Trixie Crossover Selfcest (Glim is there too)

Aug 17th, 2018
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  1. "It's not fair, Twilight."
  2. >"Trixie, I'm trying to study. Our Quantitative Chemistry exam is tomorrow, remember?"
  3. >You, the G. and P. Trixie, continue on as if you didn't even hear her
  4. "How can you talk to Trixie about chemistry at a time like this? Trixie is in agony! A terrible, lovesick agony."
  5. >"You said the same thing when McDonalds announced they might discontinue the McGriddle. Forgive me if I'm not *too* worried."
  6. "You don't understand, Twilight!" you interject
  7. >Currently, you're flopped across your friend's bed while she flips through scribble-laden notebooks at her desk, but you flip over onto your stomach, staring intently at her
  8. "You have Sunset, right? You two are happy! Lyra has Bonbon, Octavia has Vinyl, Rarity has Applejack... everyone's in love except Trixie!"
  9. >"Why are you so worried about this now?"
  10. "Because tomorrow is Hearts and Hooves Day!"
  11. >"No, tomorrow is our chemistry exam. Didn't you read the syllabus"
  12. "It's both!"
  13. >"Oh," Twilight says, pulling up a calendar app on her quadruple-monitor setup. "So it is."
  14. "You gotta help Trixie, Twilight! She'll die of loneliness otherwise."
  15. >"I don't think that's a viable cause of death, unless you're in a Star Wars movie."
  16. "Star Wars! That's it!"
  17. >Your face brightens in that exact way that always makes Twilight afraid
  18. "Trixie can't find the girl for her here, so you should use your science-y and magic-y knowledge to send her to another dimension! Preferably one full of hot, gay bitches!"
  19. >"Every time I think I've heard the dumbest possible sentence come out of your mouth, you continue to impress me."
  20. "That's what Trixie does! She lives to impress!"
  21. >Twilight rolls her eyes
  22. >"Going to another dimension isn't just *magically* going to get you a girlfriend."
  23. "Hah, that's what you think. It happens all the time in Trixie's favorite fanfictions!"
  24. >Twilight swivels around in her chair and narrows her eyes at you
  25. >"If I teleport you somewhere else, will you leave me alone?"
  26. "Trixie thinks she'll have no other choice."
  27. >Twilight flashes you a smug grin
  28. >"Then fine. Follow me."
  30. >Ten minutes later, you're standing outside Canterlot High, a few feet from the Wondercolts statue
  31. >It's a bright spring afternoon, and the sun glints fiercely off the statue's polished marble
  32. >Twilight drags some antenna-studded device out from the front pocket of her hoodie and starts fidgeting with various dials and gizmos, until the base of the statue begins to ripple and flow like liquid
  33. "That's neat."
  34. >"It's more than *neat*," Twilight explains. "It's an interdimensional portal. Normally it only opens once every lunar cycle, with with the right frequency modulation and the proper application of refracted solar rays, I can trick the statue into thinking it's a full moon. And boom, instant portal to our parallel dimension."
  35. >You blink
  36. "So you're using space science to get Trixie laid."
  37. >Twilight sighs
  38. >"That's the gist of it, yes. And here I thought I'd be the youngest girl to win the Nobel Prize by now."
  39. "You've won something even better: Trixie's undying gratitude."
  40. >"Yaaaaay," Twilight drones
  41. >You wrap your skinny purple friend in a hug, then skip towards the portal
  42. "So how does this work? Does Trixie just jump in?"
  43. >"I think so. That's how Sunset and that *other* Twilight always do it."
  44. "Perfect! Trixie commends your scientific abilities, Twilight. She'll tell everyone in this brave new world just how cool you are."
  45. >"Great. Now get going, I have studying to do."
  46. >You flash her a thumbs up, then jump into the shimmering marble
  48. >It's not as weird of a sensation as you expected, really
  49. >For some reason you thought dimensional travel would feel kinda, well, rollercoaster-y?
  50. >At least something similar
  51. >But instead, it kinda just feels like a lame, lukewarm waterslide
  52. >You're unceremoniously spat out into a wide, chamber constructed from a shimmering aquamarine topaz
  53. >The ceiling is vaulted high above you, and the room's walls are lined with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves
  54. >Looks like a total nerd lives here, lmao
  55. >You shake your head, then stagger to your feet
  56. >The place is clearly built for midgets or something, because all the furniture barely comes up to your knees
  57. >You wander around a bit, hoping to figure out where exactly you are
  58. >All the text on the books looks like it's been printed in some dyslexic version of Cyrillic
  59. >Are you in alt-universe Russia?
  60. >If so, you at least hope the alt-vodka is good
  61. >You're just about to start making a mess of the place for no good reason when the door bangs open
  62. >And then, right before your eyes, to two most adorable creatures you've ever witnessed stroll in
  63. >They're both short, with these cute stubby little legs that look like felt stretched over elongated marshmallows
  64. >And they got these big ol' anime eyes, just cute as fuck
  65. >The first to barge into the room is purple, with her horse hair done in this kind of Skrillex side-cut, streaked with minty green and darker shades of violet
  66. >She cute
  67. >But the one right behind her, now she's the winner
  68. >She's blue, like you
  69. >She's got silvery-blue hair that streaks over half her face, like you
  70. >She's totally, destructively adorable, like you
  71. >And judging by the cape and wizard hat, she's a magician
  72. >Just like you
  73. >Something warm and blunt hits you hard in the chest, and you're pretty sure it's love
  74. >You and this little pony hold each other's gaze for what feels like an eternity, mutually falling into each other's violet gaze
  75. >The purple once glances between the two of you, confused
  76. >"Do you two, uh, know each other?"
  77. "Trixie doesn't, but..."
  78. >"...but I'm pretty sure I want to."
  79. >The tiny blue horse finishes your sentence for you
  80. >Neither of you are able to tear your eyes away from each other; you feel like you could stare at this short, adorable, indescribably gorgeous little horse girl for the rest of your life; she's absolutely perfect!
  81. >Mostly because she looks so much like you
  82. >The purple one steps between the two of you
  83. >"Um, hi. My name is Starlight Glimmer! You must have come through the mirror. Are you from the other Twilight's world?"
  84. "Yeah, something like that."
  85. >You brush right past Starlight, walking in a daze towards the other blue horse
  86. >"That's Trixie," Starlight calls out after you, looking a little offended
  87. "Whoa. I'm Trixie too."
  88. >"You definitely are," the blue pony says. "After all, only another Trixie could be so enticingly... enticing."
  89. >"Hey!" Starlight yells, starting to sound actually annoyed. "Could you two stop eyeing each other up? We need to tell the princess about this!"
  90. "Is she always like this?" you ask pony-Trixie
  91. >"Yes, but Trixie loves her for it."
  92. >Then the pony-Trixie drops her voice, and adds with a conspiratorial wink:
  93. >"She's also really, really good in bed."
  94. "For real? You have to tell Trixie all about it."
  95. >Your pony counterpart poses, looking absolutely delighted to do so
  96. >"Oh, Trixie has *so* much to tell you! You should come with her! She'll show you where to get the *best* peanut-butter crackers in Ponyville."
  97. >You gasp
  98. "Trixie loves peanut-butter crackers! How did you know?"
  99. >The both of you stare at each other for a second, then burst into peals of laughter
  100. >Starlight just stares at you in abject despair
  102. >Not long after, you're strolling through the sunny streets of Ponyville, the quaintest little town you've ever seen
  103. >It also makes you feel like a giant, because pony buildings are built for creatures about half your size
  104. >There's an itching desire in the back of your head to go full Godzilla and just start tearing the place up
  105. >But you don't, of course, because you've met the coolest pony ever
  106. >You!
  107. >You and the other Trixie munch on packets of crackers as you walk through the streets of Ponyville, basking in the weird looks you get from everybody else in town
  108. "So? You gotta tell me about this girlfriend of yours."
  109. >Pony-Trixie chuckles
  110. >"Oh, where doI even begin. For starters, she is *totally* obsessed with Trixie. Like any good mare should be! Sure, she may have tried to kill Trixie once or twice, but that's just the kind of hysteria we drive mares too, isn't that right?"
  111. >Starlight follows behind the two of you, grumbling under her breath:
  112. >"I'm right here, you know."
  113. "Oh, that's right! Sorry, Trixie forgot for a second."
  114. >Starlight slaps her hoof against her face
  115. >You stuff a cracker in your mouth, swallow, then turn back to your best-friend's marefriend
  116. "You should tell me a little bit about why you love Trixie so much."
  117. >"Well, for your information, I love Trixie because we happen to be *in a committed relationship*," Starlight says, stressing the last bit. "And even if it's with your alternate-reality self, cheating is still cheating."
  118. >"Oh Starlight," pony-Trixie says. "Don't be ridiculous. Of course we know-- wait a minute, we could have sex? Together?"
  119. >Pony Trixie looks up at you, excitement growing on her face
  120. "I... I don't see why we couldn't."
  121. >You return her gaze, feeling heat flushing into your cheeks
  122. >"Wait. Wait, no!" Starlight protests. "That's the exact opposite of what I was saying!"
  123. >Pony-Trixie slings a foreleg around Starlight's withers, wriggling her eyebrows at the purple mare
  124. >"C'mon, Starlight. Don't you wanna see us try? You know, for science?"
  125. >"That's the kind of cheesy line you'd use on Twilight, not on me!" Starlight retorts. "I totally forbid this. I am dragging *you* back to the castle and tossing you through the portal!"
  126. >She wraps you in her magic aura and starts tugging you along the ground
  127. >It tickles a little, and it kinda feels like lying on a really cushy air mattress
  128. >Pony-Trixie skips along beside you, dropping her voice to a stage whisper
  129. >"Don't worry, she gets like this all the time. It just means she's *really* in the mood," she says with a wink
  130. "Gotcha," you say with a wink of your own
  131. >"I can hear you, you know. And the mood I'm in is that I'm a few wisecracks short of bewitching half the town into trying to kill the both of you."
  132. "Whoa. She is *hot* when she's angry."
  133. >"Trixie knows!"
  134. >Starlight snarls in annoyance, digging her hooves into the ground as she tries to haul you back to the castle
  135. >"Ugh, why are humans so... oof... heavy," she mutters under her breath
  137. >She doesn't quite make it
  138. >About halfway across Ponyville, Starlight's legs give out from under her, and she collapses onto the dirt path in a sweaty heap
  139. >"I can't... go... further..."
  140. >She rolls onto her back, staring daggers into you
  141. >"Just... haul yourself back to the portal... and jump in," she gasps out
  142. "But Trixie can't just leave her best-friend's marefriend lying here like this."
  143. >"Yeah, and neither can I!"
  144. >You scoop the furious Glimmer up in your arms, and look for a place to carry her to
  145. >Just a few dozen feet away, a small public park sits surrounded by a grove of trees, complete with a shaded lake and a few picnic tables
  146. "Perfect!"
  147. >Starlight grumbles as you carry over to the lake's shore
  148. >"I don't need to be carried. I'm not a baby."
  149. "Yeah, but you're the perfect size."
  150. >You cradle Starlight against your chest, and she blushes furiously
  151. >"This is humiliating."
  152. >"Trixie thinks it's pretty adorable," Pony-Trixie chimes in
  153. "Thanks, bud."
  154. >"Eyy not problem."
  155. >"Just put me down," Starlight mumbles
  156. "Uh, okay."
  157. >You unceremoniously dump her into the lake, where she lands in the shallow water with a splash
  158. >"Agh!"
  159. >Starlight thrashes and sputters, then hauls herself back onto the dry sand, furious
  160. >"I didn't mine like that! You're as dense as she is!"
  161. >She starts wringing out her mane, so angry that you practically feel like you can see red, smoky magic bubbling out from the tip of her horn
  162. >Probably just your imagination though
  163. >You kick off your boots and lay back on the lake's shore, resting your bare feet in the water
  164. >Pony-Trixie sits beside you, eyeing your wriggling toes with some pretty intense curiosity
  165. >"Human bodies are weird."
  166. "Oh?"
  167. >You raise your legs from the water, and hold your feet out for Trixie to inspect
  168. >She takes them in her hooves, gently rubbing them, and then begins to move her hooves further up your leg until she's rubbing your calves
  169. >"Trixie is sure you must have a pretty fantastic body, even for a human..." she says, licking her lips
  170. "Oh, well, Trixie isn't one to brag. But yes, Trixie could be considered a perfect specimen."
  171. >"Let Trixie see!" Pony Trixie demands
  172. "I thought you'd never ask!"
  173. >You jump up and pull your hoodie up and over your head, tossing it aside in to the grass, and then struggle with removing the rest of your clothes
  174. >Pony-Trixie watches in abject fascination as you shed your clothing article-by-article, her eyes growing wider and brighter
  175. >When finally manage to get that stupid bra-clasp open (seriously, what kind of octopus women designs these?) and toss the garment aside, Trixie squeals in delight
  176. >Starlight hides her face in her hooves, though you're pretty sure you can see her peeking
  177. >Then you move onto your skirt, which comes off a lot easier
  178. >Just as you're about to pull off your panties, though, your pony counterpart stops you
  179. >"Wait!"
  180. >Starlight breathes a sigh of relief
  181. >Then Trixie runs over to you, her horn glowing blue as her magic tugs at the waistband of your underwear
  182. >"Can Trixie doe the honors?"
  183. "Ooh, certainly."
  184. >You rest your hands on her hips and let Trixie pull down your panties, exposing your blue snatch to both ponies
  185. >Trixie grins
  186. >"Nice."
  187. "I know, right?"
  188. >You do a little twirl for her, arching your back in order to push out your ample buttocks, and to help your breasts lay full and plump against your chest
  189. >A tiny trickle of blood leaks down Trixie's nose
  190. >"Trixie's always knew she'd be hot if she were an alien."
  191. "And Trixie always knew she'd be hot even if she were a horse."
  192. >"Oh, you're finally starting to notice a few of Trixie's assets, eh?"
  193. >She turns away from you and lifts her tail, presenting her dripping snatch and the little, puckered hole right above it
  194. "O-oh, wow..."
  195. >Your thighs quiver in delight, and you're not surprised to find yourself drooling a little
  196. >Like some kind of famished zombie, you lurch towards pony-Trixie in a trance, your hands outstretched to get a handful of her ass...
  197. >"Hey! Hands off!"
  198. >Starlight throws herself between the two of you, glaring at you
  199. >"She's still mine! And you, go put your clothes back on!"
  200. >You look down at the angry, purple little mare beneath you
  201. >Then you scoop Starlight up in your arms, holding her against your naked chest
  202. "Awww. The madder you get, the cuter it makes you look!"
  203. >"I'm not cute! I'm furious. And g-get these out of my face!"
  204. >She tries to knock your breasts away, but you squish her right up against them
  205. >"I'll take her place," pony-Trixie says with a wink
  206. "Oh?"
  207. >You stretch out on the shore, feeling the course, slightly damp sand beneath your bare back
  208. "Trixie isn't going to stop you. Make yourself at home."
  209. >Starlight finally manages to wriggle free of your grasp
  210. >She rolls onto the shore next to you, panting
  211. >The day's excitement has left her exhausted, and she can only stare in horror as pony-Trixie jumps into your arms and nuzzles her face between your breasts
  212. >"These are amazing!"
  213. "Trixie knows. Most everyone she knows agrees."
  214. >"Trixie is glad to know her natural allure transcends dimensions."
  215. >Your pony counterpart discards her cape and hat, then levitates them over to join your garb in the grass
  216. >Fully naked now–if a horse can be considered naked–she stretches out along your body, and the two of you embrace with no cloth barrier between you
  217. >Pony-Trixie's coat is silky and warm against your skin, and you can feel a few stray dribbles of her arousal smear onto your thigh as she begins to gyrate her hips
  218. >"H-hey!" Starlight groans, her voice weak with fatigue. "Cut it out!"
  219. >But she can only look on in mixed arousal and horror; she's exhausted herself too much to interfere, and can only weakly smack her hooves against your shoulder
  220. >Pony-Trixie nuzzles her face against the pillowy mounds of your breasts, then moves her way upwards, rubbing her soft, fuzzy cheek against your neck, then your face, and then, finally, your mouth meets hers
  221. >Starlight lets out a low groan
  222. >You reach up to cradle the back of your pony counterpart's head, and her lips part, letting her flat, wet tongue explore your mouth
  223. >"S-stop..." Starlight mumbles
  224. >You pretend not to even hear her, and part your legs in order to let Trixie rest between your thighs
  225. >She squirms into a comfortable position, and her rear leg presses up against your snatch, lightly rubbing it as she wriggled in pleasure within your grasp
  226. >"I said... s-stop," Starlight repeats
  227. >Your eyes are closed, but if they'd been open, you'd probably have seen the same red, smoke magic billowing from the tip of her horn
  228. >But you're too focused on the pony in your arms; her mouth tastes sweet and faintly of peanut butter, and her little body is so plush and huggable, you can't help but squeeze her tightly against you
  229. "Ah. Trixie's s-so skilled," you mumble, dripping furiously between your legs
  230. >"Trixie knows exactly how you like it..." your pony counterpart mumbles
  231. >Her mouth moves up higher on your face, and her breath tickles your cheek as she begins to nibble on your ear
  232. >You can't help but groan and quiver at her touch; she's so good at this, you already feel like you're about too--
  233. "Gah!" you cry out as a sudden, overwhelming force lifts you into the air
  234. >You find yourself suspended upside down, staring into the snarling face of Starlight Glimmer
  235. >The red magic pours from her horn now, surrounding you and holding you suspended
  236. >Pony Trixie floats along beneath you, looking startled
  237. >"G-Glimmy? Are you okay? Trixie didn't meant to upset you."
  238. >"Didn't mean to upset me!?"
  239. >Starlight's magic forms itself into a thick, smoky tendril, and she slaps Trixie on the ass
  240. >The unicorn yelps
  241. >"I told you. I told both of you: you're *mine*."
  242. >She slams both you and Trixie into the ground, then lays on her back in the sand
  243. >"I think you need a reminder of that. C'mere."
  244. >Starlight spreads her legs as she pulls Trixie closer to herself, then shoves Trixie's face up against her crotch
  246. >Pony-Trixie gasps and sputters as her mouth meets her marefriend’s pussy
  247. >Instinctively, she tries to pull away, but Starlight’s thighs wrap tightly around her head, holding her firmly in place
  248. >Quickly, your counterpart’s gasps turn to low, thirsty moans, and a loud wet slurping emanates from her mouth as she surrenders to pleasuring the violet unicorn
  249. >Starlight lets her eyes flutter closed, grunting in delight
  250. >You, meanwhile, are still upside-down in her magical clutches
  251. >But the sight of your totally-hot pony self going down on another girl is enough to overcome even the stuffy sensation of blood rushing to your head, and your hand starts to trail towards your nether regions as you grow increasingly aroused…
  252. >Starlight’s eyes flick open, and a wicked grin spreads across her face
  253. >”Oh, I didn’t forget about you. I think you owe me an apology, don’t you?”
  254. “Not really, seems like things are going pretty well for— gah!”
  255. >You yelp as Starlight drops you to the ground
  256. >Then she drags you closer to her and spreads her legs wide
  257. >Her pussy is soaked in both her own fluids and pony-Trixie’s spit, and silver trails of the mixture connect her glistening folds to pony-Trixie’s tongue
  258. >You only have about a second to admire the sight, though, before Starlight’s magic grabs you by the back of your head and jams your face up alongside your pony counterpart’s
  259. >The magic squishes both your bodies together, and holds both your mouth and pony-Trixie’s firmly against her rapidly winking vagina
  260. >You gasp in surprise and end up opening your mouth, which is all Starlight needs
  261. >She maintains her hold on your body and grinds your face against her crotch, smearing her juices along your cheeks and tongue
  262. >Both your and pony-Trixie’s mouths meet again, this time with Starlight’s engorged, trembling clit between them, and your tongues swap both saliva and mare-juices as the two of you greedily kiss
  263. >”Mmmf…” Starlight coos, watching the show. “I think I could get used to having two of you.”
  264. >She shudders, and a wave of thick, soupy ejaculate splatters both your and your unicorn duplicate’s faces
  265. >Starlight lifts both of you up in her magic and mashes your faces together, forcing you to kiss– as if you needed any encouragement to kiss yourself
  266. >Both of your tongues thrash against one another, desperate to taste each drop of Starlight’s juices
  267. >When the little that reminds in your mouths is gone, you move to licking each other’s faces, tasting the goo left in Trixie’s fur and on your skin
  268. >Starlight chuckles
  269. >”You know, I think it’s time you return all of Trixie’s kisses you stole from me,” Starlight says to you
  270. >She drags you closer to herself, then grabs your face in her hooves and presses her lips to yours
  271. >Whereas the other Trixie’s kisses were greedy and overbearing, Starlight’s kiss is absolutely vicious
  272. >Instead of placing her tongue into your mouth, she instead takes your bottom lip between her teeth, biting it almost hard enough to draw blood
  273. >You writhe, trying to pull away, but finding yourself pinned in place
  274. >Starlight giggles, then teasingly flicks her tongue against your bruised lip
  275. “H-hey! You might have damaged Trixie’s pristine face!”
  276. >”Oh? Don’t worry,” Starlight says, cradling your cheek. “I’ll do much worse.”
  277. >She lifts you up and throws you to the ground
  278. >Torrents of her magic are swirling around you now, so overpowering that you can only cower beneath them, your naked form shivering as Starlight creeps up behind you, placing her forehooves against your buttocks
  279. >She spreads them wide, snickering
  280. >”This’ll do just fine for your apology,” she says, playing around with your bare, sensitive anus
  281. “Trixie doesn’t think… a-ah… she has a lot to apologize for. She’s pretty sure she’s… hnnng… improved your day considerably.”
  282. >Starlight glares, then smacks her hoof against your ass, making you yelp in pain
  283. >Pony-Trixie just watches the show, her cheeks red and her rear legs rubbing like a cricket
  284. >You’re not sure where she got popcorn from, but she seems like she’s enjoying it
  285. >Starlight’s magic coils around her crotch, coalescing into a long, red phallic shape, held to her body by chords of smoky light and dribbling with lubricating goo
  286. >It quivers along with Starlight as she positions it against your pussy
  287. “You know, you could at least buy Trixie dinner fiiiiiiiirst- OH MY GOD!”
  288. >Starlight shoves herself deep inside of you with a single, vicious thrust
  289. >Your eyes roll back in your head, and your entire body seizes up as a wave of overwhelming, agonizing warmth floods your body
  290. >Your thighs are already shaking, and your arms go too weak to support you, so you fall down onto your elbows, barely able to keep your face above the ground
  291. >”That’s better. Squeal for me again.”
  292. >Starlight rams into you again, and then again, still fiddling with your ass
  293. “G-guh… this is n-nothing Trixe’s great and powerful… p-pussy can’t handle!” you groan through gritted teeth
  294. >”Is that so?”
  295. >Starlight grabs your hips and slams herself into you, making you wail
  296. >Your jaw goes slack in delight, and your tongue lolls out from between your teeth, dribbling saliva down your chin
  297. >Her hips collide against your ass with sharp, audible smacks, which mix with your slutty moans to form a high-pitched, lewd cacophony
  298. >Pony-Trixie is practically writhing with lust now
  299. >She mashes her hoof against her cunt, panting like an animal as she drinks in the sight of Starlight turning you into a moaning, dribbling mess
  300. >Starlight notices her marefriend watching, and grins at her
  301. >The corrupted magic coils around pony-Trixie and lifts her into the air, then sets her down on the ground, facing away from you
  302. >Starlight lifts her marefriend’s tail, exposing the unicorn’s winking pussy and the darker-colored hole above it
  303. >”Here’s your dinner.”
  304. >She grabs you by your hair, then forces your face against the other Trixie’s ass
  305. >For a brief moment, disgust floods you
  306. >But it fades quickly, replaced by an almost overwhelming rush of desire
  307. >This is your chance to taste your own perfect ass, to pleasure your perfect self in the dirtiest, most subservient way possible
  308. >You can finally become a servant to your greatest love: yourself
  309. >You open your mouth and drag your tongue along your unicorn self’s buttocks, then swirl its tip around the hole
  310. >Unicorn-Trixie whinnies in delight
  311. >”A-Ah! Trixie is a n-natural at this… o-oh~… just as she suspected!”
  312. >Her hind legs twitch as your tongue slowly spirals down into the center of her anus, then begins to push inside
  313. >The taste is fleshy and slightly musky, but it’s your own musk, and it’s addicting in a way that drives your brain into a frenzy
  314. >You smash your face between her butt cheeks, and slutty, girlish moans escape your lips as you lap at every bit of her ass your tongue can reach
  315. >Unicorn Trixie’s little body shudders in orgasm, spilling steaming fluids down onto your breasts
  316. >Starlight cackles, driving her thrusts into you slower now, slowly coaxing you towards the edge
  317. “P-please…” you mumble, your voice muffled by your unicorn-self’s butt
  318. >”You’re going to have to be a bit more convincing than that,” Starlight says with a chuckle
  319. “Please! P-please let the Great and Powerful Trixie cum!”
  320. >”Hmm. I suppose you’ve earned it.”
  321. >Starlight sinks her strapon deep inside of you, where it begins to pulse and thrum as her magic spurts into you in red-hot, thick streams
  322. >Each stream sends lines of white-hot delight coursing through your body, you let out a choked gasp of pleasure as you drink to the ground, your face pressed against the sand while your ass stays up in the air
  323. >Starlight stays inside of you until she’s satisfied, then drags her toy out of your ruined, gaping hole
  324. >The strapon fades, but glittering magical discharge still oozes out of your pussy
  325. >Starlight sits near your head, gently stroking your hair as you recover
  326. >”Well, I think that worked out perfectly for all three of us. Wouldn’t you agree, Trixie?”
  327. >”T-Trixie hopes other-Trixie shows up again soon.”
  328. >She curls up next to you, her tail still twitching in pleasure
  330. >When you step out of the portal, Twilight is still waiting for you, head nose buried in a book
  331. >”Hey, Trixie.”
  332. >She looks up to greet you, and her eyes go wide with shock
  333. >”W-why aren’t you wearing anything!?”
  334. “Ha! The Great and Powerful Trixie discovered a dimension where everyone was totally cool hanging out without clothes. And she kinda likes it this way.”
  335. >You strut out totally nude, still walking a little funny after the pounding from Starlight
  336. >”Also… she kinda threw everything she had right on top of an ant hill.”
  337. >Twilight can only stare on in shock, horror, and maybe a slightly bit of arousal
  338. >”You… you really are a mess. I hope you at least learned something worthwhile.”
  339. >”Oh, Trixie definitely did,” you say with a wink. “No matter what dimension she’s in, Trixie gets all the bitches!”
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