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HL2RP massacre 2017 part 1

Caliber_ Oct 8th, 2017 (edited) 127 Never
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  1. [Shitcheat] James Garvey tried to ERP with sheo
  2. blocare has connected to the server.
  3. [Shitcheat] blocare got ganked by gooks
  4. [OOC] Adam Evans: That moment when you walk in and you instantly see a man bhop around with a revolver in his hand.
  5. Dispatch broadcasts "Citizen notice. Failure to co-operate will result in permanent off-world relocation"
  6. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: Wtf xD
  7. [PAC] Transmitting outfit (1.94 KB)
  8. [PAC3] Your part my outfit has been applied.
  9. [PAC3] Requesting outfits...
  10. [PAC] Invalid model     models/redux/weapons/vsv.mdl
  11. [PAC] Invalid model     models/devcon/mrp/props/backpack.mdl
  12. [PAC] Invalid model     models/redux/weapons/ak74.mdl
  13. [PAC] Invalid model     models/devcon/mrp/props/resperator.mdl
  14. [PAC] Invalid model     models/stalkertnb/bandit_cup1.mdl
  15. [PAC] Invalid model     models/redux/weapons/ak74.mdl
  16. [PAC] Invalid model     models/arxweapon/podonok.mdl
  17. Spahgetti Nugget Nibba Dude has disconnected from the server.
  18. [OOC] Adam Evans: People keep disappearing for like a minute and then re appearing
  19. You do not have access to this command, Johnathan Gnatt.
  20. [Shitcheat] Bobby McBag listened to a kanye west album
  21. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: Oh, honey, that's called teleportation
  22. [OOC] Adam Evans: And I just got random punched or random stuned I don't even know, this is not very good first impression
  23. [Shitcheat] Adam Evans smoked bad weed
  24. You do not have access to this command, Johnathan Gnatt.
  25. [OOC] MPF-UNION-i5.68555: rip a rono
  26. [Shitcheat] MPF-UNION-i5.68555 became one with the ground
  27. [OOC] Adam Evans: And I'm dead gg guys shot by the revolver bunny
  28. [Shitcheat] MPF-GRID-i5.29313 got deported
  29. [OOC] MPF-UNION-i5.68555: ok tHEN
  30. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: I sold some water to a fridge
  31. [Shitcheat] Johnathan Vois fucked a cat
  32. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: Ow
  33. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: I just got punked
  34. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: By some rdmer
  35. [Shitcheat] Eric Jones turned off aimbot
  36. [Shitcheat] Raymond Euton took a long walk off a short bridge
  37. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: On the loose
  38. [Shitcheat] Hiro Nakamura unsubscribed from dramaalert
  39. [OOC] Adam Evans: The whole UI is missing textures on this server for some reason
  40. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: CATCH THEM ADMIN
  41. [OOC] Hiro Nakamura: hacker
  42. [OOC] Eric Jones: why...
  43. [ Male / Black Hair / ...] says "What the hell"
  44. [Shitcheat] Elena Katie broke their dick
  45. [OOC] Elena Katie: hacker
  46. [Shitcheat] Bobby McBag brought snixzz3 to a gmod hvh
  47. Dispatch broadcasts "Citizen notice. Failure to co-operate will result in permanent off-world relocation"
  48. [OOC] Elena Katie: Some guy is rdming
  49. [Shitcheat] Eric Jones ate shit and died
  50. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: Yeah noone beats elena
  51. [OOC] Adam Evans: Maybe he's disappearing because he's a hacker
  52. [OOC] Eric Jones: ,,,, Im dead
  53. [OOC] Elena Katie: Seriosuyl xD
  54. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: I tried once
  55. [OOC] Elena Katie: he just massrdmed 5citizens
  56. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: But she killed
  57. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: Me
  58. Skyfeels has disconnected from the server.
  59. [Shitcheat] Bobby McBag got boned
  60. [OOC] Johnathan Gnatt: massacre brought to you in part by shitcheat
  61. [OOC] Johnathan Gnatt: fucking hackeur
  62. LK-520 has disconnected from the server.
  63. [Shitcheat] Eric Jones tripped on a dick
  64. [OOC] Eric Jones: just afk hell get bored
  65. [Shitcheat] Raymond Euton got stuck in a trap
  66. [Shitcheat] Adam Evans tried to ERP with sheo
  67. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: Jesus christ
  68. [Shitcheat] Johnathan Gnatt didn't update the version number
  69. That is not a valid command or alias!
  70. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: He's killing everyone
  71. [OOC] MPF-GRID-i4.27305: IMK back
  72. [Shitcheat] Eric Jones got bent over a table and fucked in the ass
  73. [OOC] MPF-GRID-i4.27305: What is wrong need something?
  74. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: HELP US ADMIN
  75. [OOC] MPF-HELIX-i5.11464: dead.
  76. [OOC] Johnathan Gnatt: hecker
  78. [Shitcheat] Adam Evans dropped the soap
  79. [OOC] MPF-GRID-i5.29313: 305
  80. [OOC] MPF-GRID-i4.27305: Who
  81. [OOC] Adam Evans: Killed by revolver bunny again I'm starting to think the admins on this server, or MPF, are watching porn or something
  82. [HTML] Uncaught TypeError: Property 'group' of object #<error> is not a function
  83. [HTML] Uncaught TypeError: Property 'group' of object #<error> is not a function
  84. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: FUCK HIM UP
  85. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: Adam
  86. [OOC] Adam Evans: He's killing me in spawn now
  87. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: What kind of porn?
  88. Dispatch broadcasts "Attention ground units. Mission failure will result in permanent off-world assignment. Code reminder: SACRIFICE, COAGULATE, PLAN."
  89. Космодесантник has disconnected from the server.
  90. [OOC] Johnathan Gnatt: cp hacker
  91. [Shitcheat] Eric Jones got ganked by gooks
  92. [OOC] MPF-UNION-i5.68555: good porn :))))))))))))))))
  93. [OOC] Adam Evans: DP most likely since it's so distracting
  94. [Shitcheat] Jamal Clark couldn't remember how to spell 'nigger'
  95. [OOC] Johnathan Vois: You mean gay porn\
  96. [Shitcheat] Eric Jones visited nebulous
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