Unsolicited Daedalus Advice

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  1. Lack of self confidence
  2. Depression
  3. Procrastination
  4. Unending lust
  5. Disgusting face
  6. Lack of the average persons knowledge of what hygiene is.
  7. Easily traumatized by someone lighting a cig or smoke in general.
  8. Friendless aside from discord.
  9. Forgetful.
  10. Disgusting garbage
  11. Spectrophobic
  12. Easily trusting and used
  16. -That gets better as you get older and acquire more knowledge/skills to gain some self-confidence; a very easy way for socially-awkward people is to learn coding (Python); you can literally do it in about 3 hours each per day on a 3 day weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) if you want.
  17. -Focus on helping others
  18. -Focus on how shitty your life is now and how much you want to improve
  19. -Masturbate; no shame and do it so you can focus on what you need to focus on; the pursuit of others will only drag you down if you don't find the right people to hang with
  20. -Wash your face; go to the store and get salicylic acid (use it in the morning) then benzoyl peroxide cream after your face is washed (don't wash off the cream) every evening when you sleep (on your back preferably)
  21. -you are on the internet so just do a search on basic hygiene and do a little at a time; easier to do it if you get a job and HAVE to do it for public purposes ;)
  22. -I agree with you on this but in most places you won't have to deal with it; most here in the USA are non-smoking but some assholes smoke outside right by the fucking door even though they shouldn't do so; politely ask them to move away since you're allergic, if they don't comply then get some worker/manager to intervene or move elsewhere; you have a phone then take their picture and post it online to humiliate the asshole ;)
  23. -that's ok; friends are mostly superficial social strata that tends to divert us from our goals; good friends are a diamond in the coal mine so cherish those; all my 'friends' are also online but i don't really care; the world is digital now so no biggie ;)
  24. -this is a tough one; you want to get ginko biloba tea (not pills but powder preferably) and then drink that every morning & evening; all you need is hot water basically; you want to look for this at a local international market or ethnic foods store near you; you also want to get an app or two on your mobile like a memory game or something; many open source ones available via F-Droid app (you have to sideload it) and I'd recommend Sudoku to start with
  25. -live and be successful so you can benefit others via charitable methods; maybe volunteer at an animal shelter; you'd be amazed at how animals can comfort you without you realizing it
  26. -i have no idea what this is; consult a doctor
  27. -limit your friendships to online; stay connected but distant; this will improve over time; fuck the haters and just live your life; don't do 'favors' for others if it will be too inconvenient
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