Coc: Arian Awkward moment at 3 am [Gone Sexual]

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  1. Figuring that Arian would enjoy your company, you make your way with confidence through the streets leading to the lizan’s home. Soon enough, you find yourself standing before the stately home in which he and his ferret associates dwell. You pound heartily on the knocker to announce your presence.
  3. “Coming!” You hear Laika yell. Shortly after the ferret girl opens the door and greets you. “Hello Kiris. Came to visit master Arian? Please come in!” She motions for you to enter the house. You thank her for the polite invitation and step through the doorway. The sound of dishes being washed draws your attention to the nearby kitchen, where you see Boon diligently washing a pan. He looks up and waves at you with a soapy hand. You return the gesture.
  5. “Sorry to leave you unattended Kiris, but we’re kinda busy; do you think you can make the way to master Arian’s room by yourself?” Laika asks.
  7. You assure the ferrets that it’s fine, and you understand how busy they are. Remembering where Arian’s room is from the last time you visited, you proceed to make your way to it, finding the door to be closed, as usual. You slowly rap your knuckles on the closed door, trying to announce your presence without being a nuisance at the same time.
  9. You hear a faint moan. “Oh... Kiris.”
  11. Is he... no, he couldn’t be. Arian’s still too sickly to get horny... isn’t he? You wonder if you should try and spy on him - or maybe listen at the keyhole? Then again, you could just barge on in - after all, it’s not like he’s really playing with himself, right?
  13. (Eavesdrop)
  15. You sidle up to the door, pressing your ear against the wood and start to listen intently.
  17. “Curse my illness... curse my dreams... oh, Kiris... if only you knew....” Arian pants and moans, the distinct fapping sound of a hand slapping reaches your ears. “Ah! The things you do to me... the things I wish you would do to me... ah....”
  19. You ponder this curious development. So, the reptile has developed a crush on you? He thinks you’re attractive? Well, now... should you give him the chance to finish himself off, or should you head in now - either to tell him off, or offer him something a bit better than his hand to play with?
  21. (Peep)
  23. Curious, you decide to take a little peek through the lock; you press yourself against it as best you can, looking through into the bedroom beyond. True to what your ears heard, the sickly albino’s health has improved enough for him to focus on more... carnal matters. Naked from the waist down, he sits on the edge of his bed, groinal slit disgorging a single, average-sized phallus. Maybe 6 inches long, it’s a bright purple-red color, covered in strange lumps, though this isn’t stopping him from enthusiastically stroking himself off.
  25. “Curse my illness... curse my dreams... oh, Kiris... if only you knew....” Arian pants and moans, the distinct sound of fapping quite audible from where you are. He whimpers softly and bites his lip, clearly nearing the brink. “Ah! The things you do to me... the things I wish you would do to me... ah....” He groans to himself.
  27. You ponder this curious development. So, the reptile has developed a crush on you? He thinks you’re attractive? Well, now... should you give him the chance to finish himself off, or should you head in now - either to tell him off, or offer him something a bit better than his hand to play with?
  29. You decide to let Arian have some privacy and leave for the moment... after all, what the lizan mage does in his free time is not really your business....
  31. As you make your way back to the entryway, Boon sees you and asks, “Leaving already? Usually you stay with master Arian for at least an hour... what happened?”
  33. You tell Boon that Arian seems to be a bit busy at the moment, so you’ll just come back later.
  35. “Busy, huh? Well if you want I could call him for you; master Arian is always happy to see you any time.” Boon smiles starting on his way towards Arian’s bedroom. You quickly stop him though, explaining that it’s best to let Arian have some privacy for now. “ Are you sure, Kiris? It’s no trouble at all, I assure you.” You insist that he shouldn’t bother Arian right now. Boon shrugs. “If you say so... anyways, do come visit later. Ever since you started visiting master Arian, he has been a lot less rebellious, not to mention he seems to be getting healthier and happier.”
  37. You promise to return later and bid him farewell. You step outside and make your way back to your camp.
  38. ____________________________________________
  39. (Barge in)
  41. With a wry smirk you turn the knob and find that Arian’s door is unlocked; without missing a beat, you open the door and step in right in time to see a sticky rope of pre paint Arian’s slender belly as he scrambles to cover himself up.
  43. “Kiris! W-Wait, I can explain! I swear I... I... oh, Marae!” He hides himself under the covers of his bed, his white-scaled face red with shame.
  45. Slowly you approach the hiding lizard, and sit on his bed. You let him know you’re flattered to be his object of desire, and that there’s no need to hide himself. If he felt this way about you he should just have said so.
  47. Arian peeks from under his covers. “Y - You mean you’re not mad at me?” You smile and tell him you aren’t. Arian visibly relaxes, letting his covers fall on his chest.
  49. “It’s just that... well... you’re so beautiful and I’m... I didn’t think you....” He trails off.
  51. You tell him he looks adorable, especially when he’s acting like a hopeless virgin. At the mention of the word ‘virgin' Arian recoils. Surprised by this development, you ask him if he really is a virgin.
  53. Arian hides his face once more inside his covers and says in a whisper, “Yes....”
  55. You pull the covers off his face and say, “Well... we’ll have to fix that then.” You slip off his bed and begin stripping off your red, high-society bodysuit. Arian shyly does the same, stripping off his robes until he is laying in his bed, completely naked.
  57. You look at Arian’s slit, and think of what it’s hiding in there; then you turn to look at Arian and ask him how would he feel about giving his cock a bit of a workout?
  59. Arian swallows audibly. “Are you suggesting that we... and that I... put it in?” Grinning, you nod in affirmation, telling him that there’s no need to be shy about it... at least not since your relationship escalated to the current level.
  61. “Ok... how do you want to do this?” You motion for the lizan to get up. Arian eagerly complies and gets off his bed. You teasingly take his place on the bed, looking up at him as you spread your legs and expose your gaping twat to his viewing pleasure. The reaction is almost instantaneous; Arian’s hidden shaft immediately fills with blood, growing fully erect in its bulbous, throbbing glory.
  63. With a smile, you tell him that despite his initial bout of shyness, his body seems to know exactly what to do. Arian simply laughs in nervousness. You wait for a short while, until finally you tell him that he should position himself at your opening and get ready to thrust in; otherwise neither of you are going to be feeling good any time soon.
  65. Snapping to his senses, Arian quickly kneels between your legs, aligning the tip of his shaft with your moist twat. He looks at you, waiting for you to confirm that he should indeed get going. You smile and nod.
  67. Arian smiles right back at you and finally begins easing himself inside you.
  69. Arian nervously begins to thrust his strange, bumpy cock into your cunt, timidly inserting an inch or two and then withdrawing, as if unable to bring himself to fully penetrate you.
  71. You moan at the initial intrusion, and sigh as he pulls out. Impatient and bothered by his impromptu teasing, you ask what’s gotten into him to make him withdraw? You’re already more than ready for this.
  73. “I-I’m sorry, it’s just.... Well, I’m not used to this, you know.” Arian’s eyes are downcast, and you’re certain you can see a faint tinge of red around his face, his albinism allowing him to blush in a way you’re not sure a normal lizan could. “It... it’s so overwhelming to finally be with a woman, never mind a woman like you.”
  75. Sighing at the lizan’s inexperience, you gently take his hands in yours and guide them around you, telling him to hug you. The lizan doesn’t need much encouragement to comply, easily snuggling against you, breast to breast, and sighing softly. “I’m sorry. Sometimes I wonder why you bother doing something like this, with someone like me,” he says, a hint of sadness in his voice.
  77. You reply that you bother because Arian is cute and you happen to like him. He should forget about his insecurities and give himself some credit. Still, you are horny, and judging by the prodding you feel on your leg, so is Arian. You don’t bother saying anything more, gently reaching down to align his shaft with your gaping snatch and then pinch on the base of his tail.
  79. Arian lets out a tiny squeak of shock at the pinching sensation, which instinctively makes him thrust himself forward, embedding himself in you to the hilt.
  81. You gasp in pleasure at the sudden intrusion; then hug your lizan lover closer, stroking his back. You ask if that was so difficult?
  83. “N-not difficult, no. But hard, all the same,” Arian replies. Did he just make a joke?
  85. Smiling, you gently tap him on the nose and tell him that unless he expects you to do all the work, the two of you won’t get anything done if he just lets his shaft sit inside you.
  87. The lizan promptly makes himself busy, awkwardly thrusting in and out, pumping in a clumsy attempt to pleasure you both. While you appreciate his enthusiasm, just randomly thrusting inside you won’t give you the pleasure you so crave. You tell Arian to stop for a moment.
  89. Arian does so, blinking curiously at you. “Did I hurt you? Am I doing something wrong? I’m sorry!” the lizan blurts you. Laughing, you tell him to calm down. He didn’t do anything wrong, and he certainly didn’t hurt you. “So, what’s wrong then?” Arian asks. He then blinks in realisation and pouts. “I’m not doing that badly, am I?” Rubbing his back, you tell him that just thrusting himself inside you without any technique won’t make you feel good.
  91. “I’m sorry,” he sighs. It’s ok, you tell him, you’ll just have to guide him through the process. Grasping on the base of his tail, you begin guiding the inexperienced lizan, using his tail like a control stick.
  93. Arian moans and shivers at the pleasure, but it doesn’t stop him from catching on; indeed, he proves himself a quick study and starts to preempt your ‘instructions'. “I-I can’t tell you how incredible this is, Kiris. You’re so warm and wet inside,” he murmurs to you, too caught up in the sensations of sex to really flatter you.
  95. You moan alongside your lizan lover, replying that he feels just as good. His bulbous shaft feels exquisite, and its bumps massage your entrance unlike anything else. You praise the lizan on being a quick study, letting go of his tail and grabbing onto his scaly shoulders instead, giving him a few more directions so he can catch your most sensitive spots.
  97. Arian suddenly clenches and gasps, moaning several times and arching his back before he can’t hold it back anymore and climaxes inside of you, filling your gaping, moist snatch with his sticky wet seed.
  99. You moan as he fills you with his lizan seed, then immediately sigh in disappointment as he slumps down on top of you, nuzzling against you tenderly. “That was incredible. Hey, what’s wrong? Why didn’t you cum?” Arian asks, curious yet sated. Well, you just didn’t have time to, but it’s okay. You’ll find some way to relieve yourself, and it did feel good for the time it lasted. You pat Arian’s head, smiling at the lizan, despite being annoyed at not being able to climax.
  101. “You mean, I didn’t...? No, no that’s not acceptable!” Arian growls. To your surprise, you suddenly feel his flaccid member swelling inside you, the lizan grabbing your shoulders and starting to thrust himself back into you once more.
  103. You groan in as much surprise as pleasure, bracing yourself against Arian as he begins fucking you with as much enthusiasm as when you two started. You are genuinely impressed. This is not something a newcomer to sex would be able to pull off. You decide to thank and congratulate the lizan for his dedication with a kiss.
  105. Arian promptly redoubles his efforts, while trying to kiss you back in appreciation of the gesture. You lose yourself in the pleasure and closeness of the act, fucking and kissing. Slowly you feel a familiar pressure build in your loins, and you know it won’t be long before you finally achieve your so, so desired, orgasm.
  107. Arian himself lets out a cry of relief; having finally achieved his goal in helping you orgasm means he can give in to the sensations he himself is being overwhelmed by, spraying your cavity with a second helping of lizan spunk, dredging up every last drop of jizz left in his internal balls before, with a groan, he sinks down atop you. Arian’s orgasm pushes you over the edge, and you find your pussy contracting, trying its best to milk the poor lizan of all he is worth, until finally with one last spasm, you slump down and release the lizan shaft deeply embedded inside you, some of your mixed juices running down to mat Arian’s bed.
  109. He lays there, panting softly from the exertion, then somehow finds the strength to give you a weak yet cheeky grin. “So, how was I this time?” he asks. Panting, you tell him that he was great. You didn’t expect him to be able to get a second erection so quickly, especially after having just cum. “Well, I’ve learned a few tricks at the academy from some of the more, uh, restricted tomes, shall we say? Not enough that I can do anything major, or even worth teaching, but enough for... something like this....”
  111. Grinning at him, you question just why would he have picked up this one particular spell? Arian does that weird pseudo-blush of his again. “A fellow can dream of finding someone special someday, can’t they?” That’s all he’ll say on the subject, despite your coaxing.
  113. You decide to drop the subject for the moment and tell him that as enjoyable as it was to spend time with him, you must return to your duties now. Arian simply nods, wearing his best stoic expression. “I understand... but, please, come back when you can, all right?” You smile and tell him you will, caressing his scaly cheek, then with a cheeky grin, let him know that next time you expect at least four more performances from him. Arian’s eyes bulge at your suggestion, half in fear and half in lust. “I... I can’t possibly do that! I mean, I don’t have the energy,” He declares, swallowing audibly and averting his eyes.
  115. Grinning, you pull him into a final kiss, telling him this is just something for him to think about. Having said that, you quickly redress and excuse yourself, leaving one flustered lizan behind to rest.
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