Lights Out

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  1. "So this is just a one-time deal, right?" the dragoness in front of you asks as she nervously fumbles with her shirt, eyebrows raised. "You're not going to -- share this anywhere, right? Like, online? With like, my real name?"
  3. "Oh, no no no, of course not," you reply smoothly, loading your instant camera with fresh film as she closes the door to the inn room. "Nothing of the sort. This isn't even a digital camera. It's just for personal use, I promise."
  5. "And that's -- that thing's absolutely necessary?" she asks, holding the hem of her tee as if she's a drowning woman clinging to a life raft. "You can't -- we can't do this without it?"
  7. "Well, it's sort of my thing. You understand." Looking up at her quivering face, you nod to her. "Uh, but if you want, we COULD just bring it in at the end. Would that be better for you?"
  9. "I guess that'd be okay then..." It's apparent -- from both her general demeanor and her overall hesitance -- that she's acquiescing to something she's not entirely comfortable with, but you simply nod and set it aside for now before pulling your wallet out of your pocket. There'll be plenty of time to change her mind with your performance.
  11. "So! How much did we agree on again?" you prompt.
  13. Fishing a handwritten note out of her pocket -- from a college ruled notebook -- she holds it up to the singular bedsight light, squinting at it.
  15. "With everything? T-thirty," she says at length. Pretty cheap, but you're not complaining. "Um, so -- what exactly was it you wanted me to do again?"
  17. "Just whatever comes naturally to you," you insist, waving her off with a smile. "Tell you what -- we can handle payment at the end too, after 'servicing' is rendered."
  19. "Ahaha, okay. I get it, okay. Yeah," she says, laughing nervously. "Hah. Okay. Yeah, that's cute."
  21. "In your own time, Veronica," you add, gently patting her forearm. "Don't rush yourself on my behalf. I'm VERY understanding."
  23. "Thanks -- thank you."
  25. Exhaling heavily, she begins inching her shirt up and over her belly, exposing the bottom cups of her lacy black bra -- a far more mature-looking article than you'd have expected from someone who came into this wearing a cutesy shirt with a cutesy cartoon lightbulb and a pair of cutesy pre-faded jeans. Maybe she IS a professional after all.
  27. "Th-this isn't, you know, this isn't my thing and all," she sniffs as she works her shirt up more and more, all the while glancing around the room like she's looking for more hidden cameras. "Like, I don't do this, ever -- for anybody."
  29. "...go on?"
  31. "But um. I guess I'd be willing to tryorrff -- hmmrgh -- fffhaang on," she mumbles, struggling to get the shirt past her head fins. You watch appreciatively as her black-clad tits sway and bounce while she fights with her tee. Are they -- is her bra glowing...? Are her TITS glowing? "Phheeeww! Okay, wow. Note to self: camisole next time. Collar on this one was WAY easier going on than coming off, let me tell you."
  33. "You were saying, though?" you prompt.
  35. "Oh, right. I mean, this is just a thing -- personal thing of mine-- okay, hang on," she mumbles, fumbling around in the back with her brastrap.
  37. "Do you need a hand?"
  39. "I got it," she grunts, twisting back and forth as she fiddles with the band for twenty long, jiggly, bubbly seconds -- only to realize it's a front-closure bra. "...oh. Right, my bad."
  41. Unhooking her bra from the front with a "duh" expression, she holds it shut and draws a deep breath before settling back into character -- whatever that character might actually BE -- as if remembering her role in this entire exchange.
  43. "Okay, so -- like I was saying, um -- I think I'd, you know, be okay with oral sex? I guess. Just trying something new."
  45. "'Oral sex'." You bite your lip to avoid chuckling in her face. "Like a blowjob?"
  47. "Ha ha! Sure, a b, b, blow. Yeah. One of those jobs. Never done it, figured I'd, you know. Branch out."
  49. Nodding, you take a seat on the edge of the bed. Still holding her bra shut with one hand, she tosses a pillow on the floor with her other, fluffing it a little before she gets it the way she wants it. Kneeling down, she puts herself roughly at eye level with your dick, smiling up at you.
  51. "You ready?" she asks.
  53. "Whenever you are."
  55. With a cheesy flourish, she unfurls her bra and tosses it aside, letting her vibrant violet titties pop out like they're gasping for air. Sure enough, your earlier hypothesis was correct -- her skin is bioluminescent, her areolas glowing bright green in the dim of the suite.
  57. "Ta dah," she giggles shyly. "Umm... what do you think?"
  59. "First -- they're beautiful. Second -- that's actually REALLY cool," you applaud. "Does it take effort to do, or...?"
  61. "What, the light thing? Psssh, nah, it comes natural," she chuckles, taking a hold of your pants and unzipping them with far less effort than it took to get her shirt and bra off.
  63. You cock an eyebrow at her as she yanks your jeans to the ground with ease, wondering if this "sheltered, innocent schoolgirl" thing is just an act -- but hey, you ALSO know better than to open your mouth right now. A cute girl's about to start slobbering on your scepter. Considering everything it took to get this hookup going, the least you can do is just enjoy it for what it is.
  66. Staring back at herself in the mirror, Veronica wipes a little of your tribute from her tits with the back of her hand while you pack up your equipment -- both sets.
  68. "So, are you all right with the results...?" you ask, zipping your pants up.
  70. "Yeah," she says, holding one of the photos up. "Are you sure it's okay for me to keep this?"
  72. "Absolutely. I set it to make two copies -- one for me and one for you. In case you wanted a souvenir."
  74. "...thank you."
  76. Coughing, you hold up your wallet.
  78. "Not to ruin the moment, but shall we get, you know -- the financial aspect over with before I leave?" you ask with a smile.
  80. "Oh, right, absolutely," Veronica says, reaching into her own pocket and pulling out a trio of crumpled-up tens, pressing them into your hands. "Thanks. You were absolutely great to work with."
  82. "My pleasure. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, even though it wasn't much for tonight," you reply, smoothing them out and slipping them into your wallet. "Any time you really want to go the distance -- just let me know. I'll make time for you."
  84. Nodding, she gives her hand a lick, smacking her tongue a few times as she samples your taste.
  86. "Sweet."
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