​GISLAINE
  591. Chrissy Francis8​Simpson would've been protected by Dems & focus on DTJr
  592. Dan Halen​like a Heidi Fleiss?
  593. robin whelan​GISLAINE
  594. firemanjohn628​Gislaine Maxwell female pedo PIMP
  595. Andrea DiSanto​I thought that was his daughter!
  596. Gail Hapke​Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;Or close the wall up with our English dead.
  597. Staff Member​Looks like the Architect's site proposal...
  598. robin whelan​GISLAINE
  599. flusterate​Gisele works with Victoria's secret somehow??
  600. Dire Straights​Sry it looked like a Cheap Cabana from the Sun
  601. Calamity Jane​FFS I've seen video of it from a boat
  602. John Wolf​That looked like Trump.
  603. BAT GIRL​old stuff
  604. Marcelino Rivera​@jason Goodman What about Chester Bennington being Podesta's son supposedly?
  605. misguided angel​Looks like Legos creation.
  606. TheReady500​LOOKS EGYPTIAN
  607. phi 0318​Very much so. Fucking sick
  608. Jeannette Fridley​GUILLOTINE
  609. Cherilyn Monroe​miley was buds with jeffrey
  610. Loving Spirit​Totally disgusting
  611. Margot Main​Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said the move came after Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of Fusion GPS, declined to speak before the committee on Wednesday."
  612. DAY TIME​Nepalese refugees are being human trafficked  by deep state
  613. Alyssa Kay​call on the cell phone?
  614. darren alevi​allen Dulles wet dream
  615. Scrunchinator​it's disgusting for sur
  616. JoAnn1520​Epstein owns Zorro Ranch in New Mexico
  617. Linda Copping​I live on the same planet as these monsters
  618. Red Canoe​that's awful
  619. Denise Krueger​Ok am never going to dentist. I live in SB
  620. Jason Goodman​RE chester Podester, all we have is the image
  621. Joe Moss​Yikes
  622. Alyssa Kay​use georges cell! @Jason Goodman
  623. firemanjohn628​Hi Trish
  624. Your Brother​Why does it hurt your heart George? @Jason Goodman
  625. swee
  626. Live chat
  627. Stacey Gee​Love ya GW!!!
  628. ratlines investigation​WE LOVE YOU TRISH
  629. Quaerite Vera​Trish they need a time out, they are a bit cranky tonight
  630. Susanne Jones​you're awesome George!!!!!!!!!!!!
  631. Jeannette Fridley​STERLING PRISON 3 YEARS
  632. DAY TIME​goerge come expose the Portland Oregon rat lines
  633. Σελήνη-Celini​Scaramucci Announces Huckabee Sanders as New Press Sec., Hopes Spicer Gets Rich
  634. Arron Johnson​The mood's a little bit off tonight.
  635. Mamasabe1 W​I think this is infringing
  636. flusterate​it can be hard to match bone marrow?
  637. Joe Moss​Can't they cultivate Stem Cells with marrow now?
  638. Atlas Babylon​Talk about Jeff Sterling
  639. Gia Marie​Jason needs to keep his ego in check.
  640. Fit Bit​When Ivanka quits feeding him crap...
  641. Jennifer Mallory​W
  642. Charlyn A​mccabe is not the one to do this
  643. Linda Copping​do you guys feel hopeless
  644. NIGHT BY NIGHT​It's too hot in NYC tomorrow, Sunday will be cooler
  645. Wendy Hurley​[message deleted]
  646. BAT GIRL​Scaramucci ties to Petraeus??
  647. Mike Townsend​Trish is a Jewel
  648. carle shawn​@jason you should try Google hangouts at some point
  649. Tombquest​Mooch
  650. Calamity Jane​Just google organ harvesting USA.
  651. Marcelino Rivera​If you want Trump to see, you need to have and agenda.
  652. TXMom of2​Love me some Spicey
  653. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​We have a responsibility to ensure Trump is informed. In concise manner.
  654. PolitiKellyRite​I think you guys need dinner
  655. Reda 2448​thank you all!
  656. darren alevi​george I love it when you call out fat tony
  657. LoriHammink Peterson​@George give your researchers on your site some breadcrumbs.....we like to move it forward, good night all
  658. Fit Bit​He listens to everything Ivanka whispers in his ear
  659. Greg Socks​A dyslexic guy walks into a bra.
  660. Or Urphy​@Cyndi Holcomb made me think they wanted alastair cooks dna specifically
  661. batterista​George, where are we with the coup?
  662. Pat Hoffman​Did Trump REALLY Stop financing/giving weapons to Terrorists? Is it U.S. "Policy" now?
  664. BAT GIRL​Pretty Much Libda
  665. John OLoughlin​you guys are tired
  666. Foe Hammer​keep thatnlaptop off your lap george
  667. NIGHT BY NIGHT​I think Jason has been holding the show together
  668. PolitiKellyRite​Lol Greg
  669. etexsly​Did the guy pay cash for an organ or did he post a deposit to the hospital?
  670. Joe Moss​SNL will make fun of Scaramucci tomorrow night
  671. greg kyle​Paid to whom...?
  672. Dire Straights​Yes Love love love... where is Skippy, any clues??
  673. Mamasabe1 W​Are you guys ok? Maybe tired and hungry
  674. Matthew Miller​George is finally tired
  675. Fit Bit​Ivanka is in Jeffrey Epstein's black book in the Florida court records
  676. BrownBubble​coup level 99
  677. Amalia G​McCabe. Out, out damn spot!!!
  678. Marcelino Rivera​Like any presentation, you need to maintain to an agenda if you want trump to see
  679. jenna peter​Could Lee talk to Bannon?
  680. Wendy Hurley​[message deleted]
  681. Charlyn A​love GW but he is going off
  682. BAT GIRL​@Lori Goodnight!
  683. mds1818​let's get Dave janda on ,!!
  684. Matt Dodaro​how does an ex vice president at age 71 go to the front of the line ??????
  685. Dan Halen​how old was his wife?
  686. Fit Bit​George and Jason needs some "ME" time
  687. Peacock​get some sleep. You guys look tired
  688. Jennifer Madison​ramble it's friday
  689. surfmonster2323​@jason. Did You see fox reported on port security and radioactive containers?
  690. shining whitelight​Greg that's funny!
  691. Brandon Lenz​Was Christopher Stephens involved with Hillary and Sidney Blumenthal in Libya?
  692. Or Urphy​did you know that case was a mediation!
  693. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​Get information to Trump Concise facts!!!!!!
  694. Jennifer Mallory​What about the "treasure trove" in the files you said you'd talk about? Was that discussed earlier in the show?
  695. Mamasabe1 W​I can tell exhausted
  696. DAY TIME​deep state runs most illegal and legal marijuana grow ops
  697. Sue Storm​Just joined the chat.  Wink Engineering still has some sort of web site: winkengr com
  698. Sean Oliver​Fukushima
  699. Mary Theresa Schmidt Taylor​George is tired and grieving and angry. He needs some time and space.
  700. Charlyn A​Trump has to have time
  701. Linda Copping​George can't get beyond J Rago death
  702. Jennifer Madison​i am in no rush to get to comey
  703. R H​Walking into the forest ...
  704. Pat Hoffman​Heard a couple days ago that Trump said No More Helping Terrorists in Syria??
  705. Dan Halen​yeah that makes no sense GW
  706. Linda Hull​New Communications Director: Anthony Scaramucci @Scaramucci
  707. Was Eye​Program failing on Frankie
  709. John Wolf​His mother died, not wife.
  710. Amalia G​G night Lori
  711. Joe Moss​Indirectly Yes Stephens was
  712. Doug Atherton​GUESS WORK HERE
  713. Freempg​She wanted the money back
  714. BAT GIRL​I feel Im Chasing Squirrels
  715. Debora Ellis​Scaramuch,Scaramuch, do the fandango
  716. Atlas Babylon​I'm interested in Sterling
  717. Dana M​Night By Night...so right about Jason...he brings so much to all this for GW
  718. Jeannette Fridley​Hang in there,
  719. A DeS​Can you talk about happy hearts
  720. Joe Moss​He found out about the stingers ratline
  721. darren alevi​trump has been ignoring bannon , trump listens to ivanka who hates bannon
  722. Linda Copping​flowcused
  723. Dire Straights​HART Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired...
  724. Dan Halen​Flowing while focused
  725. Charlyn A​yes Bat Girl
  726. DAY TIME​goerge bust the Portland Oregon rat lines
  727. Stacey Gee​👍🏻
  728. UpinCT​hope u got some goPros
  730. Sue Storm​Trish, you LOOK fantastic tonight!
  731. Foe Hammer​herding squirrels
  732. Mimi Miller​how many more killed? too many bodies no charges
  733. Pat Hoffman​Is Trump REALLY Stopping the aid to Terrorists.....saw on OAN
  734. TXMom of2​When are you going to Florida?
  735. Linda Copping​I think mason man put a spell on you last night
  736. Kevin Stillwell​Trish looking good!
  737. Joe Moss​Ivanka will get Trump unelected
  738. helen edgar​you go georg 1265 plus people interested
  739. greg kyle​Conceal Carry Permits when entering the SWAMP...!!!
  740. BAT GIRL​@Cgarlyn LOOK!
  741. Imo​Are drugs shipped in seafood?
  742. Freempg​@DAY TIME Portland is a dangerous place
  743. Karen Omodt​What about the treasure trove of data in the Dilyana files
  744. NIGHT BY NIGHT​Yup @Dana M Jason is the secret weapon. Tireless and never whines
  745. Matt Dodaro​do you want to let us know when your going to florida ????
  746. Jennifer Madison​Has anyone read the Filthy Rich book by James Patterson ? about Jeff Epstein?
  747. Mamasabe1 W​When are you leaving for Florida. Didn't catch that
  749. Love GOOD​Some people here are giving psychological implants so that you get hungry or tired. Bad move.
  750. just surfin​Trish has something to say about Florida, Jason Goodman
  751. Joe Moss​CCW for DC??
  752. Jas 4all​GEORGE WHATS NEXT?
  754. Dan Halen​Flowcuss pocus
  755. Graham 95​does US healthcare system enable such practice?
  756. ratlines investigation​WE'RE DOING GREAT DON'T LEAVE
  758. Mary de Angel​Yes Trish you look fantastic
  759. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​who runs the portland oregon ratlines?
  760. jenna peter​And Ivanka's advisor is NOT for Trump, just the opposite
  761. Charlotte Grove​I think they are leaving the weekend for FL
  762. darren alevi​Mason did put a spell on george poor george 😞
  763. Joseph Abbenda​Stop il
  764. Mimi Miller​tim cordova
  765. Reda 2448​so McCain sounds good for. dead guy.
  766. Lo K​It's pronounced Cat Eye
  767. R H​Watch your 6 in Florida 😮
  768. carle shawn​Every day there's a new "key to this thing"
  769. Mary Theresa Schmidt Taylor​Ok. Not tired. Hearing the energy and the focus.
  770. SurfinServer​Эндрю МакКейб Добейся ты сын СУКА И НЕ ОЗНАЧАЕТ, ЧТО СЛЕГКА - ВЫ спускающихся ЖЕСТКИЙ ВРУЧНУЮ Трампа
  771. Andrea DiSanto​BLUE WATER IS IN FLA
  772. DAY TIME​my middle name  is dangerous
  773. Dire Straights​I've got a cousin in Miami
  774. Mike Fletcher​Did you need security? Florida allows CCW by people from out of State.
  775. Mike Townsend​Thts foolish jason
  776. Linda Copping​on Sunday just take it easy George
  777. Pat Hoffman​"Filty Rich".....good title for book about Epstein
  778. Charlyn A​ive LOOKED Bat girl dont like some of what I see
  779. Matthew Miller​After 270 straight days you should be tired George
  780. Spooge Youtube​@Jason Goodman - Have you heard from Quinn recently? He's currently working on a new A.I which may help with the case.
  781. DAY TIME​lol
  782. flusterate​explain the vaccines and planted viruses should we get a flu shot or not???
  783. Sean Oliver​Smile and it won't hurt you! Japan telling the japanese people Fukushima ! Sad heart! Radiation poison! etc
  784. goli880​now Israel is helping isis openly
  785. Was Eye​23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23
  786. Charlyn A​hear
  787. Juanita Rodgers​Just concerned George . Stay clear ad strong.
  788. JoAnn1520​beware the ides of march
  789. ratlines investigation​LARRY NICHOLS THE LATEST?
  790. Stacey Gee​When is the trip to Florida??
  791. Gail Hapke​Apparently the sixth sense is hindsight
  792. Charles Heald​i'm for George and Jason , and Trish
  793. Andrea DiSanto​TRISH, LOVE SAV
  794. NIGHT BY NIGHT​I had not idea that the Masons could put the spook on people like they did G&J
  795. Joe Moss​NC has open carry
  796. NIGHT BY NIGHT​no idea
  797. Hoosier Daddy​lol Gail
  798. Jodi West​U Going To The Attorney's Office? Becareful💖
  799. Sound An Alarm​River Street
  800. Sue Storm​Savannah, Georgia!  Nice
  801. Sean Oliver​beautifulgirlbydana on Youtube
  803. Jas 4all​​GEORGE WHATS NEXT?
  804. Holly Engel​@Hoffman yes True Trump nixed money to Isis. Today special meeting w/Madison said it's almost fin'e
  805. Greg Socks​I have a home in Naples you can use. Empty now
  806. Love GOOD​Mr. Cati comments in Quinn's vids
  807. ratlines investigation​WHEN ARE YOU GUYS COMING TO CHICAGO OR FLORIDA?
  808. Matt Dodaro​don't go by yourself trish
  809. Oma 05​I love seeing the Russian writing!!! very interesting
  810. Freempg​Stellaaaah
  811. Charlyn A​Love the team but feel its going down
  812. jenna peter​Where did Hillary go that 240 odd days with no appearances?
  813. Jennifer Madison​me neither !
  814. Dire Straights​My neices boyfriend is a Longshoreman
  815. Σελήνη-Celini​My brother was a truck company owner in Jacksonville, he retired, now he is in NY
  816. Pat Hoffman​One America News said No More Helping Terrorists......like everyone already Knew we were doing it
  817. Rebecca Makara​Sometimes it really gets to be to much to know all this crap and can't stop it!!!!!!
  818. Lo K​Mr Cat Eye was wrong about you guys and the dirty bomb, did you see that one?
  819. Jennifer Madison​wake up!!!
  820. Loving Spirit​Prayers for George
  821. BAT GIRL​Just need to see a few breadcrumbs being eaten so we feel we're making progress
  822. ratlines investigation​WOW TRISH.
  823. Mamasabe1 W​I love these guys. Really learn so much here
  824. Joe Moss​Elizabeth Beck did an hour long interview with Hard Bastard yesterday
  825. Amalia G​Bring a posse
  826. DAY TIME​Jason I want a crowd source press pass???
  827. Dan Halen​On the waterfront
  828. Fit Bit​Their is an aerial fly over of Epstein's Island. That temple is there.
  829. greg kyle​Decalcify your Pineal Gland and Intuitive Thoughts come naturally :-)
  830. paradise pete73​USNS..George..
  831. Charlyn A​yes Bat girl
  832. Charlotte Grove​Love One America News
  833. R H​Trish will be a contender
  834. Linda Copping​reach more and more people with these revelations, with the truth
  835. Freempg​@Dire Straights Wonder if he's had any mob threats yet
  836. ratlines investigation​MY DAUGHTER LIVES NEAR THERE
  837. TXMom of2​Who is Hard Bastard?
  838. Atlas Babylon​I'm in south Florida. Give me a mission or assignment.
  839. Will Guerra​rent a drone
  840. Sean Oliver​Kinda of a hidden port
  841. Brandon Lenz​Did Ambassador Stephens know what Hillary was up to in Libya?
  842. phi 0318​George you stircrazy tonight?
  843. surfmonster2323​Rent a boat
  844. Anna Quintana​Get a boat
  845. ben goodman​Go to Jekyll Island where all this began
  846. Dire Straights​In Wrghtsville or near that in NC
  847. Joe Moss​USN Mercy too
  848. Sean Oliver​but not
  849. Charlyn A​Soooo Many Rat Lones
  850. Alex Markham​New leak of Sessions discussing trump campaign with Russian ambassador
  851. Sean Oliver​but yeah
  852. Peoples Voice​Dominos means delivery franchise could that mean Diplomatic delivery to cheese or pasta which could mean which destination
  854. John Wolf​It is off shore.
  855. Charlyn A​Lines
  856. Pat Hoffman​New tactic on the "news"= let's act like everyone already knew about something, like it's nothing
  857. Mike Fletcher​Savannah is great... nice parks throughout the city.
  858. Joe Moss​Comfort and Mercy
  859. Jilli Sizzle​Planet alignment happens September 23, 2017. Revelations 12
  861. Terry Ambrose​Murder, Spies And Weapons - Three Fascinating 'Deep State' Stories
  862. BAT GIRL​@@Charltn I never was much of a Cheerleader
  863. Sound An Alarm​Fed began
  864. Jeannette Fridley​Where is skiy!
  865. DAY TIME​investigate o.s.h.u in Portland
  866. Oma 05​everything takes time but do not UNDERESTIMATE The President
  867. Karen Omodt​Tx Mom 2 .....hard bastard is a Utube channel
  868. Charlotte Grove​Savannah I love Savannah
  869. greg kyle​Yeah...!!!
  870. Sean Oliver​I'd like ti hit shelala with a shilala
  871. Will Guerra​im in mcallen, tx if you need anything
  872. flusterate​very humid in savannah this time of year
  873. Vicki Kennedy​So Glenn Simpson isn't testifying before committee says he is out of town but he plead the 5th
  874. Mike Townsend​Pray for the President.. and george , jason, trish and all the CS people
  875. Fit Bit​@Jason Goodman You guys must have been hitting the work hard. All of you seem very tired. Take care of yourselves
  876. Donna Summers​On the Waterfront is my favorite movie
  877. sweep 7
  878. Live chat
  879. darren alevi​Yes it was holder
  880. highwaytoSerfdom​Miami basball bid Bush Romney
  881. Jodi West​💖Absolutely Becareful
  882. jenna peter​the latter
  883. Marcelino Rivera​and the rituals
  884. DAY TIME​Portland district attorney is part of the rat line
  885. Joe Moss​You can ccw in FL I think
  886. Mamasabe1 W​Worried about 2 of you
  887. artnyoga yoganart​What is a rat line ?
  888. Buck Richardson​They were kidnapping kids from Haiti for organ harvesting. Hillary and Soros were there
  889. NIGHT BY NIGHT​How do you spell it, Mr. Cati?
  890. WhatsItAllAboutAlphi​Eric Holder things like Sandy Hook happen.
  891. Lo K​It's CAT EYE
  892. Freempg​Eric Holder is considering a run for the presidency
  893. JoAnn1520​holder was in contemp of congress
  894. Dire Straights​Wow can't we Google Earth Pedo Iland & Bohemian Grove???
  895. ILLUSIVE ALBATROSS​i got a ccw in florida
  896. Jennifer Madison​they are breaking down in minneapolis
  897. Cherilyn Monroe​elites adore numerology
  898. J B​When are you going to Florida?
  899. phi 0318​He does subjective numerology
  900. Arron Johnson​George and Jason living together was going to be a problem. It was just a matter of time.
  901. NIGHT BY NIGHT​Oh thanks @Lo K
  902. Jodi West​Eric Holder An Obama Wanna Be~Uggghhh
  904. Or Urphy​Mr Cati had circular logic
  905. Hoosier Daddy​Feel free to disparage crackpots
  906. Oma 05​my mother Sue's Miramar Police in 1992
  907. Holly Engel​@Jillsizzle @Batgirl I agree Sessions is timid, I have gut feeling Sessions has been threatened, probably not in DC.
  908. R H​I want to go away from things of man..Always a little depressed after watching
  909. scarlettlafevre​Mr Cati im convinced a weird ass op
  910. batterista​Hey Jason, anything to this Rago guy dead?
  912. Lynn Delaney​Talk to Tim Canova in FL
  913. Joe Moss​Shadow George then...not hard to do with him
  914. Karen Omodt​My Texas CCW is good in FL
  915. Kay B.Texas​Hindsight is 20/20
  917. DAY TIME​free the patriots
  918. Jodi West​Oh Crap
  919. John Hansen​Things will be quiet. Bohemian Gove summer campathon on now.
  920. dskies​Daniel Sheehan would be an excellent guild to Deep State Ratlines pre 90's
  922. Anita Caroline Davis or Pye​obviously the pictures sent for source they not on website or for sale by me
  923. Fit Bit​@Jason Goodman In Florida there is the Sunshine Law where all court documents must be made public. You guys can find lots of things online.
  924. DAY TIME​free Pete santilli and the bundys
  925. Juanita Rodgers​Cal of Duty Goddess on YouTube has extensive study on Mason's, Jesuits, Islam and similar symbols. She ties them together well.
  926. Or Urphy​@Lo K it IS Mr. Cati on utube
  927. Daggett Beaver​Bye guys
  928. Was Eye​No Moon For You
  929. shining whitelight​TROUBLE IN MINNEAPOLIS NOW
  930. Jilli Sizzle​me too @Holly Engel
  931. paradise pete73​get rest..get rest..
  932. Terry Ambrose​CYA
  933. Lo K​Cati was wrong about George did y'all see that one? The dirty bomb one
  934. NIGHT BY NIGHT​Love Corsi
  935. darren alevi​george should confront DWS while in florida ?
  936. goli880​ken Johnson every body think the same
  937. Brand Gardner​GOOD LUCK TO ALL 😃
  938. phi 0318​Have a nice evening @Janet
  939. Pat Hoffman​George & Jason like the Vultures in The Lion King.....on Youtube= funny
  940. Linda Copping​hide yourselves in a Tranquility tank for 4 days
  941. Matt Dodaro​good nite !!!!!
  942. Jodi West​Be Careful❣
  943. Jennifer Madison​OpenSecrets ...ORG please check the NAFA info
  944. flusterate​good night y'all
  945. TXMom of2​🍷
  946. Andrea DiSanto​Jason, did you get that email?
  947. ratlines investigation​ERIC HOLDER IS A BAD BAD MAN
  948. Dire Straights​ok bye bye
  949. Jilli Sizzle​bye Scrunchies
  950. Mimi Miller​he thought some one was going to get him 😃
  951. Spooge Youtube​Thank agin guys! All my love. Stay safe!
  952. batterista​Joseph Rago, a 34-year-old Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial writer for The Wall Street Journal, was found dead at his home on Thursday evening. Police officers discovered Mr. Rago’s body at his apartm
  953. Mike Fletcher​FL .. Security.. security...security...security...
  954. Joseph Abbenda​Can't you see the temple on google maps ?
  955. cherylpass​I don't think anyone knows, Bat Girl.
  956. rockribbed rushy​More BS from Eric Holder. He never did any such thing about banks
  957. Mamasabe1 W​Goodnight
  958. Jodi West​Love U Guys💖😊
  959. Joe Moss​I'm kidding...CCW and George / Jason aint happening
  960. ldh bees​take care guys - get some rest
  961. Ae Rein​Will watch the replay.
  962. J B​Good night
  963. Pat Hoffman​Mine didn't start until 20 minutes into it
  964. Keith David​@Jason Goodman Can you please ask George why he thinks Tulsi Gabbard would drain the swamp? Seems only Trump has what it takes.
  965. DAY TIME​expose the government funded organised gangstalking programs
  966. Tomcat01nj​Thank you, Trish, Jason & George... Take care & enjoy your weekend!
  967. ldh bees​Trish is on the road
  968. jenna peter​Thanks guys!
  969. UpinCT​'nite
  970. Brand Gardner​GOOD LUCK TO ALL BE CAREFUL 😃
  971. Dire Straights​1200
  972. Doug Atherton​CIAO GUYS
  973. Scrunchinator​Be well!
  974. Peacock​by scrunchies
  975. Anita Caroline Davis or Pye​im ok bye
  976. Foe Hammer​goodnight russian scrunchies
  977. Mary Theresa Schmidt Taylor​Sending prayers and archangels for a safe and productive FL trip
  978. NIGHT BY NIGHT​These guys are indefatigable
  979. George Webb​nite scrunches
  980. ldh bees​night scrunchy
  981. cherylpass​Thanks guys...
  982. MAGA 12​Trish fun trip?
  983. paradise pete73​G'nite Scrunchers
  984. Anita Caroline Davis or Pye​take care all
  985. Freempg​Take a day off
  986. Dire Straights​1pm
  987. SurfinServer​Спокойной ночи нашим российским друзьям
  988. R H​Shake Shack late night burgers and shakes
  989. Dan Halen​todos via con Dios
  990. Just me 06​hang up George, she didn't INTEND on taking the tax deduction,  therefore it's a charity
  991. Brandon Lenz​Did Ambassador Stephens know what Hillary was up to in Libya?
  992. Holly Engel​@JillSizxle Trump needs to ask Jay Sekulow
  993. Deep South​thanks scrunchies
  994. TXMom of2​🌭
  995. Karen Omodt​Nite George
  996. NIGHT BY NIGHT​Good night, all
  997. Charles Heald​10 -4
  998. Matt Dodaro​keep the fight
  999. DAY TIME​goerge for ice cream Jason
  1000. Lo K​Love to all the Schrunchies and Scrunettes
  1001. Melissa H​I've seen that before a couple of years ago.
  1002. Sound An Alarm​PAKA
  1003. Ae Rein​Chit chat- chit chat. Send me a slice of NYC pizza.
  1004. TheBase1aransas​Have a safe trip Trush!
  1005. Mike Fletcher​Enjoy your trip Trish
  1006. Peter​can I say Hello?
  1007. JoAnn1520​holder funneled taxpayer money to soros orgs
  1008. J B​Goodnight George
  1009. Paula Bonney​Thank you
  1010. BAT GIRL​Please explain Sessions compromise....HOW?
  1011. Jodi West​Bye Scrunchies As They Say🤣
  1012. Dire Straights​Dirty DOG
  1013. Buck Richardson​taco bowl scrunchie
  1014. Jaded Optomist​.BREAKING!!! The police chief of Minneapolis stepped down. The press conference was SHUT DOWN by protesters live in tv
  1015. Robin Mead​Get out and relax. Get some R & R
  1016. Johnna Beuerlein​Nite George
  1017. Jason Goodman​GW says "I dunno, I hope so, I hope they give here a chacne" re: Tulsi
  1018. Pat Hoffman​Tulsi better than most of them.....won't vote for her if she runs Dem, though
  1019. Janet F​@Bat Girl , Apparently Session did have a convo with a Russian about the Trump Presidency
  1020. Fit Bit​George - Use the Sunshine Law in Florida to find legal documents
  1021. Joe Moss​Rat Dogs LOL
  1023. Mimi Miller​l8tr
  1024. Rebecca Makara​Withholder
  1025. highwaytoSerfdom​See steele and Betrayus
  1026. J B​Trish safe travels
  1027. Sound An Alarm​Nite Scrunchies
  1028. Jason Goodman​TX Mom of 2 is preparing lunch for Petraeous
  1029. Or Urphy​Спокойной ночи
  1030. Linda Hull​Petraeus eating Ratdogs :)
  1031. Lynn Delaney​Tulsi? no. Bernie Yes
  1032. ratlines investigation​LARRY NICHOLS???
  1033. Jilli Sizzle​@Holly Engel yes, he would be a good choice!
  1034. Graham 95​cheers guys
  1035. pingmurder​Florida corruption is no joke
  1036. VLeigh_111​Night Yall!!! 🖑
  1037. DAY TIME​Portland Oregon rat line is getting exposed
  1038. pingmurder​that place is a swamp
  1039. Stephen Tice​test
  1040. phi 0318​@Janet. That was his job as a Senator
  1041. ratlines investigation​LARRY NICHOLS
  1042. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​eric holder yes Trish
  1043. Jenny Lynn​Gnite Scrunchies 💚☮️
  1044. Freempg​@Jason Goodman Plenty of Mayo
  1045. Pat Hoffman​Was I Imagining ti that trump said no more helping the terrorists in Syria?
  1046. John Hansen​Dasvedanya!
  1047. BAT GIRL​I dont think thats it though Janet
  1048. Holly Engel​@JillSizzle Sekulow to be DOJ
  1049. Hoosier Daddy​Thought Larry Nichols was in Arkansas
  1050. ratlines investigation​LARRY NICHOLS???????
  1051. pingmurder​night scrunchies
  1052. flusterate​don't let the bed bugs bite
  1053. Rebecca Makara​Goodnight all
  1054. Lo K​Day Time I hope so
  1055. MAGA 12​Anyone else having a hard time keeping up with everything?
  1056. jenna peter​If you aren't getting notification check email and notice will appear via the bell.
  1057. VLeigh_111​Night Yall!!
  1059. DAY TIME​hey Dave oops I mean wasup scrunchy
  1060. Jodi West​Where Is Larry Nichols Maybe They Could Stay There?
  1061. MAGA 12​WHO HAS SETH RICH NEWS?!?!?!?!
  1062. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​eric holder is criminal
  1063. Robin Mead​Good night
  1064. Jilli Sizzle​@Holly Engel Seklow would be good.
  1065. Jennifer Madison​going to comet pizza now🙋
  1066. ratlines investigation​LARRY IS IN ARKANSAS
  1067. Susanne Jones​night all
  1068. nikinm77​Have that Andrea call n when Trish is off
  1069. Fit Bit​Be careful in Miami
  1070. Foe Hammer​like your name flustrate
  1071. highwaytoSerfdom​KKR betrayus Ukraine see Stranahan Soros
  1072. MAGA 12​@Jennifer Madison for real????
  1073. ratlines investigation​LARRY NICHOLS???
  1074. Jeannette Fridley​Goodnight!
  1075. Cindy Bokma​is it sharting or sharding?
  1076. DAY TIME​free Pete santilli and the bundys
  1077. Brandon Lenz​Was Ambassador Stephens clean or dirty?
  1078. Jennifer Madison​MAGA yes!
  1079. BAT GIRL​Feel like Squirrels chasing Tails
  1080. Jaded Optomist​MINNEAPOLIS protesters demanding the removal of Mayor.
  1081. Jodi West​Jennifer M? Huh?
  1082. Sound An Alarm​Jay Sekulow rocks!
  1083. Lo K​Jennifer Madison make sure you watch that Obama video it's CRAZY /watch?v=y84Rt5PHHDA&t=50s
  1084. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​haha
  1085. Karen Omodt​Goodnight George, Trish and Jason
  1086. Jennifer Madison​they say open until 10:45
  1087. justthinkin1000​chard
  1088. Hoosier Daddy​Arkansas ain't too close to Florida on my maps
  1089. Melissa H​If you aren't getting notifications, use the YT app solely for the alerts. It's always within 10secs of going live.
  1090. Cindy Bokma​ohhhhh thanks!
  1091. MAGA 12​@Jennifer Madison OMG. Take notes. Come back and let us know the vibe!
  1092. Holly Engel​@JillSizzle nice to meet you, peaceful night, bye 4 now!
  1093. Foe Hammer​squirrel herders nite
  1094. Jason Goodman​Good night everybody, have a good weekend
  1095. Or Urphy​@BAT GIRL wanna watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat?
  1096. Janet F​That's what he did as his job but that was the news today. Details sketchy. Posebic said his sources tell him Sessions is out next. Resigning
  1097. BAT GIRL​Time decided for 2morrow?
  1098. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​good night all
  1099. Lo K​Backatcha Jason and thanks!
  1100. Jodi West​Good Night💖😊
  1102. Jennifer Madison​Maga👍 will do! wish me luck!! lol
  1103. MrSCameraMan​Later Jason
  1104. BAT GIRL​Yeah Man!!
  1105. Lo K​I sent you the 2nd assasination email
  1106. TRAVX11​stay Scrunchie my frinds
  1107. DAY TIME​good day y'all high vibes to everyone
  1108. Jennifer Madison​Lo what is the link to the video again?
  1109. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​Good Mom :)
  1110. Hoosier Daddy​11:30 AM
  1111. Or Urphy​fllyingsquirrel salute 😉
  1112. Holly Engel​@JasonGoodman  & George & Trish, goodnight!
  1113. Jodi West​Seriously~Wow~Good Luck
  1114. MARIE BIVANS​🌚🔮💞🃏
  1115. Jennifer Madison​so 11:30 tomorrow?
  1116. Linda Hull​Tomorrow - for those who can make it  BIG PROTEST against CNN in Atlanta
  1117. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​haha
  1118. TXMom of2​🐯 RAR
  1119. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​ratdogs
  1120. MAGA 12​@Jennifer Madison hahaah yesssss. Wish you Luck and safety (from the pedo-joking-creeps)(cause at the very LEAST they love to joke about that shit)
  1121. Joseph Abbenda​Why is Trump choosing Wray - HOW IS THAT DRAINING THE SWAMP ???
  1122. DAY TIME​.
  1123. MAGA 12​@Jennifer Madison 11:30 it is
  1124. Or Urphy​@TXMom of2 ...MGM 😃
  1125. Joseph Abbenda​Jason is hungry
  1126. Linda Hull​Joseph i really don't understand that choice
  1127. Foe Hammer​easy texas kitty
  1128. BAT GIRL​For the love of God would someone pls explain to me how Sessions is supposedly compromised?? Please
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