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  4.                                             Target: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5.                                                       Author: @kenshithegod
  6.                                                       E-Mail/XMPP: md4@riseup.net
  7.                                            ##################################################
  9. Target: http://web.mit.edu/
  11. -- MySQL dump 9.11
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  13. -- Host:    Database: gsw_mainsite
  14. -- ------------------------------------------------------
  15. -- Server version   4.0.27-standard
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  18. -- Table structure for table `keynotes`
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  21. CREATE TABLE keynotes (
  22.   id smallint(3) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  23.   titulo varchar(25) NOT NULL default '',
  24.   pic varchar(100) NOT NULL default '',
  25.   line1 varchar(25) NOT NULL default '',
  26.   line2 varchar(25) NOT NULL default '',
  27.   ord tinyint(3) unsigned zerofill NOT NULL default '000',
  28.   PRIMARY KEY  (id)
  29. ) TYPE=InnoDB;
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  32. -- Dumping data for table `keynotes`
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  35. INSERT INTO keynotes VALUES (70,'Keynotes','ken_morse.jpg','Kenneth P. Morse','MIT E-Center',001);
  36. INSERT INTO keynotes VALUES (71,'Keynotes','jessica_flannery.jpg','Jessica Flannery','Kiva.org',002);
  37. INSERT INTO keynotes VALUES (72,'Panelists','trevor_field.jpg','Trevor Field','Roundabout Outdoor',003);
  38. INSERT INTO keynotes VALUES (73,'Panelists','julia_long.jpg','Julia Lon','HBD Venture Capital',004);
  39. INSERT INTO keynotes VALUES (75,'Panelists','shane_immelman.jpg','Shane Immelman','The Lapdesk Company',006);
  40. INSERT INTO keynotes VALUES (76,'Panelists','david_clark.jpg','David Clark-Murphy','ECU University',007);
  41. INSERT INTO keynotes VALUES (77,'Panelists','gideon_maas.jpg','Gideon Maas','Coventry University',008);
  42. INSERT INTO keynotes VALUES (78,'Panelists 1','bleming_nekati.jpg','Bleming Nekati','Tshwane University',009);
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  45. -- Table structure for table `sections`
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  48. CREATE TABLE sections (
  49.   id smallint(6) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  50.   section varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
  51.   subsection varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
  52.   title varchar(250) NOT NULL default '',
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  62. -- Dumping data for table `sections`
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  65. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (1,'home','home','<br>The 13th MIT Global Startup Workshop:<br>Conquering the Economic Crisis <br>with Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Green Energy','<!--<br>The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: <br>Creating Economic Sustainability through Entrepreneurship-->','','','','');
  66. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (2,'about','About GSW','ABOUT MIT GSW','The <b>Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global Startup Workshop (MIT GSW)</b> is a non-profit, student run, volunteer organization that works to build a global support network for entrepreneurship.  We bring together budding and successful entrepreneurs, professors, governmental agents and private supporters to stimulate discussion, generate ideas and share best entrepreneurial practices between different regions of the world, so as to create a stronger, more sustainable global environment.  <p>\r\n\r\nThe research and educational environment at MIT fosters a unique ecosystem that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. A 2009 survey by the Kauffman foundation reported that the aggregate value of all the companies founded by MIT graduates and faculty would make MIT the 11th largest economy in the world. <p>\r\n\r\nThe MIT GSW has become a key ambassador for this ecosystem around the globe. Since 1998 we have held 12 international workshops, spanning 6 continents and attracting participants from 60 nations, and built a unique diverse community and dynamic forum.<br><br><br><br><br><br>','','','','');
  67. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (3,'about','Organizers','2009 GSW LEAD ORGANIZERS','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" width=\"418\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td align=\"middle\"><p><strong>MIT Global Startup Workshop <br />\r\n        1 Amherst St,   E40-196<br />\r\n        Cambridge, MA 02142<br />\r\n        Fax: 1-617-253-8633</strong></p>\r\n      <p><strong><a href=\"mailto:gsw-contact@mit.edu\">gsw-contact@mit.edu</a></strong></p></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<br />\r\n<p><strong><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"3\">MIT Team</font> <br />\r\n</strong></p>\r\n<table height=\"100\" cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" width=\"530\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"200\" height=\"57\"><div align=\"left\"><strong>Anurag Bajpayee</strong><br />\r\n        Lead   Organizer<br />\r\n      bajpayee <at> mit.edu</div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"300\" height=\"57\"><div align=\"left\"><strong>Grace D. Chen</strong><br />\r\n        Lead   Organizer<br />\r\n      gracec <at> mit.edu<strong></strong></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>','','','','');
  68. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (4,'about','Become a host','BECOME A HOST','<p>Our search for the location of the 14th annual MIT GSW has begun!</p>\r\n<p>The MIT GSW is an opportunity to showcase your organization and your country   to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, government officials and other   influential decision makers and supporters of entrepreneurship.</p>\r\n<p>We encourage all interested parties to apply to host the conference, March   23-25, 2011.</p>\r\n<p>Please contact the GSW organizers at <a href=\"mailto:gsw-contact@mit.edu\">gsw-contact@mit.edu</a> for more   information.</p>\r\n<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>','','','','');
  69. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (5,'about','Become a sponsor','BECOME A SPONSOR','<p>Thank you for your interest in supporting the MIT Global   Startup Workshop (GSW). Over the past ten years, the MIT GSW has emerged as the   premier event aimed at the exchange of best practices associated with business   plan competitions. This year the conference adds an additional offering -   sessions exploring the benefits of entrepreneurship for society, as well as the   challenges faced in developing regions. </p>\r\n<p>Being a student run and organized workshop, the MIT GSW   relies exclusively on external sponsorship donations each year to fund its   operations. </p>\r\n<p>In addition to supporting an important cause, sponsors   receive special benefits including: </p>\r\n- Visibility   at the conference site in the form of banners, and advertisements in the   conference program book.<br />\r\n- Visibility on the MIT GSW website.<br />\r\n-   Association with the MIT brand in an entrepreneurial context. <br />\r\n- Access to an   audience of potentially 2000+ highly targeted individuals in leadership   positions in academia and entrepreneurship development. <br />\r\n<p>Both monetary and in-kind sponsorships are greatly   appreciated. </p>\r\n<p><strong>Please contact <a href=\"mailto:gsw-leadorganizers@mit.edu\">gsw-leadorganizers@mit.edu</a> for more details. </strong></p>\r\n<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>\r\n','','','','');
  70. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (6,'about','FAQ','FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS','<p><strong>What is the MIT GSW?</strong> <br />\r\n  The MIT <strong>G</strong>lobal <strong>S</strong>tartup <strong>W</strong>orkshop is   the world\'s premier conference on how to foster entrepreneurship by creating   supportive infrastructure and catalytic events. The conference is ideally suited   for all parties associated with developing and fostering entrepreneurship, and   attracts participants from the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.<br />\r\n  The core   objectives of the conference are: </p>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Share best practices in running entrepreneurial support organizations </li>\r\n  <li>Form a global network of leaders in venture creation </li>\r\n  <li>Bring participants up to date on the state of entrepreneurship locally and   globally </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<p>To meet these objectives, the conference consists of keynote addresses,   expert panels, breakout discussion forums, and networking sessions. </p>\r\n<p>  </p>\r\n<p><strong>What is the history of the GSW?</strong><br />\r\n  Founded in 1998 by the   organizers of MIT\'s business plan competition through the support of its   founding sponsor, McKinsey & Company, the GSW is now the oldest and most   successful student-run global entrepreneurship outreach effort in existence. The   GSW has assisted directly in establishing more than 15 new business plan   competitions and has contributed to the creation and improvement of hundreds   more. Each year, a host country is chosen through a competitive process to   organize the conference in collaboration with roughly 30 MIT students. <br />\r\n  Past host countries include Italy, Singapore, Australia, China, the UK, the United   Arab Emirates, and Norway. The latest conference held in Cape Town, South Africa attracted roughly 300 participants from more than 30 countries. <br />\r\n</p>\r\n<p><strong>When and where is the 2010 GSW?</strong> <br />\r\n  March 24 - 26, 2010 in Reykjavik, Iceland.<br />\r\n</p>\r\n<!--<p><strong>How can I register for the 2009 GSW?</strong> <br />\r\n  You can register   for the 2009 GSW starting in November of 2008 by clicking <a href=\"conference.php?id=10\">here</a>.<br />-->\r\n</p>\r\n<p><strong>How do I apply to host the GSW in 2011?</strong><br />\r\n  Our search   process has already begun for 2011! Visit the <a href=\"about.php?id=4\">GSW 2011 page</a> for more information.</p>\r\n<p><strong>Have another question that\'s not here?</strong> <br />\r\n  Please email us   at: <a href=\"mailto:gsw-contact@mit.edu\">gsw-contact@mit.edu</a>','','','','');
  71. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (7,'about','Sitemap','SITEMAP','<p><u><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">Home</font></u><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\"><br />\r\n</font></p>\r\n<p><u><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">About<br />\r\n</font></u><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\"><a href=\"about.php?id=2\">About GSW</a></font><br />\r\n  -  <a href=\"about.php?id=3\">Organizers</a><br />\r\n  -  <a href=\"about.php?id=4\">Become a host</a><br />\r\n  -  <a href=\"about.php?id=5\">Become a sponsor</a><br />\r\n  -  <a href=\"about.php?id=6\">FAQ</a><br />\r\n  -  <a href=\"about.php?id=7\">Sitemap</a><br />\r\n-  <a href=\"about.php?id=8\">Contact us</a></p>\r\n<p><u><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\"><br />\r\n  Community<br />\r\n</font></u><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">Entrepreneurship<br />\r\n  </font><br />\r\n  -  BPCs<br />\r\n-  GSW in the news<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<u><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\"><br />\r\n  History<br />\r\n</font></u><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">Overview</font><br />\r\n<br />\r\n  -  2008<br />\r\n- 2007<br />\r\n- 2006<br />\r\n- 2005<br />\r\n- 2004<br />\r\n- 2003<br />\r\n- 2002<br />\r\n- 2001<br />\r\n- 2000<br />\r\n- 1999<br />\r\n-  1998</p>\r\n<p><u><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\"><br />\r\n  Conference<br />\r\n</font></u><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">Overview</font><br />\r\n  <br />\r\n  - Registration<br />\r\n  -  Agenda<br />\r\n  -  Speakers<br />\r\n  -  Venue<br />\r\n  -  Travel information<br />\r\n  -  Partners<br />\r\n  -  Sponsors<br />\r\n-  FAQ</p>  ','<div><img src=pics/DSH005-Ad-Deum-low-res.jpg   /></div>','','','');
  72. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (8,'about','Contact us','CONTACT US','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" width=\"418\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td align=\"middle\"><p><strong>MIT Global Startup Workshop <br />\r\n        1 Amherst St,   E40-196<br />\r\n        Cambridge, MA 02142<br />\r\n        Fax: 1-617-253-8633</strong></p>\r\n      <p><strong><a href=\"mailto:gsw-contact@mit.edu\">gsw-contact@mit.edu</a></strong></p></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<br />\r\n<p><strong><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"3\">MIT Team</font> <br />\r\n</strong></p>\r\n<table height=\"100\" cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" width=\"530\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"200\" height=\"57\"><div align=\"left\"><strong>Anurag Bajpayee</strong><br />\r\n        Lead   Organizer<br />\r\n      bajpayee <at> mit.edu</div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"300\" height=\"57\"><div align=\"left\"><strong>Grace D. Chen</strong><br />\r\n        Lead   Organizer<br />\r\n      gracec <at> mit.edu<strong></strong></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>','','','','');
  73. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (9,'conference2009','Overview','The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Creating Economic Stability through Entrepreneurship, March 25 - 27, 2009, Cape Town, South Africa','<font color=\"#ff0000\">Registration for the MIT GSW 2009 is now <b>CLOSED</b>.</font>\r\n<br>\r\n<font color=\"#ff0000\">The GSW officially launches the <a href=?id=43>Elevator Pitch Competition.</a></font>\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\nThis year, we are proud to celebrate the 12th annual Global Startup Workshop   by bringing the conference to Cape Town, South Africa! We are working closely   with our partners at Wits Business School and Shake to develop an event that   interactively explores the questions facing the next generation of   entrepreneurial support organizations. Keynote addresses, expert panels, and   breakout discussions will explore how entrepreneurship can be used to create   economic stability. </p>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"center\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"400\" height=\"200\"><img height=\"266\" alt=\"s\" src=\"pics/cape-town.jpg\" width=\"400\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td height=\"46\"><center>\r\n        <div align=\"center\">Cape Town, South Africa</div>\r\n      </center></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n</p>\r\n<br><br>','testepic','','','');
  74. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (10,'conference2009','Registration','REGISTRATION','MIT GSW early-bird registration deadline was <b>February 28, 2009</b> (early bird fee of $400, full fee of $500). <!--Register <a href=\"http://www.mitgsw2009.co.za/register.htm\">here</a>.\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\nBook accommodations at a discounted rate! <a href=\"http://www.mitgsw2009.co.za/accom.htm\">here</a>, limited slots available!-->\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>','','','','');
  75. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (11,'conference2009','Agenda','CONFERENCE AGENDA','<table width=\"540\" border=\"1\" align=\"center\" cellpadding=\"2\">\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td width=\"120\" bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Start - End </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Event</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td colspan=\"3\" bgcolor=\"#CCCCCC\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\"><a id=\"#Day1\" name=\"Day1\">Day 1</a> - Registration, Introduction, and Networking</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">9:30 - 10:30</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Registration</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">10:30 - 11:30</span></div></td>\r\n         <td width=\"200\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Registration</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"1\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Elevator Pitch Training Session</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">11:30 - 12:30</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Introduction: Welcome to South Africa</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">12:30 - 13:30</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Lunch</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">13:30 - 14:30 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Official Inauguration with Keynote Address: Euvin Naidoo, President and CEO of the South African Chamber of Commerce in America</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">14:30 - 15:00</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Coffee Break</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">15:00 - 16:00</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Keynote Address: Jonathan Ortmans, President, Global Entrepreneurship Week and Senior Fellow, Kauffman Foundation: \"Introduction to the Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem\"</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">16:00 - 16:15</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Break and Transition</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">16:15 - 17:15</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Student success story</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">17:15 - 17:30 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Break and Transition</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n      <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">17:30 - 18:30</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Advanced Networking Session</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n      <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">18:30 - 19:30</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Networking Cocktail</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n   </table>\r\n    \r\n   \r\n<table width=\"540\" border=\"1\" align=\"center\" cellpadding=\"2\">\r\n        <tr>\r\n         <td colspan=\"7\" bgcolor=\"#CCCCCC\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Day 2 - The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td width=\"120\" bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">09:15 - 09:30</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Presentation of the day\'s agenda</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">09:30 - 10:30</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with Steve Brown: Session 1</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">10:30 - 10:45 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Break and Transition</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">10:45 - 11:45</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Funding Strategies: Perspectives from around the globe</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Support Structure: Universities, Incubators, and ESOs</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">The African Story: A new approach for fostering startups</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">11:45 - 12:15 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Coffee Break</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">12:15 - 13:15</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Your Greatest Asset: Creating and managing your startup team</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Tracking your Progress: Evaluating the success of Business Plan Competitions</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Bridging the Divide: Traditional ideas in a new setting</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">13:15 - 14:15 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Lunch</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">14:15 - 15:15</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"3\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Case Study 1A: Habitaz </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"3\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Case Study 2A: The Khaya Cookie Company</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n   <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">15:15 - 15:45</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Coffee Break </span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">15:45 - 16:45</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"3\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Public Policies for Economic and Entrepreneurial Development</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"3\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Elevator Pitch Competition Preliminary Rounds</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">16:45 - 17:00</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Break and Transition</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">17:00 - 19:00</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Open Breakout Session</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">19:00 - 21:00</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Constantia Wine Growers Festival with Keynote Address: Kenneth P. Morse, Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center </span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n    </table>\r\n     \r\n   \r\n<table width=\"540\" border=\"1\" align=\"center\" cellpadding=\"2\">\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td colspan=\"7\" bgcolor=\"#CCCCCC\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Day 3 - A Call to Action</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n        <td width=\"120\" bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">09:30 - 09:45 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Presentation of the day\'s agenda</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">09:45 - 10:30</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\" class=\"bodytext\">Keynote Address: Jessica Jackley Flannery, Co-founder of Kiva</td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">10:30 - 11:00</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Elevator Pitch Competition Finals</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">11:00 - 11:30</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Coffee break</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n<!--COMMENTED OUT BY ERIC 10-MAR-2009       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"> </td>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Track 1: <br />\r\n           Traditional entrepreneurs</span></td>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Track 2: <br />\r\n           Social entrepreneurs</span></td>\r\n       </tr> END OF COMMENTED OUT SECTION-->\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">11:30 - 12:30</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"3\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\"><em>Case Study: Vestergaard Frandsen</em></span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"3\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\"><em>Case Study: Trainiac</em></span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">12:30 - 14:00 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Lunch with Poster Session</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">14:00 - 15:00</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Keeping the Momentum:  Ensuring the continued success of your organization</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Perceiving Innovation:  Cultural Influences on Entrepreneurship</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"2\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Tech with a Heart: Technology-driven social entrepreneurship</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">15:00 - 15:30 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Coffee Break</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">15:30 - 16:15 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\" class=\"bodytext\">Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with Steve Brown: Session 2</td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">16:15 - 16:45 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Coffee Break</span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">16:45 - 17:45</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Keynote 5: Alieu Conteh, Chairman of Vodacom Congo</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">17:45 - 18:15 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#CCFFCC\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Closing Remarks</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">18:15 - 19:30 </span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><div align=\"left\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Break </span></div></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n       <tr>\r\n         <td bgcolor=\"#EEEEE7\"><div align=\"center\"><span class=\"bodytext\">19:30 - 23:00</span></div></td>\r\n         <td colspan=\"6\" bgcolor=\"#FFFF99\"><span class=\"bodytext\">Gala dinner</span></td>\r\n       </tr>\r\n     </table>','','','','');
  76. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (12,'conference2009','Speakers','SPEAKERS','<p align=\"center\"><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">Confirmed keynote speakers</font></p>\r\n\r\n<p align=\"center\"> <a href=\"#Ortmans\">Jonathan Ortmans</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Flannery\">Jessica Flannery </a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Conteh\">Alieu Conteh </a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Naidoo\">Euvin Naidoo</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"> <a href=\"#Morse\">Kenneth P. Morse</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Brown\">Steve Brown</a></p>\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br />\r\n<strong><a name=\"Ortmans\" id=\"Ortmans\"></a>Jonathan Ortmans</strong> serves as president of the Public Forum Institute, an independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating the most advanced and effective means of fostering public discourse on major issues of the day. A current focus of the Public Forum Institute\'s work concerns the economy where Jonathan serves as an interface between new research and initiatives to better understand entrepreneurship and the questions and concerns that arise from policymakers in the nation\'s capital. In this context, Ortmans oversees the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship (PDE), an initiative to advance public understanding of the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship and the economy and human welfare. Through meetings, forums, use of available research and communications tools, PDE helps policymakers make sound public policy decisions to encourage entrepreneurship, job creation and economic growth. Ortmans has also led the development of Global Entrepreneurship Week an initiative piloted in the United States in 2007 that inspires the under-30 generation to explore their entrepreneurial potential in more than 75 countries. He also serves as a senior fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation where he has advised the Foundation on its emerging global prominence and has helped develop partnerships and programs with international leaders. In this capacity, he has worked to help advance new thinking about the role of entrepreneurialism within a nation\'s economy and culture and its power to address global problems. Previously, Ortmans served as a congressional aide to the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Ways and Means; executive director of the Columbia Institute for Political Research; and, has founded three businesses. Educated in England, Ortmans serves as an advisor on public engagement and outreach initiatives to several government agencies and foundations, and devotes considerable time to moderating and facilitating meetings worldwide.\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Flannery\" id=\"Flannery\"></a>Jessica Flannery </strong> is a co-founder of Kiva.org, the world\'s first peer-to-peer online microlending website. Kiva lets internet users lend as little as $25 to specific developing world entrepreneurs, providing affordable capital to help them start or expand a small business. Kiva has been one of the fastest-growing social benefit websites in history, connecting hundreds of thousands of people through lending across over 120 countries. Jessica first saw the power and beauty of microfinance while working in rural Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda with Village Enterprise Fund and Project Baobab on impact evaluation and program development. Jessica is sector-agnostic about social change, and has worked for public, nonprofit, and private organizations including the Stanford Center for Social Innovation, Amazon.com, Potentia Media, the International Foundation, World Vision, and others. Jessica\'s work with Kiva has been featured in a wide array of media and press including Oprah, the Today Show, CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR, the WSJ, NYTimes, the Economist, and more.  Jessica speaks widely on microfinance and social entrepreneurship, and serves as a director on several boards related to microenterprise development, including Opportunity International. Jessica holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business with Certificates in Global Management and Public Management, and a BA in Philosophy and Political Science from Bucknell University. Jessica is a trained yoga instructor, avid surfer, and poet.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Conteh\" id=\"Conteh\"></a>Alieu Conteh</strong>, 57, 25 years an entrepreneur, is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Congolese Wireless Networks, the first GSM cellular provider in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Born in Gambia, Mr. Conteh’s story begins in the 1980’s when, after a business and law education in London and California, he became a commodity trader in the London coffee, tin and gold markets.  In 1986 he received the first cable TV license in DRC which he built into a successful business.  Then in 1997 seeing the potentials of cellular communication and its limited implementation in the DRC, he fought against civil war, corruption and technical difficulties while investing his savings.  He successfully negotiated the first GSM license in 1997 and lunched the network in 1999.  In 2001 Vodacom purchased 51% of his network and today they serve 2 million customers and provide affordable coverage nationwide. Today Mr. Conteh continues to invest in the African wireless infrastructure as well as is back in the trading business with his latest venture, Kanuma Resources, which is seeking to establish import links with Thailand.  He is married with four children and currently lives in Johannesburg.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Naidoo\" id=\"Naidoo\"></a>Euvin Naidoo</strong> is the US based President & CEO of the South Africa Chamber of Commerce in America (SACCA) and visiting international lecturer, Private Equity & Customer Service (Service Operations), at the WITS Business School, one of Africa\'s leading MBA programs. With the former, he launched the Africa Entrepreneurship Platform, focused on helping scale that segment of entrepreneurs who work with local communities, into new markets. This program has been featured at the 2007 Clinton Global Initiative’s annual gathering and most recently has been honored by being acknowledged by Mayor Michael Bloomberg as strengthening ties between the USA, New York City and emerging markets. As an investment banker at Standard Corporate & Investment Bank, having served in both the Johannesburg and New York offices, Euvin has worked with private equity players, multilateral organizations and partner banks on emerging market acquisitions across several sectors (retail; transport; financial services; FMCG; healthcare and mining). A former consultant at McKinsey & Co., in Johannesburg, South Africa, his 4 year tenure at McKinsey had him engage some of the world\'s leading multinationals as well as corporations doing business specifically across emerging markets.\r\nHe was the opening speaker at TED Global 2007, focusing on capital market developments across Africa, and was a keynote speaker at the 2007 Wharton Africa Conference in Philadelphia, emphasizing the role of SMEs and entrepreneurship in Africa. Both speeches received international acclaim for reframing the challenges Africa faces as potential opportunities for the informed investor. Mr. Naidoo graduated summa cum laude from the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa, with majors in Law and Politics. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School. Profiled in Forbes.com, he has been described in this publication in an article focused on African entrepreneurship as \'a leading advocate for Western investment in the… continent\'. He is a Fellow of the Emerging Leaders Program, aimed at mentoring the next generation of U.S. and African leaders working to make a positive impact on society across the globe. Euvin currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife Dr. Roshini Moodley Naidoo and their 2 children.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Morse\" id=\"Morse\"></a>Kenneth P. Morse</strong>,  serial entrepreneur and Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship  Center. Ken Morse is a serial entrepreneur, having played a key role in  launching several high-tech start-ups, including 3Com Corporation,  Aspen Technology, an expert systems company, and a biotech firm. Ken\'s  batting average is 0.833: five of his start-ups went public or were  successfully merged; one was a complete disaster. As head of the MIT  Entrepreneurship Center, Ken is responsible for inspiring, training,  and coaching new generations of entrepreneurs from all parts of MIT.  Ken has been profiled and quoted in numerous publications, including  the <em>Wall Street Journal</em>, <em>Financial Times</em>, <em>Economist</em>, and <em>Red Herring</em>.  Since  Ken joined the MIT Entrepreneurship Center in 1996, the number of  students taking Entrepreneurship Courses has increased from 220 to  1,500 per year while the number of professors and lecturers has grown  from two to thirty. He has raised $ 20+ million endowment for the  E-Center. Ken was named \"Education All Star\" by Mass High Tech  magazine. Ken serves as an advisor to China Capital Ventures, LLC,  Darby Overseas Investments, Ltd., PolyTechnos Venture-Partners GmbH,  and SINTEF A/S. He has been an instructor in sales at the Munich  Entrepreneur Academy for several years and has taught a global sales  strategies workshop in several European cities. Ken, an American, is a  member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Cercle Royal Gaulois  Artistique & Litteraire (Brussels), and the Quissett Yacht Club. He  speaks fluent French and some Chinese. Concurrent with his MIT duties,  Ken holds the Chair in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and  Competitiveness in the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at  the Delft Technical University. When he is not helping young companies  to succeed, Ken enjoys sailing his wooden boat with his family around  Cape Cod.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Brown\" id=\"Brown\"></a>Steve Brown</strong> founded Innovate4Growth Consulting, i4Gc, which identifies barriers to commercialization in regions and organizations using the Innovation Assessment Grid™, Venture Pipeline Analysis, VPA™ and Cost of Innovation Analysis, COI™ and suggests ways for individuals and commercialization teams to enhance their effectiveness by creating Micro Clusters for Innovation, MCI™. Steve has spent most of his career directly involved in the management of new products, business development and commercialization activities. Previous to founding i4Gc he worked for the MIT Technology Licensing Office in the chemicals, materials, bioPharma, and medical devices areas.  He worked with over 100 successful U.S. technology based startups during his career at MIT, either as the Licensing Officer who negotiated their license, as the Licensing Office Ambassador who provided them with advice and contacts, as a judge in MIT’s 100K Entrepreneurship Contest, or as an evaluator of their funding proposals to the Deshpande Proof of Concept Fund.  He has also worked with groups representing over fifteen different countries interested in best practices for regional economic development in addition to some US cities, universities, and regional economic development agencies.  His most extensive international engagement was working with the University of Cambridge Technology Transfer Office in Cambridge, England, on university technology commercialization practices. Prior to joining M.I.T. in 1996, Steve was the Assistant Dean for External Partnerships at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at University of Pennsylvania. There he was responsible for helping the departments create their strategic plans and for building relationships with external organizations important to the school’s educational and research mission. At Arco Chemical, Steve was a Commercial Development Manager with responsibility for a commercialization team that developed a composites program from lab inception to approval by two major auto manufacturers. Previously he revamped Arco’s National Distributor Sales Program. Earlier in his career he worked for Dow Chemical in a variety of research, development, sales, marketing, and business management positions. In 1979, Steve was selected to be a President\'s Executive Interchange Executive and served at the Small Business Administration where he helped to streamline their bank loan process, revise their energy loan program for high technology startups, and lobbied for the agency before the US Congress. Steve received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Princeton University. Prior to Princeton he attended Oundle School in England as an English Speaking Union Exchange Scholar after having graduated from Tabor Academy in Marion, MA where he received the general excellence in scholarship award.\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br><br>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">Confirmed panelists</font></p>\r\n\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Long\">Julia Long</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Jardella\">James Jardella </a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Asfour\">Mohammad Asfour </a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Raiz\">Allon Raiz </a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Clark\">David Clark-Murphy </a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Matthews\">Antoinette Matthews </a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Maas\">Gideon Maas </a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Brenyah\">Joseph Brenyah</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Frandsen\">Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen </a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Nekati\">Bleming Nekati</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Polak\">Alicia Polak</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Repin\">Dmitry Repin</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Kivel\">Richard Kivel</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Palin\">Gary Palin</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Pavlova\">Lewdmila Pavlova</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Gonzaga\">Carlo Gonzaga</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Koen\">Hein Koen</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Sharpe\">Andre Sharpe</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Rao\">Rama Rao</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Low\">Xiao Chen Low</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Owusu\">Yaw Owusu</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Kolind\">Torsten Kolind</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Mohamed\">Mansoor Mohamed</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Myres\">Kerrin Myres</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Brenyah\">Joseph Brenyah</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Goheer\">Jamil Goheer</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Sharma\">Iqbal Meer Sharma</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Osiakwan\">Eric M.K Osiakwan</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Garg\">Ankit Garg</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Dennison\">Rob Dennison</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Mishra\">Manoj Mishra</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Ustyuzhanina\">Daria Ustyuzhanina</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Kristinsson\">Andri Heidar Kristinsson</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Iwuh\">Paschal Iwuh</a></p>\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Long\" id=\"Long\"></a>Julia Long</strong>, CEO, HBD Venture Capital. Julia Long has been with HBD since it was established in September 2000 and, as a founding member, supported in the setting up of the organisation.  She is the CEO of HBD Venture Capital, is a member of HBD\'s investment committee and is a non-executive director on a number of HBD\'s investments.  Julia’s career has spanned a number of industries including hospitality, financial services and human resources. It was during this time that Julia discovered a true passion for IT which led her to study for a B. Tech in Information Technology. Julia also has an Honours Degree in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management from UCT. After completing this she took up the role of leading the development team at Thawte - a digital certification authority. During her time at Thawte, Julia established the WOT (web of trust) concept, assisted in building the architecture for the system, brought structured project management and facilitation between development and marketing departments and acted as a notary (a role she still performs today). After the sale of Thawte to a US consortium, Verisign, Julia supported in the set up of HBD Venture Capital, establishing it as one of the few venture capital companies focused on funding early stage businesses in South Africa. She initially played a key role on the investment team of HBD’s first venture capital fund, HBD Fund1, which focussed on start up businesses. She was then promoted to CEO of HBD in 2006 and led the company’s strategic shift from start up to early stage companies through the launch of HBD Fund2. Julia leads a dynamic and driven team which counts among its key successes, the profitable sale of one of HBD’s investments, Red Five Labs, as well as discovering and investing in a range of exceptional early stage South African businesses. These include moyo, a contemporary African hospitality brand, OrderTalk, developers of sophisticated online ordering software, EDH, radar tracking technology pioneers and Csense, the creators of highly sensitive trouble-shooting software. HBD has also been instrumental in pioneering the venture capital concept in South Africa. Julia\'s passion remains information technology, but she has expanded her business expertise to include developing business strategies, negotiation, mentoring of entrepreneurs as well as general and financial management. In addition, Julia launched concepts such as the Big Idea, and is a trustee of the Shuttleworth Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports innovation in education in South Africa and a director of BSquare Communications, which, through the Hip2b2 brand, aims to inspire young South Africans to embrace their education, specifically in maths, science and technology. Julia is passionate about her family and friends. She has a wide range of interests that keep her energised.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Jardella\" id=\"Jardella\"></a>James Jardella</strong>, Founder and Co-Director of Travellingbug Ltd, launched the company in 2006 to provide a new way for skilled, independent people to volunteer around the world. The service it provides enables volunteers to apply their value to help those in real need. Founded on the principle that a person with time and skills to offer, should not be held back by the cost of volunteering through profiteering schemes, the company has placed volunteers in varying roles with charities in Bolivia and Uganda. Travellingbug won the Most Innovative Start-up Company at the Knowledge West Enterprise Awards in 2007, participated in the HSBC Financial Literacy Conference 2007 in New York, and was a SIFE UK National Competition Finalist in 2008. James runs the company with the voluntary support fellow students in the social-entrepreneurship group SIFE Bath, and is currently studying for his Master’s degree in Medical Engineering at the University of Bath.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Raiz\" id=\"Raiz\"></a>Allon Raiz</strong>  is the founder and CEO of Raizcorp, the only privately-held, unfunded, profitable business incubator on the African continent. He is an author, a radio show host, and has written and hosted a primetime reality TV show, all in the field of entrepreneurship. He is an accomplished international speaker and is completing a Doctorate in Entrepreneurial Studies and Innovation. Allon\'s passion and focus on the development of entrepreneurs attracted the attention of the World Economic Forum which, on 11 March 2008, awarded Allon as a Young Global Leader.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Clark\" id=\"Clark\"></a>David Clark-Murphy</strong>. David\'s PhD is in Management Psychology focusing on managerial decision making performance. David has taught Marketing, Management, Business Research, Managerial Finance and Entrepreneurship at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Australia, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. He was awarded Business Faculty prize for excellence in teaching in 2000; he mentored Australia\'s Young Businessperson of the Year in 2002; and managed the Entrepreneurship semi-finalists team in the 2004 Global Business Competition; and was short-listed for the award of Best Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year 2006. Panel member of Ch 31 program \"Marketing - Does Sex Sell\"? Keynote Speaker at the Inaugural National Business Congress in Perth 2006, and the 2005 International Business Conference in Hawaii.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Maas\" id=\"Maas\"></a>Gideon Maas</strong>, Co-Director Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship at Coventry University, UK.  Gideon has broad international business and academic experiences.  Before joining Coventry University September 2007, he was the owner-manager of his own consulting company, GEB Consultants, which focused on entrepreneurship and family businesses and more specifically on innovation and growth strategies.  Leading up to this he was the first International Chair in Entrepreneurship in South Africa, which was a joint venture between two South African institutions and an Irish university.  Gideon also worked in various other organisations over the past years, such as the Stellenbosch University Business School in South Africa and the First National Development Corporation in Namibia.  He was the principal researcher and author of the 2006 and 2007 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Reports for South Africa. On a macro level, he contributed to many national strategic development initiatives in South Africa such as the Small Enterprise Development Agency of which he was a board member. He is one of the founders and past president of the Academic Entrepreneurship Society of Southern Africa (AcES) and was the regional representative of FFI (Family Firm Institute) in Southern Africa. He was also an Associate Professor at the University of Limerick in Ireland. He obtained his PhD from Stellenbosch University, which focused on creativity in small and medium sized organisations.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Frandsen\" id=\"Frandsen\"></a>Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen</strong> is the Chairman and CEO of Vestergaard Frandsen, a leading innovator, manufacturer and exporter of disease control textiles founded in 1957. Mikkel’s interest in developing nations began when he was 19 years old.  He moved to Africa and started a truck importing business in Lagos, Nigeria until he was forced to leave following a military coup.  He has also lived and worked in Nairobi, Kenya, and New Delhi, India. Mikkel returned to Denmark in 1992 and joined his family’s company, then a local and traditional textile production company.  Witness to the devastating effects of poor public health in Africa and India, Mikkel realized the urgent need for disease control methods in developing countries.  In 1997, he convinced his father to sell off the work clothing business and focus solely on the humanitarian textiles business. In 1997 Mikkel became majority shareholder and under his leadership, the company’s profile has evolved to become one synonymous with social responsibility which he defines as reinvesting profits into innovative technologies that help curb the spread of infectious diseases such as malaria as well as generating employment in local markets. Mikkel and the company have been profiled in major publications around the world including The New York Times, Forbes, Financial Times, Le Monde, Die Welt, Politiken and Denmark\'s leading business magazine BNY.  Mikkel has also appeared as a guest on national television, including CNN International, BBC and MSNBC. Mikkel holds an MBA from Henley Management College in England.  He is a member of the private sector delegation to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and joins working groups under the Roll Back Malaria partnership. He is regularly invited to speak at major public health and corporate social responsibility conferences around the world, and has addressed the Belgian and British Parliaments. Mikkel lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Nekati\" id=\"Nekati\"></a>Bleming Nekati</strong>. Bleming currently holds the position of Director of Business Development at Tshwane University of Technology. Bleming possesses very strong entrepreneurship skills, having been involved in starting up a minimum of three successful Strategic Business Units from scratch over the most recent 8 years of his working career. He has more than 13 years of Retail & Investment Banking, Financial Advisory and Business Management Consulting Experience acquired within the African Continent. This experience spans across Structured Trade Finance, Deal Making & new Business Development, Project Management, Business Process Reengineering and Corporate Finance; and covers assignments for both large/listed Corporations as well as SME’s in countries such as Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, covering the following sectors; Manufacturing, Gold Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Agribusiness and Retail. Bleming holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Zimbabwe, an Advanced Credit Diploma from the Institute Of Bankers in South Africa, Certificate in Structured Trade Finance from Afreximbank, Tunisia, and is an Associate of the Institute of Banking - South Africa {CAIB (SA)}. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Leadership and a Masters in Business Leadership (MBL) from the University of South Africa (UNISA).\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Polak\" id=\"Polak\"></a>Alicia Polak</strong> is the dynamic founder of The Khaya Cookie Company, an innovative\r\nbusiness with a social objective. A former investment banker turned social entrepreneur, the New Jersey native has created a forward-thinking business model that allows her to fulfill a personal commitment to better the lives of the residents in her adopted home of South Africa. In 2006, in collaboration with the Wharton Societal Wealth Program, Alicia founded the Khaya Cookie Company. The endeavor utilizes the entrepreneurial and analytical skills that she gained on Wall Street to expand on her venture for social change. For every 150,000 boxes of cookies sold, 100 jobs are created that support sustainable opportunities and job skills training for the men and women of the local community where the ingredients are sourced and the cookies are made. Prior to establishing The Khaya Cookie Company, Alicia worked as an international consultant specializing in logistics and project management for the Freeplay Foundation in Cape Town, South Africa. Distributing wind-up radios in Sub-Saharan Africa brought her to the realization that she wanted to create jobs for people as a means to make them self-sufficient. Alicia earned an MBA/MPA from New York University and The University of Cape Town, South\r\nAfrica. She earned her BA from New York University in 1991. Alicia and her work have been featured in CNN Headline News \"Small & Global\" and in publications such as The Financial Times, Glamour (South Africa), O, the Oprah Magazine (South Africa), and Business 2.0. She received the Food Network Awards 2007 Edible Entrepreneur of the Year award for her \"passionate pursuit of bright ideas.\"\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Repin\" id=\"Repin\"></a>Dmitry Repin</strong> is currently a Professor of Finance and the Head of the\r\nBusiness Incubator at the State University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia.\r\nDmitry is a founder of eXtrepreneurship -- an innovative entrepreneurship educational program that takes place abord a sailboat\r\nin different parts of the world. Dmitry is the lead organizer of the Business of Innovation and Technology entrepreneurial competition (BIT), the fist entrepreneurial competition in Russia that brings together students and researchers from leading technical universities and economics schools in Russia. Dmitry is also a co-founder and an instructor of the Microsoft-sponsored technology entrepreneurship program Start-in-Garage in Russia. Dmitry has a PhD in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University and Dipl. Eng. in engineering and physics from Moscow State Engineering and Physics Institute. He was a Postdoctoral Associate with the MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering at Sloan School of Management.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Kivel\" id=\"Kivel\"></a>Richard Kivel</strong> is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned life science & technology executive. Since April 2006 he has served as CEO of TheraGenetics, Ltd, a UK-based genetic diagnostics company focusing on the development and commercialization of pharmacogenetic diagnostic tests to guide and improve the treatment of Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders such as depression, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, Bipolar and ADHD. In January TheraGenetics was successfully acquired by UK based Avacta Group plc. LSE: (AVCT). Rich has remained as CEO and continues to lead the growth of TheraGenetics under the new ownership. Prior to this, Rich has worked with multiple startups and served as CEO of MolecularWare, Inc., a MIT spin-out and leader in genomic and proteomic microarray technologies. Under his leadership, MolecularWare secured venture capital and debt funding. In June, 2003, the company was acquired by a California based company, CalbaTech, Inc. in a cash & stock transaction. Rich presently serves as Chairman of the Global Board of Directors of the MIT Enterprise Forum and a member of the MIT Alumni Association Board. Since 1997, Rich has worked with multiple MIT entrepreneurial support organizations and student-driven initiatives. He is a frequent guest lecturer at the Institute and serves as a judge for the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition. Rich also enjoys working with early stage technology through his involvement as a Lead Catalyst and Mentor for the MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation. Rich has been active in many other entrepreneurial and membership organizations outside of MIT as well. He was a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) from 1996-2006 and is a founding board member of Biolink USA-Ireland, a government funded membership organization. He is also a mentor for the UK Trade and Investment Global Entrepreneurs Mentoring Program. Rich was selected by Mass High Tech: Journal of New England Technology for the “All Star” award for Biotechnology and by the Boston Business Journal as one of its “40-under-40”; top forty most promising business people under 40 in Massachusetts. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Palin\" id=\"Palin\"></a>Gary Palin</strong> is the Executive Director of the Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Elon University and a faculty member of the Love School of Business at Elon University. He brings a combination of 30 years experience in both the academic and business communities. He founded the Entrepreneurship Education Initiative at NC State in 1993 and served as the Executive Director until 2008. He was a faculty member of the NC State College of Management for 17 years. Palin’s areas of expertise include new venture development, social entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and venture growth. He is an active member of the MIT Global Startup Workshop Board of Advisors, a founding member of the Social Entrepreneurship and Education Consortium, founder of the Entrepreneurship and Education Network and a participant in the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers, Academy of Management, North Carolina Center for Entrepreneurial Development and the North Carolina Chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs. Palin has been named a recipient of the 2008 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Award from the Acton Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence. He has served as Director of NC State University’s Small Business Technology and Development Center where he assisted hundreds of business launches, expansions, and acquisitions. He has developed executive education programs in business planning, new venture launches, and technology commercialization. He has consulted for numerous entrepreneurial business ventures and also with major corporations such as Texas Instruments, FMC Corporation, and Thomas Register. Palin serves on a number of high growth company advisory boards and is currently involved in several business development projects.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Pavlova\" id=\"Pavlova\"></a>Lewdmila Pavlova</strong> is currently the project manager and a founding member of the Business Incubator at the Moscow Higher School of Economics University from which she holds a BS in Economics and Finance.  She was instrumental in building the now 15+ person team which organizes various entrepreneurship-supporting events, including business-plan competitions, business games, educational programs and workshops. She is currently responsible for a mentorship program which connects start-ups with experienced entrepreneurs and professionals. An entrepreneur herself, Lewdmila has founded several commercial and nonprofit projects in different spheres, including extreme tourism, historical dancing, art school, and card games.  She is currently a founder of TimePad (http://timepad.ru) a web-service for event-management where her main responsibilities are business planning, marketing and hiring.  At the same time she is completing her Master’s at the Moscow International College of Economics and Finance.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Gonzaga\" id=\"Gonzaga\"></a>Carlo Gonzaga</strong> at 34 is the CEO of South African Taste Holdings.  He has spent all his adult life doing what he enjoys and insists that he does not have a real job.  This is unlikely, given that he and his team have grown from just one pizza delivery outlet in late 2000 to over 250 outlets across three brands; employing over 4500 people and generated system wide sales of over R570 million in 2008.  The more pizza and hamburgers he eats the more he rides his mountain bike. Carlo graduated with a law degree from the University of Natal after which he joined his father Luigi in managing four Debonairs Pizza franchises in the Durban area, two of which were the chain’s top performers. Carlo was deeply involved in the early stages of operational development and served as Chairman of the SA Franchise council and was honored as Marketer of the Year and Franchisee of the Year.  In 1991 Carlo divested Debonairs to launch Scooters Pizza in 2000 which guarantees superfast delivery and is today SA’s #2 brand.  Carlo and Luigi’s Taste Holdings has just ventured out of the real of food and acquired the NWJ Jewelers franchised chain.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Koen\" id=\"Koen\"></a>Hein Koen</strong> Habitaz was founded in 2004 by Andre Sharpe and Hein Koen. During their sabbatical business school studies, the partners recognized a need for office and business support services for start-ups and mobile workers.  The result was Habitaz Global Workspaces, an innovative business support company providing leading edge virtual office and workspace services through a network of business centres, workspaces, meeting rooms and back-office support services. A major Habitaz innovation was the GreenCard, the world’s first pre-paid office access card. Adapting to the needs of mobile professionals and start-ups, Habitaz developed office and business support services to support fast setup of business infrastructure, enabling its clients to go to market in short time-frames.  Habitaz was acquired in 2008 by The Regus Group, the world’s largest serviced office network. Hein Koen is a generalist businessman with a focus on marketing, customer relations and product development. His professional background includes Human Resource Management, Public Relations and Strategic Marketing and Corporate Communications. Hein is a co-founder of Habitaz Global Workspaces, an innovative business support company providing leading edge virtual office and workspace services through a network of business centres, workspaces, meeting rooms and back-office support services. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, he is fond of travel, cooking and taking his dogs to the beach.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Sharpe\" id=\"Sharpe\"></a>Andre Sharpe</strong>. Habitaz was founded in 2004 by Andre Sharpe and Hein Koen. During their sabbatical business school studies, the partners recognized a need for office and business support services for start-ups and mobile workers.  The result was Habitaz Global Workspaces, an innovative business support company providing leading edge virtual office and workspace services through a network of business centres, workspaces, meeting rooms and back-office support services. A major Habitaz innovation was the GreenCard, the world’s first pre-paid office access card. Adapting to the needs of mobile professionals and start-ups, Habitaz developed office and business support services to support fast setup of business infrastructure, enabling its clients to go to market in short time-frames.  Habitaz was acquired in 2008 by The Regus Group, the world’s largest serviced office network. Andre Sharpe is an entrepreneur, business consultant and a self-taught software programmer.  After military service in 1991 he joined a Johannesburg healthcare software company and in three years became a shareholder and technical Director while the company grew to be the biggest South African health insurance IT firm.  He is a founder and was an executive director of the IQ Business Group which grew to be South Africa’s largest private IT consulting firm and was sold in 2003. In 2004 he co-founded Habitaz.  Now Andre has founded nCube8 Business Ventures, a venture capital firm and small business incubator, and is currently completing his MBA at Wits Business School.  Just to keep busy, he is writing his first science fiction novel and is a keen composer of classical and electronic music. Andre is married with two children and lives in Johannesburg.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Rao\" id=\"Rao\"></a>Rama Rao</strong>, PhD in Botany from the University of Delhi (1980), was awarded the Indian National Science Academy\'s Young Scientist Medal by the Prime Minister. He taught and led a research group at the University of Delhi, and later moved to the private sector where he set up the largest plant tissue culture company in India. A paper presentation at a conference ended up with a career in international development with the International Development Research Center of Canada (IDRC) where he became the International Coordinator of the IDRC Bamboo and Rattan Research Network in Asia in 1989. He was part of the team that set up what became the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) in 1997 as an international intergovernmental organization. Rama is currently the Director of INBAR\'s Livelihood and Economic Development Program. His aim is to develop bamboo as a means for poor rural communities to break into the wood products market that would then give them an important market in addition to that of traditional agriculture. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Low\" id=\"Low\"></a>Xiao Chen Low</strong> is the Vice President of the NUS (National University of Singapore) Entrepreneurship Society, one of the top youth entrepreneurship organizations in Singapore. She leads a dynamic and passionate team of more than 100 undergraduates and has been instrumental in spearheading numerous entrepreneurial initiatives such as the NUS Entrepreneurship Week and Technopreneurs\' Boot Camp. She is also the Vice Lead of Start-Up@Singpore, the nation-wide business plan competition. Since its inception, the competition has attracted over 1700 teams, 6000 participants and resulted in the creation of more than 60 start-ups. In the next few years, she hopes to start her own business and continue to play an active role in shaping Singapore\'s entrepreneurship ecosystem.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Owusu\" id=\"Owusu\"></a>Yaw Owusu</strong> founded Ghana Cyber Group in 1999 to promote technology investments in Ghana.  In 2004, Mr. Owusu co-authored the book Modernising Commonwealth Governments, published by the Commonwealth Business Publications, London, England and available on Amazon. The book, among others, outlines the role of technology parks and incubation in transforming Africa\'s IT economy. Mr. Owusu founded Gateway Innovations Ltd in 2006. The company finalized a joint-ventured deal in 2007 with the Institute of Industrial Research and the Washington-based Xalles Ltd to develop Ghana Cyber City, the first technology park in West Africa. Mr. Owusu has presented papers on tech and innovation in emerging African markets at business summits in the last 6 years, including the 11th MIT Global Startup Workshop, Madrid, Spain; the 8th Annual Africa Business Conference at Harvard Business School, Cambridge, Massachusetts; and the Shanghai Workshop on Planning, Developing and Managing Technology Parks in China. Mr. Owusu worked in Washington, DC for General Electric and IBM as programmer analyst for 5 years and moved to New York to join the technology unit of Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division. He enrolled in the Executive MBA program at Columbia Business School 2001-2002 and completed his undergraduate studies in Mathematics and Economics at Albright College in Reading, PA.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Kolind\" id=\"Kolind\"></a>Torsten Kolind</strong>  used to run Venture Cup in Denmark, the national business plan competition for Danish universities. Now he works for YouNoodle in San Francisco, a social platform for entrepreneurship groups and business plan competitions all over the world. Torsten has a biotechnology engineering background from the Technical University of Denmark.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Mohamed\" id=\"Mohamed\"></a>Mansoor Mohamed</strong> is South African born and bred and an experienced Chartered Accountant. He was appointed to the City of Cape Town in 2006 after returning from London, where he managed a recycling business. Prior to that, Mansoor worked in financial services in London where he held various management positions in the corporate headquarters of a FTSE100 corporation. He completed his articles with Arthur Andersen & Co in Cape Town and soon thereafter played a key role in listing Old Mutual on the London Stock Exchange. Some of Mansoor’s achievements include the development of a \'skype\' phone in London and China for use on laptops. He is passionate about the environment, and has previously been involved in sourcing second generation wind turbines from Denmark for reassembly in rural communities in Albania, Eastern Europe. Mansoor Mohamed holds a B.Comm degree, an Honours B Compt from UNISA and a CA (SA) qualification, and is a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. His preferred leisure activities are spending time with his family and cooking.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Myres\" id=\"Myres\"></a>Kerrin Myres</strong> is the Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Wits Business School. Prior to this she was the founder and CEO of Resonance, a research-based consultancy established in 1997 which today specialises in the design and evaluation of entrepreneurial development programmes. Kerrin has designed, implemented and evaluated programmes for Enablis, THM and YPO’s Johannesburg Chapter. She also established the Richard Branson School of Entrepreneurship at CIDA City Campus. Her prior work experience includes consulting and line management positions in a range of businesses in South Africa and Australasia. Kerrin has recently completed a DBA at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria. Her thesis title is “Venture creation: developing theory from South African case studies”. She graduated from Macquarie University with an MBA in 1991, winning the Allan Knott Scholar Award for Academic Excellence. Kerrin lectures in Marketing, Strategy and Entrepreneurship and has presented papers at a wide variety of conferences, including that of the prestigious Strategic Management Society. She has published articles on marketing and strategy in numerous South African and Australian publications. Kerrin has been married to Hugh for over 20 years and has one son, Benjamin.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Brenyah\" id=\"Brenyah\"></a>Joseph Brenyah</strong>, H.N.D. (Ind. Chem.), Dip. (French), A.A (Theology), Dip. (Ind. Mgt.), Dip. (Project Mgt.). An experienced administrator, clergyman and consultant of high standing in the industrial, mining, agricultural and social philanthropy/entrepreneurship sectors.  He has attended and, at times, organized a lot of local and international seminars, workshops, conferences and training programmes in management, HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, small-scale industrial technologies, co-operatives and social entrepreneurship and is computer literate. Between 1994 and 2003, he headed four companies and consulting firms in Nigeria and Ghana.  He is presently in charge of Christian Volunteer Service International, a non-governmental organization and Moringa Oleifera Farms and Industries Limited, a social enterprise/venture. He set up the Preventive AIDS Lifeline Micro-credit Strategy (PALMS) and the United Network Against HIV/AIDS in Africa (UNAHA) in 2004 to help stem the tide of the pandemic in Ghana and Africa. In 2007, he initiated the Ghana Malnutrition Annihilation Program (Ghana MAP) to combat malnutrition quickly by encouraging people to resort to a balanced diet especially with Moringa, a powerhouse of essential nutrients. In the same year, he started the Rural Agricultural Improvement Network (RAIN), a network of small holder farmers, farmer and community based organizations/associations, research institutions and civil society organizations in agriculture, which included the Moringa Oleifera Cultivation and Marketing Program (MOCAMP), to assist in rural agricultural development and industrialization. Other social programs initiated by him in 2008, include: Village Information Technology Initiative (VITI) and Biofuels & Biogas Initiative in Ghana (B-BIG). \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Goheer\" id=\"Goheer\"></a>Jamil Goheer</strong>  is passionate about technology entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and research in the area of Internet governance. During his career, he shaped ideas, built teams, developed strategies, executed plans, shared vision, identified believers and formed corporate networks. He holds an undergrad degree in software and a graduate degree in information systems and management. His portfolio is spanned over different projects with organizations like Nike Inc, United Nations Development Program, GTZ, Canadian International Development Agency, Responsible Business Initiative to name a few. He also worked as a pioneer researcher with Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (www.crulp.org) where his work in speech and signal processing was credited in international conference and journal publications. He is also a certified information system auditor (CISA) by Information Systems and Control Association (ISACA). He was extensively involved in auditing IT and management infrastructures of various manufacturing organizations in Pakistan. Jamil’s entrepreneurial initiatives included Alivox, Kualitatem and Cultural Classics. Alivox focused on cutting edge speech technology to automatically identify languages upon receiving speech signal. Kualitatem was founded as the first company in Pakistan (www.kualitatem.com) to provide comprehensive Software Quality Assurance services under one platform. Multiple testing services are provided through innovative and cost effective open source frameworks and tools. These value added services provides significant improvement to the client’s software at low costs, while avoiding the heavy licensing costs of proprietary QA software. Kualitatem’s award winning team from APICTA and PASHA is poised to bring innovation in the area of Software Quality Assurance through their research collaborations with top academic institutes. Cultural Classics (www.culturalclassics.com) is a drive to serve the underprivileged rural and gypsy artisan communities in Pakistan creating a sustainable flow of income for them. These artisans are often hard to reach and ignored segment of communities with a talent and skill of producing handicrafts. CC offer income generation opportunities for these artisans by bringing their handmade crafts onto the global markets using the power of Internet. The work on Cultural Classics has been acknowledged by Global Knowledge Partnership, Malaysia and Australian Government. Jamil’s strengths include developing upon ideas, building capacity, structuring cohesive and confident teams and creating linkages and interdependencies between organizations to supplement skill sets. Using technology as an implementation lever, Jamil aims at development problems in developing countries by discovering answers, solutions or even more complex questions. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Sharma\" id=\"Sharma\"></a>Iqbal Meer Sharma </strong> is the Deputy Director General: Trade and Investment, in South Africa’s Department of Trade & Industry (dti). An economist, he leads the dti in managing the increase of South Africa’s capability and capacity to promote exports into targeted markets and; to increase and retain the level of direct investment flow; He was responsible for SA\'s global economic strategies, and leading the dti in managing bilateral trade relations with all countries, whilst also providing oversight to multilateral engagements, specifically the WTO. Prior to joining the DTI, he worked for large multinationals such as PepsiCo and the Bank of America. But, an entrepreneur at heart, he left to set up and run his own companies, including South Africa’s first computer education franchise and a software firm. He has been hailed as “one of South Africa’s most remarkable entrepreneurs” (SA Success Magazine 4/98). The Financial Mail has also recognised him as one of South Africa’s top 400 black professionals. \r\nAn activist committed to the upliftment of rural and poor communities, he has worked with NGO’s and published many articles and papers on social, political and economic issues. \r\n \r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Osiakwan\" id=\"Osiakwan\"></a>Eric M.K Osiakwan</strong> is the Executive Secretary both of the African Internet Service Providers Association (AfrISPA, www.afrispa.org) and the Ghana Internet Service Providers Association (GISPA, www.gispa.org.gh). He is also a Visiting Fellow and Scholar at the Stanford University and Reuters Foundation Digital Vision Program @ http://rdvp.org/fellows/2004-2005/erik-osiakwan/, Project Co-ordinator for UC Berkeley TIER Group in Ghana @ http://tier.cs.berkeley.edu and affiliate of the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School @ http://cyber.law.harvard.edu. During the past five years, he has been involved in a number of information and communication technology (ICT) related projects and initiatives in the US, Europe and Africa for a number of Governments, companies, NGOs, and international agencies. He is currently a Consultant to the WorldBank’s Information for Development program on Open Access for Africa (InfoDev, www.infodev.org). He is also a consultant to BusyInternet (www.busyinternet.com), UNDP Ghana and OSIWA (www.osiwa.org). Eric was invited by the Royal African Society to contributed ideas to Prime Minister Tony Blairs’ Commission for Africa @ http://www.commissionforafrica.org/english/consultation/bob_geldofs_seminars/african-letters/Eric_Osiakwan.pdf. He self published a research document on Ghana’s Internet Industry (GII). Co-authored “The Internet in Ghana” with the Mosaic group using the GDI methodology @ http://www.fosterandbrahm.com/GhanaGDI.pdf and also co-authored the Ghana chapter of Negotiating The Net (NTN) – the Politics of Internet Diffusion in Africa @ http://www.cidcm.umd.edu/ntn/ghana/ghana_7-01-04.doc. He is an associate of Spintrack AB, Sweden (www.spintrack.com), Balancing Act, UK (www.balancingact-africa.com) and African Analysis CC, S.A (www.africaanalysis.co.za). He is also a director of InHand ltd (www.inhand.co.ke) and PenPlusBytes (www.penplusbytes.net). He co-founded the Ghana New Ventures Competition (GNVC, www.gnvc.org). \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Garg\" id=\"Garg\"></a>Ankit Garg</strong> is a second year student at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM Calcutta). He is currently the President of the Entrepreneurship Cell at IIM Calcutta and the Overall Coordinator of India\'s Largest Entrepreneurship Summit- \'i2I\' (ideas to implementation). He has also represented IIM Calcutta at many entrepreneurship related conferences across the country. Ankit is an Electronics and Communication Engineer and has worked at Infosys Technologies Ltd. – a global Software and Consulting firm, prior to joining IIM Calcutta.\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Dennison\" id=\"Dennison\"></a>Rob Dennison</strong> is the founder and Managing Director of Trainiac SA (Pty) Ltd, specialist designers of picture-based learning solutions for the corporate market. He built the company in 2001 from scratch and it has since grown to a team of learning experts operating in South Africa (80%) and beyond. Clients have included 5 out of the top 15 Global Fortune 500 companies and many SA Top 100 Companies. Previous to this, he was the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at WinWin Technologies Inc, a Boston based technology company with funding from venture capital financiers led by GE Capital. He grew the team to over 100 people working out of 5 offices on three continents.  Robert was elected Endeavor Entrepreneur Class of 2007. He is also the Forum Chair and Communication Chair Elect for the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) (Johannesburg Chapter). Outside of work, Robert participates in mountain biking, club motor sports, equity investments, reading and poker.  \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Mishra\" id=\"Mishra\"></a>Manoj Mishra</strong> is a faculty at the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, where he heads the Centre for Micro Enterprise, Micro Finance & Sustainable Livelihoods. He has had 14 years of experience in providing support to various national and international projects in the area of project management, diagnostic studies, pre-feasibility assessment and planning and implementation of programmes in the area of sustainable livelihoods, Micro-enterprises (particularly farm and off-farm sector), Micro-finance, Agri-business and Business Development Services for MSMEs.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Ustyuzhanina\" id=\"Ustyuzhanina\"></a>Daria Ustyuzhanina</strong> is a Project Manager at Business Incubator of State University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia and a CEO of start-up TimePad (http://timepad.ru, a web-service for event-managers which simplifies the process of event organization). \r\nWithin Business Incubator her responsibilities are to manage organization of annually Business Plan Competition, to invent and conduct new forms of socializing and educating events for entrepreneurs, to coach new team members and to manage the project of e-learning.<BR>\r\nAs for Daria’s duties in the start-up TimePad, she performs general administration functions and is responsible for the interaction with sponsors. She got involved in this start-up after more than a year of work for the Incubator as she desired to have her own business and she encountered people who were passionate to develop that very idea. <BR>\r\nDaria has a BS degree in Business-Informatics from SU Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia and now she continues education on Master’s program “Development of corporate information systems”and is planning to go to France for the second year of Master’s.<BR>\r\nDuring the first years of studying in the University Daria participated in a teambuilding program for students supported by the Moscow Government. During this program she was chosen to be a teambuilding coach and had an opportunity to enhance coach skills by means of coaching groups of students from 10 to 30 people, helping them to grow as individuality. Meanwhile she adores mountain skiing and snowboarding both and she put on skis about 30 friends. Daria goes in for most of team activities (volleyball, hiking, canoeing and even football sometimes) as it’s a great pleasure for her to communicate with people and try to understand them via the behavior in sports activity. When she has a spare moment Daria enjoys painting, making sketches of peoples’ emotions.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Kristinsson\" id=\"Kristinsson\"></a>Andri Heidar Kristinsson</strong> is the founder and Managing Director of Innovit Entrepreneurship Center in Iceland and a part time faculty member of the University of Reykjavik. In the effort of building up a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem in Iceland, Andri and his team at Innovit launched a nationawide business plan competition for all Icelandic universities, currently the only one in the country. At the University of Reykjavik Andri is teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship and working on a strategy for creating a world class entrepreneurial environment. In 2007 Andri was appointed by the Prime Minister to work in a committee under the Icelandic Science and Technology Policy Council to develop Iceland‘s 2020 vision in business development and innovation. Recently he was appointed by the Minister of industry to work in a steering group that is creating the government action plan for reinforcing entrepreneurship and job creation amongst young people in responce to the current economic situation in Iceland. Andri has a background in computer engineering and financial economics from the University of Iceland. Outside of work, Andri enjoys travelling, spending time in the nature, hiking and mountain climbing in addition of having been active in sabre fencing for over fifteen years and being the national champion in 2003.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br><br>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\"><a name=\"EPCJudges\" id=\"Judges\"></a>EPC Judges</font></p>\r\n\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Raiz\">Allon Raiz </a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#BBrown\">Brian Carl Brown</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Kolind\">Torsten Kolind</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Long\">Julia Long</a></p>\r\n<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Polak\">Alicia Polak</a></p>\r\n<!--<p align=\"center\"><a href=\"#Ekin\">Si Ekin</a></p>-->\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"BBrown\" id=\"BBrown\"></a>Brian Carl Brown</strong> is the COO of Blue Catalyst and owner of zzyyzzo Group. Brian is an American Citizen permanently residing in the Republic of South Africa since 2002.  He has over 25 years commercial business experience and four tertiary specialties including, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration and Philosophy from the United States.  With a diverse entrepreneurial history ranging from information technology to construction and real estate to professional services and consulting, Brian has spent the last 6 years as a pioneer in the SMME development and incubation industry in South Africa. <BR>\r\nAn innovation and technology enthusiast, Brian is constantly scanning for the next disruptive technology whether it be in nanotechnology, biotechnology or a new web phenomenon. <BR>\r\nBrian believes that innovative technology ideas have little value if not catalysed with the actions of committed entrepreneurs supported in an environment where funding, expertise and markets are readily available.  “If you can’t sell one, there is no sense in trying to make one.  Most ideas have a negative net present value!”\r\nBrian is Chief Operating Officer of the Blue Catalyst Network and is currently an innovator in web 2.0 and social networking as it applies to economic development, incubation and SMME support.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Iwuh\" id=\"Iwuh\"></a>Paschal Iwuh</strong>, President & CEO of The African Network (TAN),\r\n      Inc, USA .        Iwuh is a co-founder of TAN and served as its Director of Public\r\n  Relations and Communication till April 2006. Iwuh co-chaired TAN\'s\r\n  inaugural successful conference, TANCon, held in 2006 in Silicon\r\n  Valley , California . He led the Sponsorship & Affiliation Committee\r\n  until he became the President and Chief Executive Officer effective\r\n  January 1, 2008 .      Prior to the above appointments, Iwuh was the Vice President of\r\n  Crumbs Reliability Engineering, LLC from 2004 to 2005 and still\r\n  serves on her board. He worked as a senior engineer and served in\r\n  various leadership positions for some pharmaceutical and\r\n  bio-technological companies and now consults for same in the\r\n  Northern California Bay Area, USA .         Iwuh holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering\r\n  (first in his class) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria; a\r\n  Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Technical\r\n  University of Budapest, Hungary; was a graduate visiting scholar to\r\n  the school of Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology,\r\n  Atlanta, Georgia, USA; a Business Administration Certificate (with\r\n  Distinction) from the University of California, Berkeley and a PhD\r\n  Candidate (2009 Class) in Organization & Management (with\r\n  specialization in Leadership) from Capella University, Minneapolis,\r\n  MN, USA. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<!--<br><br><br>\r\n<strong><a name=\"Ekin\" id=\"Ekin\"></a>Si Ekin</strong> has been coaching Visionary Entrepreneurs for 10 years in London and Cape Town. Before that he cycled the length of Africa, was a photo-journalist and a British Army Officer. Taking courageous journeys are his thing. You will see why when you meet him. He is now a guide and confidante for Visionary Entrepreneurs, assisting them in getting whatever they need to get what they want.-->','<div><img src=pics/zdaypromo1.jpg /></div>','','','');
  77. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (15,'conference2009','Partners','PARTNERS','<table>\r\n<tr>\r\n  <td><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://web.mit.edu\"><img src=\"pics/partners/large-mit.png\" width=\"200\" height=\"95\" border=\"0\" /></a></div><br><br></td>\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"\"><img src=\"pics/partners/large-MIT-EF.png\"  border=\"0\" /></a></div><br><br></td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n\r\n  <tr></tr>\r\n  <tr></tr>\r\n\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://web.wits.ac.za\"><img src=\"2009/pics/partners/large-wits.png\" alt=\"d\" width=\"500\" height=\"180\" border=\"0\" /></a></div><br><br></td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n\r\n  <tr></tr>\r\n  <tr></tr>\r\n\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"\"><img src=\"2009/pics/partners/large-shake.gif\" alt=\"s\" width=\"240\" height=\"150\" border=\"0\" /></a></div><br><br></td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n\r\n</table>\r\n<br><br>','','','','');
  78. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (17,'conference2009','FAQ','FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS','<p><strong>What is the GSW?</strong> <br />\r\n  The MIT <strong>G</strong>lobal <strong>S</strong>tartup <strong>W</strong>orkshop is   the world\'s premier conference on how to foster entrepreneurship by creating   supportive infrastructure and catalytic events. The conference is ideally suited   for all parties associated with developing and fostering entrepreneurship, and   attracts participants from the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.<br />\r\n  The core   objectives of the conference are: </p>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Share best practices in running entrepreneurial support organizations </li>\r\n  <li>Form a global network of leaders in venture creation </li>\r\n  <li>Bring participants up to date on the state of entrepreneurship locally and   globally </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<p>To meet these objectives, the conference consists of keynote addresses,   expert panels, breakout discussion forums, and networking sessions. </p>\r\n<p><strong>What is the history of the GSW?</strong><br />\r\n  Founded in 1998 by the   organizers of MIT\'s business plan competition through the support of its   founding sponsor, McKinsey & Company, the GSW is now the oldest and most   successful student-run global entrepreneurship outreach effort in existence. The   GSW has assisted directly in establishing more than 15 new business plan   competitions and has contributed to the creation and improvement of hundreds   more. Each year, a host country is chosen through a competitive process to   organize the conference in collaboration with roughly 30 MIT students. <br />\r\n  Past   host countries include Italy, Singapore, Australia, China, the UK, the United   Arab Emirates, and Norway. The latest conference held in Madrid, Spain attracted   roughly 300 participants from more than 30 countries. The 12th annual conference   will be held in Cape Town, South Africa in March 2009. For more information on   the upcoming conference, please click <a href=\"conference.php\">here</a> <br />\r\n</p>\r\n<p><strong>When and where is the 2009 GSW?</strong> <br />\r\n  March 25 - 27, 2009 in   Cape Town, South Africa.<br />\r\n</p>\r\n<p><strong>How can I register for the 2009 GSW?</strong> <br />\r\n  You can register   for the 2009 GSW starting in November of 2008 by clicking <a href=\"conference2009.php?id=10\">here</a>.<br />\r\n</p>\r\n<p><strong>How do I apply to host the GSW?</strong><br />\r\n  Visit the <a href=\"about.php?id=4\">Become a host page</a> for more information.</p>\r\n<p><strong>Have another question that\'s not here?</strong> <br />\r\n  Please email us   at: gsw-contact [at] mit.edu</p>','','','','');
  79. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (18,'history','Overview','HISTORY','<font color=#990000 size=\"3\">Inspiring words from GSW founder, <br> Sally Shepard, MIT Sloan MBA Class of 1998</font><p>\r\n\r\n\r\nThroughout 1997, the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition organizers received weekly calls from people around the world interested in learning how to start a business plan competition and sharing best practices to improve existing competitions. These calls came from students, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and government officials committed to helping launch successful new ventures that would fuel local economies. Each of these individuals invested significant personal time and thought in their local entrepreneurship projects and overcame many common process challenges in addition to local issues. These conversations revealed the need for a forum to share experiences organizing business plan competitions, and, as a result, the first MIT Global Startup Workshop was launched in March 1998 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.<p>\r\n\r\nIn 1997, the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition shared best practices with the team that launched the McKinsey-run national business plan competition. In 1998, McKinsey gave back to the global community by becoming the Founding Sponsor of MIT Global Startup Workshop. Gert-Hartwig Lescow, an MIT graduate student and now McKinsey alum, co-organized the first workshop with Sally Shepard.<p>\r\n\r\nThe first MIT Global Startup Workshop focused on the same three core objectives that the workshop retains years later:<p>\r\n\r\n<ul><li>\r\nShare best practices in the running of a business plan competitions</li>\r\n<li>\r\nBuild the global network of business plan competitions</li>\r\n<li>\r\nTransfer knowledge to new competition organizing teams\r\n</li></ul><p>\r\n\r\nThe second annual MIT Global Startup workshop held in Singapore added a fourth goal:<p>\r\n\r\n<ul><li>\r\nBring participants up to date on the state of entrepreneurship in a specific region as well as the rest of the world.</li></ul><p>\r\n\r\nSince its founding, the MIT GSW continues to gather global thought-leaders on new venture creation via the business plan competition process. As the competitions in the global network have matured, the workshop has expanded focus to address building sustainable environments for entrepreneurship.<p>\r\n\r\nThe MIT Global Startup Workshop continues to offer a chance to connect with others from around the world, who share the same passion for entrepreneurship. Beyond the specific tactics suggested in panel discussions, participants report that the dialog and sense of community that stems from the MIT GSW is revitalizing and results in contacts that become a sounding board merely a phone call or an email away.                                      ','<div><img src=pics/319513654_e5cd948d68.jpg    /></div>','<div><img src=pics/home.jpg  /></div>','<div><img src=pics/tuitionphoto2.jpg     /></div>','<div><img src=pics/indexphoto1.jpg   /></div>');
  80. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (20,'history','2008','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 2008','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"260\" height=\"220\"><div align=\"center\"><img height=\"202\" alt=\"Trondheim\" src=\"pics/madrid_new.jpg\" width=\"300\" /></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"12\"><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"5\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p>Building the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - Entrepreneurship, Innovation and   Sustainability </p>\r\n<p>Madrid, Spain </p>\r\n<p>March 26 - 28, 2008 </p>\r\n<a href=\"\">Agenda</a><br />\r\n<br />\r\n<a href=\"\">More details on GSW 2008</a><br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<h2><strong>GSW 2008 Highlights </strong></h2>\r\n<p> </p>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Presentations and panel discussions on \"Introduction to the Entrepreneurial   Ecosystem\" - Introduction to the entrepreneurial ecosystem <br />\r\n    - Evaluating your   current ecosystem <br />\r\n    <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Presentations and panel discussions on \"Goals of the Entrepreneurial   Ecosystem\" - Business Plan Competition Basics <br />\r\n    - The Importance of   Entrepreneurial Support Systems <br />\r\n    - Advanced networking   session<br />\r\n    <br />\r\n    <em>Promoting Entrepreneurship </em><br />\r\n    - The pre-startup phase -   building networks for forming ideas and teams<br />\r\n    - Finding and understanding   investors <br />\r\n    - Startup war stories - challenges faced and lessons learned <br />\r\n    -   Measuring impact and continuing to evolve <br />\r\n    <br />\r\n    <em>Stimulating Innovation </em><br />\r\n    - The role of universities and business plan competitions <br />\r\n    - Role of   IP protection in enabling innovation <br />\r\n    - Revitalizing traditional sectors <br />\r\n    <br />\r\n    <em>Cases in Sustainability </em><br />\r\n    - Funding and sustaining   developmental entrepreneurship<br />\r\n    - Sustainable public policies for economic   growth of SMEs <br />\r\n    - Going Green: Alternative energy technologies, policy and   opportunities <br />\r\n    <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Presentations and panel discussions on \"Entrepreneurial Case Studies\" -   Google Spain - An Innovation Success<br />\r\n    - iMotions and High Tech   Entrepreneurship <br />\r\n    - International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) <br />\r\n    -   Uthango Social Investments, South Africa <br />\r\n    - Rive Technology, Inc. <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h2><strong>Keynote Speakers </strong></h2>\r\n<p>- Mr. Jose Maria Figueres, CEO of Grupo Felipe IV <br />\r\n  - Mr. Sergio Regueros,   CEO of Telefonica Moviles Colombia <br />\r\n  - Mr. Jason Pontin, Editor in Chief and   Publisher of Technology Review <br />\r\n  - Ken Morse, Senior Lecturer and Managing   Director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center <br />\r\n  <br />\r\n</p>\r\n<h2><strong>Sponsors</strong> </h2>\r\n<table cellpadding=\"2\" width=\"540\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"170\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.lacaixa.es\"><img height=\"66\" alt=\"http://www.lacaixa.es\" src=\"pics/la_caixa.gif\" width=\"250\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"170\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.eoi.es\"><img height=\"127\" alt=\"http://www.eoi.es\" src=\"pics/EOI_logo.gif\" width=\"160\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">la Caixa</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">EOI Escuela de Negocios</div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>','<div><img src=pics/la_caixa.gif     /></div>','<div><img src=pics/EOI_logo.gif  /></div>','<div><img src=pics/madrid_new.jpg    /></div>','');
  81. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (22,'community','Entrepreneurship','COMMUNITY','<h2 align=\"left\">General Entrepreneurship Sites</h2>\r\n<p>MIT Entrepreneurship Center: <a href=\"http://entrepreneurship.mit.edu/\">http://entrepreneurship.mit.edu/</a> <br />\r\n  MIT Enterprise Forum: <a href=\"http://enterpriseforum.mit.edu/\">http://enterpriseforum.mit.edu/ </a><br />\r\n  MIT Open Courseware Project: <a href=\"http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html\">http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html </a><br />\r\n  Kauffman Foundation: <a href=\"http://www.kauffman.org\">http://www.kauffman.org</a> <br />\r\n  Endeavor: <a href=\"http://www.endeavor.org\">www.endeavor.org </a><br />\r\n  Development Gateway: <a href=\"http://home.developmentgateway.org/\">http://home.developmentgateway.org/ </a><br />\r\n  International Entrepreneurship Portal: <a href=\"http://www.internationalentrepreneurship.com/\">http://www.internationalentrepreneurship.com/ </a><br />\r\n  Entrepreneur.com: <a href=\"http://www.entrepreneur.com\">http://www.entrepreneur.com </a>/ <br />\r\n  The   UNDP Special Unit for South-South Cooperation: <a href=\"http://tcdc.undp.org/\">http://tcdc.undp.org/</a> <br />\r\n  UNDP Commission on   the Private Sector and Development: <a href=\"http://www.undp.org/cpsd/indexF.html\">http://www.undp.org/cpsd/indexF.html </a><br />\r\n  IAE (Universidad Austral): <a href=\"http://www.iae.edu.ar/naves%20\">http://www.iae.edu.ar/naves</a><br />\r\n  CEMA: <a href=\"http://www.cema.edu.ar/e-ship/%20\">http://www.cema.edu.ar/e-ship/ </a><br />\r\n  Young Americas Business Trust : <a href=\"http://www.ybiz.net\">http://www.ybiz.net</a> and <a href=\"http://www.myybiz.net\">http://www.myybiz.net</a> </p>\r\n<h2 align=\"left\">Social Entrepreneurship </h2>\r\n<p>Ashoka: <a href=\"http://www.ashoka.org\">http://www.ashoka.org </a><br />\r\n  Schwab   Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship: <a href=\"http://www.schwabfound.org/argentina.htm\">http://www.schwabfound.org/argentina.htm </a><br />\r\n  Global Social Venture Competition: <a href=\"http://www.socialvc.net\">http://www.socialvc.net </a></p>\r\n<h2 align=\"left\">Information about South Africa </h2>\r\nEconomic Information on South   Africa: <a href=\"http://economist.com/countries/southafrica/\">http://economist.com/countries/Southafrica/</a><br />\r\nGeneral   information on Cape Town: <a href=\"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SouthAfrica\">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SouthAfrica</a><br />\r\nGeneral   information on Cape Town: <a href=\"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CapeTown\">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CapeTown</a><br />\r\nEntrepreneurship   in South Africa: <a href=\"http://www.gemconsortium.org/files.aspx?Ca_ID=126\">http://www.gemconsortium.org</a><br />','','','','');
  82. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (23,'community','Business Plan<br>Competitions','WORLDWIDE BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITIONS','<TABLE BORDER =1 CELLSPACING=2 BGCOLOR=\"#ffffff\">\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td bgColor=#808080><span class=\"bodytext\"><B><FONT size=+1>Competition</FONT></B></td>\r\n\r\n  <td bgColor=#808080><span class=\"bodytext\"><B><FONT size=+1>Contact</FONT></B></td>\r\n\r\n  <td bgColor=#808080><span class=\"bodytext\"><B><FONT size=+1>Established</FONT></B></td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td bgColor=#c0c0c0 colSpan=3><span class=\"bodytext\">North America</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://100K.mit.edu/\">MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:100K-core@mit.edu\">$100K Core Team</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1990</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><a href=\"http://www3.babson.edu/ESHIP/programs/bplan.cfm\">Babson College Business Plan Competition</a></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:busplancomp@babson.edu\">busplancomp@babson.edu</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1984</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">Caltech Entrepreneurial Development Business Plan Competition</td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">John D. Baldeschwieler</td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"http://www.carrotcapital.com/challenge.htm\">Carrot Capital Business Plan Challenge</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:challenge@carrotcapital.com\">Carrot Capital</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2001</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">Curtin Entrepreneurs Challenge</td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:CBSPLUS1@cbs.curtin.edu.au\">Curtin Challenge, Perth, WA</A>&nbsp;</td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">2002</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"http://www.cyec.cs.ucy.ac.cy\">Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:lysi@alum.mit.edu\">Giorgos Zacharia</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2002</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.techvc.org\">Eastern Ontario Student Technology Venture Challenge</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:luc_lalande@carleton.ca\">Luc Lalande</A>&nbsp;</td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.glventurequest.com\">Great Lakes Venture Quest</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:contact@glventurequest.com\">Venture Quest</A>&nbsp;</td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.hbs.edu/entrepreneurship/bplan/index.html\">Harvard\r\n\r\n    Business School Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:mroberts@hbs.edu\">Mike Roberts</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1996</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.iveybpc.com/\">IBK Capital Ivey Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:iveybpc@ivey.ca\">Sarah Buck</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1998</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.tiime.cwru.edu/bizlaunch/index.html\">Case-Weatherhead Business Launch Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:reh@po.cwru.edu\">Robert Harris</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.dukestartupchallenge.org\">Duke Start-Up Challenge $125,000 Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:bplan@fuqua.duke.edu\">Organizers</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.enterprizepgh.org\">EnterPrize Pittsburgh</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:ODavis@pghtech.org\">Olivia C. Davis</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.launchpad100K.ca \">LaunchPad $100K Venture Creation Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:sfarlow@wlu.ca \">Steve Farlow</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2004</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.ml.com/innovation/\">Lynn Cyber Business Plan Contest</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:lsbac@shore.net\">Shawn Stockman</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">&nbsp;</td></tr>\r\n\r\n  <tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.ml.com/innovation/\">Merrill Lynch Forum Innovation Grants Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:InnovationGrants@ml.com\">InnovationGrants@ml.com</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1997</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">Miami University and Ball State University - <A target=_top href=\"http://www.muohio.edu/~TCPCCWIS/competition/Default.htm\">Enterprise Creation Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:hensled@muohio.edu\">Donna Hensley</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1998</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.mit-forum.co.il/100K/index.html\">MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:competition@mit-forum.co.il\">competition@mit-forum.co.il</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">1998</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.zli.bus.umich.edu/news_events/business_comp.html\">Pryor-Hale Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:pskirsch@bus.umich.edu\">Paul Kirsch</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"></td></tr>\r\n\r\n  <tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.theqec.com\">Queen\'s Entrepreneurs\' Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:questions@theqec.com\">Amanda Chan</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">1987</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/dept/emc/venture_challenge/index.htm\">San Diego State University Venture Challenge</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:emc@sdsu.edu\">emc@sdsu.edu</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1995</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.research-councils.ac.uk/businessplan/\">NERC Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:cmill@nerc.ac.uk\">Dr. Chris Miller</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www2.ncsu.edu/ncsu/COM/outreach/home.html\">North Carolina State University - College of Management Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">&nbsp;</td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">&nbsp;</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.cba.neu.edu/~mbelanger/e-lab/\">Northeastern University $60,000 Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:mbelanger@cba.neu.edu\">Michael Belanger</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1997</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.mgmt.purdue.edu/entrep/compind.htm\">Purdue University - Burton Morgan $30,000 Entrepreneurial Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:mehta@mgmt.purdue.edu\">Shailendra Mehta</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1987</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://scte.mgmt.rpi.edu/springbpc.html\">Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:stefaj@rpi.edu\">Jeanne Stefanik</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1996</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.alliance.rice.edu/\">Rice University Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:lizcraw@rice.edu\">Liz Crawford</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.stanford.edu/group/bases/\">Stanford University Entrepreneurs Challenge</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:yshacham@stanford.edu\">Yael Shacham</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1995</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.ebizchallenge.com\">Zayed University e-Biz Challenge</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:Sally.Kemp@zu.ac.ae\">Sally Kemp</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2001</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.bpa.arizona.edu/programs/berger/\">University of Arizona BLR Data Business Plans Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:entre.net@bpa.arizona.edu\">Karl Eller Center</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">&nbsp;</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://bplan.berkeley.edu\">University of California - Berkeley Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:bplan@haas.berkeley.edu\">Organizers</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://bigbang.gsm.ucdavis.edu/\">University of California at Davis, Big Bang! Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:bigbang@ucdavis.edu\">Organizers</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://gsbwww.uchicago.edu/student/nvc\">University of Chicago GSB - $30K Ed Kaplan New Venture Challenge</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:mftruong@gsbpop.uchicago.edu\">Frank G. Truong</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1997</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://cbpa.louisville.edu/pwnvc/\">University of Louisville UBS|PaineWebber-bCatalyst New Venture Competition</a></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:clouse@louisville.edu\">Van Clouse</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1997</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.cba.unl.edu/additional/ent/ibpc.html\">University of Nebraska - Lincoln International Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:r-anders@cbamail.unl.edu\">Robin Anderson</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1988</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.venturechampionship.com\">University of Oregon New Venture Championship</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:mrosenmurr@lcbmail.uoregon.edu\">Marianne Rosen-Murr</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1992</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.whartonbpc.com/\">Wharton Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:wbpc-questions@wharton.upenn.edu\">wbpc-questions@wharton.upenn.edu</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1997</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.mootcorp.org/\">University of Texas at Austin Moot Corp Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:gcadenhead@optionii.bus.utexas.edu\">Gary M. Cadenhead, Ph.D.</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">1983</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://depts.washington.edu/cte/CTE_BPC_Overview_Short.shtml\">University of Washington CTE Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:cte@u.washington.edu\">cte@u.washington.edu</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">1998</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.uec.utah.edu\">Utah Entrepreneur Challenge</a></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:sam.clarke@utah.edu\">Sam Clarke</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.gvec.ca\">Greater Victoria Entrepreneur\'s Challenge, Victoria, Canada</a></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:jason@gvec.ca\">Jason-Leo Carvalho</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">2001</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.ventureforward.ca/index.htm\">VentureForward</a></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:monicak@globalinfobrokers.ca\">Monica Kreuger</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">2004</td>\r\n\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.ventureprize.com\">VenturePrize</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:jkrysler@ventureprize.com\">Jay Krysler</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">2002</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.be.wvu.edu/ec/\">West Virginia University Student Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:ec@mail.wvu.edu\">Russell S. Sobel</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">2002</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.y100K.com\">Y100K: Yale Entrepreneurship Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:miles.lasater@yale.edu\">Miles H. Lasater</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.FirstCapitalChallenge.com\">First Capital Challenge (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)\r\n\r\n</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:info@firstcapitalchallenge.com\">Brad Ross</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">2002</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td bgColor=#c0c0c0 colSpan=3><span class=\"bodytext\">Latin America</span></td>\r\n\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td> <a href=\"http://www.ideas.com.ve\">IDEAS</a></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><a href=\"mailto:fmendezs@cantv.net\">Felix Méndez Salom</a></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top>2003</td>\r\n\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td> <a href=\"http://www.universia.com.ar/becasypremio/emprendedores/\">Premio Nacional Banco R&iacute;o para J&oacute;venes Emprendedores (Argentina) </a></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><a href=\"mailto:rzimmler@bancorio.com.ar\">Rosa Zimmler</a></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top>2004</td>\r\n\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td> <a href=\"http://www.buenosaires.gov.ar/prueve\">Programa Universitario de Est&iacute;mulo a la Vocaci&oacute;n Empresaria (Argentina)</a> </td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><a href=\"mailto:prueve@baitec.org.ar\">Diego Valla</a> </td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top>2001</td>\r\n\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><a target=_top href=\"http://www.chileempresario.cl\">Chile Empresario</a></span></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:marina.schorr@uai.cl\">Marina Schorr Donoso</A></span></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2003</span></td>\r\n\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><a target=_top href=\"http://www.ventures.com.co\">Ventures, Colombia</a></span></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"http://www.ventures.com.co/contenido/capitulo.asp?chapter=7\">Jose Miguel De Gamboa</A></span></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</span></td>\r\n\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.iae.edu.ar/\">NAVES, Buenos Aires, Argentina</A></span></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:scarbonell@iae.edu.ar\">Silvia Torres Carbonell</A></span></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">&nbsp;</span></td>\r\n\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><a href=\"http://www.cema.edu.ar/e-ship/\">Univesidad del CEMA (Argentina) </a></span></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><a href=\"mailto:gcettolo@cema.edu.ar\">Gustavo D. Cettolo</a></span></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</span></td>\r\n\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td bgColor=#c0c0c0 colSpan=3><span class=\"bodytext\">Europe</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.i2b.at\">i2b - ideas to business</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><a href=\"mailto:contact@i2b.at\">contact@i2b.at</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">123 GO Interregional Business Plan Competition</td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><a href=\"mailto:alexandre.codran@fedil.lu\">Alexandre Codran</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://cue.org.uk\">Cambridge University Entrepreneurs - Cambridge ?0K</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:shr22@cam.ac.uk\">Seena Rejal</A>&nbsp;</td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.n-u-k.de/\">Cologne Businessplan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:info@n-u-k.de\">Theo Lieven</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1997</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.creara.org\">Competici—n de Planes de Negocio San Telmo 100K</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:info100K@creara.org\">Juan Martinez-Barea</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.ecapital.it\">ECAPITAL Business Plan Competition</a></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><a href=\"mailto:info@ecapital.it\">Info</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2001</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.startupmalta.com\">Startup Malta Get Bizzy! Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:erika@startupmalta.com\">Erika Caruana</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.m-bpw.de\">Munich Businessplan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:werner.arndt@mbpw.de\">Werner Arndt</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1996</td>\r\n\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"HTTP://www.antim.org/en\">National Business Plan Competition for Youth\r\n\r\n</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:artur_vacarciuc@yahoo.com\">Artur Vacarciuc</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2003</td></tr>\r\n\r\n  <tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.newventure.nl/\">New Venture (The Netherlands)</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:info@newventure.nl\">info@newventure.nl</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1998</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.netzwerk-nordbayern.de/\">Northern Bavarian Businessplan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:rudolph@netzwerk-nordbayern.de\">Carsten Rudolph</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1998</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.science-enterprise.ox.ac.uk/html/busplan_main.asp\">Oxford University Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:elen.humphreys@said-business-school.oxford.ac.uk\">Elen Humphreys</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.promotion.giz.de/\">Promotion Businessplan Competition Wolfsburg</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:promotion@giz.de\">Klaus Dierkes</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1998</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.science4life.de/\">Science4life Businessplan Competition Frankfurt</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:info@science4life.de\">Dr. Thomas Schweins</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1998</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.venture.ethz.ch\">Switzerland ETHZ</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:venture@rektorat.ethz.ch\">Venture</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1997</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.bbsrc.ac.uk/opennet/bpc.html\">UK Bioscience Business Plan Competition</A>&nbsp;</td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:john.thompson@bbsrc.ac.uk\">Dr. John Thompson</A>&nbsp;</td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.leap2005.com\">Simfonec - LEAP </A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:r.sousa@city.ac.uk\">Ricardo da Camara e Sousa</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2003</td>\r\n\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.startcup.com/padova/\">StartCup Padova</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:andrea.berti@unipd.it\">Andrea Berti</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2001</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.startcup.com/bologna.html\">StartCup Bologna</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:startcup@economia.unibo.it\">StartCup</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n  <tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"www.bpw-thueringen.de\">Thuringian Businessplan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:b.scheel@thueringen-innovativ.de\">Beatrix Scheel</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"></td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.uclechallenge.com\">UCL Entrepreneurs\' Challenge (E-Challenge)</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:info@uclechallenge.com\">Timothy P.L. Barnes</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2002</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.bath.ac.uk/bsc/businessplancomp/\">University of Bath Business Plan Competition 2003</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:R.Wagstaffe@Bath.ac.uk\">Rona Wagstaffe</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2001</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.uclan.ac.uk/\">University of Central Lancashire - Harris Knowledge Park Millennium Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:w.m.walmsley@uclan.ac.uk\">Dr. Bill Walmsley</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.finland.venturecup.org/\">Venture Cup Finland, Finland</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:anne.sormunen@venturecup.org\">Anne Sormunen</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.venturecup.org\">Venture Cup Sweden</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:lisa@venturecup.org, cecilia@venturecup.org, tanveer@venturecup.org\">Venture Cup</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td bgColor=#c0c0c0 colSpan=3><span class=\"bodytext\">Asia / Australia</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.adelaide.edu.au/echallenge\">Adelaide University, South Australia</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">&nbsp;</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">&nbsp;</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/mba/mootcorp/\">Asian Moot Corp Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:blchua@cuhk.edu.hk\">Bee-Leng Chua, Ph.D.</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1998</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.iimcatalyst.com/\">Entrepreneurship Cell IIM Calcutta</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:ecell@iimcal.ac.in\">Information</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">&nbsp;</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.iitbecell.org\">Eureka! - The International Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:ecell@cc.iitb.ac.in\">The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">Inovation &amp; Technology Incubation Program, Hong Kong, China</td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:ecell@iimcal.ac.in\">Andrew Young</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2001</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">Iran Challenge, Tehran Iran</td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:mareza@stanfordalumni.org\">Mareza Larisadeh</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.smu.edu.sg/lky\">Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:lkyadm@smu.edu.sg\">Grace Cheng</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2001</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.iitkincubation.org/megabucks\">Megabucks-The Entrepreneurship Competition, IIT Kanpur</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:bplan@iitk.ac.in\">Megabucks</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.echallenge.org.au/\">Melbourne Business School</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:alex_lamond@one.net.au\">Alex Lamond</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">Moot Corp Australia</td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:ej.douglas@qut.edu.au\">Dr. Evan Douglas</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1998</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.startup.org.sg\">Start-up@Singapore</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:necckp@nus.edu.sg\">Patrick Chan</A>&nbsp;</td>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">1999</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.venturelink.net/\">Swinburne University - The VentureLink Network</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:bwhan@swin.edu.au\">Bruce Whan</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.chinabpc.com\">Tsinghua University (Beijing, China)</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:nzd@mail.cic.tsinghua.edu.cn\">Gavin Ni</A>&nbsp;</td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">1998</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.hku.hk/efs/cec\">The University of Hong Kong - Cigna Entrepreneurship Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:john-luk@email.com\">John Luk</A>&nbsp;</td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2001</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">Unsure, Perth, Austalia</td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:cbsplus1@cbs.curtin.edu.au\">Tracey Hodgkins</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">&nbsp;</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.enterprize.uq.edu.au\">UQ Business School\'s $100,000 Enterprize Competition</a></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:events@business.uq.edu.au\">The Enterprize Team</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2000</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\">Youth Challenge Singapore</td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:grace@youthchallenge.org.sg\">Grace Ma</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2001</td></tr>\r\n\r\n  <tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.spark.auckland.ac.nz\">spark* The University of Auckland Entrepreneurship Challenge</a></td> \r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:p.bradoo@auckland.ac.nz\">Privahini Bradoo</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">2003</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td bgColor=#c0c0c0 colSpan=3><span class=\"bodytext\">Africa</td></tr>\r\n\r\n<tr>\r\n\r\n  <td><span class=\"bodytext\"><A target=_top href=\"http://www.gnvc.org/\">Ghana New Ventures Competition</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\"><A href=\"mailto:mallet@gnvc.org\">mallet@gnvc.org</A></td>\r\n\r\n  <td vAlign=top><span class=\"bodytext\">&nbsp;</td></tr>\r\n\r\n</TABLE>','<div><img src=pics/3.jpg     /></div>','<div><img src=pics/2.jpg     /></div>','','');
  83. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (24,'community','GSW in the news','GSW IN THE NEWS','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\">\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td valign=\"top\" width=\"114\">LaNacion.com </td>\r\n    <td width=\"29\"></td>\r\n    <td width=\"389\"><a href=\"http://www.lanacion.com.ar/770663\">Un consorcio para   emprender</a> - January 8th, 2006<br />\r\n      Doce instituciones se unieron para promover   la creacion de empresas en el pais </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td valign=\"top\">Latin American Venture Capital Association (LAVCA)</td>\r\n    <td></td>\r\n    <td><a href=\"http://www.lavca.org/lavca/allpress.nsf/recent_e/34B0171BD640D205862570EA0069C701?OpenDocument\">MIT   $100K Global Startup Workshop 2006</a> - January 8th, 2006<br />\r\n      The MIT $100K GSW   is the premier conference for organizers of entrepreneurship competitions to   meet, share best practices, and train the next generation of organizers. </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td valign=\"top\">Portal Capital de Risco </td>\r\n    <td></td>\r\n    <td><a href=\"http://www.capitalderisco.gov.br/vcn/tripa.asp?ContentId=3119\">Conferencia   discute competiciones de planos de negocios</a> - December 16th, 2005<br />\r\n      \"Ha um   grande potencial empreendedor na America Latina.\"</td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td valign=\"top\">Technology Review</td>\r\n    <td></td>\r\n    <td><a href=\"http://www.technologyreview.com/articles/05/09/issue/news_feature_eco.asp\">The   Entrepreneurship Ecosystem</a> - September, 2005<br />\r\n      MIT has developed dozens of   programs and centers that foster the entrepreneurial spirit on campus. </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td valign=\"top\">PR Web </td>\r\n    <td></td>\r\n    <td><a href=\"http://ca.prweb.com/releases/2005/3/prweb221190.htm\">300 Delegates   from Over 40 Countries Attend HCT MIT $100K Global Startup Workshop in Abu   Dhabi</a> - March 25th, 2005<br />\r\n      The MIT $100K GSW has become the premier   conference for organizers of business plan competitions and promoters of   entrepreneurship to learn, discuss, and refine best practices, making it the   ideal forum for meeting and sharing ideas with other organizers and promoters   from around the world. </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td valign=\"top\">AME Info </td>\r\n    <td></td>\r\n    <td><a href=\"http://www.ameinfo.com/58674.html\">Princess Sumaya University of   Technology\'s DART Team participates in the Annual MIT USD100K Global Startup   Workshop in UAE</a> - April 27th, 2005<br />\r\n      \'We at PSUT are proud to have been   represented by these ten outstanding students at the Global Startup Workshop   because they yearn to learn beyond the classroom and are devoted to life long   learning.\'</td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td valign=\"top\">Nus Entrepreneurship Society </td>\r\n    <td></td>\r\n    <td><a href=\"http://www.nes.org.sg/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=40&Itemid=60\">Global   Startup Workshop 2005 in Abu Dhabi</a> - March 29th, 2005<br />\r\n      The summit is   regarded as an unrivalled opportunity not only to share the best practices for   business plan competitions among different regions and to establish a global   network but also to provide a forum for the transfer of knowledge. </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n    <td> </td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td valign=\"top\">Globe-C</td>\r\n    <td></td>\r\n    <td><a href=\"http://www.globe-c.net/library/BPC_newsletter_may_2005.pdf\">Workshop of   the European BPC-Organizers at the \"Founders Forum\" during the \"Alpha Summit   Europe 2005\" conference</a> - May, 2005 (p.7) <br />\r\n      This year\'s Global Startup   Workshop in Abu Dhabi was a very successful event for the Business Plan   Competitions out of \"good old\" Europe.</td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n</table>','','','','');
  84. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (25,'history','2007','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 2007','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"260\" height=\"220\"><div align=\"center\"><img height=\"202\" alt=\"Trondheim\" src=\"pics/index_clip_image001.jpg\" width=\"300\" /></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"12\"><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"5\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p>Converting Innovation to Impact </p>\r\n<p>Trondheim, Norway </p>\r\n<p>March 26 - 28, 2007 </p>\r\n<a href=\"\">Agenda</a><br />\r\n<br />\r\n<a href=\"http://www.smartcom.no/gsw/index.php\">Videos from the   conference</a><br />\r\n<br />\r\n<a href=\"\">More details on GSW   2007</a><br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<h2><strong>GSW 2007 Highlights </strong></h2>\r\n<p> </p>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Presentations and panel discussions on \"Creating the Urgency to Convert   Innovation to Impact\" - Critical Success Factors in Entrepreneurship <br />\r\n    - The   Role of Universities in Converting Innovation to Impact <br />\r\n    - An Introduction to   the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem <br />\r\n    <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Presentations and panel discussions on \"Building & Developing Your   Entrepreneurial Support Organization (ESO)\" - Business Plan Competition Basics <br />\r\n    - The Importance of Entrepreneurial Support Systems <br />\r\n    <br />\r\n    <em>Emerging   Organizations </em><br />\r\n    - Funding Your Successful Support Organization <br />\r\n    -   Connect, Contribute, Collaborate: Collaboration Tools <br />\r\n    - Helping Teams Raise   Their Own Money <br />\r\n    - Attracting Participants and Creating Teams <br />\r\n    <br />\r\n    <em>Advanced Topics for ESOs </em><br />\r\n    - The Startup View From the   Entrepreneur\'s Perspective <br />\r\n    - Adding Feedback and Experience through Judges   and Mentors <br />\r\n    - Measuring Success <br />\r\n    - Startup to IPO: Paving the Innovator\'s   Road for Success <br />\r\n    - The Role of Intellectual Property in the Entrepreneurial   Ecosystem <br />\r\n    <br />\r\n    <em>Cases in Sustainability </em><br />\r\n    - Creating Sustainable   Local Enterprise Networks <br />\r\n    - BPC in Developing Countries <br />\r\n    -   Entrepreneurship Across Borders <br />\r\n    - Attracting Participants and Creating Teams <br />\r\n    <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Presentations and panel discussions on \"Bridging Gaps the Gaps in the Global   Ecosystem\" - Grassroots to Global: Online Incubation of Grassroots Innovations <br />\r\n    - Social Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets <br />\r\n    - What Countries Can Do to   Promote Entrepreneurship <br />\r\n    - Collaboration Across Borders <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h2><strong>Keynote Speakers </strong></h2>\r\n<p>- Gururaj Deshpande, Founder, Sycamore Networks and MIT Deshpande Center for   Technological Innovation <br />\r\n  - Anil Gupta, Chair in Entrepreneurship at IIM,   Coordinator, SRISTI and Honey Bee Network, and EVC for the National Innovation   Foundation <br />\r\n  - Dean Kamen, Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Founder, DEKA Research   & Development Corporation <br />\r\n  Ken Morse, Senior Lecturer and Managing   Director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center <br />\r\n  <br />\r\n</p>\r\n<h2><strong>Sponsors</strong> </h2>\r\n<p><br />\r\n    <strong>PLATINUM</strong></p>\r\n<table cellpadding=\"2\" width=\"540\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"170\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.statoil.com\"><img height=\"29\" alt=\"www.statoil.com\" src=\"pics/statoil-front.jpg\" width=\"170\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"170\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.invanor.no\"><img height=\"34\" alt=\"www.invanor.no\" src=\"pics/InnovationNorway-front.gif\" width=\"170\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"170\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.smn.no\"><img height=\"31\" alt=\"www.smn.no\" src=\"pics/SpareBank-1-Midt-Norge-front.gif\" width=\"170\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">Statoil</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">Innovation Norway</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">SpareBank 1</div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p><br />\r\n</p>\r\n<p><strong>GOLD</strong></p>\r\n<table cellpadding=\"2\" width=\"540\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"262\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.ntnu.no/indexe.php\"><img height=\"47\" alt=\"www.ntnu.no\" src=\"pics/ntnu_front.gif\" width=\"170\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"262\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.scanwind.com\"><img height=\"45\" alt=\"www.scanwind.com\" src=\"pics/scanwind.gif\" width=\"170\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">NTNU</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">ScanWind </div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>','','','','');
  85. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (26,'history','2006','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 2006','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"260\" height=\"220\"><div align=\"center\"><img height=\"285\" alt=\"Buenos Aires Picture\" src=\"pics/Buenos-Aires2.jpg\" width=\"248\" /></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"12\"><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"5\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p>Transforming Society through Entrepreneurship </p>\r\n<p>Buenos Aires, Argentina </p>\r\n<p>March 27 - 29, 2006 </p>\r\n<a href=\"\">Agenda and   Presentations</a><br />\r\n<br />\r\n<a href=\"\">More details on GSW   2006</a><br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<h2><strong>GSW 2006 Highlights </strong></h2>\r\n<br><br>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Presentations and panel discussions on the \"Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, the   Role of BPCs, and the Challenge of Starting One\" - Building an Innovative   Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship in a Developing Region <br />\r\n    - Challenge of the   Start ¨C Launching New BPCs <br />\r\n    - The Big Company View on Start-Up Ventures <br />\r\n    - Funding Your Successful Competition <br />\r\n    <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Presentations and panel discussions on \"Tactics for Developing a BPC and   Maximizing its Impact\" - How Entrepreneurs Can Compete in the International   Marketplace<br />\r\n    - Attracting Participants and Creating Teams <br />\r\n    - Optimal IT   Solutions for Business Plan Competitions <br />\r\n    - Improving the Quality of Plans   through Judging and Mentors <br />\r\n    - Helping Teams Raise Their Own Money<br />\r\n    - How   to Create Successful Alumni Companies <br />\r\n    - Challenges Facing Participants by   Region<br />\r\n    <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Presentations and panel discussions on \"Building a Successful   Entrepreneurial Ecosystem\" - Incorporating the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem into a   Nation\'s Development Strategy <br />\r\n    - The Entrepreneur\'s Vision on Leveraging the   Entrepreneurial Support Network<br />\r\n    - What Investors Look for in a Management   Team <br />\r\n    - The Role of Financing in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem <br />\r\n    - The Role   of Government in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem <br />\r\n    - The Role of Educational   Institutions and NGOs in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h2><strong>Keynote Speakers </strong></h2>\r\n<p>Kari-Pekka Wilska, Partner, Austin Ventures (former President, Nokia) <br />\r\n  Daniel Filmus, Minister of Education and Innovation, Argentina<br />\r\n  Kent   Brittan, Chairman, United Technologies International Operations<br />\r\n  Jose Prado,   President and CEO, Grupa Gamesa-Quaker, PepsiCo International<br />\r\n  Juan E.   Figueroa, Director of SBIR, National Science Foundation<br />\r\n  <br />\r\n</p>\r\n<h2><strong>Sponsors</strong> </h2>\r\n<p><strong>PLATINUM</strong></p>\r\n<table cellpadding=\"2\" width=\"540\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"264\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.osde.com.ar/Osde_Binario/\"><img src=\"pics/osde_logo3.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"251\" height=\"64\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"262\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.iadb.org\"><img height=\"200\" alt=\"www.iadb.org\" src=\"pics/BlueMIFLogo.jpg\" width=\"200\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">Fundación OSDE</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">Multilateral Investment Fund <br />\r\n        (Inter-AmericanDevelopment   Bank)</div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p><br />\r\n    <strong>GOLD</strong></p>\r\n<table cellpadding=\"2\" width=\"540\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"147\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.techintgroup.com/\"><img height=\"110\" alt=\"www.techintgroup.com/\" src=\"pics/Techint.jpg\" width=\"95\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"165\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.intel.com/education/\"><img height=\"92\" alt=\"http://www.intel.com/education\" src=\"pics/intel_innovacion.jpg\" width=\"96\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"208\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.bancorio.com.ar\"><img src=\"pics/banco_rio.JPG\" alt=\"a\" width=\"208\" height=\"44\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">Techint Group</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">Intel Innovation in Education</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">Banco Río </div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p><br />\r\n    <strong>SILVER</strong></p>\r\n<table cellpadding=\"2\" width=\"540\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"193\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.ybiz.net/\"><img src=\"pics/YABT.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"168\" height=\"56\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"173\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.repsolypf.com/\"><img src=\"pics/logo_repsol.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"126\" height=\"56\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"154\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.lanacion.com.ar/\"><img src=\"pics/La Nacion.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"147\" height=\"41\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">Young Americas Business Trust</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">RepsolYPF</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">Diario La Nación</div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<table cellpadding=\"2\" width=\"541\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"193\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.galileoar.com\"><img src=\"pics/galileo.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"132\" height=\"30\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"173\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.hipotecario.com.ar/\"><img src=\"pics/hipotecario2.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"144\" height=\"41\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"155\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.hipotecario.com.ar/\"><img src=\"pics/IntermediaSP.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"127\" height=\"38\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">GNC Galileo</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">Banco Hipotecario Nacional</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">IntermediaSP</div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>','','','','');
  86. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (27,'history','2005','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 2005','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"260\" height=\"220\"><div align=\"center\"><img height=\"285\" alt=\"Abu Dhabi Picture\" src=\"pics/abu_dhabi.jpg\" width=\"248\" /></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"12\"><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"5\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p> </p>\r\n<p><a href=\"http://www.afoc.mil.ae/\">Armed Forces Officers Club </a></p>\r\n<p>Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates </p>\r\n<p>March 21 - 23, 2005 </p>\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<h2><strong>GSW 2005 Highlights </strong></h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Seminars on the basics of Business Plan Competitions (BPCs) </li>\r\n  <li>Panel Discussions on running successful BPCs - Attracting Participants and   Creating Teams <br />\r\n    - Improving the Quality of Plans through Judging and Mentors <br />\r\n    - Funding Your Successful Competition <br />\r\n    - Optimal IT Solutions for   Business Plan Competitions <br />\r\n    - How to Create Successful Alumni Companies <br />\r\n    -   More than the Prize: How to Help Teams Raise Their Own Money <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Panel Discussions on Social Entrepreneurialism and Global Collaboration </li>\r\n  <li>Regional Collaboration Discussion Groups </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h2><strong>Keynote Speakers </strong></h2>\r\n<p>Fadi Ghandour, President &amp; CEO, Aramex International <br />\r\n  Bill Reichert,   Managing Director, Garage Ventures <br />\r\n  Bob Pozen, Chairman, MFS Investment   Management <br />\r\n  Mohammed Kateeb, Founder &amp; CEO, InnoKAT <br />\r\n</p>\r\n<h2><strong>Sponsor </strong></h2>\r\n<p><a href=\"http://www.hct.ac.ae\">Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT)   Entrepreneurship Center </a>. </p>\r\n<p>The premier higher education institution in the UAE with 11 campuses and over   15,000 students. HCT is known in the region for being a pioneer of leading edge   Information and Communication Technologies in order to equip graduates with the   skills required to meet the challenges of working in a globally competitive   business environment. </p>','','','','');
  87. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (28,'history','2004','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 2004','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/05.jpg\" alt=\"a\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"10\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p>University of Cambridge<a href=\"http://100K.mit.edu/gsw/2004/upcoming/host.php#university\"><br />\r\n</a>Homerton   College</p>\r\n<p>Cambridge, UK </p>\r\n<p>March 25 - 27, 2004 </p>\r\n<p>Co-hosted by: MIT $100K and Cambridge University Entrepreneurs </p>\r\n<p><br />\r\n    <br />\r\n</p>\r\n<h2><strong>GSW 2004 Highlights </strong></h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Opening Address: Herman Hauser & Bill Reichert - Silicon Fen Vs. Silicon   Valley: Entrepreneurship in Europe and the United States </li>\r\n  <li>Keynote Addresses - Shai Vyakarnam : The State of Entrepreneurship in the   UK<br />\r\n    - Jeremy Leggett, The Role & Emergence of Socially Responsible   Entrepreneurship </li>\r\n  <li>Panel Discussions on running successful BPCs - Business Plan Competitions   That Work <br />\r\n    - Starting a Business Plan Competition <br />\r\n    - Managing an Evolving   BPC<br />\r\n    - Business Plan Competition Best Practices: i.) Events &   Marketing,<br />\r\n    - ii.) Judging, iii.) Sponsorship/Funding, iv.) Building the   Community Further through Alumni & Mentors<br />\r\n    - Success Stories: Tomorrow\'s   Leading Firms<br />\r\n    - The Future of Entrepreneurship and Business Plan   Competitions<br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Regional Collaboration Discussion Groups </li>\r\n  <li>Company-sponsored Tea & Biscuits: Networking Break by Region </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h2><strong>Keynote Speakers</strong> </h2>\r\n<p>Hermann Hauser, Renowned Computer Authority / Co-Founder of Acorn   Computers<br />\r\n  Bill Reichert, Managing Director, Garage Ventures <br />\r\n  Ken Morse,   Senior Lecturer and Managing Director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center<br />\r\n  Jeremy   Leggett, CEO of Solarcentury<br />\r\n  Shai Vyakarnam, Teaching Programme Director,   Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre </p>','','','','');
  88. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (29,'history','2003','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 2003','<TABLE cellSpacing=\"0\" cellPadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <TBODY>\r\n    <TR>\r\n      <TD><IMG src=\"pics/04.jpg\" alt=\"a\"></TD>\r\n      <TD><IMG src=\"pics/images/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\"></TD>\r\n    </TR>\r\n    <TR>\r\n      <TD><IMG src=\"pics/images/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"10\"></TD>\r\n      <TD><IMG src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\"></TD>\r\n    </TR>\r\n  </TBODY>\r\n</TABLE>\r\n<p>Ziguang International Conference Center<BR>\r\n  Tsinghua University<BR>\r\n</p>\r\n<p>Beijing, China</p>\r\n<p>March 25 - 28, 2003 </p>\r\n<p>Co-hosted by: MIT $100K and Tsinghua University of China <BR>\r\n    <BR>\r\n  <BR>\r\n<H2><strong>GSW 2003 Highlights </strong></H2>\r\n<UL>\r\n  <LI>Startup Environment in China - Incentives for Startups and Cost of Raising   Capital   \r\n  <LI>How Do Business Plan Competitions Help Each Other?   \r\n  <LI>Guiding the Business Plan Competition along Emerging or Prevalent   Technologies   \r\n  <LI>Keynote: The Government\'s Approach to Startups in China   \r\n  <LI>Role of Business Plan Competition after the Competition </LI>\r\n</UL>\r\n<H2><strong>Keynote Speakers</strong> </H2>\r\n<p>Chunjun Zhao, Dean, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua   University<BR>\r\n  Zhong Xu, CEO, Beijing Asee IT Co.,Ltd (from Tsinghua Business   Plan Competition)<BR>\r\n  Chang Sun, Chairman of China Venture Capital   Association,Warburg Pincus Asia LLC Managing Director<BR>\r\n  Yuhai Zhao, Director,   Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, P.R.C<BR>\r\n  Jingan Zhang,   Director, Department of Policy, Regulation and Reform, the Ministry of Science   and Technology, P.R.C<BR>\r\n  Dr. Charles Zhang, CEO, President & Chairman of the   Board, SOHU.COM (NASDAQ: SOHU)<BR>\r\n  James Ding, President and CEO, AsiaInfo   Technologies (China), Ltd. </p>','','','','');
  89. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (30,'history','2002','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 2002','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/03.jpg\" alt=\"a\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"10\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p> </p>\r\n<p><a href=\"www.bolognaitaly.it/Commercianti\">Hotel Commercianti</a></p>\r\n<p>Bologna, Italy</p>\r\n<p>March 24 - 27, 2002 </p>\r\n<p>Co-hosted by: MIT $100K and University of Bologna </p>\r\n<p>  </p>\r\n<p>  </p>\r\n<p><br />\r\n    <br />\r\n  <br clear=\"all\" />\r\n</p>\r\n<h2><strong>GSW 2002 Highlights </strong></h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Reception at Palazzo Re Enzo </li>\r\n  <li>Visit to companies in the area - Ferrari </li>\r\n  <li>Presentations - Business Plans that Raise Money, Ken Morse <br />\r\n    - An MIT   $100K success story: Ian Eslick <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Panel Discussions on running successful BPCs - Where Do We Stand - Business   Plan Competitions Around the World <br />\r\n    - What is Your Target - University vs.   Regional vs. Company-based Competitions <strong></strong><br />\r\n    - The Competition   Organizing Team <br />\r\n    - Organizing BPCs within companies <br />\r\n    - Case studies of   successful start-ups from BP competitions <br />\r\n    - Events ?Kinds of Events, Timing,   and Logistics <br />\r\n    - Raising funds for the competition: <strong></strong>sources,   forms and requirements<br />\r\n    - Keeping the Balance: Facing expectations of sponsors   & the needs of the competition <br />\r\n    - Mentors and judges: How do they work,   judge, what do they look for <br />\r\n    - After the thrill is gone: keeping high   recruiting standards <br />\r\n    - The use of IT tools to manage and run the competition </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h2><strong>Keynote Speakers</strong> </h2>\r\n<p>Richard M. Locke, Associate Professor of Management and Political Science,   MIT<br />\r\n  Ken Morse, Senior Lecturer and Managing Director, MIT Entrepreneurship   Center<br />\r\n  Eric Achtmann, Partner, PolyTechnos Venture-Partners<br />\r\n  Ian Eslick,   Director of Engineering, Broadcom Corporation<br />\r\n  Ing. Rafael E. Alcaraz   Rodriguez, Dean, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and International Business   Program, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey </p>\r\n<h2><strong>Sponsors</strong> </h2>\r\n<table width=\"528\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"73\"><div align=\"center\"><strong>Platinum Sponsor</strong></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"445\"><div align=\"center\"><strong><img src=\"pics/2002_clip_image001.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"428\" height=\"77\" /></strong></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<table width=\"539\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"72\"><div align=\"center\"><strong>Silver Sponsors </strong></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"181\"><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2002_clip_image002.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"181\" height=\"36\" /></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"121\"><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2002_clip_image002_0000.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"112\" height=\"54\" /></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"147\"><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2002_clip_image002_0001.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"144\" height=\"51\" /></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<table width=\"538\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"73\"><div align=\"center\"><strong>Regional Sponsors </strong></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"208\"><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2002_clip_image002.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"208\" height=\"32\" /> </div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"243\"><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2002_clip_image002_0002.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"199\" height=\"37\" /> </div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<table width=\"503\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"72\"><div align=\"center\"><strong>In-Kind Sponsor </strong></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"421\"><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics//2002_clip_image001_0000.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"89\" height=\"88\" /> </div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>','','','','');
  90. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (31,'history','2001','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 2001','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/melbourneAu.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"385\" height=\"296\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"10\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p>&nbsp; </p>\r\n<p>Melbourne Business School </p>\r\n<p>Melbourne, Australia </p>\r\n<p>March 27 - 30, 2001 </p>\r\n<p>Co-hosted by: MIT $100K and Melbourne University </p>\r\n<p>&nbsp; </p>\r\n<p><br />\r\n    <br />\r\n  <br />\r\n  <br />\r\n  <br />\r\n  <br />\r\n</p>\r\n<h2><strong>GSW 2001 Highlights </strong></h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Reception at the Melbourne Aquarium </li>\r\n  <li>Presentations - <strong>A Success Story. </strong>A Bond University business   plan competition winner in 1996, Josephine King founded SkinEssence in 1997 in   San Francisco and grew it into a US$56M business.<br />\r\n    - <strong>Confessions of a   Business Plan Competition Organizer</strong>, Roslyn Brandon<br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Panel Discussions on running successful Business Plan Competitions (BPCs) -   Recruiting the right participants for the competition <br />\r\n    - The Competition   Organizing Team <br />\r\n    - Building Community <br />\r\n    - Case Studies of Innovative,   High-Growth Startups <br />\r\n    - Giving feedback to teams: the Judging process <br />\r\n    -   Raising funds for the competition <br />\r\n    - Business Plan Competitions as a Tool for   Regional Development <br />\r\n    - Events ?Kinds of Events, Timing, and Logistics <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Discussion Session: BPCs &amp; Entrepreneurial Activity in Lebanon </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h2><strong>Keynote Speakers</strong> </h2>\r\n<p>Senator the Hon Nick Minchin, Minister for Industry, Science and Resources,   Australia<br />\r\n  L. Janusz Hooker, Chief Executive Officer, TiNSHED   Corporation<br />\r\n  Anthony Tjan, Director &amp; Executive Vice President, ZEFER   Corp.<br />\r\n  Craig Winkler, Founder &amp; CEO, MYOB <br />\r\n  Najib Mikati, Minister of   Transport and Public Work , Lebanon <br />\r\n</p>\r\n<h2>Sponsors</h2>\r\n<table width=\"532\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"65\"><div align=\"center\"><strong>Major Sponsors</strong></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"239\"><div align=\"center\">\r\n        <p><img src=\"pics/2001_clip_image002.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"82\" height=\"125\" /></p>\r\n      </div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"130\"><p align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2001_clip_image001.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"126\" height=\"96\" /></p>\r\n          <p align=\"center\">Â </p></td>\r\n      <td width=\"80\"><div align=\"center\"></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><p align=\"center\"><strong>General Sponsors</strong></p></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2001_clip_image001_0000.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"195\" height=\"40\" /> </div></td>\r\n      <td><p align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2001_clip_image001_0001.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"80\" height=\"98\" /> </p></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2001_clip_image001_0002.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"80\" height=\"105\" /> </div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><strong>General Sponsors </strong></div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2001_clip_image001_0003.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"233\" height=\"34\" /> </div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2001_clip_image002_0000.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"122\" height=\"43\" /> </div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>','','','','');
  91. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (34,'history','2000','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 2000','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/10.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"300\" height=\"210\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"10\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p>Seville, Spain</p>\r\n<p>March 22-24, 2000</p>\r\n<p>Co-hosted by: MIT $100K and the Fundacion San Telmo</p>\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<p>&nbsp; </p>\r\n<h2>GSW 2000 Highlights</h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Opening Address: Herman Hauser &amp; Bill Reichert - Silicon Fen Vs. Silicon   Valley: Entrepreneurship in Europe and the United States </li>\r\n  <li>Keynote Address: - Simon Johnson : The Business Plan competition as a Tool   to Foster Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic Development in Europe <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Panel Discussions on running successful BPCs - Recruiting the right   participants for the competition <br />\r\n    - The competition organizing team <br />\r\n    -   Building Community <br />\r\n    - Case Studies of Innovative, High-Growth Startups <br />\r\n    -   Giving feedback to teams: the Judging process <br />\r\n    - Raising funds for the   competition <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Networking Sessions and Visits to local Startups </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h2>Keynote Speakers</h2>\r\n<p>Simon Johnson, <strong></strong>the Michael M. Koerner \'49 Career Development   Professor of Entrepreneurship, MIT </p>\r\n<h2>Sponsors</h2>\r\n<table width=\"256\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"250\"><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2000_clip_image001.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"187\" height=\"24\" /></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/2000_clip_image001_0000.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"100\" height=\"100\" /></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>','','','','');
  92. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (35,'history','1999','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 1999','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/11.jpg\" alt=\"a\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"10\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p>Faculty of Business Administration </p>\r\n<p>National University of Singapore </p>\r\n<p>January 12 - 14, 1999 </p>\r\n<p>Â  </p>\r\n<p>Co-hosted by: MIT $100K and the Center for Management of Technology at the   National University of Singapore </p>\r\n<h2>GSW 1999 Highlights </h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Site visits to high tech companies in Singapore such as Creative Technology,   Genisys Integrated Engineers Pte Ltd, Plexchem Technology Pte Ltd, and the   National Science & Technology Board </li>\r\n  <li>Panel Discussions on the key aspects of running successful BPCs - What is a   Business Plan? <br />\r\n    - Judging and Events <br />\r\n    - Teambuilding and Team Resources <br />\r\n    - Managing Relationships and Raising Funds <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Panel Discussions on the key aspects of Entrepreneurship - Raising Funds <br />\r\n    - Macroeconomic environment/culture <br />\r\n    - Role of Academia <br />\r\n    - Role of   Board / Picking Top Management </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h2>Keynote Speakers </h2>\r\nLester C. Thurow, Professor, MIT<br />\r\nSim Wong Hoo, CEO   & Managing Director, Creative Technology Ltd Singapore\r\n<h2>Sponsors </h2>\r\n<table width=\"500\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.a-star.gov.sg/astar/index.do\"><img src=\"pics/nstb.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"127\" height=\"56\" /></a> </div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.creative.com\"><img src=\"pics/creative.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"105\" height=\"71\" /></a> </div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://mitsloan.mit.edu\"><img src=\"pics/mit_sloan.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"104\" height=\"70\" border=\"0\" /></a> </div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.edb.gov.sg/edb/sg/en_uk/index.html?loc=home\"><img src=\"pics/edb.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"121\" height=\"67\" /></a></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>','','','','');
  93. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (36,'history','1998','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 1998','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/MIT.jpg\" alt=\"a\" width=\"320\" height=\"240\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"10\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p>Inaugural conference founded by MIT $100K</p>\r\n<p>MIT </p>\r\n<p>Cambridge , MA , USA</p>\r\n<p>March 6-8, 1998</p>\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<h2>GSW 1998 Highlights</h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Inaugural Conference </li>\r\n  <li>Panel Discussions on running successful Business Plan Competitions -   Recruiting Participants <br />\r\n    - Managing Relationships <br />\r\n    - Teambuilding <br />\r\n    -   Marketing, Branding, and Working with the Press <br />\r\n    - Judges feedback to teams <br />\r\n    - Raising funds for the competition <br />\r\n    - IT Infrastructure <br />\r\n    - Events </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h2>Sponsors</h2>\r\n<table width=\"500\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/1998_clip_image001_0000.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"187\" height=\"24\" /> </div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\"><img src=\"pics/1998_clip_image001.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"218\" height=\"81\" /> </div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>','','','','');
  94. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (39,'about','Advisors','ADVISORY BOARD','<p><b>Ken Morse</b>, Managing Director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center</p>\r\n<p><b>Joe Hadzima</b>, Managing Director, Main Street Partners</p>\r\n\r\n<p><b>Antoinette Matthews</b>, Director, MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge Chapter</p>\r\n<p><b>Richard Kivel</b>, Chairman and President, MIT Enterprise Forum, Inc.</p>\r\n<p><b>Debarshi Chaudhuri</b>, former MIT GSW Lead Organizer (2008-2009)</p>\r\n<p><b>Robert Block</b>, former MIT GSW Lead Organizer (2008-2009)</p>\r\n\r\n<p><b>Marcus Dahlem</b>, former MIT GSW Lead Organizer (2007-2008)</p>\r\n<p><b>Vikas Sharma</b>, former MIT GSW Lead Organizer (2007-2008)</p>\r\n','','','','');
  95. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (43,'conference2009','EPC contest','ELEVATOR PITCH COMPETITION<br>SPONSORED BY: <a href=\"http://www.paloalto.com\" target=\"_blank\">PaloAlto Software, Inc.</a>','<!--<br>SPONSORED BY: <a href=\"http://www.paloalto.com\" target=\"_blank\">PaloAlto Software, Inc.</a>-->\r\n\r\n<font color=\"#990000\" size=\"3\">Notice: EPC Training Session - <a href=?id=11#Day1>Day 1 10:30-11:30</a></font><br><br>\r\n<font color=\"#990000\" size=\"3\"><a href=?id=12#EPCJudges>EPC Judges</a></p> have been decided!</font><br><br>\r\n\r\nNew to GSW this year will be the Elevator Pitch Contest (EPC) with prizes across various categories. The 2009 GSW EPC contest will give students and innovators from around the world the opportunity to hone their ideas, network with fellow entrepreneurs and talk to leading members of the venture capital and investment communities. What is an elevator pitch? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, an elevator pitch is a brief overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. The pitch is so called because it can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride (say, thirty seconds or 100-150 words). Venture capitalists often judge the quality of an idea and team on the basis of the quality of its elevator pitch, and will ask entrepreneurs for the elevator pitch to quickly weed out bad ideas.<br><br>\r\nThis year we want to hear your amazing idea at the GSW Elevator Pitch Contest! Pitch your idea in front of a team of experts and 60 seconds could win you one of several cash prizes.\r\n\r\n<!--EDITED 9-MAR-2009 BY ERIC\r\nWe want to hear YOUR amazing idea! The 2008-2009 Global Startup Workshop Elevator Pitch competition is a contest created for the local community to channel their talent and ideas to produce the leading entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The Elevator Pitch Competition gives students and innovators from around the world an opportunity to pitch their ideas, and collect feedback in front of a leading network of venture capitalists and investment communities. Test your idea in front of a team of experts and 60 seconds could win you one of several cash prizes, totaling $2000.-->\r\n\r\n<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>\r\n<object classid=\"clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000\" width=\"177\" height=\"120\" id=\"viddlerplayer-b626ac83\"> <param name=\"movie\" value=\"http://www.viddler.com/simple/b626ac83/\" /> <param name=\"allowScriptAccess\" value=\"always\" /> <param name=\"allowFullScreen\" value=\"true\" /> <param name=\"flashvars\" value=\"autoplay=f\" /> <embed src=\"http://www.viddler.com/simple/b626ac83/\" width=\"177\" height=\"120\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" allowScriptAccess=\"always\" flashvars=\"autoplay=f\" allowFullScreen=\"true\" name=\"viddlerplayer-b626ac83\" > </embed> </object> \r\n<object classid=\"clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000\" width=\"177\" height=\"120\" id=\"viddlerplayer-1bd0c495\"> <param name=\"movie\" value=\"http://www.viddler.com/simple/1bd0c495/\" /> <param name=\"allowScriptAccess\" value=\"always\" /> <param name=\"allowFullScreen\" value=\"true\" /> <param name=\"flashvars\" value=\"autoplay=f\" /> <embed src=\"http://www.viddler.com/simple/1bd0c495/\" width=\"177\" height=\"120\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" allowScriptAccess=\"always\" flashvars=\"autoplay=f\" allowFullScreen=\"true\" name=\"viddlerplayer-1bd0c495\" > </embed> </object> \r\n<object classid=\"clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000\" width=\"177\" height=\"120\" id=\"viddlerplayer-41b81273\"> <param name=\"movie\" value=\"http://www.viddler.com/simple/41b81273/\" /> <param name=\"allowScriptAccess\" value=\"always\" /> <param name=\"allowFullScreen\" value=\"true\" /> <param name=\"flashvars\" value=\"autoplay=f\" /> <embed src=\"http://www.viddler.com/simple/41b81273/\" width=\"177\" height=\"120\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" allowScriptAccess=\"always\" flashvars=\"autoplay=f\" allowFullScreen=\"true\" name=\"viddlerplayer-41b81273\" > </embed> </object> \r\n\r\n<!--COMMENTED OUT THE VIDEO LINKS<br>\r\n<a href=\"http://techtv.mit.edu/tags/58-100k/videos/899-why-take-the-stairs\">video 1</a><br>\r\n<a href=\"http://techtv.mit.edu/tags/58-100k/videos/789-killer-pitch\">video 2</a><br>\r\n<a href=\"http://techtv.mit.edu/tags/58-100k/videos/721-the-pitch\">video 3</a><br>-->\r\n\r\n<br><br>\r\n<font size=\"4\">How It Works</font>\r\n<br><br>\r\n\r\n<b>Eligibility </b>\r\n<ol>\r\n   <li>Both teams and individuals are welcome to participate in the Elevator Pitch Contest.  </li>\r\n <li>A pitch may only be entered once.  </li>\r\n    <li>The subject of the pitch must be your own work, or the work of your team.  Any entrants discovered to be pitching others’ ideas without appropriate consent will be immediately disqualified, and any awards must be returned. </li>\r\n  <li>Individuals or teams must not have accepted any outside funding for the idea being presented. Companies may present if they have accepted no funding and have not commercialized the product/service being pitched. </li>\r\n   <li>The entrant must be present on the day of the event to participate.  No written or phone-based presentations will be accepted. </li>\r\n    <li>Contestants are expected to behave respectfully to all other contestants, sponsors, judges, volunteers, and audience members. </li>\r\n <li>Contest organizers retain the right to refuse entry to anyone. </li>\r\n    <li>There is no fee for entry. </li>\r\n    <li>Contestants must enter the competition through our online registration form.  As part of the registration process contestants must complete a 200 word public summary of their idea, however this summary will not be shown to the judges prior to the competition and will not influence the results of the competition.</li>\r\n</ol> \r\n    \r\n    \r\n    \r\n<b>Process </b>\r\n<ol>\r\n <li>Entrants must complete the online registration form to be included in the contest </li>\r\n <li>Pitches will be delivered in a random order determined the day of the event. If you miss your assigned slot, you may not be permitted to present. </li>\r\n <li>Only one individual or team member may do the actual pitch. </li>\r\n   <li>The pitch must be no longer than 60 seconds.  Contestants will be cut off at the end of their 60 seconds. </li>\r\n <li>No props or visual aids of any kind are allowed during the presentation. </li>\r\n  <li>Decisions of the judges are final, and may not be appealed. </li>\r\n   <li>One overall winner, an Audience Favorite, and two runners-up will be chosen.  </li>\r\n</ol>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n<b>Awards</b>\r\n<br><br>\r\n<table>\r\n    <tr>\r\n        <td>Grand Prize:</td> \r\n      <td>$1000</td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n   \r\n    <tr>\r\n        <td>1st Runner Up:</td> \r\n        <td>$500</td>\r\n   </tr>\r\n\r\n   <tr>\r\n        <td>2dn Runner Up:</td> \r\n        <td>$250</td>\r\n   </tr>\r\n\r\n   <tr>\r\n        <td>Crowd Favorite:</td> \r\n       <td>$250</td>\r\n   </tr>\r\n</table>\r\nAll participants will receive a copy of <a href=\"http://www.paloalto.com/business_plan_software/\" target=\"_blank\">Business Plan Pro</a> Academic Premier Edition <br><!--insert BPPBox.gif here--> sponsored by Palo Alto Software, Inc.\r\n<br><br>\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<b>Judging Criteria</b>\r\n<br><br>\r\nPitches will be evaluated on four, equally-weighted categories:\r\n<ol>\r\n <li>Presentation \r\n       <ul>\r\n            <li>Body Language/Charisma</li>\r\n         <li>Clarity </li>\r\n           <li>Articulation</li>\r\n           <li>Passion</li> \r\n       </ul>\r\n   </li>\r\n   <li>Opportunity \r\n        <ul>\r\n            <li>Market identification </li>\r\n         <li>Size and attractiveness </li>\r\n           <li>Target customer identification </li>\r\n        </ul>\r\n   </li>\r\n   <li>Solution \r\n       <ul>\r\n            <li>Value proposition</li>\r\n          <li>Differentiation </li>\r\n           <li>Financial viability/profitability </li>\r\n     </ul>\r\n   </li>\r\n   <li>The Big Question \r\n       <ul>\r\n            <li>Do you want another meeting?</li>\r\n       </ul>\r\n   </li>\r\n</ol>\r\n\r\n<font size=\"4\">Resources</font>\r\n<br><br>\r\n\r\nWatch the MIT 100K Elevator Pitch Workshop:<br>\r\n<object classid=\"clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000\" width=\"530\" height=\"315\" id=\"viddlerplayer-10eeb299\"> <param name=\"movie\" value=\"http://www.viddler.com/simple/10eeb299/\" /> <param name=\"allowScriptAccess\" value=\"always\" /> <param name=\"allowFullScreen\" value=\"true\" /> <param name=\"flashvars\" value=\"autoplay=f\" /> <embed src=\"http://www.viddler.com/simple/10eeb299/\" width=\"530\" height=\"315\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" allowScriptAccess=\"always\" flashvars=\"autoplay=f\" allowFullScreen=\"true\" name=\"viddlerplayer-10eeb299\" > </embed> </object> \r\n\r\n<!--REPLACED WITH EMBEDDED VIDEO\r\n<a href=\"http://techtv.mit.edu/tags/58-100k/videos/100-mit-100k-elevator-pitch-workshop\">here</a>.-->\r\n\r\n<br><br>\r\nHow do I deliver a winning elevator pitch? Want to see some winning elevator pitches? Watch the 2008 MIT 100K Elevator Pitch Contest Finalists <a href=\"http://web.mit.edu/webcast/100k/2008/100k-elevator_pitch-webcast-mit-18oct2008-350k.asx\" target=\"_blank\">here</a>! \r\n\r\n<br><br>\r\nHere’s what one expert told us:\r\n<ul>\r\n    <li>1st sentence:  State the Problem</li>\r\n   <li>2nd sentence: State your solution</li>\r\n  <li>3rd sentence: Who you are, why you’re the one to solve the problem</li>\r\n   <li>3rd sentence: State the value proposition</li>\r\n  <li>4th sentence: Call to action (what the audience or recipient should do next)</li>\r\n</ul>\r\n\r\n<b>What is an elevator pitch? (from Wikipedia)</b>\r\n<br>\r\nAn elevator pitch (or elevator speech) is a brief overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. The pitch is so called because it can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride (say, thirty seconds or 100-150 words). The term is typically used in the context of an entrepreneur pitching an idea to a venture capitalist to receive funding. Venture capitalists often judge the quality of an idea and team on the basis of the quality of its elevator pitch, and will ask entrepreneurs for the elevator pitch to quickly weed out bad ideas. It is said that many of the most important decisions made on the floor of the United States\'s House or Senate are made \"within the span of an elevator ride\" as a staff aide whispers into a Congressman or Senator\'s ear while they head down to the floor to cast their vote.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n','','','','');
  96. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (44,'conference2009','Venue information','VENUE INFORMATION','<head><script type=\"text/javascript\" language=\"javascript\" src=\"http://maps.afrigis.co.za/msjsapi2003/js/api.js\"></script>\r\n\r\n      <script language=\"javascript\" type=\"text/javascript\">\r\n\r\n          g_map = null;\r\n\r\n          function InitAGMap()\r\n\r\n          {\r\n\r\n              g_map = new AGMap(document.getElementById(\"_MapPlaceHolder\"));\r\n\r\n              var oLatLng = new AGCoord(-33.904731, 18.418111);\r\n\r\n            g_map.centreAndScale(oLatLng, 17);\r\n\r\n            g_map.addControl(new AGZoomControl());\r\n\r\n            var oIcon = new AGIcon();\r\n\r\n            oIcon.image = \"http://maps.afrigis.co.za/msjsapi/Images/3Dpin_afrigispointofinterest32.png\";\r\n\r\n            oIcon.iconSize = new AGSize(32, 32);\r\n\r\n            oIcon.iconAnchor = new AGPoint(-5, -32);\r\n\r\n            var oMarkerOptions = new AGMarkerOptions(oIcon);\r\n\r\n            oCurMarker = new AGMarker(oLatLng, oMarkerOptions);\r\n\r\n            g_map.addOverlay(oCurMarker, \"geoMarker\");\r\n\r\n          }\r\n\r\n      </script></head>\r\n<body onload=\"InitAGMap()\">\r\n\r\n<font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">The Pavilion Conference Centre</font>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\nWith the magnificent Table Mountain in the background and it\'s expansive views over Table Bay and the Waterfront, The Pavilion Conference Centre offers a glorious setting for business and private events. The BMW Pavilion is <a href=\"http://www.thepavilion.co.za/location.htm\">conveniently located</a> within Cape Town\'s expansive and internationally famous Waterfront, a short distance from Cape Town\'s harbour, twenty minutes from Cape Town\'s International Airport and five minutes from the City Centre.\r\n<br>\r\n    <div align=\"center\" id=\"_MapPlaceHolder\" style=\"width:500px;height:300px;border:1px solid black;\">\r\n\r\n    </div>\r\nThe Business Centre at The Pavilion: At The Pavilion Business Centre clients are able to use PC\'s, send email, access the internet and enjoy other office services.\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n\r\n<font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">Hotels</font>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<a href=\" http://www.southernsun.com\">Southern Sun Waterfront</a><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 1995<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R 2195<br>\r\n   -Breakfast included<br>\r\n   -14% VAT included<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<a href=\"http://www.southernsun.com\">Southern Sun The Cullinan</a><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 1995<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R 2195<br>\r\n   -Breakfast included<br>\r\n   -14% VAT included<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<a href=\"http://www.citylodge.co.za\">City Lodge</a><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 1300<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R 1690<br>\r\n   -14% VAT included<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<a href=\"http://www.vahotel.co.za/\">V&A Hotel</a><br>\r\nSingle/Double/Twin, per night: R 2850<br>\r\n   -Full English breakfast included<br>\r\n   -14% VAT included<br>\r\n   -Tourism Promotion Levy of 1% calculated on the total accommodation value included<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<a href=\"http://www.proteahotels.com/\">Protea Cape Castle</a><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 1050<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R 1750<br>\r\n   -14% VAT included<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<a href=\"http://www.capetownlodge.co.za/\">Cape Town Lodge</a><br>\r\nSingle/Twin room, per night: R 1410<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n<font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">Post-Conference Tours and Hotels</font>\r\n<br>\r\n<a href=\"http://www.mitgsw2009.co.za/tours.htm\" target=\"_blank\" >Book online</a>\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<!--ALL OF THIS IS COMMENTED OUT-->\r\n<!--<br>\r\n<a href=\"pics/hotels/bakubung.pdf\">Bakubung Bush Lodge</a><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 1880, USD 185<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R 1327, USD 130 (per person)\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n<a href=\"pics/hotels/garden.pdf\">Garden Route</a><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 3136, USD 308<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R  2090, USD 205 (per person)\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n<a href=\"pics/hotels/kapama.pdf\">Kapama Game Reserve</a><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 2045, USD 201<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R 1362, USD 134 (per person)\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n<a href=\"pics/hotels/sabi.pdf\">Sabi Sabi Game Reserve</a><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 6540, USD 643<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R  4360, USD 429 (per person)\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n<a href=\"pics/hotels/sun.pdf\">Sun City (various hotels)</a><br>\r\n<b>The Palace of the Lost City (5-Star)</b<br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 3695<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R  1947 (per person)<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<b>The Cascades Hotel (5-Star)</b><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 2270<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R  1200 (per person)<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<b>Sun City Main Hotel (4-Star)</b><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 2030<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R  1082 (per person)<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<b>The Cabanas Hotel (3-Star)</b><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 1635<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R  872 (per person)\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n<a href=\"pics/hotels/victoria.pdf\">Victoria Falls (various hotels)</a><br>\r\n<b>The Royal Livingstone Resort, Livingstone, Zambia (5-Star)</b><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: USD 425<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: USD 227 (per person)<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<b>The David Livingstone Safari Lodge (4-Star)</b><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: USD 270<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: USD 185 (per person)<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<b>Zambezi Sun (3-Star)</b><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: USD 205<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: USD 115 (per person)\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n<a href=\"pics/hotels/western.pdf\">Western Cape Hotel & Spa</a><br>\r\nSingle room, per night: R 2260, USD 222<br>\r\nDouble room, per night: R  1240, USD 122 (per person)-->\r\n\r\n<br><br>\r\n<!--<font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">Map of Cape Town Area:</font><br>\r\n\r\n    <div id=\"_MapPlaceHolder\" style=\"width:600px;height:400px;border:1px solid black;\">\r\n\r\n    </div>-->\r\n</body>','','','','');
  97. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (45,'conference2009','Sponsors','SPONSORS','<div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.vodacom.co.za\"><img src=\"pics/sponsors/large-vodacom.png\" alt=\"a\" width=\"\" height=\"\" border=\"0\" /></a></div>\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.oldmutual.com\"><img src=\"pics/sponsors/large-old-mutual.png\" alt=\"a\" width=\"\" height=\"\" border=\"0\" /></a></div>\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.kulula.com\"><img src=\"pics/sponsors/large-kulula.png\" alt=\"a\" width=\"\" height=\"\" border=\"0\" /></a></div>\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.succeed.co.za\"><img src=\"pics/sponsors/large-succeed.png\" alt=\"a\" width=\"\" height=\"\" border=\"0\" /></a></div>\r\n\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.capetown.gov.za\"><img src=\"pics/sponsors/large-city-cape-town.png\" alt=\"a\" width=\"\" height=\"\" border=\"0\" /></a></div>\r\n\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.tourismcapetown.co.za\"><img src=\"pics/sponsors/large-routes-unlimited.png\" alt=\"a\" width=\"\" height=\"\" border=\"0\" /></a></div>\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n','','','','');
  98. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (47,'conference2009','Consulting','CONSULTING','<font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">Enhance your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:</font><br>\r\n<font color=\"#990000\" size=\"4\">One-on-one consulting available at no additional charge</font>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n \r\nIt seems daunting to try to change the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem of a region or country. But when you consider that the key individuals who make the entrepreneurial ecosystem work constitute perhaps less than 1% of the professional population, the challenge seems far more manageable.  There are good examples of outstanding individuals successfully innovating, even in developing economies where there is little or no support for entrepreneurship. What can we learn from these individuals?\r\n \r\n<br><br>\r\n\r\nThey are successful in part because they are very skillful in building a supportive environment around them. They create what Steve Brown describes as a Micro-Cluster for Innovation, MCI(tm). Steve has spent 12 years working at MIT and in 10 other countries with over 100 startups as a technology licensing officer, as an MIT 100k entrepreneurial contest judge, National Science Foundation grant reviewer and consultant.  From those experiences he has identified those characteristics of MCI\'s that are common across cultures and regions.\r\n \r\n<br> <br>\r\n \r\nCome to the global start up workshop and learn how you can create a MCI for yourself or your clients quickly and at little or no cost. \r\n \r\n<br><br>\r\n\r\nSteve Brown of Innovate4Growth will deliver the keynote address on the second day of the conference describing MCI\'s. After the keynote there will be an opportunity for those selected participants to meet one-on-one with Steve to discuss how best to custom craft an MCI for their environment.  If you are interested in a one-on-one meeting with Steve please e-mail Steve at sfbrown [at] mit.edu with no more than two pages of information describing what works well in your ecosystem, and what works poorly.  Participants will be selected based on the quality of their input.','','','','');
  99. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (48,'history','2009','MIT GLOBAL STARTUP WORKSHOP 2009','<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"left\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"260\" height=\"220\"><div align=\"center\"><img height=\"202\" alt=\"Trondheim\" src=\"pics/cape-town.jpg\" width=\"300\" /></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"12\"><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"1\" height=\"5\" /></td>\r\n      <td><img src=\"pics/spacer.gif\" alt=\"a\" width=\"10\" height=\"1\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n<p>The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Creating Economic Stability through Entrepreneurship </p>\r\n<p>Cape Town, South Africa </p>\r\n<p>March 25 - 27, 2009 </p>\r\n<a href=\"conference2009.php?id=11\">Agenda</a><br />\r\n<br />\r\n<a href=\"conference2009.php\">More details on GSW 2009</a><br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<br />\r\n<h2><strong>MIT GSW 2009 Highlights </strong></h2>\r\n<p> </p>\r\n<ul>\r\n  <li>Presentations and panel discussions on the startup process: <br />\r\n    - Funding Strategies: Perspectives from around the globe <br />\r\n    - Your Greatest Asset: Creating and managing your startup team <br />\r\n    - Keeping the Momentum: Ensuring the continued success of your organization <br />\r\n    <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Presentations and panel discussions on ecosystem components for fostering entrepreneurship: <br />\r\n    - Support Structure: Universities, Incubators, and ESOs<br />\r\n    - Tracking your Progress: Evaluating the success of Business Plan Competitions<br />\r\n    - Perceiving Innovation: Cultural Influences on Entrepreneurship<br />\r\n   <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li> Presentations and panel discussions on developing and emerging economies: <br />\r\n    - The African Story: A new approach for fostering startups <br />\r\n    - Bridging the Divide: Traditional ideas in a new setting <br />\r\n    - Tech with a Heart: Technology-driven social entrepreneurship <br />\r\n  <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>The inaugural MIT GSW Elevator Pitch Competition was launched with more than 40 contestants giving 60 second pitches of their business ideas in front of a panel of expert judges. Four winners each received cash prizes. <br />\r\n  <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n  <li>Case studies in traditional and social entrepreneurship: <br />\r\n    - Habitaz <br />\r\n    - The Khaya Cookie Company <br />\r\n    - Vestergaard Frandsen <br />\r\n    - Trainiac <br />\r\n  <br />\r\n  </li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h2><strong>Keynote Speakers </strong></h2>\r\n<p>- Euvin Naidoo, President and CEO of the South African Chamber of Commerce in America <br />\r\n  - Jonathan Ortmans, President, Global Entrepreneurship Week and Senior Fellow, Kauffman Foundation <br />\r\n  - Jessica Jackley Flannery, Co-founder of Kiva <br />\r\n  - Kenneth P. Morse, Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center <br />\r\n  - Alieu Conteh, Chairman of Vodacom Congo <br />\r\n  <br />\r\n</p>\r\n<!--<h2><strong>Sponsors</strong> </h2>\r\n<table cellpadding=\"2\" width=\"540\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"170\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.lacaixa.es\"><img height=\"66\" alt=\"http://www.lacaixa.es\" src=\"pics/la_caixa.gif\" width=\"250\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n      <td width=\"170\"><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://www.eoi.es\"><img height=\"127\" alt=\"http://www.eoi.es\" src=\"pics/EOI_logo.gif\" width=\"160\" border=\"0\" /></a></div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">la Caixa</div></td>\r\n      <td><div align=\"center\">EOI Escuela de Negocios</div></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>-->','','','','');
  100. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (49,'conference2010','Overview','Conquering the Economic Crisis with Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Green Energy','We are pleased to bring the 13th MIT Global Startup Workshop to Reykjavik, Iceland. We are working closely with our partners at Reykjavik University to develop an event that interactively explores how to harness the powers of entrepreneurship and green energy technologies to recover from the current economic crisis and create long term sustainability. This year\'s conference will include inspirational keynote addresses, expert panel discussions, interactive case studies, breakouts, and our energy-filled elevator pitch competition. In addition, we will be bringing you networking events in some of the most exciting venues in Iceland.</p>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n<br>\r\n\r\n<table cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" align=\"center\" border=\"0\">\r\n  <tbody>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td width=\"400\" height=\"200\"><img height=\"266\" alt=\'s\' src=\"2010/pics/reykjavik_iceland.jpeg\" width=\"400\" /></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n    <tr>\r\n      <td height=\"46\"><center>\r\n        <div align=\"center\">Reykjavik, Iceland</div>\r\n      </center></td>\r\n    </tr>\r\n  </tbody>\r\n</table>\r\n</p>\r\n<br><br>','','','','');
  101. INSERT INTO sections VALUES (51,'conference2010','Partners','PARTNERS','<table>\r\n<tr>\r\n  <td><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://web.mit.edu\"><img src=\"pics/partners/large-mit.png\" width=\"200\" height=\"95\" border=\"0\" /></a></div><br><br></td>\r\n</tr>\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"\"><img src=\"pics/partners/large-MIT-EF.png\"  border=\"0\" /></a></div><br><br></td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n\r\n  <tr></tr>\r\n  <tr></tr>\r\n\r\n  <tr>\r\n    <td><div align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://ru.is/?PageID=723\"><img src=\"2010/pics/haskolinn_i_reykjavik.png\" alt=\"d\" width=\"284\" height=\"51\" border=\"0\" /></a></div><br><br></td>\r\n  </tr>\r\n\r\n</table>\r\n<br><br>','','','','');
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