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  1. 1) make sure your Snapchat account has a verified phone number + email on it so you don’t get locked for adding too many people
  3. 2) go to the search username section. Start by searching (for example: aa[number] and add all of those) if the account is public, then the score will appear next to the username then quickly disappear, if that happens quickly message them just saying “hey” for example.
  5. 3) keep doing this. Start by for example searching aa1 then keep going and only adding the accounts with a first and last name / bitmoji. Repeat this until Snapchat says no results for any usernames then come back in 1-2 hours
  7. 4) when someone messages you back, simply say something like “hello, I’d like to buy your Snapchat username. I am offering $1,000.”
  9. 5) long story short when the deal is being made agree to whatever payment app they want because obviously you aren’t paying any amount of money.
  11. 6) when it comes time to seal the deal they will ask if you are sending the money first. Always say yes. This will make them trust you.
  13. 7) ask for the payment info. And say something along the lines of “here’s how I usually do the deals for these usernames: add my email to the account > I send the payment > you send me the Snapchat password.”
  15. 8) secure the account. But be careful because Snapchat has started locking accounts. It’s recommended to just change the password and no other info and deactivate the account for 1-2 days then come back and secure it
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