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Feb 27th, 2017
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  1. Hello, this is________first name________ calling from ________. We are a local Web Marketing Agency company located right here in downtown Minneapolis and I wanted to introduce our company to you, if I told you that we had a way to drive
  2. more customers to your business, is that something that you’d be interested in today?
  4. -average ticket cost?
  6. -average inquieries pre day?
  8. -how many people convert?
  10. -whats the ROI (1-5x)on your current investments in marketing on YP, GURGLE,
  12. If I can show you a way that we can help provide a 3 to 5x investment, would you be open to talk about it later?
  14. ***At this point, ask them for their website and email to send them a report. Also get name,
  15. address, and phone number to fill out a lead sheet.**
  18. ========== AFK AT THE OFFICE =============
  19. Hey Mr PRospect, My name is Jeff and I'm calling from Web Design Viking. I have your Google Analytics Report in front of my desk and I had a few questions here. I didn't want to leave you out so give me a call at 952-454-6271 and I'll be in the office til 4pm today. Thanks.
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