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Schroedinger's Cheshire Cat

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  1. My feet are numb from running in the snow. I can hear dogs barking behind me and men shouting. My mother’s blue hand is clutching mine tightly. I trip on a half buried tree branch.
  3. “Get up Alan, quickly!” She tells me.
  5. I’m exhausted and can barely stand. My mother jerks me onward. The dogs sound closer now. We’re running downhill.
  7. “We’re almost there, Alan! Just a little further!”
  9. I hear a loud crack echo from behind us. A hole erupts in my mother’s left leg. She screams.
  11. September 21st, 2084
  12. Monday 6:37
  14. I’m in my bed staring up at the white washed ceiling. I dreamt about my mother again. That makes 8 times this month alone. I sit up in bed and wipe the cold sweat from my forehead. Bright sunlight floods the room from the window. Like every morning, I examine my room for any evidence of intrusion. My desk on the opposite side of the room from my bed is cluttered with papers. All of which are tests and handouts I haven’t finished grading yet. My dresser to the right of that is also untouched, the middle drawer is still open a hair.
  16.  My paranoia isn’t satisfied though. I get out of bed and walk over to my closet. One door is slightly retracted as always. I pull the folding doors away and part the shirts and pants away from the center. No intruder is hiding in my closet. At the back is a small door. It's just an easy access port to the pipes. I pull it open and crouch down. In a small open space in the wall is a medium-sized, wooden lock box. I reach in and pull it out. It’s got some heft to it, mostly due to it’s contents. I put in the four digit code into the lock “2072” and it clicks open. I lift the top and peruse the six metal canisters housed inside. Each one has the emblem of the church carved into it. It's a cross with four barbed ends and a small hollow circle around the 4-way intersection. Each one is full of holy water except the one on the bottom right which is almost empty. I’d have to replace it soon.
  18. Satisfied, I close the box and return it to its place in the wall. I shut the door. After picking out my clothes for the day, I evenly disperse my clothing. I close the closet, leaving the left door open a hair. I head to the bathroom and shower. Once I’m clean I begin my usual routine. I look at my face in the mirror, I’m greeted by my unsightly eyes, a pair of silver islands in lakes of ink. I open the medicine cabinet and pull out a bottle of eye drops. I take it and splash a few drops of holy water into my eyes. It burns lightly and I wince. In my reflection I see the ink recede from my irises, but they remain silver. I take out a pair of contacts from the cabinet and put them in. I now look like a normal human being, free of corruption or other undesirable traits in the eyes of the church aside from a small tattoo on my left arm. It’s series of numbers left over from when I was held prisoner in that lab. After brushing my teeth, which include a pair of unusually long canines, I’m dressed and ready for the day.
  20. My apartment is small, low profile. I’m able to afford a few nice things though, a 52 inch smart TV on an expensive and sturdy entertainment center along with a fine leather couch and matching recliner. I even have a well-equipped kitchen. I'm a pretty good cook, but it's not like I ever have anyone to cook for. Which admittedly is depressing.
  22. After eating breakfast, I gather up all my teaching supplies for the day and head out. I walk to a tram station and board the tram line headed for the academy I teach at. Once I’m settled into a seat I start mentally rehearsing today's lesson. I teach physics. Some girls approach me, they’re wearing the academy uniform. It’s a simple white dress shirt, red tie and green jacket with a green skirt. On the sleeves of the jacket is the Saint Harry Academy coat of arms, it’s just a shield with the church cross on it. I turn my attention to them and I recognize them as two of my students. One is tall with her black hair pulled back into a ponytail and tied with a red ribbon. She has a slender body with a perky bust. Her skirt gives me a good view of her strong looking thighs which are partially covered by her stockings. If I recall she’s on the track team. I can smell her perfume from my seat. Her name is Morgan, and she’s my best student. Her friend is blonde and a bit short, her body is a bit on the petite side. Her hair is pulled back into a pair of twin tails. Her expression is pretty blank, like she's staring off into space. Despite how much I try I can't seem to remember her name.
  24. I could probably face fuck the short one while making out with Morgan.
  26. “Good morning Mr. Turner,” Morgan says, “How are you doing?”
  28. “I'm good,” I say, ignoring the sudden urge to fuck two of my students, “I haven’t finished grading last week’s tests yet, but I'm guessing Tuesday.”
  30. “Oh..” Morgan mumbles disappointed in my response, “I guess you must’ve been super busy over the weekend.”
  32. “Yeah, sometimes I wish I had more freedom, but seeing all your bright faces makes it worth it.” I say with a somewhat forced smile.
  34. She smiles at that. Her friend nudges her.
  36. “Oh, I wanted to give you this.” Morgan says.
  38. She hands me a slip of paper, ‘buy one get one free, any cake slice. The Laughing Jack Cafe’
  40. “My mother owns a small cafe, I heard you like sweets from Mrs. Jane, so I got you this coupon.” Morgan blushes a little, “I’d like it very much if you’d stop by.”
  42. “Wow, thanks, I’ll stop by when I have the time.” I say.
  44. She lights up when I say that. We talk for awhile and part ways when we arrive at the academy. The blonde kept giving me weird looks. I head for the faculty office. I'm grading tests when another teacher approaches me. Margaret Jane. At her side is a curvy- looking girl I don't recognize. Her waist-length hair is raven black and her eyes are sky blue. She watches me silently, with a wide and almost unnerving smile. There's something about her I just can't put my finger on. I  feel the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I brush it off as my imagination and turn my gaze at Margaret.
  46. "Hello Margaret, how may I help you." I say.
  48. "You're getting a new student in your homeroom today. Her name is Catherine Schrodinger. I know it's a bit short notice but there is no room in anybody else's rosters."
  50. "That's not just short notice, that's out of the blue. Why wasn't I informed of this?" I say, annoyed.
  52. "Don't ask me, Markus, I'm not the one who put her in your class. Here's her file."
  54. I sigh and open up my holocom. I have a wrist model with decent specs. I receive the file from Margaret. She walks off and leaves me with Catherine who stands by my desk waiting patiently. The glint in her eyes is quite unsettling. I skim through her file quickly, she’s studying abroad, very high marks in all her subjects. Chess club. Usual egg head stuff. The first bell rings and I figure it’s best to read her file later. I turn to look at Catherine, still silently observing me. I notice very quickly her impossibly luscious thighs and C-cup bust. She looks a bit too developed for a high schooler.
  56. I wouldn’t mind having those thighs wrapped around my head.
  58. I blink, dismissing the thought.
  60. I wonder what language she’d scream in.
  62. I shake my head.
  64. “What’s wrong?”
  66. “Nothing.” I say quickly, “Just had really stupid song pop into my head.”
  68. “Which one?” She asks.
  70. I chuckle nervously, desperately trying to think of some response.
  72. “You weren’t thinking of something lewd were you?” She says with a pouty face.
  74. “Of course not,” I say, unconvincingly.
  76. “Are you one of those people that became a teacher so he could check out a bunch of girls in short skirts?”
  78. “That’s not why!” I shout.
  80. “Then why?” She asks innocently.
  82. “That’s none of your business. Okay look, we have to get going, class starts in a few minutes.
  84. I stand and start heading to the door.
  86. “Lead the way, sensei.” She calls behind me.
  88. Room 6-8 9:01
  90. The Bell rang unceremoniously. I walked into a room rife with the sound of beeps as students quickly closed out their holocoms. Catherine walked in behind me. The students lit up with gossip. I went to the podium at the front of the room.
  92. “Alright, we have a new face joining us,” I motion for Catherine, “Please introduce yourself.”
  94. Catherine stepped forward and good lord…
  96. “Hello everyone!” She boomed, “I am Catherine Schrodinger, and I will be joining you from here on out!”
  98. “Would you mind writing your name on the board, Catherine?”
  100. She approached the board and grabbed the stylus. She began writing out her name. Her handwriting was absurdly curvy. It was almost like she was dancing with her fingers. She was even so bold as to do some kind of spiral dot on her i's. What a bizarre girl. After that little shit show was over with, I assigned her a seat towards the center of the room. I started my lecture on church approved physics, ignoring Catherine’s piercing stare.
  102. The day flew by quickly once first period ended. Once the final bell rang I made my way to the faculty office and finished grading the tests. When I was done grading and planning tomorrow's lectures it was a little after seven. I let out a yawn and I decide to head out for the day. I turn around in my chair and hear a sudden snap. I jump in my seat at the sound. I scan the room, I’m the only one here. I get up and decide to search around. After doing a sweep of the room my paranoia is satisfied. I am indeed alone. I return to my desk and gather my things.
  104. Outside the sun hangs low in the sky, threatening to sink into the horizon at any minute. As I walk through the front gate, I see Catherine sitting in a tree and looking up at to the sky. Curious, I approach her.
  106. “Hello, Markus.” she says, “You’re not thinking of doing anything lewd like molest a young girl that’s out late all alone are you?”
  108. I frown at her question, “It’s disrespectful to call a teacher by his first name. I don’t know how they teach back where you’re from, but here you should respect your teachers.”
  110. She falls backwards and hangs from the tree by her legs. “Oh, so you’re the type of man who likes to be on top. I didn’t realize.”
  112. “Would you cut that shit out. Its indecent for a young girl to be spouting such vulgar crap.” I bark.
  114. Her smile widens.
  116. “Oh don’t be such a prude. It’s just human nature to want to impregnate such a fine specimen such as me. Admit it, Markus, you’re just sexually repressed like everyone else in this city.”
  118. “Stop it!”
  120. Her smile stretches into an impossibly wide grin. I wish I could punch that smug look off her face. Her eyes dart downward.
  122. “Oh my, you’ve already got a stiffy! I can take care of it for you if you want.”
  124. I look down towards my manhood, sure enough there’s a sizable bulge in my pants. My face goes red as a beat.
  126. “I have to go…” my voice trails off. I can feel my desire taking hold.
  128. Suddenly I hear a snap and I’m forced to the ground. Catherine’s laying on top of me swaying her hips like a cat ready to pounce. Her firm breasts arepressing into my chest. I try to push her off of me, but she holds me down with strength impossible for a teenage girl. She looks me in the eyes, I turn to avoid her piercing gaze but she follows me.
  130. “Why do you deny it? You clearly want to. Are you scared of getting caught having an illicit relationship with on of your students? Don’t worry, I promise I’ll keep this as our little secret. So come on, let me help you vent all that pent up frustration.
  132. My tongue won’t move. My mind is frantic. I feel hot.
  134. “No.” Is all I can choke out.
  136. My eyes start to tingle and I realize they’re starting to change. I panic, and begin to squirm underneath her.
  138. “Let me go!” I shout, “Please let me go!”
  140. Her smile sours, she looks disappointed. She leans in to kiss me, but I turn away and dig my fingers into the grass.
  142. She whispers into my ear, “You can’t hide from the church forever.”
  144. I turn to look at her but with a snap she’s gone. My eyes tingle again and I jump to my feet, I look around and she’s nowhere in sight. I’m left dumbfounded. My eyes tingle again, harder this time, they’re starting to itch. I reach into my bag and take out my emergency eye drops. I put a few in each eye but it doesn’t help. It just burns and I wipe my eyes.
  146. “Damn it!” I bark.
  148. I run down the hill away from the school.
  150. The tram station is somewhat full, mostly salarymen returning home from work. I’m wearing a pair of sunglasses to hide my eyes and my erection still hasn’t gone down. I stick out like a sore thumb in the sea of business casual. I approach the ticket dispenser and open my holocom. I select a destination and give it my information. The machine spits out a one way ticket and I grab it. The train will arrive in ten minutes so I take a seat on a nearby bench and try not to look at anyone.
  152. “Excuse me, sir.” I hear a raspy voice at my side.
  154. Shit.
  156. I turn to look at the source of the voice, it's a tall man clad in white robes and body armor. On his chest is the symbol of the church. At his sides are a stun baton and silver pistol. I look up to his grizzled face. Across his chin is a long scar, it’s partially buried beneath a thick brown beard. He’s smiling, but his fierce blue eyes betray his past. I catch myself wondering what gave him that scar.
  158. I’m face to face with a paladin. Just my fucking luck.
  160. “Can I help you?” I say plainly.
  162. He pulls out a holo plate and shows me two pictures one is a young girl with blonde hair that looks to be about 10, perhaps younger. The other is a girl about the same age but with brown hair.
  164. “Have you seen either of these two girls?” He asks, “They went missing over the weekend, any information leading to their return would be much appreciated.”
  166. “Sorry, I can’t help you there. I’ve never seen those girls before.”
  168. The paladin frowns and sighs, “Damn, and I had a gut feeling about you too. I was sure you could help me.”
  170. “Sorry I’m not much help.” I say.
  172. “It’s alright, nobody seems to know anything at all. It’s like the girls just disappeared into thin air. I hope none of the monsters got to them already.”
  174. “We can only hope, right?”
  176. “What are you talking about?! We should all be actively searching for them together as a city!” he barks.
  178. His sudden shouting makes me jump. The crowd looks in our direction.
  180. “Two little girls go missing and nobody seems to care! Their parents are worried sick and we’re supposed to just sit back and hope they turn up? That’s bullshit!”
  182. The paladin snaps out of it and slowly realizes what he just did.
  184. He clears his throat. “Sorry about that, I just got a bit excited for a moment.”
  186. A bit.
  188. “I just get so worked up when I think about what might happen to those poor little girls.”
  190. “I know what you mean.” I say.
  192. “Please step away from the yellow line. The Downtown Tram will be arriving shortly.”
  194. “That your train?” The paladin asks.
  196. “Yep.” I say and stand up from the bench.
  198. “Well alright then. Thanks for your time.”
  200. “It’s alright,” I say, “I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you.”
  202. “It's ok, I’m sure we’ll find those girls soon. It's so strange too, my gut has never been wrong before. I wonder..”
  204. “Well good luck finding them, I’ll be praying for their safe return.” I say.
  206. Before I can turn to leave he sticks out his hand.
  208. “Corporal Darius Ackerman, paladin.”
  210. I smile and take his hand.
  212. “Markus Turner, Physics Teacher.”
  214. “Ah a teacher. Molding the next generation into working adults. I knew you seemed like a good person.”
  216. “Yeah, I try.” I say.
  218. “Take care man. The full moon is coming up.”
  220. “I will,” I say and head to the train.
  222. Don’t worry, I will, you disgusting mongrel.
  224. The commute home feels like an eternity. I keep my head down and hope nobody notices my inhuman eyes. When I finally arrive at my apartment it feels like my manhood is about to explode out of my pants. I lock the door behind me and put the latch on. I sit on the couch and flip on the TV. I’m too exhausted to worry about grading right now. This whole fucking day has left me drained. I take off my sunglasses and toss them onto the coffee table.
  226. Just who the fuck is that girl?
  228. I remember her file and open it up on my holocom.
  230. Catherine H. Schroedinger
  232. Wait Cat- Schroedinger’s Cat… you’re fucking kidding me.
  234. Sex: Female
  235. Born: April 1st, 2067
  237. Really? Is this girl serious?
  239. Did she actually think nobody would notice this obvious bullshit? But maybe that’s not the point.
  241. “You can’t hide from the church forever.”
  243. Her words echo through my mind. How much does she know? Does she know I’m partially corrupted? Why is she so fucking infuriating?! What does she want from me?!
  245. The more I think about her the hotter I get. It isn’t long before I start fantasizing about her. I snap myself back to reality only to start thinking about the way her skin felt, or how she smelled, or what kind of noises she’d make during sex. I can’t take it anymore. I peel off my pants and start rubbing one out to the picture in her file. As I cum I feel shame.
  247. “Damn it!” I bark and throw the TV remote across the room.
  249. I sigh and realize how stupid I’m being. I walk over and pick up the remote. After sitting down, I continue looking through her file. I eventually come across her application essay. Every student that attends Saint Harry Academy has to write an essay as part of the entrance examination. Curious, I decide to read what driveling nonsense story she wrote to get into Saint Harry’s.
  251. She wrote an essay about her love of chess. The joy she finds in toying with her opponents. How one can not worry about the past, only the immediate future of the game. As I read, I notice something, many of her i's have irregular dots. I think back to how she wrote her name earlier today. I brushed it off as simple eccentricity back then. However, the simple fact that the name Catherine Schroedinger could be turned into Schrodinger's Cat is the first and most obvious clue. The essay is even titled “Eyes On You.” Her essay was clearly encoded. There are five different irregular i’s in addition to the normal ones. Spirals, hearts, triangles, squares, and stars. It’s just a simple matter of matching all the special i’s together.
  253. Which gives me fucking nonsense.
  255. Okay, so maybe it is just eccentricity. I can’t stop though. I read even deeper into it. I try desperately to make sense of this girl, but she’s fucking with me. Then I think about her name. She must like puns. So why not use a word with a hidden “I” sound. Eyes on you, bitch.
  257. Then comes the first message.
  259. “Why hide eyes”
  261. Either I’m reading into this horribly wrong or she knows I’m half-incubised. Fuck.
  263. I try matching the words with alliteration.
  265. “Discovery is inevitable”
  267. Damn it, she really does know. Fuck!
  269. “My eyes sigh”
  270. What? Is she disappointed in me?
  272. “Isolation, Ideal?”
  273. Of course it is, I’m still alive damn it!
  275. “Immolation Imminent”
  276. Is that a threat? Are you trying to threaten my you little bitch?!
  278. I look at one line in particular.
  280. ‘In chess the past is a distraction. One can only really worry about the imminent future, but the truly great see the far future.’
  282. I look at the irregular i’s and it hits me. Each one has a different number of points. First I try the word a certain number of words away.
  284. Jumbled nonsense.
  286. Okay, certain word, a certain number of spaces away, certain letter based on number.
  288. Jumbled clusterfuck nonsense.
  290. I remember reading somewhere that chess masters often look five moves ahead. I look at the i’s with stars. It all clicks into place.
  292. Slowly a sentence forms, I’m on the right track, my heart races. I finally beat this whore’s code.
  294. “I’ve been watching you. You seem satisfied sitting in your box, waiting for death. So let’s play a game and make things interesting while you wait. How about it, Markus?”
  296. I stare at the words on my paper. A cold chill runs down my spine. That’s a threat if ever I heard one. It’s true, she’s toying with me. This all just a game to her, and once she exposes me, I’ve lost. My heart pounds in my chest. I wonder how little time I have left. Then the strangest thing happens. I laugh. Then I laugh some more. I laugh and laugh and laugh.
  298. It’s finally here. I’m finally going to die.
  300. September 22nd, 2084
  301. Tuesday 16:08
  303. The morning was rather hectic as I woke up late from a restless sleep. I barely managed to get to the academy on time. Luckily, my eye drops were sufficient to return my eyes to human standards. The day was without incident save for walking in on two students doing the nasty in the gym storage room.
  305. Just get a hotel room.
  307. Aside from that, Catherine did not attend class. I sit at my desk, planning tomorrow's lecture despite the possibility it will be the last. It’s been a long, dull day. Just the way I like it. My thoughts turn back to Catherine and all those hidden messages in her essay.
  309. Discovery is inevitable.
  311. Why try hide eyes?
  313. My eyes sigh.
  315. Isolation, ideal?
  317. Immolation, Imminent
  319. Then comes that final troubling phrase
  321. Let’s play a game, Markus.
  323. Is she blackmailing me in an attempt to get me to sleep with her? If she knows about me, then who else does? How long do I have until the paladins take me back to the lab? What does she want damn it?!
  325. My head hurts. I don’t want to think about this anymore, but the harder I try to push it away, the worse it get. Fear begins to eat away at my rational mind. I begin to think about my mother and the horrible things we endured at the facility. I wonder if she is really dead or still being used for those experiments.
  327. What does she want from me?
  329. The thought smashes at my forehead like a battering ram. Threatening to burst my head open with every throb inducing slam.
  331. “Are you alright, Mr. Turner?” A voice says.
  333. I look and see Morgan. She seems concerned.
  335. “It’s nothing, just a bit of a headache.”
  337. “Should I get the nurse?” She asks innocently.
  339. “No, it’s fine. What brings you to the faculty office?”
  341. She goes red.
  343. “I was just wondering, well if…”
  345. “If..” I say, confused.
  347. “Never mind.” She says and charges out of the room.
  349. What the fuck?
  351. The door to the faculty office opens and Morgan’s friend, whose name still escapes my grasp pushes her in. Once Morgan is within range, her friend nudges her. Hard.
  353. “Ow. That hurt!” Morgan cries in protest, but her friend will have none of it. She slaps Morgan and points in my direction.
  355. Dumbstruck, Morgan stands there. Her friend readies another open palm. Morgan takes the hint. She looks at me her face red as a beat. She shuffles in her spot and finally-
  357. “WillyoupleasecometomymotherscafeandhavesomecakeIpromiseitwillbedeliciousandyouwillhaveagoodtimebecausemymothersareallygoodcookand-” Her friend cover’s Morgan’s mouth.
  359. “So what do you say? Will you?” Blondie asks.
  361. After that, I don’t think I can turn her down without hurting her feelings.
  363. “Sure, I was planning on checking out the cafe. I guess now is a good time.” I say.
  365. “Reery?” Morgan says beneath her friend’s hand.
  367. “Yeah. I don’t have any plans for tonight.”
  369. Implying that bitch doesn’t rat me out anytime soon, I think I have enough time to eat some cake.
  371. She lights up, and her friend removes her hand.
  373. “Thank you very much. I promise you will receive five-star service.” She beams.
  375. “Let me just gather my things.” I say.
  377. The train ride is quiet and peaceful. I talk with Morgan the whole way. I find out her friend’s name is Chelsea.
  379. The Laughing Jack cafe is situated right next to Central Beacon Park. Out front is a large pumpkin with a large and comical smile. I step inside and a bell rings. The cafe is empty save for an old man in a booth at the back of the room.
  381. “Excuse me for a moment, I have to go get changed. Sit anywhere you like.”
  383. Morgan heads into the kitchen, while Chelsea and I sit in a window booth looking out into the park. We make small talk.
  385. “How long have you and Morgan known each other?” I ask to break the ice.
  387. “Since grade school, she’s a year older than me. She’ll be heading off to college next year. So it’ll be just me soon.” She says, still plain faced, but with a hint of sadness.
  389. That explains why I didn’t know her name.
  391. “I remember my highschool years, so full of awkwardness and hormonal buffoonery. Good times.” I say.
  393. Which is a lie.
  395. “Are you still in touch with any of your friends?” She asks.
  397. “Not really, I was a loner.” I say, “Most of the people I knew moved away for college or this and that. I occasionally spot somebody I knew on the street, but nobody seems to remember me.”  I say, somewhat saddened at the thought.
  399. In reality, I never spoke with anyone at all. I avoided people because I was paranoid about being discovered. I still haven’t even had my first kiss at 23 years old. Pathetic? Yes. Am I still able to walk freely on the street? Yes, for now at least.
  401. “So I take it you’re not dating anybody either right?” She asks.
  403. “No, not yet.” I say.
  405. But, I’ve got a date with destiny and the limo is covered in gasoline.
  407. “I see.” she says.
  409. “You know, for a wing-woman, you’re pretty aggressive.” I chuckle.
  411. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She says plainly.
  413. “I see.” I say.
  415. After that it gets quiet. Morgan comes back wearing a waitress uniform. For a top she wears a plain white blouse with a jack o’ lantern pin that has her name on it just above her left breast. On bottom is a frilly, black skirt with a small pumpkin print towards the bottom. At her waist is an orange apron. She’s even wearing black and white striped stockings. Admittedly it looks a little silly on her, but I hold my tongue. She holds a pen and a pad of paper.
  417. “Today we have strawberry cheesecake, blueberry pie, and if you want something bolder, we have devil’s food cake.” She says in an almost robotically rehearsed voice. She was probably practicing while changing.
  419. “Cheesecake. Coffee with milk, sugar, and creamer. Chelsea says quickly.
  421. “Devil’s food, black coffee.” I say.
  423. “Alright then, I’ll bring it right out.” She writes down our order and heads off into the kitchen triumphantly.
  425. We sit in silence. A couple walks in and sits at the bar. Chelsea looks over at the couple. I let my gaze wander to the park.
  427. Chelsea breaks the silence.
  429. “So what do you think of Morgan?” She asks.
  431. I look back at her, she seems determined to know my feelings. I dodge the question.
  433. “Well,” I say, “She’s my best student. She aces all her tests and always pays attention in class. She’s a very bright girl. I’m sure she has a bright future ahead of her.”
  435. “You know what I mean.” She says.
  437. “Not really, are you asking me if I like her?”
  439. She nods.
  441. “If you ask me, she’s beautiful, I wish I could see what she’ll look like in a couple years, but I don’t think a teacher and a student should have a relationship like that, it could get messy. She should focus her attention on some-”
  443. “You don’t understand.” Chelsea is glaring at me now, “She really likes you. Every time we talk, she talks about you.”
  445. “I get it, but I’m 23. In a couple years I’ll be forced into marriage by the church. She’ll be in college by that time, I can’t just force her to toss away her dreams to keep me.”
  447. “You can make it work.” Chelsea pleads.
  449. “No, we can’t.” I say.
  451. Chelsea’s gaze retreats to the table. Morgan brings us our cake.
  453. “Here you go.~” she says sweetly, oblivious to our conversation.
  455. As much as it saddens me to say so, I can’t risk exposure. If I’m ever alone with her, who knows what my other side would do. All it takes is a kiss to bring out my eyes and it's off to the lab with me. It sucks. It sucks a lot. Then again, whatever woman I’m assigned will probably report me to the church too. And then there’s the blackmailing whore.
  457. Fuck my life. Morgan’s my type too.
  459. After all that, I can barely nibble on my cake. I manage to eat a good amount but my appetite is all but diminished. After I finish, I pay for my half of the bill and leave. I tip well. I walk through the park nearby to clear my head. I come to a series of tables where a few people are playing chess. I sit at an empty table and loathe my existence. Catherine was right, My days here are numbered. So I jump up, and run into the nearest street where I am hit by a car and instantly killed.
  461. . . . . . .
  463. Which I wish was the case instead of what happens next.
  465. “Hello, Markus, fancy meeting you here.” A familiar and much hated voice says
  467. I turn around to see Catherine sitting at a table behind me. On the table are various exotic-looking chess pieces.
  469. “Why are you following me?” I ask.
  471. “I’m not, I’m just sitting here playing with myself, but if you want, we can make this a twosome.” she says.
  473. “I really wish you’d quit with the sexual harassment.”
  475. “Hard ass meat?” Her smile widens.
  477. “Stop it!” I bark.
  479. “Would you quit being such a prude, Markus.”
  481. “What do you want you little cunt?” I shout.
  483. “I just want to play a game.”
  485. “What kind of game?”
  487. She cocks her head and gives me her best shit-eating grin.
  489. I sigh and walk over to her table.
  491. “White moves first.” She says.
  493. I look down at the board I move my right knight forward and left.
  495. “Good choice.” She purrs, “They say every girl wishes for a knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet.”
  497. I say nothing and just glare at her.
  499. “If only you’d take the initiative in real life.”
  501. She takes her king’s knight’s pawn and sends it forward two spaces, freeing her bishop. I respond by placing my queen’s pawn two spaces forward. She slides her Bishop out one space.
  503. “I got your message.” I say moving my queen out two spaces.
  505. “What message?” She asks with a smile and pushes her left rook’s pawn outward.
  507. “Don’t play dumb.” I say moving my knight closer to her pawn.
  509. “I’m not.”
  511. “Then what’s with the i’s?”
  513. “Simple eccentricity.”
  515. “Is it really?”
  517. “Of course, silly. Do you actually think a teenage girl would go to the lengths needed to encode a secret message into an essay about chess, using deliberately chosen shapes for the dots on her i's? Come on, Mr. Turner, you really have to step up your game.”
  519. She stares at me with a wide, toothy grin, her canines are pretty big. Is she?
  521. We continue our game, and I manage to corner her. She continues her aggression nonetheless.
  523. “What do you want from me?” I ask.
  525. “What every girl wants. A good, strong man to make love with and to bear his children. Is that so bad?” she purrs.
  527. “Why are you so set on fucking me?! Is it all just sex with you?”
  529. “Why? Why not! You’re a fine male specimen, I’m sure your seed is plentiful and packed with virility. I wouldn’t mind a taste or two or three. Why, I’d be happy to bear your children.”
  531. “God damn it!”
  533. “Just what can God possibly add to this situation? Riddle me that, Markus.”
  535. I bite my tongue. I put her in check, she doesn’t castle to avoid me. Instead she moves her queen to block access to the king. She chose to delay his death instead of prevent it. Why?
  537. “Why didn’t you castle?” I ask.
  539. “If I’m going to die, I’m not going to die in a box away from the one I love.” She says. I detect a hint of red on her cheeks.
  541. “Speaking of boxes, have you ever heard of Schroedinger’s Cat?” She asks.
  543. “If I recall, it’s a paradox where a cat has been placed in a sealed box. Inside the box is an air filter, the purpose of the filter is to remove the carbon dioxide in the air. If it malfunctions, the cat will suffocate and die. Because there is no way to see if the cat is alive from outside the box, the cat is in a state of being alive and dead at the same time. Something like that.”
  545. “Correct.” She says and pulls out a mint. She hands me the mint. “You get a gold star, Markus.”
  547. I sit there, annoyed at her mockery.
  549. She continues, “So in order to find out if the cat is alive, you have to take a risk. By opening the box, you are forcing destiny’s hand. You could always just leave the cat in the box and continue with your life assuming the cat is alive and well or that it’s dead, but you will never really know unless you open the box.”
  551. “So where the hell are you going with this?” I ask.
  553. She smiles. I take her queen.
  555. “Check.” I say.
  557. She smiles wider, and pushes her pawn into the end zone.
  559. “Queen me, bitch.” she says.
  561. I laugh, give her her queen and take it with my Bishop.
  563. “Really?!” I shout and stand up from my seat. I mimic her, “‘Queen me, bitch’ is that it?! You write a whole es-”
  565. She slides her rook into my Bishop.
  567. “Mate.”
  569. I slump down in my seat. I look down at my king in his castle of pawns, no doubt shivering with anticipation at the thought of being torn limb from limb by a large, somehow mobile albeit only in straight lines, stone tower.
  571. Fuck.
  573. “We all have those moments where somebody opens the box to see if we’re still alive. The longer you stay in the box the more likely your lucky streak will end and you’ll end up dead. So why are you so intent on staying in your box, Markus?”
  575. “Who are you and what do you want from me?” I ask.
  577. She stands up and leans over the table, she puts her hands on my shoulders and gets up close and personal. Just when I think she’s about to kiss me. She whispers into my ear.
  579. “I’m a pissed off cat who's ready to scratch the motherfucker that put me in the box. Want to help me sharpen my claws?”
  581. She blows air into my ear. We look each other in the eye and for a brief moment I feel as if our minds are telepathically connected. She places her hands around my cheeks. Still smiling that obnoxious grin of hers, she guides our lips together.
  583. I feel my eyes start to tingle.
  585. My Apartment, 21:07
  587. We barely manage to get to my apartment before my eyes start to itch. I unlock the door to my apartment and we stumble inside. I close the door and she pounces on me. She’s breathing heavily. Her grin is as wide as it could possibly get.
  589. “Hold on, Catherine, wait a minute. Let's talk about this first!” I plead.
  591. “Before all our secrets can be made clear, we must first shed our masks and bare our skin, only then can the fun begin!’
  593. She leans in for another kiss.
  595. “Catherine wait, just please not in the entranceway.”
  597. She pouts, but gets off me. I stand up.
  599. “My bedroom is this way.” I say and she jumps on my back. I end up carrying her piggyback. Her breasts push up against my back.
  601. “Lead the way, sensei.” she says.
  603. I open the door to my room and set Catherine on the bed. I run over to my window, shut it, and draw the blinds.
  605. I turn my attention to Catherine. She sits on the bed quietly observing me.
  607. “Would you like me to shower first?” she asks, “Or would you prefer my natural scent?”
  609. “I don’t mind waiting.” I say.
  611. “Alright then.” She stands up and saunters off to the bathroom.
  613. Once I hear the water start, I catch my breath.
  615. I’m excited, but scared at the same time. I take out my contacts as they’re pretty much useless at this point. My eyes will return to normal any second now. I’ve never shown anyone else my true eyes, but I guess someone was bound to see them eventually. I undress. I look down at my bed. I’d opted for a queen size mattress for the space, but seeing as I’m 6’2”, there might not be enough space for her. My eyes finally change back to black with a final swarm of itchiness. I rub my eyes a bit to alleviate it.
  617. I hear a knock on the door.
  619. “Close your eyes, please.” She says.
  621. “Why?” I ask.
  623. “Could you just please do it.” She pleads.
  625. “Fine,” I tell her, wondering how she’s going to fuck with me this time.
  627. “And no peeking.”
  629. “I won’t.”
  631. For a few long moments she stands behind the door, hesitation, nervousness, some kind of prank? Then comes the snap, I keep my eyes shut. I can hear breathing in front of me. Soft footsteps fall in time with my heartbeats. Something gently traces the tattoo on my left arm. I feel some kind of velvety rope brushes against my thigh. A soft, fleshy pad rubs the small of my back accompanied by something hard and sharp tenderly poking my white flesh. My heart beats faster with anticipation.
  633. What kind of game is she playing? What’s going on? Why won’t my heart slow down?
  635. My manhood swells with excitement. I’m tempted to open my eyes. I feel her hot breath on my face.
  637. “You really are a fine male specimen.” She whispers.
  639. My heart feels ready to burst from my chest. Something furry wraps around my sides. Many sharp points nuzzle my back. She presses into me, her bare breasts are warm and soft. She pokes her nose into my chest. She sniffs me, taking in my scent. I can barely control my breathing. I want to take her and force her to the ground, but I steel my nerves. She presses her lips to mine, and we share a long kiss. When at last she pulls away she tells me to open my eyes.
  641. I look at her, completely naked for me alone to enjoy.
  643. Atop her head are two pointed ears, the right one has a small chunk missing. Her raven black hair becomes a senseless maze of violet and shadow. It spills down her back like a waterfall. Her blue eyes are now purple. Her mouth is curved into a smaller smile but still puffs up her cheeks. Her arms are cloaked in violet fur up a little past her elbows with slashes of black mixed in. Her small hands have been replaced with large paws that end with large, retractable claws. On each paw is a soft set of pads. Her thighs retain their luscious shape, only they’re covered with violet and black fur as you travel farther down, ending with two furry and taloned feet. Her large breasts hang out proudly. Swaying behind her is a tail with violet and black rings alternating. Across her flesh are various scars. A large “X” across the left side of her chest standing out the most.  I spot a tattoo on her left arm, a series of numbers that have been crossed out by a scar.
  645. “Do you like what you see?” She purrs, her eyes betraying her nervousness.
  647. “Yes, you’re very beautiful.” I say.
  649. Her cheeks get just a bit red.
  651. “You have beautiful eyes, Markus, it’s a shame you hide them.”
  653. I get closer to her, “And it’s a shame you hide your beautiful self like this.”
  655. “Then let me show you the rest of me.” She purrs.
  657. I wrap my hands around her and she clutches my shoulders. Our lips lock together, giving way to our curiosity. She worms her tongue against mine. I hold her closer, and she digs her claws into my skin just a hair. We stand there locked in one another's embrace, I can feel a light vibration in her chest. She’s purring. We separate for a short instance only to bring our tongues together once more. Our self-control makes itself scarce. When we separate again to catch our breaths, she looks me in the eyes. My manhood nuzzles her affectionately.
  659. “It seems you’re a bit more forward than I gave you credit.” She purrs.
  661. She traces her talon down my chest and to my crotch. She takes my manhood into her soft, fleshy paws and begins to stroke it. Her delicate touch sends shivers through my body. She kneels down, and sniffs me. Her eyes go wide and a grin sweeps its way across her face.
  663. “Such a manly scent.” She purrs, “I’ve heard a man’s pride often smells irresistible, but I’d never expected it to be so intoxicating.”
  665. “Wait,” I say, “Is this your first time?”
  667. “Yes, it is indeed. So I may be a bit clumsy, but you’ll forgive me won’t you?”
  669. I breath a sigh of relief, “At least I don’t have to worry about underperforming.”
  671. Her grin gets wider, her fangs are pretty sharp looking.
  673. “I didn’t realize you were a virgin, Markus. If that's the case,” she looks me dead in the eyes. Her gaze betrays her predatory instincts. In her eyes, I’m a piece of meat. “Let's make our first time one neither of us will forget.”
  675. I feel fear, but somehow my cock gets even harder.
  677. “Eager to begin are we? Fine.”
  679. She runs her tongue across the tip of my penis and down the shaft. She runs her tongue all the way to my base, leaving a glistening trail of her saliva the entire length of my manhood. She returns to the tip and goes down my length again. She goes back again and again, teasing me lightly. Her tongue feels rough yet smooth against my stiff member. Once she’s left a nice coat, she licks the tip exclusively. She forces the tip of her tongue into the small opening and it makes me quiver. Satisfied with the result she pops the tip into her mouth. Her teeth just barely brush me. She licks me, the vibrations from her purring slowly driving me crazy. I run my right hand through her hair, nudging her soft, fuzzy ears. She tries to take me deeper but struggles. She settles instead for bobbing her head up and down what she can manage.
  681. I hold on to her with both hands, the unbearable pleasure forcing me over the edge.
  683. “I can’t take much more, I’m gonna!”
  685. Her eyes dart up to my face and I buck my hips, shooting my seed into her throat. She pulls away coughing, my  alabaster seed drips from her mouth and spills onto her supple breasts. She looks down at her paws, panting heavily.
  687. “It smells so good~!” she grins and licks her paws clean. Once she cleans her paws off she runs her tongue against my manhood and licks it clean. She swallows every last drop she can. My manhood stands at attention demanding more.
  689. “Catherine,”  I say and she gives me her attention, “Lay down for me.”
  691. She lays on her back, and I kneel down next to her. I spread her legs and get a closer look. Her soft, pink, drooling womanhood sits nestled in between her glistening inner thighs. A trail of her juices flows freely. I stick a finger in and it's burning hot in there. She purrs softly, as I tease her. Her warm walls suck my finger in deeper. I pull out and stick two fingers inside her. I push against her walls and she lets out a soft moan. I head deeper in and hit a thin fleshy wall.
  693. She really is a virgin. My manhood throbs at the thought of tearing it apart. I retract my fingers and stick my head between her thighs. I trace my tongue along her slit, tasting her juices. She moans a bit louder this time. I push my tongue inside and she arches her back.
  695. “Yeees~” she mewls.
  697. I explore her depths with my tongue, and she grabs me by my hair and holds on for dear life. Her tail wraps around my neck. Her aroma entices me, urging me onward, ever deeper. She grips my head tightly with her thighs. I exit her, and travel upwards to her clit. She yips as I run my tongue along her fleshy stub. I suckle it and she squirms under me. I return to her slit, aggressively licking the opening and dashing in and out. She clenches my head with her thighs tightly. Her claws dig into the flesh atop my head as she climaxes, spraying me with her love juices.
  699. “Aaaaaraaaaaaah!~” she shrieks.
  701. She collapses panting heavily. I lap up her juices.
  703. She whispers something inaudible.
  705. “What?” I ask.
  707. “I want more.” She mutters.
  709. I get up and pick her up from the floor. I carry her to the bed. She pulls me down and straddles me. Her grin gets unnervingly wide.
  711. “I’ve been waiting for this, for so long.” She purrs, putting up the front of confidence.
  713. She grabs my manhood and pushes it against her slit. She struggles to get it inside for a moment, unused to the procedure. Her face goes flush with embarrassment.
  715. “Would you like some help?” I offer.
  717. She shakes her head and continues to force my manhood against her. Eventually, it goes in. She gasps as her walls stretch to accommodate me. It feels like I’ve been forced into a vice grip, her tight walls sucking me in. She slowly slides down onto me, ignoring her own pain. I feel my manhood hit something fleshy. Her hymen. Confused, she tries to force it down further. I grab her by the waist and try to help.
  719. As I tear through her, her eyes go wide. She screams in pain. Tears run down her cheeks. Blood trickles down my manhood.
  721. “Are you okay?” I ask.
  723. She nods.
  725. “Do you wanna stop?” I ask trying to get up.
  727. She forces me back down with her paw against her chest.
  729. “I can keep going.” She says.
  731. Despite her pain she takes me to the hilt, and only then does she rest. I feel guilty knowing she’s getting the raw end of the deal. I run my hand against her cheek in an effort to comfort her. She rubs against my open palm. After a moment she insists she’s okay. She presses her paws against my chest to support her self and slowly raises her hindquarters. The feeling as she ascends is heavenly.
  733. She comes back down and winces lightly. I wonder how much pain she’s in. She bops up and down on top of me while I carress her rear end. We go on and on, her gasps turn into moans. We lock hands together and drown in our own little world. Her tail wraps around my thigh and she guides my hands to her breasts. They feel soft to the touch unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I pump my manhood against her and with every thrust comes a wet smack. Catherine’s mewling urging me onward, I thrust into her as hard as I can. The pleasure building. She squeezes me tightly, her soft walls milking me dry.
  735. I buck my hips and flood her womb with my pearly semen. She arches her back as she climaxes on top of me and her eyes roll back into her skull. She clenches her teeth, her lips curled into a massive grin. She collapses on top of me panting heavily and shivering from her orgasm.
  737. She lays down beside me still shuddering. I wrap my arm around her and she nuzzles my neck. She sinks her fangs into my shoulder.
  739. “Ah, what the hell is that for?” I demand.
  741. She smiles mischievously, “I’m marking you. Gotta make sure all the other girls known you’re mine.”
  743. “Well that really hurt. Could you not?”
  745. She frowns, “I hope you’re not thinking of just tossing me to the side now that you’ve had your way with me. You dirty boy~”
  747. I look away from her innocent gaze.
  749. “Of course not, I..”
  751. “I can’t have you going around sleeping with all the other young girls in skirts. Like that Morgan girl you keep having dirty thoughts about.”
  753. “How do you know about her?” I ask.
  755. She sinks her teeth into my shoulder again.
  757. “Damn it, knock it off!” I bark.
  759. “No can do.” She purrs.
  761. I bite into her shoulder in revenge and she moans softly.
  763. “Yes~ Make me yours~”
  765. I pull away and she gives me her usual shit-eating grin. She pounces on me and bites into my shoulder yet again.
  767. “Fuck!”
  769. I grab her by her shoulders and force her onto the bed. I get on top. This damn girl and her stupid smug face.
  771. “Let see how smug you are when I’m done with you!”
  773. We make love long into the night.
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