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  1. First off, sorry its late to be actually posted, we wanted to keep things as quiet as possible(hence jean posting leadership contact him, he's been telling CEOs in person).
  3. Basically, B-R hurt our offensive and defensive capability quite a bit. They're going to start doing heavy sov grinding, but the feared hell-camp/headshot of our staging systems obviously isn't happening yet. The war is not over, and we will continue fighting back, so heres the basic plan for now:
  5. Corps pull out heavy assets from I-N pocket/Immensea in general. Non-combat member assets can start to be moved, but please no 'omg evac panic' shit.
  6. The alliance will be redeploying soon to a deeper staging system in our space, at least a mid from the front line to continue fighting.
  8. There will be a leadership meeting between now and this move.
  10. Wrecking ball wont be deployed for every fight obviously, as our escalation option is lessened.
  12. Primary fleet comps for the fights going forward will be:
  13. Domis, Ishtars, Eagles, Tempests(Herocat fit)/Taloses(Anti-capship/structure)
  15. For those of you who remember the Tribute fighting, we're looking at that style of fighting for the next few weeks, where we pick and choose where to inflict maximum pain on the enemy while letting them try to grind our space under threat of getting dropped every time they break out something without a cloak. During this time we'll be reconsolidating, doing our best to catch up on the SRP backlog/etc, and prepping to continue fighting the war.
  17. Most important thing to remember, don't panic, and don't panic your members. As bad as we are at putting out information, we actually do have a plan. The next few weeks will be pretty brutal, but if they honestly want to try grinding 13 regions and 200+ stations while we hotdrop every fucker that moves, be my guest.
  19. Thanks to Jarek from DC for dragging us aside and reminding us to actually tell you guys what the hell is happening.
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