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  1. >Ayumu already started drawing Nene's doujin all by himself at the start of volume 7.
  2. >2 months have passed since Chris got back her powers.
  4. >At this point Ayumu already know's Chris' habit of going to horse racing and drinking at roadside stores, and also her weakness, but he hasn't made his move.
  6. >Vampire ninja head wants Ayumu to find a solution to the Chris problem, he's afraid that Chris' presence might draw the Queen of Virile over, which means everyone's fucked.
  7. >Lilia the Queen can destroy entire continents with her spells.
  8. >He tells Ayumu that he met Eu in this world, and formed the vampire ninja corps at that time.
  9. >Saras already subdued both sides of the vampire ninja corps, and the leader dispatched a 100 of them to take out Chris. They lost, so leader now encourages Ayumu to convince Nene to fight. (At no point in time did Ayumu want Nene to fight Chris, he's there just to learn tips from Nene.)
  10. >Ayumu then wants the leader to treat him to some coffee milk. Yes, THAT coffee milk.
  11. >After that the leader vomitted blood and had to lie in the infirmary.
  12. >Saras came to submit a report to the leader, but finds Ayumu instead. She demands Ayumu's coffee milk in the middle of the conversation.
  13. >Saras doesn't mind the indirect kiss with Ayumu and she continues to flirt with Ayumu.
  14. >After Ayumu told her about Nene's doujin and how it might never make the dateline for Comiket, Saras scolds Ayumu and tells him that she'll never allow this to happen. She goes to Nene's house with Ayumu and is his first helper.
  15. >Nene does that "did you cut your hair" conversation starter in the novel as well.
  16. >Underson-kun did tell Ayumu where Nene lives, but it's only mentioned in Ayumu's conversation with Nene.
  19. >At this point you should be wondering what happened to the concert Saras was supposed to have, that happened back in volume 5 during the party with Kyouko. Ayumu had to split his time between the vampire ninja gathering/concert and Underson-kun's class gathering with Kyouko.
  21. >Just so you know Nene is described as being messy and she drools in her sleep in the novels.
  23. >Saras gets a little jelly after seeing Nene, but she immediately changes her tone after recognizing Nene-sensei's doujins.
  24. >Saras wonders why Nene wanted to do this doujin knowing that she might not make the dateline, but Nene says she recently saw an old friend (Eu) and decided to start this doujin instead.
  25. >Some nitpicking of manga drawing technique here by Saras, and Nene deflected those questions.
  26. >Instead of getting angry, Saras feels proud to have participated in Nene's work.
  27. >Saras started showing Ayumu her skills at drawing, and asks if Ayumu has fallen for her. She said that line a couple of times in the anime too.
  28. >More Neneboobs + Ayumu interaction, with Saras being jelly.
  29. >Nene tells Saras that she likes guys that have a pervert side to them when Saras questions her.
  30. >Saras then does some self evaluation of her relationship with Ayumu and about how Nene, the strongest Megalo, sees the world. She concludes that she's being silly getting angry at Ayumu being a pervert, when Nene the supposedly victim didn't care.
  31. >She thens says she'll not easily forgive Ayumu and wants Ayumu to only look at her, while blushing furiously.
  32. >Saras and Ayumu then started teasing each other.
  35. >Door opens, and Chris enters. She was supposed to come in a day ago, but didn't want to miss a show.
  36. >"It's been a while, onii-chan. I thought I've already killed you, turns out that you're still alive."
  37. >Ayumu enters battle mode, but Saras stops him. Though Saras was badly beaten up by Chris a while ago, she didn't display any aggression, that convinced Ayumu to hold back.
  38. >Nene invited Chris over so Ayumu can settle their differences, Ayumu says it's impossible since Chris is out to murder him, but Nene tells him that his actions are no better than Chris.
  39. >Ayumu asks Nene about her relationship with Chris, both of them replied that they're archenemies, but that only applies to a 100 years ago. (Chris casually walks in and sat beside Ayumu, she's doing it on purpose.)
  40. >Chris says she met Nene on earth while she was in a daze, and Nene was shocked at her middle aged guy appearance.
  41. >Chris then tells Ayumu that she knows how to separate business from leisure, so she doesn't treat Nene as an enemy, and frequently comes over to drink. It's also due to Nene's ability that she could turn back into a little girl after getting drunk.
  42. >Chris offers Ayumu a drink then tells him that he's still underaged. Stuff from the anime here.
  43. >Nene walks into the kitchen to fetch some liquor, but still manages to see through and stop Ayumu who was about to launch an attack.
  44. >Saras, still showing patience, asks if both sides could come to a compromise and if Chris could lay low.
  45. >Chris thinks that she's being quiet enough, but after Saras mentions that Lilia might come to earth, both Chris and Nene tensed up.
  46. >But Chris thinks nothing of it and sticks out her tongue to taunt Ayumu. She doesn't care if Haruna dies to a Megalo since Haruna has no means of fighting.
  47. >Ayumu gets angry at that remark but Saras stops him again. He's impressed by Saras who shows that she's indeed a leader.
  48. >Ayumu knows if he could defeat Chris then he has no need for Nene's help, but he couldn't stomach what Chris said.
  49. >Chris' terms are simple, she doesn't want to turn back into a middle aged man, wants to live as she pleases and doesn't want anyone to stand in her way.
  50. >Doesn't want to turn back into a middle aged man = Not giving back Haruna's magic powers.
  51. >Wants to live as she pleases = She wants to cause trouble.
  52. >Then Chris says she found something interesting and sticks out her tongue when Ayumu questions her.
  53. >She says it's something very grand and it'll go out with a bang.
  54. >Ayumu knows it's not fireworks when a Masou Shoujo is involved.
  55. >Chris then leaves to catch a TV show, Saras leaves for work as well. She tells Ayumu that she won't attack Chris.
  56. >Nene asks Ayumu if defeat Chris is the only solution, then Ayumu mentions that it's the only way he knows, like that time with the King of Night.
  59. Backstory time
  62. >Nene doesn't know who the King of Night is, Ayumu tells him it's another zombie.
  63. >"A zombie you say... Oh, that guy became a king?"
  64. >Nene tells Ayumu how King of Night has always wanted to be a king, and there were 7 of them in the 7th Abyss. Nene, Eu, the current (idiot) king of the underworld, 2 guys who made the Megalo system, and then the King of Night.
  65. >Ayumu asks about the last person, and Nene says with sadness and loneliness that the person is dead. Ayumu noticed that Nene showed a myriad of negative emotions in that instant.
  66. >Then Nene tells Ayumu that the last person was killed by KoN, though she doubt that KoN was strong enough.
  67. >Nene falls asleep.
  68. >After Ayumu wakes her up, she says that one of the 7th Abyss member became a king, and KoN threw a tantrum over that, it got so bad that he decided to commit sucide. Nene says that she heard it at a gathering when KoN had too much to drink.
  69. >KoN lost his hopes and dreams, wanted to die but could not.
  70. >He became worse after that.
  71. >Ayumu says that KoN wanted Eu to kill him, that's why he commited the murder in the first place.
  72. >Nene never knew why KoN did that, and realizes that he was taunting Eu.
  73. >Eu respected that guy a lot, he was like a leader in the team, and 7th Abyss dissolved after his death. Eu and Nene left the underworld after that event.
  74. >After that Nene and Ayumu started working on the doujin again, and Ayumu gleefully agrees to stay overnight.
  75. >Ayumu phones home to get someone to deliver his stuff over, unlike the anime, but Haruna was the one who picks up the phone.
  76. >Same conversation with Haruna in the anime.
  77. >Nene teases Ayumu about what he said to Haruna.
  78. >3 hours later at midnight and Haruna still hasn't dropped by, then Nene decides to take a shower.
  79. >She asks if Ayumu wants to peek on her.
  80. >Same event of titty monster sleeping on Ayumu while Haruna's at the door.
  81. >After a while all 3 of Ayumu's housemates drops by, and they brought stuff to stay overnight.
  82. >Sera is angry at Ayumu, Eu was accompanying them and Haruna is out for blood.
  83. >Nene spots Eu and asks if she cut her hair, then falls asleep.
  84. >Sera and Haruna starts insulting Ayumu, yeah just like in the anime.
  86. >After clearing the misunderstands, Nene assigned each of them work.
  87. >Seeing that Sera couldn't draw or cook, he asks her to clean up the room. Sera opens a cupboard and lots of pillows cascade down.
  88. >Nene tells everyone that her pillows spoil easily, so she hordes them.
  89. >Eu notices that the doujin is about 7th Abyss, anime stuff happens here.
  90. >After a while Ayumu notices that Haruna was doing her own stuff in her corner, Eu was dozing off, Nene was sleeping and Sera was no where to be seen.
  91. >He spots Sera in the kitchen and wakes Eu up. Eu tells Ayumu that it's gonna be a dead end.
  92. >Sera and Ayumu makes some small talk and Sera says that it's her job to defeat Chris so she wishes to help Ayumu in any ways she could, even if she doesn't help out directly. She believes that Ayumu would be able to defeat Chris.
  93. >Ayumu notes that Sera turns into a cute, pure maiden while cooking.
  94. >Over here Sera and Haruna a shit messes up just like in the anime. Nene forgives them and stuff.
  95. >Ayumu volunteers to visit all available printing stores to extend the doujin submission dateline, but he didn't succeed.
  96. >However, Sera then borrows Ayumu's cellphone and manages to extend the dateline for doujin printing, though she confessed that she didn't want to use this method. The new dateline is now Christmas Eve.
  100. 2nd Chapter
  104. >Ayumu is late for school due to all the commotion earlier. It's the 19th, and they only have 5 days left.
  105. >His housemates stayed behind to help Nene, and Haruna a shit didn't have time to make a lunchbox for Ayumu.
  106. >Orito is happy after seeing Ayumu's lunchbox, and Ayumu promises to punch Orito's face and flip his lunchbox over if he doesn't change his tone.
  107. >It turns out that Orito got a call from Sera, and Orito was the one who got the dateline extended via his contacts, which is actually Sera's (unofficial) fanclub.
  108. >Sera and Saras are tied in popularity due to the events that happened during the school festival.
  109. >Yukinori enters, she hands Ayumu a lunchbox and tells him that Haruna wanted her to make it since Haruna didn't have time.
  110. >After hearing that Ayumu got a "lovely wife bento" from Yukinori, Kirino appears. Taeko also joins the fray.
  111. >Kanami opens the lunchbox and on Orito's command, everyone started stealing from Ayumu.
  112. >Everyone who ate the contents tells Yukinori that it's a little different but it tastes like something Haruna makes.
  113. >I'm skipping the lunchbox eating event, it has everyone being moe.
  114. >Ayumu excuses himself and heads to the washroom, and meets Saras in the corridor.
  115. >She looks a little lonely, and she had a lunchbox prepared for Ayumu as well.
  116. >Saras is not okay eating with everyone, but she doesn't mind if Yukinori is around.
  117. >More moe stuff are done by the classmates, and Saras says that they're literally too bright and tells Ayumu that she can never fit in.
  118. >Ayumu takes the lunchbox from Saras, which has 15 compartments stacked on top of each other.
  119. >Saras tells Ayumu that she wanted to make something simple, but things she wants Ayumu to tastes kept popping into her head, that why she made so much.
  120. >Ayumu says zombies are creatures that gets hungry easily, so he'll eat everything.
  121. >After school Ayumu heads to Nene's, and only Eu was awake. They took turns to sleep.
  122. >Haruna a shit wakes up, sees Ayumu's face and thought she woke up in hell.
  123. >Sera wakes up too and tells Ayumu that he's disgusting.
  124. >Haruna promises to teach everyone a technique she invented so they can work faster, it looks weird but Ayumu comments that it's actually effective.
  125. >Then, Haruna's hands moved so fast that Ayumu sees a lot of them, and Haruna did not make any mistakes.
  126. >Eu tries it as well, and Sera helps to cut the halftone dot paper using Tsubame Gaeshi.
  127. >Nene does a movement similar to that of the Taichi fist, and grabs those cut by Sera and immediately pasted them on the doujin.
  128. >Ayumu asks Nene about that technique, and Nene tells him that she uses a circular motion to inject magic into the space in front of her and freezes it.
  129. >Haruna nods her head and says she understood how it's done. Ayumu ignores her.
  130. >Nene tells Ayumu that he might be able to do the same, and 3 people in the 7th Abyss were able to master it.
  131. >Ayumu mimics Nene but Haruna tells Ayumu that he's not doing it right thus his magic isn't interfering with the space around him.
  132. >Haruna started writing on the wall but Ayumu tries stops her. Apparently Nene understands Haruna a shit, and started adding to her drawing. (Omitting all the otaku references but seems like author loves Soul Nomad/Cradle. Brofist)
  133. >Both of them started saying weird shit, but concluded that it's possible for Ayumu to do it, since Haruna came up with a new theory that allows a person without magic powers to execute it.
  134. >Though you'll still need an extraordinary body to be capable of such feats. To be able to do this move, you'll need a body that can withstand a truck ramming into you with the back of your head crashing into a electric pole, and still eat pork cutlet rice like normal.
  135. >Nene holds Ayumu and goes through each step with him, but Sera stabs Ayumu. Ayumu uses this chance to try out this new move, but Sera mercilessly goes for his throat.
  136. >Suddenly, time stops for Ayumu, though Nene was unaffected.
  137. >Sera still stares at Ayumu, looks like her eyes can move.
  138. >Haruna tells Ayumu that this technique is similar to the Masou Shoujo's forcefield, without moving her lips.
  139. >She then tells Ayumu that the same can be applied to Ayumu's enemies, freezing the space around them to immobilize them.
  140. >Ayumu starts his training but fails miserably. Later he tells everyone that his schoolmates might come over to help.
  141. >With Nene asleep and without rough sketches, the crew couldn't proceed, but Haruna started drawing from her memories perfect replicas.
  142. >Everyone, including Nene, praises Haruna though Ayumu feels that Haruna still has lots of unknown abilities.
  143. >Ayumu's schoolmates joins, all wearing casual clothes, but Orito isn't around.
  144. >At this point Taeko calls Haruna as Haruna-sensei, since Haruna once taught Home Economics in a previous volume. It did not end up in slime.
  145. >Sera, Eu and Haruna leaves for home.
  146. >Kanami teases Ayumu about Nene, but Ayumu tells her that Nene is Underson-kun's acquaintance. Kanami then teases Yukinori about "losing grasp on Ayumu" and how Yukinori's only weapon, her breasts, lost to Nene's.
  147. >They started to work and Ayumu notices that Eu is still around, Sera and Haruna went to get dinner.
  148. >Eu stayed because she wanted to speed up the doujin, while Kanami and Yukinori started playing Sega Saturn.
  149. >Nene joins in and played with them. Taeko apologizes for waking Nene, and Nene tells Taeko that she's gentle person and weird guys would fall for her.
  150. >Taeko learns how to work form Nene, though she's not as fast as others.
  151. >Yukinori and Kanami got too excited and started shouting.
  152. >After a while Taeko started crying, she feels that the doujin was too sad.
  154. Backstory time.
  156. >Ayumu didn't notice the content of the doujin because he was too engaged.
  157. >Doujin tells of a simple village girl who's village was drawn into a war, and she had to take up arms to fight.
  158. >During the war, her special powers awakened and she became unable to speak.
  159. >The story tells of such a girl and her quest with her companions to get back her voice.
  160. >Nene said before that this story was based on Eu, so it's probably true. <- Ayumu's thoughts
  161. >Whenever the girl spoke, people on her side started fearing her and bullying her, but she still fought for them. She was even captured by other kings of the underworld that wanted her powers.
  162. >The portion Taeko's working on happens to cover that part of the story.
  163. >But, every single time the girl's companions would come for her. Everyone worked together and solved the problem. The Eu in the story never lost her smile even once.
  164. >Even though there were sad and painful memories, the girl managed to find a way to seal her powers, and she and her companions peacefully lived out their lives in the village the girl was born in.
  165. >This is the happy ending that Nene drew for Eu.
  166. >Everyone's lives turned back to normal, nothing is better than that.
  167. >Ayumu wonders what kind of end would be a happy end for him.
  168. >Taeko says that the story is fantasy but it felt real at the same time, and she feels touched by it.
  169. >Nene gets embarrassed about Taeko's feelings, so she fell asleep instead.
  170. >Taeko tells everyone that they need to lead the characters in the doujin to their happy ends as soon as possible.
  171. >She gets Kanami and Yukinori to stop playing and start helping.
  172. >Ayumu started analyzing the girl's breasts, and they caught Ayumu doing it and started talking about breasts and was about to show them to Ayumu.
  173. >Haruna enters with a chainsaw and tells Ayumu that a Megalo appeared.
  174. >Ayumu apologizes to everyone that he has to leave, though only Yukinori realizes that he's not leaving to play. Ayumu promises to treat his schoolmates to sushi next time.
  176. Minor backstory time.
  178. >Megalos are creatures created to destroy Masou Shoujo, and came from the underworld.
  179. >Their only purpose is to kill Masou Soujo, and if they're not all routed, it's trouble for the Masou Shoujo.
  180. >Haruna came to this world to fighting them, but after getting her powers stolen by Chris she turned into a normal girl with a huge ahoge.
  181. >Megalos are extremely powerful, that's why a powerless Haruna would just be dead meat.
  182. >That Megalo spawned in a playground and was playing, Haruna decides to speak with it. She realizes that there are "good" Megalos (like Underson-kun's owl) and would not squish them all like bugs like she used to.
  183. >Ayumu ponders that if Haruna is trying to find a way to communicate with Megalo but he's only bent on killing Chris, and with that he does some self evaluation.
  184. >He regrets not making the best out of that chance Nene gave him.
  185. >Haruna approaches the Megalo and it turned out to be the type though could speak, it's a Deer Gazelle Megalo, AA Class. Ayumu is confused whether that thing is a Deer or Gazelle.
  186. >Haruna tells Ayumu that AA Class Megalo are Megalo that has defeated a Masou Shoujo once, and they're powerful enough to do it again. She affirms that this guy has killed a Masou Shoujo before, due to it's carefree attitude.
  187. >Haruna and Megalo talked a little but the Megalo likes fighting too much to come to a compromise.
  188. >He tells Haruna that he loves the feeling of Masou Shoujo begging for him to spare their lives, even though they were all high and mighty before.
  189. >Haruna bears it and asks if the Megalo would leave Masou Shoujo alone if they left him alone, but he tells Haruna that he likes it that way, he can hunt Masou Shoujo easily.
  190. >Ayumu snaps and Haruna asks him to beat the Megalo up.
  191. >Some fighting, while Ayumu gets beaten up and he concludes that the Megalo is stronger than him.
  192. >Ayumu then transforms, and the Megalo tells Ayumu that he's disgusting.
  193. >Ayumu takes down the Megalo easily, and tells Haruna that he doesn't want to transform because he doesn't like to crossdress.
  194. >While turning back, Ayumu's clothes disappear with the exception of his tight jeans.
  195. >Haruna tells Ayumu that a hentai appeared.
  196. >Ayumu tries to make sense of his disappearing magic power.
  198. >At first Eu stole Haruna's magic power.
  199. >And from Eu, Ayumu gained magic power and thus was able to transform.
  200. >What Chris stoles was the channeling of magic power between Haruna a shit and Eu.
  201. >The channel between Eu and Ayumu shouldn't be affected, but since Eu no longer has traces of Haruna's magic powers, she's not channeling that portion to Ayumu. (Remember that Eu cannot share her powers, it alters reality.)
  202. >That's why Ayumu is suffering from a lack of power, the source ran dry.
  203. >Ayumu suggests going back to Nene's but Haruna suspects that he has ulterior motives, and says that she understands that Nene's house is comfortable and Nene is a gentle person.
  204. >Haruna then makes Ayumu promise to return after his work is done, which is during Christmas Eve.
  205. >She wants Ayumu to be there when Santa Claus arrives, Ayumu finds it cute that she believed that Santa is real.
  206. >Ayumu then asks if Haruna has a wish.
  207. >Haruna still confuses Christmas with Tanabata and said that she already made a wish back then, and her wish was the same as the anime, to see snow since it never snows in Virile.
  208. >Ayumu tells her that he'll make her wish come through since he knows Santa and Santa is a zombie like him.
  209. >Haruna says that she wants an owl plushie.
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