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  1. Niggermod
  2. Download:
  3. #Lastest version (05.06.2018)
  5. #Old versions were accidentally deleted
  6. #########################
  8. This is a mod based off HPM
  9. Changelog for 3rd version
  10. - Adjusted modifier used to reflect authoritatian rule of the Cape until the late 19th century; it reduces reform desire to prevent abuse due to native unrest
  11. - Finalized Cape rebellion event chain
  12.     - If Britain wins, it decides harshness of the reprisals on rebels; If harsh, the 1820 british settlers will flee to Transvaal that you can lead.
  13.     - There is probably some missing localisation still
  14. - Fixed inability to attack Xhosa as the Cape colony
  15. - Fixed bug with inability to sell off Alaska as Russia
  16. - Fixed bug with inability to annex Hawaii
  17. - Fixed bug with Turkish state of Kutahya (previously added) lacking cores in case the Ottoman dynasty is toppled
  18. - Added coal in Australia: Toowoomba (2486), Brisbane (2483), Gladstone (2484), Clermont (2485)
  19. - Changed province 980 - Luhansk, 715 - Lublin, 716 - Kielce, 1011 - Tula and 1026 - Perm from Cattle, Grain, Wool, Grain and Iron, respectively, to Coal. Based on History for the IB Diploma: Imperial Russia, Revolutions and the Emergence of the Soviet State 1853-1924 By Sally Waller pp96. Changed 1253 - Bardwan from Silk to Coal. To represent the Raniganj Coalfield. To compensate, once natural dye dies out, other previously unused dye provinces in India will produce silk.
  20. - Added a number of second names for Russian commanders
  21. - Added several (mostly other European and unique Russian) portraits to common Russian pool; Unique British and Dutch to European pool; Russian ones which resembled Enver Pasha, Kemal Ataturk and some others to Arabic/Turkish pool;  
  22. - Improved and integrated the Big Flag Frames minimod
  23. - Probably something and somthing else; the last update happened a long time ago and I worked occasionally, bit by bit every other week and didn't log much.
  25. Changelog for 2nd version
  26. - Fixed most of the broken code in Africamod stuff, added missing localization, pictures, several events
  27.     - Added flavor regarding Sixth Xhosa war and its aftermath
  28.     - Added an event chain that possibly leads to revolt of the Cape colony, if it wins early Boer South Africa is formed
  29.     - Added decision for Cape colony to propose federation with Boer states, if all parties including Britain agree, Anglo-led South Africa is formed
  30.     - Fixed useless soldier pops in Cape colony, moving coloured/native soldiers to farmers and making some British/Boer farmers into soldiers, results in possible six brigades (two british and four boer, the latter migrate as a part of the Great Trek)
  31.     - Added modifier for Cape colony that keeps early game militancy low, to prevent abuse of early passing of social reforms
  32. - Added an event chain to decide the fate of Belgium in the event of German conquest of Wallonia, resulting in either patrition of Belgium's remaining territories between France and Netherlands or continuation of Belgian kingdom that loses cores on Eastern Wallonia
  33. - Adjusted Besancon and the provinces on river Seine a bit
  34. - Improved Swiss cultural breakup to correspond more closely to actual linguistical division
  35. - Changed shape of Taipei province
  36. - Moved the Hoko (Taiwan strait islands) province to Shuntian, capital Qing state, as Zhangyuan north of Beijing
  37.     - Broke up Chengde into two provinces, large Chengde and small coastal Tangshan
  38.     - Changed shape of Tianjin and Beijing to correspond more closely to historical Eight-Nation alliance expedition movement
  39. - Most likely something else too, didn't really keep track of every change done
  40. Changelog for first version
  41. - Adjusted Ionia/Aydin and Kastamonu provincial borders, to fit historical Megali Idea plans
  42.     - Removed great power status requirement for Greece, only secondary status in needed now
  43. - Adjusted Rhine and Meuse border provinces to fix ugly AI German blobbing
  44.     - Imported/Fixed Rhine Crisis event chain that allows France to claim the left bank after 1840
  45. - Imported Swiss culture breakup (still own group though to prevent AI blobs), events regarding violated swiss neutrality and possible patrition (didn't test though)
  46. - Reworked 'Breaking Chinese Tea Monopoly' decision chain into events to prevent shortages of dye supply in early-midgame caused by original version, now natural dye vanishes only with unemployement (that is caused by synthetic dye industry)
  47. - Simplified Central, Eastern and Southern African cultures, removing several completely irrelevant or nonexistent ones
  48. - Integrated South African minimod (didn't properly test though, but looks fine - report any bugs in the thread if there are)
  49. - Fixed Japanese decision to claim Ryukyu being avilable after annexing the islands (It didn't practically do anything since cores are added by the annexation decision; now you only can enact it if someone snatches the islands before you)
  50. - Removed secondary power requirement for fascist Israel to claim Greater Israel. That and being player's puppet won't prevent it from doing this anymore.
  51. - Reversed genocide nerf (will increase infamy penalties later)
  52. - Renamed Beverages to Liquor, and Bottling Works to Liquor Distillery
  53. - probably something else, I can't remember everything and I didn't bother to catalog every change done
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