MGE Side III Church at Night

Sep 5th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Onii-san, you look surprised❤ How cute❤
  3. The sisters suddenly stripped their clothes, and entwined themselves with the men who were praying...
  4. At last we’ve reached the lewd part...❤
  5. Are you surprised? Or are you horny?
  7. This is the face of the church of the Chief God at night❤
  8. There are some girls that want to be married to a follower of the Lord, and those girls do stuff like this❤
  9. Also, there are married couples that work during the day who rush here as soon as night falls❤
  11. That reminds me, the Sea Bishop priestess and that Order soldier seem to have disappeared. They’re probably over there in that “Confessional”, let’s go take a peek❤
  13. “Thou hast a very noble soul...❤
  14. In the name of justice, you also turned thine sword towards monsters...❤ Mmm...❤ We are fellow adherents of the same Lord...
  15. Deeper, deeper...❤ So I can understand you well...❤
  16. Thine anguish, thine repentance, and thine determination...❤
  17. And now, as you once swung thine sword... Hyan❤
  18. Pour thine love into me, into this monsterrr...❤”
  20. Nfufu❤ We can hear you...❤
  21. The priestess longed to be married to an Order Knight. How wonderful~❤
  22. Now, will my pervert onii-san repent his lewd desires with my body? After all, you chose me out of all those beautiful older girls with big boobs...❤
  23. Your just full of super perverted desires and things you want to do to me, aren’t you? If that’s the case, show me everything...❤
  25. Mm❤ Onii-san, why are you stroking my head... ah...❤
  26. I see...❤ That’s it...❤
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