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  5. <p>It's been a busy month for C&C. Several new full C&C mods moderators are settling in, new methods of organisation have been introduced, and as always a lot of writers and checkers have been working hard to improve Smogon's content.</p>
  7. <p>Since the last update, the following analyses have had major updates on site:</p>
  9. <ul>
  10. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/bronzong#Offensive_Trick_Room">Bronzong</a> (Offensive Trick Room), by Bologo</li>
  11. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/cacturne">Cacturne</a> (revamp), by Fuzznip</li>
  12. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/cresselia">Cresselia</a> (Ubers update), by Darmmalice</li>
  13. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/cresselia">Cresselia</a> (update), by supermarth64</li>
  14. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/deoxys">Deoxys</a> (revamp), by j. franky</li>
  15. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/dusknoir">Dusknoir</a> (revamp), by Macle</li>
  16. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/floatzel">Floatzel</a> (revamp), by Joel</li>
  17. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/forretress">Forretress</a> (update), by Malfunction</li>
  18. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/gengar#Substitute_+_Pain_Split">Gengar</a> (Sub+Pain Split), by Philip7086</li>
  19. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/giratina">Giratina</a> (partial revamp) , by Fireburn</li>
  20. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/gliscor">Gliscor</a> (partial revamp), by Xia</li>
  21. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/heatran#Metal_Sound">Heatran</a> (Metal Sound), by Fuzznip</li>
  22. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/ho-oh">Ho-Oh</a> (revamp), by Fireburn</li>
  23. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/jumpluff">Jumpluff</a> (revamp), by Joel</li>
  24. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/kingdra#Rest_Talk_+_Dragon_Dance">Kingdra</a> (ResTalk + Dragon Dance), by egg shell</li>
  25. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/latios">Latios</a> (revamp), by Fireburn</li>
  26. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/ledyba">Ledyba</a> (new analysis), by Dracoyoshi8</li>
  27. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/manaphy">Manaphy</a> (revamp), by Fireburn</li>
  28. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/mankey">Mankey</a> (new analysis), by GoldenKnight</li>
  29. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/moltres">Moltres</a> (revamp), by Xia</li>
  30. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/omanyte">Omanyte</a> (new analysis), by Macle</li>
  31. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/palkia">Palkia</a> (revamp), by Fireburn</li>
  32. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/paras#AgiliSpore">Paras</a> (AgiliSpore), by Dubulous</li>
  33. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/porygon-z#Substitute_+_3_Attacks">Porygon-Z</a> (Sub + 3 Attacks), by Snorlaxe</li>
  34. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/qwilfish">Qwilfish</a> (revamp), by Joel</li>
  35. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/rayquaza">Rayquaza</a> (revamp), by Fireburn</li>
  36. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/salamence">Salamence</a> (update), by Flashstorm1</li>
  37. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/scizor">Scizor</a> (revamp/concise), by Seven Deadly Sins</li>
  38. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/shaymin#Choice_Scarf">Shaymin</a> (Choice Scarf), by Joel</li>
  39. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/shaymin#Growth_Sweeper">Shaymin</a> (Growth Sweeper), by Toaster</li>
  40. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/slowbro">Slowbro</a> (OU analysis), by Snorlaxe</li>
  41. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/sneasel">Sneasel</a> (new analysis), by Diesel</li>
  42. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/totodile">Totodile</a> (new analysis, by Dracoyoshi8</li>
  43. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/typhlosion">Typhlosion</a> (revamp), by September</li>
  44. <li><a href="/dp/pokemon/wailmer">Wailmer</a> (new analysis), by Macle</li>
  45. </ul>
  47. <p>Additionally Alaka has written a <a href="/irc/colloquy_tutorial">Colloquy Tutorial</a> to help more users onto <a href="/irc/">IRC</a>, and a community project lead by Heysup has produced a <a href="/dp/articles/lc_threatlist">Little Cup Threatlist</a>.</p>
  49. <p>Philip7086's <a href="/forums/showthread.php?t=67596">Quality Control project</a>, which aims to ensure all analyses on site contain only sets which are currently competitively viable, has been picking up steam and removing outdated or otherwise poor sets, as well as bringing new ones to light.</p>
  51. <p>As always, if you notice a mistake anywhere on site please point it out in either the <a href="/forums/showthread.php?t=30691">objective</a> or <a href="/forums/showthread.php?t=45067">subjective</a> small changes thread. ~ eric the espeon</p>
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