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Sequoia Session 9

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  1. [19:13:55 ][castfromhp] Last time, y'all stumbled your through quite the trip in a misty vernal pool, but now you're on track to your destination at Hollyhock Point again. It's already dark as you break out of the claustrophobic maze of trees in the forest and get your first glimpse of the town and its nighttime lights.
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  4. [19:18:13 ][Adrienne] "Looks nice," Adrienne comments. She checks her phone. Is it just regular night or is it "time to turn in" night?
  5. [19:18:25 ][Dann-] "Nice to see a bit of civilization after today."
  6. [19:18:58 ][castfromhp] It's "this is kinda late to have dinner, but places are probably still open" night right now.
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  8. [19:21:34 ][Percival] "Oh good, its far nicer here. It's a wonder to see the city after what we saw in the pools today"
  9. [19:21:36 ][castfromhp] Hollyhock looks a bit more developed than you might expect from somewhere surrounded by so much forest. No skyscrapers, but there are what are obviously office complexes here and there, and at a glance you see a fair share of common chains in addition to mom and pop stores.
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  11. [19:23:11 ][Dann-] "Anyone want to get some food? Or should we just check in at the Pokecenter?"
  12. [19:23:54 ]* Lucian scans through the city from afar, "You know, if I weren't from Dahlia I would say this place is a decent contender for Hipster Central."
  13. [19:25:07 ]* Dann- smirks, "Was Dahlia the Hipster Center before it was cool then?"
  14. [19:25:21 ][Percival] "Maybe we should check ourselves in. I can't imagine what sort of effects the plant life could've had if we stayed there."
  15. [19:26:16 ][@Doxy] DOING THAT THEN? Y/N
  16. [19:26:31 ][Dann-] Y
  17. [19:27:16 ][Adrienne] Y
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  20. [19:28:08 ][Lucian_] "No. It's just filled with those sorts of people"
  21. [19:28:23 ][Lucian_] "Nice try though Dann, but low-hanging fruit will get you nowhere with me. I don't anybody hasn't heard that joke at least a dozen times."
  22. [19:28:30 ][castfromhp] As you make your way into town, a couple of the residents still outside turn to wave and smile at you as you cross the gate into town. One young man further into town even stops at seeing your travel gear to point out where the nearest Pokemon Center is, where you receive a warm welcome from the staff and offers of snacks and drink as they set up a room for you.
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  24. [19:29:31 ][Dann-] "Well, one has to start somewhere when they know nothing of a city. You'll have to show me around if we ever make our way there."
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  28. [19:30:54 ][Lucian] "Not interested. Watching you flounder your way through a big city will be its own treat."
  29. [19:31:39 ][Dann-] "You might want to at least make sure I don't dig up any important statues or anything."
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  31. [19:32:19 ][castfromhp] (skip to morning, btw?)
  32. [19:32:27 ][Dann-] (think so)
  33. [19:32:43 ][castfromhp] Y'all wake up the next morning to someone knocking on your doors to let you know breakfast is being served in the Pokecenter lobby and that there are packages for you from Santalune.com. (I forgot if I said earlier that your rewards from the gym were delivered, but if I didn't, then here you go :V)
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  35. [19:34:37 ]* Dann- heads to the lobby to get some breakfast.
  36. [19:35:13 ][Percival] "Might as well get something before we head out again."
  37. [19:35:52 ]* Lucian rubs the sleep from his eyes and half-heartedly tosses the book resting on his chest on the nearby nightstand, climbing slowly to his feet as he shambles downstairs to the lobby.
  38. [19:36:07 ][@Doxy] There's a hearty breakfast of cereal, eggs, and fruit waiting for you in the lobby. The staff are obsequious about making sure you have everything you might need.
  39. [19:37:05 ]* Dann- also sends a text to Blintz: [Would you mind letting me know how that Surskit and Yanma are doing if you start looking at them? I was worried about them after the state we found them in.]
  40. [19:37:30 ]* Adrienne goes through her daily morning rituals first, then gets her package before she gets breakfast. "Hey, Percy."
  41. [19:38:09 ][Percival] "Oh hello Adrienne. Got your delivery?"
  42. [19:39:26 ]* Adrienne holds up the egg she picked as a prize. "Wanna tell me how to take care of this thing?"
  43. [19:41:37 ][castfromhp] Blintz texts back a simple [Sure], followed by a quick [They won't barf on me too will they?]
  44. [19:41:50 ]* Lucian sends a text to Lawrence while he's stuffing his face with too-sweet cereal, [Hey, I caught you a new man. You said you didn't know how to deal with fairies right? This puffball is totes up your alley]
  45. [19:42:04 ]* Percival looks over the egg. "Ah I see, of course, I would be delighted to help! I picked up one of my own as well."
  46. [19:43:47 ][castfromhp] Lawrence texts back: [Oh wow you sure work fast. I'm still not sure about fairies tho...]
  47. [19:44:05 ][Lucian] "Can eggs share an egg warmer? That's something breeders use for their work right?"
  48. [19:44:09 ][castfromhp] [One of them put something in our breakfast burritoes this morning :(]
  49. [19:44:30 ][Lucian] "You could split costs by buying on together."
  50. [19:44:55 ][@Doxy] (Percival already has an Egg Warmer :>)
  51. [19:45:25 ][Lucian] [lol yeah, these guys are real assholes. But use fire to beat fire, right?]
  52. [19:45:46 ][Lucian] [Like, at worst you'll have created a bigger fire but then, it would be /your/ bigger fire]
  53. [19:45:50 ][Percival] "They can be shared yes, they seem to be able to hold... around 4 I believe?"
  54. [19:46:39 ][Lucian] [Anyway, I might have a solution to any obedience problems. I picked up thee dumb rock that I think they hold some value in. I'll send some your way and you can try to use it as a bargaining tool]
  55. [19:46:43 ][Percival] "If you wished I could keep yours in there along with mine."
  56. [19:46:51 ][Dann-] To Blintz [I don't think they'll barf on you. The Yanma just seemed really spazzy at most.]
  57. [19:46:52 ][Adrienne] "Cool." Adrienne bites through an apple. "Getting your help with my egg would be really nice."
  58. [19:47:54 ][castfromhp] Lawrence: [Speaking of fires, Alex swore she'd roast the next fairy she saw alive so maybe be careful when you hand it over to me. What did you catch anyway?]
  59. [19:48:24 ]* Dann- finishes up his third helping of cereal and looks for Lucian. "So, how should we go about checking for lasting effects? Got any post-encounter tests you want to run?"
  60. [19:48:31 ][castfromhp] Blintz: [Yeah they're not the same kind of crazy as the Quagsire I can tell. I'll let ya know when we get more results in.]
  61. [19:49:00 ][Dann-] To Blintz: [Thanks, I appreciate it. :)]
  62. [19:49:16 ][Lucian] [It's a Spritzee! It's this cuddly and probably kind of evil pink bird that's made of fluffy feathers]
  63. [19:49:18 ][Percival] "I'll be sure to tell you if it starts moving so you can see."
  64. [19:50:30 ][castfromhp] Lawrence: [Sounds cute! I'm looking forward to meeting it. Thanks.]
  65. [19:51:15 ][Lucian] [Tell her I gave it to you guys as a gift.]
  66. [19:51:34 ]* Adrienne hands the egg over to Percy so he can incubate it, then looks over to Dann. "My guess is we could ask the folks here. They're probably more familiar with this kind of stuff, maybe?"
  67. [19:53:34 ]* Percival places her egg into the warmer along with his own. "Maybe there are some gardening folk that might know? They probably live around the stuff that made us all nearly loopy."
  68. [19:54:02 ]* Lucian puts down his phone and smiles at Dann, "Well for one, we go through the day and see if nothing comes up. Afterward we can go through a few reflex and stimuli tests. I doubt that stuff is potent enough to cause too much damage considering its use around these parts as a drug and ingredient in the moonshine but I'd rather not have to deal with any allergic reactions to the substance if possible."
  69. [19:54:47 ][Lucian] "Like the other two said, we should head around the city and learn as much as we can. Then we can head out again in search of Grandmpa Swamp."
  70. [19:54:55 ][Lucian] "...that isn't her name, is it."
  71. [19:55:30 ][Dann-] "Sounds good. I'll let you know if my throat starts swelling up or I discover any previously unknown appendages."
  72. [19:55:37 ][Adrienne] "Her name is Grandma Lou."
  73. [19:55:50 ][Dann-] "Swamp is pretty close though."
  74. [19:55:52 ][Adrienne] "Nice memory, though."
  75. [19:56:04 ][@Doxy] that reminds me
  76. [19:56:08 ][@Doxy] roll 1d100 for new appendagesw
  77. [19:56:27 ][Adrienne] 1d100 rolling for CoC action
  78. [19:56:28 ][CritSenpai] rolling for CoC action: 59 [1d100=59]
  79. [19:56:48 ][@Doxy] Adrienne is safe
  80. [19:56:56 ][Dann-] 1d100
  81. [19:56:56 ][CritSenpai] 1d100: 77 [1d100=77]
  82. [19:57:07 ][@Doxy] Dann's dubs keep him safe too
  83. [19:57:51 ][Lucian] 1d100
  84. [19:57:51 ][CritSenpai] 1d100: 38 [1d100=38]
  85. [19:58:02 ][Percival] "Hopefully the air is less harmful than what we found around the vernal pools."
  86. [19:58:06 ][Percival] 1d100
  87. [19:58:06 ][CritSenpai] 1d100: 7 [1d100=7]
  88. [19:59:06 ][@Doxy] Lucian and Percival too, remain wholly human.... for now
  89. [19:59:13 ][Adrienne] "The air around here is probably safe, since people live here."
  90. [20:00:48 ]* Dann- slides his chair back and stands up, stretching his arms above his head.
  91. [20:01:36 ][Dann-] "All right, did we want to go anywhere together immediately? I was planning get some training in with my team on the edge of town now." He pauses. "And for that matter, I wouldn't mind giving them each a look over to make sure they're ok too."
  92. [20:04:22 ]* Adrienne finishes off her breakfast and stands up. "I was thinking of hitting the books, and people who'd write books about this kind of stuff, learn as much as I can about the vegetation we found. That kinda stuff."
  93. [20:05:09 ][Lucian] "Yeah, I thought I would hit the library while I'm here, stock up on medical supplies, and check in the local clinics and hospitals to learn more about the hallucinogens.
  94. [20:07:08 ][Dann-] "Sounds smart. I don't have much inclination about what I should do after training. Anyone want me to check on something in particular?"
  95. [20:07:34 ][Percival] "Yeah, I was thinking of checking some of the local clinics to see if they know anything more on that vegetation we found. Tourists in the area might visit regularly if they wander off to that area."
  96. [20:08:39 ][Lucian] "Well, if you're just going to be wandering around after training, why don't you find out what the natives have to say. Try to find out what you can from Grandma Lou too."
  97. [20:09:24 ][@Doxy] (Grandma Lou is MISSING Lucian D: )
  98. [20:09:28 ][Dann-] "Great! Text me if we all want to meet up for something a little later." And with that, Dann heads to the edge of town for some quick training.
  99. [20:09:41 ][Lucian] about Grandma Lou*
  100. [20:09:44 ][Lucian] Sorry
  101. [20:10:28 ]* Dann- spends a good deal longer training today, checking in on each Pokemon that was exposed to the vernal pools in particular.
  102. [20:12:31 ][castfromhp] Dann, your Pokemon are mostly fine, aside from some of them being a bit woozy and out of sorts at the beginning of your training session. Stefan seems absolutely unaffected.
  103. [20:12:47 ][Lucian] "Somebody should look into those moonshine circles, by the by."
  104. [20:13:10 ][Dann-] After training, Dann wanders around town inquiring for stories about weird encounters with flora and fairy Pokemon in the surrounding environs. He also asks if there are any interesting sites for digging nearby (probing for Dowsing Rod attempts).
  105. [20:13:12 ][Lucian] "Some of the bootleggers have known to use strains of the plant in their brews, if I remember correctly."
  106. [20:18:28 ]* Adrienne would be doing exactly as she said, hitting up the library to read up on what she needed to. When the books were exhausted, she'd move onto asking about knwoeldgeable people so she could question them.
  107. [20:19:01 ][Lucian] 3d6+1
  108. [20:19:01 ][CritSenpai] 3d6+1: 14 [3d6=6,5,2]
  109. [20:19:15 ][Adrienne] 4d6+2
  110. [20:19:15 ][CritSenpai] 4d6+2: 22 [4d6=6,6,2,6]
  111. [20:19:18 ][Percival] "I'll look into it, it's pretty interesting that they'd use plants with such volitile effects in drinks."
  112. [20:19:31 ][Percival] 2d6
  113. [20:19:31 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 7 [2d6=6,1]
  114. [20:19:50 ][Dann-] 2d6 Gen Edu
  115. [20:19:50 ][CritSenpai] Gen Edu: 8 [2d6=2,6]
  116. [20:21:48 ][@Doxy] Adrienne: You find out plenty about the plant samples you collected! First of all, the thorny plants you found are non-native... but they're also just common thorny plants with no known side-effects. They're a quick growing species with particularly thorny brambles, sometimes used in hedges that are meant to keep people out. The herbs...
  117. [20:22:50 ][@Doxy] Well, they're native herbs and some of them are MILDLY hallucinogenic when eaten in large concentrations; but none of them would cause anything like what you experienced, and certainly not just by being in their presence.
  118. [20:23:52 ]* MasterlyPhone has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  119. [20:24:05 ]* MasterlyPhone (~AndChat29@Rizon-7F179E61.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  120. [20:24:39 ][zoofman] Lucian, when assisting with the research on the plant samples, you found some interesting discussion online about this Hollyhock Moonshine.  This stuff is pretty infamous, and you see a lot of unfortionate stories about college age kids all around the region getting alcohol poisoning (often fatal) each year from the stuff.  You also find Grandma Lou's blog and social media handles, because turns out she was pretty active
  121. [20:24:39 ][zoofman] about blogging against the distillery and distribution of this stuff.  Her latests posts indicate she was concerned about the stuff being distributed and trafficked during the convention.
  122. [20:24:45 ][castfromhp] Everyone: As you all spread out and search through the town, you notice it doesn't look quite as idyllic as it did at night when you first arrived. There are a few storefronts here and there with broken windows, and you see clean-up crews washing away graffiti saying stuff like "Lunas are loonies" and "Leeches suck". For the most part, people in town either ignore these or are overly apologetic but a little bit dismissive of
  123. [20:24:45 ][castfromhp]  the incidents when they notice you glancing towards a bit of vandalism.
  124. [20:26:18 ][zoofman] At the clinic you would both learn that incidents involving the drink are actually really rare around here, as the people who live out here and do use it are smart enough to be quiet about it, and to not poison themselves with the stuff.
  125. [20:26:59 ][zoofman] That said they shared Grandma Lou's concerns about any visitors at the convention.
  126. [20:28:36 ]* Lucian scans through them and saves the links on his phone for later reading and shares his findings with Adrienne. At the clinic, he asks what he can do if he sees somebody poisoning themselves on the stuff, besides the typical remedies for alcohol poisoning and immediately medical aid.
  127. [20:30:13 ][castfromhp] Percival: Asking around, you don't find many specialized gardeners who grow the kind of plants you're looking into, but you do get into a couple chats about the moonshine brewers. They don't operate in the town, but rumor has it that they run their operation from Greypine Peak, the mountain to the east.
  128. [20:30:25 ][zoofman] Dann, you meet a lot of nice people in town who absolutely LOVE to hear about your life story, but they have very little to contribute to your pursuit of knowledge!  That said one of the old ladies you speak with mentions that Grandma Lou has a Fossil Reanimator at her place, so maybe she might be able to help you on the dig sight front.  As for the girl...
  129. [20:34:56 ][zoofman] Well you don't see anyone who knows her but you do find an add for Raltselfest with an interesting tidbit - a note and picture about the guest DJ at the after party - D.J. Rhasha.  She's even wearing the same outfit in the add.
  130. [20:35:35 ][Dann-] "...well huh."
  131. [20:35:48 ]* Dann- takes a copy of the note if it seems reasonable to take one.
  132. [20:37:25 ]* Adrienne shares her findings with Lucian too. "Looks like this is a bust, all I figured out is the plants probably had nothing to do with it. Dead end, I guess."
  133. [20:37:34 ][zoofman] It's like the sort of thing you'd see in the window of a store. You could probably find one you can take with you around town, however.
  134. [20:37:43 ][Lucian] "Don't be so sure."
  135. [20:38:03 ]* Dann- tries to get a copy, at the very least to be able to show the others exactly what hallucination-girl looked like.
  136. [20:38:31 ][castfromhp] Percival: Adding to that...Though none of the florists in town you find seem to be able to help, you do get directed towards Angelo Leech, plant specialist of the Leeches, the first family to settle this area of the region. Given the family feud that's been escalating between the Luna and Leech families though, you're advised not to get too involved with either family right now.
  137. [20:39:33 ][castfromhp] Both families run large Pokemon ranches far from town, in more isolated and smaller settlements, but they have influence in town too.
  138. [20:40:06 ][Lucian] "The herbs might not be as conclusive as we first thought but let's not dismiss them that easily. For all we know the herbs might have a potent side effect when mixed with other active ingredients in those Pokemo diets, we could be dealing with a mutated super strain, or some other currently unavailable information."
  139. [20:41:24 ][Percival] "How strange, I wonder what sort of purpose they'd have these plants for."
  140. [20:41:33 ][Lucian] "The moonshine doesn't seem to have a direct correlation to the case either but that aside, the more I learn about it, the more I think we need to find Grandma Lou."
  141. [20:42:17 ][Lucian] "If her blog is anything to go by, she has a better read of the situation here than any of us do."
  142. [20:43:05 ][Dann-] Are we assuming we're all together now?
  143. [20:43:17 ][Adrienne] "Yeah... But we have no idea where she's gone to. Maybe we should check out her place once we're done here."
  144. [20:43:20 ][castfromhp] You guys can have met up again, yeah.
  145. [20:43:42 ][Lucian] "Hopefully the other two have found more conclusive leads than us."
  146. [20:43:50 ][Percival] "Hopefully she's alright, I can't imagine she'd leave too far on her own."
  147. [20:44:43 ][Lucian] "Well, on that note, there is the possibility that she was taken. However unlikely that is."
  148. [20:45:23 ][Dann-] Once Dann has heard what everyone else found, he offers a thought, "It might be more likely than we think. She was pretty anti-moonshiner, you said, right? Wouldn't the convention be a great source of distribution for them?"
  149. [20:45:47 ][Dann-] "Her absence certainly seems a convenient event for the moonshiners."
  150. [20:47:55 ][Lucian] "I'm not going to dismiss it out of hand but is it really something they would go this far for?"
  151. [20:48:04 ][Percival] "Should we peruse the convention possibly? Might there be a better lead on her location."
  152. [20:48:12 ][Lucian] "But anyway, are we all agreed that we need to find her?"
  153. [20:48:47 ][Lucian] "Even if she's not linked into this mess, I do think she would have some valuable insight for us as well as a better lay of the land."
  154. [20:48:58 ][Dann-] "Definitely. And I don't really know if they'd go that far. Have we met any of them yet? Gotten a read on their style?"
  155. [20:50:46 ][Lucian] "Not yet. It seems they're fairly active this time of year on account of the festival."
  156. [20:50:59 ][Lucian] "If we keep our eyes open I think we might learn something."
  157. [20:53:24 ][@Doxy] It's about 2pm after you finish roving the town for information, so you still have a lot of the day left~
  158. [20:53:39 ][@Doxy] What doin, gang?
  159. [20:53:53 ][Dann-] "Should we try to meet the gym leader?"
  160. [20:54:06 ][Dann-] "Oh, I almost forgot!"
  161. [20:54:18 ]* Dann- fumbles through his pockets and produces the ad.
  162. [20:54:35 ][Percival] "That may be a fine idea, oh? Found something?"
  163. [20:54:39 ][Dann-] "This! The girl on this ad looks exactly the same as the girl I saw. I really have no idea what to make of it."
  164. [20:55:01 ][Lucian] "He's going to be busy with the festival but I don't see why not. Somebody as active in the community as him probably has something to say about Grandma Lou."
  165. [20:55:15 ][Lucian] "Not much to say until we meet her, is there?
  166. [20:55:31 ][Lucian] "Is she in town already or will we need to wait for the festival to get underway first?"
  167. [20:56:21 ][zoofman] Yup, sure is an add.  Black hair with trendy blond highlights, mocha skin, island themed costume for the add.  D.J. Rhasha, performing at the afterparty for Raltselfest.
  168. [20:57:11 ][Percival] "You've never seen here before have you Dann?"
  169. [20:57:21 ][Dann-] "Not to my knowledge, no."
  170. [20:58:41 ][Dann-] "Looks like we should catch the afterparty performance. Or at least I intend to. Not sure what to even ask her though."
  171. [20:59:05 ][Adrienne] "Guess you'll have to wait until after the afterparty. Or you could try meeting her before, but your chances are probably really bad."
  172. [20:59:44 ][zoofman] Roll me General Education
  173. [20:59:56 ][Dann-] 2d6 Gen Edu
  174. [20:59:56 ][CritSenpai] Gen Edu: 4 [2d6=3,1]
  175. [21:01:02 ][Adrienne] 4d6+2
  176. [21:01:02 ][CritSenpai] 4d6+2: 15 [4d6=1,3,6,3]
  177. [21:01:39 ][Percival] 2d6
  178. [21:01:39 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 3 [2d6=1,2]
  179. [21:01:55 ][Lucian] 3d6+2
  180. [21:01:55 ][CritSenpai] 3d6+2: 10 [3d6=3,3,2]
  181. [21:03:15 ][zoofman] Clearly this performing artist is too underground for even Dann.  And Percival too, but that's not a silly pun.  She's not super star status, but Lucian at least recognizes the name from overhearing it in high school.  Adrienne knows a little more than that, that she's a popular local D.J. in the Dahlia club and EDM scene.
  182. [21:04:06 ][Lucian] "Oh, her. I've heard about her from some classmates back in school but I never went to any of her shows."
  183. [21:05:29 ]* Adrienne taps her chin. "Oh. I remember she's pretty popular in the local Dahlia club and EDM scene."
  184. [21:06:08 ][Dann-] "Does she have a penchant for visiting people by hallucination?"
  185. [21:06:44 ][Adrienne] 4d6+2 Does she?
  186. [21:06:44 ][CritSenpai] Does she?: 17 [4d6=3,6,3,3]
  187. [21:07:18 ][Lucian] "I think that might just be you going crazy."
  188. [21:10:55 ][Adrienne] "Ehhh. I think the better answer to that is, I think I saw the ad back in Oceanspray. Maybe you saw it too and just remembered it while hallucinating?"
  189. [21:11:06 ]* Dann- chuckles. "Yeah, I was mostly kidding. But, at the very least, if I've never heard of her before, someone or something must have been projecting the concept into my hallucination. I don't believe something like this could be coincidence."
  190. [21:11:27 ][Dann-] "Oh, well if the ads were in Oceanspray, I guess there's a chance I saw it." Dann shrugs.
  191. [21:11:57 ][Dann-] "Still going to that afterparty." He grins.
  192. [21:13:03 ][Percival] "It is strange that you saw an existing person. I mean you'd think an hallucination would produce something wild and ridiculous. We should check the afterparty simply for the sake of leads. There should be a good deal of people hanging around regardless."
  193. [21:13:07 ][Adrienne] "Have fun with that, I think I'll pass. Wanna go check out Grandma Lou's place?"
  194. [21:13:34 ][Lucian] "Hallucinations don't have to be strange and outlandish Percy."
  195. [21:13:50 ][Lucian] "In fact, you would be surprised to know how often they tend to be grounded in reality."
  196. [21:14:16 ][Percival] "Eh for being grounded in reality most of us were sure freaking out."
  197. [21:14:54 ][Lucian] "Just because you don't personally take note of something doesn't mean your brain doesn't recognize it, caching it away and fragmenting it"
  198. [21:15:22 ][Lucian] "Well, lava is a very real thing isn't it? You know that lava is hot and you assumed as much in your halucinations."
  199. [21:15:29 ]* CritSenpai has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
  200. [21:15:33 ][Lucian] "But have you ever encountered it in person?"
  201. [21:16:12 ]* CritSenpai (~CritSenpa@Rizon-2D2B5C14.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  202. [21:16:31 ][Percival] "Not that I can recall."
  203. [21:16:51 ]* cwstra (~cwstra@Rizon-2A054209.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  204. [21:16:57 ][Lucian] "It's like that. Things you brain knows and perhaps even things you're more or less aware of, presented to you in a manner you think is real in spite of how irrational you know it is."
  205. [21:17:34 ][Dann-] "I'll admit that I could have seen her before, but the fact that she's real gives me a feeling I can't shake. I feel like the hallucination was not just a chemical thing, but something deliberate. Possibly inflicted."
  206. [21:18:31 ][Lucian] "Like Adrienne said, he might have caught sight of an ad, forgot all about it and when his brain wanted to make space for more knowledge, shunted off the few recollections he had of the image and what he saw in the hallucation was the best his mind could come to recreating it."
  207. [21:18:52 ]* Stormsword82 (cgiirc@Rizon-9905003.mncable.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  208. [21:19:26 ][Lucian] "At any rate, it's not wort thinking of at the moment. We can't do anything to confirm Dann's hunch until we learn more about these hallucinations and it's unliekly we'll learn more abbout this mystery girl until we see this look-a-like of hers."
  209. [21:19:44 ][Dann-] "As another data point, I also heard the music the Bellsprout seemed to be dancing to. Hallucinations syncing up between those affected strikes me as odd."
  210. [21:19:56 ][Dann-] "But yeah, for now, we really can't do more than follow leads. I'm ready to head out. Should we try to catch the gym leader before attempting a several day trip to Grandma Lou's place?""
  211. [21:20:26 ][Lucian] "Might as well. He might be able to help us."
  212. [21:20:52 ][Dann-] When is the festival kicking off, by the way?
  213. [21:21:31 ][Percival] "Yeah, he might know of the goings on in the town better than anyone else."
  214. [21:22:26 ][castfromhp] Let's say...Five days til it starts, and it lasts for three days. Like a typical weekend con.
  215. [21:23:18 ][Dann-] How long were we told a trip to Grandma Lou's would take?
  216. [21:23:51 ][castfromhp] Two days each way
  217. [21:25:18 ][Dann-] Ideal
  218. [21:27:45 ][Dann-] So we head out to try to find the Gym leader, I think.
  219. [21:28:53 ][@Doxy] ALRIGHT~
  220. [21:30:45 ][@Doxy] The Gym, you learn, is actually a little bit outside of town, in the forest. Following the trail that's supposed to take you there, you eventually find... a small, stone castle sitting in the middle of the woods. It has a moat and everything, full of dark, still water. Thorny rose bushes grow all around the castle stones.
  221. [21:31:29 ][Lucian] "I can see he puts that League stipend to goof use."
  222. [21:31:32 ][Lucian] good*
  223. [21:32:34 ][Percival] "Huh, spared no expense in making it look like it popped right out of a fairy tale."
  224. [21:32:51 ][Adrienne] "I'm kinda impressed."
  225. [21:33:07 ][@Doxy] As you approach, you hear a loud clink, and the rattling of chains.
  226. [21:33:31 ][@Doxy] The drawbridge begins to lower, offering you passage over the moat as it settles.
  227. [21:33:52 ][Dann-] "I can dig this."
  228. [21:34:09 ]* Lucian nods, "It's not a bad look."
  229. [21:34:39 ]* Adrienne heads in first.
  230. [21:34:41 ]* Dann- moves to cross the drawbridge.
  231. [21:35:49 ]* Percival walks over the bridge.
  232. [21:37:12 ][Dann-] "Do any of us actually know anything about the content of his novels?" Dann inquires in a more hushed tone as the party passes into the expansive castle.
  233. [21:37:49 ][@Doxy] You cross the castle's drawbridge, heading into the tunnel through the outer walls. As you walk, you see a little light coming in through the murder holes above you. As you exit the tunnel, you find yourself in a huge courtyard filled with flowerbushes of all sorts. Right in the middle of the courtyard is a large, blocky tower, about three stories tall; the castle keep.
  234. [21:41:34 ]* Adrienne shrugs. "Nope." She heads closer to the castle keep. If there's a door, she'll knock.
  235. [21:42:31 ][Lucian] "Well, at least with a Fairy gym we don't have to worry about a Dragon swooping in to steal you away Adrienne."
  236. [21:42:37 ][@Doxy] There's a huge brass ring that can be used as a knocker. A few minutes after you knock, the large double doors open and a young man steps through the double doors.
  237. [21:42:43 ][Lucian] "Just...fairies, Which I guess is worse."
  238. [21:43:19 ][Dann-] "What about Altaria?"
  239. [21:43:56 ][Lucian] "Altaria is a Bird Pokemon."
  240. [21:43:57 ][Percival] "Hey, they haven't caused too much trouble other than a small attempted theft and mass fish faint in the ocean."
  241. [21:44:02 ][@Doxy] "Good afternoon, Trainers," the young man says, in a quiet, sing-song voice. "Have you come to test your wits and skill?"
  242. [21:44:23 ][Lucian] "Uh," Lucian looks at the others, "no?"
  243. [21:44:23 ]* Adrienne ignores Lucian's joke about dragons. "Yo," she greets the man. "Actually, we're here to ask about a few things."
  244. [21:44:26 ][Lucian] "I mean, not yet."
  245. [21:45:00 ][Percival] "I think we came here intitially to converse about the goings on in town."
  246. [21:45:10 ][@Doxy] (Pic: http://i.imgur.com/w1qBw9R.jpg)
  247. [21:47:09 ][@Doxy] "You've come only to converse? Then step inside, I have guests already in my parlor."
  248. [21:47:50 ][Dann-] "Thank you."
  249. [21:49:00 ][Lucian] "Guests?"
  250. [21:49:39 ][@Doxy] The man takes a torch from a sconce from the wall, and leads you through a dark, narrow passage. You pass another passage that seems to lead to some sort of large pulley lift, but keep going straight instead of heading towards it. Eventually, you come out... in what seems to be a rather modern - if fancy - foyer. He takes you down another hallway - this one spacious and well lit by
  251. [21:49:40 ][@Doxy] electrical lighting - and into a large and comfortable parlor.
  252. [21:50:08 ][@Doxy] You see Alex and Lawrence there, snacking sheepishly from the plates of cookies, fruit, and candies set in front of them.
  253. [21:50:22 ][@Doxy] Lawrence is holding a familiar-looking brown box.
  254. [21:51:14 ][@Doxy] "Welcome to my home, Trainers. Please, have a seat, and help yourselves to some confections."
  255. [21:51:34 ][@Doxy] The man sits in a large velvet armchair.
  256. [21:51:48 ][castfromhp] "Oh hello!" Lawrence says with a wave after swallowing a big mouthful of fruit. "Fancy seeing you here."
  257. [21:52:08 ]* Lucian smiles and waves at the pair, winking at Alex when he sees her beside Lawrence.
  258. [21:52:17 ]* Adrienne eyes Alex and Lawrence, greeting them with a "'sup." She takes a comfy chair and samples one of the cookies.
  259. [21:53:43 ][@Doxy] "Introductions first, then. I am Marion van der Klein, Fairy-Type Gym Leader of Hollyhock Point."
  260. [21:54:14 ]* Percival waves towards the two then takes a small sweet before sitting down.
  261. [21:54:26 ][zoofman] Alex looks extremely untrusting of this whole castle business, and her expression becomes even more dubious when you all enter.  Well, till Lucian greets them. "Hey," she manages while giving him the stink eye.
  262. [21:54:57 ]* Lucian sicks his hand out for a handshake but then thinks better of it, given their fantastical surroundings and instead sweeps himself into a courteous bow. "A pleasure to meet you, sir. My name is Lucian Lavarre and these are my friends and field partners."
  263. [21:56:44 ][@Doxy] As Marion sits, he grabs a couple of books on a table next to him, and begins signing his name on the cover of each one. After he's signed all four books, he stands up and hands them to Lawrence, who puts them back in the brown box he's holding. "There. And please tell Professor Grit I'm a fan of his work as well."
  264. [21:56:55 ]* cwstra (~cwstra@Rizon-2A054209.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) has left #SleeplessInSequoia (Off to find adventure)
  265. [21:57:19 ]* Adrienne does not make a crack about Marion being a girl's name. Instead, she swallows the cookie and introduces herself. "Hi, I'm Adrienne."
  266. [21:57:40 ]* Dann- puts on his most winning smile. "Dann Respin. A pleasure to meet you."
  267. [21:58:09 ][Dann-] He then sidles up near Adrienne and also samples a cookie.
  268. [21:58:23 ][castfromhp] "Thanks! He's going to be delighted. He says he's looking forward to attending the convention if he has the time." Lawrence says as he closes up the brown package again.
  269. [22:00:32 ]* Lucian just smiles back at her, completely unaware.
  270. [22:00:53 ][Percival] "It's great to meet you sir, what a nice castle you have. I'd be Percival Singsen, it's great meeting you."
  271. [22:01:54 ][@Doxy] "You know Professor Grit's Aides? Wonderful. It speaks highly as to the company you keep. What did you wish to discuss?"
  272. [22:03:56 ][Lucian] "Oh, we're actually investigating a few things on behalf of Professor Benedict. We thought we would stop in to see if you weren't busy to answer a few of our questions."
  273. [22:04:54 ][@Doxy] "Let's hear your questions then."
  274. [22:04:57 ][Lucian] "They deal primarily with Grandma Lou's apparent disappearance, the bootlegging rings, and the hallucinations we've encountered in our short while here."
  275. [22:05:03 ][castfromhp] Lawrence lingers just a little longer, snacking on the yummies Marion's laid out, before thanking him again and preparing to leave, beckoning to Alex.
  276. [22:05:16 ][Lucian] "...and I think Dann might have a question of his own regarding a vision he saw."
  277. [22:05:48 ][Lucian] Catching sight of Lawrence checking out, Lucian holds up a hand to excuse himself and breaks off to catch the two other Aides before they leave."
  278. [22:06:52 ][zoofman] Alex sighs and gets up, preparing for the worst as Lucian approaches
  279. [22:07:04 ][@Doxy] "Heavy subject matters, then. I'm not sure how much help I can be, but... if you have more specific questions for me, I'd be glad to answer as best I am able."
  280. [22:07:36 ][Dann-] "Regarding Grandma Lou's disappearance, do you have any leads on where she might be?"
  281. [22:08:48 ][Lucian] Lucian doesn't actually say anything to her, figuring she wants her space, and hands Lawrence a Pokeball and a five mastecraft kupo pebble. "Not sure how much it'll help but when I saw it, I thought it might fit well with you."
  282. [22:08:54 ][Lucian] pebbles*
  283. [22:09:19 ][Percival] "It's pretty strange she's gone amidst the various moonshiners coming out."
  284. [22:09:47 ][castfromhp] "Oh, this is the Spritzee, huh? You'll have to come meet me at the Pokemon Center to formally transfer ownership."
  285. [22:10:11 ][zoofman] "Colored pebbles..."
  286. [22:10:44 ][@Doxy] "Yes, quite strange. I hope nothing has happened to the old dame; she might have gone up against more than she could handle in taking on these peddlers of illicit liquors."
  287. [22:11:40 ][Lucian] "Sure, we're going to be setting out after this but if you send me a text I can by real quick to do that."
  288. [22:11:57 ][Lucian] can stop by*
  289. [22:12:25 ][castfromhp] "That'd be great. Thanks!" Lawrence eyes the Poke Ball a little warily though, remembering his incident earlier this morning with fairies.
  290. [22:12:59 ][Adrienne] "How violent are they usually? Is kidnapping part of their usual MO, or is Grandma Lou a unique case? Hypothetically, I mean."
  291. [22:13:41 ][Lucian] "If you need any help getting it to listen to you just let me know. But then, I think if you treat it the way I know you treat your other Pokemon it'll grow on you real quick."
  292. [22:14:58 ][castfromhp] "You sure are confident about these tricksters..."
  293. [22:15:56 ][@Doxy] "They're bullies; more apt to browbeat their victims than to draw blood... but if she confronted them directly.... well, beasts are most dangerous when cornered, no?"
  294. [22:17:22 ]* Lucian laughs, "I don't know about that but with Pokemon like this, I think you need to show them up front that you're willing to confront them head on."
  295. [22:18:17 ][Lucian] "So maybe it's not that I am confident about it but more...that you have to be. I've got my fair share of troublemakers on my own team."
  296. [22:20:07 ][castfromhp] "Alright, if you say so." Lawrence scratches his head. "By the way, what's got you and the others looking for Grandma Lou? The prof voluntold us to help the Watchers here look for her. Are you in on that too?"
  297. [22:21:09 ][Lucian] "No, nothing so official. We just really need her help on this case we're working on."
  298. [22:21:27 ][Dann-] "That is distressing, to say the least."
  299. [22:21:57 ][Dann-] "While we are concerned about her missing status, to be honest, we also really need her help for something else we're looking into."
  300. [22:21:59 ][Lucian] "And well personal reasons aside, there are certainly worse things to do than help find a missing person right?"
  301. [22:22:02 ][castfromhp] "Oh, well good luck. I'm glad we can cover more ground this way."
  302. [22:22:06 ][@Doxy] "Mhm, quite. I'm afraid there's no shortage of troubles in Hollyhock Point right now."
  303. [22:22:11 ][Lucian] "...say, if you're going to be looking for her, did you want to come with us?"
  304. [22:22:25 ][@Doxy] "Oh? And what's that?"
  305. [22:22:25 ]* Dann- explains the entire story of the Quagsire and its connection to the Bellossom and the vernal pools.
  306. [22:22:28 ][Percival] "Its more of a curiousity that we're looking. Anyway I see no reason why we shouldn't try to help."
  307. [22:23:34 ][@Doxy] "Pokemon betraying their natures, and becoming husks of their former selves, naught left but anger to be expunged through violence? How dreadful..."
  308. [22:23:53 ]* Dann- nods in agreement.
  309. [22:24:01 ][castfromhp] "We're supposed to check in with the Watchers and get instructions for where to go. I think it's better that way. There's a lot of forest to search, so the more people looking in different places, the better."
  310. [22:24:07 ][@Doxy] "I do remember the Bellossom Attack, though at the time I thought it might have something to do with the feud between the Luna and Leech Clans."
  311. [22:24:07 ][Dann-] "It upset me terribly to see the Quagsire in such an awful state."
  312. [22:24:31 ][Dann-] "What connection might there be to the feud?"
  313. [22:24:36 ][Adrienne] "Could you tell us about the feud? When did it start?"
  314. [22:26:28 ]* Lucian shrugs, "Point. I just thought it might be fun to travel together again but you're right."
  315. [22:27:09 ][@Doxy] "The Feud is generations old, but it had cooled down to a simmer for nearly two decades... until last year. Vandalism against businesses owned by each of those families has broken out - and I hear tell of family members being attacked at night, or having livestock mauled, stolen, or killed..."
  316. [22:27:19 ][castfromhp] "Hey, maybe after all this crazy stuff calms down." Lawrence says with a big grin.
  317. [22:27:36 ][Percival] "There were a good sum of the gardeners that pointed towards the Leeches when I asked about the plants."
  318. [22:27:38 ][zoofman] Alex has been puzzling over the pebbles the whole time, a little zoned out.
  319. [22:27:41 ][@Doxy] "Of course, the Lunas and the Leeches tend not to report such activities to the local constabularies; ah, for involving the police... well, that would reflect negatively on their own dealings, I would imagine."
  320. [22:28:42 ][Dann-] "Was the Bellossom attack particularly detrimental or beneficial for either family somehow?"
  321. [22:28:43 ]* Lucian waves a hand in front of her eyes, "Hey, what's up? Those rocks aren't that interesting are they?"
  322. [22:28:50 ][Lucian] "I thought Dann was the rock nerd."
  323. [22:29:39 ][@Doxy] "The Bellossom attack hurt a prominent member of the Luna family quite badly, who was out picknicking in the Thumb's shadow."
  324. [22:30:17 ][@Doxy] "Perhaps you could talk to one of my Gym Trainers - her name is Caitlyn Leech. She has actively extricated herself from her family's affairs, but still, she might know more than I about these matters."
  325. [22:31:49 ][Dann-] "That sounds like an excellent idea, thank you. I also have a more...peculiar query regarding a hallucination I experienced near the Big Toe."
  326. [22:32:00 ][@Doxy] "Yes?"
  327. [22:32:05 ][zoofman] "What the heck are they for?  He mentioned the Fairy you were giving him earlier, at least."
  328. [22:32:44 ][@Doxy] She writes down Caitlyn's number and hands it to Dann while he waits for him to explain about his hallucinations.
  329. [22:33:01 ][Lucian] "I have no clue. The fairies distracted us by playing dead and while our backs were turned the grabbed our things and stole some worthless items from our bags."
  330. [22:33:19 ]* Dann- explains his series of strange hallucinations, from the image of D.J. Rasha to the music in sync with the Bellsprout's dance.
  331. [22:33:21 ][Lucian] "And then packed our bags with all of these rocks."
  332. [22:33:45 ][Percival] "Hm, we'll be sure to talk with her."
  333. [22:34:40 ][zoofman] "Uh huh..."
  334. [22:34:44 ][zoofman] "Well..uh...thanks?"
  335. [22:35:21 ][Dann-] "So, I'm really not sure what to make of it. My friends think it might just be random hallucinations, though we're still chasing down the cause. I'm concerned that there might be a more...conscious presence at work. Do you have any insight?"
  336. [22:37:54 ][@Doxy] "I.... see. Well, I cannot say - even if they were only hallucinations, who is to say they were not guided by the power of your own subconscious, liberated from its earthly bonds with the aid of these mystic fumes? All is possible."
  337. [22:37:59 ][Lucian] "No problem. A girl like you deserves something more precious than pretty rocks but these will be more useful to you than diamonds and gems, I think."
  338. [22:38:29 ][Lucian] "...or not. I am pulling these hunches completely out of my ass."
  339. [22:38:50 ][Lucian] "They might just turn out to be worthless rocks."
  340. [22:39:00 ][Dann-] "I suppose what I meant is that I was curious if a fairy Pokemon could be responsible for this, uh, trickery? Since they are your specialty, I thought to ask you about it."
  341. [22:39:29 ][@Doxy] "It's exactly the sort of thing one of them might attempt if it had the means."
  342. [22:39:54 ][@Doxy] "I don't know of any specific Pokemon that readily have that ability but..."
  343. [22:39:59 ][@Doxy] He just shrugs.
  344. [22:40:50 ][zoofman] "..." She seems at a loss for words, for all the possible reasons.
  345. [22:40:51 ][Dann-] "Well, even hearing that you personally don't know of a Pokemon that can easily do that narrows down the options. So thank you." Dann gives him a smile.
  346. [22:41:51 ][castfromhp] "I'm sure we'll figure it out once I get to spend sometime with the little guy." Lawrence says optimistically. "We should get going soon though. Meet you at the Pokemon Center later, right?"
  347. [22:42:06 ][Lucian] "Sure, just hit me up."
  348. [22:43:42 ][@Doxy] "Is there anything else you would like to ask me, then?"
  349. [22:47:25 ][Dann-] "No, as far as I can think of, that's all we've got for now. If you do hear anything that might be helpful, regarding any of this, could you let us know?"
  350. [22:48:02 ][@Doxy] "Of course."
  351. [22:48:16 ][Percival] "Thank you for your time sir."
  352. [22:48:23 ][@Doxy] "My pleasure, young man."
  353. [22:48:46 ][@Doxy] "I do hope once you are finished with this business, you will all return to me so that we might conduct glorious battle."
  354. [22:49:15 ]* Lucian turns from the Grit Aides, "It's definitely on the schedule, sir."
  355. [22:49:48 ][Adrienne] "Coming here for a battle's on the to-do list," Adrienne tells him. "We've just got a fair bit on our plates."
  356. [22:50:12 ][Dann-] "Oh, I am quite determined to do just that." Dann says with a grin, "I'd just like to resolve these more unsettling matters so that I can battle with a clear head."
  357. [22:50:16 ][Lucian] "Besides, we only just earned our first badges all of two days ago."
  358. [22:50:49 ][Lucian] "I think we'd all benefit from a bit of training beforehand we went after our second badge."
  359. [22:51:33 ][@Doxy] "Ah, that you would. I will not take it easy on you despite - nay, because of - your obvious courage."
  360. [22:52:37 ][Percival] "WE'll be back most assuredly. Hopefully it won't be too long before we find what we're looking for."
  361. [22:53:40 ][@Doxy] "Wait here for a moment."
  362. [22:53:59 ][@Doxy] He returns a bit later, returning with a small bag, which he hands to Percival.
  363. [22:54:37 ][@Doxy] "Some supplies for your journey. It's not much, but I hope this package along with my thoughts lend you strength.
  364. [22:54:39 ][Percival] "Hm? Oh, what's this?"
  365. [22:54:40 ][@Doxy] "
  366. [22:55:03 ][Percival] "I see, that's much appreciated sir!"
  367. [22:55:24 ]* Lucian slugs Alex and Lawrence on their arms before they leave, flashing a grin at them before he rejoins with his own team.
  368. [22:55:53 ]* Adrienne stands up. "Thanks, that's pretty generous of you."
  369. [22:56:21 ][@Doxy] "If there is nothing else - well, I have many books to sign in preparation for Raltselfest."
  370. [22:56:27 ][@Doxy] "I will show you out."
  371. [22:58:14 ][zoofman] Alex spares Lucian a counter punch, still dazed from the pebble comments, and heads back to the PokeCenter with a parting wave.
  372. [22:59:24 ][Percival] "We'll return later, thank you very much for having us."
  373. [22:59:56 ][Lucian] "We appreciate all the help, sir. Hopefully the next we meet, we'll have Grandma Lou with us too."
  374. [23:04:24 ][@Doxy] Alright, he shows you out of the castle. The drawbridge pulls up as soon as the last of you steps off.
  375. [23:04:49 ][Dann-] "Does someone feel like calling Caitlyn?"
  376. [23:05:01 ]* Percival looks inside the bag.
  377. [23:05:24 ][Lucian] "I wasn't really part of that conversation but I don't mind dialing her up if you'd like me to."
  378. [23:05:29 ][@Doxy] Percival finds x6 Bandages, x4 Super Potions, and x30 Masterwork Pebbles!
  379. [23:05:44 ]* Lucian holds out his phone, "Someone send me her info."
  380. [23:06:02 ]* Dann- hands him the note he received with her number.
  381. [23:06:34 ]* Lucian punches in the numbers and walks to the Pokemon Center as he waits for the person to pick up.
  382. [23:06:34 ][Percival] "I got a rock..."
  383. [23:06:37 ]* Adrienne points at the pebble. "I feel like we're being pranked."
  384. [23:06:43 ][Lucian] "You mean 30 rocks."
  385. [23:06:57 ]* Lucian shrugs, "Hey, maybe my crackpot rock theory is actually true."
  386. [23:07:01 ][Percival] "I guess its time to hurl them off the roof at people."
  387. [23:07:05 ][Dann-] "Hey, worst case, we have even more masterwork rocks. I call it a win."
  388. [23:07:38 ][castfromhp] After just a couple rings. "Greetings, this is Caitlyn." A crisp and refined voice chimes from your phone.
  389. [23:11:11 ]* Lucian responds in kind, hoping his polished middle-class upbringing is enough to make a good impression, "Hello, Caitlyn Leech? This is Lucian Lavarre, an field assistant working under Professor Benedict. We were just at the Hollyhock Gym speaking to your boss and he thought you might be able to aid in our investigation. I hope we're not being too toward but are you available to speak?"
  390. [23:11:33 ][Lucian] "It has to do with the Bellosom attack some time ago.
  391. [23:13:12 ][castfromhp] "Oh I see, Marion referred you. I apologize, but I'm afraid I'm not in town right now. If you still wish to meet, I am not more than a half hour's walk from the Hollyhock Gym."
  392. [23:14:49 ]* Lucian relays this to his team, "Let me consult with my colleagues for a moment."
  393. [23:15:12 ][castfromhp] "Certainly."
  394. [23:15:23 ]* Dann- considers the news, "Well, do we have anything else to do in town? We could perhaps head out to meet her right now."
  395. [23:15:25 ][Lucian] "She's about half an hour from the gym. If we're heading out of the town anyway I think it would be a good idea to meet with her before we set out in full."
  396. [23:15:40 ][Adrienne] "No complaints from me."
  397. [23:16:01 ][Percival] "Might as well."
  398. [23:16:05 ][Lucian] "I need to run to the Center really quick to authorize a Pokemon transfership but if I really hoof it I should be able to catch up to you three before you get to her home."
  399. [23:16:43 ][Dann-] "We could all stand to grab a couple more provisions if we're heading out for four days. Maybe we can all head back to town, and then set out and catch her along the way?"
  400. [23:17:14 ][Lucian] er, not her home*
  401. [23:17:28 ][Lucian] Just wherever it is she's at
  402. [23:18:04 ]* Lucian nods at them and smiles as he speaks into the receiver, "That would be lovely. Are you at a recognizable landmark or would you be inputting coordinates for us to follow?"
  403. [23:20:05 ][castfromhp] "Oh yes, there's a hill behind the Gym with a path leading further into the forest. Follow it until you see a pastiche of fallen trees. You should find it quite easily. And be on your guard; I am investigating something quite dangerous at the moment."
  404. [23:20:37 ][castfromhp] "If you are a professor's research aides though, you should be fine."
  405. [23:20:52 ]* Lucian smirks at the team, "We are not unfamiliar with dangerous situations, no. I'm sure we'll be right at home."
  406. [23:21:06 ]* Dann- returns the smirk.
  407. [23:21:19 ][Dann-] "Ok, back to town, then meet outside town and walk to her?"
  408. [23:21:28 ][Dann-] "Meet outside after our errands, I mean."
  409. [23:21:33 ][castfromhp] "Then I look forward to seeing you soon."
  410. [23:21:45 ][Lucian] "It was a pleasure speaking to you Miss...Leech? Or would you prefer that I call you by your first name? Marion said there was circumstances with you and your family."
  411. [23:22:05 ][castfromhp] "Caitlyn will do." She says simply.
  412. [23:22:31 ][Lucian] "Then, I'm looking forward to our meeting as well Caitlyn."
  413. [23:23:19 ][castfromhp] "Thank you. Have safe travels." Click. Anything specific y'all are picking up in town (stuff that costs actual game money) besides basic provisions?
  414. [23:23:38 ][Dann-] Basic balls for me
  415. [23:23:46 ]* Lucian waits a few seconds before hanging up the phone and nods at the other aides, "There's a hill behind the gym we'll be meeting her at. I suggest you three grab whatever it is you'll need in the wilderness. After we meet with her I suspect we'll be heading straight toward Grandma Lou's last known residence."
  416. [23:23:48 ][Dann-] Otherwise, I'm happy to jump forward
  417. [23:25:10 ][Lucian] I should be fine on purchases I think
  418. [23:25:20 ][Percival] Couple basic balls, otherwise I should be fine unless there's something I should find of interest.
  419. [23:26:28 ][Adrienne] Nothing from me.
  420. [23:27:27 ][castfromhp] You all grab your supplies and set out past Marion's castle. The hill behind the Gym is steep, but the well-worn path makes it an easy hike into the forest. Your trek is fairly uneventful. Here and there you catch glimpses of a Mime Jr's pom or a Cottonee's fluff, but the local wildlife seems surprisingly content to leave you unaccosted...for now.
  421. [23:28:19 ][castfromhp] It's not long before you see what Caitlyn was referring to, a small area off the path where several medium size trees have been ruthlessly snapped and knocked to the ground.
  422. [23:28:52 ][Dann-] "...interesting."
  423. [23:29:22 ]* Lucian hums and releases Loptyr, eager to have a Pokemon on hand in case of something of an emergency.
  424. [23:29:31 ][Percival] "Strange, maybe she's training with some monstrocity?"
  425. [23:29:41 ][Lucian] He scans the horizon as they crest over the hill in search of the woman.
  426. [23:29:55 ][castfromhp] In the middle of the mess stands a black-haired girl carrying a parasol and wearing a long, lolita style dress. She has a ponderous look on her face as she looks over the area.
  427. [23:30:44 ][castfromhp] A floette flits around her head, surveying the area as well, and tugs at her sleeve when it spots your group approaching.
  428. [23:31:16 ]* Lucian whistles from afar to alert her to their presence and waves at the flower Pokemon when it notices them.
  429. [23:31:34 ][castfromhp] "You've made it here quickly." Caitlyn says, turning to face you.
  430. [23:31:45 ][castfromhp] ( pic: http://i.imgur.com/MkxODkV.jpg )
  431. [23:32:23 ]* Lucian nods and smiles, "Wouldn't want to leave a lady waiting, would I?"
  432. [23:33:10 ][Adrienne] "The hill was kind of steep, but besides that, there wasn't much to it. You must be Caitlyn."
  433. [23:33:51 ][castfromhp] "Yes, I'm Caitlyn. You must be Lucian." She says to Lucian, then turns to the others. "And you are...?"
  434. [23:34:11 ][Dann-] "Dann." Dann says with a nod and a small smile.
  435. [23:34:17 ]* Lucian gestures toward them and lets them introduce themselves in turn.
  436. [23:34:44 ]* Dann- glances at the shattered tree trunks, looking for anything that might give away what caused it.
  437. [23:35:14 ][Adrienne] "Adrienne."
  438. [23:35:21 ][Percival] "Sorry, I'd be Percival."
  439. [23:35:49 ][Lucian] "I thought we'd be jumping into business but not that I'm actually here, I have to ask."
  440. [23:36:19 ]* Lucian gestures toward the shattered trees, "What happened here? I didn't think there were any wild Pokemon out here big enough to cause this kind of damage on this scale"
  441. [23:36:20 ][castfromhp] "Well met, all of you." Caitlyn notices Dann's looking and comments. "I'm sure you're wondering what happened here. I am too, but you have other questions for me too, yes?"
  442. [23:38:14 ]* Lucian nods, "Marion told us you might have some insight regarding Bellosom attack, namely, your take on the Lunas pinning the damage to your family's gardeners."
  443. [23:38:37 ][castfromhp] "Well, if you are curious...You would be correct. Fairies are a more subtle type. But what happened here was not at all subtle." Caitlyn kneels down to clear out a small patch of ground and releases a green Golbat onto the ground. It looks quite severely injured and is covered in bandages.
  444. [23:40:14 ][castfromhp] "A prized Pokemon from the Leech family farms. I found it out here and have been nursing it back to health as I looked into what happened." A dark look crosses her face as she continues. "The feud did not used to be this violent." She says quietly. "Something has changed."
  445. [23:40:44 ]* Dann- grimaces at the state of the Golbat.
  446. [23:41:22 ][Percival] "Had it been escalating or did the violence suddenly jump up? That's awful what's happened there to the bat."
  447. [23:41:46 ]* Lucian clicks his tongue at the sight and asks gently. "Do you mind if I looked at it. Not that I don't trust you to care for Pokemon but I would feel more at ease if I gave it a checkup."
  448. [23:43:13 ][castfromhp] "There was a slow rise in tensions, but then one of the award-winning Houndooms from the Lunas' breeding stock was found totally exsanguinated. Naturally, they blamed the Leech family."
  449. [23:43:49 ][castfromhp] "Go ahead." Caitlyn says, backing up with a small curtsy.
  450. [23:44:51 ][Percival] "Really? Done to such a beast? I can hardly believe somebody would be that cruel."
  451. [23:44:57 ]* Lucian frowns, "That's preposterous. The amount of blood in an adult Houndoom...that's more than a Crobat could naturally take in, isn't it?"
  452. [23:44:59 ]* Dann- raises his eyebrows in disbelief.
  453. [23:45:19 ][Lucian] 4d6+2 Med Edu; 3d6+1 PokeEdu: How much blood can a Crobat drink anyway
  454. [23:45:19 ][CritSenpai] Med Edu: 16 [4d6=5,6,1,2]; PokeEdu: How much blood can a Crobat drink anyway: 14 [3d6=6,4,3]
  455. [23:45:22 ][Dann-] "They blamed a single pokemon of normal size for that? It's preposterous."
  456. [23:45:37 ][Adrienne] "Hey Luce," Adrienne calls out to him. When he's paying attention, she tosses him one of her bottles of water.
  457. [23:46:38 ]* Lucian nods respectfully and begins his check up, his supplies splaid out on the satchel he has on the ground.
  458. [23:46:40 ][castfromhp] "It certainly sounds ludicrous, doesn't it? But if only that were the only instance..." Caitlyn waits and watches as Lucian examines the bat.
  459. [23:47:09 ][castfromhp] Maaaaybe a particularly large Crobat would be able to drink a much smaller Pokemon dry, and even that would be gorging itself. A Houndoom? No way.
  460. [23:47:50 ][castfromhp] Med edu for the golbat
  461. [23:48:44 ][castfromhp] "You did not come here to ask into the family feud though. Or did you? You wanted to know about the Bellossom incident."
  462. [23:49:01 ]* Lucian goes through the typical examinations, testing the firmness of its muscles and wing span, checking the state of its fangs and the bandages currently wrapped around it (fixing them if they require it), and how its wings are doing in light of the damage.
  463. [23:49:07 ][Lucian] I rolled a 16 on Med Edu cast
  464. [23:49:17 ][Lucian] And I said crobat instead of golbat because I'm a retard
  465. [23:49:30 ][castfromhp] Oh I only saw the poke edu part my bad.
  466. [23:50:14 ][Lucian] The bottles clonks him on the head as he goes through the check, looking around to see where it comes from before turning his attention back on the bat.
  467. [23:50:41 ][Percival] "Both really, they seem pertanent to what's going on."
  468. [23:51:16 ][castfromhp] The bandges seem to have been sort of a rush job, but examining the bat you aren't really surprised. There must've been a lot of bleeding that Caitlyn wanted to stop and get wrapped up as quickly as possible. It's a wonder you don't see more of its blood on her, really. The thing won't be flying again for a while, but other than its large slash wounds, it's healthy and seems to have been well cared for, with impeccable fangs
  469. [23:51:16 ][castfromhp]  and a gorgeous coat.
  470. [23:51:25 ]* Adrienne facepalms briefly. "Honestly, the family feud might tie into the stuff we're looking at. It's a good idea to explore all the avenues."
  471. [23:51:33 ][Lucian] "Yes, it's difficult to say for sure but we don't believe the Bellosom incident to be...an isolated case."
  472. [23:52:27 ][Adrienne] "Lucian, just grab the bottle of water. It's healthy."
  473. [23:53:06 ][castfromhp] Caitlyn frowns. "I'm sure you've heard, but that Bellossom fought until its dying breath. I had never heard of a Pokemon in these woods, nevermind one of that species, behaving in such a self-destructive and feral manner."
  474. [23:53:17 ][Dann-] "So this Golbat's injuries are unrelated to the damage to these trees, yes?"
  475. [23:54:12 ][Percival] "...Maybe another one is running about?"
  476. [23:54:28 ]* Lucian slowly strips the bandages from some surgical scissors and rebinds them with his own, tighter and more neatly wound and then applies some of his personal potion patch cures, using them to seal up some of the creature's more grievous wounds. "I mislike the large cuts on its abdomen and it won't be flying any time soon but I should think it's on the road to recovery, no doubt due to your own...
  477. [23:54:29 ]* Lucian ...timely intervention.
  478. [23:54:42 ][castfromhp] Caitlyn looks around. "Unrelated? That's doubtful. Look at this." She walks a few steps and swings her parasol down to point at one of the fallen trees. There are deep grooves in it, as if made by a claw or other slashing implement.
  479. [23:54:55 ]* Lucian frowns at Dann, "Cuts these large dont happen out in the wild naturally, I don't think."
  480. [23:55:55 ][Lucian] "A Scyther maybe but are they indigenous to this area?"
  481. [23:55:55 ][Dann-] "Oh, I misunderstood. So the Golbat was found here, amongst this wreckage? How recently?"
  482. [23:56:17 ][castfromhp] "Thank you, Lucian. I shall have to care for it until it's better. I don't think the Leech family much needs more reason to lash out rashly."
  483. [23:57:03 ][Lucian] "I could be wrong but the slash marks are...too reckless to fit the MO of most sport trained Pokemon but entirely too vicious for a wild Pokemon's doing."
  484. [23:57:05 ][castfromhp] "Not more than..." Caitlyn pulls out her phone. "...Two hours ago."
  485. [23:57:16 ]* Dann- calls out Kai.
  486. [23:58:16 ][Dann-] "Kai, can you smell anything on these trees? Anything that might lead us to the cause?"
  487. [23:58:27 ][Percival] "Was this wreckage for fun? It's awfully strange in either case."
  488. [23:58:44 ][Lucian] "Most wilds aren't this ferocious this close to civilization and even then, few species to my knowledge will wantonly attack a Pokemon this fiercely outside of a territorial or survival dispute."
  489. [23:58:44 ][zoofman] Kai pops out, assesses the damage in the immediate area, and gets to work sniffing around.
  490. [23:59:13 ][Lucian] "And the latter doesn't make sense given this one's pedigree upbringing."
  491. [00:00:10 ][zoofman] A bit later, Kai makes the sound a fox does to alert you.  He's got his nose pointed at a splintered stump.
  492. [00:00:43 ]* Dann- moves to investigate the stump of interest.
  493. [00:01:04 ][Dann-] "What do we have here, Kai?"
  494. [00:02:14 ][zoofman] You get a closer look to see some tufts of fur caught in the stump.
  495. [00:02:50 ]* Dann- tries to pull some of the fur out.
  496. [00:02:52 ][Dann-] PokeEdu?
  497. [00:03:13 ][Lucian] 3d6+1 PokeEdu
  498. [00:03:13 ][CritSenpai] PokeEdu: 13 [3d6=6,3,3]
  499. [00:03:44 ][Percival] 4d6 PokeEdu
  500. [00:03:44 ][CritSenpai] PokeEdu: 10 [4d6=4,2,3,1]
  501. [00:04:00 ][Dann-] 4d6 PokeEdu
  502. [00:04:00 ][CritSenpai] PokeEdu: 19 [4d6=6,4,6,3]
  503. [00:04:05 ][zoofman] Well, based on the hue, being all red, and the texture, its pretty rough, you'd guess its one of the mammel Fire Types
  504. [00:04:13 ][zoofman] oh - 19 gets it, Arcanine fur
  505. [00:04:23 ]* Dann- whistles softly.
  506. [00:04:55 ][Dann-] "Arcanine." He breaths quietly, as he turns to the party with the evidence in hand.
  507. [00:05:45 ][castfromhp] "Can you tell that from so little?" Caitlyn looks intrigued and a little impressed.
  508. [00:05:50 ]* Lucian considers it, "An Arcanine /would/ be powerful to cause this kind of damage."
  509. [00:05:52 ][Percival] "Oh boy, one of those big dogs then? Hm, are those typical for around here?"
  510. [00:06:03 ][Adrienne] "Oh boy, Arcanine."
  511. [00:06:13 ][Lucian] "We are research assistants, Caitlyn."
  512. [00:06:19 ][castfromhp] "They are - on the Luna family ranches." Caitlyn says with a sigh.
  513. [00:07:14 ][Dann-] "For most Pokemon, I don't know that I'd have recognized it. But I've read a bit more about this one than most." He pauses. "I'd hate to meet the one that could be this brutal."
  514. [00:07:39 ][Adrienne] "Well, let's try and find the Arcanine culprit first before fingers get pointed. We don't know if the Bellossom built up to being crazy, or just went full out nuts."
  515. [00:08:07 ][Lucian] "The problem with that is that I doubt we'd find Arcanine out in the wild."
  516. [00:08:41 ][Lucian] "Stone evolution Pokemon are uncommon in the wild."
  517. [00:08:59 ][Lucian] "You're right though, we shouldn't point fingers just yet."
  518. [00:10:14 ][castfromhp] "Yes, can I ask you all to keep this quiet as you continue your investigation? Report to your Professor everything of course, but I do not think I can emphasize enough how much I would rather this petty feud not escalate further."
  519. [00:10:54 ][Lucian] "Agreed. We will be looking into this as it pertains to our investigation but I can see why we wouldn't want this getting out, especially with tensions as high as they are."
  520. [00:11:02 ][Percival] "Right, we'll make sure to keep it quiet with regard to the families here. None of us want to see anything else get hurt."
  521. [00:11:50 ][Dann-] "Agreed. All the same, Kai? Can you remember this scent?" He holds the fur out to Kai.
  522. [00:12:24 ][Adrienne] "I've got no inclination to kick the metaphorical beedrill nest."
  523. [00:12:51 ][castfromhp] Caitlyn idly twists a lock of hair around her finger as she thinks. "As to your original inquiry, what else do you wish to know about the Bellossom case?"
  524. [00:13:29 ][Dann-] "But in case the need arises to prove the culprit's guilt, this seems a good precaution. For that matter, if we can prove the Luna's Arcanines are innocent, it could even do far better for the feud. But we'd need a solid guess at the real culprit first."
  525. [00:14:59 ][Lucian] "Well, besides its suicidal rage, was there anything peculiar about its behavior? As though...it was seeing things that weren't there?"
  526. [00:15:13 ][Dann-] "You have our word that we'll keep this quiet for now. And of course, if we think it should come to light, we'll contact you."
  527. [00:17:24 ][castfromhp] "Seeing things? I am not sure how one would be able to tell...It was relentlessly aggressive, from what I heard. Indiscriminate and uncaring about collateral damage as it sprayed toxic pollens through the air, but never aimlessly."
  528. [00:19:13 ][Percival] "You think it might've had some goal in mind?"
  529. [00:19:42 ][Lucian] "So, inconclusive at best but not an outright dismissal at least. Hm." Realizing she might be confused he elaborates, "We're currently investigating the effects of a strange plant in a Pokemon's diet that might be causing this rash of aggressive behavior."
  530. [00:19:43 ][castfromhp] "The daughter of the Luna family patriarch was out on a picnic at the time, and she was caught in its rampage. As far as I know, she was not its -intended- target, and I am in fact unsure it had one. But she was badly hurt nonetheless."
  531. [00:20:13 ][Lucian] "I think it might have been attacking things it /thought/ were there or lashing out at things that, to it, seemed threatening and dangerous, yes."
  532. [00:20:44 ]* Dann- perks up with a sudden thought, "Apologies, this is somewhat off the Bellossom topic, but is there any third party of individuals that would benefit from the escalation of this family feud?"
  533. [00:20:59 ][Lucian] "If you're asking whether I believe something was planting a mental command in its mind, then no."
  534. [00:21:56 ][Dann-] "No, not so much to the Bellossom, but the exsanguination caught my attention. A Golbat could never drain a Houndoom, but I'm sure a clever human could find a way to drain a Houndoom. And that would sure look awfully like a Golbat's work to a less informed individual."
  535. [00:22:01 ][castfromhp] "A third party?" Caitlyn twists her hair again as she thinks. "Hollyhock's split about 50/50 between the Leeches and the Lunas. People may not wear their hearts on their sleeves, but alleigiances to the families run deep. Most everyone supports one family or the other, whether they're willing to publicly declare it or not."
  536. [00:22:30 ][Adrienne] "What about the moonshiners? Whose side are they on?"
  537. [00:22:45 ][Dann-] "Likewise, if there is a malicious third party, they would know that evidence of an Arcanine would point at the Lunas."
  538. [00:22:47 ][castfromhp] "So I suppose if someone were to try to destabilize the situation..." Caitlyn shrugs. "It would be idle speculation and outside of my area of expertise."
  539. [00:23:00 ][Dann-] "These clues could just mean exactly what they seem to mean, but I thought it was worth asking."
  540. [00:23:00 ]* Lucian nods, "We understand."
  541. [00:23:26 ][Percival] "I see, thank you for that information."
  542. [00:23:54 ][Lucian] "And really, it wouldn't take a particularly /clever/ human to drain a Pokemon of its blood"
  543. [00:24:11 ][castfromhp] "The moonshiners? The most I know about them is to avoid their wares and never venture up into the mountains alone. What they do is fairly independent of any local politics. They prey on tourists and the ignorant. People around here tend not to be unaware of their danger and aren't good customers."
  544. [00:24:16 ][Lucian] "Provided you had the means or equipment it would actually be...fairly easy."
  545. [00:24:30 ][Lucian] "They keep their operations in the mountains, then?"
  546. [00:25:02 ][castfromhp] "That is the local word. I cannot vouch for its veracity myself, but I've never heard otherwise."
  547. [00:25:11 ][Dann-] "Oh, I meant to ask: was the Houndoom apparently exsanguinated through a pair, or multiple pairs, or puncture holes?"
  548. [00:25:27 ][Dann-] "Or by some other wound?"
  549. [00:25:35 ][Adrienne] "Worth a shot asking," Adrienne shrugs.
  550. [00:25:52 ][castfromhp] "Two large puncture wounds. Larger than the fangs on any Crobat I've seen. And you would believe me when I've seen more than a lifetime's worth."
  551. [00:26:49 ][Lucian] "Right, that reminds me then. This doesn't have to do with the Bellosom case, not explicitly so, but would you happen to know anything about Grandma Lou's disappearance? We're currently looking for her and anything you might be able to add would be extremely helpful."
  552. [00:26:52 ][Dann-] "So at the very least, the culprit had some kind of large implement, fangs or otherwise."
  553. [00:26:57 ][castfromhp] "You may wish to ask some of the residents of the further out settlements about the moonshiners. But I would take care. They are a superstitious lot and less friendly to outsiders than those from Hollyhock proper."
  554. [00:28:15 ][castfromhp] "Grandma Lou? I'm a big fan of her blog." Caitlyn spins her parasol with a smile. "I would like to believe she is alright and simply preoccupied by her work. She once traveled with your boss, you know. I would not make light of her."
  555. [00:28:55 ]* Lucian smiles back in turn, "All the more reason we need to find her. We think her insight and experience in the area would help us blow this entire investigation apart."
  556. [00:29:42 ][Lucian] "...and supposing something /did/ happen to her, I don't think she would dismiss the help we might be able to give her."
  557. [00:30:55 ][castfromhp] "I hope so, I hope so." Caitlyn says with a sigh. "Is there anything else you would ask? I would breathe easier if I could take this Golbat back to town soon."
  558. [00:32:23 ][Lucian] "Mm, no I guess we're all tapped out. We're actually on our way out to Grandma Lou's last known residence now. Thank you for all you've done."
  559. [00:32:29 ][Percival] "That should be it? That was the majority of what we were curious about."
  560. [00:33:22 ][Lucian] "Before you go there, take these."
  561. [00:34:52 ]* Lucian digs into his bag and hands her a Potion Patch, "It's dangerous to go alone, you'll want these in case you come across another injured Pokemon, I think. It's my own special mix. Just apply them where you think the damage is worst."
  562. [00:35:39 ][Lucian] And then he holds his hand out to shake, "You did good work with that Golbat by the way, I don't think it would have been saved if you hadn't worked so quickly."
  563. [00:36:28 ][Lucian] "The bandages were a bit rushed but that's understandable given the circumstances. Honestly, I'm impressed you aren't covered in more blood considering the size of those cuts on it."
  564. [00:36:30 ][castfromhp] "You're too kind. Thank you." Caitlyn says with a smile as she puts away the pack, then shakes Lucian's hand. "Stay safe in your investigations, all of you."
  565. [00:38:10 ][Dann-] "We will. You be careful too. Whatever the source of these attacks, it's clear that they are willing to use plenty of force."
  566. [00:38:24 ][castfromhp] You do notice as you shake her hand, bits of dried blood at the edges of her sleeves. You're sure there'd be more covering her hands as well, but she probably just washed herself off before you got there. "I like to take particular care of my appearance when receiving guests."
  567. [00:38:53 ]* Dann- takes the tuft of Arcanine fur and seals it away in small plastic specimen bag. Just in case.
  568. [00:39:12 ][castfromhp] "Oh yes, one last matter. Did Marion perchance give you a bag of pebbles before you set out to find me?"
  569. [00:39:41 ][Adrienne] "Yeah, we got pebbles. Are they useful at all, or are they a prank?"
  570. [00:39:43 ][Lucian] "Oh yes, 30 some pebbles to go along with the 100 or so we found in the wilderness."
  571. [00:39:49 ][Lucian] "Why?"
  572. [00:39:51 ]* Percival hands her the bag. "Oh yes, he certainly did. What for anyway?"
  573. [00:39:54 ][castfromhp] "Good." Caitlyn says with a wry smile as she spins her parasol and turns to leave. "Stay close together and keep that on hand. Take care~"
  574. [00:40:25 ][Dann-] "As if I wouldn't keep such fine pebbles on hand at all times." Dann says quietly to himself with a chuckle.
  575. [00:40:45 ][Percival] "Alright... rocks?"
  576. [00:40:45 ]* Lucian looks at the parasol and dress and nods, "As I can well see. If I weren't looking for them I wouldn't have noticed a thing out of place."
  577. [00:41:17 ][Adrienne] "... I wonder when we're going to get an actual answer on these rocks."
  578. [00:42:24 ][castfromhp] You swear Caitlyn is quickening her pace, as if to avoid further questioning. Soon she's disappeared down the hill, and you're all left with a lot of leads to chase and quite the journey ahead of you!
  579. [00:42:35 ][Lucian] "Probably never. But I do feel better about sticking my bag full of them."
  580. [00:42:57 ][Lucian] "What a strange woman. Helpful, though"
  581. [00:44:00 ][Dann-] "I'm really pretty glad that the Arcanine was not still here."
  582. [00:44:49 ][Percival] "Yeah that'd be a giant pain if it was."
  583. [00:44:55 ][Lucian] "I don't think it's in the interests of whatever set the Pokemon out here to stick around for too long."
  584. [00:45:21 ][Dann-] "Well, if it was set here by someone. There's always the chance of a wild, however rare that might be with Arcanine"
  585. [00:45:29 ][Adrienne] "In the case we run into it and it's crazy like the Quagsire was, let's hope it's not as beefy as the Quagsire."
  586. [00:45:38 ][Lucian] "Granted, I'm still not convinced that the Luna family is complicit in this."
  587. [00:45:56 ][Lucian] "There are too many potential answers at present to point fingers will-nilly."
  588. [00:46:10 ][Lucian] "She seemed to want to get out of here in a hurry, though I guess I can't blame her."
  589. [00:46:36 ][Dann-] "I'm on your side there. It seems strange that the violence would escalate so quickly again without some kind of catalyst."
  590. [00:47:17 ][Percival] "There must be some catalyst out there, they might be doing a fine job of hiding it."
  591. [00:48:41 ][Lucian] "While the herb may not be the direct cause for these cases I have a hard time believing it's not related in some way."
  592. [00:49:48 ][Lucian] "It could be triggered or likewise, be a trigger itself to some other some kind of fast-acting agent that's really behind this behavior.
  593. [00:49:51 ][Lucian] "*
  594. [00:50:56 ][Adrienne] "Let's hold off on the wacky mental conditioning theories until just a bit later, alright?"
  595. [00:51:32 ][Lucian] "Agent as in, substance Adrienne."
  596. [00:51:57 ][Lucian] "Not the black-suited spectre you're conjuring in your head."
  597. [00:53:26 ][Adrienne] "I was talking about that."
  598. [00:53:33 ][Adrienne] "Not government conspiracies."
  599. [00:54:24 ][Lucian] "And...neither was I? I'm not sure I'm following you."
  600. [00:56:16 ][Adrienne] "... I think we're talking about the same thing."
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