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Dec 16th, 2015
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  1. 9:20 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey: "THERE’S ANOTHER NOVEL I WANT TRANSLATED" yet the content sounds like u r advertising it for other translators XD
  2. 9:20 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey: eve though no one would probs pick it up :(
  3. 9:23 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey: when u say that it isnt exucted in a cliched way, can u elaborate how (a bit curious)
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  6. 10:02 PM - Connected again and rejoined chat.
  7. 10:03 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey: hey?
  8. 10:21 PM - ミミズク: hiya
  9. 10:21 PM - ミミズク: was in the shower
  10. 10:22 PM - ミミズク: : "THERE’S ANOTHER NOVEL I WANT TRANSLATED" yet the content sounds like u r advertising it for other translators XD
  11. 10:22 PM - ミミズク: yeah, i am
  12. 10:22 PM - ミミズク: i mean, i can read japanese
  13. 10:22 PM - ミミズク: so i can already enjoy it by myself
  14. 10:22 PM - ミミズク: i just want others to enjoy it too
  15. 10:22 PM - ミミズク: so i can talk to them about it
  16. 10:22 PM - ミミズク: 9:23 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey: when u say that it isnt exucted in a cliched way, can u elaborate how (a bit curious)
  17. 10:22 PM - ミミズク: basically the cliche is some modern japanese girl
  18. 10:22 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey: i said it wrong, i meant it sounded like u KNOW someone would pick it up
  19. 10:22 PM - ミミズク: reincarnating in an otome game
  20. 10:22 PM - ミミズク: and making 'funny' comments about everything that happens
  21. 10:23 PM - ミミズク: in this story, however
  22. 10:23 PM - ミミズク: 1) the game is based on the world. it's another god's world, and a sadistic god kills a really happy and popular japanese girl because he wants to see her despair-filled last moments
  23. 10:24 PM - ミミズク: 2) the main character is the villainess character that she possesses, not the japanese girl herself. she just sits inside the villainess, and chats to her
  24. 10:25 PM - ミミズク: 3) instead of being about a japanese person in a villainess' body, and changing things around, here the japanese girl just talks to the villainess and helps her become a better person. for the first half, it goes well, but it's more about 'telling' the girl what to do, and the girl getting good results. nothing as hard as 'helping a person realise their faults'.
  25. 10:25 PM - ミミズク: but that's lampshaded
  26. 10:25 PM - ミミズク: bceause after a failure, sakura realises herself that she was being overbearing in her methods
  27. 10:25 PM - ミミズク: by then, though, the villainess has already learned to appreciate other people, even if she still believes that nobles have rights as nobles
  28. 10:25 PM - ミミズク: and 4) is a bit of a spoiler
  29. 10:25 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey: i dont mind
  30. 10:26 PM - ミミズク: okay
  31. 10:26 PM - ミミズク: well
  32. 10:26 PM - ミミズク: basically the reason sakura possesses lilia
  33. 10:26 PM - ミミズク: is because after a certain date, she's going to kill lilia by taking over her body
  34. 10:26 PM - ミミズク: so the story is both about the cuteness and sweet interactions between the two of them
  35. 10:26 PM - ミミズク: who end up like sisters
  36. 10:26 PM - ミミズク: as well as the inner conflict about effectively betraying lilia to steal her body
  37. 10:27 PM - ミミズク: even if when sakura made the deal, she hadn't met lilia yet, and lilia was just 'villainess' to her
  38. 10:27 PM - ミミズク: the reason number 4 is sort of, non-cliched
  39. 10:27 PM - ミミズク: is because so many stories just have this character in another world suddenly being overwritten by some japanese person
  40. 10:27 PM - ミミズク: and that's like, the end of it. never mentioned again.
  41. 10:27 PM - ミミズク: here, the fact that somebody is being overwritten is made into part of the plot.
  42. 10:28 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey: sounds interesting
  43. 10:28 PM - ミミズク: it's sweet
  44. 10:28 PM - ミミズク: the author had two endings in mind
  45. 10:28 PM - ミミズク: and in the end the happy ending is the official one
  46. 10:28 PM - ミミズク: but i'm pretty sure the other was just sakura eventually being given a way to kill herself
  47. 10:28 PM - ミミズク: and just disappear
  48. 10:29 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey: thats dark
  49. 10:29 PM - ミミズク: not so much
  50. 10:29 PM - ミミズク: it's sad, because some dickhead god decided to kill her
  51. 10:29 PM - ミミズク: but well, that's life lol
  52. 10:30 PM - ミミズク: if there really is a god around, heaps of people meet that end every day
  53. 10:30 PM - ミミズク: perfectly happy, popular, academically successful people suddenly dying
  54. 10:30 PM - ミミズク: due to leukaemia, or a car accident
  55. 10:30 PM - ミミズク: hell, this girl who went to my high school
  56. 10:30 PM - ミミズク: 1 year below me
  57. 10:30 PM - ミミズク: died in her sleep right after she was accepted into a university
  58. 10:31 PM - ミミズク: because of some blod clot tumour issue in her brain
  59. 10:31 PM - ミミズク: she was like 18 at the time, and had a mad future ahead of her
  60. 10:31 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey: thats unfortunate
  61. 10:31 PM - ミミズク: yeah
  62. 10:31 PM - ミミズク: anyway, sakura herself is really cute
  63. 10:31 PM - ミミズク: and energetic
  64. 10:31 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey: i would hate to die like that wen i got a good future :(
  65. 10:31 PM - ミミズク: and really seems to love lilia
  66. 10:32 PM - ミミズク: which might sound weird, but it's because she already once experienced 'unable to go against god'
  67. 10:32 PM - ミミズク: i mean, she died and lost everything after all
  68. 10:32 PM - ミミズク: so the time she spends with lilia, she just ignores reality
  69. 10:32 PM - ミミズク: because she's concluded that she can't change it
  70. 10:34 PM - ミミズク: brb a bit
  71. 10:54 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey disconnected.
  72. 10:54 PM - BlacBrick the Monkey entered chat.
  73. 10:58 PM - ミミズク: back
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