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  1. USERNAME: circustents
  2. PASSWORD: never ever
  4. COUNTRY SLOT: Philippines
  6. FACE CLAIM: megan young
  7. BACKUP FACE CLAIM: sam pinto
  9. NAME: endreia gonzalez
  10. NICKNAME(S): endre, eya
  11. BIRTHDAY: june 14, 1996
  12. HEIGHT: 173 cm
  13. WEIGHT: 55 kg
  15. BACKGROUND: endreia's a business student who got discovered at the airport for her stunning beauty and poise. her parents are well-known owners of a chain of condominiums, and she has a twin brother named eduinn who's a hotel management student. they live a life that's more than average, and as a result endreia has never experienced having too much problems (save for school-related things). they live in makati city and endreia likes being there very much.
  16. PERSONALITY: due to being well-off since the very start, endreia has an arrogant air about her and likes to isolate herself from people, constantly thinking they're ill-willed and that she's too good for them anyway. she has very few friends, but that's not because she's mean and crass. when she likes someone, she likes them with a high amount of respect and trust, and when she doesn't, she won't care about them for the rest of her life. she has high standards of everyone, but she mostly keeps her thoughts and judgments in her head, afraid of getting too familiar with another person.
  18. • yoga
  19. • sleep
  20. • koko crunch cereal
  21. • elegant, regal-looking people
  22. • christmas
  24. ° school
  25. ° carbohydrates
  26. ° people who look and seem disgraceful
  27. ° dogs
  28. ° halloween
  29. TRIVIA:
  30. ✽ she has a phobia of the halloween season after getting pranked when she was six years old (she was in a costume convention and she got locked up in a bathroom stall)
  31. ✽ ever since that incident, she has immense trust issues
  32. ✽ she never really thought of modelling until she personally got greeted by the CEO of a modelling agency in an airport in paris
  33. ✽ she rarely smiles (in the times that she does, they're mostly unseen by others)
  34. ✽ she is very flexible due to yoga
  35. ✽ she could speak french and a bit of german
  36. ✽ she's very good at catwalk but is difficult to work with on photoshoots — she's very quiet and doesn't communicate with the photographer as much as she should
  38. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN MODELLING: 1 year and 11 months
  39. MESSAGE TO THE MAKER OF THE SHOW: i love you miku, you're a very sweet person and a nice friend and this is such an awesome theme! good luck~ ❀
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