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  1. \\lim_{x \\to 4} \\frac{x^2}{x-4}
  2. \\lim_{x \\to \\infty} \\frac{x^2 + x - 2}{x+2}
  3. \\lim_{x \\to 0} \\frac{x^2}{x}
  4. \\sum_{n=0}^{\\infty}cos(x)=
  5. \\sum_{n=0}^{\\infty}sin(x)=
  6. \\vec{r}(t) = \\langle 4t^3, y(2t)\\rangle, v(2) =
  7. \\vec{r}(t) = \\langle cos(t), sin(t) \\rangle, a(\pi) =
  8. r(\\theta) = 2tan(\\theta), \\frac{dy}{dx} =
  9. f(x)=3x^2-6x-4, \\text{find\\, the\\, local\\, extrema}
  10. \\vec{r}(t)=\\langle 3t, 2t^2 \\rangle, \\text{find\\,the\\,speed}
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