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  1. Progress of mod development: About 60%
  2. Possible release of version 1.0: two to three months
  4. >I never cared about G&T/GU before, so what's this mod about?
  5. It aims to fix EU4's inherent flaws like lack of depth, being forced to blob in every scenario, and it being an excel mana optimization plus maps. Obviously, the mod will try to introduce depth, to eliminate the need for blobbing, and to remove the mana. That's basically the tl;dr, as for how exactly will these things be achieved, check out the DDs down below.
  7. [2019/08/06]
  8. Interprovincial trade should be completed within a month. I may post a DD about it soon enough, or maybe directly just dump everything on release without DDs. The flaws of EU4 left to fix until a stable, playable release are:
  9. >[DONE] Provincial population and cultural/religious minorities (Depth)
  10. >[DONE] Provincial administrative management (Tall Gameplay + Depth)
  11. >[CURRENT WORK] Interprovincial trade and supply/demand for goods (Tall Gameplay + Depth)
  12. >Colonization (Depth)
  13. >Provincial wealth and buildings (Tall Gameplay + Depth)
  14. >National management, tech and ideas (AI + Mana)
  15. >Coherent AI behavior for every added mechanic (AI + Depth)
  17. Dev diary albums:
  18. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. DD#2    [2018/09/03]    - - Provincial Management pt. 1
  20. DD#1    [2018/04/26]    - - Population pt. 1
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