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  1. >Be the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  5. >…Be the uh… one who talks like a pirate?
  9. You are now Farris S. Miocco, a troll of a little less than 6 SWEEPS. Many ask you why you have three names, and what the S stands for. You have no good answer, other than, BECAUSE! It seemed fun at the time. And you don’t really think you need any other reason! Plus, the S. doesn’t stand for anything anyways.
  11. Personality-wise, you are quite the ODD TROLL, or at least you sure do give off that vibe! Some say it’s CONTROLLED CHAOS, or PURE RANDOMNESS, or some bullshit like that, but you know that this is all an ACT to you. You’ve turned yourself into a living parody and mockery of everything wrong with Troll Society! And none are the wiser. However, through being like this for so long, you… well, have sort of ACTUALLY become like this. You still have the same core personality traits, though.
  13. As far as your REAL INTERESTS go, you do love COOKING! Especially anything with NOODLES in it. Ramen, Pasta, you name it! It complements your PASTA-SAUCE RED colored blood, which you’re oddly PROUD OF. However, you OPENLY REFUSE anyone who implies that you have a noodle or TENTACLE fetish. Why would you defile noodles like that?!
  15. Another interest of yours is DEBATE, and ARGUING with other trolls, even over SYMANTICS, often playing the Devil’s Advocate. You pretend to have another viewpoint that is utterly stupid to compare to their viewpoint. TROLL STEVEN COLBERT is like your fucking idol in this regard. A MASTER of humor. You do like to think of yourself as someone of good humor, and find that you can perfectly apply it to LOGIC and REASON.
  17. Applying your logic and REASON, you've become rather adept at PROGRAMMING, though most of the time, you find it kinda BORING, so you only do it when there's not much else to DO! Or when it'll cause shits and giggles.
  19. As far as your PEGLEG and EYEPATCH go, your eyepatch is really just for looks, and you can see perfectly fine without it. Your pegleg, however, is REAL. Sure, you could’ve gotten a robotic leg, but where’s the FUN IN THAT? Then again, this pegleg fucking sucks sometimes. Hobbling around isn’t the most fun after all.
  21. Your hive, in contrast to what many think, is NOT your ship. It is in a hidden COVE, befitting a pirate of your status. Also, because there is no way you’d SLEEP onboard! You’re not that crazy. Your lusus hides in the cove with you, it being a SCALED TENTACLE BEAST. It’s pretty rare, but it’s a nice lusus to have! Pretty mellow, sometimes overprotective. Ever since the whole PEGLEG INCIDENT anyways.
  23. You use the NOODLE MODUS, which turns your cards into separate NOODLES, all combining to make a hearty spaghetti of items. You have to pick a noodle, and HOPE that it just so happens to be the right item you want. It’s the LUCK OF THE DRAW. You allocated your Strife Specubus to anchorKind, as well as rifleKind. Well, the anchorKind is because it’s a Strife Specubus for some reason and that would make a really cool weapon in some unforeseeable future, but also so that you can drop anchor at the tip of a dime! Of course, you’re not terribly strong, nor skilled in hand-to-hand weaponry, so the rifleKind allows you to stay back and fire and generally be of some use.
  25. Your Troll Tag is burlesqueTagliatelle, and Y●U~TALK~LIKE~A~PIRATE~ALL~DAY,~ERR’DAY!
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