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  1. alias line1 "say haha u died!"
  2. alias line2 "say reatard down"
  3. alias line3 "say u died again lamo"
  4. alias line4 "say lol u are getting mad to binds"
  5. alias line5 "say u died haha"
  6. alias line6 "say lol the more u type the more it shows me ur mad lol!!"
  7. alias line7 "say lol the more u type the more it shows me ur angery lol!!"
  8. alias line8 "say lol ur dead"
  9. alias line9 "say haha u died!"
  10. alias line10 "say lmao u died idiot"
  12. alias index1 "alias rnd_line line1; alias prev_pos index10; alias curr_pos index1; alias next_pos index2"
  13. alias index2 "alias rnd_line line2; alias prev_pos index1; alias curr_pos index2; alias next_pos index3"
  14. alias index3 "alias rnd_line line3; alias prev_pos index2; alias curr_pos index3; alias next_pos index4"
  15. alias index4 "alias rnd_line line4; alias prev_pos index3; alias curr_pos index4; alias next_pos index5"
  16. alias index5 "alias rnd_line line5; alias prev_pos index4; alias curr_pos index5; alias next_pos index6"
  17. alias index6 "alias rnd_line line6; alias prev_pos index5; alias curr_pos index6; alias next_pos index7"
  18. alias index7 "alias rnd_line line7; alias prev_pos index6; alias curr_pos index7; alias next_pos index8"
  19. alias index8 "alias rnd_line line8; alias prev_pos index7; alias curr_pos index8; alias next_pos index9"
  20. alias index9 "alias rnd_line line9; alias prev_pos index8; alias curr_pos index9; alias next_pos index10"
  21. alias index10 "alias rnd_line line10; alias prev_pos index9; alias curr_pos index10; alias next_pos index1"
  22. alias index11 "say pawsative is daddy;quit"
  24. alias prev_pos index10 //not needed for this particular task but nice to have IMHO
  25. alias curr_pos index1 //not needed for this particular task but nice to have IMHO
  26. alias next_pos index2
  28. alias rnd_line ""
  30. bind w "+forward; r_cleardecals; next_pos; index11"
  31. bind a "+moveleft; r_cleardecals; next_pos"
  32. bind s "+back; r_cleardecals; next_pos"
  33. bind d "+moveright; r_cleardecals; next_pos"
  35. next_pos
  36. bind "mouse4" "rnd_line;next_pos"
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