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  1. Pre-Game
  2. Lapsonen: ?
  3. In-Game
  4. Lapsonen: kha top
  5. Lapsonen: toook blue
  6. Lapsonen: yes
  7. Lapsonen: probs
  8. Lapsonen: 0.1 for Q
  9. Lapsonen: chillax dog
  10. Lapsonen: u bad
  11. Lapsonen: and u know it
  12. Lapsonen: dog
  13. Lapsonen: ah yesr
  14. Lapsonen: the dude who bans darius cuz he cant lane against him xD
  15. Lapsonen: stay free boiiii
  16. Lapsonen: there is litarelly one item that is good against trynda and its tabbies
  17. Lapsonen: just cuz u are bad at the game
  18. Lapsonen: does not mean i should NOT buy tabbies
  19. Lapsonen: against kha trynda combo xD
  20. Lapsonen: need u here ezreal
  21. Lapsonen: its ok
  22. Lapsonen: just tp top and die
  23. Lapsonen: its a good move
  24. Lapsonen: just go next lol
  25. Lapsonen: its waste of time lol
  26. Lapsonen: when your jungle is turbo inting its over
  27. Lapsonen: just ff lol
  28. Lapsonen: ermm no
  29. Lapsonen: its league of legends
  30. Lapsonen: its better jungle wins
  31. Lapsonen: only ridiculkous thing is that a ignite trynda lost lnae
  32. Lapsonen: cuz u wont ff
  33. Lapsonen: not trolling
  34. Lapsonen: just when its over its over
  35. Lapsonen: and i dont feel like dragging games out
  36. Lapsonen: im not crying
  37. Lapsonen: like i said
  38. Lapsonen: kayn is a super baddie
  39. Lapsonen: ermm u are getting carried by high elo smurffs
  40. Lapsonen: idk why u are so happy
  41. Lapsonen: why would i be mad
  42. Lapsonen: just beat a shitter in top lane
  43. Lapsonen: who is playing trynda
  44. Lapsonen: xD
  45. Lapsonen: why would 5x mid plat players be able to beat 2x high elo smurffs lol
  46. Post-Game
  47. Lapsonen: why would they want to duo with a none smurff
  48. Lapsonen: trynda was a mad baddie
  49. Lapsonen: truly a tragic gamer
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