Jason Shea (Canada) Internet Fraudster

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  1. Jason Shea of Dieppe, Canada has scammed many members of this community out of quite a substantial amount of money over the last couple of weeks.
  3. On February 15 2013:
  4. He scammed me out of a very small amount, luckily, of about $30 CAD.
  5. We agreed that I would send him 1.5BitCoins and he would transfer $30 into my bank account: he never. Instead he went offline and ignored me.
  6. I was not fussed at all about loosing $30, but I stated to him I needed the money as a friend of mine had been rushed to the hospital and this was the only means of me obtaining train fare. Hence the reason why I sold the BitCoins to him so cheaply.
  8. On February 27 2013:
  9. The user freeworm transferred more than $3300 (CAD) to him for 104 BitCoins.
  10. However, he only sent ONE BitCoin (worth approx. $20) in return. He is now failing to respond to the seller.
  12. On March 2 2013:
  13. He defrauded a user out of $1000CAD in the BTC-OTC chat room. More details to come.
  15. Exact Date Unknown:
  16. With the user BCB, Jason reversed two PayPal transactions after being sent what he had originally paid for leaving BCB over $2000 out of pocket.
  18. His details:
  20. Name: Jason Shea
  21. Address: Dieppe, New Brunswick. (Potentially lives on 159 Virginia Avenue, or 150 Lewisville Road)
  22. Aliases: cardinalG, SunHunter
  23. Emails:,
  24. Internet Accounts: DigitalPoint,, WarriorFourm
  25. Static IP address:
  26. In a relationship with: Stephanie J. McNeish (Facebook)
  28. *****
  30. READ MORE:
  33. ****
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