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TVTropes: Villain Sue examples - September 20, 2011

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  1. !!FanWork Examples
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  6. * In the ''HarryPotter'' fandom, many {{Fan Fic}}s star a new character (or [[PossessionSue Hermione Granger]]) as Voldemort's daughter, who falls in love with Draco and plots Harry's downfall.
  7. ** There exists a relatively dedicated subgenre of ''Harry Potter'' fanfics where Harry progressively gets [[DarkFic darker and darker]], either to defeat Voldemort or to replace him as [[EvilOverlord Dark Lord]] [[strike:[[StarWars of the Sith]]]]. No matter which ways things go, he usually ends up as either a VillainSue or a MaryTzu. Or both.
  8. * There are ''tons'' of ''FullmetalAlchemist'' fanfics out there that contain a new homunculus of sorts. Bonus points if said homunculus is named Jealousy, Rage, Hope, etc.
  9. ** Just as likely is a fan-made Chimera character to join Greed's posse. Most often, it's someone who's half-lion or half-tiger or half-eagle... or half-any popular MarySue animal.
  10. * ''DannyPhantom'' fic: Oh, look, Vlad Plasmius has an evil son...
  11. ** Well, Vlad has a history of trying to make evil children... Well, an evil clone of Danny. But the thought's still there.
  12. * The primary antagonist of the ''WorldOfWarcraft'' fanfic ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5567629/1/Stand_of_the_Exiles Stand of the Exiles]]'' fits this trope. Among other things, he manages to get the heroine (who is [[JerkSue a Sue in her own right]]) pregnant (''with her consent'') before getting killed by her love interest (who is ''[[ThirtySuePileup also]]'' a [[PuritySue Stu]]).
  13. ** Another ''WorldOfWarcraft'' fanfic where the antagonist was billed Daala style as a [[InformedAbility skilled tactician and warrior]] without any real indication of it and he would consistently beat the heroes unless their DeusExMachina [[MyKungFuIsStrongerThanYours was more powerful than his.]] The author also gave him a FreudianExcuse that was as lame as it was run of the mill (ye olde dead wife). His character was more like an itemized list of the traits of a Villain Sue than an actual character.
  14. ** Worth noting that thanks to Gameplay features, these probably more accurately actually capture Warcraft than a non-sue story would.
  15. * In ''AceAttorney'' fanfiction, new members of the [[BadassFamily von]] [[BigScrewedUpFamily Karma]] family almost always end up square in this trope; painfully obvious attempts by the author to make a MagnificentBastard that turn out '''''[[SmugSnake wrong.]]'''''
  16. *  "Shreya To Jinx" is a ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' fanfiction that takes the villain character of Jinx and paints her as a hidden hero of all existence, by way of making sure Raven defeats Trigon, as Raven's the only one who can hope to do so. Borderline in that she's still defeated many times by the "''heroes''" as in the show (as the story runs parallel to the show itself) and she is not given any more skill than we are shown, but she's "burdened" with knowledge that would require an encyclopaedia sized book to keep straight.
  17. * [[http://lilithborne.wetpaint.com/page/Hinata+Toragami Hinata Toragami]] of ''[[{{Yu-Gi-Oh}} Yu-Gi-Oh! Negative Zero]]'' is omniscient, undefeated at Duel Monsters, and the heir to a leading ''zaibatsu'' -- and this was ''before'' she got infected with the Light of Ruin. She is also not very nice, although the story stops short at depicting her as evil -- the closest she comes is completely annihilating the main character in a duel and then humiliating him to boot.
  18. * Almost every inserted villain in a fic based around [[HypnotizeThePrincess Brainwashing female characters]]. Especially if the women don't put up a fight and nobody bothers to stage a rescue for them. Even more blatant if there are rescue attempts that end up being easily thwarted.
  19. * O.B.A.M.A. in ''Fanfic/FuckTheJesusBeam'' managed to start 95 world wars and remain in office for over fourteen thousand terms. After being released, he [[spoiler:brainwashes [[GodModeSue Kaminic]],]] immediately takes control of the Bombignats and Fetii and creates his own universe. Even [[spoiler:Kaminic destroying his private universe and unleashing the force of 1,492 Big Bangs against him]] is not enough to destroy him.
  20. * {{Ri2}}'s works have had these as major villains. The fact that these fics are quite good anyway tells you about his skill.
  21. ** ''FanFic/AMatchMadeInHell'' has three villains of this power level, pretty much topping each other one after another.
  22. ** ''[[FanFic/LatiasJourney Latias' Journey]]'' has [[spoiler:Deoxys and The Beast]], who pretty much send everything to hell (almost literally) causing pretty much every disaster that has happened throughout the plot, corrupting several iconic characters in a way that would make Lovecraft cringe, killing several more, and their minions are vastly more powerful than anything else in the setting. The main characters only manage to stop him because they had a literal ''god'' on their side, and even then they only won because [[spoiler:Mewgle has ChronicBackstabbingDisorder]].
  23. ** The sequel, ''FanFic/BraveNewWorld'' isn't quite so bad in this respect (at least, ''NOT YET''), though it's pretty clear that BigBad [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Oblivion's Shadow]] is at the high end of the power spectrum.
  24. * Wily-bot Sues in the [[MegaMan Megaman]] fandom have a few common traits: They're absurdly powerful for a Robot Master, they're friends with every other Wily-bot, and they hate Megaman's guts. Bonus points if they don't follow the RM naming convention and/or are prototypes of another, very powerful robot (usually Bass or Zero).
  25. ** It's somewhat common for Sues who work with the [=RMs=] to hate Wily instead of (or [[RonTheDeathEater in addition to]]) Megaman, thus allowing them to either [[RelationshipSue nab their RM of choice]] or do totally "badass" stuff while remaining [[JerkSue "neutral"]]. [[http://ranaythemarysue.tumblr.com/tagged/Why_Ranay_Is_A_Sue One case]] pulls the "I'm a bad guy but not really!" card so hard (she allies herself with the [=RMs=] and calls Megaman a murderer ''to his face'', yet is trying to get those same [=RMs=] away from Wily and is somehow buddies with Roll) that it makes them (among other things) an unholy hybrid of Villain Sue and ''[[PuffOfLogic Purity Sue.]]''
  26. * The demonic SonicTheHedgehog from the old version of ''A Sorcerer, A Demon and Emeralds''. For six entire chapters the rest of the Sonic cast do everything in their power to stop him - and this is after they've been upgraded themselves and gotten older - all they do is utterly fail to so much as land a serious blow on him and he defeats every single of them. Oh, and rapes every female character while he's at it too.
  27. ** If memory serves, this fic spawned a great deal of [[FollowTheLeader copy-cat fics]] that were [[BeyondTheImpossible even worse]]. Some probably didn't bother with the "possessed by a demonic horror beyond human comprehension" bit.
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  30. !!Canon Examples
  32. [[folder:Anime and Manga]]
  33. * ''{{Digimon}}'': Myotismon (or Vamdemon in Japanese). Starts out awesomely {{Badass}}, definitely the next step up on the SortingAlgorithmOfEvil. However, by the end of his arc, he winds up taking NewPowersAsThePlotDemands to SilverAge Comicbook/{{Superman}} levels. By the time he was disintegrating powerful attacks with a wave of his hand and sending a charging [=MegaKabuterimon=] flying smack into Garudamon by ''pointing,'' you knew it was time for this arc to end (and it did soon after, but not before he went BeyondTheImpossible one more time by turning into a {{Kaiju}}.)
  34. ** However, his rather [[TalkingTheMonsterToDeath undignified]] death in the second season kind of makes up for this.
  35. ** It is implied that he was empowering himself with the fog he had conjured and amplified through the TV antenna, as well as by drawing on the fear of the people he was rounding up. The fact that, up till that point, he never stayed in a battle which he might have lost also suggests that he was artificially powering himself.
  36. *** He was also still badly hurt by a single blast from Angemon's (a Champion-level Digimon) Hand of Fate, which disintegrated Phantomon (himself an Ultimate-level Digimon) ''before'' it hit Myotismon. Though an angel vs a vampire does tend to favor the being of light...
  37. *** To be fair, Angemon and Holy Angemon were never really bothered by Digimon levels in the first place. Devimon, Myotismon, Piamon, Black Wargreymon, what-have-you; Angemon/Holy Angemon seem to be able to give anyone a fight.
  38. * Nakago from ''FushigiYuugi''. He spends the entire series being a CompleteMonster ManipulativeBastard, yet [[KarmaHoudini gets to go to heaven anyway]] because [[YuuWatase the author]] [[DracoInLeatherPants liked him]] [[WordOfGod best]].
  39. * The BigBad Radim from the hentai fantasy manga ''{{Dawn of the Silver Dragon}}'' is a VillainSue of an [[IdiotPlot utterly retarded caliber]]. He sets the plot in motion by doing something that's ''explicitly stated to be impossible'' to enslave a member of the Silver Dragons, the in-universe equivalent of a female police officer, then escapes several times through mind-boggling omnipotence and utterly broken powers. This is amplified by the fact that the protagonists seem to be, with one exception, complete idiots and the fact that ''[[VillainWithGoodPublicity the entire government is on his payroll]].''
  40. ** It's mostly the other characters' sheer stupidity that's problematic.
  41. * Naraku of ''InuYasha''. As the series' main BigBadEvilGuy, he's supposed to be monstrously strong. What he's ''not'' supposed to be is [[DiabolusExMachina a demonic incarnation]] of IAmNotLeftHanded. For most of the series, '''literally''', every time our heroes got an edge or found a secret technique for doing Naraku in, he's either already immune (Finding out what day of the month his human side fully manifests wouldn't work, because Naraku could move it around at will), already countered it (Found a magical attack that can actually kill me? Too bad [[SoulJar I hid my soul somewhere else]]), or they work but he [[VillainExitStageLeft somehow manages to escape]] easily recovers, [[AdaptiveAbility usually getting stronger in the process]], [[ItOnlyWorksOnce then it never works again]] (Kagome and Inuyasha have both blown his entire goddamn body up only for his NighInvulnerability to [[StrongAsTheyNeedToBe suddenly be strong enough]] to let him survive as a head then make a new, stronger body). The fact that these measures [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands often come out of nowhere]] (or at least have little explanation as to why he wouldn't already use them) or take an ungodly huge amount of plot to develop doesn't help.
  42. * The fifth ''{{Naruto}}'' movie has somehow managed to create TWO Villain Sues! The first is [[spoiler: the newly introduced [[SailorEarth Zero-Tails Tailed Beast]] that [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere literally comes out of nowhere with no foreshadowing whatsoever]] and proceeds to beat the crap out of Naruto, HannibalLecture him on his past failures and on how much he sucks without the Nine-Tails, and then forcibly transforms Naruto into his four-tails form against his will!]] And THEN there's [[spoiler: The BigBad of the movie, who is retconned into being the one who taught '''''Orochimaru''''' his Immortality Jutsu. What puts him into this territory is that he fakes his own death, which somehow fools both an expert medical ninja and the goddamn Byakugan, and then, in his inevitable fight with Naruto, he [[DangerousForbiddenTechnique unlocks]] [[HeroicRROD all eight gates]] [[IThoughtItWasForbidden WITHOUT DYING]], and [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown gives Naruto one of the worst beatdowns he ever received]]!]] [[OnlyTheAuthorCanSaveThemNow The only reason he loses is because of a]] PlotHole.
  43. ** The sixth movie has the main antagonist, Hiruko. He has [[spoiler:utilized FOUR bloodline limits that were NEVER MENTIONED IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE, his chimera technique, put a mind control spell on KAKASHI HATAKE, can LEVITATE, can copy ANY attack thrown at him, including Raikiri and the regular Rasengan and use both at the same time, and is only defeated by Naruto's Rasenshuriken. He also experimented on many people in the Hidden Leaf to become the ultimate being. And even as he dies, Kakashi ACTUALLY FORGIVES him simply because he felt sorry for Hiruko being weaker than his teammates.]]
  44. ** There is also Sasuke in Part II. After [[spoiler: his betrayal of the village]] Sasuke has used his [[SuperpowerLottery Sharingan]] [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands powers]] to exploit the mistakes of [[AssPull otherwise expert ninja]]. He [[spoiler: beat Deidara's C4 move with his [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands new ability to see microscopic levels of chakra,]] and was also able to escape his [[TakingYouWithMe CO attack]] by [[DeusExMachina summoning Manda (a summon that even Orchimaru had trouble controlling) and brainwashing it with his Sharingan.]]]] Along with this he [[spoiler: killed Danzo, who was a going to be the leader of one of the most powerful villages in a world where [[AssKickingEqualsAuthority ass kicking equals authority]]]]. This, plus the fact that whenever a woman so much as looks at Sasuke, they have to mention [[SoBeautifulItsACurse how HANDSOME]] he is. Every fight he enters, he always has some new skill that came from his Sharingan. This skill will usually be one of few techniques that the Sharingan has but it will ultimately be warped somehow to counter a certain type of jutsu. Let it also be known that his Sharingan basically covers all his needs in a fight, as it can produce a Susanoo, which is essentially a full body shield, with a sword and bow and arrow, along with Ameterasu, an unextinguishable fire which can be produced antwhere within his eyesight. If not this, then you can trust him to count on his, all too versatile, Chidori technique, that he has "trained" himself to conveniently use to match the exact situation that he's in.
  45. *** Well, while Sasuke's newfound power is detrimental to the plot, it doesn't yet make him a Sue (while he and several other equally bullshit-powerful characters made rest of the cast nearly irrelevant, he's still one among several). No, what pushes him into this trope is the fact, that to get his power he basically betrayed everyone he knew, and sold himself to an evil sorcerer (who is also most likely a pedophile), shitting on the tropes that previously defined ''{{Naruto}}'', like PowerOfFriendship and TeamSpirit. And somehow ended up getting exactly what he wanted from this DealWithTheDevil, no strings or clear MoralEventHorizon crossing (although he arguably jumps over it later) attached! Thus he practically single-handedly [[BrokenAesop redefined the moral message of the series for the worse]].
  46. **** The Aesop of his story was not that his tactics wouldn;t get him revenge, it was that if he got revenge by those tactics, it would mean he was so obsessed with it that it would ruin his life and probably turn him into a vengeanc-obsessed lunatic, which is what happened (plus, when he finally gets revenge, the very first thing he says is that he doesn't care about it anymore; he was miserable and was going to let Itachi's accomplice get away with it). Its not a BrokenAesop since he wasn't a villain at that point (more of an AntiHero) and he pretty much fulfilled Kakashi's prophecy. Also notable is that though Sasuke ''has'' gotten ridiculously more powerful as the manga went on, and more or less in correlation with how evil he's gotten, he has actually either lost the majority of fights, or won only because the opponent threw it. So he's not quite there.
  47. * The anime adaptation of ''MegaManBattleNetwork'' has the odious Slur, Duo's [[TheDragon Dragon]]. She pretty much orchestrates the whole SeasonalRot that is ''Stream'' by giving out Asteroid Navis to evil people (some EpilepticTrees suggest that she chose evil people on purpose, to convince her master to destroy Earth), and is pretty much undefeatable, no matter how hard the heroes try -- [[spoiler: even ''three'' Program Advances hitting her at the same time couldn't as much as slow her down. In fact, she is only done in by a DeusExMachina]].
  48. ** At least it's quite satisfying to [[spoiler: see her be slaughtered by Forte, who he effortlessly defeated and cast into the Undernet at the beginning of ''Stream'']].
  49. * Dartz from ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}'''s Doma Arc. He was responsible for almost every major event in world history, was present for the Pharaoh's Memory long before anyone knew anything about it, successfully laid plans to cause one of Atem's few fair losses, has an easy time with MindRape regardless of the victim, was EasilyForgiven after his defeat because his evil side was sealed away, even after 10000 years of evil doing... did we leave anything out?
  50. ** Another such example is Tenma Yakou in ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh R}}''. He's the adopted son of Pegasus and goes after Yugi, believing that Pegasus died by his hand. He has three "Anti-god" cards--one always has an attack power of (strongest monster on the field)+1 (+100 in the actual card game), one that has 4000 Atk/4000 Def and causes all non-god (or non-anti-god) monsters to suffer a 50% decline in attack and defense, and one that gets 1000 attack points for every card on your opponent's side of the field, and destroys every card on the field when/if it's destroyed. Would you believe he managed to take over the Kaibacorp building?
  51. * ''{{Bleach}}'''s Sosuke Aizen is often accused of being this. His power is leagues and leagues beyond everyone who's attempted to fight him to date. There is finally an exception with [[spoiler:Yamamoto, whose superior power Aizen overcame by superior tactics, and Ichigo, whose hollow powers were enough to wound Aizen rather significantly. However, even THIS is useless against him, because he can magically repair any damage thanks to the Hogyoku being implanted in his body. When Isshin showed up, he quickly began to lay the hurt on Aizen, but following another powerup, Aizen became indestructible once more. Even after Urahara and Yoruichi appeared, [[NoSell all they did was throw attacks at him to no effect]]. Oh, and his EvilPlan? He claims to have been responsible for ''the entire plot from the [[XanatosRoulette first chapter (at least)]]''. In the next chapter, he elaborates. If we're to believe what he's saying is the real truth and not something he made up to mess with Ichigo's head, Aizen orchestrated every single one of Ichigo's fights in the series. Aizen intentionally positioned Renji, Kenpachi, Byakuya, etc, because they were around the same level as him at the time. Finally, when he was eventually defeated, Ichigo theorized that he only lost because he wanted to.]] Though that was apparently at at a semi-subconscious level, and Ichigo [[UnreliableNarrator has a track record for being mindbogglingly kind towards several of his enemies.]] Even if it is true, [[spoiler: relying way too much on an empathic artifact without being honest with himself about his feelings]] is stupid enough to mark him as a SmugSnake. It also bears mentioning that Aizen's biggest tactical asset is [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech delivering carefully-worded barbs against his targets.]]
  52. ** Post time-skip, this is played with. [[spoiler: The newest villain, Tsukishima, has the power to be a real-life Mary-Sue. To elaborate: his power is to 'rewrite' someone's past so he is present in it as a close friend, beloved leader or close family member. He becomes so special to his victims that they are willing to risk killing their real friends to protect him. And all it takes for this 'rewrite' to happen is one little cut from his sword. Obviously, he's using his power for evil purposes, at the moment mind-raping Ichigo.]]
  53. ** The anime-only Reigai arc's villain, Kageroza Inaba, is another infamous example. He has command over (stronger and more agressive) copies of Kenpachi, Kyoraku, Ukitake and maybe even... oh God... Yachiru. While Kageroza himself is (probably) way weaker than Aizen, his army is leagues above Espada. Oh, did I mention? He's got the ability to steal [[GodModeSue Nozomi's power]], [[BeyondTheImpossible Ichigo's power]] and [[BaseBreaker Yamamoto's power]] all at the same time and survive a direct blast from Yamamoto. Even [[VillainSue Aizen]] knew he couldn't do something like that, hence Wonderweiss. And just when we thought it couldn't get worse, [[ItGotWorse it did]]: he now has a cloning ability, and Ichigo [[spoiler: wasted the last of his Reiatsu launching a Getsuga Tensho at a clone, with the revelation occurring mere moments later]].
  54. * While he tends to be incredibly popular rather than disliked for it, [[ShamanKing Hao Asakura]] qualifies big time as the patron saint of StoryBreakerPower. He's got the best spirit out there, he can read minds infallibly, the next-best spirits and an entire army and navy of heavily armed humans are child's play for him to kill and then resurrect, and he can control his reincarnation to come back stronger any time he's killed. The main reason the heroes last as long as they do is that he's too AffablyEvil to kill any of them. [[spoiler: He actually wins the shaman fight and becomes God, at which point Yoh reveals that he figured out the only way to defeat him: diplomacy. Nearly every character in the series (whom Hao had killed by ''thinking about it'' at that point) shows up in the spiritual plane Hao now rules to convince him not to destroy the world. Since even his followers and MoralityPet join in, and even his mother, who inspired him to hate humans in the first place, Hao relents and brings everyone back to life. The epilogue indicates his interaction with Yoh mellowed him down from NeutralEvil to TrueNeutral.]]
  55. * A spectacular example: Dakki from HoushinEngi. Despite not being the BigBad, she accomplishes far, ''faaaaaar'' more then them, and certainly greater feats of planning then a technical DiscOneFinalBoss has any right to. Throughout the story, not a single event goes anything but as planned for her, and she never receives as much as a ''single wound'' (mostly through avoiding serious opponents, however). In the end, [[spoiler: she vanishes, becoming one with the earth, accomplishing everything she sought to do. Also, it is revealed, that her ultimate goal, besides that, was defeating the true BigBad all along. Considering the countless acts of depravity and sadism she pulled off in the process, many fans are not amused and call KarmaHoudini on her.]]
  56. * Yujiro Hanma from ''BakiTheGrappler''. Since genre conventions mean that Baki can be the only one to beat him, and that it will likely end the series when he does so, FailureIsTheOnlyOption for anyone else who tries. This includes wild animals, the US military, and even ''the forces of nature.'' It also makes him a KarmaHoudini until that moment comes, no matter how many [[KickTheDog puppies he kicks.]]
  57. * Meryem, the Chimera Ant King, from HunterXHunter. Despite being part of an arc with little connection to the overall plot, he has established himself as far more powerful than several powerful still-living villains whom the main characters have important personal goals of defeating. He is so powerful that the implied second-most-powerful character in the setting is the only person to have successfully damaged him (nearly killing him with [[spoiler:something resembling a nuclear bomb, killing said second-most-powerful character himself in the process]]), after which Meryem healed himself and became even stronger by [[spoiler:partly absorbing two of his own minions]]. Despite being the leader of a group that has killed many innocent humans, he gets CharacterDevelopment that seems to be setting him up for some sort of redemption. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking He's also extremely good at board games]].
  58. ** The return from the hiatus appears to subvert this, however, as [[spoiler: [[NuclearWeaponsTaboo the nuclear bomb-like weapon]] gave off radiation poisoning which should kill Meryem within a few hours.]] Time will only tell, however, if he manages to find a way to survive this.
  59. * In ''PokemonSpecial'', arguably [[spoiler:Sird]]. Given all that she's [[MadeOfIron survived]], all that she's [[KarmaHoudini gotten away with]], and all that she [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands can ''do'']], can we call her a VillainSue despite the fact she's supposedly only TheDragon of the BigBad? [[spoiler:Of the ''Diamond and Pearl'' arc?]]
  60. * In ''{{Claymore}}'' we are confronted with numerous villains and EldritchAbominations that make you say, "[[NoOneCouldSurviveThat how can anyone defeat this thing?]]" Then Priscilla comes along and flicks them with her wrists and they're dead, while at the same time telling her victims [[EvilGloating how pitifully weak they are compared to her]]. ''[[GameFace And this is when she isn't even in full Awakened Being monster mode]]''. Unlike the rest of the AlwaysChaoticEvil yoma and awakened beings, who only kill their own kind when in they're in some purposeful battle (and it was seen in volume one and onward that yoma sometimes group together), Priscilla kills other awakened beings [[ForTheEvulz just for the sake of doing it]]. Now you have to deal with [[OhCrap her]].
  61. * The Huckebein family from the ''[[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Nanoha Force]]'' manga. The whole group is composed of borderline [[CompleteMonster Complete Monsters]] (and, in the case of the psychotic [[PsychoForHire Veyron]] and the infamous [[HeroKiller Cypha]], not so borderline after all) who have shown themselves to be all but immune to magic, have almost instantaneous HealingFactor in the vanishingly rare cases where they actually get hurt, and have been slaughtering their way through various sector with barely any effort at all, with Nanoha and her friends unable to do anything to stop them. However, their [[BigBad leader]] [[SmugSnake Cullen]] deserves special mention for inflicting a CurbStompBattle on Vita and Erio even after they had been equipped with Strike Cannons, weapons that could bypass their AntiMagic powers.
  62. * Cell from {{Dragonball}}. He has the abilities of many of the most powerful characters in the series ([[YouFailBiologyForever through some ridiculous means]]), he is able to survive several near-death experiences only thanks to several protagonists holding the IdiotBall at various times, he is responsible for [[spoiler: [[FranchiseZombie what was intended to be]] the permanent death of the main character]], he can regenerate any part of his body (thereby becoming the TropeNamer for FromASingleCell), and [[spoiler: the aforementioned main character's HeroicSacrifice not only [[SenselessSacrifice fails to stop him]] but actually [[NiceJobBreakingItHero makes him stronger]] and [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands grants him access to the only one of the hero's techniques that he *didn't* know]]]].
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  66. * RedHulk. Ever since his debut, he's been beating the living crap out of pretty much everyone effortlessly, regardless of their power levels or how much sense it makes. He has all the powers of the Incredible Hulk, but has consistent intelligence and NewPowersAsThePlotDemands. No one knew who he was for ''years''. And then he took over as protagonist in the Hulk's own book. There's good reason he's the page picture - it was either that one or the time he knocked out TheWatcher in one punch.
  67. ** If it's even possible for a character to ''objectively'' be called a Sue, the term almost certainly applies to Red Hulk. For instance, he beat up Thor with Thor's own hammer, despite it having being repeatedly stated and demonstrated that only the pure of heart can lift the hammer. (Even Superman needed permission from Thor to use it at one point.) The Red Hulk did try to justify it by saying that since they were fighting in space, there was no gravity and that rule didn't apply ([[YouFailPhysicsForever except that there *is* gravity in space]], which is why the Earth stays orbiting around the Sun. It's called free-fall, not free-''float''.).
  68. ** Red Hulk has since been brought into line, [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap having taken several defeats and being written into a more sympathetic character]] under a new writer. Furthermore, it was eventually revealed that the entire reason he ''was'' so powerful was only to create a creature that could kill the Hulk... and then be killed by its own immense power. And the Hulk still won. It doesn't change his original Suedom, though.
  69. ** One of the things that really cemented [[FanNickname Rulk]] as this was how he made his debut; specifically, by killing the Hulk's former ArchEnemy, the Abomination, in a CurbStompBattle / NoHoldsBarredBeatdown, and taking his place as archenemy. The thing is, while Rulk's secret identity actually makes that role make sense, almost as soon as it was revealed, the dynamic stopped and he was removed from the Hulk books and put into the Avengers, making it completely pointless. On an unrelated note; the punching out the Watcher thing becomes somewhat more sueish when you consider that the Watcher was only there to witness the meeting of the Red and Green Hulks, which would imply it was an event of cosmic significance. Comparatively, the Watcher didn't show up at all during WorldWarHulk, which was a far more significant event.
  70. * [[Comicbook/{{X-Men}} Onslaught]]. A huge, ridiculously-powered evil self of Professor Xavier and Magneto. As if having the combined powers of Professor Xavier and Magneto wasn't enough, he also gained the powers of Franklin Richards and Nate Grey, effectively making him omnipotent. Attempts to hurt always made him even stronger, things that should have undone his existence (removed Xavier) just made him stronger, and he ended up killing or defeating most of the heroes the Marvel Universe almost effortlessly. He replicates the feats and goals of other better developed villains (building sentinels for one). And he had no real motivation other than just world destruction and genocide of the human race, at least after he found out what a world ruled by mutants turned out.
  71. * [[SuperMan Mr. Mxyzptlk]] could be considered a [[ParodySue parody]] of Villain Sues, as his powers are nearly endless, but he always loses because [[ObfuscatingStupidity he finds it more fun to play the fool.]] While Mxyzptlk is easily one of the most powerful characters in the DCU, he deliberately limits himself to stupid games with Superman, knowing that it'd be no fun if he just killed everyone he didn't like. EVERYTHING in the 3rd dimension is a game to Mxy. In ''{{Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow}}?'' a possible future story by Alan Moore, we get a glimpse of what it would be like if Mxy ever actually got serious about villainy. Long story short: [[CosmicHorror it ain't pretty.]]
  72. ** While, in the EvanDorkin-scripted "World's Funniest", Mxy and [[BatMan Bat-Mite]] are clearly revealed as the two most powerful beings in the entire Multiverse, and - in a manner which is both genuinely funny and also downright disturbing - [[spoiler: apparently end up destroying and rebuilding the entire Multiverse on a regular basis just for their own amusement]]...
  73. * ''{{Knights of the Dinner Table}}'': Subverted with Gilead, a former {{Redshirt}} whom the party used to test an [[{{Hoist By His Own Petard}} unknowingly powerful artifact on]] who ended up [[{{Took A Level In Badass}} taking a huge leap in badassery]]. The subversion comes into play in that he's only one in the eyes of the [[{{Heroic Sociopath}} murderous PCs]], even though as a king he rules with utmost honor and justice.
  74. ** Also B.A.'s InexplicablyIdenticalIndividuals {{Badass Bystander}} "R-R-RED GURDY PICKENS?!".
  75. * [[FantasticFour The Marquis of Death]] (Yes that is really his name), Master of Doom. Shows up on earth to berate ''DoctorDoom'' because he thinks he's not doing enough [[ForTheEvulz pointless evil]], declaring that the world deserves a [[CardCarryingVillain new menace]], in the form of himself. So he sets [[MakeWayForTheNewVillains Dr Doom on fire, traps him in a fantasy world, and drops him into some sharks in prehistory]]. The arc is not finished but barring a rather impressive reversal this features a man who has faced beings of ultimate power without flinching being flustered and used as a chew toy by a body double for the Mouth of Sauron, whose motive is [[CardCarryingVillain for the sake of being evil]].
  76. ** This is finally and thankfully fixed in Marquis' last issue where [[spoiler: he still manages to lose, quite badly, to the Fantastic Four. Then before he can crawl away licking his wounds, Doom shows up again and promptly kills him on the spot.]]
  77. *** However, he still gets more VillainSue traits, after revealing, that he is future Clyde Wyndcham, guy from ''1985'' (created by the same writer) - he came from an AlternateUniverse, was his world's first and only mutant, and was powerful enough to mind-control '''Galactus'''. [[spoiler: Before the FF beats him up, they weakened him by making him fight with his past self (who wasn't pleased with the fact that he grew up to be [[FutureMeScaresMe Evil]]), and then combined their powers with powers of every Fantastic Four from realities destroyed by the Marquis]]. And by the same time, Doom turned into a Villain Sue himself [[spoiler: Now he has a million years, and enough juice to kill TheWatcher. Nobody respects cosmic deities these days]].
  78. *** Possibly fortunately this power boost seems to have been [[CanonDiscontinuity ignored]] in every subsequent appearance of Doom.
  79. * From ''{{Irredeemable}}'', the Plutonian is totally invincible and always seems to be one step ahead of the heroes plotting against him, and as far as we know, there's nobody in that whole universe who even ''approaches'' his level of power. And he's so terrifying, every country in the world wants him as their leader out of fear. But instead of using the Plutonian's Villain Sueness to indicate to the audience how cool he is, Mark Waid uses it to add suspense. How can the heroes even hope to win against such an unbeatable foe?
  80. ** While he's a major VillainSue at the beginning of the story, the comic starts to subvert this as it goes along. While the Plutonian is still unquestionably on the top of the power ladder ([[spoiler: once he realized the he actually can be hurt, even the combined effort of every superhero left standing and a starfaring militaristic race managed to subdue him only through putting him in a LotusEaterMachine, and only because he subconsciously ''wanted'' to stay in it]]), he was revealed to secretly want love and redemption, but has to live with knowing those things are impossible after everything he's done.
  81. * Of course, given that the Plutonian is essentially a CaptainErsatz of the Silver Age Superman gone bad, this is to be expected...
  82. * [[GrantMorrisonsBatman Dr. Hurt]] is a deconstruction of this trope. He and his organization have a lot of money, [[spoiler: end up taking over the bat cave, command an amazing amount of power, end up recruiting The Joker (even calling him his ''servant!'') and claims to be Bruce Wayne's father! So what happens? Batman locks up the entire organization in Arkham and The Joker mocks the organization and Dr. Hurt for thinking they could take down Batman. Needless to say they're all roundly defeated.]]
  83. * DoctorDoom can sometimes approach this DependingOnTheWriter. One story even claimed that the machine he built that exploded upon activation (the one that scarred his face and served as almost the point for his entire motivation) actually worked flawlessly, and the burn to his face was caused by Mephisto who the machine allowed him to make contact with. This totally removes any reason he would have to hate [[FantasticFour Reed Richards]] (as he convinced himself Richards altered the machine to explode), while at the same time retconning away the biggest and most impossible to ignore failure on Doom's part, and the character-defining disproportionate grudge that is ''the whole point of Doom's character in the first place''. Doom is a very powerful and dangerous villain though, so it's understandable some writers might not know when to scale it back.
  84. ** Not to mention the countless times he was defeated, only to turn out that it was ActuallyADoombot...
  85. ** Doom can also benefit from a bit of [[DracoInLeatherPants over-romanticising]] with regards to exactly how benevolent, competent and effective he is; for example, he's often shown as a competent and popular, albeit dictatorial, ruler of Latveria, the nation he leads. However, this can be over-extended into Doom being a ''perfect'' ruler of his nation loved by all, who would never do anything horrible to his people that even competent and popular 'benevolent' tyrants (if such a thing even ''exists'') would actually do to their subjects in real life, and so by extension he'd be the perfect ruler for the entire world, and so why are those [[RonTheDeathEater nasty heroes]] trying to stop him from taking over the world and thus bringing about a perfect utopia?
  86. * Doomsday in the {{Superman}} comics started out by killing Supes, but as part of the storyline, also soundly beat three [[JusticeLeagueOfAmerica Justice Leaguers]]: Guy Gardner, Maxima, and Booster Gold. The problem? Doomsday had no ranged capabilities other than picking stuff up and throwing it, and all three of these characters had various means to simply pick him up off the ground, rendering him utterly impotent. This got so bad that Doomsday nearly killed Darkseid, who by all rights should have teleported Doomsday across the universe with literally a glance, assuming Darkseid found Doomsday threatening enough to bother with. In another battle, Doomsday somehow outran the ''Flash''.
  87. ** The Darkseid example was justified by Darkseid's fear of Doomsday that stemmed from their previous encounter in Darkseid's youth long before he gained his full power. When he got over it, he ''did'' teleport Doomsday far away from Apokolips with just a glance.
  88. * Princess from the Brazilian ''Game/MegaMan'' comic; as underlined in HostileShowTakeover, her creator fully intended to have her kill off the ''Mega Man'' characters and become the star, only to get fired when his bosses found out. That seems to have been her entire purpose in the comic, as she didn't fit the setting at all, spent all her time [[PatrioticFervor ranting about Brazilian superiority]], and opposed Mega Man and friends just because. After said firing, she was PutOnABus and never returned.
  89. * Wesley, from "{{Wanted}}", is either a VillainSue or a very extreme version of JerkSue after his initiation into the Fraternity. His over-the-top violent acts stem from every source under the sun, jealousy, racism, bigotry, you name it, Wes has killed someone for it. His acts are seen as both admirable and overtly sexy, and in the end he directly insults the reader for not being like him. Millar tends to run this type of theme as an AuthorTract StealthParody, and seems to have based Wesley's personality on certain British "skin head" initiates.
  90. ** Mark Millar himself gets away with directly insulting his target audience, caustically, FOR throwing their money at him and being comic-book fans. The response? More sales.
  91. * [[OmnicidalManiac Thanos]]. He grew up as an absolutely entitled immortal in an utopian society, but didn't like it, turned into the most overkill nihilist who ever existed (is ''romantically'' attracted to an AnthropomorphicPersonification of Death) so he nuked the place with the help of a galactic armada, dissected his own mother, and [[BeyondTheImpossible he turned]] [[ItGotWorse even worse afterwards]]. He is constantly unbeatable by throngs of regular superheroes even in normal mode, and virtually every character he interacts with is given an IdiotBall to show him as even smarter and cooler MagnificentBastard. He gives constant nihilistic HannibalLecture rants while causing unfathomably extreme amounts of genocide, claims [[RunningTheAsylum yet another]] "[[MineralMacGuffin greatest power in the universe]]" on a regular basis, and was constantly given a KarmaHoudini handslap afterwards, with the audience intended to sympathise with and admire him. And whenever he temporarily dies, he is perfectly happy about it, as he is reunited with and living like a king with his boss in the afterlife, until the entity resurrects him yet another time. [[OnlySaneMan If any other writer]] ever portrays Thanos in anything less than "admirable" and unbeatable narrative, his creator Jim Starlin will retcon it into a doppelganger at first opportunity. On the other hand there was a brief arc when Thanos attempted to make up for his past transgressions and even gave Galactus a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech, which was the only time he came across as reasonably sympathetic.
  92. * [[Comicbook/TeenTitans Deathstroke]] has an unfortunate tendency to turn into this under a bad writer, with his power of NinetyPercentOfYourBrain allowing him to outplan [[XanatosRoulette Xanatos]] and manage feats the most [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Charles Atlas-esque]] characters would find unlikely. A good example would be in IdentityCrisis, where he managed to move faster than TheFlash and make BlackCanary forget she's one of the greatest martial artists in the world.
  93. * The SilverAge villain "Composite Superman", an ordinary custodian who got struck by lighting while in front of tiny statues of {{Batman}}, {{Superman}}, and the LegionOfSuperheroes. This somehow caused him to gain all of their powers, which is exactly as [[GameBreaker Game Breaking]] as it sounds. Oh, and he tried to TakeOverTheWorld. Thankfully for all those involved, his powers eventually faded away, along with the memory of how he got them.
  94. * The original concept of Venom fit this trope in the pages of [[SpiderMan Spider-Man]]. He was Spidey's EvilCounterpart that was twice as strong, negated his spider-sense, knew his secret identity, and could turn invisible. Spider-Man would usually have to resort to finding outside help, exploiting Venom's weaknesses, or outright running away. He could never beat him on his own despite the fact that Spider-Man has defeated foes far more powerful. For good measure, he was a SympatheticSue on top of that with a couple [[FreudianExcuse Freudian excuses]].
  95. ** And then someone thought up Carnage, [[MakeWayForTheNewVillains a villain who had an upper hand on Venom]], that Venom and Spidey had to team up to defeat him, and who [[MaximumCarnage at one time]] brought together a number of forgettable villains to cause so much chaos, damage, and death ([[IncrediblyLamePun guess he had to live up to his name Carnage]]) that Spidey and Venom had to get help from a number of heroes, including CaptainAmerica himself, to stop them.
  96. ** When written incorrectly, NormanOsborn stops being a MagnificentBastard and becomes this.
  97. * The BigBad at the end of ''New Ultimates vs Ultimate Avengers'' [[spoiler: Gregory Stark]] falls into this after he's revealed. His weaponry makes him capable of taking out ''multiple'' Hulks, is supposedly better at being TheChessmaster than NickFury, and is supposedly smarter than even Iron Man. To top it all off, [[spoiler: even though he dies]] he pretty much wins with the heroes mentioning how great it actually is that his plans succeeded. And it's all done for the pettiest of reasons: [[spoiler: To one-up his little brother in the superhero community.]]
  98. * TheJoker can easily become one of these as well. Like many other comic book villains who find their way here, he's a hugely popular, charismatic and effective villain who tends to come up with complex and byzantine plans which offer a great deal of challenge to Batman, which means that writers love to use him and readers love to read about him. However, again like many of these other characters, there's also the sense that some simply don't know where to stop and draw the line between MagnificentBastard and one of these.
  99. ** Thomas Elliot AKA 'Hush' is a much worse example. First featured in the same titled Loeb written Batman story, Thomas Elliot is introduced out of nowhere as Bruce Wayne's Best Friend, his 'death' just two issues later making Bruce forgo his extreme no-killing policy, and when finally confronting Batman in his costume, he proves to be a better marksman than Deadshot and be a super-genius level surgeon at the same time. In later stories like 'Heart of Hush' he even has become a good enough fighter to easily fight off Nightwing and Robin at the same time.
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  103. * [[SilenceOfTheLambs Hannibal Lecter]] devolves into this completely throughout the course of the third book, Hannibal. Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs made a credibly realistic character of him; he was highly intelligent but by no means infallible, charismatic but still a very unsettling individual and good at taking advantage of a situation and coming improvising plans. By ''Hannibal'' he's basically a prodigy of everything, no longer reacts to pain, plans things out months in advance, and commits impossibly over-the-top murders. While ''Red Dragon'' and ''Silence of the Lambs'' demonstrate that for all of his cunning and charming behaviour, he is still a sociopathic murderer, ''Hannibal'' introduced a FreudianExcuse that really came across as a kind of DracoInLeatherPants justification for the character. The two examples that send this over the edge are his [[AssPull romantic conquest]] of Clarice Starling at the end and the time when the cannibal pigs respect him too much to attack him.
  104. * Zaravaz from the ''{{Fallowblade}}'' series is such an incredibly over the top example of this that it isn't funny. From the moment he appears, he gets literal ''pages'' of poetic descriptive prose about how incredibly beautiful he is. Everything he does is either ridiculously perfect or incredibly cruel. Which the author attempts to justify, by saying he's doing it because humans are cruel to animals, therefore giving the silver goblins (species of which Zaravaz is king) the moral ''duty'' to kill every human. He doesn't end up doing it though. Instead [[spoiler: he ends up falling into the magical fire used to forge the titular blade, getting "the evil burned out of him" and becoming a [[PuritySue nice]] [[KarmaHoudini guy.]] Who can suddenly fly.]]
  105. * Nick Geraci is technically the antagonist of the Mark Winegardner sequels to ''TheGodfather'' (''The Godfather Returns'' and ''The Godfather's Revenge''). In fact, he is effectively the VillainProtagonist, taking up the largest single role in the story. He is a heavyweight champion boxer, a charismatic, incredibly shrewd crook who survives an aircrash that kills two rivals, is able to spot Batista's fall years before it happens, escapes Michael's attempts to have him killed several times and used as a mouthpiece to point out all the mistakes Vito and Michael made. And he kills [[spoiler:Tom Hagen]]. Finally, his memoirs apparently serve as the inspiration for the whole Godfather series.
  106. * Lilith of the ''{{Nightside}}'' series certainly counts, wasting the villains of almost every previous book with minimal effort. In fact, the only way to stop her is to bring a [[GodModeSue God Sue]] back to life.
  107. * The Grigari from StarTrek ExpandedUniverse books by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens are also a race of {{Villain Sue}}s, but change considerably depending on which book they're in - which is okay because the ''StarTrek'' ExpandedUniverse has NegativeContinuity. Most notably in the ''Millennium'' trilogy, in which they easily defeat an alliance of the Klingons, Federation ''[[TheWorfEffect and Borg]]''.
  108. * Blurring the line between CanonSue and PossessionSue (because nobody admits that that story happened) is ''StarWars'''s IG-88, who was turned into a demigod mastermind who took over the Second Death Star without anyone noticing, and was defeated solely because he paused a little too long, at some points making a fool of the series's ''actual'' MagnificentBastard and BigBad, Palpatine, and taking over a planet singlehandedly, all in the {{Fan Wank}}iest EU story in human existence.
  109. ** The StarWarsExpandedUniverse also gives us [[GeneralFailure Admiral]] [[JediAcademyTrilogy Daala]] and [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity Jacen Solo/ Darth Caedus]]. Daala gets here on sheer force of InformedAbility- we are repeatedly hit over the head with how brilliant she is, but her track record is that of someone whose only real talent is in the area of StuffBlowingUp (often her own stuff). Lately she's ''somehow'' become a VillainWithGoodPublicity PresidentEvil. Caedus shares the InformedAbility drawback, coupled with a strange ability to give everyone he meets a huge IdiotBall. Talk about the plot bending in favor of the villain- LegacyOfTheForce could have been sorted out in a trilogy or less if only Luke, Mara, and the Jedi Council had been ''paying attention'' to his impressively rapid descent towards ObviouslyEvil.
  110. ** Can an inanimate object be a Sue? If so, the Sun Crusher, yet another Superweapon Of The Week, qualifies in ''spades.'' An absurdly uber-powerful ship the size of an X Wing fighter that ''blows up entire star systems'' and ends up being the [[BlackHoleSue focal point]] of the entire JediAcademyTrilogy (Why yes, this ''is'' another Kevin J Anderson offering.).
  111. ** While Emperor Palpatine in the films can seem Sue-ish, his portrayal in the EU goes BeyondTheImpossible in making him one. According to many EU sources, Palpatine is a prolific author, a renowned scholar and political theorist, an unprecedented archaeologist, an expert award-winning pilot (that's not a joke), possesses a masterful insight into psychology, is multilingual (though many people in StarWars are), and is a certified genius. Of course, this all pales in comparison to DarkEmpire, in which [[FanNickname "Wankatine"]] is so powerful that he clones himself back to life, can rip apart space and time with his mind, and is now basically {{Darkseid}}. Puzzlingly, he then gets severe VillainDecay near the end and dies at the hands of {{Muggle}} Han Solo while [[GrandTheftMe trying to possess a baby]].
  112. * The Dominion of the Draka in S.M Sterling's ''[[TheDraka Draka]]'' AlternateHistory novels have been accused of being an entire ''nation'' of these; the author has acknowledged that the purpose of the books is to examine what would happen if TheEmpire won, which means that the entire world and history of the story bends to accommodate the Draka either winning all the time or people [[IdiotPlot overlooking the incredibly obvious and horrible things that the Draka do until it's too late]]. The Draka themselves very swiftly become superhuman and unstoppable military geniuses who, in contrast to their opponents stupidity, never seem to make mistakes.
  113. * The interplanetary vampire creature from John Langan's short story "The Wide, Canivorous Sky." Not only it is immune to both extreme heat and cold, it also has a HealingFactor, and a mindscrew power. Can effortlessly travel from orbit to earth in a heartbeat just to drink blood. That and its eight feet tall, superhumanly fast and strong. It also goes up against soliders during the Iraqi war just to prove how badass it is.
  114. * Mina from the ''War Of Souls'' and ''Dark Disciple'' trilogies (the latter is ''about her'') of ''{{Dragonlance}}'', is one of these. First she's an unkillable super-strategist with charisma enough that even her enemies like her. [[spoiler: And then the magical almost-unkillable vampires created by Chemosh worship only her. And ''then'' she turns out to have been a '''goddess''' all along. The child of Paladine himself, even!]]
  115. ** In ''War of Souls'' this is justified because she's drawing on the experience and power of [[spoiler: Takhisis, dark goddess and traditional {{Dragonlance}} BigBad]]. There really isn't any excuse for ''Dark Disciple'', though, besides Margaret Weis simply falling in love with the character.
  116. * The Party/Government/Cabal that rules most {{Dystopia}}s arguably counts. Not so much their maintenance of power but the fact that their rise to universal dominance generally involves {{Hand Wave}}s, all of humanity carrying the IdiotBall simultaneously, etc.
  117. ** Nicolae Carpathia of the ''LeftBehind'' series is particularly ridiculous about this. His plot to TakeOverTheWorld requires the cooperation of all major world governments and religions; apparently, one of his Antichrist powers is to mind control them into playing along.
  118. ** Similarly, the reason that most people don't believe in ConspiracyTheories is because the secret society which these theories claim secretly rules the world (which is usually but not always the Illuminati, the Freemasons, AND TheKnightsTemplar) is this trope in spades. It's practically {{Lampshaded}} by the conspiracy theorists themselves; most of them do not believe that anyone not already in the conspiracy has a chance of bringing it down, [[FridgeLogic which leads one to wonder why they even try.]]
  119. * Arguably [[{{Ripliad}} Tom Ripley]]. While the series can be (and usually is) read as a darkly comic portrait of an AffablyEvil sociopath, disturbingly, the author, Highsmith, basically thought that Tom was a great guy/identified with him. Tom also manages to get away with crimes even in cases where he's obviously guilty and police seem to be completely useless in stopping him.
  120. * Subverted in the DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse Eighth Doctor Adventures: Sabbath basically [[CreatorCameo looks like a more muscular version of Lawrence Miles, the writer who created him]], and they share a [[DeadpanSnarker weird, sarcastic sense of humor]]. Despite the fact he's overweight and has few other truly redeeming traits, [[KavorkaMan the ladies love him]]. He's a bit of an AntiVillain but also seriously [[KickTheDog Kicks The Dog]], or, in this case, the Doctor. However, he's not excessively competent, and [[DependingOnTheWriter once some new writers get their hands on him, he's mostly dangerous in that]] [[GoneHorriblyWrong he meddles with things he doesn't have the knowledge to meddle with]], which Miles is understandably peeved about. On the other hand, he was intended to replace the Doctor[[hottip:* :although, actually, Miles had this idea that, for reasons that actually made a sort of sense, Sabbath would ''literally turn into'' the Doctor, which I'm glad did ''not'' happen mostly because ''LAWRENCE MILES ALREADY DID A SIMILAR THING WITH FITZ''. How's that for ItIsTheSameNowItSucks? Of course, the possibilities for cuteness when two HeterosexualLifePartners are put through the same traumatic plotline are pretty good, but that's a small silver lining on a really dumb idea.]], so it may have been more of an AuthorsSavingThrow conducted by other authors.
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  124. * Arthur Petrelli from ''Series/{{Heroes}}'', full-throttle. [[spoiler:He kills off [[MagnificentBastard Adam Monroe]] in [[DroppedABridgeOnHim swift]] fashion, murders [[RedemptionEqualsDeath Maury Parkman]] with a gesture, retcons the first season's BigBad into his sniveling lackey as a flashback.]]
  125. ** Sylar's a bigger case, having survived [[strike: three]] [[strike: four]] five seasons and isn't letting up. He manages to dodge every situation where he normally would've died. His telekinesis and power absorption ends up trumping any other character with ease. Plus, [[spoiler:he ended up killing Arthur without breaking a sweat...although having the Haitian nearby, trying his hardest to suppress Arthur, must have helped.
  126. ** Not to mention [[spoiler: he absorbed Claire Bennett's ability of healing, which trumped just about every character's possibility to kill him. And when someone goes out of their way to shoot him in the sweet spot that would actually kill him, it is revealed that he MOVED the sweet spot via shape shifting!]]
  127. ** Not sure if Papa Petrelli really qualifies- he's more of a god mode villain and is brought down by a combination of legit hero actions and his own inability to not be a dick when it really counts.
  128. * [[EnfanteTerrible Megan Parker]] from ''DrakeAndJosh'' is a possible case. She seems to revel in doing things to her brothers that seem downright sadistic, [[BitchInSheepsClothing feigning total innocence]] (thus making her brothers look like the bad guys) and [[KarmaHoudini getting away with it]] with no remorse whatsoever.
  129. ** Note also that many people, [[TheWesley unless they're one of the writers]], loathe her for this very reason.
  130. * Tracy Barlow from CoronationStreet zig-zags between playing this trope straight and deconstructing it. Her mother and step-father still dote on her despite all the horrible things she's done and most of Weatherfield far too often turn the other cheek when she treats them like crap and manipulates them. The deconstuction finally came about when she tried to make her murder of Charlie Stubbs look like he was abusing her, she was found guilty and [[NeverMyFault blamed her mother]], which in turn led to a rather long fallout between Ken and Deirdre. Then when she Gail was arrested Tracy was all to happy to fabricate a story that Gail had confessed to murdering her husband Joe, in get herself moved to an open prison. This however didn't work and when Gail was found not-guilty, Tracy was beat up by Gail's cellmates. Then reconstructed when she was let out of prison early, due to and AssPull plotpoint about a forensic scientist who worked on her trial. Upon her return to Weatherfield, she tried to invoke being a jerk sue by means of eavesdropping on conversations to pick up the only available job at underworld before Gail had a chance, sleeping with both of Gail's sons bad-mouthing Claire Peacock's recently deceased husband, attempts to ruin Steve and Becky's marriage. Which leads to her being violently attacked off screen and next shown in a pool of blood. Then reconstructed when it revieled that it was Claire Peacock, completely by accident and Tracy lies to the police, saying that it was Becky. Then when Becky turns out to have an alibi, she tries to get Claire arrested for it, and gets no punishment for lying to the police.
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  133. [[folder:Tabletop Games]]
  134. * The BigBad ''[[http://gamingoutpost.com/article/hit_em_where_it_hurts/ Jefferson Carter]]'' of John Wick fame (or infamy -- YourMileageMayVary). As described by [[http://personal.linkline.com/stevenhoward/never.html Steven Howard]]:
  135. -->Carter is an evil mastermind who "runs" all the superheroes and all the supervillains in the campaign. Why? In Mr. Wick's words, "Because he can." "Because he can" is not a reason. There are any number of things that Carter can do. Why does he choose to do this one thing in preference to the many other things he could do instead? There can be no answer to that question, because Jefferson Carter is devoid of anything resembling human motivation. He's not a character, he's a plot device. He's the Killer GM inserted into the game world. Professor X is secretly the Kingpin, and he's read your character sheet.
  136. * Another example from White Wolf: ''{{Aberrant}}'' brought us Divis Mal. The fact that he wore a costume and called himself "Bad God" in ''Latin'', despite living in a world which prided itself on a realistic approach to super powers was only the beginning: he was clearly the most powerful being in the setting (One sample adventure features Divis Mal beating up a Superman expy across the skies, while the [=PCs=] are graced with the ability to decide the fate of a lone criminal) with a Magneto-esque philosophy the writers blithely assume [=PCs=] will always go along with because Mal's the one saying it, and we were eventually told that ''the name of the game is a reference not to the (moderately superpowered) [=PCs=], but to Divis Mal.'' That's right, he's so cool your story is named after him, instead.
  137. * How about the Deathlords in White Wolf's ''{{Exalted}}''? Servants to the post-mortem remnants of the beings who created the world but lost the contract negotiation, they rank so high on the SuperWeight Scale, it's not even funny. Full knowledge of at least three different Exalt types worth of unique abilities (Abyssal Necromancy, Solar Circle Sorcery, and Sidereal Martial Arts)? Check. Resources of the entire Underworld to kit out their own pet supers and field armed forces the likes of which haven't been seen since the setting's Magitek powered golden age? Check. Bloody hard to do in? Check. Resurrect later, should characters even manage that? Check. [[OrcusOnHisThrone Not entirely clear]] reasons why they haven't already made good on their ''raison d'etre'' and reduced Creation to an endless void? Check.
  138. * The hosts of {{RPG}} podcast [[http://www.feartheboot.com/ Fear the Boot]] refer to this character type as Baron von Badass.
  139. ** VillainSue is but one form of Baron von Badass; the Baron is just as likely to be an {{NPC}} hero that renders the [[PlayerCharacter PCs]] redundant by being better at anything likely to come up. For bonus points, get a [[VillainSue Baron]] where the only solution is to let the [[{{GMPC}} Baron]] stop him.
  140. * ''{{Ravenloft}}'', the Gothic Horror setting for DungeonsAndDragons (second and third editions) could be said to exist solely because of its Villain Sues. Darklords are villains who are so evil the are granted a domain, a piece of land in which they are trapped but in which they have nearly godlike powers. Even so, a few characters stand as a more Sue than others. Azalin Rex comes to mind, the lich who nearly blew the world up TWICE and seems to one a third go at it; Strahd Von Zarovich, the vampire that inspired the whole setting; Harkon Lucas, the wolfwere bard and so on.
  141. ** Beyond even this are the Sues that could not even be contained by the land of Villain Sues. Lord Soth, who ended up in Ravenloft due to his popularity as the Villain Sue of Dragonlance, and who left Ravenloft due to his popularity as the Villain Sue of Dragonlance. But the kicker was Vecna, the Chained God, whose Suedom allowed him to violate the setting rules of not only Ravenloft but Planescape's Sigil as well, and by whose hand the entire 2nd edition died and rolled into the third edition.
  142. ** Although {{Ravenloft}} villains have evolved with time to the point that they're all demonstrations of the settings "Know thy Enemy" philosophy. They're completely overpowered for most player groups and look like Villain Sues unless you know their psychological weaknesses, at which point you suddenly have a chance. Vecna definitely fits the bill for all of 2nd Ed. AD&D, though.
  143. ** Well, while some of are darklords actually are quite powerful, most range from not particularly special to outright weak, at least compared to de-facto superheroes you play in ''DnD''. Above-mentioned Harkon Lucas, for example, is totally no big deal to defeat for mid-level characters. Their only really good power is implied inabilily to die for good until the Dark Powers pick someone more evil and angsty to become a new darklord.
  144. * ''{{Warhammer}}'' gives us Archaon, the Lord of the End Times. Introduced in the ''Champions of Chaos'' supplement alongside more interesting villains like Mordrek the Damned (though YourMileageMayVary), he evolved into a villainous CanonSue of epic proportions, particularly in the 2004 ''Storm of Chaos'' summer campaign. For background, the idea behind this was that players would send the results of their battles into Games Workshop and that this would determine the result of the campaign. However, Archaon's Sue-hood was well established enough that when his side was thoroughly trounced by the good guys in the actual campaign results, the official ending had him being narrowly defeated by chance and living to fight again.
  145. ** The story they wanted to tell was a massive invasion barely being driven by the heroic defenders and the intervention of mutual enemies. Following the actual results would have resulted in the story being the massive horde being easily beaten back before it crossed it's own border.
  146. * The Necrons in ''{{Warhammer 40000}}'' has been accused if this, being indirectly responsible for the Eldar, Orks, and for Chaos being evil instead of impersonal. Not to mention the massive infiltration that basically runs a good chunk of the Imperium and it's core infrastructure. Newer editions have toned them down, but some players still consider their backstory non-canon.
  147. * The obscenely overpowered Princess Lucinda Nightbane from Channel M's ''WitchGirlsAdventures''. Although all Witches have a hand in overpowered she takes the cake. According to her back story, her magical power level is around 400 when the usual count goes to 10. In one story she turned a heroic ''god'' inside out.
  148. * Doctor Destroyer in ''Champions''. Former Nazi? Check. InformedAttribute genius? Check. (This is a guy who can design superscience like mad, but who can't come up with a world domination plan that relies on anything more than brute force at its core.) Silly, alliterative name? Check. Pseudo-ironic appreciation for art, but inability to make any? Check and check. The character's so thin and generic that in the book that's all about him, his personality gets less attention than page after page of his armor's stats.
  149. * [[TwoWordsObviousTrope Two Words:]] [[HybridMonster Samuel Haight.]] Started off as a human in the old WorldOfDarkness who was [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent related to werewolves]] [[IJustWantToBeSpecial without actually being one]]. Started drinking [[FantasticDrug vampire]] [[PsychoSerum blood]]. Hunted werewolves, killed them, and skinned them. Used a magic ritual to become a werewolf and kept using the vampire blood afterwards. Started bothering [[MageTheAscension the mages]], including such actions as stealing an archmage's magic powers, and [[TheSandiego binding]] a PlaceOfPower into his [[MagicWand staff]]. Eventually, he became a [[WraithTheOblivion wraith]], and was soulforged into an ashtray. This last was [[AndThereWasMuchRejoicing very well-recieved]].
  150. * Nicol Bolas from MagicTheGathering has been heading in this direction for a while. Aside from being the single most powerful planeswalker in existence, aside from erasing the mind of anyone he touches, aside from ruling the shard of Grixis, aside from being a stonkin' huge dragon...he quite simply never loses. Even when he gets his butt kicked into the Maelstrom at the center of Alara he comes back stronger than before. Even when Tezzeret gains the secret of Etherium, he still manages to one-up him with a succession of cloned Doombots. Virtually everything in the Magic multiverse is a Bolas plot, and everything that isn't belongs to Yawgmoth.
  151. ** The jury is still out on whether the rebirth of [[TheCorruption Phyrexia]] will do anything to buck this trend.
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  154. [[folder:Video Games]]
  155. * He may be an epic {{Troll}}, but Hazama/Terumi Yuuki from ''BlazBlue'' has entered this territory. He's ridiculously overpowered to the point of near impossible to defeat, does evil [[ForTheEvulz for kicks]] [[CompleteMonster without any redeeming qualities]], is hailed as a [[ManipulativeBastard Manipulative]] MagnificentBastard, skips around MoralEventHorizon twenty times before breakfast... There hasn't been any plans to bring him down, and currently the world gets more and more cynical to benefit his existence (in which his existence is sustained by hate and negative emotions, which a CrapsackWorld would happily provide). And any time he is defeated it either goes straight into non-canon territory, or [[ILetYouWin is used as a mean to facilitate his bigger plan]]. And the producers love him so much he's getting more and more attentions while he makes people suffer more and more, and the recent upcoming novel is going to have him as the main focus, presumably for even more dog-kicking. This is actually an [[{{Bleach}} Aizen]]-level VillainSue which hides behind a pimping outfit, [[DracoInLeatherPants leather pants]] AND what is trend in the internet: {{Troll}}ing.
  156. ** Terumi is actually something of an invoked version. He ''made himself'' into a VillainSue because he can ''only'' exist in the world if somebody, somewhere, is hating him. Although, to be fair, he has yet to hit a definite level since he ''can'' legitimately be defeated [[WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer with copious amounts of Azure Grimoire]]. And Kokonoe actually ''does'' have a foolproof plan to kill him: [[spoiler:[[NukeEm she plans to use an arsenal of nuclear warheads if all else fails]]]].
  157. ** But even that technically isn't a 100% way to beat him, because [[spoiler:even nukes might not be enough to wipe out Terumi's soul, so it's just a matter of time until he finds another body, therefore, Kokonoe's plan makes her look like her holding the IdiotBall.]] Likewise, his defeat with the copious amounts of Azure Grimoire was really part of his plan, perhaps the only way to counter his VillainSue level is for someone to have him OutGambitted, reveal on how his plan were all crashing down and he's got nothing left, and hopefully, leading to an ''epic'' VillainousBreakdown.
  158. * Quan Chi from ''MortalKombat''. Let's count the ways he's a Sue, shall we?
  159. ** He's a MagnificentBastard who excels at XanatosSpeedChess, managing to trick Scorpion and the original Sub-Zero into killing each other (and both end up as his pawns after their deaths).
  160. ** He tricks Sub-Zero into stealing Shinnok's amulet for him, which he creates an ''exact duplicate of that fools not one but '''two''' gods''.
  161. ** [[MortalKombat9 The reboot has him]] sparking the plot of ''MortalKombat3'' by reviving Sindel ([[spoiler:the original games claimed it was an ages-old plot by Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung, whereas in ''[=MK9=]'', Quan Chi just comes up with it on the spot, upstaging both other villains]])
  162. ** At the end of ''MortalKombat4'', he's trapped in Hell with a vengeful Scorpion, but with the aformentioned amulet, and then teams with Shang Tsung to not only help him revive a legendary "undefeatable" army but also ''[[HeroKiller kill]] [[TheHero Liu Kang]]''. The duo ''decimate'' the forces of light when they interfere, including defeating Raiden ''a PhysicalGod''. Quan Chi manages to beat Shang Tsung in a fight immediately once the two decide [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder the other's cooperation is no longer needed]].
  163. *** To be fair, Raiden ''was'' kicking their asses quite soundly (as seen in the intro to ''Deception'') until Shang Tsung dropped the IdiotBall and realized "Oh hey, I've got a Soulnado in my palace, right next to me. Maybe I should absorb a soul or something." That still doesn't explain how he was able to defeat Shang Tsung, who thanks to said Soulnado, was probably at his peak in terms of power.
  164. ** He survives an attempt by Raiden to [[TakingYouWithMe take the Dragon King with him]], and is the one to rally the forces of darkness during ''Armageddon''.
  165. *** Actually, Quan Chi [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere just decided]] [[SoLongSuckers to bail]]. If you squint closely during ''Deception''[='s=] intro, Quan Chi is seen teleporting away mere seconds before Raiden's kamikaze attempt blows himself and Shang Tsung skyhigh.
  166. ** It's also suggested in ''MK vs. DC'' that his strength of will is stronger ''than a god's'', and he's shown in the intro berating Shao Kahn for his failure.
  167. *** Granted, that part was him acting as Shinnok's [[TheDragon enforcer]]. Shinnok, being a fallen Elder God, is probably the only person besides Onaga that could make Shao Kahn rethink his plans. Shang Tsung himself is also shown to never give into The Rage [[spoiler:barring one brief moment when Dark Kahn forces all of the characters to square off, and even then, Shang Tsung quickly recovers, whereas Raiden and Superman are still struggling to ward off Dark Kahn's influence; Quan Chi wasn't even there at that point, having used up his powers to break The Rage's hold on Kitana (an act that somehow convinces Raiden to immediately trust him, which could possibly cause him to further fall into this trope).]] However, it should be noted that Shinnok ''wasn't even present'' in the events of the third game, his only influence being sending Noob Saibot to observe the events of the Earthrealm invasion from afar. So, canonically speaking, it ''still'' doesn't justify Quan Chi's appearance in the game.
  168. ** He can steal an opponent's powers and weapons, and in ''[=MK9=]'' [[spoiler: can temporarily turn you into a zombie, and managed to turn most of the heroes killed by Sindel into his servants... including Sindel as well.]]
  169. ** Also, he's been [[ShillingTheWesley added into the plot of practically every game, whether it makes sense for him to be in there or not]]; as noted, he's the only post ''[[MortalKombat3 3]]'' character to appear in the recent reboot (barring DLC fighter [[MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance Kenshi]]), with a large portion of the plot retconned into being his plan. Honestly, his only real flaw so far is that [[WordOfGod Ed Boon has gone on record saying he has the worst fatality in the series]] (''[[MortalKombatDeadlyAlliance MKDA]]''[='s=] neck stretch, but that's balanced out because he also has the best one as well (''[[MortalKombat 4]]''[='s=] leg beatdown).
  170. ** However, it should be noted that several characters ''have'' gotten the upper hand on Quan Chi. In fact, while Quan Chi OutGambitted Shinnok in ''Mythologies'', it was ultimately ''Shinnok'' who had the last laugh in ''Armageddon''; [[spoiler:Shinnok was ''[[GenreSavvy expecting]]'' the villains to all turn on each other after their brief EnemyMine so he sent [[ActuallyADoombot a clone of himself]] to fight in his stead and die, leaving him as one of the four survivors of ''Armageddon'' (alongside Shao Kahn, Taven, and Liu Kang's spirit) and cementing himself as a MagnificentBastard.]] Oh, and he wasn't expecting Sareena to make a HighHeelFaceTurn and [[BigDamnHeroes come to Elder Sub-Zero's aid]] and uppercut him off of a ledge with a hooksword. Not to mention, that Scorpion utterly beat the white out of Quan Chi's skin between ''4'' and ''DA'', as shown in ''Deception''[='s=] Konquest mode.
  171. * Gary Smith in ''{{Bully}}''. In his case it's especially grating because he's not a hulking brute, boxing champion, or all-American athlete like the other high level antagonists - he's just a kid who thinks [[ManipulativeBastard manipulating people]] [[ForTheEvulz is fun]]. The problem is that he's so unconvincing that he has to spend 80% of the game off camera with the plot assuring you of how manipulative and devious he is. Also, since he was already known at Bullworth Academy as being a psychopath, it strains belief that he'd have such an easy time making everyone listen to him. Oh, and protagonist Jimmy Hopkins practically had to juggle [[IdiotBall idiot balls]] to prevent the game from ending 5 minutes after the first chapter by chasing Gary down and pulping him. Instead, he spends most of it insisting that Gary "has to wait", then decides Gary "isn't a problem anymore", and then is way too eager to declare Gary the winner and give up.
  172. * [[{{Postal2}} The Postal Dude]], for when you just can't be arsed to write a fanfic, but want to be EEEEVVIILLL...
  173. * ''{{Xenoblade}}'' is a game that actually has rather well-developed and memorable villains. Even the ones who are {{Complete Monster}}s have reasons, if not excuses, behind their actions and have several pages worth of character development and backstory. So, naturally, it comes off as a massive surprise when [[spoiler:Zanza]] is revealed to be the BigBad. He has no FreudianExcuse, he's not a WellIntentionedExtremist and he crosses the MoralEventHorizon with every second act purely because ''he can''. It's already pretty shocking that a game that has until now stayed ''away'' from [[spoiler:the evil god]] cliche has suddenly decided to embrace it fully within the last five percent of storytime, but things go from bad to worse when he kills [[spoiler:the good god Meyneth]] with minimal effort and takes [[spoiler:her [[SwordOfPlotAdvancement Monado]] as well as Shulk's]]: thereby making him basically ''omnipotent''. The boss battles just reinforce how utterly broken he is, as each attack shaves off about five thousand HitPoints ''at least'', there's no revive spell, he gets minions to support him in battle... Every effort by the writing staff to cement him as a legitimate threat just comes off as ShillingTheWesley because of his StoryBreakerPower. He's basically the [[{{Bleach}} Sosuke Aizen]] of the game.
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  177. * {{Satan}} in ''CollegeRoomiesFromHell!!!'' After his first appearance as a gag villain, every single appearance tries to portray him as some MagnificentBastard that has some major XanatosRoulette going on, with every "defeat" being a concession to further his goals. Instead, he comes across as the ultimate expression of the CerebusSyndrome the comic went through, where he's pretty much completely invincible and everything is a ForegoneConclusion (literally; he knows how everything is going to happen because "time has no meaning" in hell, so every damned soul is already there). It's particularly frustrating because it basically sucked all the humor out of the comic to have a [[BecauseDestinySaysSo completely hopeless scenario]] that bears more resemblance to CosmicHorror than to the light-hearted humor comic it started out as.
  178. ** Much of the fandom believes that close to 90% of what he says is a complete lie, though, and few even argue that he may not even be the real deal. The author's religious sensibilities seem to have switched around during the comic's run, possibly explaining the changes. Whether anything will be resolved ever is so far been kept in the dark.
  179. *** A few fans have suggested that the comic will end with Satan taking off his head, revealing the author's grinning face underneath.
  180. *** Hey, [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005127 it worked for]] [[{{Homestuck}} Andrew Hussie]]. [[TheUnReveal Kinda]].
  181. * Since we've mentioned Andrew Hussie... The man ''loves'' unkillable, omni-powerful villains that make heroes into idiots just by appearing. ''{{Homestuck}}'' actually has a couple waiting to show up because the stage's taken by OmnicidalManiac Jack Noir and just-plain-nuts [[spoiler:Eridan and Gamzee.]]
  182. ** Then again, he also loves having them taken down a peg. Again, see [[spoiler:[[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe Eridan]] and [[GroinAttack Gamzee.]] Then there's Vriska, who, despite being a SpotlightStealingSquad who is a CompleteMonster, along the course of the story, gets her plans blown up in her face (literally, in one case), gets a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech delivered to her, has her revenge on Terezi backfire tremendously, and gets bludgeoned to death, only to come back to life and ruin more people's lives...then get killed off again.]]
  183. * In ''DominicDeegan'', during the War in Hell arc, Karnak wavered in and out of VillainSue territory. True, it did require intervention from the "good guys" for him to win, but he still was able to rip his fellow demon lords apart with his bare hands. He jumped over it during the end, though, as he "absorbed the powers" of the demon lords he defeated and then "sealed" the powers of the ones he didn't. This contradicts the prior canon that whenever a demon lord falls, a new one rises to take its place. Small wonder that Dominic Deegan's critics call the strip a ThirtySuePileup.
  184. ** Recently, he's getting his... or at least it seemed like he might. Then he ended up even further on top of the pile than he had been.
  185. --> ''Hell is not my prison. It's my reward. I'm not trapped here with the damned. '''[[LargeHam You're all trapped here with me!]]'''''
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  188. [[folder:Web Original]]
  189. * In ''SurvivalOfTheFittest'', Mariavel Varella would fit under this classification - at least in the minds of a majority of the RP's members. Her over the top 'villainess' is simply sickening, and can be so badly executed it isn't even funny. She also seems to have a tragic past just for the purposes of {{Angst}}, and, for her age, almost impossibly good looks (including a body that, while rail thin, is also endowed with [[BoobsOfSteel D or DD cup breasts]], which shouldn't be at all possible for her size, build, or age without at the least causing intense back pain). She also has absurd fighting abilities, including ''backflipping'' over an attacking opponent who had at least a foot on her, and happened to be a giant angry Finnish hockey player. She then injured him.
  190. ** Generally, when a Sue-ish character shows up in SOTF, they will most likely be a mixture of this and/or GodModeSue. Stereotypically they will have killed or done any other sort of similar crime, [[{{Karma Houdini}} without any consequences]], prior to being sent off to the island, and will be clearly psychopathic to the point of stretching WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief. Thankfully, due to the reinforcement of realism in recent history, such characters have almost disappeared as of v4.
  191. ** Apart from one [[CrazySurvivalist Alex White]]. For one thing, he has never had the lower hand on any situation he's been in, he continually makes [[JerkAss dick moves]] and [[MoralEventHorizon event-crossing]] actions, yet has never, ever had any comeuppance for his actions, not to mention he continually hordes items and makes it impossible for people to do a spontaneous scene with him. Hell, he even brutally [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown beats the crap out of someone he thinks has some pills to help him]] and it only goes up for him from there! He murders several ([[SpotlightStealingSquad disputable]]) main characters, gets even more weapons, and then sets off to [[spoiler: [[{{Griefer}} destroy everyone elses chances of escaping from the island they were trapped on by way of blowing up the]] [[BigDamnHeroes rescue boats!]]]]
  192. * VampYou, a site devoted to vampire porn, definitely falls into this trope. Vampires will never lose, and rarely if ever are even inconvenienced. It's still a fun site to read, though.
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  195. [[folder:Western Animation]]
  196. * King Hiss in the 2002 ''[[HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse He-Man]]'' series. In his first appearance, he [[EvilerThanThou easily turns all of Skeletor's minions to stone and imprisons Skeletor himself]] and proceeds to break into Castle Greyskull and severely wound the Sorceress in an attempt to gain the Elders' power - something that Skeletor had been trying to do since the beginning of the show. Though Hiss is usually defeated in every episode he appears in, it is almost never portrayed as being a major blow to him, as he'll just return more powerful and more invincible than ever. Many of the other characters treat King Hiss's victory as some sort of inevitable impending doom (Zodak once has a vision where the snake men conquer Eternia and destroy Castle Greyskull - something that ends up never happening). He is finally killed in the final episode of the series, but the writers were supposedly planning to bring him back had the show continued (though not as the main antagonist).
  197. ** Even King Hiss's minions are Villain Sues. In the episode "Web of Evil", where Webstor is the VillainOfTheWeek, three of Hiss's snake men minions [[{{Anticlimax}} end up]] [[EvilerThanThou defeating the ambrosia-powered Webstor and his huge army of spiders]] offscreen. To add insult to injury, in the same episode those three gain power from the ambrosia within Webstor's spider minions, and for no adequately explained reason, they ''don't'' suffer the negative side effects from it like Skeletor did when he tried to eat it.
  198. *** Ultimately somewhat subverted when [[spoiler: Skeletor]] defeats them. [[spoiler: While it does take He-Man's help to set up their fall, it's clear that the primary reason Hiss beat Skeletor in the first place was due to surprise. That said, it's heavily implied that Hordak would have been a GodModeSue, too.]]
  199. * Courtney from ''[[TotalDramaIsland Total Drama Action]]'' combines this with GodModeSue and JerkSue. She's allowed to return halfway through the season and instantly takes up the entire plot, to the point where every other character just cares about beating her, which is impossible because she [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands suddenly has a ton of new talents she never possessed before]], such as ''freaking ninja moves.'' Granted, half the time she ''still'' loses just because [[JerkAss Chris]] decides to play with the rules, but the fact that she is still "really better" than everybody else.
  200. ** Alejandro's an ''intentional'' example of this trope. Done to show that [[SeriousBusiness he means to win this game]]. In the end, it's subverted, as [[spoiler: Alejandro suffers a horrific loss, even in the alternate ending where he techincally DOES win the game!]]
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