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  1. So it appears you've gone to war with me.
  2. Congradulations! That wasn't a very good idea.
  4. It seems like you've got a bit of an issue on your hands.
  5. Underneath your base is a bomb. One powerful enough to blow it all sky-high, that I can detonate with the press of a button.
  6. Now I know what you're thinking. Either I'm bluffing or you can just find it and defuse it.
  7. Problem there, is that I'm not bluffing, and the bomb can't be defused by anyone.
  9. Why can't it be defused?
  10. well:
  12. 1. It's surrounded in an unbreakable forcefield.
  13. 2. If you somehow get in the force field, it's going to automatically detonate.
  14. 3. If it runs out of power (which it shouldn't) it will automatically detonate.
  15. 4. The wireless jammer doesn't work through the shield.
  17. Be careful! If you try to disarm it you may lose your base!
  19. You may also notice some solar panels in the bomb's chunk. You'll want to make sure those are working, because they're powering the bomb. Remember: if the power goes off so does the bomb!
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