CPH tutorial

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  1. Make sure to join a server with not many people in it (only auto miners are effected by server population)
  2. Settings to use: full screen/fit screen with ad blocker on
  4. Auto miners
  5. +=+=+=+=+=+
  6. Before starting the auto miner make sure you are in the mines. then click the button and sit back and get them coins bois
  8. Ring the bell
  9. +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+
  10. Go to the docks and click the button. then sit back and get them tickets
  13. How to exit
  14. +=+=+=+=+=+=+
  15. For the auto miners you can exit right after you start mining (once you start mining you will have 14 seconds before the next cursor change and click happens.)
  17. For the ring the bell you have 5 seconds to close the program after you do a full game. (when you are back at the main docks location)
  20. Coded by:
  21. Bruris/Deadshot
  22. Dick Kickem/Craay
  24. Telegram for future updates:
  25. My username is Bruris on telegram as well so don't download anything anyone else sends you, only me. if someone does advertise something else like that message me and I will remove them.
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