Go #Smash The #Conspiracy #Theorists #Nutcases

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  1. The Doxxings By Michael J. Zimmerman
  3. Go #Smash The #Conspiracy #Theorists #Nutcases aka The Norris Nutcases
  5. conspiracy theorist name    Social media and other URLs Extra Social media and other URLs info  Address Phone   Email   Notes
  6. Aaron 'Bear' Ames                   
  7. Aaron Sandtrekker                 
  8. Aaron Vannatta Picker at Office Depot             
  9. Aaron Weik  Heavy Equipment operater at Richards Corporation               
  10. Abdulla Shishani   Madaba             
  11. Abhishek Warner  California Institute of Technology             
  12. Abou Marzooq Ali Volunteering at Support Freedom for Palestine              
  13. Ace Valentine  Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield             
  14. Adam Gamble                
  15. Adam S. Riggleman Allegany College of Maryland               
  16. Adrian Bankhead    UC Berkeley            
  17. Adrien Létourneau                
  18. Adrienne O'Connor    Suffolk County Community College               
  19. Agnes Valachovic   Works at The Grandoe Corp.             
  20. AJ Drew                 
  21. AJ Hettick                
  22. Al Gagnon    Winsted, Connecticut               
  23. Alan Overman                  
  24. Alan Potter                
  25. Alessandra Canuto                   
  26. Alethea Domico Works at Heritage's            
  27. Alethea Smith  Boaz, Alabama              
  28. Alex Ciarlo                   
  29. Alexa Tucker Wallace    Bedford, Texas             
  30. Alexander A Avella III                 
  31. Alexander Trojano                   
  32. Alexandra Thompson                
  33. Alisha Hurd                 
  34. Allison Henry  Maurice, Louisiana             
  35. Ally Marie                 
  36. Amanda M. Franks   Auburn University              
  37. Amanda Malley Stewart  Gulfport, Mississippi              
  38. Amanda Sattler   Winona, Minnesota              
  39. Amanda Weaver   Security Guard at Securitas            
  40. Amber Chrissakis   West Valley College            
  41. Amber Rose Malone   Providence, Rhode Island               
  42. Amber Routh  Ambassador at Plexus Slim              
  43. Amber Yarrington Wright                   
  44. Amy Christine Rogers                 
  45. Amy Larry Miller                  
  46. Amy Savage Minco, Oklahoma            
  47. Amy V Jessina  Justice V at Global Paradigm Shift             
  48. Amy Ventimiglia    General Manager at Ravanelli's Restaurant              
  49. Andre Fortin    Farmer at On the farm              
  50. Andrew Koeppen Graphic Designer at Vendi Advertising              
  51. Andrew Peacher Chief Whistleblower at Forced Adoption Leeds               
  52. Andrew Sheets Journalist at News Radio 1240 KQEN             
  53. Andy Jabsen    Central Texas College              
  54. Andy Simmons                 
  55. Angela Anderson                
  56. Angela Kinkade-Stevens  Des Moines, Iowa               
  57. Angela Schilling-De Laurentis    Crown Point, Indiana               
  58. Angela Trosclair   Works at Criminal Case Investigator            
  59. Angela VanDyne  Zane State College             
  60. Angie Bell                
  61. Ann Miller  Holmen, Wisconsin              
  62. Anna Smith Mercer University              
  63. Anne Haines  College of Trades and Technology               
  64. Anne Samantha Mccain University of Houston              
  65. Annette Avery McWane    Woodbury, Minnesota            
  66. Annie Cantrell Ozark High School              
  67. Annie Louise                 
  68. Anthony Jacob Woolston   Buffalo, New York              
  69. Anthony Red Wallace    John Marshall High             
  70. Anthony Sesack                
  71. Anthony Shaffer    Works at Author            
  72. Anthony Slate   Rochester, New York            
  73. Anya McDonald   Tidewater Community College            
  74. April Kelley    University of Zombie Killing               
  75. April Kelley Mitchell Community College             
  76. Arcidi S. Jumaani                  
  77. Arian Ferreira Fall River, Massachusetts              
  78. Arikka Greene                
  79. Arlene Lott                
  80. Arnold X-Schwartz    East Union High            
  81. Arry Dean Jones  Baghdad, Iraq              
  82. Art Acro                  
  83. Art Coulter University of Kentucky             
  84. Ashlee Smith                
  85. Ashley DeFrank   Steelton - HighSpire High School               
  86. Ashley Earwood    Lewisville, Texas              
  87. Ashley Edwards    Newberry               
  88. Ashley Isom CEO of Isom house at Stay at Home Moms             
  89. Ashley Kelley  Teller at Lake Michigan Credit Union               
  90. Ashley Leinenkugel                 
  91. Ashley M. Katon Cheif Marketing Specialist at J&R Pre-Cast Inc.            
  92. Ashley Marie Nicholson                 
  93. Ashley Maureen  Faulkner State Community College               
  94. Ashley Nicole Hornback  Massac County High School              
  95. Ashley Roberts                
  96. Ashley Rock   Tarpon Springs, Florida            
  97. Ashley Sauve    ETSU               
  98. Ashley Stepp  Cincinnati, Ohio               
  99. Ashley Strawmier Firestone, Colorado            
  100. Ashley Taylor                
  101. Ashley Vera                 
  102. Asia Payne  The Woodlands, Texas               
  103. Austin Ashe    Exactly what i want to be doing at Self Employed (Business)            
  104. Austin Scott  Aurora, Indiana            
  105. Austin Sharp   Sun Valley High            
  106. Austin Wakefield Works at Kroger            
  107. Autumn Ford  Ryle High School               
  108. Autumn Nicole Mitchell Caregiver home health. at Willow Creek Adult Family Home               
  109. Ava Davis Detroit, Michigan              
  110. Azalea Delgado Del Valle High School              
  111. B Isaac Patterson                 
  112. Baltimores Son                
  113. Bambi Snyder                
  114. Bambie Ervin   Pilot at Equipment Transport, llc              
  115. Ban Mai                   
  116. Barb Kirkland Gr. 3 Title 1 Rdg. at North county R-1             
  117. Barb Taylor                
  118. Barbara Andrews Mardis   Mrktg Asst at BellSouth - Retired              
  119. Barbara Brindza                 
  120. Barbara Schold Kiser                
  121. Barbara Williams Jennings Works at Stay-at-home parent               
  122. Barbra Brown Williams  South Kitsap High School               
  123. Beau Garret Million                
  124. Beau Strickland                
  125. Becky Deneau Frappier Gladstone, Michigan            
  126. Becky Dennis                 
  127. Becky Jackson Duberville                 
  128. Beerock O'Brockovich   Austin, Texas              
  129. Belinda Caudill Blanton    Cynthiana, Kentucky            
  130. Belinda Hathcock                  
  131. Bella Ochman                
  132. Ben Allan                
  133. Ben Webster                   
  134. Bernard Mackey  Anacostia High School              
  135. Bert Macklin                
  136. Beth Anne Burleson  Lake Michigan College              
  137. Beth Bulchak Mcqueen Detroit, Michigan              
  138. Beth Jetton                 
  139. Beth N Jeff   Shift Supervisor at Kfc/Taco Bell              
  140. Beth Olson    Perry Hall High School             
  141. Beth Pennell Madison High School            
  142. Bethany Finch   REDROPING at SourceCorp            
  143. Bev Prior-Giesegh Shoemaker  Director of Business Change, Anthem Care Management at WellPoint               
  144. Beverly Eigelbach Owner at Kentucky Rescue Alliance              
  145. Bianca R. Lopez    Works at Personal Assistant            
  146. Bill Allen    School of Hard Knocks              
  147. Bill Bigdaddy Stier Abraham Lincoln High School            
  148. Bill Martikainen   Works at Retired               
  149. Bill Munroe Works at Moonscapes landscape lighting (owner)             
  150. Bill Toro    Seminole State College of Florida              
  151. Bill Yanovich  Cook at Primanti Bros.             
  152. Billie Kniseley  Dubois Area Senior High School             
  153. Billy Bantz    Chicago, Illinois              
  154. Billy Cal Burkett    Front Desk/Night Audit at River Terrace with Westgate Resorts              
  155. Billy Grainger North Myrtle Beach High School             
  156. Billy Higgdon  Project Manager at Tumblr              
  157. BJ Cope  Framer at Stamey con               
  158. Bj Vercontaire                
  159. Blain Campbell Jr   Overhead Crane Operator at Liphart Steel               
  160. Blaire Allison                 
  161. Blake Moore   Vinton, Virginia               
  162. Blake Shatto   FSU            
  163. Blake Stouder                   
  164. Bob Carr   Route Sales at Barber's            
  165. Bob Greer                
  166. Bob Talbot  Hernando, Mississippi              
  167. Bobby Morrison Smartass at ON PEOPLES NERVES              
  168. Bobby Mullenix                
  169. BobLee Marley Memorial High School Victoria Tx               
  170. Bonnie Bruckner  Director at The Las Vegas MOB Twirling Corps               
  171. Boris Gonzalez  Lightworker at Bronx, New York             
  172. Brad Hunsaker    Manassas, Virginia             
  173. Brad Long Works at Self-Employed             
  174. Brandi Lee Tormollan-Ratajczak Maid at Momma's Maid Service - Cleaning House              
  175. Brandon Council  Henninger High School              
  176. Brandon Cox    Works at NO Girlfriend             
  177. Brandon Hawkins   Mabank High School             
  178. Brandy Conley                
  179. Brandy Dixon  Deep Creek High School             
  180. Bree Enright   General education diploma              
  181. Brenda Poland                 
  182. Brenda Varian  Works at Co-Excecutive of the Moonshadow Clan              
  183. Brendan McCambridge                 
  184. Brent Bennight Lawton High School             
  185. Brent Hettick  Owner-Operator at All-State Express            
  186. Brenton Decker   Heuvelton, New York            
  187. Brett Murphy   Pool Academy               
  188. Brian Bever  SHTF               
  189. Brian Brace                 
  190. Brian Guy                
  191. Brian Hall    Loch Raven High School             
  192. Brian Miller   Owner - engineer/producer at Profit Productions            
  193. Brian Roberts   Chief Manager IT at Complete Survivalist               
  194. Brian Rogers                  
  195. Brian S Staveley   Lowell, Massachusetts              
  196. Bridget Davids  Works at Stay-at-home parent               
  197. Bridget Ferrell Nally Customer Service, Supervisor. at Ervin Cable Constructions             
  198. Bridget Norris                
  199. Brittany Denise Owens Cabot, Arkansas            
  200. Brittany Nicole Ashley    Momma at Yes I work, I am a stay at home mom!              
  201. Bruce Avila II Canvesor at Andy Vidak for State Senate            
  202. Bruce Bowman                 
  203. Bruce Bowman  Tao Te Ching               
  204. Bryan McDermott Chatfield High School              
  205. Bryce Tarpley                 
  206. Bryon Rushing    Works at Self-Employed             
  207. Bud Procter                  
  208. Cal Amyotte                 
  209. Caleb Horton   Helper at Pense Brothers Drilling Company              
  210. Callie Whetsel Works at CenturyLink               
  211. Cami Schmidt                
  212. Camille Bunch   Full time mother and wife at Stay at home mom and wife             
  213. Candace N David                   
  214. Candi Greene                   
  215. Carie Warner Corry    Gainesville, Georgia               
  216. Carl Amport    Anus reporter at WOI-TV            
  217. Carl Karasek   Middletown, Delaware               
  218. Carla Wallace Figieroa   North High School, Des Moines, IA              
  219. Carlito Gonzalez                  
  220. Carlos Castro                  
  221. Carmela Elise Prater                 
  222. Carmina Wong   Works at Activism              
  223. Carol Ashline Tamas  Housing Program Assistant at City of Poughkeepsie              
  224. Carole Sprouse Smith                   
  225. Caroline Fifi  Works at Ask The NSA               
  226. Caroline Lato                 
  227. Caroline Mc Neill    George Mason University            
  228. Carolyn Cassville Ga    North Metro Tech               
  229. Carrie Anne Pruitt   Vincennes University               
  230. Carroll Reisner  Works at Self-Employed             
  231. Casey Limbert  McLeod Express LLC             
  232. Cassie Newman Foreman, Arkansas              
  233. Cathy Cooper Philadelphia, Pennsylvania             
  234. Cathy Crowell   Bladensburg Senior High            
  235. Cathy Hubbell  Anonymous School               
  236. Cera Jane    Columbia, Missouri             
  237. Cereta Capps Wilson  Campbell, Texas            
  238. Cesarin Alfaro University of Illinois at Chicago              
  239. Chad Butler Shreveport, Louisiana              
  240. Chad Jacoby Princeton University               
  241. Chance Schultz  Works at Sabin's Body Shop             
  242. Charity Hansen                 
  243. Charlene Mastronardi-Larson Consultant at PartyLite            
  244. Charles Hornyak   Austintown Fitch High School               
  245. Charles Sessions                  
  246. Charles Tolar   GSM at Nissan of Athens            
  247. Charlie Sean   Activist/Photographer at AntiWar AntiState FreeMarket              
  248. Charlotte Bellflower Moore                   
  249. Charlotte Marie Muterspaugh                 
  250. Charlotte Rady                
  251. Chauna Adensmama Sims    Aden's Mommy at Full-Time Mommy            
  252. Chelby Rose                 
  253. Chelsey Troxel Sheridan High School               
  254. Chepe-che Villalobos   Office Manager at Silver Image Limousine               
  255. Cheri Young Works at Advance Auto Parts            
  256. Chickn Dayne                  
  257. Chris Arnold                 
  258. Chris Byrne Hall Cross             
  259. Chris De Meo  Shelton, Connecticut               
  260. Chris Del Duca   Works at Rogers            
  261. Chris Faulk                   
  262. Chris Graham                 
  263. Chris Harris Detroit, Michigan              
  264. Chris Hill    Sandersville Technical College             
  265. Chris Laverdiere Inventory Manager/Buyer at Walter A. Furman Co.            
  266. Chris Matthew                 
  267. Chris McDaniel                
  268. Chris Porter Amarillo, Texas            
  269. Chris Potratz    General Manager/Owner at The Neighbors Bar and Grille              
  270. Chris Smith Cook (professional) at Hotel Strasburg             
  271. Chris Thorpe III                 
  272. Chris Unsoeld  IPod flipper at Ebay Power Seller   786 Wyoming Street, Martinez, CA    (925) 229 9524      Fears women
  273. Chris Walmsley  Lone Tree, Iowa            
  274. Chris Wentworth    Hustle paint son at Benjamin Moore dealer              
  275. Chris Widomski   Electrician at Electrician             
  276. Chrissy Greco                 
  277. Christa Falkenstern    Fort Wayne, Indiana            
  278. Christeena Braucht                
  279. Christian Johnson  Works at Imperial Investment               
  280. Christina Caldwell-nelson   Management at Self Employed and Loving It!             
  281. Christina Vines                   
  282. Christine Miles Newton Grove, North Carolina               
  283. Christine Young   Head Babysitter at Baby sitting            
  284. Christl Faith                  
  285. Christopher Donahue    Stanley kubrick film school            
  286. Christopher Hiser                
  287. Christopher L. Hawkins Jr.   Works at Semi-retired              
  288. Christopher Ness   North Andover, Massachusetts               
  289. Christopher Ratliff Grief stricken mother at Justice for Christopher Lee Ratliff               
  290. Christopher Wall   University of Wisconsin–Parkside             
  291. Christos Christopoulos North Miami Beach, Florida             
  292. Christy Hudson Augusta, Georgia               
  293. Christy Michelle Woody                  
  294. Christy Pierson                 
  295. Chuck Maultsby Saloon SInger & Author at Wagon Tracks Communications  
  296. Chuck Norris          
  297. Chuck Pullen   Blue guy at Tron               
  298. Chucky Jambice Nation                 
  299. Chy Nicole    Model at Lasting Impressions Photography               
  300. Cian Graue                
  301. Cindy Cooper Meshell  Works at Belmont Union Christian Academy               
  302. Cindy Harrison                   
  303. Cindy Hawco Pikoulas    Manorville, New York               
  304. Cindy Kingure Phares Elkins, West Virginia              
  305. Clair Husby    Works at Retired               
  306. ClaireRobert Ryan   Nashville, Tennessee               
  307. Clap Claperson                  
  308. Clare Kuehn    University of Toronto              
  309. Clark Barkley                 
  310. Clark Hurley                
  311. Claudia Kewer    Works at Academy for Massage Therapy Training              
  312. Claudia Yadira Estrada  Hair Stylist at Beauty salon               
  313. Claudio Marty The New School             
  315. Clayton Thomas    Pilot at IFL Group             
  316. Clint Beninga  Bassist at Beyond the Silence              
  317. Clint E Schultwood   COUNTY WORKER at Suffolk County Government             
  318. Clyde Akers    Technical Support Manager at Baker Hughes, Inc.            
  319. Cody Bierman   Mad Genius at Radiation does strange things to the mind            
  320. Cole Harpo Works at Fastenal              
  321. Colin Cooper                
  322. Colin Goodwin   Works at TOM READY TeRRor SQUAD            
  323. Colin R Brophy   Canadian Forces School of Communication & Electronics (CFSCE)              
  324. Colleen McGillicuddy Gadles                
  325. Connie Fyffe Bower Shawnee State University               
  326. Connie Simpson Wells  Guide at Menifee Haunted Hills             
  327. Conrad Bianco  Driver at Tri State Electrical Supply              
  328. Consciously Aware Melissa Owner and Founder at Ooh Goodie! Diaper Cakes              
  329. Conspiracy Theorist  University of Phoenix              
  330. Corey Kyer Middletown High School             
  331. Corey Mondini    Works at Local 42 Plumbers and Steamfitters            
  332. Cory Gaines                 
  333. Cosmic Carnage School of Hard Knocks              
  334. Courtney Marie NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine               
  335. Courtney Martin Watauga, Texas             
  336. Courtney Rose                   
  337. CP Parkinson    Upper bann institute               
  338. Craig Morrison    Williamsburg High School               
  339. Craig Tiras                   
  340. Craig Winingear    Ripley High School             
  341. Craven S Moorehead                  
  342. Creag Zachary Mendelssohn  CEO & Founder at Words As Bullets +            
  343. Crisha Homan Lead Support at Full-Time Mommy            
  344. Crissie Harter                 
  345. Crystal Curtis Carter    Georgia Perimeter College              
  346. Crystal Hopper Richardson                  
  347. Crystal N Scott Frady    Carpenter Shop at King Hickory Furniture               
  348. Crystal Rector                  
  349. Crystal Smith    Works at Full Time Mommy! :)               
  350. Cully N Lauren King Saucier, Mississippi               
  351. Curtis Emmerich    LIU Brooklyn               
  352. Cynthia Corulla                 
  353. Cynthia Marie Paris, France              
  354. Dag Jensen                 
  355. Dale Willis Wolverhampton              
  356. Dallas Bergmann  Tripoli Community Schools              
  357. Dallas-Kenneth Hills                 
  358. Damian Balandowski    Mid Cheshire College               
  359. Damon Jones  Edgewood Senior High               
  360. Dan Hennen   Controller at Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS             
  361. Dan Patrick Tampa, Florida             
  362. Dan Plesse University at Albany, SUNY             
  363. Dan Rutledge                
  364. Dan Schimke    AE at SonicPool            
  365. Dan White                
  366. Dana Sue Herndon Nashville State Community College              
  367. Dana Waagmeester   Hills, Minnesota               
  368. Daneen Covino                 
  369. Dani D FeejeeMermaid  Yonkers, New York              
  370. Dani Keza  Northern Arizona University            
  371. Dani Rich    New London, Connecticut            
  372. Daniel Clontz    Biomedical Equipment Technician II at Carolinas Healthcare System              
  373. Daniel Fordham  I hate Iraq/Afghanstan             
  374. Daniel Noel    Platonic analyst at Self               
  375. Daniel Trottier   The Hostel Life            
  376. Danielle Burrows-Lopez  Stylest at Smart'style             
  377. Danielle Jean The Universe               
  378. Danny Azcuidiaz                   
  379. Danny Knowles                   
  380. Danny Stover   Iron Station, North Carolina               
  381. Dany Carmady   Griffith University            
  382. Darek Romberger    Works at Ace Hardware              
  383. Darla Barous   Laird Institute of Spa Therapy             
  384. Darrel Abbot Las Vegas, Texas               
  385. Darren Christopher Joyner Owner-Operator at DMC Mining and Prospecting               
  386. Darrin Machado Lehigh Acres, Florida              
  387. Dave Bragg  College of Useless Knowledge               
  388. Dave Gustafson Eureka, California             
  389. Dave Johnson    CSR/Warehouse at Daltile - Amarillo, Texas             
  390. Dave Krohn   The head cracker in charge at Landscaping              
  391. Dave McNuggett Owner-Operator at Self employed            
  392. Dave Oney  Marshall University            
  393. Dave Roberts  Yes            
  394. David Allen Bolin  Greenville, North Carolina             
  395. David Andrew Bryson    Servant of God/Dess at EVOLVEFEST              
  396. David Bryson YOGI, CEO & FOUNDER at EVOLVEFEST              
  397. David Bunch                   
  398. David Caban   Adjunct Business and Criminal Justice Instructor at Everest University Business Professor              
  399. David Calico  Baltimore, Maryland            
  400. David Cunningham                
  401. David Davis                  
  402. David Eisinger  Murfreesboro, Tennessee            
  403. David Haag  Camden County College              
  404. David Hooper   Filmmaker, CEO at             
  405. David J Ficher                 
  406. David Kelly    Bakersfield College            
  407. David Kimble Jr California Polytechnic State University            
  408. David MacGillivray                  
  409. David Millard                 
  410. David Stalcup  Blytheville Senior High            
  411. David Storms   Meadowcreek High School            
  412. David Wagstaff  Cape Cod Community College             
  413. David Weiss    Greenwich High School              
  414. David Wojnicz                  
  415. Davis Oc Aprille                 
  416. Davis-Guess Wendy   Albert Gallatin Area Senior High School            
  417. Dean Lingley Sr.    Tech support billing issues, activations, sales, adjustments at AT&T Mobility              
  418. Dean Scarpinato    Chung Moo Quan             
  419. Dean Vinson   Driver at FFE Transportation               
  420. Debbie Bredenfoerder Krantz    Works at Retired               
  421. Debbie L Hartman                  
  422. Debbie Lynn Jesus                
  423. Debbie Mccarthy                   
  424. Debbie Tuter                  
  425. Deborah Butler Holland  Fort Worth, Texas              
  426. Deborah DeBritt    Works at Feriköy 50.yıl lisesi               
  427. Deborah Holohan                   
  428. Deborah Thornton   Works at Writer            
  429. Debra Britt   Teacher at Life School             
  430. Debra Currington  Cossatot Community College             
  431. Dede Masala                  
  432. Dee Anne Harper Virginia Beach, Virginia               
  433. Dee Doss    North Central Texas College            
  434. DeeDee Moreno                   
  435. Deirdre McDonnell  Drogheda, Ireland              
  436. Denise Hamilton Jhanson                
  437. Denise Terry                   
  438. Dennis Ford  Public Intelligence Analyst at NWO Truth Radio             
  439. Dennis Juel  University of Nebraska Omaha               
  440. Dennis Leiphart    Works at United States Army            
  441. Dennis Payne                   
  442. Derek Booth New Smyrna Beach High              
  443. Derek Faust  Vice President at Trevor Philip Industries             
  444. Derek Gatz   Manager at Homeland Grocery Store              
  445. Desiree Ann DeBellis              
  446. Devon McCoy  Dish/Garden Bar at Ruby Tuesday            
  447. Dexter Ferrell                 
  448. Diane Jakopovic    Omaha South High School 1111 Hackney Dr, Papillon, NE           "Regional Respiratory Therapist at Children's Hospital & Medical Center"
  449. Dillon Downs   Welder at Metalsa              
  450. Dina Dippold   Works at Retired               
  451. DjMarco Andre   Westfield State College            
  452. Domenik Müller Foundation für Recht und Verfassung at Knight Rider               
  453. Dominic Molinari Works at Rand Paul Revolution              
  454. Don Bogacz Cary, Illinois             
  455. Donna Adams Worstell                 
  456. Donna Crilley   St.Vincent's High School               
  457. Donna M Lee                   
  458. Donna Ysasaga Works at Stay a Stay at Home Mom               
  459. Dorota Rutyna                
  460. Dotti Alicea                   
  461. Doug Schwab CUNY Brooklyn              
  462. Doug Tantum    Hamilton High West             
  463. Douglas Bouck    MVCC Mohawk Valley Community College               
  464. Douglas Kendrick                  
  465. Driss Oussama  Sétif             
  466. DrPhillip Ofume    Catholic University of Lyon            
  467. Duane Trevino                 
  468. Duane Wayne Currently Attending University of Phoenix              
  469. Dumale Nwidag  Works at Self Employed (Business)              
  470. Durrell Singletary Works at McLeod Regional Medical Center            
  471. Dustin Kyncl   Stevensville, Michigan             
  472. Dustin Mason   CNC Machinist II at Oil States Piper Valve             
  473. Dustin Nulf  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania               
  474. Dustin Shadle    Des Moines, Iowa               
  475. Dusty Grapefruite                 
  476. Dylan Bertrand   University of Louisiana at Lafayette               
  477. Earl Collin Wuestnick   Baker College of Flint             
  478. Ed Hale Recording Artist at DVG/Fieldhouse Music/BMG               
  479. Ed Mikrut   Health Consultant at Staying Well Now - with Health and Wellness Solutions             
  480. Ed Ross   LSU            
  481. Ed Vallejo   Reporter at AXJ            
  482. Ed Yu                  
  483. Eddie Conroy  Central CT State University            
  484. Eddie Pitts    Works at Alley-Cassetty Brick              
  485. Eddie Talavera Works at Round Lake Area Schools CUSD #116             
  486. Edith Shain                   
  487. Edward Jones                
  488. Edward Salem Youwakim                  
  489. Edwin D Vail    Diaper University              
  490. Edwin David Maldonado    TENICO at Electric car             
  491. Ehud Emet                
  492. Eileen Coles  System Engineer at Brisingamen Technical Solutions             
  493. Elaine Brundage Hammondsport Central School            
  494. ElCapitain Chris Morgan Precise Cut Man at Rock Solid Construction             
  495. Eleanor McNamara                  
  496. Eli King  Investigative Reporter at The Eli King Show            
  497. Elisa McCarthy Lebanon, Tennessee             
  498. Elizabeth Alfieri    Faculdade de oodntologia de lins               
  499. Elizabeth Silva                  
  500. Elizabeth Woolrdge Grant    Singer-songwriter at Singer / songwriter               
  501. Elle Gallagher  Dayton, Ohio               
  502. Elliott Smith    I too am Edward Snowden at NSA - National Security Agency              
  503. Elvis Gonzalez                
  504. Emery DeNiro                   
  505. Emily Nicole Westmeyer    Lakota East High School            
  506. Emma Thomas Ilfracombe College             
  507. Eric Andrew Wilkinson Freedom Fighter at Spitfire Boxing             
  508. Eric Becher    Kansas City, Missouri              
  509. Eric Cannon   Withrow            
  510. Eric Dake    Works at SLOTMANIA             
  511. Eric McKenzie   Branson High               
  512. Eric Morris    VP Sales & Business Development at All In Mag              
  513. Eric Shriver FedEx              
  514. Eric Walter                
  515. Erik Crawford                  
  516. Erik Pearson    Yakima, Washington             
  517. Erik Phelps Austin Community College District              
  518. Erika Glass  Los Angeles, California            
  519. Erin Elizabeth Fisher    South Carolina             
  520. Erin Murphy    Corinth, Mississippi               
  521. Ernest R U Awake                  
  522. Essop Djkatz Khan Owner at Lekatz Events Management and Sound Hire               
  523. Estee Grimmett Leger                   
  524. Ethan Caswell    Williston High School              
  525. Etours South Etabise Training               
  526. Eva Hawthorne Rebuilding Double Diamond at It Works Global               
  527. Evan Stalla  Rootstown High School              
  528. Evee Disa Froebig            (760) 747-9173      Really Disa Evelyn Froebig; phone may be old; has moved a lot
  529. Ewik Die-Low Ringo Bellingham High School, Bellingham MA              
  530. Fabian Pomareda  Miami, Florida             
  531. Fahad Hossain  Executive at Director in HRM               
  532. Faith Bonazzi  Navarre, Ohio              
  533. Faith Dyson    Artist/Activist/Writer/Vocalist/Drummer at Nature's Livingroom             
  534. Faith Hope Love                  
  535. Faith Shively   West Des Moines, Iowa              
  536. False Flag Mount Olive, Alabama               
  537. Fawn Mist Singh                
  538. Felicia Busby   Bagley Junior High School              
  539. Felipe Martinez Works at Monster Energy            
  540. Felix Garibay   Owner at              
  541. Felix Giordano Painter and sculptor,general know-it-all. at Self Employed and Loving It!              
  542. Fene Griggs                   
  543. Fernando Arakaki Miranda                 
  544. Filistin Machiavel Paris, France              
  545. FJ N Jen Ritter Maricopa, Arizona              
  546. Fran Mandeville                 
  547. Francesco Antonioolioliolio Montagnese Westchester, New York              
  548. Frank Agamemnon    Wayside, New Jersey            
  549. Frank Bońita   Wilby High School              
  550. Frank Connell   Herndon High School            
  551. Frank Piedra Riverside Military Academy             
  552. Franklin Hughes Assassina at The Resistance            
  553. Fred Sr Girouard    Father Michael Goetz Secondary             
  554. Fredda Sprouse Mifflin Web Builder; Photographer; Business Records; at Jerry Mifflin Woodcarving              
  555. Freddie Wade Johns  Works at Retired               
  556. Frederick Wüst                   
  557. Freed Muaffi   Works at Hooters               
  558. Gabe Coppinger Co Owner at Fly Film               
  559. Gail Cuddy Works at Ron Paul 2012             
  560. Garythomas Schmalz SHK            
  561. Gay Ann Stautzenbach Kranz   Paraprofessional (Elementary) at Union Elementary              
  562. Geoff Forgie Orange Coast College               
  563. George Salifu                 
  564. Georgia Roberts                   
  565. Gillian Rice                  
  566. Gina Beena    Works at Free Palestine            
  567. Gina L Brikada   Reno, Nevada               
  568. Ginger Snap Glen Burnie, Maryland              
  569. Glen Fulton    Works at Unit Drilling Company             
  570. Glen Gilmore Longview High School               
  571. Glen Gunderson   Edmonton, Alberta              
  572. Glenn Lee Canady   Georgia Tech               
  573. Glenn Roberts    Fort Hays State University             
  574. Gma Shannon                   
  575. Goddha Divine                 
  576. Grace Lancaster Head Chef at Johns Hopkins University              
  577. Gracious Hope M. G Kean University            
  578. Grayce Lasater Tyler, Texas               
  579. Greg Cabral    Driver at Coca-Cola            
  580. Greg Sullinger                
  581. Haley Lynn Robbins  Duty Aide at Pottsgrove School District            
  582. Haley Smith   Texas Arlington Alumni             
  583. Hamish Spencer                 
  584. Hank C-Poo                 
  585. Hannah Noel Conrad Owner / Designer / Creator at Noel Couture Boutique            
  586. Hans Fuchs                
  587. HayleyandKeith Baskin   Spotswood college              
  588. Heather Eyes  Everything at NAPA Auto Parts              
  589. Heather Kirkpatrick                
  590. Heather Sirotak    BBC Earth              
  591. Heather Stiles    Cashier at Country Fair            
  592. Heather Stockbridge  Taunton, Massachusetts             
  593. Heather Willoughby                   
  594. Heebaa Kaameel ‎لا اعمل‎ at ‎لا اعمل حاليا‎              
  595. Helen Louise Young Singleton                  
  596. Helena Miller                  
  597. Helje Kaskel Bollyn   School of Education and Communication Jönköping University               
  598. Hellen Ayres Schoonover   Elizabeth City, North Carolina             
  599. Helmuth Busch                 
  600. Herbert Lent   Works at Retired/Disabled from chrysler corp               
  601. Holger Van de Kamp Works at Infokrieger               
  602. Holly Agouridis    Kensington, Maryland               
  603. Holly LaPrade    Management - Dining Services at Illini Tower - University of Illinois              
  604. Honey Diamond                 
  605. Hope Smith Polk                  
  606. Hossam Elnager Works at ‎كيميائي بشركة tcisanmar‎             
  607. Howard Hinman  Secretary and Treasuer at Resilient Freedom Foundation             
  608. Ian Waugh   Operator at Calfrac Well Services (Official)               
  609. Ihsan Aljobory Math/ English Teacher at Math Teacher              
  610. Illarion B. Bykov Works at Philosophy            
  611. Indie Taylor                 
  612. Isaac Quarshie Works at Football Goalkeeper               
  613. Jabali Quarles   Wizard at Self Employed (Business)             
  614. Jack Weair Wooten Jr  Nashville, Tennessee               
  615. Jackie Kinder                
  616. Jackson Stonewall Professor at Old Dominion University               
  617. Jaclynn Perez    Works at Century 16            
  618. Jaime Figueroa Jr.    Newport News, Virginia             
  619. Jake Morris    Portland, Oregon               
  620. Jakubofthe Krotochwil-Family    Owner at White Buffalo Films Inc.              
  621. James Brake    Manager at Self Employed (Business)            
  622. James Deal  Owner at Dark Axiom Productions            
  623. James Easton                 
  624. James Eston Pedigo Westfield Washington Schools               
  625. James L Battersby                  
  626. James Ledger   Self employed at Freelance concept artist              
  627. James Lock  Chicago, Illinois              
  628. James McGovern Candidate for CT State Representative at State of Connecticut              
  629. James Mortimer Works at Retired               
  630. James Porter  Lincoln High               
  631. James Pyatt    Alliance High School               
  632. James Soderquist                  
  633. James Stevenson Sales Representative at Express Processing             
  634. James Swift    Christian Minister at Christian International Associates               
  635. James von Brunn                
  636. James Weaver                
  637. James X Bonikov                
  638. Jamie Bonham    Machine Operator at Key Plastics               
  639. Jamie Gallacher                
  640. Jamie Stewart                
  641. Jamie Taylor                
  642. Jamie Turner Keller Lexington, South Carolina              
  643. Jan Prussia    Works at Gnostic Luciferian            
  644. Jane Loden Brown Works at Itawamba County School District               
  645. Janet Duncan  Dedham High School             
  646. Janet Prussia                 
  647. Janette Rios                 
  648. Janis Calhoun Administrative Assistant at Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores               
  649. Jante Flov                  
  650. Jared Owen  Works at IRIS NDT              
  651. Jarrod Manley   Fresno City College            
  652. Jasmine Gires      
  653. Jason Boss          
  654. Jason Christie  Opelousas, Louisiana               
  655. Jason Dohmeyer UWC Baraboo            
  656. Jason Holmgaard  Clerk at The Gallery               
  657. Jason Jones                   
  658. Jason Kimble  Alton, Illinois            
  659. Jason Long    Trying to heal at Disabled             
  660. Jason R Kumm                   
  661. Jason Rasset                  
  662. Jason Rivera                 
  663. Jason Teague                   
  664. Jay BigHead Trosper  Technician at Checkered Flag Auto              
  665. Jay Camardelle                
  666. Jay Dee   Proviso East High School               
  667. Jay Jones Houston, Texas             
  668. Jay Shin                  
  669. Jaymie Lynne                
  670. Jayne Marilyn Foster High School            
  671. Jazz Lowells   Lowells family barking center              
  672. Jb Barton                   
  673. Jean Bouthiller    Quinsigamond               
  674. Jean Kiser  Sidney, Ohio               
  675. Jean Longabaugh Cunha                  
  676. Jean Prosper Saget  Université Quisqueya (UniQ)               
  677. Jean Smith Works at I AM A PROUD MUMMY!               
  678. Jean Wingate Ward    Works at Retired               
  679. Jeanette Ambrose Life Giver at Mother and Home Maker,Caregiver              
  680. Jeanne Cooper                  
  681. Jeannie Seaman                
  682. Jeff Barth Minnetonka Senior High School              
  683. Jeff Campbell                
  684. Jeff Cook                
  685. Jeff Crawford    Bradenton, Florida             
  686. Jeff Duncan   Bibb County High School            
  687. Jeff Garmon                
  688. Jeff Gornowicz Richmond Hill, Georgia             
  689. Jeff Griffith  Narnia, Dhaka, Bangladesh              
  690. Jeff Gullickson    Warrior at Rand Paul Revolution            
  691. Jeff Hagen Manager of Software Development at OneNeck IT Solutions            
  692. Jeff Price Works at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth             
  693. Jeff Volcic    Owner at Premier Auto Detailing            
  694. Jeff Ward  Ledyard High School            
  695. Jeff Weiss    Rhema Bible Training College               
  696. Jeff Wimberly    Owner at Structure Roofing and Painting            
  697. Jeffery Thomas                
  698. Jeffrey Judkins    Living Free Indeed..... at Private             
  699. Jeffrey Niccoli Whats happening right now              
  700. Jeffry Smith                  
  701. Jen Joslin  Secretary at Heem's Auto Connection            
  702. Jen Scanlon  Amery, Wisconsin               
  703. Jen Wolf  Waiting Staff at SenorFrogs MyrtleBeach            
  704. Jenelle Monique Gritzinger Brown City, Michigan               
  705. Jenn McDade    Works at Self-Employed             
  706. Jenn V Keller-Lowe                   
  707. Jennifer Bitterman                  
  708. Jennifer Bryan Russell Payroll/Accounting Clerk at West Orange - Cove Consolidated Independent School District            
  709. Jennifer Burdette                  
  710. Jennifer Leitch                 
  711. Jennifer Lynn Niagara Falls, New York            
  712. Jennifer Rose Williams   Promoter at Def Leppard            
  713. Jennifer Wood Medlin    Verizon            
  714. Jeppe Jensen  Indianapolis, Indiana              
  715. Jeremy Booth    Lieutenant / State of Alabama Mental Health Police at Police Officer               
  716. Jeremy Byers                  
  717. Jeremy Kelley  Works at Self-Employed             
  718. Jeri LoPinto   Springfield Southeast High School              
  719. Jermain Falls Hawver Student at Homemaker               
  720. Jerry Colon                 
  721. Jerry Turner                   
  722. Jes Brumbaugh   Tussey Mountain Junior - Senior High School            
  723. Jess Thompson                 
  724. Jesse Deangelis  Don't fuckkkkkkk with me, I fuck back.             
  725. Jesse James Hill                   
  726. Jessica Breanna Dye  Nanny at Babysitting               
  727. Jessica Hill   Realtor at Remax First             
  728. Jessica Howard-Gillihan  CNA at The Palace Rehabilitation and Care Center               
  729. Jessica Kesner Cox                 
  730. Jessica Kokiel   Bristol Central High School            
  731. Jessica Montiel                 
  732. Jessica Schuler  Singer at Sister Fister            
  733. Jessica Seymore  LVN at BrightStar              
  734. Jessica Sharp Peoria, Illinois               
  735. Jessie Mary Frances   Clinton, New Jersey            
  736. Jill Chambers Server at The Hideaway Grille              
  737. Jill Davey-Terry     9391 Oma Place, Garden Grove, CA    714-636-3816       
  738. Jill Wilkins    Bradenton, Florida             
  739. Jim Blackie Laconia, New Hampshire             
  740. Jim Cathell    New Freedom, Pennsylvania              
  741. Jim Johnson Lockport (city), New York              
  742. Jim Ogden    Burgettstown, Pennsylvania             
  743. Jim Raymond                   
  744. Jim Spencer  Parma, Ohio            
  745. Jim Thomas Works at Self-Employed             
  746. Jim Vomacka  Rocklin, California            
  747. Jimmy Lee Senior   Elkhart Memorial High School               
  748. Jj Mack                  
  749. JoAnna Brown                 
  750. Joanna Galvin   Morton College             
  751. Jodi Merkel    Grapevine, Texas               
  752. Joe Camera Captain at U.S. Navy               
  753. Joe Carson                   
  754. Joe Elwell Jr.   Project Manager at Dunn Way Marketing              
  755. Joe Laursen   Collecting Qurans and burning tbem at Quran burner             
  756. Joe Netharell                 
  757. Joel Hernandez    North Monterey County High             
  758. Joey Bvr  Portland, Oregon               
  759. Joey Johnson                 
  760. Joey Vendlands Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology              
  761. Johanna Krynen    School of Hard Knocks, The University of Life              
  762. Johanna Ravell    North Central High School              
  763. John Aviles    Stonehill College              
  764. John Bucheli Canon- McMillan High School            
  765. John Bursill    Helensburgh, New South Wales, Australia            
  766. John Capuano   Computer Programmer at Self-employment             
  767. John Cee UCLA               
  768. John Dorr  Brooklyn, New York             
  769. John E. Dietz   Waiter at Giuseppe's Pizzeria & Ristorante             
  770. John Edmiston Milich  Bulb changer at Lightworkers               
  771. John Feuling    Des Moines, Iowa               
  772. John Hollman  General Douglas Macarthur High School              
  773. John Kostrowski  The College of New Jersey              
  774. John Massaria    NYIT               
  775. John Mazio    South River, New Jersey            
  776. John McDonald   Jeannette Senior High School               
  777. John Mills    Orlando, Florida               
  778. John Mullee   I am watching you through a camera! at Spy in the House of Moe             
  779. John Parker                   
  780. John Powers   Works at Stargate SG-1             
  781. John Wilcox                   
  782. John-Michael Talboo Oil City, Pennsylvania             
  783. Johnny 'Mack' Greenhaw  Mechanic at Smitty's Enterprises               
  784. Johnny Giovanetti                   
  785. Johnny Lang Driver at Texas Building Products              
  786. Johnny Troche Jr                   
  787. Jolie Michelle Fuqua  Rusk, Texas            
  788. Jolly Home  Owner at GicNetwork            
  789. Jon Ferris Subhia                  
  790. Jon King  Stark State College            
  791. Jon Locke                
  792. Jonathan David Frechette Hartford, Connecticut              
  793. Jonathan Kenadek    David Prouty High School               
  794. Jonathan Rowell Scotland High              
  795. Jordan McCain    Works at Sound Orthodontics            
  796. Jorge Quijote Miami Beach, Florida               
  797. Jose Castaneda    General/Foreman at Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services              
  798. Jose Pajon Florida International University               
  799. Joseline Andazola  R. L. Turner High School               
  800. Joseph Morgese                
  801. Joseph Roberts   Gettysburg, South Dakota               
  802. Josephine Roy   Exams Invigilator at British Council Bangladesh            
  803. Josh Garcia                
  804. Josh Garey    Berkeley, California               
  805. Josh Robbins  Line Cook at Montsweag Roadhouse               
  806. Josh Sabel    University of Iowa             
  807. Josh Steven Montanez   Fayetteville, North Carolina               
  808. Josh Wuerth    Berklee College of Music               
  809. Joshua Daily Best Staff Ever at Here at 10th ave            
  810. Joshua Paul Thompson  Cherokee, Alabama              
  811. Joshua Smith   Thomaston, Maine               
  812. Jovanna Loveless   Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Bassist/Percussionist/Programmer/Producer at Jovanna loveless (the musician)               
  813. Joyce Markowski Settembrino  Lyndhurst, New Jersey              
  814. Juan Gutierrez                
  815. Juan Yujra Cárdenas Facultad de Ciencias Bioquímicas y Farmacéuticas             
  816. Judith Anschutz                
  817. Julia Grace Janis Interviewer Surveror at Voter Consumer Research            
  818. Julia Roe  Annapolis High School (Maryland)               
  819. Julie Crory Telgenhoff   Owner at A Sheep No More               
  820. Julie Marino    Dallas, Georgia            
  821. Julie Moll                 
  822. Junior Mizelle  Grounds keeper at Perdue of cofield            
  823. Justan Kaze    Historian at War with the Newts            
  824. Justin America  Bentonville, Arkansas              
  825. Justin Cooke    HCIC at Growing Organic Vegetables             
  826. Justin Corum                  
  827. Justin Larkin Luthersburg, Pennsylvania              
  828. Jynessa Weed  Anything and Everything at Weeds Hippiehouse               
  829. Kamil Konys    Cardinal Newman Catholic High School               
  830. Kandy Scheick  Public Health Investigator - traveled the state doing HIV testing, partner notification, and public information presentations. Probably my favorite and riskiest job. at Indiana State Board of Health             
  831. Kara Allbaugh  Columbus, Nebraska             
  832. Kara Day                 
  833. Karen Bulger   Mostly sitting in a chair at I Love My New Job             
  834. Karen Devlin  St. Patrick's High School              
  835. Karen Kruske   Chesaning Union High School            
  836. Karen Lukas                 
  837. Karen Murray   Firearms Instructor at NRA Certified Pistol Instructor             
  838. Karen Pandora  Massage Therapist at The Spa at Hotel Galvez               
  839. Karen Silva   Kwajalein High School              
  840. Karen Stafford Klocke   Works at Self-Employed             
  841. Karen Sullivan    Works at Peace ALL OVER the WORLD              
  842. Kari Wilson Stanley                
  843. Karibia Edwards    Honolulu, Hawaii               
  844. Karina Martinez Pharr, Texas               
  845. Karl Hughes                
  846. Karma Luves Junk Syracuse, Utah             
  847. Karon Yates Alexander    Clemson University             
  848. Karyn Tadlock  Outpatient Counselor at Strategies for Change              
  849. Kasey Matthews  Loan Specialist at Check Into Cash             
  850. Kassie Ehler   Childbirth International (CBI)             
  851. Kateri Marie Santos                
  852. Katey Hancock  Creighton University               
  853. Katey Munley   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania             
  854. Katherine Eldon    Millais School             
  855. Katherine Ronayne    Clark College              
  856. Kathi Paschal Rabun                   
  857. Kathleen Curley    Carmel, Indiana            
  858. Kathleen Feeney New Brunswick, New Jersey              
  859. Kathryn Dodgson                   
  860. Kathryn Forrester Thro                  
  861. Kathy Biehler                   
  862. Kathy Coomer                   
  863. Kathy Harrison Treasurer at Treasurer MD RLC              
  864. Kathy Peterson                   
  865. Katie Boisvert   Works at Campion Ambulance Service             
  866. Katie Gileau    Co Owner at Berries and Twigs Country Primitives               
  867. Katie Whittington                
  868. Katrina Dubourt                   
  869. Katrina Hope Barber     1532 Huber Avenue, Evansville, IN          
  870. Katrina Mcleroy Bryant    Holy Spirit Bible College              
  871. Katy LeMonds   Moorpark High School               
  872. Kawie Rider                 
  873. Kay Ditty   Abingdon, Maryland             
  874. Kaya Marie   New Orleans, Louisiana             
  875. Kayde Nicole Jenkinson Little Rock, Arkansas              
  876. Kayla Fetter                
  877. Kayla Griffith-Bluck   Penn Foster Education              
  878. Kayla Montez    Kennedale, Texas               
  879. Kayla Steward  Secretary, Maintenance, Assistant, Apprentice, Advertising at Will Power Studio            
  880. Kayleigh White  Sales Development Unit at MetLife              
  881. Kaytee O'mahoney   London, United Kingdom             
  882. Keith Brant  Hopwood, Pennsylvania              
  883. Keith French  Ruskin High School             
  884. Keith Pyron    The Library            
  885. Keith Ruml Owner at A Ruml Service LLC            
  886. Kelie McIntyre                
  887. Kelley Watt                   
  888. Kelli Fontanella   Montclair, New Jersey              
  889. Kelly A Hunter                
  890. Kelly James McSnuggles Y'all    Works at Contractor            
  891. Kelly Ramsey   Heritage Academy               
  892. Kelly Snell    Cape Central High School               
  893. Kelz Whyte  Works at Golds Gym             
  894. Ken Hulet    University of Illinois at Chicago              
  895. Ken Smith Von Doe  Denton, Texas              
  896. KendeLee Porter Bates                  
  897. Kendra Lancaster   Site Assistant at YMCA Fun Company of Middle Tennessee             
  898. Kenney Catalyst Mabie                   
  899. Kenny Hopen St. Louis              
  900. Kenny Walworth                
  901. Kevin Brant    Instituto Angel D'Elia             
  902. Kevin Ferdinand Rooney   Host at Internet Radio Host            
  903. Kevin James Tatum    Works at Unemployed            
  904. Kevin Laprade  Works at InfoWars              
  905. Kevin Neal                   
  906. Kevin Nicholas Prociw   Eugene, Oregon             
  907. Kevin Nolan   Western Connecticut State University               
  908. Kevin Pavao B.M.C. Durfee High School              
  909. Kevin Scott  Parkside High School               
  910. Khadija Ma'at  Centreville High School            
  911. Kim Blake   Caregiver at The Nanny             
  912. Kim Gregory    Chief Appraiser at DELTA COUNTY APPRAISAL DISTRICT             
  913. Kim Ingram Clerical at SC Liquidations            
  914. Kim Kimes   Villa Park High            
  915. Kimberly Surface Ciaramella    Framingham, Massachusetts              
  916. King Chris    Orlando, Florida               
  917. King Pyles  Savannah, Georgia              
  918. Kirk Cleveland   Orange County Community College            
  919. Kirk Drouin                   
  920. Kirsten Jones Works at Self-Employed             
  921. Kitti Revenjen Central Square, New York               
  922. KN Cassanell JDSS               
  923. Kristen Deason Registered Nurse at Sta-Home               
  924. Kristen Eff                  
  925. Kristen Grassroots Gamel    911 Dispatcher at Spalding County              
  926. Kristen McCombs    Plainfield, Illinois               
  927. Kristie Gentry  Ivy Tech Community College             
  928. Kristie Reich Cheyne    Texas A&M University–Texarkana               
  929. Kristin Brinkmann    Kenosha, Wisconsin             
  930. Kristy Makuta   Quantico, Virginia             
  931. Krystyne Rules                
  932. Kurt M Watt Firearms Assoc at Bass Pro Shops - Bolingbrook, IL             
  933. Kyle Hertz Utility Operator at Hardrives Inc.             
  934. Kyle Ollestad  Elk River Senior High School               
  935. Laci Asher Waynesville, Ohio              
  936. Lance Pendergrass  Aux. Shipper at TenarisHickman             
  937. Lani Glenn Miller                   
  938. Larry Davis HMFIC at Longhairedcountryboy              
  939. Laura Bishop  Director at Bishop Entertainment Productions               
  940. Laura C. Geddie  Rocky Ford, Georgia            
  941. Laura Feathers  Northridge             
  942. Laura Lewis Nelson  Minden, Louisiana              
  943. Laura Moss                  
  944. Laureen Fitzpatrick    Works at Martin McColl's               
  945. Lauren Simons                 PKA "Laura Lashes"; Constitution-obsessed self-hating Jew
  946. Laurens Wright                
  947. Laurie Fay   Works at The School of Life            
  948. Laynie Else Lancaster    Works at Action typesetting and printing               
  949. Lea Rad                 
  950. Leah Johnson                 
  951. Leanne Katterheinrich-Crist  Works at Columbus City Schools             
  952. Lee Cochran The University of Hard Knocks              
  953. Lee Dallas                 
  954. Lee Goode Jones   Emmerich Manual High School            
  955. Leisa Irwin  Sitter at Flagpole Team            
  956. Lenny Corbett    Lauchhammer East, Brandenburg, Germany             
  957. Leo Freeman Co Founder&DGC at The Conspiracy Squad             
  958. Leo Goulette   Windham High School            
  959. Leonardo Lopez                
  960. Leslie Hansen   Helper, Utah               
  961. Lexi TriplecrunchIntactivist Whitman                
  962. Liam Cunningham    University of Ulster, Coleraine            
  963. Lina River                   
  964. Linda Claassen                   
  965. Linda Newby  Cannon County High School              
  966. Linda Smith Tharpe  Works at Retired Counselor             
  967. Linda Virga    Works at Unemployed Looking for work               
  968. Lisa Abbott Bagnall Tucson, Arizona            
  969. Lisa Goff Stafford                 
  970. Lisa Haskin    Mustang, Oklahoma              
  971. Lisa Louise                  
  972. Lisa Morgan-Easton                
  973. Lisa Paul   Longview, Texas            
  974. Lisa Rae Bertelli   CEO at Stay At Home Mom            
  975. Lisa Stewart   Tacoma, Washington             
  976. Liza Gee                  
  977. Logan W Hewlett    College of New Caledonia               
  978. Lois Endress Dial                 
  979. Lonnie Wheaton                
  980. Lorell Cassidine   Hard Knocks University             
  981. Loretta Mitchell                   
  982. Lori Camoro  Greenwich High School              
  983. Louii DaKiid   School of Hardknocks               
  984. Louise Rudan   Killester College              
  985. LoveTo BeOne Gründerin & Inhaberin at Kaika Support            
  986. Luis Mendoza Eden Hall Academy              
  987. Luis Portillo                 
  988. Lydia Canaan I'm my own boss at Self-Employed               
  989. Lynda Whiting Elberton, Georgia   1021 Country Club Rd., Elberton, GA         Bad actress; suffers from Fregoli Delusion
  990. Lynn Cesal Spokane Valley, Washington             
  991. Lynn Gallob    Brookfield Central High School             
  992. Lynn Simas  Works at Self-Employed             
  993. Lynn Stokes   Senior Advisor at Renaissance Companies at The Renaissance Companies               
  994. Madeleine Morin    JCSC               
  995. Madeline Mindy                 
  996. Maeve Cohen South Burlington, Vermont              
  997. Maggie Still                
  998. Mame Astou Badji Cheikh Anta Diop University            
  999. Mandy Eldridge Lynchburg-Clay High School             
  1000. Mandy Sorenson Bernarde Works at Resident Assistant            
  1001. Mapk Ctpekal                  
  1002. Marc Watson   Disc Jockey at Self Employed (Business)            
  1003. Marcia Thomas Howard                 
  1004. Marco Klammer    Gymnasium Broich               
  1005. Marcus Douglas Consultant at Now semi- retired            
  1006. Marcus J Malone   Alabama State University               
  1007. Marg Burgess School of Hard Knocks, The University of Life              
  1008. Margie Libertatai  Ron Paul University            
  1009. Margo Brann    EEG Tech at Jfk Hospital               
  1010. Maria Ahlrichs  Camp Hill State High School            
  1011. Maria Nesbitt   Works at TEMP Associates - Clinton             
  1012. Mariah Dollar    Miami, Florida             
  1013. Marianella Reyes Flores                 
  1014. Marie Winchester Perry                  
  1015. Marilyn Lund Merchandiser at Levy Books. American Greetings, Dakota News            
  1016. Marina Chick                 
  1017. Marissa McDaniel    Cordova, Tennessee             
  1018. Marius Bradeanu  College of Staten Island               
  1019. Marjorie Smith                 
  1020. Marjory Collier Moore                
  1021. Mark Adam Peirano                   
  1022. Mark Cantrell   Franklin, Tennessee            
  1023. Mark Dalton Florissant Valley Community College            
  1024. Mark Eddy  Works at Plim Plaza Hotel              
  1025. Mark Edwin Cole    Works at Stone Soup Restaurant             
  1026. Mark Hatch Hetrick President at Construction Junction Supply LLC, Database Management Specialists LLC             
  1027. Mark Hippie Malone Tri-Cities State Technical Institute               
  1028. Mark Joyce Owner at In Q picture framing              
  1029. Mark Kishel    Muncie, Indiana            
  1030. Mark Phillips  Fort Worth, Texas              
  1031. Mark Poon   Orlando, Florida               
  1032. Marla Thompson Indianapolis, Indiana              
  1033. Marlo Bethel St. Louis              
  1034. Martha Campos Works at Northridge Mall               
  1035. Martha Elena Montes                
  1036. Martin Gar   Finance Director/ Sales Manager at Car Dealership              
  1037. Martin Truther King  Soul Winner at Bible reading               
  1038. Marty West                
  1039. Martyn Douglas Healer                 
  1040. Mary Ann Overbaugh                
  1041. Mary E Tormey    Works at Facebook              
  1042. Mary Hugo-Vaillant  Works at Toledo Sleep Disorder Center              
  1043. Mary L Anderson   De Funiak Springs, Florida             
  1044. Mary Morgan    Professional Cleaner at Complete Confidence Cleaning               
  1045. Mary Pishney   Teacher at Self imployed: "Blue Ribbon Tutoring & Educational Consulting               
  1046. Marybeth Schaeffer                  
  1047. Mason Mulkey    Pipeline Welder at Boyd & Sons             
  1048. Mathew S. Randall   Columbus High School               
  1049. Matt Bauer Chicago, Illinois              
  1050. Matt Berry   Technician at Self-Employed            
  1051. Matt Bock  Sub contractor Fitter at All Clear Plumbing and Sewer              
  1052. Matt Cipollone                
  1053. Matt Cox  Johnston Community College             
  1054. Matt Flowers   Grocery Clerk at Earth Fare, Ballantyne            
  1055. Matt Hadder                
  1056. Matt Jerkass                  
  1057. Matt Keene  Alexander Central High School              
  1058. Matt Killuminati Rosenthal   Owner-operator at Lethal Audio             
  1059. Matt Navarro  Owner at DJ Driscol Media              
  1060. Matt Osborne   Evansville, Indiana            
  1061. Matthew Braithwaite                
  1062. Matthew Brown St. Cloud State University             
  1063. Matthew Dowdy  Works at Self Employed and Loving It!              
  1064. Matthew J Hale    HVAC Service Technician at Oroville Hospital               
  1065. Matthew Mills  Brooklyn, New York             
  1066. Matthew T McAvinew                  
  1067. Matthew Underwood   Service Operator -Frac at Calfrac Well Services (Official)             
  1068. Matthiew Imbeault  Assistant Manager at Jean Coutu            
  1069. Maureen Louise Crowley      2 Harvest Hill, Wolcott, CT 203-879-5235        Truly deranged!
  1070. Maureen R. Reagan                  
  1071. Maurice Skiffey                   
  1072. Max Shively                
  1073. Megan Bush Brown Mackie College - Cincinnati              
  1074. Megan Moore Brooke High School             
  1075. Mel Fleettaa Henderson    Works at Athena Sleep Medical              
  1076. Melaney Tucker King                  
  1077. Melanie Melton Dann                
  1078. Melina Gorstmann   Cleadon park               
  1079. Melissa Brown Wetnight   Pooping and Peeing             
  1080. Melissa Eppinger                  
  1081. Melissa Guruyou Balbo  Works at Duke's Smokehouse BBQ             
  1082. Melissa Jo                
  1083. Melissa Nicole Bailey Asheboro, North Carolina               
  1084. Melissa Sell   Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania            
  1085. Melissa Thorkelson Koeppen  La Crosse, Wisconsin               
  1086. MelIssa Trudell   Miami, Florida             
  1087. Mellissa Rothschild                 
  1088. Mellissa Roxanne   Works at Sunset Diner              
  1089. Meme Grey New Albany, Indiana            
  1090. Mendy Culifer  Magnet Cove, Arkansas              
  1091. Meri Michaud                  
  1092. Michael Beatty Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania               
  1093. Michael Colongo                   
  1094. Michael Davis    Adelaide, South Australia              
  1095. Michael Kellogg   Hard Knocks High               
  1096. Michael Kelsey  Oneonta Senior High School             
  1097. Michael Moyes Works at Disabled Veteran              
  1098. Michael Rick   Westbury, New York             
  1099. Michael Ritson                 
  1100. Michael Roach   Bakersfield College            
  1101. Michael Shafer   Area Sales Professional at Canada Dry Bottling Co. of Lansing              
  1102. Michael W. Lurie Vestal, New York               
  1103. Michael Wesley Rudd Knoxville, Tennessee               
  1104. Michele Davison                  
  1105. Michele Rena See-Achen   Savannah, Georgia              
  1106. Michele Ritchie-Policastri  Rutherford High School             
  1107. Michelle Beavers                
  1108. Michelle Carpenter Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania               
  1109. Michelle Dupnik                   
  1110. Michelle Gilbert   Registered Nurse at University of Rochester            
  1111. Michelle Griffin  North Shore            
  1112. Michelle Lassiter Colbath   Villa Walsh Academy            
  1113. Michelle Lynn                  
  1114. Michelle Neustaedter                 
  1115. Michelle P Speelman                   
  1116. Michelle Perryman-Ford Copley Works at Currently on Medical Leave            
  1117. Michelle Smith    Urbandale, Iowa            
  1118. Mickey Corea    Building Maintenance at Montego Bay Resort             
  1119. Microchips Mindcontrol   London, United Kingdom             
  1120. Mike Arnold Atlanta, Georgia               
  1121. Mike Denton    Pilot at ExpressJet Airlines               
  1122. Mike Hales                   
  1123. Mike Harris                  
  1124. Mike Higgins  Works at Delta Rubber              
  1125. Mike Jama    Hubbard High School            
  1126. Mike Kelly   Pathologist at St John's Hospital              
  1127. Mike Nickols    Traffic Control Specialist at Area Wide Protective             
  1128. Mike Wrenn   Los Angeles, California            
  1129. Mike Zincke    Foyil, Oklahoma            
  1130. Miranda Faye Taylor    Works at Stay at home mom and wife             
  1131. Mirella PS  Georgia State University               
  1132. Missionary James   The University of Hard Knocks              
  1133. Missy Herring Momager at Scuba               
  1134. Missy Pace Sioux City, Iowa               
  1135. Misty Sanchez  Brusly, Louisiana              
  1136. MJ Black    Columbia University in the City of New York            
  1137. Monica Thayer Server at Hot Shots Bar and Grill              
  1138. Montrell D. Brown Electrical Specialist at Lowe's Home Improvement               
  1139. Morgan T Bennett   Keyboard Warrior at Classified             
  1140. Morgan Wager    Saugerties, New York               
  1141. MrMike William Barnhart  Founder at Founder of Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe              
  1142. Murray Marchment   Georgetown District High School            
  1143. Myke Steele                 
  1144. Mystika Rayne                 
  1145. Nadina Grond Works at Bei der Erde              
  1146. Nan Jones    University of Florida              
  1147. Nana Yeager   Bethlehem, Pennsylvania            
  1148. Nancy Clarke Baker                  
  1149. Nancy DeltaGanell Haworth                 
  1150. Nancy Lawrence  University New England             
  1151. Natalie Anne Bertram   Server at Keith's Old River Pizza Co.              
  1152. Natalie Miller Mortensen    Owner at Benicia's Golden Reef Face & Body Spa             
  1153. Natascha Scheuer   Schule des Lebens              
  1154. Natasha Johnson Independent Distributor at Young Living Essential Oils             
  1155. Nathan Livingston   Conway, South Carolina             
  1156. Nathaniel Heidenheimer Nixon at Apricot Mart; builiding psychological models of Richard M. Nixon              
  1157. Neil Brown                
  1158. Neil Richardson  Portsmouth             
  1159. Nelson Fu   Los Angeles, California            
  1160. Neshane Payam    Tehran, Iran               
  1161. Nicholas Bunt                
  1162. Nicholas J Amo                
  1163. Nicholas Nulf  WyoTech            
  1164. Nichole Richardson-Gardner  Daycare Provider at Self Employed              
  1165. Nick Boyle    Wheeling High School               
  1166. Nick Coamey    Mail Room Support/ at The University of Kansas             
  1167. Nick Dunlap    Universal Technical Institute              
  1168. Nick Gonzalez  MRM Worldwide              
  1169. Nick Halley    Bexleyheath Academy            
  1170. Nick Lucero                   
  1171. Nick MacDonald Washington & Lee (Montross) High School            
  1172. Nick Sutton  Works at National Health Service               
  1173. Nick Tarpley                
  1174. Nicky Nelson                   
  1175. Nicole Egan Willis  John Peri Beauty College               
  1176. Nicole Emery                   
  1177. Nicole Hunter  Pinch, West Virginia               
  1178. Nicole Lealiou                
  1179. Nik Durden Denver, Colorado               
  1180. Nina Little   Works at Stay at Home Mom              
  1181. Océan Beresford    Manhattan, New York            
  1182. Olena Ostrovska                   
  1183. Olga Ragler    Flushing, New York             
  1184. Once Rojas Rolando  Works at Facebook              
  1185. Osvaldo Valdes University of Pennsylvania             
  1186. Pamela Beth Shelton-Tolbert                 
  1187. Pamela Ferriss New Milford High School            
  1188. Pamela Jane                  
  1189. Pamela South    Mississippi College            
  1190. Panch Navajas                  
  1191. Pari Paker Punjab College - Jalalpur Jattan Campus            
  1192. Pat Clayborn Valiant            
  1193. Pat Klugh                 
  1194. Pat Morris                  
  1195. Pat Quinet                
  1196. Patrice Monroe-Warfield Perry High School              
  1197. Patricia Herwegh                  
  1198. Patrick Breen Owner at Powerage              
  1199. Patrick Evans Works at Live- in Nanny            
  1200. Patrick S. Cody   Farmington, New York               
  1201. Patti McAllister                  
  1202. Paul David Hash    J. R. Tucker High School               
  1203. Paul Lalla  Electrician at PEC             
  1204. Paul Mcghee  Maintenance at ACKERMANN GROUP             
  1205. Paul Riot Osman Westfield High School (Harris County, Texas)               
  1206. Paul Stewart CNC Operator at Lucas Industrial Components            
  1207. Paul Swiderski   Suffolk County Community College               
  1208. Paula Broussard Safety Manager at Zachry Construction Corporation              
  1209. Paula Devlin                   
  1210. Paula Kramer  Kankakee Community College             
  1211. Payday Monsanto                   
  1212. Peg Roberts College of Hard Knocks.....Life            
  1213. Penny BodyShop Sambora Sales and Recruitment Consultant for The Body Sop At Home at The Body Shop at Home - Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire              
  1214. Penny Lou   Huntsville, Arkansas               
  1215. Pete Holcomb                
  1216. Pete Patrick                   
  1217. Peter Natt Melbourne, Victoria, Australia             
  1218. Peter O'Kelly Queen's University Belfast             
  1219. Peter Sedore                  
  1220. Peter Simon Kim Temple             
  1221. Phil Restino   Northeastern University            
  1222. Philip A. Reilly                   
  1223. Philip Cabral    Works at Self-Employed             
  1224. Philip Leask                  
  1225. Phillip Sturts Train and break horses western plasure lessons too at Working on My Ranch              
  1226. Phillips Nick    Gresham High School            
  1227. Phyllis Baker Wilks Piqua High School              
  1228. Pichai Phetsee Panare, Pattani, Thailand              
  1229. Polo Kevin   École de conduite JPF Formation Professionnelle 2000 inc              
  1230. Pompe A. Sein New Britain, Connecticut               
  1231. Popeye Dtrh    Host/Producer at Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye            
  1232. Prince Hamzaway Harvard University Of USA              
  1233. Priscilla Perry Taking Care of my kids at Im a stay at home mom and love it!!!!            
  1234. Pyrate Captn    AATC               
  1235. Qmaximus McClain    Newberry               
  1236. Rach Spie                   
  1237. Rachael Mach McCoy                  
  1238. Rachael N. Jacobs  School of Hard Knocks, The University of Life              
  1239. Rachel Calderhead  Customer Service at Sainsbury's            
  1240. Rachel Crosby                
  1241. Rachel Darlene Elizabeth Bluck  Businessperson at At home              
  1242. Rachel Freefrm-labels Thompson The Little Counselling service at Self-Employed            
  1243. Rachel Negrete   Works at Self-Employed             
  1244. Rachel Rinehart                   
  1245. Rachid Ahmmouch                 
  1246. Rae Lnu    Los Angeles, California            
  1247. Ragnar Redbeard Works at I aint telling            
  1248. Rainer Schütz                   
  1249. Ralph Boggs CCCC               
  1250. Ralph Curtis                
  1251. Ram Segarra    Texas A&M University               
  1252. Ramsey Wilson    Tulsa Community College            
  1253. Randall Bornemann  American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine              
  1254. Randy Chavers                  
  1255. Randy Harris  Blackford High School              
  1256. Randy Maatta   Manning, South Carolina            
  1257. Randy Mathews   Owner at Self-Employed             
  1258. Randy Moore   Berea High School              
  1259. Raven Melvin                  
  1260. Ray Bennett    Pennsauken High School             
  1261. Ray DeWoody  Hillcrest High School              
  1262. Ray Manning   St Brigids Vocational School Loughrea              
  1263. Ray Smith   Cartersville, Georgia              
  1264. Ray West    Big Time Balla at National Security Agency             
  1265. Real Roger Houdaille    Works at Ex Norwegian              
  1266. Rebecca Ann Crane  Pewaukee, Wisconsin            
  1267. Rebecca G.cantrell                   
  1268. Rebecca Groh                   
  1269. Rebecca Rockwell  Sterile processing at Onieda Healthcare Hospital               
  1270. Rebekah Roth Stanford University            
  1271. Rebikya Harp                  
  1272. Regina Hamby                   
  1273. Ren Kuroki   Works at Web design            
  1274. Renee Whalen                 
  1275. Renjith Raj                   
  1276. Rheanna Marie   East Ridge High School             
  1277. Rhonda Kershaw Fairman                
  1278. Rich BigDaddy    Sachem High School North               
  1279. Rich Malkiel Killuminati   Prophet at For God and the Truth Movement              
  1280. Rich Neri   Wolcott, Connecticut               
  1281. Richard Brent Otf Wintringham                 
  1282. Richard Gobbels Jr.                
  1283. Richard Hastings                   
  1284. Richard Willis                  
  1285. Richard Zipperer                  
  1286. Richelle Renchy Ross    Decipticon at Transformers: War for Cybertron              
  1287. Richey Rollins  Concord, New Hampshire             
  1288. Rick Chase    Fayetteville, Ohio             
  1289. Rick Lee  Vanoss High School             
  1290. Rita Worthy University of Hard Knox            
  1291. Rob Hargreaves                   
  1292. Rob Johnson  Buffalo, New York              
  1293. Rob Sartori Owner at San Patricio Farrier Svcs             
  1294. Rob Stone  CSR/TSR at Groupon             
  1295. Rob Webb   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma            
  1296. Robert Belisle  Nathaniel Hawthorne College            
  1297. Robert Brown    Chairman at Faceguistas Fanáticos             
  1298. Robert Gionet    University of Rhode Island             
  1299. Robert Morrison   Lebanon, Ohio              
  1300. Robert Shenkman Saint raymonds             
  1301. Robert Wallace    Baby It's You (JoJo song)              
  1302. Robert Yancy Bronson High School            
  1303. Robin Lynn Hills  Wilby High School              
  1304. Robyn Cima                
  1305. Robyn Williams   Texas A&M              
  1306. Roger Pack  Patriotic at The Tea Party             
  1307. Roger Pack Patriotic member at The Tea Party              
  1308. Roman Sheveluk School of Hard Knocks              
  1309. Romeo Sierra                   
  1310. Ron B Thomas   Moab, Utah             
  1311. Ron Barney   Consultant at Client Sites             
  1312. Ron Carleton    Importer/Exporter at Vandelay Indstries            
  1313. Ron Fathauer   Brenham High School            
  1314. Ronald Boldt                  
  1315. Rosanne Miller    Fort Wayne, Indiana            
  1316. Roshelle McLaurin                  
  1317. Roy Hill  The Old School Of Hard Knocks              
  1318. Royan Rosche San Jose City College              
  1319. Rune Weinreich Indehaver/Interaktionsdesigner at Play It              
  1320. Russ Hallberg  The University of North Carolina at Greensboro - UNCG              
  1321. Russ Preston Detail at FX Caprara Chevy             
  1322. Russ Whitlock                   
  1323. Russell Bailey    Humboldt State University              
  1324. Russell Winslow New York, New York             
  1325. Rusty Morgan   Frederick High             
  1326. Ryan Anderson                
  1327. Ryan Carr                   
  1328. Sally Munoz                  
  1329. Sam Holsonback                
  1330. Sam Markle   Works at Carter Lumber             
  1331. Samantha Brooks    Waitress at RJ's Restaurant & Sports Pub               
  1332. Samantha McCarley    Osawatomie, Kansas             
  1333. Samantha McFarland  Lebanese American University               
  1334. Samuel Castile                
  1335. Sandra Macaluso                 
  1336. Sandy Crúz                  
  1337. Sandy Walls-Sabol                  
  1338. Sara Lee                   
  1339. Sarah DeMarce  Millbrook, New York            
  1340. Sarah Elizabeth Davis   Virginia Beach, Virginia               
  1341. Sarah Hemingway Iam   Works at Campaigning Against All That Is Wrong             
  1342. Sarah Johnson-Lind  Ohlone College             
  1343. Sarah Stephens                   
  1344. Sarina Racquel  Del Mar College Outreach & Student Enrollment Center               
  1345. Sasha Thomas  Middletown, Ohio               
  1346. Satasha Collins                 
  1347. Savannah Kiser Layout at Havco Wood Products              
  1348. Sawyer Lee                
  1349. Sayeem Muneer  Sea captain at Maritime Services               
  1350. Schuyler Regan   Macomb, Illinois               
  1351. ScoobandTiffany Hilliard  LPN at Punxsutawney Area Hospital              
  1352. Scot Rowell                  
  1353. Scott Blanks                  
  1354. Scott Ewing    Rccc               
  1355. Scott G. North  Works at Self-Employed             
  1356. Scott Goodwin  Booneville High School             
  1357. Scott Lundquist   Sloan, New York            
  1358. Scott Michael David Brearley Regional High School            
  1359. Scott Perry    Drop out               
  1360. Scott Smith Fort Hill High School              
  1361. Scott Smith                 
  1362. Scott Thompson Jr.   Westbrook, Maine               
  1363. Scotti Taylor Brooks                 
  1364. Scotty Reeves   Charleston, West Virginia              
  1365. Sean Irizarry Kings Park, New York               
  1366. Sean Patrick Clark    Quality Engineer at Toledo North Assembly Plant - Chrysler             
  1367. Sean Roberts   Dad at Home            
  1368. Seb Nord   Works at CONSULTANT            
  1369. Seb Nord   Designer at Consultant             
  1370. Sebastien Calebout PDG&Fondateur at Boma worst nv             
  1371. Seme Christopher  Toms River, New Jersey             
  1372. Semolina Pilchard UC Berkeley            
  1373. Senior Spencer                
  1374. Sentinel Paul Isaac FDNY AUX FIRE CORPS "WAR FIREMAN" WSHTF !!! at FDNY AUX / LT               
  1375. Serina Bardon                
  1376. Shabarita Ranks    Atlanta, GA            
  1377. Shadow Richardson                   
  1378. Shakirah Sankofa Koontz    Works at Job Quitters Inc.             
  1379. Shane Boylan  Bumpass, Virginia              
  1380. Shane Wieman   Lindenwood University              
  1381. Shanna Pewick  Rockwall, Texas            
  1382. Shannon Allen                
  1383. Shannon Marie                  
  1384. Shannon Stamper    Works at Full Time Wife & Mommy            
  1385. Shannon Winters  Certified Medical Assistant at St. Vincent Healthcare - Billings, Montana              
  1386. Sharon Carlton Ramona High School (Riverside, California)             
  1387. Sharon Hall                  
  1388. Sharon Wu                
  1389. Shasta Danielle Villari Mental Health Tech at Montgomery Area Mental Health Authority              
  1390. Shaun Prepper Taylor   School of Hard Knocks, The University of Life              
  1391. Shaunah Jones    Ceo Of the Jones House hold at Todd JOnes              
  1392. Shawn Kippenhan    Automotive Sales at Dependable Auto Sales, Appleton, WI            
  1393. Shawn Taylor    Norwich, Connecticut               
  1394. Shawn Wear Yakima, Washington             
  1395. Shay Pace                
  1396. Shelby Danielle  Being A Super Mom & F at Stay-At-Home-Mommy            
  1397. Shelby Henderson Nichols                  
  1398. Sheldon Gartner    Westchester, New York              
  1399. Shelly D Archer    Ponca City High School             
  1400. Shelly Hanson                 
  1401. Shelly Windnagle   Adm. Asst. at TGR Enterprises              
  1402. Sheri Iwantastupidnameheretoo Swearingen                  
  1403. Sheri Malik   Brooklyn, New York             
  1404. Sheri Renee                  
  1405. Sheri Watson                   
  1406. Sherrie Mika Boss at Noneya Business            
  1407. Sherry Kee  Head Cook Evening shift. at Navajo Preparatory School              
  1408. Sherry Ruddy                  
  1409. Sherry Sigers Gaston                 
  1410. Sheryl Warren                  
  1411. Shirl Ray  Dekalb County High School              
  1412. Shirley Lee Couch                  
  1413. ShirleyAnn Burris  Works at Happy Homemaker and Mommy & Loving it             
  1414. Silke Hoffmann  Die harte Schule des Lebens            
  1415. Simon Smith    Works at City Ville            
  1416. Simon Wilkins CGNU               
  1417. Sinan Berger Florida International University               
  1418. Skye Bailey    Bishop Miege High School               
  1419. Sondra Turner-Hobson    Zombie Island              
  1420. Soo Clever                   
  1421. Sophie Best    Event Planner at Odessey Arena             
  1422. Spencer's CommentaryOn CurrentEvents                   
  1423. Stacey Hudson   Help Desk Tech Specialist OpteView at Diebold, Inc.            
  1424. Stacey Lynn Lesky                  
  1425. Stacey Newport                   
  1426. Stacey Novello Mancilla                
  1427. Stacey Weiss Tollin   Yoga and Pilates Instructor at LA Fitness              
  1428. Stacy Armour  Nashville Auto Diesel College              
  1429. Stacy Bonds  St. Louis              
  1430. Stacy Leffingwell                 
  1431. Stacy Renee Harris  SMCC               
  1432. Stan Laxley Central Connecticut State University               
  1433. Star Manda   Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry             
  1434. Steel Rod                
  1435. Steffen Harwood    Music Production at DJSK Records               
  1436. Steph Cutler   Systems Analyst at Abstergo Industries             
  1437. Stephanie Coker Lewallen   Demorest, Georgia              
  1438. Stephanie Johnson   Teacher at Waverly School District 145             
  1439. Stephanie Madsen    Works at Younique              
  1440. Stephanie Smith Kansas State University            
  1441. Stephen Dickerson                  
  1442. Stephen Fosella Self Educated              
  1443. Stephen Hayes                   
  1444. Stephen Smith   Macomb Community College               
  1445. Steve Cohn  Works at 9/11 Truth movement               
  1446. Steve Hine                   Convicted felon according to NC public records
  1447. Steve Mathews   Works at Gateway Church (            
  1448. Steve Mercer   Dallas / Fort Worth, TX            
  1449. Steve Price   Community College of the Air Force             
  1450. Steve Thomas  President at Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ Ministries             
  1451. Steve Townsend  Waterbury, Connecticut             
  1452. Steven Michael Wolfe   91 Bravo Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic at United States Army Reserve            
  1453. Steven Ray                   
  1454. Stevi Joy Worley   Assistant Property Manager at The Meadows Apartment Homes              
  1455. Stina Lømmel Friis                 
  1456. Subo Subo    Feni, Barisāl, Bangladesh             
  1457. Sue Ann Meyers                  
  1458. Sue Hixon    Chamberlain College of Nursing             
  1459. Sue Minter   John M. Morehead High              
  1460. Sunny Josephine   U.S. Career Institute              
  1461. Susan Cantalupo                 
  1462. Susan Cariño   University of Pangasinan, Dagupan City             
  1463. Susan Denise Johnson    Willis, Texas              
  1464. Susan Stinson  Valparaiso, Indiana            
  1465. Susan Vaughn  Caretaker of the Gram and Gela at Caretaker of my House            
  1466. Susie Chaudhary                   
  1467. Suzan Napier- Musser   Rittman            
  1468. Suzanne Brink   Works at Self-Employed             
  1469. Suzanne Lent Electrical Assembler at Chipblaster            
  1470. Suzie Schier Cook   Contract Clerk at Community Living British Columbia            
  1471. Sydney Bassett-Wooley Ellington High School              
  1472. Sylvia Swint Boheler                
  1473. Tamela Faith Thompson  Administrative Assistant-Legal at FTS International            
  1474. Tami Craig   CNA at CNA/Home Health Care            
  1475. Tammy Fontana Texas Woman's University               
  1476. Tammy Harrill Brady                  
  1477. Tamra Shrum Stone  Owner at Sweet N Savvy Boutique            
  1478. Tania MotherOf Ajna                  
  1479. Tanner Farrington  Technician at Maple Tire Center            
  1480. Tao Fallenstar Temple Keeper at The Beloved Sanctuary             
  1481. Tara Harris                   
  1482. Tarik Fringe  Stephen Tyng Mather High School            
  1483. Tauna Clary Kemp                
  1484. Tenzin Gyaltsen                
  1485. Terance Williams                   
  1486. Teresa Grandy  Fayetteville Technical Community College               
  1487. Teri Plourde                  
  1488. Terri Bene                
  1489. Terri Ord   Montreal, Quebec               
  1490. Terri Reynolds                 
  1491. Terri Rowe   My Space Kids              
  1492. Terri Stidd-O'neil   Human Resources at Chief Carriers              
  1493. Terry Cahill   Youngstown, Ohio               
  1494. Terry Kroell Somerset, Kentucky             
  1495. Tessie Claveria  Chicago, Illinois              
  1496. Theo Jae Burchick   Karns City High School             
  1497. Theresa Konopacki Hardy    South River High School 3996 Penn Ave, Reading, PA  (610) 670-7036     
  1498. Thomas Booger Willett                 
  1499. Thomas Lapp                
  1500. Thomas Mann    Foley High School              
  1501. Tiffanie Shuman Owner/Photographer at Gotcha Photography By Tippy              
  1502. Tiffany Corine Finch                 
  1503. Tiffany Moser      5854 Portsmouth Road, Yorba Linda, CA          
  1504. Tiffany Waters                 
  1505. Tiffany Wheeler Nixon  Baton Rouge, Louisiana             
  1506. Tijani Khadraoui                  
  1507. Tim Bradley   Manufacturer's Representative / Consultant at Manufacturer's Representative            
  1508. Tim Golding   Rutgers University             
  1509. Tim Stadther Jr.   Employee at Shooters Billiards & Cafe              
  1510. Tim YP Salisbury  Vice President at Royal Media              
  1511. Timothy Campbell   Groundskeeper at State of Maine            
  1512. Timothy Durkan College of DuPage              
  1513. Timothy Sinsheimer  Staten Island              
  1514. Tiss Aroo  Stoneville, North Carolina             
  1515. Tobey Ziebell   Schaumburg, Illinois               
  1516. Todd Alexander Gomez                  
  1517. Tom Byers   Crafton High School            
  1518. Tomas Hansson   Frivilig at Träffpunkt Gråbo             
  1519. Tony Bedinghaus    Purdue University              
  1520. Tony Cioe  Insaller at Coutures custom flooring               
  1521. Tony Cowley Clackamas Community College            
  1522. Tony Madonna                  
  1523. Tony Mead   Cooper City, Florida    10401 Panama Street, Hollywood, FL         
  1524. Tony Scarboni  Ypsilanti, Michigan            
  1525. Tonya S. Graham                  
  1526. Tori Mickle                 
  1527. Tori Oakes    Medical Technologist at Paris Regional Medical Center              
  1528. Tori Shepler   Brown Mackie College               
  1529. TR Graham                  
  1530. Tracey Crookes                 
  1531. Tracey Neufeld   Sherwood Park, Alberta             
  1532. Tracey Pudder Croft    Set-up Technician at Shaw Industries               
  1533. Tracie Teague                   
  1534. Tracy Christine Sanford Cook                  
  1535. Tracy Flanary Elizabethton, Tennessee            
  1536. Tracy Johnson    Reno, Nevada               
  1537. Tracy Whitehurst Works at Self-Employed             
  1538. Tracy Wood  Front Runner at Whole Foods Market             
  1539. Trent A. Baker                   
  1540. Trent Thomas Pell City, Alabama             
  1541. Trevaughn Highsmith                   
  1542. Trevor Stahlhut Cabinet Builder at Omega Cabinetry             
  1543. Tricia Gay   Chesterfield, Virginia             
  1544. Tricia Wood    Driver at Papa Johs            
  1545. Trinity Nicole Coody   Nanny at Nanny McPhee              
  1546. Trond Ruud                
  1547. Troy Walton                
  1548. Trường Quan Admin at Yêu Việt Nam               
  1549. Ty Lee    Works at Self-Employed             
  1550. Tylar Miles    Atlanta, Georgia               
  1551. Tyler Biggs                   
  1552. Tyson Tomaszewicz                 
  1553. Ubuntu Portland University of Alaska Fairbanks             
  1554. Valerie Coquese                
  1555. Valerie Werstler  Cameron County Junior - Senior High School             
  1556. Vanessa Roberts    Chief Executive Officer at Stay-at-home parent             
  1557. Verna White    Registered Nurse at Life               
  1558. Veronica Mondragon   Boss at Proud stay home mommy and wife             
  1559. Vicki Bise Tiveron  Atlanta, GA            
  1560. Vickie Lindsey Holt    Crowley High School            
  1561. Vicky Chappell Lusk    Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)               
  1562. Vicky Neis Home Rep at WCCC               
  1563. Vikki Porter                
  1564. Vince Marra    Housekeeping at VSEC Veterinary Hospital               
  1565. Vince Todorovski   Corprate               
  1566. Violet Bradshaw  Works at International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine             
  1567. Virginia Swarr Youmans   Independent Ambassador #269548 at Plexus Worldwide             
  1568. Vita Liberavita  Lecce, Italy               
  1569. Wake Up Mix    San Juan del Río              
  1570. Walden Vance   Works at Forever 21            
  1571. Walk Walk                
  1572. Walt da Barber    North Plainfield High School               
  1573. Walt Peretto   Writer, sociopolitical psychologist. at ME Myself and I            
  1574. Walter Lesco   Branford, Connecticut              
  1575. Walter Small    Works at Mafia             
  1576. Wayne Kerwood Southland Boys' High School            
  1577. Wayne Lawton    Piedmont Technical College             
  1578. Wcu Mike Charles Untouchabulls   School of Hard Knocks              
  1579. Wendi Buero Mann    Kettering High School              
  1580. Wes Mijares    Bakersfield, California            
  1581. Wesley Plumley   Works at Hustle Game               
  1582. Whitney Gonzales San Antonio, Texas             
  1583. Whitney Lee Ayala    McCook, Nebraska               
  1584. Whitney Mckin  Bryan College              
  1585. Wil Wiseman                   
  1586. William Aaron Simon    CEO & Founder at American2day              
  1587. William Brandon Shanley  New London, Connecticut            
  1588. William Brolly                  
  1589. William Bunker   Reiki Master of my own school at Inochi Jinsei Reiki               
  1590. William Lyden       213 Lora St, Neptune Beach, FL 32266            Owns a dog, Tia; rapes her
  1591. William McEwen   School of Hard Knocks, The University of Life              
  1592. William Remi Christchurch, New Zealand              
  1593. William Searles Campobello Island Consolidated School              
  1594. William Watchman Ogden  Owner/Trainer at Underground Gym Trainer               
  1595. Willie Guthrie  Wrecker Driver at Plunk's Wrecker Service              
  1596. Yenii Yanii Jenniie Mane Waubonsee Community College            
  1597. Young Katy   Witness at One world community, not New World Order            
  1598. Youseff Alsoofi    Supervisor at Landmark industries              
  1599. Yvelyn 'Cynthia' Bunting  Huddersfield               
  1600. Yvette Levasseur Lewiston, Maine            
  1601. Zac Di                
  1602. Zach Godbout   Quinnipiac             
  1603. Zach Richardson   Aiken, South Carolina              
  1604. Zachary Meininger  Grocery Department at Jewel-Osco               
  1605. Zachary Ryan Linn    Fort Hays State University             
  1606. Zachary Standley                  
  1607. Zackery West                  
  1608. Zanette Gilbreath    Lamar University               
  1609. Zavisa Zoric                  
  1610. Zeanie Davis Clark State Community College              
  1611. Zechariah Fidler   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania               
  1612. Zoe Wood                  
  1613. Zombi Staley                 
  1614. Ztown Vapors   Philo High School
  1615. Alex Jones – Austin, Texas conspiracy theorist Alex Emrick Jones for harassing survivors of Las Vegas mass shooting, Boston Bombing, Aurora Shooting, and Sandy Hook shooting hoaxes by falsely calling them a false flag. Bigot Alex Jones street addresses in all Austin, Texas 1011 Meredith Dr, 910 W Mary St, and Infowars studio 3005 s lamar blvd. suite D109-393.
  1616. Amanda Baise –
  1617. Cliff Cady – Wesley Chapel, FL
  1618. Mario Brisson – Cornwall, Ontario
  1619. Peter Darin Klein – Lexington, KY
  1620. Tony Mead – Cooper City, Florida
  1621. Jason Torbet – Hoquiam, Washington
  1622. Jai Munro –
  1623. Felix Pantaleon Jr. –  Washing Heights, NY
  1624. Tim Morton – Brooks, Kentucky
  1625. Mark Barnum –
  1626. Scott A. Bodnar –
  1627. Josh Canon – Seattle, Washington
  1628. Brandon Castro – Bronx New York, New York
  1629. Matthew Dandrea – Lodi, New Jersey
  1630. Robin Delre –
  1631. Marcel D’Entremont –
  1632. Jermain Hawver – Boyne City, Michigan
  1633. Anthony Keeton – Munich, Bavaria
  1634. Michael Janitch – Chesterfield, missouri
  1635. Stephanie Lourdes – Beverly Hills, California
  1636. Christopher Michael – Auburn, New York
  1637. Michael Caserta – Garden Grove , CA
  1638. Ned Jones DeBalla – New York, New York
  1639. Lynn Dusatko –
  1640. Bryan Eddy – Las Vegas, Nevada
  1641. Roberto Feldman – Cotia , Spain
  1642. Christopher Gabehart –
  1643. William Georgeson – Toronto, Ontario
  1644. Timothy Holmes – Chemung, New York
  1645. David Johnson – Tracy, California
  1646. Joe Keanbean – Moscow, Russia
  1647. Barbara J Castile-Kiser –
  1648. Jay F Lee – Jacksonville, Florida
  1649. Cherie Martin – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  1650. Jennifer Maxwell – Milan, Italy
  1651. Walter Glenn Moore – Keene, Texas
  1652. Brent Naish –
  1653. Erik Pearson –
  1654. Keith Puetz – Glendale, Arizona
  1655. Richard Rowell – Santa Maria, California
  1656. Brian Roberts – Leesburg, Alabama
  1657. Timothy sinsheimer – staten island, New York
  1658. Ira Arnold Steinhart – New Oxford, Pennsylvania
  1659. Jesse Waldron – Point Roberts, Washington
  1660. Robin Weigel – Los Angeles, California
  1661. David Weiss – Cos Cob, CT
  1662. Thomas Robert Lacovara – Woodbury, New Jersey
  1663. Eric Andrew Wilkinson – Livonia, Michigan
  1664. David Duke - 240 Garden Ave Mandeville, Louisiana 70471 KKK member that is anti-semitic and racist bigot
  1665. Craig Cobb - 208 3rd Ave. East Sherwood, North Dakota*/ a hateful anti-semitic racist for posting New Rockford Class of 2005, 2006 and 2010 students on hate website stormfront thread M Zimmerman, Autistic UnityND, Threatened Behead Dr David Duke-Admits Bomb/Death Threats Wake of C Mercer-No Ar. This cowardly bigot harasses and name calls people names like kike for example.
  1666. Don Black - West Palm Beach, Florida 203 Lakeland Dr. West Palm Beach, Florida a racist bigot
  1667. Donald J. Trump - New York, New York
  1668. Weev
  1669. Alex Linder
  1670. Andrew Anglin  
  1672. Pamela Geller
  1673. Richard Spencer
  1674. Charles C Johnson
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