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  3. [19:43] <Remilia> The moon rises on Gensokyo's skies as the night starts. Yet, the day only started on the Scarlet Devil Mansion and its inhabitants. Due to a pair of "intruders" wrecking into the mansion and thwarting the mistress' evil plan to spread red mist on the lands, the army of Fairy maids has been disbanded and deserted from their jobs.
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  6. [19:49] <Remilia> The remaining fairies and the few new recruits (That means you) stand on the living room, waiting for new orders. Suddenly, entering the room is a small blue-haired girl dressed on a pink pajama. Alongside her is the mysterious human Head Maid who recruited you. The small girl has a regal look even for her diminute figure and her gestures show her vast CHARISMA.
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  8. 06[19:50] * Kotone is totally only paying attention to Sakuya though. SO AWESOME
  9. 06[19:51] * Iryie is staring at Remilia. So fabulous.
  10. 06[19:52] * Naya looks around the room excitedly.
  11. 03[19:52] * Naya is now known as Patricia
  12. 01[19:52] <Patricia> ~~
  13. 06[19:52] * Vanilla flaps her wings slowly, floating in the air with a rapt look of attention. Today she'll be serious. Then they'll look at her, notice her deep seriousness, and praise her! She raises her fists up in front of her as she concentrates on all the praise she's sure to get.
  14. 06[19:52] * Punch stares at the others, trying to determine who to punch if the need arises.
  15. [19:53] <Remilia> 4 "Only those..." 1 says the little girl as she looks at the smallish crowd. She makes a majestic hand gesture as she adresses the Fairy maids. 4 "Hmph, you now have the honor to serve on this ancient mansion! While we have endured a brutal defeat through the hands of that damned Red-White and Black-White, you shall restore the good name of the Scarlet Devil Mansion!"
  16. 06[19:54] * Patricia still looks around excitedly.
  17. [19:54] <Kotone> "Ma'am yes ma'am!"
  18. [19:54] <Punch> "We'll punch'em out!"
  19. [19:55] <Iryie> "Ojou-Samaa..." Iryie's hands were clasped together, a band of silver on her head reflecting light.
  20. 06[19:55] * Iryie nodded reverently, fox ears aquiver.
  21. [19:55] <Remilia> 14 "Your speech skills are as perfect as ever, Mistress Remilia, but..." 1 says the Head Maid as she bows and whispers on the Mistress' ears. 4"W-w-what do you mean i'm still on my Pajamas?!" screams Remilia as she storms out of the living room and returns to her quarters.
  22. 01[19:56] <Patricia> "Eh? I didn't see that, do it again!" Patty blinks, realizing something happened while she wasn't paying attention.
  23. [19:56] <Iryie> "She must have just gotten out of bed..." Iryie's fangs bite into her bottom lip.
  24. 06[19:56] * Kotone continues beaming. :D?
  25. [19:57] <Vanilla> "What was she doing still asleep? D'you think master's gotten lazy?"
  26. [19:58] <Remilia> 14"Ahem, so it seems it's time for introductions, right? My name is Izayoi Sakuya, the Head Maid of the mansion. The following tasks should be done tonight. Don't worry, i made sure it's easy enough for you."
  27. [19:58] <Kotone> "Ma'am yes ma'am!"
  28. [19:58] <Punch> "Feh should punch sleep in the snout to show it who's boss."
  29. [19:58] <Iryie> "Mistress isn't lazy! She needs her beauty rest..."
  30. 01[19:59] <Patricia> "Oh! Stuff to do!" Patty flutters about excitedly. "Yay~"
  31. [19:59] <Remilia> A knife flies across the room and hits the ground near Punch as Sakuya evily glares on her. 14 "I heard that. This kind of behaviours should not repeat itself"
  32. [20:00] <Punch> "... fine, whatever."
  33. 06[20:00] * Punch eyes the knife, crossing her arms.
  34. 06[20:01] * Patricia begins rocking her head from side to side with a smile.
  35. [20:01] <Kotone> "What do you need us to do?"
  36. [20:02] <Remilia> 4 Tasks for this night: [Clean up Magical Library] [Gardening work] [Bring dinner to Mistress' Sister]
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  39. [20:03] <Kotone> (what'd I miss?)
  40. [20:03] <Punch> (nothing)
  41. [20:03] <Kotone> (someone just posted something when I accidentally closed)
  42. 01[20:03] <Patricia> "Ahhh...mmm..." Patty thinks really hard about what she wanted to try..."Oh! I'll go look at the pretty flowers in the garden then!~" She smiles.
  43. [20:03] <Punch> (oh, you mean the chore list)
  44. [20:04] <Iryie> "So dinner's prepared...?" the task was bring dinner, not make it technically...
  45. [20:04] <Kotone> "I'll clean the library!"
  46. 06[20:04] * Kotone 's eyes glitter as she thinks about a way to do it with KNIVES.
  47. [20:07] <Punch> "I'll get the garden." Punch flutters up off the ground, heading torwards the garden, adusting her sunglasses as she goes.
  48. 06[20:09] * Iryie somehow got her answer and headed for the kitchen, hoping she would then be able to find her way to the mistress's sister's room.
  49. [20:10] <Remilia> The garden of the mansion extends for a few meters. While normally roses and peonys grew with exquisite beauty, the flowers are all wilted and... frozen.
  50. 06[20:11] * Kotone flaps off to the library.
  51. 06[20:11] * Patricia floats off to the garden behind Punch, wondering if she liked flowers too.
  52. [20:11] <Punch> "Eh? What's this then?"
  53. 06[20:11] * Punch glances back at Patty and points at the garden.
  54. [20:12] <Punch> "What's with all the frost and stuff?"
  55. 01[20:12] <Patricia> "...the fabled blue roses that big sis told me about!" Of course!
  56. [20:13] <Punch> "They're supposed to be blue?"
  57. [20:14] <Remilia> Meanwhile, Iryie makes her way to the kitchen, but the mistress' sister room is nowhere to be found. Sakuya is arranging some dishes on the top of the table.
  58. 01[20:15] <Patricia> "Yeah! They're like all blue and pretty and stuff! That's what my big sis said!" Patty nodded confidently, floating over to the ice garden brimming with curiosity.
  59. [20:16] <Punch> "Oh, that's cool. Those ones over there don't look too good. I'll just punch'em a bit and see if they get better."
  60. [20:16] <Remilia> Kotone makes her way into the library. The massive corridors inside are all filled with displaced books and scraps of paper thrown around the floor. A bat-winged girl is doing her best to organize and clean it, but considering the gargantuan size of the place, it might take a good time.
  61. 06[20:16] * Kotone realizes she doesn't know where the library is, so she sets off in a random direction. Fortunately, it's the right random direction.
  62. [20:16] <Iryie> "Sakuya-Sempai! Where is the mistress's sister's room...?" the silver fox maid  leaned over the wheeled serving tray with covered food.
  63. 01[20:17] <Patricia> "Ehhh? Are you stuuuuupid or something?" Patty grimaced at Punch.;
  64. 06[20:18] * Kotone knows just the wro- er, right way to help. Spreading her black wings, she starts flapping really quickly. Raven whiiiirlwiiiiiiind.
  65. [20:18] <Remilia> 14 "...About that. She's on the basement. You can enter it from the trapdoor right there." says Sakuya as she points to the floor near the kitchen's stove.
  66. [20:18] <Punch> Flitting over to some of the wilted looking flowers, Punch starts punching them. "Am not stupid!"
  67. 01[20:19] <Patricia> "Ahh!! You punched it! You are stupid!" Patty screeched, pointing at the poor flower.
  68. 06[20:19] * Kotone only manages to kick up a cloud of dust in her face. Cough hack wheeze.
  69. [20:19] <Iryie> "Trap door, huh!?" she pushed the tray over near the kitchen's stove, looking around for a lever or something, "Hmm, how does it work..."
  70. [20:19] <Punch> "Well yeah, that's the point. Gotta punch the badness out."
  71. 01[20:19] <Patricia> "Stuuuupid."
  72. 06[20:20] * Punch squints through her sunglasses at Patricia. "Why'd think I punch things anyway?"
  73. [20:20] <Remilia> Kotone only manages to make the mess worse! The books are thrown around and disperse into paper scraps on the air. 5"Eeeek! Miss Patchouli is going to be mortified when she sees this!" 1 says the bat-winged librarian.
  74. 06[20:20] * Kotone is too busy sneezing to respond.
  75. [20:21] <Vanilla> "Weee~" Vanilla flies out of the trap door Iryie attempts to open. "Huh? Hey, Iryie."
  76. 06[20:22] * Iryie grabs a lid from the serving tray, ready to smack a trap door goblin. "EH!? Oh...Hi." she recovered the food, "...Trying to get through."
  77. [20:23] <Remilia> The roses are torn in pieces as they are punched into oblivion! Yet this doesn't seem to help much.
  78. 01[20:23] <Patricia> " broke them." Patty muttered.
  79. [20:24] <Punch> "Eh? Punching usually works..."
  80. [20:24] <Remilia> 14"You shouldn't play around on this place. Mistress Flandre should not be disturbed unless on feeding time. Now go!" 1 says Sakuya as she points a knife towards you.
  81. [20:25] <Punch> "Well I don't know what to do then."
  82. 06[20:25] * Punch crosses her arms and hovers over the mayhem.
  83. [20:25] <Kotone> After she finally stops coughing and hacking, Kotone calms down and actually starts dusting properly.
  84. 01[20:26] <Patricia> "Because you're stupid." Patty says as a matter of factly.
  85. [20:26] <Punch> "So're you."
  86. [20:26] <Iryie> "What did I do, this fairy got in my way..."
  87. 06[20:27] * Iryie moved atop the trap door again to try and go down.
  88. 06[20:27] * Vanilla flies out of the way. "Oh, geez, I'm sorry."
  89. 01[20:27] <Patricia> "Nuh uh, look!" Patty wanders over to the roses and flowers and looks them over. "See? No touching, no breaking."
  90. 06[20:28] * Patricia has revealed a great secret to Punch.
  91. [20:28] <Iryie> "It's ok, trap door fairy. I just don't want the food to get cold. Now how does this work..." her silver forehead protector gleamed.
  92. [20:28] <Punch> "Eh, really? Whoa..."
  93. [20:28] <Vanilla> "Umm... I just... pushed the door here." She points to the trap door, and then pushes against it from this side. "Ah. Only... it was up!"
  94. 01[20:29] <Patricia> "Hehehe, big sis taught me this. Since she says 'You goddamn fairies are only good for break ****, don't touch anything!'".
  95. [20:29] <Remilia> 5"Koa... i guess that's better. Still, the black-white stole a lot of our tomes." says the batwinged girl as she puts the books on their respective places while Kotone dusts them off.
  96. [20:29] <Iryie> "W-Wha? But I have to get this food to her fast or I'll be in trouble on my first day! O-Ojou-sama will never praise me..."
  97. [20:30] <Punch> "Your big sis sounds like she could punch a few people out."
  98. [20:30] <Remilia> Laughs start to echo through the garden as Patricia and Punch argue!
  99. [20:31] <Kotone> "What an awful blackwhite. If I see her it will be KNIVES EVERYWHERE." Kotone brandishes a few.
  100. [20:31] <Vanilla> "Oh! Umm... Okay, we're pushing backwards!" Vanilla pulls up the trapdoor, flapping her wings heavily.
  101. [20:33] <Iryie> "Right! Upwards." she moves the tray into position and pulls up the trapdoor with Vanilla
  102. [20:33] <Remilia> 5"She defeated me and Miss Patchouli, while the Red-White defeated even Mistress Remilia and Miss Sakuya! i don't think you can stand against them! By the way, i'm Koakuma." says the Librarian to Kotone.
  103. [20:34] <Kotone> "But but but how will I get any better if I don't try my hardest to protect the people I serve? Oh! I'm Kotone."
  104. [20:34] <Vanilla> "Hnnngh...! Uwah..." The fairy flies away in surprise at the force of the trap door opening.
  105. 06[20:36] * Iryie looked in to peer down the trapdoor, could she get the food down safely?
  106. [20:36] <Remilia> A ginormous chunk of ice crosses the garden and smashes Patricia while throwing Punch away! Standing before both of them is another fairy like you, but wearing a blue outfit matching her blue hair. 12"Hahahaha! You are nothing compared to the great Cirno! Eye'm the strongest there is!"
  107. [20:36] <Iryie> "I think I need some help trap door fairy."
  108. [20:37] <Punch> "EH!?" Punch lands on her bum, hopping to her feet and glaring at Cirno. "No ya ain't! Punch is the strongest!"
  109. 01[20:37] <Patricia> "Uwaaaaaaaah!!" Patty is nailed head on by the chunk of ice, nearly down and out. Not so much of a quick recovery for her.
  110. [20:38] <Vanilla> "Huh? Okay. If you need help, I'll help." Vanilla flies from the trap door and zooms down the stairs.
  111. [20:39] <Remilia> 5"Well, we can only try, huh?" says Koakuma before being interrupted by a strange sound coming from outside, like something heavy crashed on the ground!
  112. [20:40] <Iryie> "Huh? Did she ditch me!?" her fox ears twitch, wait were those stairs?
  113. 02[20:40] * Kotone ( Quit (Ping timeout)
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  115. 06[20:41] * Iryie picks up the tray itself to bring it down, even if it was a bit heavy she headed down the trap door after Vanilla
  116. [20:43] <Remilia> 12"This garden is now my playground! I heard the owner was defeated so she must be a shrimp!" yells Cirno as she throws another giant ice cube on the maids.
  117. 06[20:44] * Kotone hears yelling and flaps off to investigate.
  118. [20:46] <Remilia> Iryie and Vanilla manage to crawl through the basement dungeon until they reach a heavily locked room. A sign "DANGER, DO NOT ENTER" is scrawled on it, alongside many skull drawings and prohibited entry signs.
  119. [20:48] <Iryie> "OOohh, how ominous...Let's go inside! We gotta bring Ojou-sama's precious sister her meal." Iriye popped her knuckles and it sounded like scraping metal. She reached for the door with a flourish and opened it.
  120. [20:51] <Remilia> Strangely enough, instead of the omnious torture room the signs pictured, the room Iryie and Vanilla entered is a cute pink bedroom, with a large bed full of stuffed animals on top of it. Strangely enough, they all have their heads or members blown off and fluff covers the floor. A girl even younger-looking than the mistress stares at you both as you enter. 8"Eh, who are you?"
  121. [20:52] <Iryie> "The new help! Iryie Asane! And Vanilla! I've brought you Sakuya's delicious home cooked dinner." she wheeled the tray in
  122. [20:53] <Punch> "Eh-" Punch blinks at the ice cube, then frowns and closes her fist. Dashing forward with glow surrounding it, she punchs through the giant ice cube! "RIGHTOUS PUNCH: "BREAKING THROUGH THE BARRIARS!"
  123. [20:54] <Remilia> 7"Uuu~ I dun wanna dinner. I wanna play!" pouts Mistress Flandre as she looks away from the tray.
  124. [20:55] <Iryie> "B-But mistress Flandre! Sakuya worked so hard! Just look!" she took the coverings off the tray, hoping some aroma would whet her appetite. "You wouldn't want all this to get cold would you?"
  125. [20:56] <Remilia> Punch's punch throws a shockwave who pierces through the ice cube and smashes it while still hitting Cirno's face with extreme prejudice. She wipes her nose while trying to mantain a tough pose. 12"O-okay, that was luck of you, but how about your friend?" she says as she creates an enormous Icicle who flies in Patty's direction!
  126. [20:58] <Remilia> Flandre knocks the tray out of Iryie's hand! She points her hand to the dinner and clenches her fist, making it explode!
  127. 06[20:58] * Patricia was in the middle of recovering at the moment, rubbing her slightly bleeding forehead. "Owwwwwiiiie..."
  128. 06[20:58] * Iryie gasps, "Sister Ojou-sama! You'll starve!"
  129. [21:01] <Remilia> 5"I don't care, i hate this dinner!" With a mean look on her face, Flandre points her hand to Iryie the same way she did to the food tray...
  130. [21:04] <Remilia> The enormous ice javelin is a few milimiters to hit Patty! Everything is over for her! When suddenly, a strong wind blows and throws the icicle off-balance, making it miss the Fairy. The cavalry has arrived.
  131. 06[21:05] * Kotone brandishes a handful of knives. "As Sakuya-sama's greatest apprentice, I cannot let you pass!"
  132. 06[21:07] * Patricia looks up, question marks popping over her head in solid form. "W-what? What's going onnn?" She's baffled at how quickly things got out of hand, what hit her over the head anyways?!
  133. [21:08] <Remilia> Cirno gnashes her teeth in frustration after Kotone's sudden appearance.12"Why you! I don't care how many of you there are, i am still the STRONGEST. Prepare for my most powerful attack! ICICLE FALL!" 
  134. [21:09] <Iryie> "Sister Ojou-Sama! There's something behind your ear! What is it!? Oh, it's a silver dollar!" Iryie gestured near her ear and retrieved a large coin, "Ta-Da!"
  135. [21:11] <Remilia> 7"A silver coin! Do it again!" says an overjoyed Flandre as she lowers her hand, the killing instinct subsised for now.
  136. 06[21:12] * Kotone jerks to one side as a spray of icicles hits where she was a second ago.
  137. 01[21:13] <Patricia> "Eeep!" Patty zips between the ice bullet pattern as fast as she can with her newly recovered strenght. "I-I don't like this! She's mean!"
  138. [21:13] <Kotone> "Maybe if we team up, we can take her out!"
  139. [21:13] <Iryie> "Hehehe...What's that, I can't hear you? There's SILVER DOLLARS IN MY EARS!" she gestures and shakes her fox ear, coins coming out. "Have you ever heard of the game 'Dinner Destroyer?'"
  140. [21:14] <Punch> "What was that-" Punch is bowled over, taking the full brunt of the hail!
  141. [21:14] <Remilia> A multitude of icicles are thrown on the direction of the maids, strangely all of them with a huge blind spot on the front of Cirno. Knowing not it, Punch is impaled by them!
  142. [21:16] <Remilia> 7"Show me! Show me!" says Flandre while she claps her hands, laughing at Iryie's hijinks.
  143. 03[21:16] * Fuga ( has joined #MaidRP
  144. 06[21:17] * Iryie produces another tray from the cart that hadn't been destroyed, "I challenge you! Whoever finishes their portion of meat first and yells 'I am the dinner destroyer!' wins! The loser has to eat /vegetables/."
  145. 01[21:20] <Patricia> "Hey you!" Patty points to Kotone! "I-I need a distraction!"
  146. [21:20] <Kotone> "Okay!"
  147. 06[21:21] * Kotone charges forward, hurling knives! None of them actually seem to hit anything though.
  148. 06[21:23] * Patricia looks around her skirt for any sign of her spellcards. "Ahhh! Ahhh! I can't find them!!"
  149. [21:23] <Remilia> Flan chows down her meat on a matter of seconds! 7" Raaaawr! I'm the Dinner Destroyer!, sis Iryie!"
  150. [21:24] <Iryie> "W-Wow! I lost!" she had scarfed down hers pretty fast...Free meal! "Guess I gotta eat these gross vegetablees..." she scowled and dug in.
  151. [21:26] <Punch> "I'll show you who the strongest is!"
  152. 06[21:26] * Punch rushs up torwards Cirno, fist outstretched
  153. [21:28] <Remilia> Cirno easily dodges through the knives, however she's bruised after a charging Patricia bump into her and EXPLODES after being hitten by Punch's... punch!
  154. [21:28] <Remilia> 12"BUT I WAS THE STROOOONGEEEEEEEEEEST..." she yells while being thrown into the Fairy Lake by the impact.
  155. [21:29] <Kotone> "Ha! Serves you right!"
  156. [21:30] <Punch> "Eh, she wasn't so tough!"
  157. 06[21:30] * Punch floats around a bit, looking very proud of herself.
  158. 01[21:30] <Patricia> "Yay! We won!" Patty flourished lightly, still bleeding.
  159. [21:30] <Punch> "Anyway... you okay Patty?"
  160. [21:30] <Punch> "Ya got some red stuff on yer forehead."
  161. 02[21:31] * Kyre ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
  162. [21:31] <Remilia> 7"You are the only person who talked to me like that since that day, miss Iryie..."
  163. 01[21:32] <Patricia> "Eh? Yeah I'm okay." Patty blinked at Punch, question mark with a checkered pattern popping up over her head again.
  164. [21:32] <Punch> "Ahright then. What're we supposed to do next anyway?"
  165. 06[21:32] * Kotone searches her pockets for something to clean up the blood. SO MANY KNIVES SO FEW TISSUES
  166. 06[21:32] * Patricia bleeds~
  167. 06[21:34] * Kotone eventually just uses the skirt of her apron to clean up the blood.
  168. [21:34] <Remilia> The frozen roses start to return to normal as the freezing influence of the ice fairy starts to fade. Unfortunately, the punched ones are still... Dead.
  169. [21:35] <Kotone> "We uh should probably hide those somehow."
  170. 02[21:35] * Zemyla ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  171. [21:36] <Punch> "Hey, the rose's look a bit better now."
  172. 01[21:36] <Patricia> "Oh hey, you were the same color that I do!" Patty remarks about something beneath Kotone's skirt. "Aww, the poor flowers...that stupid fairy hurt them so much..."
  173. [21:36] <Punch> "Yeah, s'all her fault. She even punched some of'em."
  174. 06[21:37] * Vanilla zips straight into the room with Iryie and Flandre while holding a wok that was as large as her own body. "Ahhh, leave Iryie alone! Also, I'm sorry, Flan-samaaaa-!" Yells a delirious fairy, eyes shut out of fear.
  175. 01[21:37] <Patricia> "Yeah, she did!" Patty agreed, pointing at Punch.
  176. 06[21:37] * Kotone glances from Punch to Patricia. D:?
  177. [21:37] <Punch> "Eh?! No way, that Cirno totally did all the punching of flowers."
  178. [21:38] <Iryie> "Like how?" she said, finishing the cooked veggies.
  179. [21:39] <Remilia> Suddenly, someone enters the garden. 3"Eh, i see you got rid of the intruder before you came back here." It's Meiling, the gate guard! 3"I was taking care of the Front Gate when Cirno came past here, but i didn't thought she'd cause this much trouble."
  180. [21:40] <Punch> "Eh? You let her through?! She's the one who punched all these flowers y'know."
  181. [21:40] <Kotone> "....Shouldn't you have stopped her?"
  182. [21:41] <Kotone> "Unless."
  183. 01[21:41] <Patricia> "Ohhh...hi!" Patty waves to Meiling.
  184. [21:41] <Kotone> "OHHHHHHHHH."
  185. [21:41] <Kotone> "YOU'RE SO SMART!"
  186. 06[21:41] * Kotone beams.
  187. [21:41] <Punch> "Yup."
  188. [21:41] <Remilia> 3"I was taking care of other intruders! Yeah, there were like, a hundred of her cronies following her!"
  189. 06[21:41] * Punch grins at Kotone.
  190. [21:42] <Punch> "Did you make sure to give'em all a good punch in the nose?"
  191. [21:42] <Kotone> "What a way to test the loyalty and skill of the new maids!" Kotone is totally talking to Meiling
  192. [21:42] <Remilia> Flandre wipes a few tears from her eyes as she starts talking. 7"Well, since i fought with sister Remilia she has locked me here away from everyone."
  193. 01[21:43] <Patricia> "Ohhh! A test! That's---..." She tilts her head, trying to understand why that was so smart to begin with. She decides to simply nod for now.
  194. [21:43] <Iryie> "What did you do to upset Ojou-sama? I can't believe she'd lock up her precious sister...Maybe I can do something..."
  195. [21:44] <Remilia> 3"What do you mean by... OH YEAH, IT WAS TOTALLY A SECRET TEST. ONE THAT MISS SAKUYA SHOULD NEVER KNOW! Because that's how secret it is."
  196. [21:44] <Kotone> "Ooooooooooooh."
  197. 06[21:45] * Kotone nods seriously.
  198. [21:45] <Kotone> "Okay!"
  199. [21:45] <Punch> "Make's sense to me."
  200. 01[21:45] <Patricia> "You can count on me!" Patty simply agrees to not think about it too much, still confused as evident by the question marks swirling over her head.
  201. [21:47] <Remilia> 7"Well, she's been mad since i done something bad 10 years ago."
  202. [21:48] <Iryie> "That's far too long to hold a grudge against your sister! Do you have any ideas?"
  203. [21:51] <Remilia> 7"You should ask her, no me!" says the little vampire girl as she slunks on a corner of the basement. 7"I hate her."
  204. [21:52] <Punch> "So what're we gonna do now?"
  205. [21:52] <Iryie> "Well...I'll go ask her then! Don't hate Ojou-sama too much." Iryie scampers off up the trap door
  206. [21:53] <Kotone> "I guess we go in and see if there's anything else to be done."
  207. [21:55] <Remilia> Watching the surroundings for a little bit, Meiling enters the conversation. "Well, the flowers are really nasty looking. Maybe tomorrow morning you should take some more from the garden of the sun."
  208. [21:56] <Punch> "Eh? What's the garden of the sun?"
  209. [21:56] <Kotone> "Sounds sunny!"
  210. [22:00] <Remilia> 3"It's an enormous Flower Garden that Sakuya visited once. She said there are almost all kinds of flowers there and we may find the replacement flowers there. But looking as beaten up as you look i don't think it's a good idea to go today."
  211. 01[22:00] <Patricia> "Ohhh...that sounds so pretty! I definitly wanna go!"
  212. 01[22:00] <Patricia> "I bet there are lots of sunflowers there!"
  213. [22:01] <Punch> "I am kinda beat, not that it's a problem or anything. What're we supposed to do next?"
  214. [22:01] <Kotone> "We totally should go!"
  215. [22:03] <Remilia> "Well, you could, like, water and take care of the remaining flowers while i go back to the front gate to 'guard' it." says Meiling while actually doing the hand-quote gesture on the guard part.
  216. [22:04] <Kotone> "Hmm. Good idea."
  217. 06[22:04] * Vanilla flies out of the basement like a bat out of heck. "WellsonicetomeetyouFlan-samagoodbye."
  218. 06[22:06] * Kotone flaps off to do uh something else though. Like slack off or practice knifing.
  219. 06[22:06] * Iryie wonders if she really can confront Ojou-sama, and find out if she can patch things up with Flandre...She certainly didn't want to disappoint her. Ahh, so cute...Iryie flails as Vanilla flies out of the trap door.
  220. 01[22:07] <Patricia> "I'll do my best to revive the poor little flowers!" Patty assures Meiling with a salute and zips off to assess the damage.
  221. 06[22:09] * Punch flaps away from Meiling, looking around for something to punch that won't punch back...
  222. [22:09] <Vanilla> "Iryiieeee, that was scary..."
  223. 06[22:09] * Vanilla puts a hand to her chest and sighs. "Geez! That scary girl almost got you."
  224. [22:10] <Iryie> -Clang- "Hey, hands off my bra trap fairy."
  225. [22:10] <Iryie> "Yeah, that was close..."
  226. [22:11] <Vanilla> "But it's silky and comfortable..." Grab, grab. "W-Well, that was a good idea, tricking her into being your friend. Whew, you're a genius, Iryie!"
  227. [22:12] <Iryie> "But I wanted to be her friend...So cute..."
  228. [22:12] <Remilia> And so, the sun rises on the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The brave maids defeated the insolent interloper and saved at least the Garden from a chilling end. However, what kind of peril shall await them on the future? What enemies will appear to challenge the mansion's supremacy? Only time will tell.
  229. [22:12] <Remilia> Fin for now.
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