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  1. i hate his name. it's really stupid, /who/ names their kid 'ricky'? in this day and age, there should be a rule for names like these, something to help them move along and simply vanish from people's possible name options. no more 'bob's or 'albert's or 'dick's or 'edna's, and definitely no more 'ricky's. aside from that, he is lovely. he's quieter than most and enjoys to keep to himself and listen to his vast collection of music while drawing, drawing, drawing. he's taller than me because who isn't and he has a swooping jawline and a handsome face and hair that i'm allowed to muss whenever i please. i buy him coffee every morning and when the steam fogs up his glasses he gets this funny little smile on his face and makes a small 'oh' noise. he wears a green jacket most of the time and on cold days when i shiver, he wordlessly hands it over to me and we walk to class together and i return it once first period ends. he lets me sit in his lap and sleep when we meet early in the band hall and because sometimes i can't manage to keep my eyelids from sticking to each other, and he only wakes me when the bell for school to start rings or if he needs to stand and walk around for a second because his legs have fallen asleep under my weight. he talks quietly and most times i have to lean in very close to hear what he's saying, like everything that passes his lips is a secret. his smile makes up for his lack of words when we sit together in the mornings to do our biology homework together, but instead we are drawing, drawing, drawing.
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