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Aug 29th, 2016
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  1. Tictacs for /zar/ in Multinational Bowl
  3. These tictacs will apply for all matches unless new instructions are given.
  5. Pre Game - Kruger, Pretorius, Joubert (the three CBs) and de la Rey (the CF) are medals. Keep them on regardless of their condition.
  6. Have the best conditioned players for every other position on - eg GK, DMF, RMF, LMF and AMFs
  9. Subbing
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. 65 minutes - subbing on new players. Do not sub off the medals and the the RMF and LMF have fighting spirit. So only sub off the DMF and AMFs.
  12. Unfortunately there are four of them so can't sub them all off. Chances are they will be gassed at this point.
  13. If any of them are Red keep them on and sub off the other three (if multiple are Reds then keep the least tired one on and sub off the others).
  14. If two players are about the same level of fitness check their replacements. If one will be replaced by a green and the other a blue sub the one that will be replaced by a Green.
  15. If it's still impossible to decide then check the score. If /zar/ are winning or its a drawn game then sub off an AMF over a DMF. If /zar/ are behind do the reverse.
  16. If its still impossible to split it doesn't really matter as long as three get subbed.
  18. Extra Time subbing - in the unlikely event that /zar/ make a playoff that reaches extra time. Sub off the 4th midfielder that didn't get subbed earlier
  20. Red Card - If it is before 65 sub off one of the AMFs for a player who can replace the carded player.
  22. Banic Tictacs
  23. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. These tictacs are to be applied if /zar/ are two or more goals down in the second half and aren't generating plenty of shots or if /zar/ are 1 goal or more down after the 75th minute and aren't generating plenty of shots.
  26. Attacking: Possession
  27. Build Up: Short Pass (should already be short pass)
  28. Attacking Area: Centre
  29. Positioning: Flexible
  30. Support Range: 6 (should already be 6)
  31. Numbers in Attack: Many
  33. Keep out of position as it is
  35. Benulties
  36. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. 1. Koos de la Rey
  38. 2. A.W.J Pretorius
  39. 3. Paul Kruger
  40. 4. Piet Joubert
  41. 5 and onwards - least gassed player to most gassed player
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