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  1. You shrug off the pain. Like this little pain will stop you. You try to walk again.
  3. Pain strikes your shoulder again. You wince a bit. You feel frustrated; what is wrong with your shoulder?!
  5. "Outsider, maybe you should rest for now..." Suwako worries. You shake your head, and keep going. You can't stop now. You don't want to stop. You need to keep walking, to show them- no, show [i]yourself[/i] that you won't get beaten by the pain, and you can, and [i]will[/i] recover.
  7. Suwako moves forward, ready to stop you whether you like it or not.
  9. "Suwako, don't." Kanako says upon noticing her.
  11. "But Kanako, he-" Kanako shakes her head before Suwako can finish her sentence.
  13. "Look at him. He's trying with all his might. Do you think it's good to stop a child who's learning to walk?" Kanako says.
  15. Your energy drains with each step; less from walking and more to keep your mind focused while pain eats at your body. You need a destination, it's pointless to walk without one. You look at the shrine gate. That should be your destination. Reach it, and you're done.
  17. You think as you walk to keep your mind intact. It didn't hurt this much when you walked earlier. Maybe that fall did something to your left shoulder, as it's the part that hit the ground first. Maybe there was a hidden injury at your shoulder that was left untreated when these people at the shrine checked on you? Not one of them looks like a doctor or anything like that, so it's possible that they missed something. If Sanae can bring a doctor here, he or she can check more thoughtfully on you.
  19. You take your last step; finally reached the gate. You have beaten your pain. You smile at this little achievement, and look forward; There is a long path to the downhill. You laugh, realizing how much you would have burdened the shrine maiden if you'd gone with her. This is just a start, a small step for you. Next, you will walk that long path. You will, someday...
  21. You're really tired now...Yeah, a rest will do you good...Just a little nap...
  23. Your consciousness drifts away...
  25. Bam!
  27. "Outsider!"
  29. ---
  31. You see that short-haired girl surrounded by three older boys, really angry.
  33. "Come on, give us those candies and we will forgive you for entering our territory." One of the boys says.
  35. "No way! This is a public playground, everyone can play here!" She resists.
  37. "Want to play rough, eh? Get her!" The boys start fighting with her. She really needs some help. You jump at the first boy and punch him in the head.
  39. "Hey, get off me!" He cried. One of the boys was going to hit you to help his friends, but he was kicked in the groin by the girl first.
  41. "AAAAAHHHH!"
  43. After some punching and kicking, some adults come to your place. That girl tells them what the boys were doing. It's not long before some adults have scolded the boys and taken them from the playground.
  45. "Are you okay?" She asks. You nod, even though you have some bruises on your face and blood coming out of your nose. She has some bruises too. You ask her if she's okay.
  47. "I'm fine! I hope those evil boys will never come here again!" She says angrily. "But, thanks for helping me! Although, I'm afraid to go home now, mom and dad will scold me..." She looks down.
  49. You offer to walk her home if she is afraid.
  51. "Uhm...ehm... Okay then! Thanks a lot!" She says, as you two go back...
  53. ---
  55. "...I recommend that you bring him to Eirin, she's better than I am for treating wounds like this."
  57. "I understand. Thanks, Momiji, may I-"
  59. You heard some sounds. People talking.
  61. "Don't worry about it, I'll escort him. Shall we?"
  63. "Okay. See you later, Sanae." Some footsteps can be heard fading away.
  65. You open your eyes. You spotted that shrine maiden again, sitting beside you.
  67. "Ah, you are awake." She looks a bit angry. "What were you thinking, forcing yourself to walk until you fainted! I was really-"
  69. You willingly endure her scolding. Yes, this is your fault. Yes, you made them worried. Yes, you pushed yourself a [i]little[/i] bit too far. She finally stops.
  71. "...Outsider, please know your limits. We cared for you, so please, care for yourself, don't take things too far." You nod at her. "A doctor has checked your condition. It seems we missed some wounds when treating you."
  73. You check yourself, it seems your left shoulder has been bandaged too. Your bandage has changed to a proper one, and you can see something green under these bandages. Maybe herbs.
  75. Not long after, the purple haired woman enters your room.
  77. "Ah, Kanako?" Sanae notices her.
  79. "How is he doing?"
  81. "He's been checked. There are some internal wounds that we missed."
  83. "Good to know, then. Anyway, dinner is ready. You haven't eaten anything since this morning right? Suwako is waiting for you too."
  85. "Ah, thanks!"
  87. "How about you, Outsider, want to join us for some food?" Kanako asks.
  89. Eating with them should improve your relationship. You want to know more about them. On the other hand you need to rest after the stunt that you did earlier.
  91. What are you going to do?
  93. []Join them
  94. []Rest
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