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  1. KikoLeRogue9:07 PM
  2. I wrote a ticket, maybe they can sent it to him - but I cba drama because of that !@#$ so ye.
  4. Naemesis9:07 PM
  5. I mean you may have gotten it anwyay, I don't even know what dropped - it's just about that you equipped without even letting it go through the loot council
  6. and could have been a mistake, but your attitude when we dragged you in wasn't right
  7. And just logging off isn't anywhere near acceptable either
  8. But yeah, we'll talk after raid
  10. KikoLeRogue9:09 PM
  11. I said since the start that I just put a socket it by mistake. after patrick asked me about the legs I realised it and went to check what crt even has then I saw he has baseline so I got tilted cause of all the drama you make because of stupid socket lol.
  12. what you expect? ofc I cba raid like that. but w/e
  14. Naemesis10:11 PM
  15. The only thing we wanted to hear from you is that you understand how we do things and that equipping an item regardless of the reason for it is wrong
  16. And that it was a mistake
  17. But instead of that we just got "yeah sure, cba" muttered under your breath
  18. Like we're trying to be very respectful towards everyone always
  19. But this doesn't come across as respectful to what we've tried to establish at all
  20. I love playing with you and I think you're a great guy, didn't expect this kind of response at all when I dragged you into that channel
  21. And absolutely didn't expect you just log off and decline raid invites either
  23. KikoLeRogue10:19 PM
  24. ask patrick what was the first thing I replied to him when he asked me if I equipped?
  25. - I said I'll make a ticket so he can get it.
  26. and thats what I did. Do you honestly think I care much about loot?
  27. It was just an automechanism to socket the item I got.
  28. and yes, I reacted that way cause I got tired of drama because of a misclick which tourned out not even beeing relevant  (Yes, draging into channel with all officers is causing drama, when I already said I'll make a ticket about it).
  29. I want to raid to enjoy the game - thats why I stepped back from hardcore raiding, where you don't feel like oh another split .... so I decided to log of because I'm not raiding in bad mood anymore.
  30. In the end you may gained a socket but you lost a raider.
  32. Naemesis10:26 PM
  33. I mean I imagine you told him it was an accident?
  34. You literally said that you at least put some thought behind it because you saw other people go them as well though no?
  35. I any case legit, it could have been handled maturely and there wouldn't have been any problem
  36. It's just how you addressed it that wasn't OK
  37. We're trying to be up front about everything, never any reason to mumble stuff under your breath and create grudges
  38. We're all friends here, you included
  39. And these things don't fly
  41. KikoLeRogue10:28 PM
  42. how often do you want me to repeat it? I even said it in raider discord - do you want me to write an essay about it? - I checked crt afterwards when I already realised I put socket in it - so I was like ah ok its just socket upgrade but the mistake
  43. was already made.
  44. so saying I socket it by mistake and making a ticket about it is not the correct way?
  46. Naemesis10:30 PM
  47. That's fine, like I said numerous times now that's not the problem. The problem is that I approach you about it very calmly
  48. And I just get a weird mumbled response
  49. saying you cba
  50. and then you log off
  51. If you had just repeated that it was a mistake (like you did) in a calm normal way and said you understand how we do it and that it won't happen again
  52. That would have been perfectly fine
  53. And none of this would have been a problem
  54. My problem isn't that it happened, it's how it was handled afterwards
  56. KikoLeRogue10:32 PM
  57. is there any secret number of times something has to be repeated? I reapated it multiple times + the fact that in the end when I saw it was just a socket upgrade what is this drama all about it tilted me.
  59. Naemesis10:33 PM
  60. And do you think !@#$ in the guild never tilts me? That doesn't mean I mumble stuff under my breath and log off
  62. KikoLeRogue10:33 PM
  63. but its ok - we could also see it that way that if I already said it was a mistake and make a ticket about it - whats the point to discuss it further?
  65. Naemesis10:34 PM
  66. Well obviously it escalated when you decided to leave the raid and leave us hanging here even though you were planned in on the bosses
  67. Let's not pretend that that's not something that needs to be addressed
  69. KikoLeRogue10:47 PM
  70. no it escalated when you decided to give something thats already been said so much value.
  71. if GM tell me that its not possible, I'll just delete the legs.
  72. thats how little I care about them.
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