Celestia Greentexts: Dreamwalking

Jan 11th, 2015
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  1. >You sat on Luna's bed, eagerly awaiting for the lunar horse to finish whatever it was she was doing.
  2. >It had to be part of this spell she was about to cast on you. Why else would she do it?
  3. >Of course, the first time you asked her to let you explore Celestia's dreams, she was reluctant.
  4. >Good thing you were good at both begging and annoying ponies.
  5. >Luna broke in under a day.
  6. >"Okay, Anonymous. I've read through the process and am confident you will be in Celestia's dreams for a solid five hours."
  7. "That's long enough for me."
  8. >"Why you want to do this is still beyond me. Nonetheless, prepare yourself, so we may finish this and I can go to bed."
  9. >You got up off of Luna's bed, and steeled yourself for whatever beam/ray/thing she was going to shoot at you.
  10. >Her horn glowed its dark blue hue, and a strange circle formed around your feet.
  11. >It was habbening now!
  12. >Look out Celestia, Anonymous is about to learn your darkest desires through dreams!
  13. >At least, that's what Freud said they were.
  14. >There's no questioning the father of psychology.
  15. >"Now, I must warn you, Anonymous, you might feel a slight sting once the spell finishes."
  16. >A slight sting? So what?
  17. "Ha, that doesn't sound like it'll hurrRRRR-AGHHHHH!"
  18. >The room becomes a white void, and Luna is gone.
  19. >That was more than a slight sting.
  20. >Lying bitch.
  21. >Whatever, you were on your way to Celestia's dreams, and whatever juicy thoughts Sunbutt held near and dear to only her were about to discovered!
  22. >*FWOOOOOSH!*
  23. >That loud sound was accompanied by everything going pitch black.
  24. >For a moment, you thought you died.
  25. >Then, suddenly, you awoke in a flowery field atop a hill.
  26. >The sun was barely in the sky, indicating that it was early morning.
  27. >Standing up, you were able to get a better view of what exactly was around the area.
  28. >Flowers, fields, and in the distance, a village.
  29. >All was silent, save for the light breeze.
  30. >This was what Celestia dreamed about?
  31. >Just an empty field of flowers?
  32. >Wow, this was boring. There has to be some kind of hint towards her lacking love life in here.
  33. >"Rarrr!"
  34. >"No-ho-ho! Ce-Ce-Celestia, stop!"
  35. >"I'm not Celestia! I'm the tickle beast! Rarrr!"
  36. >What the fuck?
  37. >You look behind you to find two things: a filly Celestia and a filly Luna.
  38. >Celestia was blowing raspberries on Luna's filly belly, the latter pony giggling and snorting.
  39. >So, it wasn't just flowery fields Celestia dreamed about, but also her and Luna's childhood.
  40. >...still boring.
  41. >Maybe things will get spicier if you wait.
  42. >And so wait you did.
  43. >The dream moseyed on like this for a good half hour or so.
  44. >You knew because you actually kept track of time.
  45. >Celestia and Luna just happily played with each other without a care in the world.
  46. >It was nice to watch, but at the same time, you sought something more juicy.
  47. >"Celestia! Luna! Breakfast is ready!"
  48. >"Coming mom!" the fillies answered in unison.
  49. >As soon as the sisters ran off, the landscape started to change.
  50. >The sky became much darker, the hills sank down, and the fields of flowers became stone bricks.
  51. >In the distance was...sobbing?
  52. >Okay, that was nice and all, but what about the things you were looking for?
  53. >Who she had a crush on?
  54. >When she had her first time (if there even was one)?
  55. >Her embarrassing little secrets or hidden desires?
  56. >Why was none of this found?
  57. >While you mulled this over, the sobbing devolved into more sobbing, sniffling, and weak cries of "I'm sorry..."
  58. >And like in the flowery fields, the moment you turned around, you found what exactly was going on.
  59. >Celestia lied on the ground in front of her castle, tears rolling down her cheeks.
  60. >Looking up at the moon, you saw the "mare in the moon" insignia on said space rock.
  61. >So, this must be right after Celestia sent Luna to the moon.
  62. >Celestia's face almost touched the ground as she cried, the amount of tears she's cried having almost made a small puddle beneath her.
  63. >How long was she there?
  64. >"I'm so sorry," the princess sniffed after her apology, and spoke again, "Luna, I'm so sorry."
  65. >"I forgive you, sister."
  66. >Out of fucking nowhere Luna appears.
  67. >Celestia immediately stands up and hugs her little sister.
  68. >"I feel like I can't apologize enough, Luna," the sun princess said as she continued to cry on her sister's shoulder.
  69. >"You needn't apologize, sister. You did what had to be done."
  70. >The sisters embraced for what felt like an eternity as you watched, waiting for something else to happen.
  71. >Or for the dream to shift to something else again.
  72. >Whichever came first.
  73. >From the looks of it, the latter option was likely to happen soon, considering Celestia was now happy, and there didn't seem to be much else to this..."episode"?
  74. >Surely there was a better word for it.
  75. >Once the princess sisters broke their hug, the world once again shifted into something different.
  76. >The sky became bright again, and a small building formed around you.
  77. >Inside this room was a small carpet, what looked like a toy box, and several books scattered about the room.
  78. >Turning around yet again, you find Celestia, a book propped up in front of her, reading to a group of foals.
  79. >"And so, the beautiful princess married her prince charming, became queen, and lived happily ever after. The end."
  80. >The kids cheered as the princess closed the book, smiling.
  81. >"So Princess Celestia, was that a book based on you?" one of the kids asked curiously.
  82. >Celestia chuckled. "Of course not. I'm no queen. Just a princess."
  83. >"But why aren't you a queen?"
  84. >"Oh, well, uh, I'm...just not..."
  85. >"Is it because you haven't found your special somepony?"
  86. >"Uh..."
  87. >The supposed teacher of the class walked towards the group of children, her gaze fixed on the foal asking Celestia the questions.
  88. >"Melody, I think the princess would like to not be asked those questions," she scolded the foal. The mare then turned to Celestia, "I'm sorry for that. She's a very curious one."
  89. >"No, it's fine. You don't need to apologize. I know how curious foals can be. Besides, your class was a joy to read to."
  90. >Celestia stands up and sets the book down.
  91. >Dammit kids, keep talking! That Melody pony was right on the money!
  92. >The room suddenly shifts to Celestia's room in her castle.
  93. >She lies in her bed, blinking.
  94. >She looks to the left in her bed, noticing the empty space next to her.
  95. >All that follows is a sad sigh.
  96. >To cheer herself up, Celestia gets out of bed and looks out the window, seeing all of her subjects in Canterlot happy.
  97. >A smile crept on her face as she watched the citizens go about their business, and suddenly, it felt like she forgot about the lack of a lover.
  98. >Hm, maybe she didn't need one.
  99. >That was still boring.
  100. >When Celestia turned around, she looked at her bed and shrugged.
  101. >And then she looked straight at you.
  102. >"A-Anonymous!?"
  103. >Oh, and apparently she can see you now.
  104. >Joy.
  105. "Shit!" you yell before heading towards the bedroom door.
  106. >You throw the door open and run through the hallways, hoping to God Celestia wasn't following you.
  107. >You glance behind your shoulder to check.
  108. >She was.
  109. >Good.
  110. >"Anonymous, how did you get in here!?"
  111. "How do you know I'm not just part of the dream?"
  112. >"Because I can tell you've used some of Luna's magic. I can sense it."
  113. >Oh, so now she can detect magic?
  114. >Well, better get running while you wait for this spell to wear off.
  115. >You look behind your shoulder again, only to get pounced on by the now angry sun princess, who was only a couple inches away from you.
  116. >As she holds you down with her hooves, your mind is only able to produce reasons as to why this could get kinky.
  117. >1. You were inside a dream, where anything could happen.
  118. >2. Celestia is obviously lonely.
  119. >3. She's treating you with force. Maybe she'll turn out to be a dominatrix?
  120. >The sunhorse flips you over so you lie on your back, and you look up into her eyes.
  121. >She's not very happy.
  122. >"What are you doing here, Anonymous!? How did you get here!?"
  123. >Tell the truth or lie?
  124. >Telling the truth would make her angry, but if she found out you were lying, she'll get even more angry.
  125. >A rock and a hard place.
  126. "So, you're not gonna believe this, but I was able to get Luna to cast a dreamwalking spell on me."
  127. >"And why did she agree to it?"
  128. "Because I annoyed her. Haha."
  129. >Celestia snorted, steam coming from her nostrils.
  130. >"Okay, now answer my other question: What are you doing here?"
  131. "Well, I-"
  132. >*FWOOSH!*
  133. >Looking at your body, you noticed you were fading away.
  134. >Thank the Lord almighty, the spell was wearing off.
  135. >Celestia also noticed this, and was only further infuriated.
  136. >"NO! OF ALL TIMES!"
  137. >Lol bai.
  138. >The world became dark once again, and you waited to reappear in the real world.
  139. >Talk about a close call.
  140. >As the world became a white void, and then Luna's room once again, you breathed a sigh of relief.
  141. >Leaving the room without waking Luna, you marched right to your bedroom, you yourself weary after a night of dreamwalking.
  142. >Celestia would forget about her encounter with you in the morning, and all would be well.
  143. >Slipping into bed, you completely forget what you were even thinking about and drift off to sleep.
  145. >In your dream, you're sitting on your couch from your home back on Earth eating pizza and playing your favorite vidya, whatever it may be.
  146. >Basically, it's the good life.
  147. >Just as you're doing really good, too, the TV suddenly shuts off.
  148. "Hey, what the fuck?"
  149. >"Hello Anonymous."
  150. >ohshitnigger.jpg
  151. >Looking behind your shoulder, you find that Celestia has infiltrated your dream.
  152. >In her magical grip is the plug to your TV.
  153. >And a rope.
  154. >"You know, I think we were interrupted last time we talked. We should continue where we left off, wouldn't you agree?"
  155. "No."
  156. >"It's happening anyways."
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