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  1. ==============================================================================================================
  2. ||                                                                                                          ||
  3. ||                          # L E W D _ C R E A T U R E S                                                   ||
  4. ||                                  R U L E                                                                 ||
  5. ||                                  P A M P H L E T                                                         ||
  6. ||                                                                                                          ||
  7. ==============================================================================================================
  9. 1: No...
  10. - spamming: shitposting, flooding, etc
  11. - trolling: making people angry, attention mongering, or other inflammatory behavior
  12. - bigotry: attacking people or their beliefs
  14. 2: Overt, sustained jackassery that causes others to avoid the channel is not allowed.
  16. 3: If what you're saying only serves to weigh down the mood of the chat, then you probably shouldn't say it.
  17.  We understand that you want your friends to know what you're feeling, but PM or a support channel would
  18.  probably be a better option. (Mainly if you do this often or when people are doing lewd stuff)
  21. Also note, this is a lewd channel if it wasn't obvious yet.
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