212 Love Hunter

Dec 23rd, 2014
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  1. //break for a while
  3. Love Hunter
  5. "Kunu! Nuo! Angels! Stop!" (Motoyasu)
  7. Ye-ah...looks like those followers are attacking Motoyasu to seal him. It'd be good if Motoyasu were sealed, but can these three do it? Two of them can hold him down, but there's still Firo. It's definitely my loss if this fails.
  9. Not to mention Motoyasu is concentrating on the fight and moving around. It's hard to target him. It'd probably be best to take a chance against Motoyasu, but I'm not confident I can add magic power well from out of range. I think it's something like stretching just the added magic power, but without practice, I probably won't be able to do it even if it can be done.
  11. "Master...want to eat" (Firo)
  13. You're still saying that!
  15. "Firo-chan!" (Melty)
  17. Melty went protectively in front me and called out.
  19. "It's dangerous so step back!" (Naofumi)
  20. "No! I am Firo-chan's friend! I can't abandon Firo-chan who's like this!" (Melty)
  22. I'm doubting if this fellow is really Witch's little sister. The resolve to risk your own life for friendship huh...if Melty's life is in danger, I'll probably have to protect them too. If they have chosen to eliminate their friend Firo when she gets in the way, then I'll have to defend Melty and Rishia while directing attacks.
  24. "Meru...chan?" (Firo)
  26. Oh? Firo turned her face to Melty's call. Good, keep that up.
  28. "That's right! Firo-chan! Naofumi does not wish for relations with you as you are, so...don't be manipulated by that guy's power, return to normal!" (Melty)
  29. "Gu...u..." (Firo)
  31. Having heard what Melty said, Firo unsteadily approached her while trembling.
  33. "Firo-chan" (Melty)
  35. Melty reached out her hand to brush Firo's chest. I stay in the background tempering magic power and readying SP for the worst case scenario.
  37. "Now, Firo-chan. Turn...back to normal" (Melty)
  38. "..." (Firo)
  40. Did the persuasion work? Firo was quietly lowering her head to Melty. Melty was also smiling while brushing Firo's head.
  42. "--Firo, wants to eat Mel-chan too" (Firo)
  43. "Eh--" (Melty)
  45. Firo firmly gripped Melty's shoulder.
  47. "Ah, hey!?" (Melty)
  49. Then she reached towards Melty's lower clothes--
  50. It's a bit evil, but it'd be a waste to let this chance go. Apologies Melty. I'll definitely pay this debt aftwards.
  52. "Now! Shield Prison!" (Naofumi)
  53. "Wh, what are you saying!?" (Melty)
  55. Both Melty and Firo were locked in the prison made by my shield. It's okay. Firo's conscience should recognize Melty as something important like with me. Like how she says she wants to eat me, it does not look like she intends to make food out of Melty...I think.
  57. "Naofumi--wai!" (Melty)
  59. The prison was completed as Melty was being attacked by Firo. Gu...I let out all the magic power I was holding. With this, FIro should be contained for a little while....
  61. "Fuee...the princesss!" (Rishia)
  62. "We've received Melty's noble sacrifice. It's fine. Surely" (Naofumi)
  64. The worst case...let's not think about it. Let's just hope Melty is also a target of the lust-controlled Firo. It would've been dangerous if she was controlled by gluttony.
  66. "Atla, how is it?" (Naofumi)
  67. "Yes. I felt the enclosure cast by Naofumi-sama block the ominious power" (Atla)
  68. "Is that so!?" (Naofumi)
  70. That's good. In other words, Firo will return to normal while in the prison. Melty did a good job too.
  72. "The prison made by Naofumi-sama is simply wonderful. There are still a few frayed spots but, the ominous power has been obstructed" (Atla)
  73. "Ohh..." (Naofumi)
  75. It seems adding magic power to Prison somehow gets rid of its openings. I've heard something good. Female Knight destroyed it easily, but next time won't be so. Training this is vital.
  76. Next is Motoyasu and the others.
  77. I didn't notice because I was focused on Firo but, they're still quarreling. It's ok for me to help out but...what to do.
  79. "Nuoooooooooooo! I'll protect Firo-tan and father!" (Motoyasu)
  81. He says.
  83. "Angels! Stop already!" (Motoyasu)
  85. Like that, they make a very annoying racket.
  87. "Mokkun is mine--"
  88. "No, Mo-kun belongs to me--"
  89. "That's wrong. Motoyasu-san is mine--"
  90. """We won't give you to that bitch!"""
  92. Ah really. Just do that forever! They're close huh, those guys. They're all similar to Firo, but there's no ahoge.
  94. The red one will mostly use its claws but will sometimes breath flames. Filorials can breath fire? There might be a magic variety.
  95. The blue one mostly uses magic but also plucks and throws its own feathers. An attack like Feather Shot.
  96. The green one is always in human form. It looks like a human growing feathers and uses magic while wielding an axe. You could also say it has the most demihuman-like fighting method. This fellow is energetic despite appearing so docile.
  98. How should I put it, all their fighting styles differ from Firo's. Is it the filorials' individuality? I don't even want to know.
  100. And thus we're waiting for Prison to disperse, but its duration has extended probably because I added magic power. It's lasted three minutes even though it usually only lasts fifteen seconds.
  102. "Long" (Naofumi)
  103. "It sure is long" (Atla)
  104. "Fuee..." (Rishia)
  106. I don't even want to imagine what is going on inside. I wonder what will be awaiting us when this prison disappears. It's a kind of cat box. Was it Schrodinger's cat? I guess it's different. What will be going on with Firo and Melty once this prison disappears....
  108. There are many possibilities. Firo might have come to her senses just as I imprisoned her. Conversely, it might done something terrible to Firo. The possibilities are endless.
  110. Melty may have successfully persuaded Firo. Then when five minutes passed, softly...the prison disappeared.
  112. "Fuu..." (Firo)
  114. Firo was sitting there with ecstacy visible on her face. She looks like she's feeling good with her feathers ruffled.
  116. Where is Melty? I pray she has not been eaten by Firo. If I think about it, she's the princess so I'll have no choice but to flee the country if that happened. I shouldn't distrust the friendship between Firo and Melty.
  118. "Oh?" (Naofumi)
  120. Melty is also alive. Near Firo...she's lying down with the defeated pose of a fellow known for their pointless struggling. Her clothes have been removed and scattered about so I try not to look for the princess' dignity.
  122. "Melty-sama!" (Rishia)
  124. Rishia worriedly rushed over to Melty. Rishia turned Melty's face up to check for life, and a trickle of tears spilled out of Melty's half-laughing eyes. Umm, I feel like I've seen this scene somewhere. Like a light yuri manga with two girls I think.
  126. "'m really sorry. I'll definitely compensate for this" (Naofumi)
  128. I reflexively said those words afterwards. To think a conclusion of this extent was waiting...though I did imagine the possibility. How should I put it, it was only a moment but...there may have been a better way. It's okay to begrudge my powerlessness. I'm really sorry.
  130. The cat in the box was violated. What happened inside, only the cat knows. Well, I'll know if the person herself talks though. Melty probably won't say.
  132. Then Rishia picked up the clothes of the rolled up Melty.
  134. "Are you okay!" (Rishia)
  135. "Uu...I faced something terrible" (Melty)
  136. "Let's do it again♪" (Firo)
  137. "No!" (Melty)
  139. The calmed Firo leaned her head on Melty.
  141. "How's your condition?" (Naofumi)
  142. "Umm--somehow refreshed" (Firo)
  143. "Of course, since you rampaged that much" (Naofumi)
  144. "Naofumi! I'll definitely kill you after this so prepare yourself!" (Melty)
  145. "I do feel apologetic. I'll accept a suitable punishment. But, I just believed in the friendship between you and Firo" (Naofumi)
  147. I won't say anything since your relationship has gotten to that point. It seems Firo also really loves Melty so there probably isn't anyone who can separate them.
  149. "I won't be tricked even if you try to deceive me with skillful words! I absolutely, absolutely will not forgive you!" (Melty)
  150. "Well...bear with everything being the fault of me and your older sister" (Naofumi)
  151. "Muki-!" (Melty)
  152. "Mel-chan. Why are you angry?" (Firo)
  153. "U, see. Firo-chan. Umm" (Melty)
  154. "Are you angry we kissed? But you said it was okay when we did it earlier" (Firo)
  156. What did you say? These guys...they willingly developed quite an abnormal relationship when I wasn't looking. Even I am not boorish. Let's watch over them from a distance from here on. Also called by the name of fade out.
  158. "Um you see. It's not about that" (Melty)
  159. "Firo's first time was with master so it's ok" (Firo)
  161. What did you say? When was I attacked? No, impossible. I'd probably notice even if I was attacked while asleep. She's saying whatever random thing she wants.
  163. "...Firo-chan. My first kiss was taken by Firo-chan quite long ago..." (Melty)
  164. "But Mel-chan was wondering what a kiss is like" (Firo)
  165. "Second and third bases too Firo-chan...uu...I absolutely can't tell mother" (Melty)
  167. Melty talked to Firo with a flushed face. I thought it was suspicious but it's because you went that far on your own huh.
  169. Good for you Firo, your relationship with Melty has gone beyond close friends. So don't target me with your sexual urges. Resolve it with Melty.
  171. Firo's first time? Kiss? Me? Umm-...I do remember being licked with all her strength but, is it that? Ugh...if that counted then even I have been kissed huh....
  173. "Melty" (Naofumi)
  174. "What!" (Melty)
  175. "Let's not count Firo. It'll be the rule for you and I" (Naofumi)
  176. "Don't mess around!" (Melty)
  177. "I'm not really messing around" (Naofumi)
  179. I don't want it. It'll become a matter of fact if Melty doesn't mutually agree to not mind it.
  181. "That's unnessary!" (Melty)
  182. "Well? What will it be?" (Naofumi)
  183. "Uu...fine!" (Melty)
  184. "Good. Then let's move the next course of action" (Naofumi)
  186. Fumu, looking carefully the barrier on Firo has dispersed, we'll be able to run away at this rate. Motoyasu's side is...still fighting. It's a miracle no sparks have come our direction. What should be done. It seems like they'd fight forever if left alone. It won't be funny if I use a skill poorly again.
  188. "Firo" (Naofumi)
  189. "Ye-s? (Firo)
  191. I order Firo whose glaze has gotten better.
  193. "Face Motoyasu and say as I say" (Naofumi)
  194. "!" (Firo)
  196. Honestly, she's still defiant even if her reason is back.
  198. "If you don't you'll be manipulated by Motoyasu again. I won't help you this time for sure...who knows what Motoyasu will do when you don't realize--" (Naofumi)
  199. "No, no-! Master! What should I do!?" (Firo)
  200. "Say exactly as I do" (Naofumi)
  201. "What are you intending for her to say" (Melty)
  203. The unkempt Melty purified her body with magic, changed her clothes and asked.
  205. "Ah, actually--" (Naofumi)
  207. "Let's stop!" (Motoyasu)
  209. Motoyasu continues trying to persuade his followers. You are the cause. It seems your followers love you so they feel jealousy towards Firo. You probably won't listen to what I say, so I'll have the now-calm Firo settle this.
  211. "Umm-! Listen spear person-!" (Firo)
  213. Motoyasu turned towards Firo's voice. He put on a happy-looking face that made me want to punch him.
  215. "Ye-s! What is it Firo-tan!" (Motoyasu)
  216. "Um, let's see. Firo likes platonic people, I'm not considering such things until the world is truly peaceful-. Besides that um, what was it? Umm, sincere and, kind to everyone, not be sneaky, and properly follows conditions set when gambling. Also, don't just promise in appearance, reliably keep them-" (Firo)
  218. I have Firo say complaints toward Motoyasu. It'd be good if he'd improve with this....
  220. Also, things about Firo's tastes are lies. A fellow who was attacking Melty until just earlier has no persuasive power. Even this situation may be resolved immediately. You could call it the sage time in Firo talking.
  222. But Firo, you've left out one thing.
  224. "Ah! Lastly, properly listen when people are speaking-. Especially listen to master's orders no matter what. Also, don't follow Firo around until the world has truly become peaceful!" (Firo)
  226. I did not tell her to say that last part....
  227. She has wisdom at a strange place.
  229. "I, is that so!? Firo-tan!" (Motoyasu)
  231. Good good, the negotiations with Motoyasu are successful. Firo, next is just to have him change his spear.
  233. "And so-..." (Firo)
  235. Firo's eyes swam and looked toward me. She's forgotten what I told her. This bird brain.
  237. "Ah. That's right, I'll hate you if you don't change that spear to another one! That spear is especially no good-" (Firo)
  238. "S, such a thing! Understood! I, Motoyasu. Will absolutely not transform to this spear!" (Motoyasu)
  240. Motoyasu quickly changed to a different spear according to Firo's words. What an honest guy...way too readily. Or rather, this guy changed it so simply. Motoyasu's followers fell to the ground like they ran out of batteries the moment he changed his spear. Now it's gotten quiet.
  242. "Well then..." (Naofumi)
  244. I gave Firo her next message.
  246. "Umm-...Firo-, likes heroes who fight for the sake of the world--so face your sins and surrender to the Queen-" (Firo)
  247. "Understood!" (Motoyasu)
  249. He should've already returned to normal but, Motoyasu is somehow strange.
  251. "Motoyasu-" (Naofumi)
  252. "What is it, father-in-law!" (Motoyasu)
  253. "...What does this fellow look like to you?" (Naofumi)
  255. Again, I point at Melty.
  257. "A blue piglet" (Motoyasu)
  259. He hasn't returned-!
  260. But the spear is a normal one. Is it the influence of the Curse Series? Like when my sense of taste was obstructed, are his sight and hearing obstructed? Though if he's been saved by Firo then it'd be fine if he recovered. Well, that's that.
  262. "Father-in-law, I, Motoyasu vow from here on to contribute for the sake of world peace, and also to become a love hunter to capture Firo-tan's heart" (Motoyasu)
  264. He's saying nonsensical things again....
  266. "...For now, go to the castle. And never come back" (Naofumi)
  267. "Understood! Come let's go! My angels! Portal Spear!" (Motoyasu)
  269. Motoyasu's group disappeared instantly. Now it'll become quiet.
  271. "We're returning too. I'm worn out" (Naofumi)
  272. "Oh yes...Naofumi, I absolutely won't forgive you" (Melty)
  273. "I know..." (Naofumi)
  275. Melty sure is obstinate too. Well I guess it can't be helped. I do think just an apology is not enough, but doing that was my only option at that time. I'd come running without fail if Melty was truly in trouble so forgive me.
  277. With this, it's one matter settled. Right?
  279. "Naofumi-sama's ability was wonderful" (Atla)
  281. ...Atla said something random. Let's return now. Firo's estrus will probably be suppressed for recompensation.
  283. "Uu...Firo's carriage-..." (Firo)
  284. "You did it yourself" (Naofumi)
  285. "Carriage-..." (Firo)
  286. "Haa. I'll buy another one afterwards, so cheer up" (Naofumi)
  287. "Ya-y!" (Firo)
  288. "Fuee...I don't want to ride a carriage for a while..." (Rishia)
  289. "What a coincidence. Me neither" (Naofumi)
  291. Well, with that, we returned to the village in the same day. I think today is the most worn-out I've felt since I came to this world.
  293. Somehow the sunlight is dazzling.
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