Superior Farms

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  1. Website :
  3. Address : 2530 River Plaza Drive Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95833
  5. Phone : +1 800-228-5262
  7. Superior Farms is setting the example for how to bring meat to our consumers’ tables without harming the environment or animals in the process. As a result of our practices, Superior Farms is good for animals, good for the earth, and good for our customers who consume the meat. One of the most important parts of Superior Farms is that we are completely sustainable. We value our resources and understand the importance of using technology such as solar panels and wind turbines to be energy conscious. We also make sure that our flocks are able to roam large grasslands so that the animals are well taken care and healthier. In addition to learning more about our practice, you can find delicious lamb recipes on our website that are perfect for any occasion. Visit our Superior Farms website to learn about the important work our company is doing to bring about change to the meat industry.
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