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OpCartel Proceeds

BarrettBrown Nov 3rd, 2011 21,829 Never
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  1. The Anon who had been kidnapped last month by the Zetas has been released, although it appears that the Zetas concerned did not know that the individual was the Anon whose release had been demanded by those who instigated #OpCartel. As such, no bargain has been fulfilled. Meanwhile, those who have been in possession of the e-mails have promised to provide them to me alone, which is to say that everything that proceeds from now on is my own work, and not that of Anonymous. Any reprisals against anyone other than myself, then, will have no effect.
  3. As I've told several journalists today, I will be proceeding carefully and with the assistance of several parties who are equipped to assess the contents of these e-mails and particularly those portions dealing with Zeta collaborators. I'll announce the next step in a few days.
  5. Finally, much of the reaction that this affair has received, particularly the dozens of often malicious predictions of my upcoming murder by the Zetas, is among the most degenerate displays I have yet seen. The idea that I should refrain from assisting in the naming of probable criminals operating in a foreign country without a working judicial system lest I be murdered is a cowardly sentiment. No individual living in the free world should refrain from working to fight injustice simply because there is a possibility of retaliation. Less important, but equally inane, have been the hundreds of comments and even media reports in which I am described as "foolish" for taking a risk in the course of something I believe in. Those objections dealing with possible repercussions to innocent third parties are reasonable, and I have made an effort to address those; those objections to the effect that an American ought not assist his fellows who have themselves risked their lives for this cause is informed only by a sick culture that is destined for destruction and replacement. If, by some chance, I am indeed killed by the Zetas, I will at least not have to contend ever again with the irritating and, frankly, faggy outpourings of a population that has proven itself incompetent to rule the empire that has been provided to it on the backs of others. Amrite?
  7. *Update*
  9. As is now widely known, the kidnapped Anon was indeed known to the Zetas as such, contrary to my reports from last night, during which I was only in sporadic communication with the person's friends. As the Zetas left a note with the person threatening to kill ten civilians for every name published, none of us will be proceeding with those particular names. Nonetheless, several of the 25,000 e-mails are being sent to Der Spiegel for confirmation, and in the meanwhile I will be going after other cartels with the assistance of those who have come forward with new information and offers of assistance. To provide information for this operation, which I'll be conducting with additional help from certain media outlets, e-mail me at transistor@hushmail.com.
  11. Barrett Brown
  12. transistor@hushmail.com
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