Chapter 1 - Labbadon

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  1. It was the first hours of The Day of All Demons, and the usual routine started at the 9th Heaven Skyscraper. One man awoke inside the smallest flat of it, one wasn’t much to a 300 meters building, but one was as many as the 9th Heaven ever saw these days, take everything that had happen.
  3. It was still dark and the light would take a few hours to pierce the blackness of the night and the gray of the skies. Black opened his eyes with the determination reserved only to the machine. He just stared at the ceiling, motionless, neither anxious to move nor struggling to get away from the warm of the bed, indifferent to his own surroundings.
  5. Gazing the grey ceiling above with his unfocused black eyes, he pondered, as usual, the pros and cons to just stay in the bed forever as a wave of tiredness washed his body the more he thought what he had in front of him on this day. When he blinked his eyes, there was also a special day in the story he had just read yesterday.
  7. “Day of the Awakening…” - he said each of the words slowly as the fragments of the story pieced on his head - “In  the dark bowels of the earth, with only the dark and gray as his company, Labaddon The Promise awoke and found himself alone like never before. His father army was not there anymore to protect his sleep, nor was his friends and teachers be able to offer their skills and without his tools of iron, he must rely on his will and wittis to free himself.”
  9. When the ceiling started to look darker, he moved his eyes around his room. He saw himself in midst of a maze of small boxes of tools, partially opened gadgets and dangerous piled half read books that he called bedroom and he could help but think that looked a little cavernous even so far high in the sky.
  11. It would be the blaring annoying shrill of the alarm clock that interrupted that line of thought. As the dark room was died in the blood red, as holographic clock showed up to the only clean wall a impossible day and number "DEU-28:29"
  13. He sighed heavily and got up, time awaited no one and even if the number is showing is always wrong, it only activated when is time to get up to leave. But the light, at the other end of the spectrum, made him remember the remaining of the story.
  15. “...because the gods are jealous of Labaddon gifts, they throw him at the darkest corner of the earth, where they hide the ones they hated and feared. When Labaddon saw the blue light washing over him, he trembled and for the first time in his life he felt anxious. The blue light was the symbol of the dead, cruel and evil they feed on warm blood of the living and rejoiced in their destruction.”
  17. With ease he navigate his way through of the chaotic forest of things that he called his bedroom. The alarm blared exactly a dozen times before disappearing and taking the light with it, for a broken alarm it was always on time. As he moved away from the His flat, he followed the parallels black stripes that run through the whole apartament, until he found a black tablet where the strip converge into. He just hovered his hand over the tablet and the whole kitchen light up as the black strips started to glow in a soft white.
  19. --------------
  20. By this point he already half dressed in his cheap black suit, as checked his spotless white kitchen, it would be the out of place black refrigerator that he moved toward. It wasn't like his utilitarian grey, stove beside it, nor was cheap looking as the plastic chair on the corner. It towered over the remains kitchen supplies, taking a good deal of what left of free space on the kitchen to itself. The blue stripes run around it,shined bright showing it heritage as a true Cryeng product.
  22. But he noticed a problem, the refrigerator had no handle to open it, nor any open for the matter. It was close to a block of black metal than a refrigerator. As he grouped around trying to find any place he could communicate with the machine, a sweet as honey voice echoed in the room.
  24. "failure to link with user DeepDive System..."
  26. "Reconnecting..."
  28. "failure to link with user DeepDive System..."
  30. "Reconnecting..."
  32. the voice would repeat itself a handful of times, while the man would grow in increase desperation trying to find any nook of crane to open the damned refrigerator, but it was of no use and as he started to shake the machine for a answer, it changed it tone to a more business like tone and lost it pleasant tone.
  34. "Impossible to reconnect the user with Liminoid Space through the DeepDive System, downgrade connection to Navigator System..."
  36. "Failure to link with Navigator System..."
  38. "Reconnecting..."
  40. "Failure to link with Navigator System..."
  42. This time he left in a hurry to his room and started to look around for something, increasing the mess as he didn't care to drop and bump to one of many items he hides in his room, until he come back to the kitchen with a breathing mask and a ski like google.
  44. The voice of the refrigerator had stopped for a moment and he hold his breath, but now the voice didn't even sounded much human as a badly synthesized human voice read the words monotone.
  46. "Impossibility to connect to Navigator System, please check if all firewalls and connections are open for the Refrigerator Cryend 3.0 entrance, or call a DOVE Repair for help. Final 3 Check with Radial system, remember that radial system use outdated voice commands recognition, please refrain from try to communicate with your Refrigerator Cryend 3.0 with any neurallinks, for it will not be able to register it .”
  48. "Connecting now with Radial System... please wait.."
  50. The man face contorted with each word it spoke, but his hand never stopped working on the on the holographic display from the ski google. His hand hand moved quickly through pages of system prompts and connections inputs.
  52. "Connection failed... please wait..."
  54. However he couldn't seen to find the signal of the refrigerator, he stopped for a moment and brought his right hand to his temple closer to his eyes and thought. The ski goggle part of the radial system, it purpose was far simpler, he felt foolish thinking that it could do something with it. When he struck to him, he didn't need a real Radial System, he just need to send a Radial System Signal to the Refrigerator, if he can fake the signal is emitting right now…
  56. The time however don't wait for nobody, the refrigerator continued.
  58. "Connection failed... would you wish to continue?"
  59. The man for the first time took his eyes from the google and looked at the refrigerator, as if some kind of doomsday device and stammered, in a hoarse voice:
  61. "y-yes... - he felt his voice was almost alien to himself but he couldn't care less at the moment and increase in volume - "Yes, YES! YOUR DUMB ASS MACHINE, YES!"
  63. "Failure to understand voice command, please use your Linex Parrot to help you speak with the machine."
  65. The man almost burst into flames of anger and his fingers worked twice as hard, but maybe not twice as efficient. Curses from all kinds escaped his mouth, but the Refrigerator was still unable to understand a world he said and instead answered.
  67. "The absence of voice command... running last connection check, your Refrigerator 3.0 will be locked until the user can resolve your problem."
  69. "Linking on Radial System..."
  71. "5"
  73. The man was fingers was over the screen of the specific of his frequency signal, that now was still the original non-radial signal. And instead of typing the coordinated, he opted for a visual graphic of the signal and let the computer handle the rest.
  75. "4"
  77. The screen blacked and all the information disappeared, instead what was in front of him was a clean graph page. Now he just need to draw the visual representation of the complex mathematical equations.
  79. "3"
  81. His hand wasn't the most steady, in fact was difficult to keep holding both the ski goggle and the draw on it, but closed and opened his hand quick to get some more blood on it.
  83. "2"
  85. He remembered clearly as day the image, it could be forgetful to other but for him, he would never forget that shape.
  87. "1"
  89. His finger moved to draw spiked crown.
  91. "0"
  93. but he failed, at halfway point he just stopped, defeated.
  95. "Final Connection a Failure. Now entering lockdown mode, please send a neuralink to the nearest "Dove Repair" or "Cryend Lounge". Thx for your purchase, have a good day."
  97. He couldn’t stop his frustation and lashed out his hand into the air, but he endup hitting the tablet and the from one of the black line a bigger screen was projected into the air, there was only static on it. He took a glance at the black tablet and he remember what was that thing.
  99. “TV- No Signal”
  101. He sighed again and felt that it wouldn’t be the last time he would sigh like this today, he wasn’t looking forward to the remain of it .
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