Non-self hosted - Stop SOPA

Ipstenu Jan 16th, 2012 1,089 Never
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  1. <!-- TUMBLR: Edit your HTML/Template etc. Look for the <BODY> tag. Just below that, paste this. Save. -->
  2. <!-- Add this as a text widget. -->
  3. <!-- Add it as an HTML/JavaScript gadget -->
  5. <div align="center" style="position:fixed;width:100%;height:100%;top:0;right:0;background-color:#3D0707;-moz-opacity:0.9;opacity:.90;
  6. filter:alpha(opacity=90);text-align:center;font-size:800%;font-weight:bold;padding-top:300px;z-index: 9999;">
  7. <span style="color:#fff;">Stop SOPA </span>
  8. <a style="font-size:20%;color:#fff;" href="" target="_blank"></a></div>
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