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  1. 5042 voodoo in haiti (aubrey wilder)
  2. 6586 surfer girl (bill gillie)
  3. aa-104 masturbating little girls (-)
  4. aa-39 sex orgy with animals (desmond lowell)
  5. ab-1524 along came a swapper (richard b long)
  6. ab-1578 jennys favorite color (brad roberts)
  7. ab-1582 her special delivery (bobby keller)
  8. ab-1609 house of dark pleasure (gloria day)
  9. ab-1676 beasts are better (richard long)
  10. ab-1680 the dog ballers (don russell)
  11. ab-4001 three hot sisters (emerson taylor)
  12. ab-4004 sharing his sisters (richard hill)
  13. ab-4005 a piece of niece (donald palermo)
  14. ab-4007 the eager stepmother (j b mcnab)
  15. ab-4008 the ministers daughter (jason cannon)
  16. ab-4009 his horny sister (william scott)
  17. ab-4010 the incest twins (donald palermo)
  18. ab-4013 the farmers daughter (jason cannon)
  19. ab-4015 her lover son (robert vickers)
  20. ab-4017 the family ball (mark jacobs)
  21. ab-4019 turned on family (rex taylor)
  22. ab-4022 spanking mommy (duncan fox)
  23. ab-4024 horny cousins (norma egan)
  24. ab-4026 the rape girls (heather brown)
  25. ab-4027 the family gets it on (james barton)
  26. ab-5029 orgy with mom (bob kelly)
  27. ab-5030 hot daughter (ray strong)
  28. ab-5032 sisters in heat (john kellerman)
  29. ab-5037 gang bang sisters (calvin mason)
  30. ab-5042 hung up on incest (sam davis)
  31. ab-5054 sucking coeds (jane fox)
  32. ab-5056 moms twin sins (paul gable)
  33. ab-5057 family secrets (lew woods)
  34. ab-5060 raped by brother (j s bradley)
  35. ab-5061 the office girls (vince marcos)
  36. ab-5063 daddys tempting twins (james barton)
  37. ab-5072 raped teacher (j t watson)
  38. ab-5073 pervert teacher (laurie chandler)
  39. ab-5075 the wife next door (janet mccoy)
  40. ab-5077 sallys rape cure (j t watson)
  41. ab-5080 moms hot lesson (jeff davis)
  42. ab-5092 two-way sisters (mel marshall)
  43. ab-5093 peeping aunt (robert vickers)
  44. ab-5100 the family eats out (bob ellis)
  45. ab-5101 the farmers niece (ray todd)
  46. ab-5105 high school swingers (j t watson)
  47. ab-5107 faculty free for all (jane fox)
  48. ab-5109 door to door wife (heather brown)
  49. ab-5115 one bed family (frank levy)
  50. ab-5116 the swappers next door (jane fox)
  51. ab-5118 naughty girls school (r w finch)
  52. ab-5120 librarian with the hots (janet mccoy)
  53. ab-5127 blackmailed teacher (robert vickers)
  54. ab-5131 naughty schoolgirl (tom james)
  55. ab-5133 camping with daddy (paul tate)
  56. ab-5136 mothers young lover (brian laver)
  57. ab-5138 daddys little girls (jerry milner)
  58. ab-5139 hot and naughty nieces (john kellerman)
  59. ab-5143 hotter than mom (ray todd)
  60. ab-5144 seducing her family (robert vickers)
  61. ab-5146 turning on her teachers (c k ralston)
  62. ab-5147 his daughters keeper (robert vickers)
  63. ab-5148 mom, dad and daughter (ray todd)
  64. ab-5149 depraved aunt (jerry milner)
  65. ab-5151 hot bed brides (janet mccoy)
  66. ab-5153 balling families (jeff collins)
  67. ab-5154 seducing her brother (jane fox)
  68. ab-5155 doctors naughty helpers (robert vickers)
  69. ab-5159 more than a daughter (ken preston)
  70. ab-5162 their incest urge (jeff collins)
  71. ab-5163 teachers naughty lessons (marvin cox)
  72. ab-5165 hot pants twins (robert vickers)
  73. ab-5166 orgy school (ray todd)
  74. ab-5167 vacation swap (jerry milner)
  75. ab-5169 hot to trot neighbors (Jeff Collins)
  76. ab-5171 ranch house swingers (jeff collins)
  77. ab-5174 farm girl in heat (j t watson)
  78. ab-5177 the naughty nieces (ray todd)
  79. ab-5179 hot to trot mother (brian laver)
  80. ab-5180 scandal school (david crane)
  81. ab-5181 family games (ray todd)
  82. ab-5183 moms loving sons (michael corbett)
  83. ab-5186 wife swap reunion (ray todd)
  84. ab-5188 moms hot kids (don simpson)
  85. ab-5190 fun loving family (john adams)
  86. ab-5194 door to door teaser (david crane)
  87. ab-5196 willing teacher (ken preston)
  88. ab-5197 horny babysitter (ted leonard)
  89. ab-5207 raped young runaway (john kellerman)
  90. ab-5211 turned on twins (david crane)
  91. ab-5212 the familys wild urge (john adams)
  92. ab-5213 spread wide secretaries (jeff collins)
  93. ab-5215 daughter turns on (mark carver)
  94. ab-5217 daughter was best (ray todd)
  95. ab-5218 wide-open wife (donna allen)
  96. ab-5221 horny for brother (brian laver)
  97. ab-5222 sex slave virgins (john kellerman)
  98. ab-5224 the teachers incest urge (tom allison)
  99. ab-5227 teachers captive virgin (john kellerman)
  100. ab-5228 wild family (tom allison)
  101. ab-5230 play together family (william taylor)
  102. ab-5235 naughty, naked family (ray todd)
  103. ab-5237 flesh-feast family (david crane)
  104. ab-5243 ball in the family (nick eastwood)
  105. ab-5246 wide-open babysitter (david crane)
  106. ab-5247 incest wife (m j jacobs)
  107. ab-5249 aunties young lovers (donna allen)
  108. ab-5251 willing family (ray todd)
  109. ab-5262 the wifes new tricks (j t watson)
  110. ab-5263 family love (david crane)
  111. ab-5264 daughter joins the orgy (ron evans)
  112. ab-5267 incest teenagers (frank brown)
  113. ab-5268 backwoods family (ray todd)
  114. ab-5272 the condo swappers (hank borden)
  115. ab-5275 come and get it, dad! (ray todd)
  116. ab-5281 hot pants salesgirl (steve golden)
  117. ab-5282 hot wild family (ray todd)
  118. ab-5286 we are family (kathy harris)
  119. ab-5287 line up for the librarian (steve golden)
  120. ab-5288 willing wife swappers (john friday)
  121. ab-5290 billys horny mom (william taylor)
  122. ab-5295 peeping family (david crane)
  123. ab-5298 moms hot daughters (ray todd)
  124. ab-5308 orgy with the neighbors (mark carver)
  125. ab-5310 discipline for daughter (ted leonard)
  126. ab-5311 the familys wild fun (kathy harris)
  127. ab-5313 naughty hot nurse (david ingram)
  128. ab-5314 incest and the neighbors (ray todd)
  129. ab-5320 swapping families (john friday)
  130. ab-5321 naughty willing family (donna allen)
  131. ab-5325 family going down (kathy harris)
  132. ab-5328 the widows horny family (kathy andrews)
  133. ab-5331 the family comes on (kathy harris)
  134. ab-5334 seduced by mom (kevin sellers)
  135. ab-5335 brothers naughty family (donna allen)
  136. ab-5336 naughty voyeur aunt (frank brown)
  137. ab-5337 naughty, naughty family (tom allison)
  138. ab-5338 my peeping mom (kathy andrews)
  139. ab-5339 wild balling family (ray todd)
  140. ab-5340 hot orgy family (tom allison)
  141. ab-5341 mother with the hots (kathy andrews)
  142. ab-5342 horny hot waitress (laura quincy)
  143. ab-5344 more than kissing cousins (ray todd)
  144. ab-5345 the family lay (donna allen)
  145. ab-5346 hot horny sisters (michael corbett)
  146. ab-5347 she seduced the family (ray todd)
  147. ab-5348 family lovers (kathy harris)
  148. ab-5349 the wildest family (kathy harris)
  149. ab-5350 a ball with the kids (brad logan)
  150. ab-5351 hot bed cousins (harry stevens)
  151. ab-5353 harder! mom said (kathy andrews)
  152. ab-5354 two hot moms (kevin sellers)
  153. ab-5355 hot horny teachers (nick eastwood)
  154. ab-5356 what a sucking mother! (kathy andrews)
  155. ab-5358 suckfest family (pamela cooper)
  156. ab-5359 hot mom, hot daughters (brad logan)
  157. ab-5361 five-way family (donna allen)
  158. ab-5362 golden shower mom (kathy andrews)
  159. ab-5363 hot incest family (kathy harris)
  160. ab-5364 two horny moms (tom allison)
  161. ab-5365 this family does it (kevin sellers)
  162. ab-5366 even the neighbors suck! (ray todd)
  163. ab-5367 two wild mothers (don scott)
  164. ab-5368 the familys four-way suck (tom allison)
  165. ab-5369 two naughty sisters (ray todd)
  166. ab-5370 mommys horny darlings (tom allison)
  167. ab-5373 the preachers hot family (ray todd)
  168. ab-5375 peeping tom mom (kathy andrews)
  169. ab-5380 two moms, too wild (tom allison)
  170. ab-5381 two mothers in heat (tom allison)
  171. ab-5384 mom peeks on her kids (kathy andrews)
  172. ab-5386 moms horny new family (donna allen)
  173. ab-5389 daddys naughty daughters (bob wallace)
  174. ab-5392 flasher mom (kathy andrews)
  175. ab-5398 hot sucking teacher (steve golden)
  176. ab-5399 moms loving ways (kathy andrews)
  177. ab-5400 hot coming family (donna allen)
  178. ab-5404 naughty horny family (kathy harris)
  179. ab-5405 mom sucks big ones (john friday)
  180. ab-5406 niece going down (bob wallace)
  181. ab-5407 naked horny family (harry stevens)
  182. ab-5409 eat out with the family (ray todd)
  183. ab-5410 mommys horny boys (kathy andrews)
  184. ab-5411 hot sister next door (harry stevens)
  185. ab-5412 the family gets it on (donna allen)
  186. ab-5413 two naked hot moms (tom allison)
  187. ab-5417 three horny daughters (tom allison)
  188. ab-5418 suck-happy family (harry stevens)
  189. ab-5419 peeping naughty mom (nick eastwood)
  190. ab-5420 the familys hot daughter (kathy harris)
  191. ab-5423 horny peeping niece (nick eastwood)
  192. ab-5433 moms three horny darlings (kathy andrews)
  193. ab-5434 eager balling family (kathy harris)
  194. ab-5435 two raped schoolgirls (don scott)
  195. ab-5437 coming onto mom (kathy andrews)
  196. ab-5442 sucking, spanking family (kathy harris)
  197. ab-5443 horny peeping librarian (frank brown)
  198. ab-5444 the hottest neighbors (victoria parker)
  199. ab-5446 the familys hot fun (kathy harris)
  200. ab-5451 naked naughty family (kathy harris)
  201. ab-5452 hot mom and sis (kathy andrews)
  202. ab-5456 hot sis, hotter mom (kathy andrews)
  203. ab-5457 mom gets her licks (kathy andrews)
  204. ab-5460 wild naked family (harry stevens)
  205. ab-5467 wild easy family (kathy harris)
  206. ab-5469 horny new wife (nick eastwood)
  207. ab-5471 balling cousins (matthew king)
  208. ab-5473 daughters oral fun (kathy harris)
  209. ab-5475 family peepers (david crane)
  210. ab-5479 sister blows hard (donald owens)
  211. ab-5480 billys hot mom (kathy andrews)
  212. ab-5481 family in bed (donna allen)
  213. ab-5482 horny naughty nun (brad morgan)
  214. ab-5483 hot family voyeurs (david crane)
  215. ab-5484 horny loving babysitter (jeff collins)
  216. ab-5485 two moms for fun (brad morgan)
  217. ab-5486 that hot sucking sitter (nick eastwood)
  218. ab-5490 hot horny mothers (tom allison)
  219. ab-5491 three sucking daughters (dan reagan)
  220. ab-5493 sucking hot family (kathy harris)
  221. ab-5495 horny family fun (harry stevens)
  222. ab-5496 a ball with mother (kathy andrews)
  223. ab-5497 suckalot wife (bill randolph)
  224. ab-5498 spying on mom (donna allen)
  225. ab-5499 two hot daughters (george tipton)
  226. ab-5501 daughters new, hot family (harry stevens)
  227. ab-5503 wild hot bride (george tipton)
  228. ab-5507 hot schoolgirl sister (ted leonard)
  229. ab-5508 voyeur wife on vacation (hank henderson)
  230. ab-5509 desperately sucking teacher (pamela cooper)
  231. ab-5511 suck-loving mother (kathy andrews)
  232. ab-5513 the nieces sucking fun (kathy harris)
  233. ab-5514 mom wants golden showers (kathy andrews)
  234. ab-5515 the youngest aunt (victoria parker)
  235. ab-5516 hot widow, no panties (curt aldrich)
  236. ab-5518 daughters hot mouthful (calvin bernard)
  237. ab-5519 the familys wild ways (harry stevens)
  238. ab-5521 incestuous neighbors (don scott)
  239. ab-5522 jerrys hot mothers (kathy andrews)
  240. ab-5525 see mom suck (donna allen)
  241. ab-5526 the family lays together (ron taylor)
  242. ab-5527 make room for mother (kathy andrews)
  243. ab-5532 the family suck feast (albert gantry)
  244. ab-5535 suck show for the sitter (nick eastwood)
  245. ab-5537 the sitter saw a suck show (diana shannon)
  246. ab-5539 up against the wall, teach! (randy jackson)
  247. ab-5540 her hottest honeymoon (doug bowman)
  248. ab-5542 the cousins eat out (victoria parker)
  249. ab-5543 feeding the file clerk (ted leonard)
  250. ab-5544 miss hot pants schoolgirl (victoria parker)
  251. ab-5545 the wild west family (david crane)
  252. ab-5548 a wild family party (hank borden)
  253. ab-5551 some nuns suck. secretly! (debby rawlings)
  254. ab-5554 the smiths come together! (frank brown)
  255. ab-5556 see the family come (david crane)
  256. ab-5557 pay for play cheerleaders (victoria parker)
  257. ab-5560 two wives want it (tim peterson)
  258. ab-5561 watch em suck mom (kathy andrews)
  259. ab-5562 another mother sucks (gary shaw)
  260. ab-5567 between mother and son (david crane)
  261. ab-5569 young mothers work harder (james armstrong)
  262. ab-5573 the familys oral tradition (david crane)
  263. ab-5574 twin farmgirl cousins (ron taylor)
  264. ab-5577 mom eyes the kids (david crane)
  265. ab-5578 the hotter the daughter (warren reagan)
  266. ab-5579 back door neighbors (donna allen)
  267. ab-5582 eager virgin next door (frank masters)
  268. ab-5584 mom loves it outdoors (kathy andrews)
  269. ab-5586 back door wives (ron taylor)
  270. ab-5587 the summer camp nurse (m j jacobs)
  271. ab-5588 the neighbors suck like us! (david crane)
  272. ab-5589 a mother so naughty (douglas vincent)
  273. ab-5592 first time in the behind (ron taylor)
  274. ab-5593 wife in the back seat (david crane)
  275. ab-5597 sharing moms lover (david cleveland)
  276. ab-5599 do it after school (david crane)
  277. ab-5601 my red-hot mom! (kathy andrews)
  278. ab-5602 when mom and dad are away (frank brown)
  279. ab-5605 nympho sisters next door (ron taylor)
  280. ab-5608 the housewife went wild (andy gorman)
  281. ab-5609 the spying stepdaughter (benjamin royce)
  282. ab-5610 johnnys wild mother (kathy andrews)
  283. ab-5611 make room for daughter (ron taylor)
  284. ab-5612 sharing his sister (ray walker)
  285. ab-5617 brothers ball best (ray mills)
  286. ab-5618 incest schoolgirls (victoria parker)
  287. ab-5619 eat out with his wife (bill randolph)
  288. ac-102 the greek way (phil andros)
  289. ac-103 stud house (law honings)
  290. ac-104 hung man (aaron thomas)
  291. ac-106 beat the man down (chad stuart)
  292. ac-108 macho man (peter tuesday hughes)
  293. ac-120 jock stud (lambert wilhelm)
  294. ac-130 hung up and hard (damon marks)
  295. ac-146 coming out (f w love)
  296. ac-150 pick-up stud (adam jennings)
  297. ac-155 cop sucker (lambert wilhelm)
  298. ac-164 chicken slave (rex harper)
  299. ac-185 slaveboy brothers (rex harper)
  300. ac-189 stud landlord (f w love)
  301. ac-218 son loving father (lambert wilhelm)
  302. ac-224 snowbound studs (lambert wilhelm)
  303. ac-233 the gay cowboys (mark hoffman)
  304. ac-235 b&d buddies (lambert wilhelm)
  305. ac-247 midnight hustler (lambert wilheim)
  306. ac-248 glory hole cop (barton lewis)
  307. ac-265 country studs (lambert wilhelm)
  308. ac-282 blow the man down (jason bonds)
  309. ac-284 dirt road deliverance (franklin brooks)
  310. ac-291 slave brother chicken (barton lewis)
  311. ac-300 hungry for seamen (wes cranston)
  312. ac-304 glory hole junkie (wes cranston)
  313. ac-307 dominated boys (j l sheldon)
  314. ac-313 hung jailboy (wes cranston)
  315. ac-316 buddies behind bars (barry dunn)
  316. ac-326 s&m bondage boy (barry dunn)
  317. ac-343 state pen studs (barry dunn)
  318. ac-346 jock mates (barry dunn)
  319. ac-347 scat slavers (franklin d marsh)
  320. ac-348 son on a leash (johnny ross)
  321. ac-369 the brig boys (barton lewis)
  322. acdc-182 swap night (-)
  323. aes-110 kims anal romance (warren cramer)
  324. aes-149 maisies anal desire (walter forrest)
  325. ag-109 southern tramp (-)
  326. ah-1005 a donkey named peter (r e geis)
  327. ah-1084 bestiality for cindy (mark lewis)
  328. ah-1111 female scent - animal heat (diane ashfield)
  329. als-101 pet shop pussy (rick jennings)
  330. animal retreat (david crane)
  331. asp-2021 driven into swapping (renee stevens)
  332. ass-129 her anal perversion (con demerest)
  333. ass-130 attack from behind (joseph cirelli)
  334. ass-144 the anal wife (claire castillo)
  335. aw-103 massage parlor wife (r b simpson)
  336. bb-101 a librarian enslaved (nathan silvers)
  337. bb-104 summer camp in slavery (paul gable)
  338. bb-106 a mother enslaved (paul gable)
  339. bb-107 stepdaughter slave (henry perkins)
  340. bb-109 lash the librarian! (nathan silvers)
  341. bb-110 whipped raped daughter (paul gable)
  342. bb-111 aunt sharon enslaved (paul gable)
  343. bb-112 wife in training (donna allen)
  344. bb-113 secretary enslaved (henry perkins)
  345. bb-114 teacher in training (nathan silvers)
  346. bb-115 cousin in bondage (blake garfield)
  347. bb-116 the saleslady enslaved (henry perkins)
  348. bb-117 aunt in bondage (nathan silvers)
  349. bb-118 chains for daughter (blake garfield)
  350. bb-119 two cousins to torture (nathan silvers)
  351. bb-120 handcuffed housewife (ron taylor)
  352. bb-122 oh, dad, no, dad! (nathan slivers)
  353. bb-123 mothers into s&m! (paul gable)
  354. bb-126 sister slave (paul gable)
  355. bb-128 s&m mother (paul gable)
  356. bb-129 a librarians training (nathan silvers)
  357. bb-132 cheerleader in chains (blake garfield)
  358. bb-133 mistress of torment (clive bedford)
  359. bb-133 roped mother, raped daughter (paul gable)
  360. bb-134 young housewife in hell (blake garfield)
  361. bb-136 rape a virgin aunt (blake garfield)
  362. bb-137 enslaved landlady (blake garfield)
  363. bb-139 mother gets a whipping (nathan silvers)
  364. bb-140 raped virgin cheerleader (blake garfield)
  365. bb-141 the preachers wife in bondage (paul gable)
  366. bb-142 in a dungeon down and dirty (nathan silvers)
  367. bb-143 want to whip my aunt (nathan silvers)
  368. bb-144 hung, strung housewife (blake garfield)
  369. bb-145 aunties our slave (blake garfield)
  370. bb-146 chained trained nurse (nathan silvers)
  371. bb-147 a schoolgirls discipline (matt benson)
  372. bb-149 sold into slavery (charles richmond)
  373. bb-150 barmaid in bondage (blake garfield)
  374. bb-151 sisters rape lesson (j t watson)
  375. bb-152 teaser in torment (john kellerman)
  376. bb-153 whipped bitch (robert taylor)
  377. bb-156 raped policewoman (heather brown)
  378. bb-157 moms rape cure (j s bradley)
  379. bb-158 tied up with sis (robert vickers)
  380. bb-160 kidnapped and raped (max sharkey)
  381. bb-191 the slaves of carla (mistress carla)
  382. bb-206 bride for bondage (brad boyer)
  383. bb-209 wives in torment (j t watson)
  384. bb-210 tied up nurse (bob hawkins)
  385. bb-214 two raped wives (j t watson)
  386. bb-215 chains for linda (brad boyer)
  387. bb-218 secretary in bondage (val marrick)
  388. bb-6565 deep crotch mother (curt aldrich)
  389. bbb-407 cherry busting brother (l k madding)
  390. bc-1001 aunt into bondage (mark carver)
  391. bc-1005 tied up and teased (robert jenkins)
  392. bc-1006 teenage sex slave (john kellerman)
  393. bc-1007 tied up virgins (john kellerman)
  394. bc-1010 mother in bondage (paul gable)
  395. bc-1011 abused family (m j jacobs)
  396. bc-1014 stepdaughter in bondage (ron taylor)
  397. bc-1017 summer in bondage (robert vickers)
  398. bc-102 her mothers lover (phillip milner)
  399. bc-1024 fit to be tied (robert vickers)
  400. bc-1026 chained daughter (randy howard)
  401. bc-2002 punished wife (richard reed)
  402. bc-2004 gang-raped sisters (j t watson)
  403. bc-2005 whipped waitress (richard reed)
  404. bc-2006 chained coed (robert vickers)
  405. bc-2008 raped captives (robert vickers)
  406. bc-2009 daddys slave (max sharkey)
  407. bc-2011 whipped and raped (val marrick)
  408. bc-2016 chained cheerleader (robert vickers)
  409. bc-2018 suzy in bondage (robert jenkins)
  410. bd-121 glenda gets hers (-)
  411. bd-165 ripe for revenge (-)
  412. bd-169 the big whip-off (-)
  413. bd-172 spread for pleasure (-)
  414. bd-212 her brute master (-)
  415. bdb-1006 go down payments (danny starr)
  416. bdb-1023 step-daughters initiation (milford thomas)
  417. beast humping (ron bywood)
  418. bee-1194 jackies family lessons! (sandy bennett)
  419. bee-1229 her foxy mom (m desantis)
  420. bee-173 the harlot seed (jeremy baker)
  421. bee-2507 skin-flick slut (tabitha britton)
  422. bee-2521 lewd layout (tabitha briton)
  423. bee-2549 sinful cyndi (daphne phillips)
  424. bee-3024 a bride for the whole family (james elliott)
  425. bee-3079 sleep-in for daddy (chuck selwyn)
  426. bee-3131 homespun fun (j brown)
  427. bee-315 stepmothers lover (john c douglas)
  428. bee-3214 door-to-door sex-girl (gale grayson)
  429. bee-3240 lusts what the doctor ordered (edna examine)
  430. bee-5419 my nympho aunt (carlton colfax)
  431. bee-5538 swap party campaign (allan taylor)
  432. bee-5554 every inch a nymph (peter grinberg)
  433. bee-5797 her driving desires (roger hurtwell)
  434. bee-5844a lust is a many splendored thing (barbara skinner)
  435. bee-5879 live-in lover (norma otoole)
  436. bee-5880 nymph in full glory (mark farris)
  437. bee-5881 the tutors suitors (sheila lane)
  438. bee-5954 sex ahead! (winifred avalda)
  439. bee-6084a incest games (jolene homes)
  440. bee-6182 passionate sister (mia beddington)
  441. bee-6674 her sensuous search (dawn cummings)
  442. bee-6675a lawfully wedded nymph (don k hotey)
  443. bee-6675b with this ring, i thee lust (poncho v ilia)
  444. bee-6788b nubile treat (bill e goodhead)
  445. bee-6789a lovers in paradise (hannah bronto)
  446. bee-6789b twice as nice vice (don tsuris)
  447. bee-680 runaround stews (ann crouse)
  448. bee-6802a her sensuous search (doc tesch)
  449. bee-6826b in sexual pursuit (rod long)
  450. bee-6828b burning desires (fred sparkrock)
  451. bee-684 sex in the sticks (patrick murry)
  452. bee-6931b driving men to distraction (paul mall)
  453. bee-6951a lust takes a holiday (neil forit)
  454. bee-6951b lovers at play (atza nice)
  455. bee-6954a when the loving gets rough (perry scope)
  456. bee-6954b the tough get coming (paul mall)
  457. bee-6980 wanting everyone (horace harding)
  458. bee-706 one-on-one (dick n ballz)
  459. bee-7479 video games (carole wilson)
  460. bee-928 perverted passions (ruby rhapsody)
  461. bee-933 a perfect sexual match (graham thompson)
  462. bee-958 coed sluts (tabitha briton)
  463. bh-8007 whipped bitch (robert taylor)
  464. bh-8009 sisters in bondage (robert jenkins)
  465. bh-8010 chained women (j t watson)
  466. bh-8011 tied up virgins (john kellerman)
  467. bh-8012 secretary in chains (john mckeon)
  468. bh-8013 wife in bondage (j s bradley)
  469. bh-8014 niece in torment (paul gable)
  470. bh-8015 abused again and again (john mckeon)
  471. bh-8016 roped and raped (ron taylor)
  472. bh-8017 caged virgin (brad harris)
  473. bh-8018 whipped wife (paul gable)
  474. bh-8020 raped waitress (paul gable)
  475. bh-8022 raped nurse (paul gable)
  476. bh-8025 spread wide and tied (duncan fox)
  477. bh-8029 slave wife (duncan fox)
  478. bh-8031 slave niece (val marrick)
  479. bh-8034 fit to be tied (robert vickers)
  480. bh-8036 raped stepdaughter (robert vickers)
  481. bh-8040 nurse in bondage (robert vickers)
  482. bh-8044 tied up wife (robert vickers)
  483. bh-8045 tied up aunt (val marrick)
  484. bh-8046 daughter in bondage (robert vickers)
  485. bh-8049 tied up and whipped (richard reed)
  486. bh-8051 bondage slave wife (john mckeon)
  487. bh-8055 punished wife (richard reed)
  488. bh-8057 bondage girl (robert vickers)
  489. bh-8058 tortured bride (val marrick)
  490. bh-8061 bondage wives (brad boyer)
  491. bh-8062 whipped waitress (richard reed)
  492. bh-8063 bondage slave niece (william burke)
  493. bh-8065 niece in bondage (maxine neville)
  494. bh-8070 sister in chains (robert vickers)
  495. bh-8073 virgin in bondage (robert vickers)
  496. bh-8082 tanya in chains (robert vickers)
  497. bh-8083 roped and raped family (val marrick)
  498. bh-8084 teenager in torment (max sharkey)
  499. bh-8088 whipped niece (val marrick)
  500. bh-8089 sorority slavegirls (paul gable)
  501. bh-8091 bondage slaves (bob hawkins)
  502. bh-8092 tied up cousin (paul gable)
  503. bh-8093 tied up teenager (paul gable)
  504. bh-8098 kidnapped, chained and whipped (paul gable)
  505. bh-8099 sex slave coed (robert vickers)
  506. bh-8100 whipped captive (paul gable)
  507. bh-8102 beach girl in bondage (paul gable)
  508. bh-8103 the torment of sister mary (paul gable)
  509. bh-8104 whipped and raped teenager (max sharkey)
  510. bh-8106 wife in chains (marvin cox)
  511. bh-8108 family bonds (robert vickers)
  512. bh-8109 bound for pleasure (paul gable)
  513. bh-8110 the violation of linda (marvin cox)
  514. bh-8111 neighbors in bondage (john friday)
  515. bh-8112 her mother in bondage (paul gable)
  516. bh-8116 cousin in bondage (paul gable)
  517. bh-8118 twin wives in bondage (john friday)
  518. bh-8119 secretary in shackles (marvin cox)
  519. bh-8121 school for discipline (frank brown)
  520. bh-8123 tied up neighbor wife (marvin cox)
  521. bh-8124 daughters torment (ted leonard)
  522. bh-8125 captive wives (john friday)
  523. bh-8126 shackled sister (marvin cox)
  524. bh-8127 sex slave housewife (hank borden)
  525. bh-8130 daughter degraded (paul gable)
  526. bh-8133 slave stepmother (marvin cox)
  527. bh-8134 babysitter in bondage (marvin cox)
  528. bh-8136 gang raped virgin (paul gable)
  529. bh-8137 disciplined daughter (ted leonard)
  530. bh-8139 slave schoolgirl (paul gable)
  531. bh-8140 family in chains (john friday)
  532. bh-8141 chained wife (j t watson)
  533. bh-8143 captive niece (ted leonard)
  534. bh-8144 in bondage schoolgirl (paul gable)
  535. bh-8146 schoolgirl in chains (r t masters)
  536. bh-8148 aunt in chains (j t watson)
  537. bh-8149 raped daughter, roped mother (paul gable)
  538. bh-8150 captive family in chains (john friday)
  539. bh-8156 raped degraded daughter (ted leonard)
  540. bh-8157 mother and daughter in bondage (paul gable)
  541. bh-8160 daughter and mother in bondage (paul gable)
  542. bh-8161 raped virgin in bondage (j t watson)
  543. bh-8162 mom in a harness (paul gable)
  544. bh-8165 kidnapped and raped schoolgirls (j t watson)
  545. bh-8169 raped nuns in chains (frank brown)
  546. bh-8171 tortured daughter (paul gable)
  547. bh-8173 ravaged tied family (frank brown)
  548. bh-8176 raped and kidnapped brides (john friday)
  549. bh-8177 cuffed and whipped wife (john friday)
  550. bh-8178 stepmother in ropes (kathy andrews)
  551. bh-8181 young mother in bondage (kathy andrews)
  552. bh-8185 the roped schoolgirls rape (paul gable)
  553. bh-8186 raped whipped mom (donna allen)
  554. bh-8189 teacher bound for torture (paul gable)
  555. bh-8190 roped sitter, chained mom (kathy andrews)
  556. bh-8194 bound and raped cousin (paul gable)
  557. bh-8197 chained, whipped librarians (john friday)
  558. bh-8199 schoolgirl bondage (paul gable)
  559. bh-8200 chained slave wife (nathan silvers)
  560. bh-8207 beaten prisoner wife (nathan silvers)
  561. bh-8211 wife chained and trained (nathan silvers)
  562. bh-8213 disciplined mother (kathy andrews)
  563. bh-8214 bondage for daughter (j t watson)
  564. bh-8220 dungeon nun (henry perkins)
  565. bh-8221 dungeon wife (henry perkins)
  566. bh-8224 whipped, bound mom (nathan silvers)
  567. bh-8226 tortured sisters (nathan silvers)
  568. bh-8227 trained to be chained (donna allen)
  569. bh-8229 bound, whipped & raped schoolgirls (curt aldrich)
  570. bh-8230 whipped and chained cousin (paul gable)
  571. bh-8231 slave wife sucks (thomas trent)
  572. bh-8234 bondage for three wives (henry perkins)
  573. bh-8237 widow in bondage (nathan silvers)
  574. bh-8238 waylaid maid (nathan slivers)
  575. bh-8243 wife in a slave house (donna allen)
  576. bh-8247 teacher fit to be tied (donna allen)
  577. bh-8248 chained trained wife (jason bonds)
  578. bh-8249 the neighbors wife in chains (henry perkins)
  579. bh-8250 whipped and bound niece (nathan silvers)
  580. bh-8252 two mothers to torment (nathan silvers)
  581. bh-8253 hung strung houseguest (nathan silvers)
  582. bh-8256 neighbor in chains (nathan slivers)
  583. bh-8261 stripped and whipped (paul gable)
  584. bh-8264 halloween in horror (blake garfield)
  585. bh-8266 lashed and licked landlady (blake garfield)
  586. bh-8269 youre in the navy now (paul gable)
  587. bh-8272 cheerleader in bondage (nathan silvers)
  588. bl-50399 married and swinging (rusty beard)
  589. bl-5341-r emilys lips (arthur alexander)
  590. bn-348 the lusty teacher (tim mcgee)
  591. bound to please (rebecca d)
  592. bp-112 bound hooker (willa huffner)
  593. brandi the babysitter (-)
  594. bss-602-t the blackmailed wife (peter jensen)
  595. bss-610-t house of evil (robert desmond)
  596. bss-613-t the ranchers wife (agatha kristenson)
  597. bss-616-t blackmailed (william davis)
  598. bss-619-t her husbands boss (karen ziegler)
  599. bss-620-t the unfaithful girlfriend (clarence tydings)
  600. bss-623-t the seductive sister-in-law (raymond travis)
  601. bss-625-t the orgiastic cult (mark townsend)
  602. bss-638-t sisters husband (penny driscoll)
  603. bss-639-t seduced young wife (robert desmond)
  604. bss-640-t three-way weekend (kitty spencer)
  605. bss-641-t a mother-daughter twosome (peter jensen)
  606. bss-669-t slavetraders captive (mark townsend)
  607. bss-685-t the tempted tourist (mary jenkins)
  608. bss-702-t the weekend captive (reginald brisbane)
  609. btb-102 swedish sex trip (olaf svendige)
  610. bv-122 gwen gets beaten (-)
  611. ca-1002 for couples only (h c hawkes)
  612. cb-4000 mom going down (j s bradley)
  613. cb-4021 incest girl (steve parker)
  614. cb-4025 the suck wives (david brown)
  615. cb-4026 the naughty librarian (norma egan)
  616. cb-4032 overeager young stuff (ray strong)
  617. cb-4034 turned on wife (sam stone)
  618. cb-4035 the slut next door (vince marcos)
  619. cb-4039 daddys slut girl (norma egan)
  620. cb-4052 the neighbors naughty wife (ray todd)
  621. cb-4056 naughty like mom (ray todd)
  622. cb-4062 the brother lover (brad harris)
  623. cb-4063 hot for dad (ron taylor)
  624. cb-4070 lauras dirty movie (richard reed)
  625. cb-4082 hot mama (paul gable)
  626. cb-4086 no longer virgin (r w finch)
  627. cb-4088 turned on cousin (brad harper)
  628. cb-4090 moms family orgy (m j jacobs)
  629. cb-4091 the horny wives (jane fox)
  630. cb-4092 lewd wife (r peters)
  631. cb-4095 stripper wife (jason cannon)
  632. cb-4096 wife on the loose (janet mccoy)
  633. cb-4097 sisters secret craving (m k kress)
  634. cb-4098 overeager secretary (eugene edwards)
  635. cb-4100 the boss daughter (jason cannon)
  636. cb-4104 spouse in torment (jason cannon)
  637. cb-4145 spread wide wife (norma egan)
  638. cb-4146 juicy hot daughter (tom james)
  639. cb-4149 naughty stepdaughter (r w finch)
  640. cb-4154 easy piece niece (r w finch)
  641. cb-4158 wife in the middle (ron taylor)
  642. cb-4162 hot little niece (ted sawyer)
  643. cb-4167 hot pants bride (david ingram)
  644. cb-4187 the naughty virgin (john kellerman)
  645. cb-4192 mothers new lover (brian laver)
  646. cb-4193 the new neighbor (norma egan)
  647. cb-4196 incest girl (ben valentine)
  648. cb-4197 turned on virgin (ted leonard)
  649. cb-4200 hot young stuff (jeff collins)
  650. cb-4202 always willing wife (jeff collins)
  651. cb-4204 hot secretary (ken preston)
  652. cb-4230 orgy wife (ray mills)
  653. cb-4231 three-way sister (marvin cox)
  654. cb-4233 loving mother (ken preston)
  655. cb-4234 swinging secretary (marvin cox)
  656. cb-4238 three-way nurse (donna allen)
  657. cb-4239 mom in the middle (tom allison)
  658. cb-4240 boy-craving wife (norma egan)
  659. cb-4241 the wifes young lover (david crane)
  660. cb-4244 hot to trot daughter (harry stevens)
  661. cb-4245 swinging sister (jeff collins)
  662. cb-4249 hard up wife (donna allen)
  663. cb-4274 eager little sister (kathy andrews)
  664. cb-4292 daughters in heat (ted leonard)
  665. cb-4311 daughter comes first (kathy andrews)
  666. cb-4317 two horny cousins (frank brown)
  667. cb-4324 naked hot wife (donna allen)
  668. cb-4325 a mothers love (kathy andrews)
  669. cb-4334 wild babysitter (kathy andrews)
  670. cb-4338 what a hot mother (kathy andrews)
  671. cb-4346 hot neighborly wife (david crane)
  672. cb-4347 here comes mom (kathy andrews)
  673. cb-4349 in heat wild wife (tom allison)
  674. cb-4350 cousin comes first (nick eastwood)
  675. cb-4364 hot fun sister (tom allison)
  676. cb-4366 hot bed niece (nick eastwood)
  677. cb-4368 hot horny mother (kathy andrews)
  678. cb-4369 daughters hot pants (william carson)
  679. cb-4370 wild hot mother (william taylor)
  680. cb-4371 hot horny daughter (ray todd)
  681. cb-4373 always hot wife (steve golden)
  682. cb-4374 hot wild babysitter (ted leonard)
  683. cb-4377 mom gives her all (don scott)
  684. cb-4382 horny eager babysitter (kevin sellers)
  685. cb-4383 a mom and more (kathy andrews)
  686. cb-4385 naughty hot mom (michael corbett)
  687. cb-4390 horny easy daughter (ray todd)
  688. cb-4391 hot fun wife (bob wallace)
  689. cb-4394 hot horny housewife (bob wallace)
  690. cb-4397 naked horny wife (brad logan)
  691. cb-4398 daughter goes down (ray todd)
  692. cb-4406 eager horny cousin (kevin sellers)
  693. cb-4411 moms wet panties (kathy andrews)
  694. cb-4414 their horny new mom (donna allen)
  695. cb-4416 daughter gets horny (nick eastwood)
  696. cb-4418 the sitter loves to suck (steve golden)
  697. cb-4422 wife hot to trot (bob wallace)
  698. cb-4432 sisters wet panties (kathy harris)
  699. cb-4434 hot eager mom (kathy harris)
  700. cb-4435 the naughty nurse (duncan fox)
  701. cb-4436 sister sucks best (bob wallace)
  702. cb-4448 hot loving widow (c k ralston)
  703. cb-4449 naked wet daughter (kathy harris)
  704. cb-4479 wild naughty daughter (frank brown)
  705. cb-4480 ever horny wife (donna allen)
  706. cb-4482 eager beaver housewife (j t watson)
  707. cb-4483 tween sisters hot thighs (ray mills)
  708. cb-4484 horny wife in bed (bill randolph)
  709. cb-4487 fun with daughter (kathy harris)
  710. cb-4489 sister eager for more (david crane)
  711. cb-4491 the horny newlywed (j d blackwood)
  712. cb-4497 davys loving mother (kathy andrews)
  713. cb-4514 horny hot schoolgirl (victoria parker)
  714. cb-4523 naughty wild cousin (kathy harris)
  715. cb-4538 getting behind mother (kathy andrews)
  716. cb-4542 double duty daughter (jason bonds)
  717. cb-4546 coming on mom (kathy andrews)
  718. cb-4552 naughty nympho wife (donna allen)
  719. cb-4557 his wife does it daily (ray daniels)
  720. cb-4561 another suck wife (richard travis)
  721. cb-733 the seduction of mommy (foster davis)
  722. cb-812 animal farm (frank gavin)
  723. cc-241 the family haven (paul bradford)
  724. ch-1852 beas pony (-)
  725. cl-101 kingdom of love (charles richards)
  726. cl-119 making the brides maid (ray mills)
  727. cl-120 mom needs it, too! (ron taylor)
  728. cle-145 hand maid (ned samuels)
  729. cle-166 sharons busy dildo (angela krust)
  730. clp-167 hungry for sister (michael rennie)
  731. clp-174 blackmailed into swapping (dana swanson)
  732. clp-188 the headmaster (william st cyr)
  733. cr-102 turned on secretary (brad harris)
  734. cr-104 teachers naughty lessons (max sharkey)
  735. cr-108 the models naked urge (j t watson)
  736. cr-111 the unfaithful fiancee (janet mccoy)
  737. cr-2001 the dog lovers (grace atkins)
  738. cr-2003 the watch-dog (joel benedict)
  739. cr-2004 sallys secret lover (cecil caldwell)
  740. cr-2005 the widows companion (-)
  741. csn-102 the willing usherette (-)
  742. csn-103 young and willing (john coles)
  743. daddys girl (richard gozinya)
  744. dbb-114 the violated virgin (ward fulton)
  745. deb-167 daddys naked angels (-)
  746. debs family farm training (jake spear)
  747. dl-168 shelly on the farm (kent collins)
  748. dl-209 first time for sister (kent collins)
  749. dl-224 making daddy (jack grant)
  750. dn-201 family bride (wilma crane)
  751. dn-202 the sister keeper (norma egan)
  752. dn-203 nasty sharon (roberta taylor)
  753. dn-204 slut girl (holly hope)
  754. dn-207 bondage whore (roberta vickers)
  755. dn-208 the whore makers (janet roland)
  756. dn-210 hungry for boys (joan kelly)
  757. dn-211 rape me! (joan kelly)
  758. dn-214 dirty little girl (ray todd)
  759. dn-215 make me come! (walter collins)
  760. dn-216 the naughty niece (ray strong)
  761. dn-218 do me, daddy! (ron taylor)
  762. dn-219 two-way wife (don lewis)
  763. dn-220 naughty aunt susan (ron taylor)
  764. dn-224 wet and ready (kelly lane)
  765. dn-226 wet dream wife (jason cannon)
  766. dn-229 juicy piece (heather brown)
  767. dn-230 the preachers wife (brad harris)
  768. dn-232 the neighbors daughter (norma egan)
  769. dn-235 weekend wife (j t watson)
  770. dn-236 wayward wife (heather brown)
  771. dn-237 x-rated daughter (james barton)
  772. dn-239 after hours secretary (brad harris)
  773. dn-241 sinful wife (r w finch)
  774. dn-243 hot and wild wife (heather brown)
  775. dn-247 turned on librarian (mark smith)
  776. dn-248 raped teenager (roberta vickers)
  777. dn-255 hot pants nurse (m j jacobs)
  778. dn-257 wife going down (jason cannon)
  779. dn-259 easy young piece (mark smith)
  780. dn-260 hot, naughty nurse (kathy andrews)
  781. dn-261 wife turned on (heather brown)
  782. dn-262 hot for daddy (jason cannon)
  783. dn-263 auntie with the hots (john kellerman)
  784. dn-264 widespread wife (norma egan)
  785. dn-265 their naughty mother (ray todd)
  786. dn-267 his loving little sister (ray todd)
  787. dn-268 hot and eager niece (j t watson)
  788. dn-269 tempting little sister (j t watson)
  789. dn-273 the unfaithful wife (j t watson)
  790. dn-275 teachers naughty wife (ron taylor)
  791. dn-276 aunties hot lessons (pamela james)
  792. dn-278 loving stepmother (pamela james)
  793. dn-280 more than an aunt (randy howard)
  794. dn-281 wet and ready wife (norma egan)
  795. dn-282 sister in heat (joe lawton)
  796. dn-283 the nurses hot itch (mark carver)
  797. dn-285 moms naughty urge (m j jacobs)
  798. dn-286 three way wife (robert vickers)
  799. dn-288 the ladys naughty urge (janet mccoy)
  800. dn-289 horny mother (brian laver)
  801. dn-293 mother with the hots (e c mccarver)
  802. dn-294 hot country wife (j t watson)
  803. dn-296 the naughtiest daughter (tom allison)
  804. dn-299 the virgins naughty lessons (j t watson)
  805. dn-302 the hottest aunt (donna allen)
  806. dn-308 hot lips secretary (carl ross)
  807. dn-309 the willing wife (ray todd)
  808. dn-310 the naughtiest sister (marvin cox)
  809. dn-311 hot young wife (ted leonard)
  810. dn-312 the willing secretary (scott sellers)
  811. dn-313 two-way wife (mark carver)
  812. dn-314 incest niece (ray todd)
  813. dn-315 the horny teacher (carl ross)
  814. dn-318 mother in heat (scott sellers)
  815. dn-319 the hottest wife (don scott)
  816. dn-329 a mothers lust (marvin cox)
  817. dn-332 aunties incest urge (donna allen)
  818. dn-333 naughty young neighbor girl (donna allen)
  819. dn-335 the babysitters hot panties (j t watson)
  820. dn-336 balling mother (marvin cox)
  821. dn-338 donnys hot mother (c k ralston)
  822. dn-341 daddys naughty girl (ted leonard)
  823. dn-342 come with me, dad! (j t watson)
  824. dn-343 hot bed daughter (j t watson)
  825. dn-344 mom gets it on (kathy andrews)
  826. dn-345 spread wide babysitter (ray mills)
  827. dn-346 mom wants more (kevin sellers)
  828. dn-347 eager hot wife (bob wallace)
  829. dn-348 hot teaser next door (ray todd)
  830. dn-349 daughters hot orgy (david crane)
  831. dn-350 widespread mom (marvin cox)
  832. dn-351 the doctors horny wife (don scott)
  833. dn-352 moms always horny (ron evans)
  834. dn-353 gang bang salesgirl (danny burns)
  835. dn-354 wife on vacation (jessica adair)
  836. dn-355 an affair with sis (mark carver)
  837. dn-356 hot sucking daughter (kathy andrews)
  838. dn-357 willing stepdaughter (j t watson)
  839. dn-358 spread, auntie, spread (kathy andrews)
  840. dn-359 hot mother next door (kevin sellers)
  841. dn-362 moms hot loving (kathy andrews)
  842. dn-365 overeager orgy wife (bob wallace)
  843. dn-366 hot nymph next door (ray todd)
  844. dn-367 widespread widow (kevin sellers)
  845. dn-369 daughter puts out (tom allison)
  846. dn-371 hot virgin niece (hank borden)
  847. dn-372 wild horny sister (tom allison)
  848. dn-373 easy horny sister (ray mills)
  849. dn-374 balling horny wife (john damon)
  850. dn-376 hot naughty wife (bob wallace)
  851. dn-377 eager hot daughter (ray todd)
  852. dn-378 hot willing housewife (bob wallace)
  853. dn-379 meet my hot mom (kathy andrews)
  854. dn-380 eager naughty wife (donna allen)
  855. dn-381 in the widows panties (j t watson)
  856. dn-382 sisters oral urge (ray todd)
  857. dn-383 this daughter sucks (tom allison)
  858. dn-384 hot loving mom (donna allen)
  859. dn-385 sister spreads them (ray todd)
  860. dn-386 daughters wide open lips (ray todd)
  861. dn-387 daughter loves incest (ray todd)
  862. dn-388 horny little babysitter (steve golden)
  863. dn-390 eager beaver aunt (nick eastwood)
  864. dn-391 billys hot mother (donna allen)
  865. dn-392 horny little daughter (ray todd)
  866. dn-394 hot virgin daughter (kathy harris)
  867. dn-395 horny hot cheerleader (ray todd)
  868. dn-396 naughty young widow (ron evans)
  869. dn-399 horny naughty sister (nick eastwood)
  870. dn-401 mom without panties (kathy andrews)
  871. dn-402 hot for sis (laura quincy)
  872. dn-403 sis on the make (bob wallace)
  873. dn-404 naughty balling daughter (ray todd)
  874. dn-405 sucking hot daughter (ray todd)
  875. dn-407 horny balling mom (kathy harris)
  876. dn-408 daughter was hotter (ron evans)
  877. dn-410 eager sucking aunt (michael corbett)
  878. dn-411 horny virgin daughter (kathy harris)
  879. dn-412 back door schoolgirl (thomas trent)
  880. dn-414 hot horny newlywed (nick eastwood)
  881. dn-415 moms naughty daughter (kathy andrews)
  882. dn-417 hot eager mother (kathy harris)
  883. dn-418 horny young housewife (donna allen)
  884. dn-421 hot horny sis (harry stevens)
  885. dn-422 open wide babysitter (steve golden)
  886. dn-425 hot, hot mother (kathy andrews)
  887. dn-426 eager, spreading wife (jeff collins)
  888. dn-427 hot loving babysitter (gary f woods)
  889. dn-428 horny hot aunt (kathy harris)
  890. dn-429 naked neighbor girl (frank masters)
  891. dn-434 mothers hot sucking (kathy harris)
  892. dn-437 sisters hot thighs (bob wallace)
  893. dn-438 naked wife next door (bill randolph)
  894. dn-440 hot action with mom (kathy andrews)
  895. dn-441 wet dream mom (kathy andrews)
  896. dn-442 hot ready schoolgirl (nick eastwood)
  897. dn-445 easy wild wife (don scott)
  898. dn-448 mom gets hot (david crane)
  899. dn-453 coming mother (kathy andrews)
  900. dn-457 wild neighborly wife (curt aldrich)
  901. dn-458 hot bed librarian (nick eastwood)
  902. dn-459 spread wider, mom (tom allison)
  903. dn-461 stacked hot mom (tom allison)
  904. dn-465 horny naughty niece (kathy harris)
  905. dn-474 she shares daddy (thomas trent)
  906. dn-475 finally with mom (kathy andrews)
  907. dn-476 and mom makes three (sally simpson)
  908. dn-481 she seduced her teachers (nick eastwood)
  909. dn-482 that naughty neighbor girl (frank masters)
  910. dn-483 lets eat now, mom! (kathy andrews)
  911. dn-484 the neighborhood nympho (hank henderson)
  912. dn-488 wet dream schoolgirl (victoria parker)
  913. dn-489 all day with mom (kathy andrews)
  914. dn-492 hot, licked librarian (nick eastwood)
  915. dn-495 widow on the make (nick eastwood)
  916. dn-496 show me more, mom! (kathy andrews)
  917. dn-497 a voyeur mom (david crane)
  918. dn-501 eat out with mom (kathy andrews)
  919. dn-503 first time for daughter (tim peterson)
  920. dn-506 mom comes again! (paul gable)
  921. dn-508 lets do mom! (kathy andrews)
  922. dn-509 the secretary eats out (patrick hill)
  923. dn-510 i want daddys big one! (gary shaw)
  924. dn-511 ride, mom, ride! (kathy andrews)
  925. dn-514 come with mom (don scott)
  926. dn-516 get behind daughter (gary shaw)
  927. dn-518 so naughty niece (tim peterson)
  928. dn-521 moms on the make (kathy andrews)
  929. dn-522 the sucking stepmother (ron taylor)
  930. dn-524 humping pumping housewife (ted leonard)
  931. dn-526 a mother without panties (kathy andrews)
  932. dn-528 the horny housekeeper (nick eastwood)
  933. dn-529 x-rated wife (nick eastwood)
  934. dn-530 sometimes with mom (debby rawlings)
  935. dn-531 the evangelists wife (frank masters)
  936. dn-533 the wife went wild (andy gorman)
  937. dn-534 she licked the landlord (david crane)
  938. dn-536 sharing the secretary (frank masters)
  939. dn-537 with bobbys mom (sally simpson)
  940. dn-540 hot hotel maid (nick eastwood)
  941. dn-541 aunt donna, do me! (jeff atkins)
  942. dn-542 the hotter mom got (david crane)
  943. dn-543 teacher with spunk (steve golden)
  944. dn-544 daughter on top (don scott)
  945. dn-545 a schoolgirl turns on (randy turner)
  946. dn-546 hot pants foster daughter (ray walker)
  947. dn-548 how much for your daughter (victoria parker)
  948. dn-6193a students at play (ursala updike)
  949. dn-6193b lesbo lessons (twyla twacht)
  950. dn-6197a lust against her will (sheri frick)
  951. dn-6197b dominating thrills (susan hardwicke)
  952. dn-6203a wicked innocence (marge gurlay)
  953. dn-6203b nubile nymph (tammy bogger)
  954. dn-6535a hot & horny holiday (roman hans)
  955. dn-6535b vacation sex play (irma laloose)
  956. dn-6589a doing it the gay way (a bissell)
  957. dn-6589b lusty lady lovers (candy mann)
  958. dn-6728a passion holiday (may i havesome)
  959. dn-6728b roamin sex games (jack e robbins)
  960. dn-6730b the younger the better (meryl lee)
  961. dn-6732a two-way lust (a jacks)
  962. dn-6732b pleasures a must (dee westee)
  963. dn-6760a modeling her pleasures (bo zodeclown)
  964. dn-6760b exposing his desires (joe d dawg)
  965. dn-6764a gay-girl games (hu flungit)
  966. dn-6764b sapphic flames (ivan cutdick)
  967. dn-6829a tough to tame (myles n miles)
  968. dn-6829b passions her game (a jacks)
  969. dn-6933a maidenhood lost (e z make)
  970. dn-6933b passion found (r u forreal)
  971. dn-7213a eager to bed bunny (eileen over)
  972. dn-7213b a little night nookie (hugh kissasse)
  973. dn-7331a her submissive desires (bo zo)
  974. dn-7331b lust with a lady tonight (jo d dawg)
  975. dn-7374a lustin and teasin (perry verihard)
  976. dn-7374b she needs some pleasin (stu e boy)
  977. dog lovers diary (horst klepple)
  978. dp-60142a tender desire (julia grass)
  979. dp-60142b daddys darling (shirley james)
  980. ec-1120 beastiality and a young girl (kathleen hennesy)
  981. el-1001 the neighbors daughter (rudy taylor)
  982. el-1003 raped teaser (robert vickers)
  983. el-1006 party girl (ray mills)
  984. el-1009 neighborhood wives (j h long)
  985. el-1014 part-time wife (brad harris)
  986. el-1016 hot like mom (walter ellison)
  987. el-1019 the overdue librarian (john adams)
  988. el-1022 hooker housewife (robert vickers)
  989. el-1023 always horny wife (david brown)
  990. el-1024 mom on the make (robert vickers)
  991. el-1026 red-hot wife (mark smith)
  992. el-1027 motel peeper (j h long)
  993. el-2002 the suck wives (david brown)
  994. el-2004 swapped wife (robert kyle)
  995. el-2005 teenage teaser (j t watson)
  996. el-2007 swapping secretary (jane fox)
  997. el-2008 hot pants niece (john kellerman)
  998. el-2010 wife on call (ron taylor)
  999. el-2014 sheila spreads wide (david brown)
  1000. el-2015 daughter hot pants (brad harris)
  1001. el-2016 marcy in heat (jason cannon)
  1002. el-2017 teacher makes it (marvin cox)
  1003. el-2019 eager young wife (marvin cox)
  1004. el-2023 teacher turns on (norma egan)
  1005. el-2024 loaned wife (david st martin)
  1006. el-2027 eager beaver niece (john kellerman)
  1007. el-2028 whore wife (mary moore)
  1008. el-2035 secretary in heat (roy manning)
  1009. el-2036 swinging wife (gale roman)
  1010. fam-119 brothers and sisters (charles wykes)
  1011. fam-120 loving daughters (evan burke)
  1012. fam-159 american incest patterns (james p wilson)
  1013. fam-173 his youngest daughter (harry stone)
  1014. fam-173 mommys sick friends (bobby redding)
  1015. family raped and ravaged (donna allen)
  1016. fb-17 pony girl (-)
  1017. fb-29 wild for horses (-)
  1018. fes-106 hitchhiking harlot (bette andrews)
  1019. ff-187 tattoo dreams (-)
  1020. flp-135 girls camp counselor (paul sutherland)
  1021. ft-109 island of terror (-)
  1022. gc-1001 the mother they shared (kathy andrews)
  1023. gc-1002 the secretary gets off (tom allison)
  1024. gc-1008 hot bed housekeeper (frank brown)
  1025. gc-1011 no virgin schoolteacher (nick eastwood)
  1026. gc-1012 a schoolgirls first time (frank brown)
  1027. gc-1013 the no tell motel wife (yvette nash)
  1028. gc-1017 free and easy bride (steve golden)
  1029. gc-1023 even grandmas get it! (randy lincoln)
  1030. gc-1025 naughty farmers daughter (raymond kendall)
  1031. ge-1002 the family threesome (john kellerman)
  1032. ge-1004 the nymph next door (ray todd)
  1033. ge-1005 auntie in the middle (mark carver)
  1034. ge-1008 niece going down (ray todd)
  1035. ge-1009 sister in the middle (ray mills)
  1036. ge-1011 high school hot pants (ron taylor)
  1037. ge-1012 vacation with mom (ray todd)
  1038. ge-1014 more than a mother (brian laver)
  1039. ge-1017 incest wife (ray todd)
  1040. ge-1019 hotter than daughter (ray todd)
  1041. ge-1020 the horniest family (mark jacobs)
  1042. ge-1022 the tempting twins (ray todd)
  1043. ge-1032 the eager wife (ray todd)
  1044. ge-1037 the willing wife (george perry)
  1045. ge-1042 the lady plays doctor (jerry milner)
  1046. ge-1043 warming up for brother (brad harris)
  1047. ge-1044 the secretarys itch (janet mccoy)
  1048. ge-1046 cockshy coed (ben stewart)
  1049. ge-1047 three horny teachers (j h long)
  1050. ge-1050 overeager wife (rex taylor)
  1051. ge-1051 hot for brother (ron taylor)
  1052. ge-1052 daddys bad girl (norma egan)
  1053. ge-1053 the senators playmate (ray todd)
  1054. ge-1056 boy hungry wife (norma egan)
  1055. ge-2005 hot pants teachers (wesley damon)
  1056. ge-2012 hot piece cousin (j t watson)
  1057. ge-2018 teacher on top (m j jacobs)
  1058. ge-2022 easy office girl (robert vickers)
  1059. ge-2033 spouse in torment (jason cannon)
  1060. ge-2034 hungry wives (james evers)
  1061. gge-101 teaching swapping (frank markser)
  1062. ggl-108 swapping with laura (bert ormsby)
  1063. ggl-133 honeymoon traders (viola james)
  1064. ggl-139 marks wandering wife vol. 1 (stanley redman)
  1065. ggl-141 marks wandering wife vol. ii (stanley redman)
  1066. ggl-146 hot & horny weekend (sid farmer)
  1067. gkl-140 sirens and studs (dr guenter klow)
  1068. gr-1051 lust for life (winston regret)
  1069. gr-1054 four-way bride (curt aldrich)
  1070. gr-2103 the wifes new lovers (janet mccoy)
  1071. gr-2104 a lesson from aunt barbara (jerry milner)
  1072. gr-2113 the naked deal (mark carver)
  1073. gr-2119 pawns of passion (norma egan)
  1074. gr-2120 the flesh triangle (mark carver)
  1075. gr-2174 party wife (david crane)
  1076. gr-2183 babysitter in heat (nick eastwood)
  1077. gr-2194 housewife in heat (nick eastwood)
  1078. gr-2200 the hottest babysitter (nick eastwood)
  1079. gr-2202 the neighbors daughter (j t watson)
  1080. gr-2205 spread wide sister (john kellerman)
  1081. gr-2206 wicked, willing wife (donna allen)
  1082. gr-2330 horny balling mother (kathy andrews)
  1083. gr-2331 the aunt turns on (donna allen)
  1084. gr-2333 incest mom (kathy andrews)
  1085. gr-2436 hot foxy mother (kathy andrews)
  1086. gr-2447 sisters hot secret (kathy harris)
  1087. gr-2464 hot sister all grown up (kathy andrews)
  1088. gr-2466 bold hot schoolgirl (john kellerman)
  1089. gs-45 the soldiers wife (alex ayers)
  1090. gs-59 young girl sex club (andrew laird)
  1091. gsv-133 the straying wife (allan chase)
  1092. gsx-143 real estate saleswoman (simon jillson)
  1093. gsx-165 spurt by spurt (jackie powell)
  1094. gsx-180 skin summer (ann griffin)
  1095. her barking stud (barry lassady)
  1096. hit-165 margo (f e campbell)
  1097. hl-104 the innocence of children (rod strong)
  1098. hp10-135 duplicate lovers (ralph burch)
  1099. hp10-280 swimsuit sinners (ralph burch)
  1100. hp-6014 the naughty bride (david ingram)
  1101. hp-6058 charlenes dirty movie (brad harris)
  1102. hp-6147 mamas big boy (tom james)
  1103. hp-6151 the preachers daughters (jeff davis)
  1104. hp-6153 overeager teenager (c k ralston)
  1105. hp-6154 the voyeur teacher (frank levy)
  1106. hp-6155 kidnapped housewife (heather brown)
  1107. hp-6156 naughty, naked neighbors (jane fox)
  1108. hp-6158 hot pants stewardess (jason cannon)
  1109. hp-6159 two hot families (ron taylor)
  1110. hp-6160 family ties (mark carver)
  1111. hp-6163 the coeds wild field trip (robert vickers)
  1112. hp-6165 the peeping neighbors (jane fox)
  1113. hp-6166 the salesladys pitch (r w finch)
  1114. hp-6173 hot pants weather girl (ray todd)
  1115. hp-6248 the wifes wild urge (j t watson)
  1116. hp-6249 family affair (c k ralston)
  1117. hp-6250 virgin in heat (norma egan)
  1118. hp-6253 family flesh feast (mark carver)
  1119. hp-6254 the brother teasers (marvin cox)
  1120. hp-6256 a visit from sis (david st martin)
  1121. hp-6258 cousins in heat (pamela james)
  1122. hp-6265 the hottest wives (jeff collins)
  1123. hp-6266 the naughty salesgirl (robert vickers)
  1124. hp-6271 seduced by mother (brian laver)
  1125. hp-6281 the naughty nun (bob wallace)
  1126. hp-6285 the wifes new family (ray todd)
  1127. hp-6294 the widows young lovers (pamela james)
  1128. hp-6295 the principals naughty girls (ray todd)
  1129. hp-6296 the neighbors hot daughter (ted leonard)
  1130. hp-6300 spouse swapping twins (robert vickers)
  1131. hp-6302 blackmailed swingers (jeff collins)
  1132. hp-6303 the naughtiest virgin (jerry conners)
  1133. hp-6374 family in heat (c k ralston)
  1134. hp-6375 three horny wives (david crane)
  1135. hp-6376 sister on top (brian laver)
  1136. hp-6378 incest teacher (ray todd)
  1137. hp-6382 horny mom and daughter (harry stevens)
  1138. hp-6395 wife on film (jerry nelson)
  1139. hp-6411 seduced by sis (marvin cox)
  1140. hp-6413 family lessons (ray todd)
  1141. hp-6415 incest lovers (william taylor)
  1142. hp-6417 fun with the family (ray todd)
  1143. hp-6424 two naughty mothers (kathy andrews)
  1144. hp-6426 incest sister (nick eastwood)
  1145. hp-6489 daddys naughty daughters (kevin sellers)
  1146. hp-6492 hot fun family (william taylor)
  1147. hp-6494 more than a mother (kathy andrews)
  1148. hp-6499 the naughty neighbor wives (frank brown)
  1149. hp-6501 discipline for daughter (j s bradley)
  1150. hp-6502 the familys hot relations (harry stevens)
  1151. hp-6503 daughters hot home movies (don scott)
  1152. hp-6504 peeking on the family (kathy andrews)
  1153. hp-6513 the widows hot family (william taylor)
  1154. hp-6548 the family next door (kathy andrews)
  1155. hp-6566 daughter on top (ray todd)
  1156. ij-101 deeper, daddy, deeper (-)
  1157. ij-104 dont tell momma (-)
  1158. il-138 warming her young body (craig taylor)
  1159. ill-1023 little swimmers ecstasy (ned moore)
  1160. ill-1027 old men and. (ned moore)
  1161. ill-1041 teachers special homework (james stanford)
  1162. ill-1053 graduate course in sex (gloria starr)
  1163. ipb-106 an incestuous party (phyllis baxter)
  1164. ipb-108 an unholy desire (elizabeth watson)
  1165. ipb-111 an animal heat (jon reskind)
  1166. ipb-116 china girl (susan carter)
  1167. ipb-118 second grade teacher (carole wilson)
  1168. ipb-119 the scandalous stewardess (jean sifton)
  1169. ipb-120 the helpless captive (gregory mason)
  1170. ipb-128 white slave (-)
  1171. ipb-129 naked and helpless (carl van marcus)
  1172. ipb-137 black captain (martin jones)
  1173. ipb-138 the girlfriends lesson (blake simmons)
  1174. ipb-139 an unholy lust (c van marcus)
  1175. ipb-142 racial swap-night (-)
  1176. ipb-143 the dog-lover (jon reskind)
  1177. ipb-149 the kinky couple (roger fitzgerald)
  1178. ipb-154 a naughty fourteen (suzanne mellows)
  1179. ipb-155 the impotent husband (vance caldwell)
  1180. ipb-157 the ministers family (grace wilkinson)
  1181. ipb-159 auntie marilyn (clifton snyder)
  1182. ipb-161 an animal-loving bride (-)
  1183. ipb-167 mrs. howells foot (vance caldwell)
  1184. ipb-170 the hollywood swappers (roger fitzgerald)
  1185. ipb-171 the doggie doctor (elizabeth watson)
  1186. ipb-172 two sisters (carole wilson)
  1187. ipb-176 the missionarys daughter (-)
  1188. ipb-180 lauras ball club (carole wilson)
  1189. it-150 daddys strip search (-)
  1190. j-3 dog show girl (carl isley)
  1191. jj-128 office sex lover (ken long)
  1192. junior high neighborhood sluts (james wellington)
  1193. kaz-1 a helpful wife (karim al-zib)
  1194. kaz-2 her week at mountain mansion (karim al-zib)
  1195. kaz-4 wild in the country book one (karim al-zib)
  1196. kaz-5 wild in the country book two (karim al-zib)
  1197. kaz-6 wild in the country book three (karim al-zib)
  1198. kaz-7 wild in the country book four (karim al-zib)
  1199. kc-126 the professors rape games (jack victor)
  1200. kcs-1201 the hungry pet (jon reskind)
  1201. kcs-1202 a wild yearning (carlotta graham)
  1202. kcs-1203 the young and the wild (mrs peter jensen)
  1203. kcs-1204 the jealous protector (benton collier)
  1204. kcs-1205 up, boy, up! (richard mountbatten)
  1205. kcs-1206 lisas stepmother (aston marlowe)
  1206. kcs-1207 vickis furry friend (richard mountbatten)
  1207. kcs-1208 girls school pet (jon reskind)
  1208. kcs-1209 heros mistress (johnny fargo)
  1209. kcs-1211 the lap dog (carlotta graham)
  1210. kcs-1212 the family pet (grace wilkinson)
  1211. kcs-1217 the landladys dog (julie taylor)
  1212. lb-1031 hot mom, hot dog (bob wallace)
  1213. lb-1040 aunties dog days (ray todd)
  1214. lb-1043 the farm wifes pets (ted leonard)
  1215. lb-1047 her four legged lovers (bob wallace)
  1216. lb-105 lesbian runaway (-)
  1217. lb-1084 filmed with dogs (bob wallace)
  1218. lb-1096 daughters pony urge (bob wallace)
  1219. lb-1123 the wifes doggy position (david crane)
  1220. lb-1128 horny for rams and horses (david crane)
  1221. lb-1136 pams pony (ted leonard)
  1222. lb-1143 daughter gets the goat (bob hawkins)
  1223. lb-1216 the wife loves dogs (david crane)
  1224. lb-1250 b&d bridal shower (blake garfield)
  1225. lb-1252 daughter horses around (kathy harris)
  1226. lb-127 girl crazed counselor (-)
  1227. lb-1281 tied-up and raped aunt (blake garfield)
  1228. lb-1348 the family sucks a lot (j d blackwood)
  1229. lb-1392 camping with mom (kathy andrews)
  1230. lc-521 a thing for panties (wendy barnes)
  1231. lcp-117 the shame of penny (kathy burke)
  1232. lcp-130 fame, fortune and lust (ricky lee smith)
  1233. lez-110 sweet lips (fletcher hill)
  1234. ll-124 spread wide secretary (robert vickers)
  1235. ll-201 making mom suck (kathy andrews)
  1236. ll-205 eager wild wife (bob wallace)
  1237. ll-224 hot naked cousin (kathy harris)
  1238. ll-236 balling hot daughter (nick eastwood)
  1239. ll-313 sister spreads (albert gantry)
  1240. ll-344 his sexpot sis (robert g haill)
  1241. ll-640 the lady was no lady (duchess morehead)
  1242. ll-642 sex teacher (michael scott)
  1243. ll-651 lonely wife (adrian noel lechance)
  1244. ll-653 gushing ballerinas (constance ann knight)
  1245. ll-669 moms hot videos (tad overdon)
  1246. ll-690-a come and get it! (paulette smalls)
  1247. ll-693 vixen on top (a n lechance)
  1248. ll-702 beverly hills vixens (emile bosch)
  1249. ll-842-c twice as nice nymph (kevin harding)
  1250. ll-844 swap talk (robert thirdwall)
  1251. llp-101 the abducted bride (jon reskind)
  1252. llp-1012 behind the bar (polly gaston)
  1253. llp-102 the blackmailed wife (peter jensen)
  1254. llp-104 white captive (mark townsend)
  1255. llp-105 innocent in chicago volume one (mary jenkins)
  1256. llp-106 the experiment (glen ransom)
  1257. llp-108 underground model (jean sifton)
  1258. llp-111 drugged into sin (peter jenkins)
  1259. llp-115 the losers wife (jean-jacques tibor)
  1260. llp-116 the friendly couples (roger grayson)
  1261. llp-119 the reluctant neighbor (peter jenkins)
  1262. llp-122 innocent in chicago volume two (mary jenkins)
  1263. llp-126 the unholy master (jon reskind)
  1264. llp-128 ravished wife (richard van dorne)
  1265. llp-133 nazi joy camp (eric jurgens)
  1266. llp-159 spell of the beast (richard mountbatten)
  1267. llp-160 all in the family (grace wilkinson)
  1268. llp-163 angie makes friends (grace wilkinson)
  1269. llp-167 the reluctant couple (grant roberts)
  1270. llp-169 sir launcelot volume i (jon reskind)
  1271. llp-171 honeymoon hotel (michael jaegger)
  1272. llp-196 a girls best friend (jackson robard)
  1273. llp-201 the polaroid club book i (william davis)
  1274. llp-2013 double marriage (roger zapman)
  1275. llp-2014 pilgrim of passion (ed keyes)
  1276. llp-203 the polaroid club book ii (william davis)
  1277. llp-205 aunt dorothy book i (grace wilkinson)
  1278. llp-209 walos mistress (jon reskind)
  1279. llp-211 aunt dorothy book ii (grace wilkinson)
  1280. llp-212 rajah (aston marlowe)
  1281. llp-218 the blackmailed mother book i (peter jensen)
  1282. llp-220 the blackmailed mother book ii (peter jensen)
  1283. llp-223 the married sister (eric courtney)
  1284. llp-237 the family reunion book i (grace wilkinson)
  1285. llp-239 kappy (son of kaptain) (john reskind)
  1286. llp-246 the kidnapped couple (f t hemmingway)
  1287. llp-247 the family reunion book ii (grace wilkinson)
  1288. llp-253 kappy (son of kaptain) volume 2 (jon reskind)
  1289. llp-260 the animal urge (carlotta graham)
  1290. llp-264 the abducted wife (jon reskind)
  1291. llp-266 the panty lovers (colin johnson)
  1292. llp-272 caesar comes book i (jon reskind)
  1293. llp-274 caesars revenge book ii (jon reskind)
  1294. llp-276 caesar conquers book iii (jon reskind)
  1295. llp-279 the exhibitionist wife (gilda grayson)
  1296. llp-290 neighborhood pet (jon reskind)
  1297. llp-300 the honeymoon couple (winston mcelroy)
  1298. llp-305 daddys little girls (jewel breckenridge)
  1299. llp-306 a panty compulsion (n van heller)
  1300. llp-316 a family sandwich (grace wilkinson)
  1301. llp-325 the peeking sister (jean sifton)
  1302. llp-345 the twins - and mother (alberta graham)
  1303. llp-346 the twins - and teacher (alberta graham)
  1304. llp-348 the motorcyclists wife (carl van marcus)
  1305. llp-356 daughters little friend (carl tatem)
  1306. llp-373 a mothers forbidden passion (Mary Jenkins)
  1307. llp-397 a passionate family (justin robbins)
  1308. llp-416 bookstore for boys (frederick laughton)
  1309. llp-429 the late-late family show (grace wilkinson)
  1310. llp-467 the watching husband (carl van marcus)
  1311. llp-511 a loving family (phyllis baxter)
  1312. llp-539 little eddies mother (jon reskind)
  1313. llp-553 a husbands hobby (peter jensen)
  1314. llp-559 an animal threesome (carlotta graham)
  1315. llp-592 doggie farm (jon reskind)
  1316. llp-650 revenge on teacher (elizabeth watson)
  1317. llp-656 a family perversion (grace wilkinson)
  1318. llp-788 father knows best (susan carter)
  1319. llp-911 a seductive student (melinda matson)
  1320. llp-941 lap lessons (paula cash)
  1321. llp-972 parole passion (regina white)
  1322. loving step-parents (d abby)
  1323. lt-13 all-girl orgy (-)
  1324. m-4006 tommys little sister (william spain)
  1325. m-60212 photo orgy (jack parker)
  1326. m-60615 a degrading affair (bert phelan)
  1327. m-60661 different - the girls of summer (arnold evans)
  1328. m-60662 enraptured lovers (march hastings)
  1329. m-60680 women (terry fisher)
  1330. m-60686 practice does it (john clayton)
  1331. m-61043 a nest of lesbians (dallas mayo)
  1332. m-61046 tempting daddy (i smithson)
  1333. m-61158 overripe (ginger craft)
  1334. m-61187 a real hot number (chris simon)
  1335. m-61422 secretarys tricks (robert wahl)
  1336. m-61448 degraded teenager (vincent church)
  1337. mas-60 lonely lora (shirley heinz)
  1338. md-61724a girl-crazy girl (dallas mayo)
  1339. md-61724b for women only (dallas mayo)
  1340. md-61740a wild cherry (john c douglas)
  1341. md-61740b brendas last fling (veronica king)
  1342. mlp-146 the virgin captives (judd michaels)
  1343. moms in on the marriage (-)
  1344. naked with her dog (john biggs)
  1345. nd-141 family affair (miriam schwartz)
  1346. nhf-111 high-school harlots - girls for rent (-)
  1347. nhf-120 daddys darlings - sweet young things (-)
  1348. ns-451 mother every way (don russell)
  1349. oa-117 the sex procurer (roger hornsby)
  1350. ob-1000 high school scandals (chuck selwyn)
  1351. ob-1267 her fathers daughter (nora kinkaid)
  1352. oes-117 maggies moist mouth (jed cleland)
  1353. oes-139 the many tongues of love (mike phillips)
  1354. oph-217 hard guys and hostages (robert moore)
  1355. p-2064 women who perform with animals (harold mitchell)
  1356. pb-101 the beast in me (james butler)
  1357. pb-102 the family pet (conrad sloan)
  1358. pb-103 animal farm (frank harper)
  1359. pb-104 moms best friend (donald palermo)
  1360. pb-105 the dogs girl (ted stevens)
  1361. pb-106 the wolf wives (steve forest)
  1362. pb-108 bitch mother (emerson taylor)
  1363. pb-110 marys great dane (william scott)
  1364. pb-112 her animal act (c j holliday)
  1365. pb-116 dog-style wives (mark williams)
  1366. pb-135 angies dog orgy (janet mccoy)
  1367. pb-158 kathys dog act (paul gable)
  1368. pb-161 elaines dog show (paul gable)
  1369. pb-186 the wifes new pet (janet mccoy)
  1370. pb-193 the coeds wild ass (paul gable)
  1371. pb-219 a girls best friend (john kellerman)
  1372. pb-225 the virgins pet (john kellerman)
  1373. pb-249 farm family (william taylor)
  1374. pb-263 mom and her dog (paul gable)
  1375. pb-267 animal farm orgy (ray todd)
  1376. pb-268 a peek at her dog act (david crane)
  1377. pb-277 barnyard orgy (frank brown)
  1378. pb-279 the familys loving pet (paul gable)
  1379. pb-280 daughter digs dogs (ted leonard)
  1380. pb-288 daughter and the dogs (ted leonard)
  1381. pb-292 sisters loving pets (ted leonard)
  1382. pb-296 donkey-raped daughter (david crane)
  1383. pb-303 horse-loving niece (paul gable)
  1384. pb-304 the wifes wild ass (david crane)
  1385. pb-305 hot for horses (david crane)
  1386. pb-306 a pony for daughter (bob wallace)
  1387. pb-308 cousins farmyard fun (paul gable)
  1388. pb-311 moms horse hunger (bob wallace)
  1389. pb-313 sucking daughter, bucking horse (bob wallace)
  1390. pb-318 horse-loving farm wives (david crane)
  1391. pb-321 two sisters and a horse (bob wallace)
  1392. pb-326 horse-loving cousins (paul gable)
  1393. pb-328 virgin for horses (david crane)
  1394. pb-335 horse-hungry mother (bob wallace)
  1395. pb-340 horses for horny cousins (bob wallace)
  1396. pb-342 moms donkey show (frank brown)
  1397. pb-344 of course she loves a horse (david crane)
  1398. pb-347 donkey-loving schoolgirl (frank brown)
  1399. pb-350 cousin hot for horses (bob wallace)
  1400. pb-352 sisters love horses (david crane)
  1401. pb-357 horse loving daughter (bob wallace)
  1402. pb-360 beast feast sister (david crane)
  1403. pb-364 the familys animal fun (david crane)
  1404. pb-366 moms donkey urge (david crane)
  1405. pb-367 daughter hot for dogs (hank borden)
  1406. pb-371 cousins barnyard fun (paul gable)
  1407. pb-373 sisters horsey urges (paul gable)
  1408. pb-374 twin daughters for dogs (kathy harris)
  1409. pb-375 daughter loves horses (curt aldrich)
  1410. pb-378 sisters horny dog (kathy harris)
  1411. pb-381 the babysitter takes dogs (ted leonard)
  1412. pb-388 sister does dogs (kathy harris)
  1413. pb-389 its donkey time! (david crane)
  1414. pb-390 and the dog made three (david crane)
  1415. pb-40272 tamis pleasure (marie alden)
  1416. pp-11 changing partners (-)
  1417. pp-13 she blows the man down (-)
  1418. pp-7001 the tortured tourists (jonathan everest)
  1419. pp-7002 wife forced to spread (r t masters)
  1420. pp-7005 horny hot summer (kathy harris)
  1421. pp-7007 painful paradise (augustus tulare)
  1422. pp-7012 the breeders (nicole duval)
  1423. pp-7014 hot peeping wife (david crane)
  1424. pp-7017 raped wild wife (john friday)
  1425. pp-7022 naughty hot nun (r t masters)
  1426. pp-7027 nightmare holiday (doug archer)
  1427. pp-7033 naughty hot salesgirl (laura winters)
  1428. pp-7037 seducing the youngsters (brad logan)
  1429. pp-7042 back door babysitter (thomas trent)
  1430. pp-7045 in heat secretary (donna allen)
  1431. pp-7046 eager beaver family (ray todd)
  1432. pp-7047 hot bed neighbors (randy guy)
  1433. pp-7048 naughty horny cousins (harry stevens)
  1434. pp-7051 horny mother for all (kathy andrews)
  1435. pp-7052 schoolgirl peeper (david crane)
  1436. pp-7053 three hot wives (don scott)
  1437. pp-7054 horny balling daughter (ray todd)
  1438. pp-7056 the hot and horny schoolkids (brad logan)
  1439. pp-7057 the wifes horny in-laws (pamela cooper)
  1440. pp-7058 wild naughty teacher (ray todd)
  1441. pp-7059 gang-bang family (kathy harris)
  1442. pp-7060 their horny wild aunt (don scott)
  1443. pp-7089 two naughty moms (tom allison)
  1444. pp-7093 niece without panties (kathy harris)
  1445. pp-7205 gang bang mom (donna allen)
  1446. pp-7206 the family busts loose (harry stevens)
  1447. pp-7208 hot family affairs (hank borden)
  1448. pp-7245 horny licking librarian (nick eastwood)
  1449. pp-7282 naughty balling family (donna allen)
  1450. pp-7285 an orgy family-style (donna allen)
  1451. pp-7304 daughter wants to suck (thomas trent)
  1452. pp-7321 teachers hot wet panties (nick eastwood)
  1453. pp-7322 hot daughter peeps (ted leonard)
  1454. pp-7323 seducing the hot mother (nick eastwood)
  1455. pp-7324 daughter loves to suck (kathy harris)
  1456. pp-7325 balling eager wife (victoria parker)
  1457. pp-7326 hot niece, hot daughter (kathy harris)
  1458. pp-7327 sisters hot for fun (don scott)
  1459. pp-7328 horny balling aunt (tom allison)
  1460. pp-7329 wife made to suck (ted leonard)
  1461. pp-7330 the familys wild affairs (kathy harris)
  1462. pp-7331 hot mom, hotter step-mom (kathy andrews)
  1463. pp-7332 boys for the wife (donna allen)
  1464. pp-7339 cousins deep throat (jeff collins)
  1465. pp-7375 two-way mother (kathy andrews)
  1466. pp-7388 into sister, into incest (harry stevens)
  1467. pp-7397 teasing pleasing family (harry stevens)
  1468. pp-7440 two cousins turned on (ron taylor)
  1469. pp-7449 what neighbors will do (nick eastwood)
  1470. pp-7521 some wives will (hank borden)
  1471. pp-7524 a special mother (james armstrong)
  1472. pp-7527 the night shift nurse (frank masters)
  1473. pp-7541 her lessons after school (ray walker)
  1474. pp-7558 every guest was good (david crane)
  1475. pp-7561 neighbors are for loving (henry perkins)
  1476. pp-7563 making housewives happy (frank brown)
  1477. pp-7564 the newlywed neighbors (david crane)
  1478. pp-7575 private duty nurse (debby rawlings)
  1479. pp-7583 weekend orgy (jason cannon)
  1480. pp-7584 deep throat wife (duncan fox)
  1481. pp-7587 teachers dirty pictures (larry mitchell)
  1482. pp-7590 daddys little teaser (brad harris)
  1483. pp-7594 neighborhood get-together (jane fox)
  1484. pp-8001 peeping family (j s bradley)
  1485. pp-8002 hitchhike wife (heather brown)
  1486. pp-8004 billys horny mother (robert kelly)
  1487. pp-8005 family orgy (jim dawson)
  1488. pp-8007 their wild vacation (l j murphy)
  1489. pp-8008 the starlets sucking lips (jason cannon)
  1490. pp-8011 the secretarys vacation (brad harris)
  1491. pp-8014 swap mates (jason cannon)
  1492. pp-8015 the new neighbors (jane fox)
  1493. pp-8016 moms summer swap camp (steve masters)
  1494. pp-8024 teacher with the hots (m j jacobs)
  1495. pp-8030 connies young lover (j h long)
  1496. pp-8031 hottest wife in town (r w finch)
  1497. pp-8032 door to door teaser (james barton)
  1498. pp-8049 the family secret (john kellerman)
  1499. pp-8050 wife on the prowl (ron taylor)
  1500. pp-8051 naughty little sister (brad harris)
  1501. pp-8056 wife on the loose (janet mccoy)
  1502. pp-8060 spreading for teacher (robert vickers)
  1503. pp-8062 secretary for swapping (jason cannon)
  1504. pp-8063 three-way family (dan pierce)
  1505. pp-8064 turned on cheerleaders (jane fox)
  1506. pp-8066 three naughty girls (george loomis)
  1507. pp-8067 the secretarys hot pants (randy howard)
  1508. pr-102 teen queen (roland harding)
  1509. pr-3025 the teaser next door (allen whitten)
  1510. pr-3037 kiss it, sis (fred ward)
  1511. pr-3039 wide open wife (mary farcus)
  1512. pr-3044 the town sluts (j h long)
  1513. pr-3055 between aunties thighs (norma egan)
  1514. pr-3056 seducing mom and dad (robert jenkins)
  1515. pr-3059 daddys whorehouse (robert vickers)
  1516. pr-3062 hot pants typist (laurie chandler)
  1517. pr-3067 the family secret (john kellerman)
  1518. pr-3080 incest family (john kellerman)
  1519. pr-3082 the family turns on (john kellerman)
  1520. pr-3091 the preachers naughty flock (jane fox)
  1521. pr-3094 free for all wives (paula vance)
  1522. pr-3096 the brides new brother (j t watson)
  1523. pr-3102 the hot niece (ron taylor)
  1524. pr-3105 abused young virgin (c k ralston)
  1525. pr-3106 the coachs hot wife (janet mccoy)
  1526. pr-3107 x-rated lady cop (c k ralston)
  1527. pr-3121 raped governess (norma egan)
  1528. pr-3123 horny office girls (c k ralston)
  1529. pr-3124 daughter made them do it (tom allison)
  1530. pr-3127 the horny librarian (marvin cox)
  1531. pr-3128 doing it for brother (bob hawkins)
  1532. pr-3134 horny like mom (ray todd)
  1533. pr-3135 three hot mothers (william taylor)
  1534. pr-3136 virgins in heat (nick eastwood)
  1535. pr-3137 swinging son and daughter (ray todd)
  1536. pr-3139 teachers little helpers (kathy andrews)
  1537. pr-3140 incest daughter (harry stevens)
  1538. pr-3142 hot young cheerleaders (frank brown)
  1539. pr-3144 swinging family (ray todd)
  1540. pr-3146 the wifes hot itch (tom allison)
  1541. pr-3157 peeking at mom (brad logan)
  1542. pr-3158 the family outing (donna allen)
  1543. pr-3161 ummm, what hot neighbors! (don scott)
  1544. pr-3163 breaking in the new girl (robert vickers)
  1545. pr-3164 after class with teacher (donna allen)
  1546. pr-3169 i saw mommy kissing... (david crane)
  1547. pr-3170 orgy sisters (don scott)
  1548. pr-3171 the wifes hot whipping (john friday)
  1549. pr-3173 moms incest orgy (kathy andrews)
  1550. pr-3181 hot eager family (kathy harris)
  1551. pr-3183 two hot sisters (kathy harris)
  1552. pr-3189 family turned on (tom allison)
  1553. pr-3190 horny voyeur schoolgirls (david crane)
  1554. pr-3193 first time for mom (kathy andrews)
  1555. pr-3198 hot eager schoolgirl (steve golden)
  1556. pr-3200 mom peeps on the neighbors (kathy andrews)
  1557. pr-3210 hot daughter, hotter mom (ray todd)
  1558. pr-3219 spanked babysitter (thomas trent)
  1559. pr-3221 in mommys bed (nick eastwood)
  1560. pr-3232 naughty like mom (kathy andrews)
  1561. pr-3235 mom peeps on the boys (frank brown)
  1562. pr-3236 a ball with the family (tom allison)
  1563. pr-3238 eager naked family (nick eastwood)
  1564. pr-3239 the voyeur family sucks (donna allen)
  1565. pr-3241 moms golden shower fun (kathy andrews)
  1566. pr-3242 humping, pumping family (donna allen)
  1567. pr-3244 mom does it all (kathy andrews)
  1568. pr-3246 wild eager family (kathy harris)
  1569. pr-3249 horny peeping sister (george tipton)
  1570. pr-3250 moms the best sucker (kathy andrews)
  1571. pr-3253 two hot loving moms (kathy andrews)
  1572. pr-3255 horny spread daughter (kathy harris)
  1573. pr-3258 mother needs it hot (kathy andrews)
  1574. pr-3259 loving hot family (harry stevens)
  1575. pr-3266 mom sucks and auntie too! (kathy andrews)
  1576. pr-3270 the widows hot job (nick eastwood)
  1577. pr-3282 moms hot threesome (kathy andrews)
  1578. pr-3284 what a wild widow (ray walker)
  1579. pr-3285 the cheerleader blew it (victoria parker)
  1580. pr-3288 the neighbors teasing wife (nick eastwood)
  1581. pr-3291 bosom buddy secretary (tom allison)
  1582. pr-3294 the farmers wild daughter (frank brown)
  1583. pr-3296 dental assistant on top (tom allison)
  1584. pr-3297 the dental assistants check-up (tom allison)
  1585. pr-3298 a flash of moms flesh (kathy andrews)
  1586. pr-3311 free for all farmgirl (frank brown)
  1587. pr-3316 neighbors do it better (nick eastwood)
  1588. pr-3323 no cherry cheerleader (victoria parker)
  1589. pr-3327 the gardener got her (nick eastwood)
  1590. pr-3329 the majorette loved spreading (victoria parker)
  1591. pr-3332 throw mama on the bed (kathy andrews)
  1592. pr-3341 teachers oral lesson (ted stevens)
  1593. pr-4002 melissas suck job (james evers)
  1594. pr-4003 teachers eager pets (mary lewis)
  1595. pr-4005 overeager young stuff (ray strong)
  1596. pr-4006 the librarians naughty urge (laurie chandler)
  1597. pr-4015 hot to trot wife (mark smith)
  1598. pr-4018 hot wet wife (mark smith)
  1599. ras-1405 violated (omar victorine)
  1600. rcl-216 her new daddy (erika norma)
  1601. rcl-219 mother-daughter models (lydia gray)
  1602. rcl-228 little boys and laura (lydia gray)
  1603. rosemarys jungle torture (martin hughes)
  1604. rws-104 uncle gaston and niece volume one (jon reskind)
  1605. rws-108 uncle gaston and niece volume two (jon reskind)
  1606. rws-113 the brother-in-law (winston mcelroy)
  1607. rws-121 camp for little girls (james wheatfield)
  1608. rws-124 family night (grace wilkinson)
  1609. rws-126 the playful twins (james wheaton)
  1610. rws-131 a family saga volume one (f t hemingway)
  1611. rws-134 a family saga volume two (f t hemingway)
  1612. rws-149 mothers new boarder (peter jensen)
  1613. rws-151 the teachers friends (jon reskind)
  1614. rws-152 behind the barn (evelyn street)
  1615. rws-160 the tempted bride (carl van marcus)
  1616. rws-164 the boyfriends dad (peter jensen)
  1617. rws-181 present for teacher (jackson robard)
  1618. rws-184 an incestuous love (tina holmes)
  1619. rws-185 captive family (michael jaegger)
  1620. rws-188 the girlfriends revenge volume one (carl van marcus)
  1621. rws-189 the cub-scout mother (jackson robard)
  1622. rws-190 the girlfriends revenge volume two (carl van marcus)
  1623. rws-192 the door-to-door salesman (jean sifton)
  1624. rws-194 sex-education class (jackson robard)
  1625. rws-195 a helpful wife (susan carter)
  1626. rws-203 animal girl (sabina graves)
  1627. rws-209 the neighbors pet (suzanne mellows)
  1628. rws-210 teachers bonus (carlotta graham)
  1629. rws-214 the family bed (grace wilkenson)
  1630. rws-215 the hidden camera (susan carter)
  1631. rws-238 uncle ned (paul t grimshaw)
  1632. rws-244 daddys delight (richard van dorne)
  1633. rws-266 the blackmailed teenagers (carlton adams)
  1634. rws-276 the sex experiment (suzanne mellows)
  1635. rws-321 a film for a few friends (j wheatfield)
  1636. rws-401 mothers animal lover (-)
  1637. rx-232 going down on the farm (ethel gibson)
  1638. rx-268 little brothers big thing (lee schlangen)
  1639. rx-312 nannas big boy (jane tanner)
  1640. rx-355 her little crew (grace eddy)
  1641. rx-357 mom, dad, sis & brother (erika norman)
  1642. rx-396 ball in the family (diana butts)
  1643. rx-414 he seduced his little sister (mayron swelt)
  1644. rx-428 donnas loving brothers (lee engels)
  1645. rx-436 the neighborhood orgy (sheela dyan)
  1646. rx-480 her secret life (paul & lisa)
  1647. rx-509 schoolgirls first date (simone suchler)
  1648. rx-626 family sex fest (julia tayle)
  1649. ry-103 trade-in wife (col beauregard mcwayne)
  1650. sb-107 the abused policewoman (david addison)
  1651. sb-206 games neighbors play (roger tigger)
  1652. sb-283 ripe for plucking (harry silver)
  1653. sc-135 jimmys new mom (erika norman)
  1654. sc-173 delighted in his daughter (cherry charles)
  1655. sc-57 mother & son together (jane tanner)
  1656. se-1005 juicy like mom (ray todd)
  1657. se-1014 making the neighbors (ray todd)
  1658. se-1016 hot pants wife (ray todd)
  1659. se-1024 daddys hot twins (jason cannon)
  1660. se-1033 sucker for mom (mark jacobs)
  1661. se-1034 hot bed family (david ingram)
  1662. se-1044 hungry spouse (duncan fox)
  1663. se-1047 bored wife (robert taylor)
  1664. se-2008 virgin no more (mark smith)
  1665. se-2009 anns boy hunger (brian laver)
  1666. se-2012 hot piece wives (jane fox)
  1667. se-2015 sister was best (marvin cox)
  1668. se-2024 turned on cousin (brad harper)
  1669. se-2027 shame on teacher (brad harris)
  1670. se-2034 loose wife (robert jenkins)
  1671. se-210 the mirrored den (allen chase)
  1672. sex in the wild wild west (-)
  1673. sh-101 the masters revenge (-)
  1674. sl-114 uncles awful urge (dump jackson)
  1675. slp-242 family affair (dennis carlisle)
  1676. slp-247 more love to come (hernandez villie)
  1677. sml-122 swap fest galore (george werbin)
  1678. snm-116 forced into damnation (dan webster)
  1679. snm-144 the five faces of masochism (lydia wilkinson)
  1680. snm-169 the tortured teacher (howard banning)
  1681. snm-181 dominant husband (terry davis)
  1682. sr-108 special reports - kidnapped teen (-)
  1683. st-11 sex-crazed stallion (-)
  1684. st-18 the ape girl (-)
  1685. st-22 stud horse (-)
  1686. st-30 stable girl (-)
  1687. su-103 office porn queen (-)
  1688. susan after school (-)
  1689. sw-110 bondage brat (-)
  1690. sw-139 noreens first time (-)
  1691. sw-148 mrs. xs desires (michael bender)
  1692. ta-109 framed & chained (-)
  1693. ta-135 horny hostage (-)
  1694. tale of two mothers (-)
  1695. tb-1010 the farmers naughty wife (j t watson)
  1696. tb-1011 hot pants librarian (mark carver)
  1697. tb-1012 neighborhood orgy (ray todd)
  1698. tb-1013 the wifes vacation (ray todd)
  1699. tb-1015 mother in heat (ray todd)
  1700. tb-1017 the familys naughty habit (ray todd)
  1701. tb-1018 sisters hot lips (ray mills)
  1702. tb-1019 threesome for mom (jason cannon)
  1703. tb-1020 daddys hot daughter (ray todd)
  1704. tb-1021 brother was first (ray todd)
  1705. tb-1024 family with the hots (mark carver)
  1706. tb-1028 the farmers hot family (ray todd)
  1707. tb-1029 mom was best (brian laver)
  1708. tb-1031 hot and eager twins (ray mills)
  1709. tb-1033 the preachers family (ray todd)
  1710. tb-1038 seducing her students (robert vickers)
  1711. tb-1039 wide open wife (robert jenkins)
  1712. tb-1040 her sucking sister (judy marsh)
  1713. tb-1041 x-rated reunion (j h long)
  1714. tb-1046 x-rated mother (ron taylor)
  1715. tb-1047 swinging aunt (robert vickers)
  1716. tb-1049 balling cousins (john kellerman)
  1717. tb-1051 orgy cousin (ray strong)
  1718. tb-1052 slut wife (robert mills)
  1719. tb-1053 hot piece wife (duncan fox)
  1720. tb-1055 peeping wife (brian laver)
  1721. tb-2001 peeping wife (brian laver)
  1722. tb-2005 the night nurse (r w finch)
  1723. tb-2009 the hottest wife (r w finch)
  1724. tb-2011 the family act (m k kress)
  1725. tb-2012 wild young wife (john adams)
  1726. tb-2027 tied up sister (robert vickers)
  1727. tfb-146 daddys plaything (bruce flores)
  1728. tg-110 hit her harder! (-)
  1729. the barnyard orgy (-)
  1730. the early adventures of tracy and jeannie (-)
  1731. the junkyard family (-)
  1732. the juvenile casting couch (d abby)
  1733. the seduction of laurie (charlotte north)
  1734. the swap club (-)
  1735. the widows family (sharon sutton)
  1736. the wife does dogs (david crane)
  1737. three moms (-)
  1738. tns-526 the reluctant swappers (grant roberts)
  1739. tns-527 the family swappers book i (grace wilkenson)
  1740. tns-530 the family swappers book ii (grace wilkenson)
  1741. tns-582 some very lovable neighbors (jennifer collier)
  1742. up-120 justines dark side (-)
  1743. v-1072 fanchons book (zane pella)
  1744. v-1134 the passionate prisoners (will henry)
  1745. v-6036 little tinas playtime lovers (harry baxter)
  1746. wa-614 soviet sadists slave (-)
  1747. wh-138 strange perversion (peter brewster)
  1748. wh-156 young pussy (rick arledge)
  1749. wif-137 sex clinic wife (peter ryan)
  1750. wlp-122 the blackmailed neighbors (paula kaufman)
  1751. wlp-128 brother and sister (brad allison)
  1752. wlp-147 little beths boyfriends (curt aldrich)
  1753. xe-736 driven to depravity (simon jillson)
  1754. xe-780 searching for satisfaction (toni scott)
  1755. xe-795 blackmailed sister-in-law (naomi mcelroy)
  1756. xnovel_listing_2008-12-27
  1757. xr-117 the chamber of pleasures (opal andrews)
  1758. yh-134 sex and the bosss wife (jackie reedly)
  1759. yll-124 bawdy house mother (fred n richard)
  1760. young cherry cheerleader (t c)
  1761. young model sluts from hell (-)
  1762. yw-119 sex teaching teacher (carl burton)
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