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  1. >Gym class with massively milky vampire childhood friend.
  2. >She's wearing spats that hug her not insubstantial rear and a T-stretched tight across her extra large chest
  3. >"Hey Anon, I bet I can beat you in a race around the gym!"
  4. >The challenge is accepted and begins without wasting time, your feet slamming against the ground and your heart pounding in your chest as you go.
  5. >You don't doubt that she'd have one were it night but the daylight has weakened her enough to where it's only a neck and neck race.
  6. >Or at least, that's what it is until you look to the side and catch sight of her, chest bouncing, sweat stains drenching her shirt and two noticeable patches of milk at the center of each breast.
  7. >It's enough for you to momentarily forget that feet should be going in straight lines, legs entangling each other and sending you down to the ground.
  8. >The world spins and you body registers a few new bruises, along with a freshly scraped knee, and you soon find yourself staring up at the sky.
  9. >Well, the parts of the sky that aren't blocked by your vampires friends red eyes and concerned expression.
  10. >"Anon! Are you alright!?" she asks, giving you a small flash of ivory fangs.
  11. >You nod but aren't able to keep your gaze from drifting southward, her white T-shirt now covered in enough sweat to show off the bra she's wearing beneath.
  12. >It doesn't go unnoticed and the look of worry is now a pout of irritation, the girl flicking you on the forehead and informing you that you're a 'dummy' before hauling you up to go grab bandages.
  15. >A few weeks pass and it's time for a birthday, hers to be specific.
  16. >Her mansion is abuzz with activity as ghoul servants fix up the place and her mother is busy sending out invitations to every family member and friend she can think of, even firing off a letter to your friend's estranged damphir older sister, and decorations of the family crest cut in ruby hang from the ceiling.
  17. >Bowls of chilled blood and uncomfortably similarly colored cherry punch sit side by side while rich tasting foods and mana crystals fill the table.
  18. >Everyone is excited.
  19. >Everyone but your friend that is.
  20. >"This sucks...." she grumbles to you, a shirt reading 'I fought the order and only got this shirt' covering her chest while a pair of brown shorts tries to keep her rear contained.
  21. >The pair of you are sitting on the backdoor steps and killing time until the festivities begin, your childhood friend doing all she can to avoid dressing up in the dress her mother probably picked out for her.
  22. >You shrug and tell her that it could always be worse, recounting how another friend you both share ran into those ushi-lolis when playing a game of capture the flag the took a turn for the worse.
  23. >You re-enact the screams of terror and pleasure as best you can and get a few laughs out of your large chested friend as the noise comes out as a cross between a cat choking on a hairball and an overly enthusiastic porn star.
  24. >The giggles send a few lovely through her breasts but her eyes are, thankfully, shut, preventing you from getting noticed.
  25. >The conversation drifts after that, touching on familiar topics and well trodden discussions that only friends can hold again and again.
  26. >Sadly, your time together draws to a close as a servant informs the "Young Mistress" that it's time for her to dress up, an suppressed groan slipping from her lips as she rises.
  27. >"I'll see you later Anon," she sighs, hauling herself up in a less than graceful manner "Gotta go get sown into a coffin."
  28. >You offer a brief goodbye as well, heading home so you can change and grab the gift for your friend's "Ascendance Day"
  30. >Skip forward an hour and you're being reminded just how out of your element you are, your khaki pants and polo feeling far outclassed by the elegant dresses, freshly pressed tuxes, and, honest to goodness, suits of plate mail worn by the guests, your friend nowhere in sight.
  31. >A dragon with ashy gray scales converses with a black armored knight while a stern looking man with a cloak bounces a giggling little vampire on his knee, all while you become acutely aware that your friend's impressive cup-size isn't a fluke, her cousins, aunts, and sister making it quite clear that this family's probably never gone with a cup size lower than a D.
  32. >And speaking of sisters, you are quite glad that your friend's had found you as she was the only thing that was fending off a few of the other girls who were looking for a 'quick sip'
  33. >"Honestly, for folks who focus on finery, no one here has any class." the woman sighs, a long, blond ponytail flowing down her back and a wide-brimmed hat sitting atop her head "I mean, I know that aunt Camilla's turned three-hundred but there was no need for her to try and pounce on a friend of Lucy's like that."
  34. >An involuntary shiver crawled down your spine and a tall, pouting woman with silver hair, bloodless white skin, and ruby eyes glared at the damphir next to you, a little huff of irritation pushing her chest out enough that you feared for her corset's life.
  35. >You thank the girl for the assistance but she waved it off with a grin, the brief flash of teeth showing off a two, small, fangs of her own.
  36. >"Just think of it as repayment for all the things you do with my sis, I know how much she hates this crap, has too much of dad in her."
  37. >A small smile touched the blonde's lips at the mention of her father and you suddenly felt supremely uncomfortable as the woman's red eyes were turned to where her father sat, the tall man laughing with a one eye, hook handed man that had arrived with a buff looking wight.
  38. >You were about to run elsewhere when the lights shut off but for one that focused on the staircase, a familiar face in an unfamiliar dress standing at the top.
  39. >"Ladies and gentlemen," a magically enhanced voice boomed as the guests turned to face your friend "Allow me to introduce Luciel Victoria Orland the IIX"
  40. >Polite clapping came from the crowd and your friend descended the stairs with a face devoid of expression, her pale lips painted a bloody red and her crimson eyes just barely focused upon the crowd.
  41. >Her short, golden hair had been styled with a few tiny braids, gems woven within, and a pair of white gloves encased her pale hands, the cloth going so far up her arms that it almost touched her elbows.
  42. > An elegant dress with deep cuts showed off plenty of her pale thighs and the back of it hung from her soft rear, the hem hanging high enough to show off a pair of black stilettos but low enough to avoid looking trashy.
  43. >But the top...Oh Chief God the top!
  44. >The upper part of the dress consisted of little more than a deep V that showed off the entirety of cleavage canyon, a red ruby necklace resting atop it and every subtle swaying of her chest threatening to cause a fashion incident.
  45. >You'd never seen her wear so much as a bikini.
  46. >It went without saying that your jaw had fallen.
  47. >Low music and polite clapping accompanied her as she descended the stairs and you could only imagine the willpower it took her to maintain her image as a cool beauty, her eyes scanning the room locking onto you, if but for a moment.
  48. >Eventually she reached the main floor and found a small microphone in her hand, a deep breath taken to steady her nerves before she spoke.
  49. >"Good evening everyone," your friend said, her tone empty of the usual energy it had "it is my great honor to welcome you all to the day of my ascension from a fledgling vampire to a fully grown member of the court."
  50. >More polite clapping echoed in the room and you could tell that it took all the restraint your friend had to avoid rolling her eyes.
  51. >"As a member of house Orland, I shall be sure to ever stride towards the advancement of our family in the court of the dead an-"
  52. >"Just fire up the music already!"
  53. >A chorus of gasps, and one loud shout of "Grandmother!", met the interruption and the people parted like a sea so that you cloud see a tall, severe looking woman with the distinctive, overly large chest of the family stand from her chair with a glass of ruby wine held in one hand.
  54. >The noblewoman's eyes narrowed at the only one who'd used words, your friend's mother, and sighed as she motioned for the lights to come back on.
  55. >"Oh be quiet Martha, this is the thirtieth time I've had to sit through one of these things and I'm not going to listen to little Lucy force a speech when I could be dancing."
  56. >Your friend's mother looked positively furious but the lights returned and the music began to play, the wide smile and energetic shine in your friend's eyes back on her face, the girl doing her best to wobbily walk towards her great grandmother and lock her in a hug that had...interesting effects on their chests.
  57. >"Thanks Great Grammy," you heard your friend say as she attempted to get cheek to cheek with the family matriarch, "I thought I was going to die up there if I had to keep going."
  58. >"Think nothing of it," was the response that the older woman gave, a warm smile touching her lips "I've heard those speeches enough times that I could go a century more without hearing it again."
  59. >The hug parted, clothing miraculously in place, and your friend took on a worried expression as she eyed her fuming mother.
  60. >"I just hope you didn't make mom too mad, she's looking pretty pis- angry."
  61. >The catch was quick but unnecessary as the great grandmother informed her descendant that "Martha can be as pissed as she wants, I'm not dealing with any more of this up tight crap so long as I live....Besides, you're friend's been waiting all night and Cammy's been looking ofly thirsty."
  62. >Your friend flinched as she remembered your presence and turned a bright red while turning to face you, the girl fidgeting beneath your gaze.
  63. >"So....hey..."
  64. >In keeping with the elegance of the evening, you met the greeting with a "Hey" of your own.
  65. >The matron left you two alone, meeting up with an elderly, smiling man who had a rapier at his hip and a wide hat much like that of your friend's sister.
  66. >More awkward fidgeting ensued unit you finally decided to compliment your friend on her appearance, tinting her cheeks a brilliant crimson color and earning yourself a small "Oh, be quiet...." as she took your hand and pulled you to the dance floor, her eyes on the floor.
  67. >What ensued was something that vaguely resembled a waltz, the two of you dancing at the center of the room while other couples spun around you, nary a word uttered as the pair of you simply enjoyed the moment.
  68. >Classical cords tugged at your heart and a delicious softness pressed against your chest as your childhood friend's breasts were sandwiched between her and you, causing them to look like they were held up by a pushup bra.
  69. >Her hips pressed against you and her head was nestled in the crook of your neck, her eyes half open as the pair of you swayed.
  70. >One song passed and another soon followed it as the night became a blur, your world shrinking into nothing more than the feeling of the girl pressed against you.
  71. >After plenty of dancing the pair of you found a table where conversation was struck with the members of your friend's family, tails of knights, dragons, castles, and miss-delivered pizzas teaching you that they were, by and large, a family just like any other.
  72. >There were doting grandparents, crazy uncles, and aunts that had one drink too many along with a veritable horde of mischievous cousins.
  73. >You swapped tales, enjoyed fine food, and even got to hold the family sword before the night was through, tired, but happy, family members bidding goodbye as they returned home, leaving only you, your friend, and the servants on the floor, her parents having returned to the bedroom to enact some sort of vengeance on the family matron that involved the creation of another heir.
  74. >And just like the night began, you found yourselves sitting on the back steps, happily chatting has the moon hung high in the sky.
  76. >"And then Aunt Cammy did WHAT?" your friend asked, her head resting in her hands.
  77. >You laughed and informed her as to how the woman had asked to taste "Something fresh" before your friend's sister had stepped in, your laughter not matched by your friend.
  78. >"Honestly, I'd be so pissed if she'd tried to take you..." your friend growled, an open look of anger plastered on her face "Although it probably would've involved Great Grandpappy's sword."
  79. >You laughed and gave her a hearty pat on the back, saying that you were more worried about her popping her top rather than getting munched on by a lonely woman, a familiar pout your reward.
  80. >"Oh please, I had pasties on, it's not like anyone would've said anything."
  81. >The sudden statement almost made you choke, a warmth reaching your cheeks as your friend pulled back the dress to show that she had indeed covered her nipples with small, pale strips.
  82. >You weren't the only one blushing though.
  83. >A second or two passed before your friend let the dress fall back in place, turning to face the moon with a rosy color just barely visible on her cheeks.
  84. >Once again, silence reigned, the pair of you sitting together beneath the stars.
  85. >Your friend fought with her words but eventually, she force something out, her voice wavering the slightest bit.
  86. >"Hey anon...Do you know what we vampires used to do on ascension day?"
  87. >You frowned but stated that it was probably something involving the sucking of blood, a shrug and a nod all you got in response.
  88. >"Well, you aren't wrong," your childhood friend sighed as she lay back, exposing her cleavage again "It used to be that the ascended would drain a guy but now-a-days we just draw some blood from a guy and sip it....unless...Well.."
  89. >You looked at her, watching as she struggled to get the last chunk out.
  90. >"Unless....We had a guy we liked.. Then we could drink from them."
  91. >Oh....
  92. >OOOOOOH.
  93. >Carefully, your friend picked up your hand an put a finger in her mouth, a brief pinprick of pain marking where she pierced the skin.
  94. >It was...Innocent feeling, something akin to a tentative first kiss on the lips.
  95. >She sucked once, twice, and thrice as small droplets of your red blood flowed, her tongue lapping it up with a few small, satisfied sounds.
  96. >And then, it was over as quickly as it began, the finger removed and a happy smile left in its place.
  97. >"You know Anon, you taste pretty good," your friend said as she locked her fingers with yours "I really hope you weren't planning on nabbing some other girl because I don't think I could let you go."
  98. >Your response was a simple kiss on the lips beneath the moon, the rest of your night spent in solitude with a friend.
  100. >"Hey anon.. Are you sure you want to do this?"
  101. >It had been a month since you'd been 'marked' by Lucy and, so far, life was going grand.
  102. >Now that her feelings had been laid bare, the two of you had gone from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend, although mentioning this fact still brought a blush to Lucy's face.
  103. >Much hand holding, dating, and lovey dovey things had followed the event, culminating in what was taking place today, a small escapade in the gym closet that was quickly know what happens when a boy and girl get alone in a gym closet.
  104. >You nodded and remarked on how it seemed strange that your friend, despite initiating this endeavor, seemed far more nervous about this then you did.
  105. >The sudden teasing was enough to calm her down, a familiar pout taking its spot while her arms crossed over her ample bosom.
  106. >"I-I just want to make sure you're prepared is all! I haven't had a lot of practice and want you to be ready if something goes wrong!"
  107. >Your response was simply to remove your shirt, and cock your head to the side, doing nothing at all to hide the grin on your face as she blushed.
  108. >"Ok... Ok... You got this Lucy!" your girlfriend said to herself as she prepared to take the leap, the little hops she took causing her shirt to strain as the melons inside it bounced. "You can do this!"
  109. >With deliberate slowness, the vampire strode towards you and sat herself in your lap, soft flesh pressed against your chest and your hands gripping her hips as she opened her mouth.
  110. >For a second you felt the sharp tips of ivory fangs against your skin before a brief second of pain blossomed, your muscles tensing briefly at the intrusion of Lucy's bite.
  111. >It took all you had but not an iota of pain slipped from your lips, all noises silenced as your girlfriend performed the most intimate act of her species, drinking the blood of her lover.
  112. >A muffled whine of worry came from the girl but your arms wrapping her up in a reassuring hug were enough to quell her fears, her red eyes turning to you briefly before closing.
  113. >An odd pulling sensation came from your neck as blood was drained from your body bit by bit, a feeling of tingling warmth taking its place.
  114. >You'd always heard about the 'kiss' of the vampire and the words couldn't do the actual thing justice.
  115. >With every little suckle of blood, a lazy, syrupy feeling filled your body, a comforting warmth that turned your skin sensitive and made the delicious feeling of your girlfriend's soft chest feel that much nicer, each caress slowly dragging your closer towards the edge.
  116. >It was like you were floating away, the sensation of your flowing blood giving you a massage unlike any other.
  117. >That, in and of itself would've been enough but Lucy, on instinct, was taking it to another level, her hips grinding against you and her body arching so that her chest was nearly crushed between the two of you, one hand resting at the small of your back while the other gripped at your hair.
  118. >Time became meaningless, only the pulsing in your veins and the feeling of cloth on skin holding your attention.
  119. >And then it ended.
  120. >With a small pop Lucy pulled away from you, a blush on her cheeks and a bit of red staining her lips.
  121. >Had she a need to breath, you had no doubt that she'd be panting.
  122. >"Oh wow...." your girlfriend said with a shiver, licking the stray blood up "I still can't believe how good you taste."
  123. >You responded with a weak laugh but a low growl from Lucy hid it.
  124. >"I may just have to keep going Anon, I'm not sure I can hold back from sucking you dry."
  125. >The laugh was far quieter and much more nervous this time.
  126. >Forward she pressed, her hands gripping your wrists and a too wide smile on her face until you were nose to nose.
  127. >Something resembling fear filled your chest....up until the frightening grin was broken by a snigger, her body trying, and failing, to contain her laughter.
  128. >"You. y-you" she stammered, trying to force out words "you should see your face!"
  129. >Whatever expression you were sporting quickly turned into an angry pout as Lucy enjoyed her little prank, a rich belly laugh filling the room.
  130. >For a solid minute you let her laugh, enduring the damage to your pride before telling her to help you up, your weakened limbs still refusing to move.
  131. >"Oh? Having trouble getting up?" the vampire asked, standing over you with a smugger than smug smile "Because a certain something doesn't seem to be having that problem."
  132. >It was quite obvious to what Lucy was referring to, the tent in your pants as obvious as the sun in the sky.
  133. >You were going to grumble something, probably a half-assed denial about what caused it, but your protestations where cut short as the girl pulled her shirt off, the two hefty milk bags on her chest bouncing as they were freed.
  134. >Even now, you still couldn't believe their size, each breast rivaling a pumpkin in size, small droplets of milk slipping from her rosy nipples.
  135. >You weren't sure as to why they held the creamy goodness, and Lucy wasn't telling, but for now, you were more interested as to where they were going, the zipper on your jeans pulled down and your member exposed to the cool air, if but for a brief moment.
  136. >Lucy's smile faltered for a second, briefly showing how flustered she was at the sight of your shaft, but her recovery was quick, the grin returning while she clumsily gave your rod a stroke.
  137. >"So warm! I would've thought it would have trouble standing up with all that I took," she said more to herself than you, her tone uncharacteristically haughty "perhaps I should drain it, shou-"
  138. >You told Lucy to hurry up, earning yourself a huff of disappointment.
  139. >"Jeez, Don't you want any sort of showman ship?" The girl asked, frowning at you "Aren't guys supposed to like the 'Seductive Mistress' act?"
  140. >You shrugged and told her that, while the act was nice, it just didn't suit your childhood friend.
  141. >Lucy was the meant to be bubbly, cheerful, and excitable, not a haughty women that looked down on others.
  142. >Whatever composure you friend had disappeared in an instant, her cheeks turning cherry red and her eyes turning downward.
  143. >"G-geez, you gotta be careful with stuff like that..." She grumbled, looking quite pleased despite her protesting "I-I mean, I'm not prepared for those kinds of things."
  144. >You responded by simply giving the golden locks atop her head a ruffle, drawing out some odd little noise as she fidgeted.
  145. >You couldn't perform the act of patting her head for long, a wave of wooziness quickly overtaking you, but it was more than enough to bring a smile to Lucy's face.
  146. >"Thanks for that Anon," your friend said while you leaned back into the chair, "it really means a lot to me that you let me do this."
  147. >You attempted to assure her that it was nothing special but a raised hand cut you off, her little speech continuing "So allow me to make it even by doing something special in return."
  148. >Much to the surprise of no-one, your friend lifted her shirt, setting those great, milky udders of hers free.
  149. >The skin was flawless and two rosy nipples stood out at the apex of the curves, a little trickle of her cloudy liquid leaking out from within.
  150. >You'd never really questioned why her breasts were constantly lactating, you'd always figured it involved holst blood, but right now you weren't too terribly focused on that.
  151. >With a cheerful grin on her face and a happy hum, your girlfriend freed your throbbing member before surrounding it with titflesh, only the angry tip of your shaft visible through the soft meat of her chest.
  152. >What followed was something far better than you could've ever imagined, your childhood friend stroking your rod with the cool skin of her breasts.
  153. >Hefting a tit in each hand, a light, pleasurable pressure was put upon your member, Lucy's soft skin caressing you in a far more gentle manner than any had could've ever hoped to accomplish.
  154. >Up and down, from base to tip, every inch of your special place was touched, the little trickles of milk that spilled out serving as a lubricant for the act while Lucy smiled on.
  155. >Every ascent would have your friend cup her breasts so that they were tightest as they reached the top and each decent would have her release the massive, milky mounds, allowing you to watch it bounce as gravity took hold.
  156. >You don't know how long the act went on, and truth be told you didn't care, but little by little you felt a pressure building up within you, your body reacting with a twitch..
  157. >...A twitch that didn't go unnoticed by your companion.
  158. >"Oh! Looks like someone's enjoying them-self," Lucy grinned, drawing another twitch from you with a squeeze of her chest "I guess its time for me to finish you off!"
  159. >Her words may not have been the best but your girlfriend's actions more than made up for the lack of eloquence, her mouth descending to noisily suck at your tip, taking you as deeply in her mouth as she could.
  160. >It took all you had to not release your seed right then and there, Lucy's tongue licking every inch of your shaft, the tip almost reaching into the back of her mouth, hungry moans and loud slurps teaming up for an aural assault that sent shivers down you.
  161. >But if there was one thing that put you over, it had to be the delicate sensation of her fangs brushing up against you, the smooth pins adding an air of danger to the act that finished you off.
  162. >You warned Lucy that you were about to cum but, if she heard it, she didn't care, instead taking you all the way so that you fired a shot straight down her through, a small squeak of surprise.
  163. >Once, twice, thrice your fired, a deluge of white staining her throat until your body was spent.
  164. >Lucy thought, she couldn't have been happier, pulling away and gulping audibly as she swallowed what little seed she had.
  165. >"Wow, I didn't expect all of that," she said with a happy sigh, her leaking breasts now stained with a different kind of white that had leaked out. "Have you been saving it all up just for me?"
  166. >You gave a halfhearted shrug, your brain too fogged with lust to really take in what was going on, drawing a happy giggle from the blond vampire.
  167. >"Well, just relax then boyfriend, I'll clean you up."
  168. >What followed was a slow, sensual, and thorough scrubbing of your soft rod, each and every stay bit of seed lapped up by Lucy as if she was starving.
  169. >It was a small act that had happened in that closet, one that had been hidden away from the rest of the world, but it was the beginning of your romantic life with Lucy, one that would continue for a long, and happy, time.
  171. .... End
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