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Sep 8th, 2017
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  1. [2020/04/21] Version 1A - https://mega.nz/file/b58xXbpK#DE6gF61WV24UlS0rEHPiUCIV28wqB5W0Q_EDhZjTBf0
  3. Firstly, keep in mind that this is NOT a playable version. It won't even have a dev diary as nothing is finished yet. I made a promise to myself that I'll finally stop doing this perfectionist "just one more patch and it will be even better why not a whole mechanic as well" so I'm releasing whatever I've written so far and will be patching it on the go. There were many mechanics programmed in the former version of GU, all of which are detached from the mod, and will slowly be re-implemented following this new mod structure. I didn't like that version of GU because it was lacking in some aspects but also because it was too bloated and didn't allow me to fully implement the things I planned on making, which are now present in this version.
  4. This is what the old population module used to look like https://imgur.com/gallery/DhYAuuL while this is the current one https://i.imgur.com/NZkbNrl.jpg . As you can see, the old version of the population didn't have classes, didn't have per-culture wealth (or wealth at all) and didn't have per-culture religion. It was simply one vector of cultures sitting next to a vector of religions, getting multiplied by several rules so as to decide growth and migration of every variable. It was still good but not good enough. This https://i.imgur.com/ycvrcPq.png explains the difference in detail.
  5. In addition to that, I also included a part of one of the unreleased dev diaries into this one which is the colored ducats that you can see in the wealth section of the culture. This is a concept that I came up with out of the necessity of being able to represent goods prices that are lower than 0.001 EU4 ducats per unit (i.e all of them) so the only way to achieve that was to split the ducats into two different variables, one for vanilla EU4 ducats and one for anything behind the 0.001 point. Turns out that this fit the game perfectly and I extended it into a full mechanic of copper/silver/gold ducats that are capable of representing absolutely everything in this simulation, up to lower class daily wages. Here is the pic explaining them https://i.imgur.com/DKeI2Cq.png .
  6. And lastly, the mod is split into Full Precision Mode and Shallow Precision Mode. The difference is that the former is as it is intended to be played, while the latter is an unbloated version that simulates with just a little bit of reduced accuracy so people with older computers can run it. If I had to quantify the accuracy hit, I'd say that Full Precision will capture 99% of cultures traveled through your provinces whereas Shallow Precision will capture about 90%. This is something that will get significant improvements later on and will be a defining feature of the mod.
  7. -----------------------------------------------------------
  8. >Can I use XYZ in my mod / can I create a submod
  9. Yes. Read the submodding guide inside the mod folder.
  11. >What's with the versioning
  12. The Expansion.Major.Minor versioning is useless for a mod. NumberLetter is a much less bloated versioning where the integer is the number of the major patch while the letter is the number of the hotfixes/minor patches for that version. For an example 2F means 2nd update 6th patch. As I'll be focusing on releasing major updates for a while, the integer part will most likely go above 20 before the mod is as it is intended.
  14. >I noticed that populations stay static, how come?
  15. This is an alpha release of engine code. This is not a functional playable mod. Wait a month or so.
  17. >There's issues with the mod and I found bloat right here what do
  18. I'm probably already aware and working on a fix, but still do make sure to post them in the thread. I use the highlight feature of 4chanx so if you want to highlight your post on my screen, include either "/gsg/ Universalis" or "GU" in your post (spaced).
  20. >What DLCs are required
  21. I have no idea. It is being developed with all DLCs enabled
  23. >Github?
  24. no
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