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  1. Konstantina 'Konnie' Kulik
  3. Konstantina Kulik is the lead singer and front-woman of the prog-rock/post-punk band 'Gypsy Widow'. Frankly the band isn't much to write home about besides Meg, but Konnie definitely has 'it'. Genuine singing talent, she could go places. But, just like thousands of other New Yorkers, she was still waiting for her chance. Sure, nowadays there are hundreds of reality T.V shows that singers could go to for their 15 minutes of fame, but Konnie didn't find the avenue of kowtowing to fat music industry oligarchs very appealing. If these guys didn't want to enrich their lives by enjoy her songs? Well fuck 'em.
  5. It was coming 'home' (the couch she was currently crashing on) on night from a good but woefully underpaying support act that something strange happened. Staggering back, using her bandmates to keep upright, Konnie heard something. Kulik. "You hear that?" 'Hear wha?" Admittedly she had had a few, but just as she was about to forget it she heard another thing, she heard the voice again. Konstantina Kulik "There! There! Sumone jus' said my name!" 'Hear wha?' Konnie looked around, and before being dragged off by the band her eyes were almost drawn down to a sewer grate. At first there was nothing, but from the murky darkness something emerged. A small frog.
  7. Having got back and promptly passed out on the coach/bed, she thought that it was just the drink talking. But the very real dream she entered immediately after she fell asleep was a sign that it was something more. Konnie was standing on the edge of a putrid swamp, dressed in drab hessian. The water began to bubble as something came towards her. A creature, much bigger than the little frog, poked it's head out of the water before slowly standing up in the shallows. It was laying eyes on the horrid creature that made it come to her, an old fairy-tale her Grandma used to tell her. The thing was a Wodnik.
  9. "Konstantina Kulik." It said, in the same hoarse voice that annoyed her earlier that night. "You are the one? I always thought it was going to be your mother's mother, but… yes. You are." Konnie, either through shock or something else, couldn't talk. "You and I are not as different as you think, Kulik." It dryly chuckles, sensing her shock as the thick fog over the swamp began to gravitate towards Konnie. "It is time, Kulik. Time for you to realize your fate." The cloud starts to blanket over her feet, steadily rising up her body. Her feet fade away into the fog, before disappearing completely. Before she knew what was happening her whole body began to do the same, finally leaving nothing but the mist.
  11. Konnie woke up with a start. 'Who was that? What was that??' So pre-occupied with finding immediate answers to the strange dream, Konstantina was quite oblivious to the fact she had woken up on the roof on the adjoining building. And was decidedly less, well, solid.
  13. "What the fuck did I drink last night!?"
  15. Appearance:
  17. Konnie is a skinny girl, to the dismay of her mother, in her early twenties with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair dyed black and comes in at a tall-ish at 5' 10''. She has several floral tattoos starting at her left shoulder and winding down her left side, but no piercings.
  19. Costume wise? Why bother? Konnie just turns into mist, not much call for an outfit there. Just whatever clothes she happens to be wearing at the time, usually a band t-shirt and black jeans going by her normal wardrobe.
  21. Motivation:
  23. Konnie has never been bad, just… independent, somebody who forged their own way no matter how badly it was going. This new found power of hers has suddenly thrusted a very much newfound sense of responsibility onto her, but the unanswered nature of their origins leaves it directionless. All the stories her family kept telling her of how they used to live in post-war Poland, how badly things were after everyone who had fight in them were beaten and thrown down, must have finally worked. That and the fact she is totally freaked the fuck out, if somebody else has started a support group she wants to be there.
  25. Qualities:
  27. Expert [+4] Frontwoman 'I'm with the band. No I'm not the drummer!'
  29. Kelly Clarkson? Britney? P!nk? Crap, Konnie sings better in than that in the shower. And blows them out of the water on stage. Ain't too shabby with a guitar either. She could totally get through to, like, the top 100 on American Idol, easy. If she would ever enter something so banal and consumerist like Idol. Which she wouldn't. But some paying work wouldn't be a bad thing, right now her band are just getting a very slow trickle of gigs. But it's got to pick up soon.
  31. Good [+2] Fast on her feet 'Thank Christ they don't have a Crook!'
  33. Not only does Konnie love to show off her vocal acumen, but while performing she is a very enthusiastic dancer. In addition to her own energetic performances on stage, there has also been times where moving quickly has saved her from catching a disapproving beer bottle thrown from the crowd in the face.
  35. Good [+2] Streetsmarts 'Are you kidding? For three bucks you can get this great stuff down on 34th'
  37. While Konnie's heart was always in music, her head isn't a quite lost cause yet. She isn't going to win any nobel prizes, and kind of failed at any real sort of college eduction. But growing up in one of New York's poorer neighbourhoods, and scraping by on money from her last gig three weeks ago, has given her a more practical scholastic experience.
  39. Good [+2] Pole 'Dlaczego tak, JA robi mówią Język polski'
  41. Konnie is as American as baseball, apple pie and hot dogs, but her parents still idolize the Old Country. Her Grandma is about as American as kielbasa, and stubbornly refuses to even learn English. Her parent's tongue and Grandma's folk stories are just two of the many things Konnie had forced on her. At least she can make pierogi like no one's business.
  43. Poor [-2] Lippy 'Boo? Why don't you come up here and say that!'
  45. Konnie has a bit of an attitude problem, and while it does help her music it is less useful off-stage. A fiery temper and blunt outspokenness have gotten her in more than a little trouble that could have easily been avoided by just letting bygones be bygones. And shutting up. Talking back to an officer is never a good idea.
  47. Powers:
  49. Expert [+4] Wodnik's Chosen Body of Mist
  51. Chosen by the ancient water spirit of the Wodnik for reason beyond her knowledge, Konstantina Kulik has been gifted with amazing power. With some concentration, Konnie can 'dissolve' her body into a fine cloud of water mist. Despite her unfamiliarity with this new power and her brume form, she can still exert an impressive amount of control over herself. It all comes a bit naturally.
  53. STUNT: Average [+0] Wodnik's Wrath Blast
  55. By functionally throwing herself at something, Konnie is able to hit with a fair amount of umph. Coupled with the surprisingly sharp pain of viscous, lashing
  56. water droplets at traveling at full force, it makes an effective offensive weapon.
  58. STUNT: Average [+0] Lissome Wodnik Flight
  60. Well, more like a smooth waft than actual flying. But Konnie can travel through the air in as a cloud of mist, moving much faster than she would ever be inclined to on foot.
  62. Average [+0] Eyes of the Wodnik Super-Sense
  64. Being able to turn herself into a cloud of mist is not the only thing that Konnie had been gifted with. Though she knows little of it now, she has an ethereal connection with the primordial domain of the Wodnik. Through this she now has a slight knack for seeing that which wants to go unnoticed, the supernatural. Or at least of the fay and Gods which gave life to the foul frog. Though it is only with the Wodnik's blessing that he will emerge for Konnie to probe his vast repository of hidden knowledge.
  66. Average [+0] Wodnik's Dominion Water Control
  68. Turning your body into water vapour is one thing, but actually controlling free-flowing water? An entirely different kettle of fish. Konnie does have a degree of natural affinity when she tries to control water outside of herself, she is still very much learning the finer points of the art. Even more so than her mist form.
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