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  1. [  1] MERCHANT Killian : Idiots, Morons, Fools
  2. Sun Jan 12 23:46:16 2020
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  4. To: Immortal
  5. These fools are going to get us all murdered in our beds, and most of them
  6. will more than deserve it. I cannot fathom the level of stupidity that one
  7. requires to decide "I am going to incite the rage of the WARMASTERs and be
  8. the idiot who gets our trade pact revoked." Hard-won negotiations are mere
  9. trifles to this arse-headed sloths, using their limp reproductive parts to
  10. make key strategic decisions.
  12. WARMASTERs issue challenges. It's in their nature; get over it. If you are
  13. reluctant to engage those primitive morons in combat, then you get what is
  14. deserved when they decide to slake their primordial thirst over your idiot
  15. corpse. After all, we all suffer certain indignities to ensure that we can
  16. continue to operate our businesses as we choose.
  18. In the meantime, the WARMASTERs have no more respect for that flaccid ego-
  19. filled noodle of a necromancer. Phaw! Were it up to me, I'd slice him into
  20. calamari and be done with the whole affair. That idiot is going to cost us
  21. far more gold than he could ever deposit in the vaults, all while preening
  22. his frothy, ink-filled flagellates that he calls... well, whatever he says
  23. they are.
  25. Surely, given the millions of gold I have earned for the Family, you would
  26. think they would begin to recognize where respect is due. But alas, morons
  27. and imbeciles have no concept of the real world, only of their own selfish
  28. animal urges and their rabid need to put their masculinity on display.
  30. Hell, without a doubt it would be even easier than my current negotiations
  31. to arrange to sell some information that would lead to easy machination of
  32. these pride-toting, barbaric infidels and their hubris. After all, if they
  33. can be called to action by something so simple as a slight against the wee
  34. bits that dangle between their pathetic legs, then it would be dangerously
  35. easy to ensure that they fall into a trap of their own making to face very
  36. certain demise.
  38. Bah. Morons run the world and I am relegated to licking their boots. Great
  39. injustice that seems to know no bounds, but there will come a reckoning to
  40. this vile lot in life. And they will rue their own stupidity, I guarantee.
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