Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 135 [EDITED]

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  2. Chapter 135 – Artificial Feeding
  4. Translator: TheDefend
  5. Editor: Vertrex
  7. I let Firo pull the carriage and we march in the middle of the night, we arrived at the outskirts of Raphtalia’s village in the morning.
  9. “Master, we have arrived.” (Firo)
  10. “Good.” (Naofumi)
  12. While I was sleeping Kiel tried to play a prank on me and got reprimanded harshly by Raphtalia.
  13. Of course with the exception of Raphtalia and Rishia, the slaves got harsh restriction and the slave mark got set to activate immediately if they tried to attack me.
  14. Also, because of what Bitch did before, now I immediately awake when something happened.
  15. On the first day we went to work with the slaves to demolish the building wreckages.
  17. “This house is my important home.” (Kiel)
  19. Kiel shouted in rejection.
  21. “It’s good to treasure your house, but the roof has fallen, the walls are destroyed. It’s a pity, but accept that there are houses that can be repaired and those that can’t.” (Naofumi)
  22. (「大事に思うのは良いが、屋根は落ち、壁は無残にも破壊されている。残念だが、補修できる家と出来ない家があるのを理解しろ」If someone have a better idea to make it sounded better, leave message)
  24. I searched for stuff that either have monetary value or can still be used, but they are either robbed or there simply none, there are still some items remains, but they are already too rusted to be used. 何か金目になるものや使える物は無いかと調べたのだが、泥棒に入られたのか、物は無いし、あっても錆びていたりして使えそうな物はあまり無かった。(TLN : Sentence far too long for me to word properly but should still be accurate enough)
  25. The water well seems salvageable.
  26. The field… seems need some considerable maintenance.
  28. “I understand the feeling of not wanting to discard your memories, but from the standpoint of reconstruction the stuff that are going to get in the way need to be discarded.” (Naofumi)
  29. “But-“ (Kiel)
  30. “Kiel-kun! Stop saying selfish things!” (Raphtalia)
  32. Raphtalia warn him. Well, it’s not necessarily need to stop him.
  33. Even so…
  35. “These are the house that you had lived in.” (Naofumi)
  36. “Yes!” (Kiel)
  37. “Then, the new house that will be built here will be yours.” (Naofumi)
  38. “Eh?” (Kiel)
  40. The brat called Kiel looked at me with puzzled expression.
  42. “Understand the condition that you will become the one who will manage the communal house. You will become responsible for the place where the others are gathering.” (Naofumi)
  43. “U-un.” (Kiel)
  45. Kiel nodded to my ambiguous words (言葉を濁すようにキールは頷く。Anyone?)
  47. “That’s why — NOW! Firo!” (Naofumi)
  48. “YES!” (Firo)
  50. The moment Kiel showed an opening. Firo charges at the deserted house and promptly did flying kick at the fulcrum of the house and destroyed it.
  52. “AaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?” (Kiel) (TL: Yes, scream louder)
  54. Leaving the dumbfounded Kiel, I went to the next task.
  55. Before noon the materials for building houses and the castle’s soldiers that the queen prepared arrived.
  56. Stones, lumbers… and is it plasters?
  58. “Hero of the shield-sama objective is to reconstruct this place?” (Soldier)
  60. The soldier seems to have heard the story from the queen.
  62. “Aa, at the very least I want the roof to be constructed before the day end. I’m aware of this unreasonable request but I’m counting on you.” (Naofumi) (TLN 無理を承知で頼む I’m being liberal here)
  63. “We might be soldiers but we do have some knowledge about construction. So please leave it to us.” (Soldier)
  64. “Please do.” (Naofumi)
  66. Construction and…. Conscription but do they have any relations? (TLN : It seems the queen picked the soldiers that know how to construct stuff, probably engineer corps or something)
  67. And then I realized it was about to become noon
  69. “For the time being we will left the building to the soldiers, Raphtalia, Firo, and then Rishia.” (Naofumi)
  70. “Yes.” (Raphtalia)
  71. “Wha—at?” (Firo)
  72. “What is it? (Rishia)
  74. Those three replied to my call.
  76. “After this I will start making lunch, after you finished your meal you three along with the slaves will go out and begin demon extermination.” (Naofumi)
  77. “Understood.” (Raphtalia)
  78. “Yeah.” (Firo)
  79. “I’ll do my best.” (Rishia)
  80. “I’ll leave the squad composition to you. Having too much people will be detrimental on the EXP that will be obtained okay.” (Naofumi)
  81. (ED: Just from how they used their words you can guess who spoke)
  83. I haven’t attempted to do an actual measurement, just how much will the amount decreased?
  84. More like, how does the distribution system works? Or they sharing it I have no idea at all. (I have no Idea how to word this better than that それとも共有なのか今一理解していないんだよな。)
  86. “Is there anyone who knew the details?” (Naofumi)
  87. “Um…” (Rishia)
  89. Rishia raised her hand apologetically.
  91. “What?” (Naofumi)
  92. “The people who are inside the party receive the same amount of EXP. The maximum limit for that is 6 people. Any more than that will cause it to decrease.” (Rishia)
  94. Oh, so that’s why you were left out.
  95. Though if I said that she would probably cry ‘Fueee’ so it’s better to stay silent. It’s annoying
  96. In an expedition with a large amount of people there doesn’t seem to be a problem in dividing the group
  97. That mean that it is sufficient to organize 6 people in 1 team
  98. In the case that multiple team fighting against one demon it’s better to separate into different areas.
  100. “I’ve understand.” (「話は聞いたな」Not sure to go with literal translation or liberal)
  101. “Yes. Then we will be splitting up.”
  102. “Leave it to me.”
  104. I gave authority to Raphtalia to make a party.
  105. At the present the slaves numbered 8 that’s why Rishia led 2 person, Raphtalia and Firo led 3 person.
  107. “Then I’ll start cooking lunch so lend me a hand.” (Naofumi)
  108. “Yes!”
  110. Then the three people begin to help as much as they can.
  112. “Raphtalia-chan will be helping out?” (Kiel)
  114. Kiel who just recovered from his absentminded state began to stare at me when I am in the middle of making preparations for cooking while asking Raphtalia.
  115. He recovered pretty quickly. Is it because he is still a child?
  117. “Raphtalia-chan is bad at housework.” (Naofumi)
  118. “Erm…” (Raphtalia)
  120. With a troubled look Raphtalia send me a glance
  121. What? What kind of stuff do you expect me to?
  122. She seems want to show her friend his good side, Raphtalia timidly began to open her mouth.
  124. “Should I help?”
  125. “Should I just randomly grill some meat or make some soup? I would prefer it if it were a dish that I could just leave over a fire for a while.”
  127. The meal that I made tastes good so I’ve been the one who did the cooking
  128. I’ve already used to it. Lately everyone has been leaving the cooking to me.
  130. “It’s enough if you just help me clean-up.” (Naofumi)
  132. I began to cut the ingredients to chunks. The meat was large so it was kind of hard to cut with a cooking knife
  133. With that said, when Raphtalia was the one who cook the food they didn’t taste good and Firo just said to leave all the cooking to me…
  134. I ignore their complaints and began cooking.
  135. あ、盾の料理レシピで作るという方法もあるにはあるのだが、これには大きな落とし穴がある。
  136. 料理が楽になると霊亀と戦う前、カルミラ島で作ったのだが――。(TLN Sorry mOm)
  138. “Food is coming out of the shield!” (Firo)
  140. Firo stared at my shield enviously with great excitement.
  142. “Ah, It was made with the shield’s skill.” (Naofumi)
  143. “It’s awesome.” (Firo)
  145. And the food that served is spaghetti like food that is unique to this world.
  146. The name of the food seems to be naporata.
  147. To be honest It sounded like the variety kind of pasta from my world, the shield seems to change the name of the item so it resembles the item from my world.
  149. “It tastes somewhat… normal.” (Firo)
  150. “Yeah… normal.” (Raphtalia)
  152. Seems like the food quality was affected, it tasted normal and it doesn’t contain the subtle delicate tastes. (そう、品質の影響なのか、普通としか表現できない微妙な味の食べ物でしかなかった。)
  153. It doesn’t taste bad. But it doesn’t taste good either. It’s definitely normal.
  155. “Master’s cooking is way better.” (Firo)
  156. “That’s true. Even when it’s cold the food that Naofumi-sama made is still a delicious.” (Raphtalia)
  157. “I-I got it.” (Naofumi)
  159. For some reason those two had a reproachful gaze that made me remember that I’ve been looked at with those kind of eyes.
  160. Come to think of it, these two no longer satisfied by food from restaurant and only pleased by the food that I cooked.
  161. I don’t think it’s possible to become a gourmet after just eating my food once. But they do become motivated for that. (美食家気取りなのもどうかと思うが、一応食べはする。けどやる気の面で引っかかるというか。 TLN: Absolutely no idea how to made a sentence out of this and at this point, it’s a guesswork)
  162. Come to think of it, what if the situation where I am the cook got reversed?
  163. For the time being I better make a cooking team because at the moment there is no restaurant in the surrounding area. (とりあえず料理班もいずれ作らねば、じゃないと領地で料理屋をさせられかねない。)
  165. “Here, the food is ready, after you finished eating go out already” (Naofumi)
  167. I distribute the meat that I grilled above the crude iron plate and the soup that have been cooked.
  169. “As I thought this is absolutely delish.”
  170. “Yeah! It’s really good.”
  172. The slaves devour the food with smile on their face.
  173. I also treat the soldiers that made the house some food as well.
  175. “This…. I’ve never eaten such a delicious grilled meal before!?”
  176. “Are you kidding? They made some of those at the castle and they didn’t taste good at all.”
  178. The shield’s handmade correction is endless.
  179. Did you guys knead any salt and spice on the meat beforehand?
  180. The slaves devoured the food that I cooked.
  181. Nevertheless, there is no need to eat that much. (それでも、そこまで大量に食ってはいないな。)
  182. It’ll be bad if I don’t prepare enough food after they returned from levelling.
  184. “Now then, you lot, each and every one of you will be carrying a weapon and then you will fight.” (Naofumi)
  186. And with that declaration the slaves become scared.
  187. Just like the old Raphtalia, the girl turned pale when received the bladed tools.
  188. I hand the second-hand weapons that I got from the castle to them. Most of them are dagger designed for beginners.
  190. “Prepare yourself that unless you did not fight you will feel pain on your chest. And if you do that don’t ever think of returning to your hometown.” (Naofumi)
  191. “Gu….” (Keil)
  193. Kiel tried to complain to me on behalf of the others.
  194. But Raphtalia interrupt him and prevent him to say anything.
  196. “I don’t exactly need you people for anything. Only for territory development. But, because Raphtalia has been obediently following my orders you guys will become here present. So don’t make a misunderstanding or anything.” (Naofumi)
  198. The slaves glared at me provokingly.
  199. I’ve used to playing the role of the bad guy in this world. Besides, I’m not doing this for charity or anything. There is no need to anxiously worry about the future since I’m planning to return to my own world anyway. I need to prepare a place for Raphtalia so she can spend her time peacefully.
  201. “Now then… Firo, I want you to pick all the monsters that you defeat into the wagon. There are a lot of use for them.” (Naofumi)
  202. “Yeess!” (Firo)
  204. Mainly as food.
  205. Later, just like what Ren did I should absorb those stuff into the shield. (TLN : Probably as item instead of shield unlock)
  206. Right now there are a lot of meaning that there are still to do. (what? こっちは色々な意味でまだまだ先だと思うけどな。)
  208. “Come on, off you go then. See ya.” (Naofumi)
  210. I point at Firo’s carriage and ordered them.
  211. The slaves reluctantly ride the carriage. Firo started to pull the carriage and went to hunt
  213. “Mind the speed.” (Naofumi)
  214. “ye-s!” (Firo)
  216. The carriage made gotogoto sound as firo pulled them.
  218. “I’ll leave the house construction to you then.” (Naofumi)
  219. “U-understood.” (Soldier)
  221. I asked the soldiers to begin construction, set the shield to start compounding, and next is to start cooking.
  222. It’s only a little bit more until the demon egg hatched.
  223. Before the Spirit Turtle meat ran out I need to find a way to supply food.
  225. 「で……」
  226. (ED: I feel this is more like an expression rather than a meaningful word)
  228. The slaves that went together with Raphtalia returned back at evening.
  229. Everyone is exhausted. The demon that got defeated is loaded onto the chained carts. Right now we need food. immediately, they did good.
  230. But right now, there is something that is more awful.
  232. Guuuuuu……。
  233. Guuu……。
  234. Kyururururururu……。
  235. Gugyururururururu……。
  237. The sound sounded like roar
  238. I wonder what would happen when they suddenly increased in level at an environment where food is scarce? I’m slightly curious.
  239. Perhaps they won’t die but they’ll definitely starving. I think that while looking at Raphtalia.
  240. The body which is undergoing rapid growth want nourishment thus they became hungry.
  242. “You guys finally returned, did you guys fight properly?” (Naofumi)
  243. “Erm, everyone did their best.” (Raphtalia)
  245. Raphtalia answered with a smile.
  246. I saw the slaves’ faces and their expression are difficult.
  247. I didn’t ask for a Sparta kind of thing, but they seem to be unsatisfied.
  249. “Fuee…. So tired” (Rishia)
  250. “Oh, Rishia, how was your condition?” (Naofumi)
  251. “It feels easier to move than before.” (Rishia)
  253. Certainly her status is higher than before the level reset. With this battle should become a little more easier.
  255. “Rishia-neechan. Why are you wearing the plushie.” (Slave?)
  256. “That is because Rishia is a plushie mania.” (Naofumi)
  257. “Fuee!” (Rishia)
  259. Rishia tried to deny by shaking head, but there is no mistake about that.
  261. “It’s really that after all.” (Kiel)
  263. Kiel finally consented about the management.
  264. He hates me so he can’t trust me.
  266. “If you work it’ll be good. It’s dinner now.” (Naofumi)
  268. I put the spirit turtle stew and the steak that I have prepared beforehand on the table.
  269. I do this because I’ve been expecting it.
  270. I made a lot of them but they’ll definitely disappear immediately.
  272. “””Waaaaaa”””
  274. The slaves began to eat excitedly.
  275. Yoshiyoshi….
  277. “Master, Firo’s share?” (Firo)
  278. “You have it.” (Naofumi)
  280. I take out Firo’s part.
  281. They are about 1.5 times of the slave’s part.
  283. “Only this much? I want to eat more.” (Firo)
  284. “If you want more go hunt it yourself.” (Naofumi)
  285. “Buuuu” (Firo)
  287. Firo sulks.
  288. Sorry, but I’ve quite a large amount. I can’t serve only to just one person.
  290. “””Thank you for the meal”””
  292. What? When I was in the middle of chatting with Firo they already eat everything!?
  293. For the time being they are satisfied.
  295. “Alright kids, go to bed immediately for tomorrow’s preparation.” (Naofumi)
  296. “…Ye-s.”
  298. I crammed the slaves into one the house that the soldiers from the castle repaired for half a day, and the rest of us went into the house to sleep.
  299. The house’s windows are still broken, it can be used to defend from the rain but the wind is still blowing in.
  300. I wonder what I should do for tomorrow food.
  302. “I’ll sleep at the place where everyone is.” (Raphtalia)
  303. “Got it, I’m counting on you to make them used to it even if it’s just for a little bit.” (Naofumi)
  304. “Yes.” (Raphtalia)
  306. Raphtalia leave in order to sleep with her old friend
  307. Firo was already half asleep. コクリコクリとしている。(I can’t remember what the sound effect meant)
  308. Rishia id reading a book that she took out of nowhere. She is a hardworking person.
  309. I began compounding for the preparation of my next plan. While at it I went and checked the level of all slaves. It seems the average of the level that they raised is 15. All of their status rose as well. Judging from Raphtalia’s growth pattern, I want to raise the level of them even for those that are unsuitable to combat to at least 30.
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