Nemesis% route notes

Apr 17th, 2018
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  1. Wharehouse: Pick up 2 A powders
  3. Bar: Pick up Handgun Ammo at cash register
  5. Burning Alley Save Room: Drop Lighter, Pick up A and B powders
  7. Nemmy 1 (RPD courtyard Nemmy): Kill with handgun, should have at least 12 handgun ammo left, don't pick up the eagle handgun, combine 1 A and B powder for a C
  9. Nemmy 2: Go into evidence locker room and pick up the locked b powder, go to the other side of the room to trigger Nemmy to come in.
  10. Mix the picked up B powder with the A and then with the C to make double C, mix with reloading tool for 10 freeze rounds, kill with grenade launcher.
  11. Burn the FAS if picked up while equipping the handgun, do not put the 6 regular grenade rounds into the grenade launcher otherwise you won't be able to get it out, don't pick up the eagle handgun.
  13. Double door save room: Pick up handgun ammo
  15. Nemmy 3 (Restaurant Nemmy): Time out option to kill with handgun and Carlos, reload the handgun after the fight if there's ammo left over in an inventory slot, pick up the 3 fas drop.
  17. Crank Save room: Drop the reloading tool and the lockpick, drop excess handgun ammo if there's enough in the handgun, 10 is risky, 15 is enough, for more safety you can keep the handgun ammo but don't have more than 23 total, pick up the crank.
  19. If you used a fas from the fas box after Nemmy 3 pick up the fas in the newspaper building, otherwise it'll take an inventory slot.
  21. In the alley after the train, get the B powder from the car the zombie bursts out of.
  23. Do gas station first
  25. Gas station: If the 3 A powders spawn, pick them up, before you run out of inventory space mix one A powder with the B, mix them with the grenade rounds and put it in the grenade launcher, you won't have enough space for the book if you don't do this promptly.
  27. Brainsucker room: Pick up the A powder from the dead Mercenary. If you didn't get A powders at the gas station, combine the powders into C, mix them with the grenade round and put the freeze rounds into the grenade launcher while putting the battery in to save a menu.
  29. Power station: If the 3 B powders spawn, pick them up, if you got A powders at the pharmacy combine them into triple C, if you have handgun ammo taking up a slot, it'll take more menuing.
  31. Nemmy 4 (Power Station Nemmy): Run to explosive, shoot nemmy 8 times to bring him to 681hp, or if you have extra ammo shoot him a few more times while you're jebaiting him to the explosive for more safety,
  32. dodge him and shoot the explosive, the damage he takes varies on how close he is and his angle. If Nemmy's hp is higher than (including) 485 shoot him more with the handgun until he isn't, shouldn't be necessary with a decent explosive.
  33. If the fight's messed up, there's handgun ammo on the corpse near the elevator. Switch to grenade launcher, if you didn't make freeze rounds before make them now, equip, he should go down with the first shot, and die with the next 5.
  35. Pharmacy back room: Pick up the remaining powders depending on spawn rng, both powders spawning here is best rng, though only 1 of them spawning here means the same amount of menus, just more movement in the gas station/power station. No powders here is worst rng.
  36. Mix them into triple C, and mix the oil additive while you're at it, don't leave without mixing them otherwise you'll have a full inventory and you'll need the space later, there are no opportunities to save menus anyway.
  38. Pick up grenade rounds from the other car a zombie bursts out of, in the room after the double door save room.
  40. Nemmy 5 (Y alley nemmy): Hug the right wall so the distance between Jill and Nemmy is max, menu and make 18 freeze rounds from the grenade rounds and triple C. Depending on Nemmy he might move enough to the right to dodge a freeze round, stop shooting while still holding aim and press B to resnap aim in case it happens.
  41. Dropping aim and re aiming might be too slow.
  43. Clock Tower: If early powders, pick them all and mix them into double C, don't do Carlos skip, get the 6 freeze rounds, get the grenade rounds on the table, don't do any further mixing until the next nemmy fight.
  44. Late powders, Get the 6 freeze rounds from carlos, pick up all powders but this time you'll have a key taking up a slot. On the first menu to mix put the 6 freeze rounds from carlos into the grenade launcher otherwise you'll be forced to menu again. Don't do any further mixing until the next nemmy fight.
  46. Nemmy 6: Pick bottom option, run, there are 4 ways the fight can go.
  48. If Nemmy follows while walking, stop at just enough distance for the explosive to not hit you, shoot nemmy once with the handgun, when he gets in range of the explosive shoot it.
  49. If Nemmy follows you but runs, it's possible to get the explosive on him but it will hit you too, but fast reactions are needed and an extra fas usage, which shouldn't be a problem unless you burnt through them already, and it's nearly impossible to get 1 handgun shot on him after that and still manage a decent fight.
  50. Do any mixing you need to do here, grenade rounds with double C and put the ones from carlos all of them together on early powders, on late powders finish mixing the powders. Equip the grenade launcher.
  51. Run to the stairs and fight nemmy there, Nemmy can't grab on an incline, and will only spam punches, but these punches can kill, so heal if you're on orange caution.
  53. If Nemesis doesn't follow you, he'll appear in the library, on entering the room, aim to figure out where he is.
  54. If Jill aims left, menu, do all the mixing needed, equip the grenade launcher, delay just a tiny bit and start shooting, otherwise the grenade round doesn't reach.
  55. If Jill aims straight, he'll come out near the camera, manually aim into the spot where he'll turn the corner, or spam B to resnap the aim and start shooting when he turns the corner
  57. Pick up the grenade rounds in the spider hallway, preferably after the clock puzzle, this is crucial to not forget on late powders.
  59. Nemmy 7: Pick up the fas box nemmy drops if you need to, use freeze rounds to start, if on late powders make freeze rounds with the double C and the grenade rounds from the spider web. After he goes down, use the flame rounds.
  61. Nemmy 8: Go into the box and pick up the knife, lockpick, and lighter, and drop the first fas box if you picked up the 2nd one, otherwise you'll run into inventory issues, and also any handgun ammo if you still have extra, take note of the number of freeze rounds, should have 14 if good nemmy 6, or 11. If you missed more than 2 and have 9 or less remaining then you'll need to make it up with handgun ammo, or the knife.
  62. Run past him, get to the narrow doorway where nemmy destroyed it, bait a leg grab, run farther to dodge, aim and start shooting. Shoot 5, after which he should drop very close to 400hp, equip the handgun, shoot him once, he should kneel down unless it's during his i-frames, he shouldn't be in i frames if he's walking or attacking Jill directly, only when he's wailing randomly. Shoot him again, equip back the grenade launcher, 5 more freeze rounds until death. If you get unlucky with iframes kill him with the handgun for the last blow.
  63. If you have 11 freeze rounds for the fight, burn all of them, otherwise there can be inventory issues.
  65. Pick up the minethrower, on early powders the grenade rounds from the spider web is used for acid rounds for the worm, but on late powders there's a 50% chance there'll be grenade rounds in the next save room. The spawns on the table and locker are the same, so if there's grenade rounds on the table pick up the ones in the locker as it's faster. If there's minethrower rounds on the table it's bad rng because there'll be minethrower rounds in the locker.
  67. At the save room before the worm, pick up the pole, use the lighter, the pole, and in the other room pick up the key and the grenade rounds if necessary (late powders and minethrower rounds in save room), get out, pick up the powders and make acid rounds.
  68. If you have an extra item that you forgot to drop (doesn't include any extra freeze rounds because they don't occupy a slot whilst inside the grenade launcher), you can pick up the pole, use the lighter, pole, pick up the b powders, go into the other room, pick up grenade rounds if necessary, and pick up the key and leave. If you have 2 extra items you'll have to drop them in the box.
  70. At the water puzzle save room, you won't have enough space for the water sample if you have 2 extra items (unlikely), but this time any extra freeze rounds you have left over count because there's acid rounds in the grenade launcher. So if you have extra freeze rounds and the first fas box, or some handgun ammo, you'll have to drop them in the box.
  72. It should be noted that on the dream run with 4 freeze rounds left over and 4 acid rounds left from the worm fight and 8 handgun shots (or lesss but with knife stabs to compensate) it's possible to 1 cycle final nemmy without the minethrower.
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