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  3. (Not porn) (Undyne tries not to wake you up)
  4. (Not porn) (Showering with blind Undyne)
  5. (Not porn) (Fighting Undyne)
  6. (Not porn) (Undyne tries to get you to come to bed)
  7. (Not porn) (Lazy anime with Undyne)
  8. (Not porn) (Going to the park with Undyne)
  9. (Not porn) (Taking care of sick Undyne)
  10. (Not porn) (Taking care of tired Undyne)
  11. (Not porn) (Trip to NYC with Undyne)
  12. (Not porn) (Undyne tries to cheer you up)
  13. (Not porn) (On a date with Undyne with no umbrella)
  14. (Not porn) (Undyne takes you back to her old house)
  15. (Not porn) (You and Undyne hit the showers)
  16. (Not porn) (You have a nightmare)
  17. (Not porn) (do not read this very sad)
  18. (Not porn) (Undyne & you at Christmastime)
  19. (Not porn) (Tickling Undyne)
  20. (Porn) (You and Undyne break up; Alphys to blame)
  21. (Not porn) (Going to the beach with Undyne)
  22. (Not porn) (Camping with Undyne) (don't read this it sucks)
  23. (Not porn) (Teaching Undyne to play STALKER)
  24. (Not porn) (Undyne runs errands for your birthday)
  25. (Porn) (You catch Undyne giving you head while you're asleep)
  26. (Porn) (Undyne doesn't know her own strength)
  28. (Not porn) (Alphys ruins Christmas)
  29. (Porn) (Undyne's erotic insecurities)
  30. (Not porn) (Moving in with Undyne)
  31. (Not porn) (You and Undyne get a pet)
  32. (Porn) (You interrupt Undyne while she's watching hentai)
  33. (Porn) (Visiting your parents for Christmas)
  34. (Not porn) (Going to the club with Undyne)
  35. (Not porn) (Dance classes with Undyne)
  36. (Porn) (Undyne shyly reveals her fetish)
  37. (Porn) (Undyne selfcest for some weirdo)
  38. (Not porn) (Undyne on a date with Chara)
  39. (Not porn) (Going to the bar with Undyne)
  40. (Porn) (Undyne seduces a swimmer girl)
  41. (Not porn) (Cooking with Undyne)
  42. (Not porn) (Anon requires encouragement)
  43. (Porn) (Dating Undyne)
  44. (Not porn) (Undyne [regrets] speed dating)
  45. (Porn) (Helping Undyne study)
  46. (Not porn) (You pick Undyne up from the gym)
  47. (Porn) (How fish get pragnet)
  48. (Not porn) (Chara fighting Undyne)
  49. (Porn) (Undyne gives you a messy footjob)
  50. (Porn) (Undyne goes skating with the swimmer girl)
  51. (Kind of porn) (Cooked fish in the sauna)
  52. (Not porn) (Undyne meets some fans)
  53. (Not porn) (Undyne defends Devil's Reef)
  54. (Not porn) (Undyne and Asgore totally punk you)
  55. (Not porn) (Undyne gets fired)
  56. (Porn) (Undyne fucks some fans)
  57. (Porn) (Undyne leaves you a note)
  58. (Not porn) (Gardening with Undyne)
  59. (Porn) (You and Undyne try yoga)
  60. (Not porn) (Going to prom with Undyne)
  61. (Not porn) (Undyne is a selfconscious dork)
  62. (Porn) (do not read this part 2 electric boogaloo)
  63. (Porn) (CLANG CLANG CLANG)
  64. (Kind of porn) (Hot Undyne x Asriel anal scene)
  65. (Porn) (Undyne doms you but not very hard)
  66. (Not porn) (Undyne stops a mugging)
  67. (Not porn) (Undyne teaching you the piano)
  68. (Porn) (Undyne and Alphys give you a threesome for your birthday)
  69. (Not porn) (Undyne and Brill cuddling in bed)
  70. (Not porn) (You and Undyne go to Seaworld)
  71. (Porn) (You and Mettaton give Undyne a threesome for her birthday)
  72. (Not porn) (Going to a con with Undyne)
  73. (Not porn) (Teasing Undyne about her stuffed animal)
  74. (Porn) (Undyne x Duke Nukem scene)
  75. (Not porn) (Trying to help Undyne)
  76. (Porn) (Undyne plays truth or dare with Brill)
  77. (Not porn) (Undyne holds hands with Brill) (Very short)
  78. (Porn) (Going skinny-dipping with Undyne)
  79. (Not porn) (Undyne goes to the DMV)
  80. (Not porn) (Going for a midnight walk with Undyne)
  81. (Porn) (You and Undyne sext on msn)
  82. (Not porn) (Undyne gets married)
  83. (Porn) (Undyne gets you to fuck her while she's sleeping)
  84. (Not porn) (Going fishing with Undyne)
  85. (Not porn) (Undyne murders you in chess)
  86. (Porn) (Undyne invents the vibrating spear)
  87. (Not porn) (Falling asleep with Undyne)
  88. (Not porn) (Undyne is a selfconscious dork part 2)
  89. (Porn) (Undyne takes a break with the snake)
  90. (Not porn) (Undyne teaches health class)
  91. (Not porn) (Undyne says don't be a quitter)
  92. (Porn) (Undyne does some crafts)
  93. (Not porn) (Undyne takes care of sick anon)
  94. (Not porn) (Undyne gets ready for a date)
  95. (Not porn) (Going to sleep on Undyne's thighs)
  96. (Porn) (Undyne and Brill don't need excuses)
  97. (Not porn) (Undyne tries online dating)
  98. (Kind of porn) (Undyne is a good gym coach)
  99. (Not porn) ("Undyne as the eccentric shopkeeper in a tiny village shop.")
  100. (Porn) (Undyne gets frisky in a movie theater)
  101. (Porn) (How Undyne learned to stop worrying and love her big sister)
  102. (Not porn) (Undyne faces a phobia)
  103. (Porn) (Undyne and Akhy go to the beach)
  104. (Porn) (Undyne has tea with Toriel)
  105. (Not porn) (Do not read this part 3)
  106. (Porn) (Valentine's Day Special w/ Teen Undyne)
  107. (Porn) (Undyne wants to join the mile high club)
  108. (Not porn) (Undyne tries some fruit)
  109. (Porn) (Undyne waits up for you at night)
  110. (Not porn) (Dark Souls feat. Undyne)
  111. (Porn) (Undyne and Alphys go to the track)
  112. (Not porn) (Undyne and Brill at the park)
  113. (Not porn) (Undyne and Brill do a photo shoot)
  114. (Not porn) (Youngdyne goes to live with Asgore)
  115. (Not porn) (Undyne tries to use chopsticks)
  116. (Porn) (Undyne, Brill, and the strap-on)
  117. (Porn) (Undyne leaves Toriel a video message)
  118. (Not porn) (Undyne gets scared)
  119. (Porn) (Undyne tries anal)
  120. (Not porn) (Undyne overthinks everything)
  121. (Not porn) (Undyne the mermaid)
  122. (Not porn) (You are a selfconscious dork)
  123. (Porn) (Undyne gets bored at dinner)
  124. (Porn) (Undyne amuses some fans)
  125. (Not porn) (Undyne tells a bedtime story)
  126. (Not porn) (Undyne and the grandkids)
  127. (Porn) (At Frisk)
  128. (Not porn) (Undyne's Undies)
  129. (Kind of porn) (Undyne makes life harder for herself)
  130. (Not porn) (Undyne eavesdrops on some fans)
  131. (Porn) (Interrupting Undyne's workout)
  132. (Not porn) (I, Undyne)
  133. (Not porn) (Undyne and Fuku in the shower)
  134. (Not porn) (Undyne is a massive bully)
  135. (Porn) (I, Undyne II)
  136. (Not porn) (Undyne goes to the baseball game)
  137. (Porn) (Undyne comes home a little early)
  138. (Porn) (Undyne and the bribe)
  139. (Porn) (Undyne sees you naked for the first time)
  140. (Not porn) (Undyne and Shyren have piano lessons)
  141. (Not porn) (Undyne plays spin the bottle)
  142. (Not porn) (Youngdyne doesn't want to take a bath)
  143. (Not porn) (I, Undyne III)
  144. (Porn) (Shorts I)
  145. (Not porn) (Shorts II)
  146. (Not porn) (Fuku and Octavia commit a felony)
  147. (Not porn) (Shorts IV)
  148. (Not porn) (Fuku and Blaise go to the mall)
  149. (Not porn) (Undyne distracting Alphys while she's on the phone)
  150. (Not porn) (Undyne doesn't know anything about earwigs)
  151. (Porn) (Swapfell Undyne has a terrible lab accident)
  152. (Not porn) (Undyne sings karaoke)
  153. (Porn) (You and Undyne get a week to yourselves)
  154. (Not porn) (Undyne learns math)
  155. (Porn) (I, Undyne IV)
  156. (Not porn) (Undyne learns how to throw a spear)
  157. (Not porn) (Youngdyne learns a valuable lesson)
  158. (Not porn) (Undyne and Brill try bondage)
  159. (Not porn) (Post-Apoc Undyne II)
  160. (Not porn) (Youngdyne wins a prize)
  161. (Porn) (Akhy comes to visit)
  162. (Not porn) (Youngdyne handles an important question very maturely)
  163. (Not porn) (Undyne eats some Jello)
  164. (Not porn) (Post-Apoc Undyne III)
  165. (Porn) (Undyne teaches Brill karate)
  166. (Porn) (Undyne skips the bar mitzvah)
  167. (Not porn) (Post-Apoc Undyne IV)
  168. (Not porn) (Undyne and Octavia by the river)
  169. (Not porn) (Youngdyne goes to school)
  170. (Not porn) (Post-Apoc Undyne V)
  171. (Porn) (Undyne and Brill at the hot springs)
  172. (Not porn) (Undyne and the Big Scary Warehouse)
  173. (Kind of porn) (Undyne makes a mess)
  174. (Not porn) (Post-Apoc Undyne VI)
  175. (Not porn) (Post-Apoc Undyne VII)
  176. (Kind of porn) (Undyne and Fuku hash things out)
  177. (Porn) (Undyne and Muffet reunite)
  178. (Kind of porn) (Post-Apoc Undyne VIII)
  179. (Porn) (Undyne dom story)
  180. (Not porn) (Undyne and Brill can't beat the heat)
  181. (Porn) (Space fish gets space fucked)
  183. contact:
  186. I've been getting some complaints about how the Undyne I'm writing 'doesn't act like Undyne' and so on, and she doesn't. I've taken a much more literary approach to Undyne because I believe that if you limit yourself to just how she behaves in the game you're basically forcing yourself to write about an autist who's never going to develop or get better. I find it much more interesting to write an Undyne who's a real human being with flaws and worries and anxieties but who copes with and conceals them by being (or pretending to be) tough as nails. I've been trying for an Undyne who develops greatly as both a character and as a person going through these stories from start to finish and I think for the most part I've succeeded, but I don't take any pains to make her act how she does in game except for small hints and suggestions of it, because you need to tone that down to be able to do what I want to do with her.
  188. If that isn't something you like, I fully understand, but I would ask you to look at these stories through an interpretive lens rather than one focused on whether or not Undyne chucks spears, suplexes boulders, and eats spaghetti, because there is very little of that in here and you're destined to be disappointed if that's what you really want.
  190. CAST:
  192.     Undyne
  193. You should know this one. The Undyne I'm envisioning is an older, calmer Undyne, who doesn't flip out and suplex boulders any more (or at least that isn't her immediate reaction) but who still adopts a powerful and nonchalant persona when she isn't around people she's very comfortable with. However, she uses this persona to mask a lot of insecurity and self-doubt. Gets very self-conscious whenever she thinks she's being dumb or when she thinks people think she's being dumb. Has a playful and caring side but tries to hide it.
  195.     'You'
  196. Undyne's boyfriend. Generic good guy. Supportive, understanding, and more than capable of handling Undyne when she breaks down or freaks out.
  198.     Brill
  199. Female version of 'you.' Short, athletic, blond, skinny. Brings out an unusual mother/big sister side of Undyne, with whom Brill is very playful and tender.
  201.     Alphys
  202. Only shows up occasionally. Tends to be timid and unsure of herself. Undyne broke up with her cause she got very clingy and dependent; once tried and failed to break up 'you' and Undyne so she could swoop in. Slowly working her way back into Undyne's good books, but is still just as obsessed.
  204.     Asgore
  205. Big and easygoing. Only shows up occasionally as well, close friend with / father figure to Undyne. Somewhat proud or unwilling to admit mistakes.
  207.     Mettaton
  208. Has a collapsible penis.
  210.     Chara
  211. Blue-eyed sociopath; able to beat Undyne in a fight if she bothers trying. Vaguely attracted to Undyne, thinks on some level that Undyne can save her, whatever that means. Doesn't show up very often.
  213.     Teen Undyne
  214. Take Undyne, give her an eye back, amplify those insecurities by 110%, and make it so she hasn't yet figured out how she wants to act or who she wants to be. Tends to be more haughty or tsundere than anything else, rather than the sort of powerful Undyne you're used to. Succumbs to pressure easily but has a strong sense of justice and enjoys revenge.
  216.     Asriel
  217. Only appears with Teen Undyne so far. Manipulative jerk, but recognizes and respects power.
  219.     Stheno
  220. Teen Undyne's snake-girl best friend. Forceful personality but tends toward laziness cause she's cold-blooded. Plays on the lacrosse team with Undyne.
  222.     Akhy (Akheilos)
  223. Teen Undyne's older shark-girl stepsister. Acts almost exactly like older Undyne; Undyne is in awe of her but tries to hide it by (poorly) pretending not to like her. One of Undyne's first lesbian encounters.
  225.     Jane, Em, and Louise
  226. Akhy's shark-girl friends from college. Jane is a chubby great white, Em a relatively tiny tiger shark, Louise a hammerhead. Louise and Akhy played beach volleyball together in college; they're all great friends and like Undyne.
  228.     Undyne's Parents
  229. Only mentioned so far. Undyne's mom seems sensible and responsible. Undyne's dad hasn't been mentioned, other than he's dating Akhy's mom after whatever ended up separating him and Undyne's mom.
  231.     Fuku and Octavia
  232. Fans of Undyne's. Still in high school. Fuku is studious but with a wild streak that she tries to hide, but is mostly unsuccessful when accompanied with her too-cool best friend, Octavia, who hates school and would rather be skating. Fuku can't touch people because she's made out of fire, but if she runs her hands under water they go out for a while. Octavia totally has a crush on Undyne but is deathly shy about it.
  234.     Duke Nukem
  235. Here to fuck Undyne's ass and chew bubblegum...and you better believe he's all out of gum.
  237.     Frankie
  238. Undyne's stuffed rhinoceros. 'Talks' in a high-pitched voice. Totally a comfort thing for Undyne but she'd die if anyone but 'you' knew about her.
  240.     Toriel
  241. Motherly, caring, and easily flustered and manipulated. Separated from Asgore for unknown reasons. A little repressed.
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